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  1. Thats a prod to get a start on it again The overall vision and design aspect is good - So I better do it or it will gather dust
  2. That’s a system for the shed or garage Sometimes called the man cave where we go to and drink or puff , listen to sport and work on stuff My man cave is now so full of equipment I use in my work that the car won’t fit 😮
  3. Tonight on Easter Monday, I am settling in for a listen to an album that could be said to out of place in my collection Its a debut album from a band out of Denver Colorado in the country folk genre The first track - Flowers In Your Hair - is very good. But way to short  Artist - The Lumineers Title - The Lumineers 
  4. @dirtmudd A BBQ lunch on a Cyprus grill with the family for Easter Sunday Just like this
  5. So my wife was watching a K Drama ( that’s a Korean series ) on TV called “ Something In The Rain “ I happened to join her and noticed a set of Klipsch Floor standing speakers in the living room of the main characters Think they are the RF series ( can’t miss them with copper cones ) Thing is they they never played any music while I was watching 🤪
  6. Not bad at all 🤟🤟🤟🤟
  7. When an album as good as this in not played for a while - it summons you into attention A flawless jazz blues guitar performance that is so seductive you don’t want to stop the record With superb accompaniment from some top band members This album has made my day Artist - Grant Green Title - Idle Moments On Blue Note Records 180gr Pressing Another one for my forum jazz music buddy @Tigerman 
  8. Great record score 👌 @JohnJ
  9. Thats an album that I would love to add to the collection
  10. @Tigerman say a very good morning to the morning radio gang and if I was closer I would make or shout them a lovely espresso coffee Have a great day 🎶🎶
  11. I have a treat for the record spinners tonight *** AU time One fantastic live concert was recorded as one continuous session in 1975, and released as a double LP in 4 parts Yes this album is of legendary status In the Jazz rock fusion genre that blew listeners minds at the time as the entire album was mainly spontaneous improvisation I present to you Artist - Keith Jarrett  Title - The Koln Concert 1975 @Tigerman will appreciate this album 
  12. I remember here in Australia The Glen Campbell TV specials
  13. @Dave1290 - How did you like 4 Way Street I played it the other day after 10 + years and it brought back memories of youth
  14. I think so too So here we go
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