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  1. You gotta get one of these AC units. It Rocks!
  2. There are drink holders in each arm rest, so one has a drink and one a remote in each chair, until I get another all in one programmable one.
  3. It is between the bottom of the screen and the equipment lights.
  4. True, I did have a programmable Logitech but my grandson stepped on it and broke the screen. Researching what to buy next.
  5. Time for some John Wick 2. The speakers are on either side of the screen. They blend into the darkness but there is no issue hearing them.
  6. Yeppers, double hump 202. I wasn't going for all out performance but wanted a solid small block for what was at the time my daily driver.
  7. The engine in the '55 Belair. I started with a 1967 truck block punched 40 over. heads ported, polished, hardened seats, teflon seals, double wound springs Cloyes double roller timing set Competition Cams and roller rockers aluminum distributer out of a '69 Z balanced and recurved Edelbrock Performer intake, 1406 carb and valve covers intake is powder coated ram horn manifolds are HPC coated
  8. My Grandfather purchased this car new in December of 1954. I have owned it since 1984. Here is a picture of my son taking possession a few weeks ago. Four generations - one car - a million memories.
  9. Bamboo is a great choice.
  10. Yes, I have done that before. I was trying something different. Cooked ears in a pan of water first, then on the grill just long enough to add some smoke and char.
  11. Father's Day carnivore.
  12. Yes, all drivers and crossovers are factory stock.
  13. I took the speakers to a meeting of the River City Audio Society yesterday. Everyone LOVED them. It was held in our local audio/video dealer's meeting room. The sales manager came in for a listen and said he needed to get a pair in the store. They are a Klipsch dealer.
  14. Wow, after a run like that, I would be drenched in sweat and looking like how I felt --- old. Seriously, great pic and cute kid.
  15. PM me if your customer would be interested in a Trinaural Processor. I have one that I got direct from James Bongiorno before he died. You may also contact them through their website to purchase one through a distributer. SST is now owned and operated by Wyred4Sound.