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  1. I have the other 2 Robert Plant – Pictures At Eleven Robert Plant – The Principle Of Moments
  2. This post is like a milestone moment ‘Just like the spaceX booster rockets landing
  3. I know this is long but it’s also brilliant Just playing this opera on LP x4
  4. I am going classical this evening 4 LPs for Tchaikovsky- Queen Of Spades
  5. I knew I liked you from your first post But now I like you more 🤘
  6. I have an Aust first pressing of Hotel California But no Marvin Gaye But over 50% of my collection is progressive rock
  7. Yes I have the limited edition Gold box only released in Australia *** Still Sealed *** 1986 And almost all the reissued Monos https://www.discogs.com/release/2266194-The-Beatles-The-Beatles-Collection
  8. This is my Aja And this pressing is extremely good https://www.discogs.com/release/6260980-Steely-Dan-Aja
  9. If you count my collection it would be over a thousand so I’m keen to see some gems 💎 from you
  10. Welcome to the vinyl spinning thread Stay a while - spin and post away your vinyl collection
  11. ‘Nice hat He is welcome to join the Full Range hat club 🤘
  12. I know the humans that live in a subtropical climate feel the cold more than others That being said it is currently 13 C or 56 F in Brisbane but feels colder due to wind sheer Now I am posting while wearing a snow jacket the snowboarders use This brand https://xtm.com.au/collections/mens-snow-jackets
  13. Just spun the album Now sing along with this tune
  14. Back to spin this artist again A hugely successful album and pretty much everyone has a favourite track or 2 from this album Artist - Boz Scaggs Title – Silk Degrees
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