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  1. Next up on the playing list is an album from 1988 This albums genre to me is on the feel good side of rock It’s a Virgin pressing that is super thin (wonder if there was a vinyl shortage then?) Artist - Steve Winwood Title - Roll With It Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Steve-Winwood-Roll-With-It/release/4367475
  2. @BigStewMan - Fully agree with your post and will add In our time music was a way of life and written for the times ( more so than now where its business first and the message comes second)
  3. A song with meaning and importantly delivered with meaning
  4. I have listened to them here on YouTube spinning- and liked the music But don’t know much about them
  5. I have uploaded this artist in the past And you all know that I like Prog 🀘 ( yea baby ) So how about some Zappa from this young lady on the bass guitar
  6. Alabama was a favourite song The band I did free roadie work for played it for me on every gig In reality all songs you linked are fantastic
  7. A great album written and played for piano and alto saxophone Sax - Eric Kloss American jazz alto & tenor saxophonist. Born blind, he appeared on his first album at the age of 16. Piano - Barry Miles American pianist, drummer, composer, producer, arranger and author Artist - Eric Kloss & Barry Miles Title - Together Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Eric-Kloss-Barry-Miles-Together/release/2317418
  8. The info I have is Bass – Rick Anderson Drums – Prairie Prince Guitar, Vocals – Bill Spooner, Roger Steen Keyboards, Vocals – Vince Welnick Lead Vocals – Fee Waybill Mixed By – Humberto Gatica Producer – David Foster Synthesizer – Michael Cotten
  9. From the new batch of records Some progressive new wave now from a San Francisco based band Artist - The Tubes Title - The Completion Backward Principle Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Tubes-The-Completion-Backward-Principle/release/5197293
  10. That is a DIY mat that I made myself The material composition is industrial rubberised cork about 6mm called Amorim NP50 As for height adjustment of the tonearm, I also compensated for it with the same material The tone arm is fixed to the arm board by a bolt, so I can add or subtract any thickness shims as I please Hope these photos help, they are old before photos I placed the Amorim NP50 in between the arm base and the black block The black base has my design input that Vic made so I have multiple setup adjustments
  11. From the last batch of records, I have a single that is part of an album by - Jonathan Elias β€Žβ€“ Requiem For The Americas - Songs From The Lost World Jon Anderson from Yes is the singer and Tony Levin also played as an instrumentalist Artist - Jon Anderson β€Ž Title - Far Far Cry Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Jon-Anderson-Far-Far-Cry/release/12879680
  12. A refreshingly mostly up tempo album in the Smooth Jazz genre Very well recorded and a good system would love it Its a well put together album that I enjoyed - even though it’s the first time I have played / heard it This artist is a US keyboardist from Chicago Artist - Ben Sidran Title - To Hot To Touch Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Ben-Sidran-Too-Hot-To-Touch/release/16536966
  13. Just giving you all a heads up ⬆️ I have about a dozen new records to play and present Some are known names some are obscure but all are great listening Genres are - new wave , jazz , fusion , classical modern even provocative percussion 😎 Just need to get my act together - give them a good RCM clean and I’m right to go
  14. I like Jim as well 😎
  15. I like Van Morrison but don’t have any albums in the collection However I do have some of my favourite tracks on the Bluesound streamer
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