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  1. You know that Bill Gates is leaving nothing to his family Food for thought - https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/bill-gates-children-inherit-money-b1841790.html
  2. Wont be long before you move into your new House or man cave We will give a hall pass to get your shite together so you can enjoy your audio system again
  3. That looks like - Organised Kaos or Chaos ?. Or is it Could be a combination of both Info below Define Chaos Chaos is a state of complete disorder and confusion. It is characterized by a lack of organization, structure, and control. Chaos can be found in various aspects of life, from the natural world to human behavior. In nature, chaos can be observed in the unpredictability of weather patterns, the randomness of natural disasters, and the complexity of ecosystems. In human behavior, chaos can manifest in the form of riots, protests, and other forms of social unrest. Define Kaos Kaos, on the other hand, is a concept that originated in ancient Greek philosophy. It refers to a state of disorder that is not entirely negative. In fact, kaos is often associated with creativity, innovation, and change. Unlike chaos, kaos is not characterized by a lack of structure or control. Rather, it is a state of flux, where old structures are broken down and new ones are formed. In this sense, kaos can be seen as a necessary precursor to growth and progress. Here is a table summarizing the differences between chaos and kaos: Chaos Kaos Complete disorder and confusion State of flux Lack of organization, structure, and control Not entirely negative Associated with social unrest Associated with creativity, innovation, and change
  4. Beating Michigan is a stepping stone to the National Championship And because this is an audio site I will add this Step on them Like A Rolling Stone 🤘
  5. Could be good genes passed down My father had a pencil style moustache But I can hardly grow any facial hair, so I save a bundle on razor blades More money for records 🤘
  6. All my friends are jealous of me because I still have a full head of hair and still the youthful colour
  7. I also love that album Short lived band that produced some Prog musical history
  8. It’s a rainy week and today is no exception Genesis Invisible Touch Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/512282-Genesis-Invisible-Touch
  9. @tim sir He posted 2 records possibly recently purchased 1) Couldn’t stand the weather 2) One night Lights out ( coloured vinyl) Mike you need to join Post Images (FREE) so you can upload add post here like the rest of us
  10. That would be chump change if I had a cool million 😎
  11. I personally don’t have any need for anything at this stage of my life So gifting will be my choice That said I would buy an EMT turntable for Mike @dirtmudd as that has been a dream of his Anyone else get in line 🤘
  12. Then you need a house to fit it Or how many houses can I buy with that kind of cash burning a hole in my pocket @JohnJ lives in VA - he can give us a review 🤘
  13. This session actually started after I spun the Phil Collins album So this session comprised of 2 days of spinning early Genesis albums in order Trespass Nursery Cryme Foxtrot Selling England By The Pound The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway A great spinning session
  14. Another absolutely brilliant album by Genesis Think I will spin some today Mike
  15. I just love Firth of Fifth
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