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  1. I will summon @dirtmudd for the Prog albums
  2. I am finishing off my Jazz weekend with another classic album Great Sunday evening spinning ( AU time ) Live at the club ( but I have that read the venue was actually at the capital studios in LA in front of an invited live audience ) A lively and enjoyable jazz album that puts a smile on your face just by listening to it Artist - Cannonball Adderley Title - Mercy Mercy Mercy 
  3. Heads up for @Tigerman and @Mossy bottom @littlejackhorner I am interested in any Prog Rock if you have any
  4. I’m settling in to another Jazz weekend that started yesterday  Let me just say that the only thing I dislike about this album is the corny cover art That said - now onto my description of this Free Jazz genre album  First released in 1959 and I was mesmerised from the first track If you have never heard musical instruments talking to each other then listen to 2 horns talk in this album Totally unique and another masterpiece Artist - Ornette Coleman Title - The Shape Of Jazz To Come 
  5. @Wardsweb I have the Classic Records Mono version And The Remastered Authorised Hendrix Family Edition
  6. Yea baby More Roy for Billy Bob
  7. Yard sales Record Fair Local thrift stores Local record stores More big retailers are now stocking records and the artist range is getting larger Amazon & EBay
  8. I’m not finished yet with my jazz collection This next album is close to perfection and the guitar is the leading instrument Smooth and effortless guitar riffs that bore into one’s being Artist - Kenny Burrell Title - Midnight Blue On Blue Note Records - 2005+Reissue 200gr MONO ID - BLP 4123
  9. Well done mike I will see if I can score something juicy on LP when I attend the next record fair Re - seconds out half speed Unless it is far superior in sound quality to the original then go for it If not then enjoy what you have
  10. Based on the shipped to Germany comment Reacher the fictional character was born in Berlin and several books have German storyline’s Nothing more intended
  11. This scenario reminds me of the Jack Reacher books I read ( yes I have read all of them )
  12. Don’t tell me you married her Because I want to date that girl 😃
  13. Yes I think we do So I will keep an eye out for the album
  14. I always liked his blues work And I always associate him with Roy Buchanan Also a good history video
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