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  1. It's double bourbon time. Happy Birthday
  2. It's healthier than cheese burgers and pizza.
  3. Shoyu ramen noodles (I'm on a food kick)
  4. Thai shrimp curry
  5. Strangely enough, they image nicely. They are a little bright with that many tweeters. They also like power to get good bass. Still, not a bad speaker.
  6. Man, that's brutal.
  7. Now for something totally different; Design Acoustics D12 speakers. They look like a soccer ball from a cubism painting. They have one woofer, one midrange and nine tweeters. I had just finished refurbishing them here and doing some testing. They do have stands, just had not mounted them yet. The speakers in the center are Infinity Prelude MTS. The columns mount on top of the sub cabinets. My regular speakers are the little yellow Mark and Daniel Maximus Mini and the JBL C50 Olympus speakers with my custom horns.
  8. Yes Sir, San Antonio on the northeast side of town, just off I35.
  9. Looking like he is copying one to the other.
  10. If you happen to be close enough, I am having a get together at my place in San Antonio on August 26th. Noon until very late, as I have guys coming in from Dallas that are staying at my place. Lots of new toys to play with.
  11. Says the video is private.
  12. Here is an old picture. The night light is on the lower left.
  13. Eimac 4-1000, now that is old school. I built a night light out of one.
  14. I run an Auralic Aires Mini. Can't beat it for the price. I have a 2T drive hooked to it, use the internal DAC and stream to my main system's pre. The Lightening control software runs great on my iPad Air2
  15. We are replacing Cutco and Pampered Chef knife sets.