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  1. I was going to suggest these above answers as well Another alternative material that may possibly suit ? is to get some conveyor belt sheet of the appropriate thickness and cut gaskets to the required size It’s construction is similar to plywood - Rubber Poly/Cotton Rubber, making it very stable and doesn’t compress out of shape
  2. Something old and also beautiful Brought back to life Enjoy - Quando Quando Quando
  3. Just thunking out loud She needs to see, dress and hear Suzy Quarto Still just as cool now as she’s was when young
  4. Now is not the time to tell you that I have another grinder of similar size and specs - used by many world barista champions If you lived closer I would give it to you
  5. I have seen AC DC live on a couple of occasions before they became famous but I don’t have any records in the collection ( go figure) ? Anyway I think Roberta was signed to Motown I remember the song Killing Me Softly
  6. Re - Grinder, I use a Mazzer Robur A grinder is more important than people think in the coffee making process
  7. @MeloManiac @MicroMara I have purchased a cart from William Thacker and a replacement stylus from Jico in Japan
  8. Yes it’s Italian and now over 10 years old but still looks like new Search Bezzera Strega and you will find it I also roast my own coffee beans 🫘
  9. I have another one still in the tube ( not framed ) from the artist Shan Merry Title - Retrouvailles Shan-Merry was born in Paris in 1938. In 1957 she was a student at the School for Fine arts in Angers, France. Shan-Merry is a model-maker and designer of scarves for HERMES with a special "Profile" presented at the Museum of Horses in Chantilly. The year 1972 was the beginning of her painting career with her principal Parisian shows.
  10. I saw it again as it’s on the money First time was on the Art thread
  11. @MicroMara I just made a coffee and sat down to read and adsorb your evaluation Yes this is my coffee machine
  12. This next song is from an old Australian movie - Stone 1974 Yes I went to the cinema to see it Artist - Doug Parkinson On this next video it’s a little scene cameo to see what the movie is all about
  13. He’s also got a back stage pass for Jimi Hendrix And going on so many incredible stories he has shared with us, we can just imagine how many more items he has somewhere in storage.
  14. Don’t forget to come back with your impressions of the new cartridge compared to others in the stable
  15. I present to you a track from 1969 This band had no guitarist but 2 keyboard players and generally played on the same bill as Van Der Graaf and Genesis And they hold the honour of being the first band to be signed to the Mad Hatter Record label The theme then and now has many similarities Rare Bird
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