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  1. Style is a bit laidback with a hint of Zappa and Hendrix on the vocals
  2. From what I have read - this album would not have been released as new material was in the pipeline but egos and disagreements got in the way Even though this album release has old material it’s still timeless nonetheless Cover art was by Joni Mitchell Artist - Crosby Stills Nash & Young Title - So Far
  3. I love Genesis Mike And have all the listed albums - some X 2 copies
  4. I’m sticking with some 70s English Rock & Roll Only have this album from this band but followed them via the radio Artist - Status Quo Title - Rocking All Over The World
  5. It’s because they probably read my post to pull their finger out 😃 But seriously I’m glad it’s back and working better than before
  6. A New Zealand band that some may possibly recognise I would categorise the genre as new wave / rock The band released some albums under this name then they moved to England and changed the bands name to The Exponents Not a bad album overall Artist - The Dance Exponents Title - Prayers Be Answered First press on Mushroom records NZ ID - L38077
  7. Sorry for not answering this question earlier I have a fully adjustable db settings for the tweeter and midrange on the crossover And the baby cheeks horn on the tweeter is beautiful Having said that I do swap over the tweeter to a Fostex FT50H super tweeter at times when the music is demanding and the adjustable db is good for fine adjustment
  8. We have KMart here and they have a cult following with people pimping some normal furniture products to look shabby chic
  9. Hahh That means you are a tragic like me 😃😃 Keep on spinning my friend 🤟
  10. That is a beautiful Yes debut album - just one of many that came after Now you’re hooked 😃
  11. Thank you for the comment At first some trial and error was needed with countless listening tests until I got it just right for my listening room I haven’t actually measured the bass itself but have a graph of general (non scientific measurements) - but to my ears the bass would be in the mid to low 30 Htz range Blue line in the graph is bass
  12. This is the last Slade album in the collection but still in the 80s The band added some keyboards to the formula in this release but not everyone liked it But my take is that a band needs to move forward or they go stale so this is an underrated sleeper album that you need to listen to a few time to get the essence Artist - Slade Title - Rogues Gallery
  13. Sometimes it’s good to hear a CD just to go back to vinyl and say YES that listening to vinyl is so much better
  14. Yep I’m out of the closet now - but I promise you ! Only one more LP to go unless I replace a missing Slade Alive album on the next record fare
  15. Heading into the 80s now with the 11th album They came back with a great album after trying to break into the American market and punk music Then new American band’s copied the formula to great success Artist - Slade Title - The Amazing Kamikaze Syndrome
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