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  1. From the vault LP #41 Second LP of the trio by Santana This album has a serenity about it that is just beautiful to the ears An overall band melding that is not dominated by the guitar of Carlos Some beautiful soulful moments on this album Artist - Santana Title - Welcome Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Santana-Welcome/release/6456354
  2. From the vault Lp # 40 Finishing off with a trio from the same artist and order of release The first one is actually a second copy but the same release ID This album is part of a trio Caravanserai Welcome Borboletta A story of Caravanserai - is the eternal cycle of reincarnation, every soul going into and out of life Artist - Santana Title - Caravanserai
  3. Is that your sister singing ? I’m sure all here feel your sadness. Please accept my condolences P.S. My good wife and I watch Korean dramas and I understand most of the words 😎 Bae Suzy - Rocks 🥰
  4. Alice Cooper must be syndicated because we hear him on a regular radio station here in Brisbane He is actually pretty good at being a DJ
  5. From the vault LP # 39 from over 40 and getting close to the end Another brilliant jazz fusion album that “many say“ along with the last album is “Musically “ at the peak of perfection It’s a must listen to album but it must be more than once @MicroMara Artist - Return To Forever Featuring Chick Corea ‎ Title - Hymn Of The Seventh Galaxy Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Return-To-Forever-Featuring-Chick-Corea-Hymn-Of-The-Seventh-Galaxy/release/1002060 Its a German release and the cover art differs from the normal release
  6. Probably- Song For Jeffrey or Dharma For One The jazziest one is Some Day The Sun Won't Shine For You
  7. From the vault LP #38 of close to 40 Haven't heard this album in it’s entirety or on LP before What a treat it was for me to listen with my full attention Musicianship is second to none and the music is just seminal @MicroMara you need to hear this album Artist- Return To Forever Featuring Chick Corea ‎ Title - Where Have I Known You Before Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Return-To-Forever-Featuring-Chick-Corea-Where-Have-I-Known-You-Before/release/6636871
  8. From the vault LP # 37 of close to 40 If you want a sample of an artists work you get a Best Of release This is a fantastic mix Artist - Vangelis Title - The Best Of Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Vangelis-The-Best-Of-Vangelis/release/1677039
  9. I have that record 😎
  10. From the vault LP # 36 of close to 40 This album Is sophisticated in texture and structure, To the point of being especially intricate Im sure the contributors of this forum know and love it Artist - Alan Parsons Project Title - Eve Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/The-Alan-Parsons-Project-Eve/release/2293251
  11. This young lad now only 11 years old is an Australian guitar progeny Has played with Santana on stage Search for more videos of Taj Ferrant
  12. From the vault LP #35 from close to 40 This is an Australia only compilation release from 1984 Blues rock is at another level and an amazing version of Hey Joe from the master guitarist ( you must listen to it in it’s entirety) Artist - Roy Buchanan Title - The Best Of Roy Buchanan Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/master/view/1033418
  13. From the vault LP # 34 An oldie but a goodie - Latin fusion Yea baby Artist - Santana Title - Santana 3
  14. @dirtmudd and @MicroMara Have you heard Ozzy Osborne’s cover of 21s Century Schizoid Man
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