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  1. No worries man. Anyone who can't take constructive criticism should reevaluate their objection. All good. There will always be someone with more and someone with less; money, education, experience, life, etc. You can learn from everyone, from the janitor to the CEO.
  2. It all depends on using the correct tool for the optimum crimp. I have Amphenol mil spec crimpers that were required when I was working deep space satellites. Done correctly, a crimp connection is better than solder and one of the reasons why they are used by NASA. Given a crossover is low voltage, low current and a fairly stable platform, I think they will be fine. Then again if something fails, it's an easy repair.
  3. Here is how I spent my Sunday morning. A big shout out to Dean for the parts. The cedar boards I cut from a log I have had in my shop for over 10 years. I knew it would come in handy one day. Anyway, I would change a couple things, if I were ever to do this again, but over all not bad for something that gets hidden away inside a pair of Heresy's.
  4. Ready for the freight company to pick up.
  5. Thanks Roy, big praise coming from someone who has forgotten more versions of speakers, than I have ever known.
  6. My friend and Klipsch fanatic, Roger Gordon, sent these Pro La Scala's to convert to home speakers. Sadly, he passed away before they were completed. I have finished them and will be sending them to his wife and daughter. I hope they feel a bit of his presence when listening to them and appreciate their beauty, as I know Roger would.
  7. I went a similar route with the Anaview (Abletec) out of Sweden. I was lucky enough to pick up a pair because the company has gone OEM and no longer sells to the public. They are incredible amplifiers.
  8. Building a Losi Rock Rey rock racer.
  9. I sent you a message. As to the filament, I only know these are gold plated grid. I have not read anywhere the type of structure and it cannot be viewed because of the construction of the tube.
  10. Jolida was given to me for free because it didn't work. I ended up resoldering the entire PCB.
  11. Here is one of my Antique Sound Labs 845 mono blocks.
  12. My DIY ST70 with more filtering, more current capability and upgraded parts.
  13. The power supply is in a separate chassis.
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