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  1. Yes and about time R2R is coming back Vinyl never really left but tape went to professional use for a while I have 2 cassette tape players, 2 turntables, 1 R2R player Revox B77 Sold my other R2R with regret So I'm ready for the comeback FR
  2. My wife is watching cooking shows on TV So I'm listening to music Don't get me wrong as I love eating nice food - but overly stretched out cooking shows are not my cup of tea / coffee I had this album in storage - along with other records that have damaged covers but the vinyl is still great Been a long time, probably over 30 years has passed since I played it last It may be a spin out of left field and not a band many would remember Artist - Nektar Title - Remember The Future 1973 A prog rock style between Yes and Genesis
  3. This young lady has a great set of pipes and has been a favourite of many at one point in time This record is simply superb in the sense of tone and voice control I'm speaking of Linda Ronstadt Artist - Linda Rondstadt with Nelson Riddle and his Orchestra Title - For Sentimental Reasons 1986 I'm fairly sure that not many members would have this superb album in their collection but should
  4. I'm sure many members have heard of Jean Luc Ponty I use lots of his music as backing sounds on my holiday videos I make when we return As an example track 2 The Art Of Happiness reminds me of the bustling city of Melbourne Australia and was used as backing from a recent trip Artist - Jean Luc Ponty Title - Cosmic Messenger 1978 ID - SD 19189 Jazz Fussion Great SQ and a lovely album @ACV92 you will partially see one of the large art installations behind my system P
  5. Afternoon spinning time while I'm home alone Put my feet up and enjoy Artist - Genesis Title - Three Times Live 1982 Edit - That should read " Three Sides Live " iD - GE2002
  6. It matters not if you are having fun
  7. @oldtimer Dang it ! I also love Jerry Lewis
  8. That is a great album, loved playing it the other day
  9. This is a little left field and my twin @dirtmudd may find it strange ? - Hope not ,) I mentioned earlier on the thread in an answer to another member that I love the clarinet but I also like dance records You see - in my youth I was a bit of a twinkle toes and participated in ballroom dancing I will post just a small sample of my dance record titles They form a dual purpose for me 1) As test records 2) As happy memory records that get me up to dance Musically they are pitch perfect and tone perfect, making them great test or turntable set up records Now don't pigeonhole me - because I love all forms of dance Just remember the music is the lead and actions follow So that makes me A Prog rock, Alice Cooper loving, metal head with a love for ballroom dancing That's not so strange ?? Is it ? So next time you are in a used record shop or an opportunity shop look for good examples of dance records and try one out as a test record just for fun
  10. @dirtmudd Looks like it's the same song list Just that it was pressed in Japan and released only in Japan at the time Includes 8 Page Colour Booklet and fold-out Lyric insert with lyrics in English and Japanese Also an OBI strip Info is here - https://www.discogs.com/Genesis-The-Story-Of-Genesis/release/1883828
  11. Spinning this afternoon after a hectic morning of meetings and assessments It's relaxing for me at any rate This is a Japanese only release pressing from 1978 Artist - Genesis Title - The Story Of Genesis - Double Album ID - SFX10061
  12. My short list is Selling England By The Pound Trick Of The Tail - ( have one in mint condition on a watch list ) Lamb Lies Diwn on Broadway Foxtrot
  13. No it's not on the list
  14. Thank you very much - a nice way to wake up before meetings start I have just added Foxtrot to the other 3 titles to my want list
  15. Thats one I haven't seen, heard or known about So I will have a listen and judge it on its merits