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  1. And now back to normal programming Saw it on @dirtmudd s photos and wanted to hear it again The Master - Robert Fripp, purchased this album when it was first released Artist - Robert Fripp Album - Exposure
  2. Something out of left field on this next selection Its one of many records that I play as test records, the music is enjoyable I have & use several albums produced specifically for ballroom dancing, These albums are pitch perfect and time perfect making them the best for turntable setup Album - This HMV - Quadraphonic Sound Artist - Various
  3. Today was Frank Zappa day One after the other the albums kept spinning Although I have only 5 albums in vinyl I have over 80 titles in digital format When I got to the - Just another band from LA album and listened to Billy The Mountain - I got a memory flash when the town/suburb Glendale was mentioned Why - because I lived in Glendale Newcastle Australia when I was a boy @dwilawyer I wish I had some Captain Beefheart albums in the collection like Safe as Milk & Trout Mask Replica If you find any in your wanderings in good condition at a fair price then please send me a pm Artist - Frank Zappa Albums - Chungas Revenge Just another band from LA Joes Garage Acr 1, 2 & 3 Tinseltown Rebellion
  4. @dwilawyer Haven't heard any of those titles and many thanks for posting What it has prompted me to do is to search the bands out you have posted and listen while viewing a YouTube video of them - thus discovering new music That's a win win FR
  5. Sorry @dirtmudd I have no Marillion You are going to have to post some of your collection on this thread FR
  6. More vinyl goodness This is a release that gets playtime almost once a week be it vinyl, CD or digital A perennial favourite from an array of superb artists Artist - Various and all incredible ( See photo for list ) Title - 801 LIVE
  7. The first photo is of a closeup some glass mosaic tiles Second photo is of some Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  8. Today's record spinning is a truly superb album I am very fortunate to own it Artist - Steve Hackett Album - Voyage of the Acolyte Instructions are Gotta listen to this album a few times to appreciate its brilliance
  9. I was feeling nostalgic again and felt like some rock Anyone for T. Rex I have 4 albums in the collection and I chose to play the first 2 releases Album - T. Rex 1st release Artist - T. Rex & Album - Electric Warrior 2nd release Artist - T. Rex
  10. @dirtmudd These are the Steve Hacket in my collection Steve Hackett Highly Strung LP Import Steve Hackett Cured LP Prog UK Import Steve Hackett Please Don't Touch LP Import Steve Hackett Defector LP Import Steve Hackett Spectral Mornings LP Import Steve Hackett Voyage of The Acolyte LP Steve Hackett Bay of Kings LP Import Voyage of the Acolyte needs to be heard a few times to understand how complex it is Thanks for the heads up - I will do some searching on that one Have a few Leo Kottke as well to go through to listen and post FR
  11. I am not willing to try
  12. In my system all original Klipsch drivers have been replaced and now use different drivers The horn used is the Eliptrac 400 and I find that what changes is the dispersion, the projection, the sound stage presence Horn shape is the key for all objectives to obtain listening pleasure Not all horns suit all rooms but the Eliptrac 400 goes close Using an averaging calculator of the driver specs my system is 104db
  13. A truely gifted individual Sought after by many bands and excelled in all This is in memory of John Wetton that passed away Jan 2017 I believe this album was his first Solo album Artist - John Wetton Album - Caught In The Crossfire
  14. More rain overnight and more fungi growing This time I took the photo just before midnight under flash
  15. Life after rain starts this fungus life cycle