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  1. Any dimmer switches or florescent lights in the room? If yes, try turning them off and see if the noise goes away.
  2. They should be capturing the refrigerant and putting it back. By law, they are not to vent it to the atmosphere. You will need some but not a lot. I got an American Standard Platinum 18 seer 4 ton installed for $8500.
  3. Lookie what I did. It started out an ADC arm with a fixed head shell and a broken wire. It is now a removable head shell without a broken wire. It is now better than when it was new.
  4. Rose and I are headed to Florida in late August with my sister and her husband. Rented a cottage at https://www.margaritavilleresortorlando.com/
  5. Sometimes it's just the simple pleasures of life.
  6. Getting my grilling on for the 4th.
  7. I would use Better Bond Heat-Lock™ Veneer Glue. It comes in a dark and light color, depending on the veneer you choose. You coat the speaker and the veneer using a rubber roller. Nice uniform even coats and let it dry. Place the pieces together and then use an iron to reheat the glue and they stick together. You can cut the veneer a little over size and trim after it is on using a sharp carpet blade, veneer saw or flush trim bit in a router. I personally cut it to fit because I can align perfect before I glue the pieces together. Here are a couple of examples of speakers I have built and veneered. http://wardsweb.org/audio/KlipschReplica/ http://wardsweb.org/audio/Widgets/
  8. Travis is in Austin. I'm down the road in San Antonio. May drive up to Austin this weekend to see Travis.
  9. I have #678. It is an awesome pressing. It is dead quiet. Some people hear something off with the cymbals. They must be really focusing on that because I don't hear what they describe as flatten or splashy. I think it has more to do with some people's turntables or cartridges. I wouldn't dwell on it but just listen and enjoy. Bernie Grundman is one of my favorite audio engineers.
  10. I wish you were closer. I could hook you up. Here are a few arms I have rebuilt/rewired: Black Widow, Empire, Rega.
  11. Sonically it’s an A+
  12. Hot off the press. Took over a year between ordering and receiving.
  13. While some "audiophiles" do spend a lot of money on their system, spending a lot of money does not make someone an audiophile. To me, an audiophile loves and appreciates music. The gear is a means to an end. So as long as the system delivers live realism and has you get taken away emotionally in the music, that is all that is required, regardless of the cost. I feel many Klipsch speakers fly under the audiophile radar. Sad really because they are a great bang for your buck. The speed, dynamics, realism and ability to articulate a whisper are what I like about my Jubilee and Cornwall III speakers. YMMV
  14. Here is something done while I have been away.
  15. Hello all, thought I would let you know I have not died. Just got a new job that has taken over my life. Small world, I was having lunch today when a guy walks up and says I met you and Travis at the Klipsch Pilgrimage. What are the odds? Even more so when he lives in Dallas and just happened to be in San Antonio today.
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