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  1. I went a similar route with the Anaview (Abletec) out of Sweden. I was lucky enough to pick up a pair because the company has gone OEM and no longer sells to the public. They are incredible amplifiers.
  2. Building a Losi Rock Rey rock racer.
  3. I sent you a message. As to the filament, I only know these are gold plated grid. I have not read anywhere the type of structure and it cannot be viewed because of the construction of the tube.
  4. Jolida was given to me for free because it didn't work. I ended up resoldering the entire PCB.
  5. Here is one of my Antique Sound Labs 845 mono blocks.
  6. My DIY ST70 with more filtering, more current capability and upgraded parts.
  7. The power supply is in a separate chassis.
  8. Start with good basics and it will evolve over time. By the way, the big box the cables are hanging on is a Danley Sound Labs DTS-10 subwoofer that fires into the next room.
  9. Here you go. Just finished repairing the Audio Research integrated. My new RC car on the lower left.
  10. I'll shoot a new pic tomorrow and post. I did repair an Audio Research integrated and bring an old Teac RR back to life. Outside of audio, I did build a RC Redcat Wendigo rock racer.
  11. Here is a picture from when I first put it in. It isn't as clean anymore.
  12. Thanks guys. It is a Clearaudio Champion II table with an SME 309 arm and Benz Micro cartridge. The little name placard was a gift from a friend, who owns a CNC machine.
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