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  1. Something a little different today in the form of a Ruthless Rhymes bootleg from Germany The album is still in excellent condition and I wonder how many are still in circulation today? Artist - Peter Gabriel (Bootleg) Title - Live at the Roxy ‘I remember Mike and I had a long discussion in the past about the tracks on it ‘Side 2 has the company logo in reverse
  2. ‘I have that album Never thought I would see it spun by another enthusiast 🤘 And welcome to the vinyl spinning thread - hope you will stay and enjoy our company and sometimes quirky humour 🤪
  3. An album released in 1986 Artist - Peter Gabriel Title - So Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/379036-Peter-Gabriel-So
  4. On Dave’s reply - he used a word naturally I thought there was a song in that word Enjoy
  5. Spinning some musical poetry this morning An American Prayer Jim Morrison with Music by the Doors Thanks Mike @dirtmudd
  6. I just remembered something My recollection is that he was Jewish and he sang about Jesus
  7. OK let’s travel back in time again This is a one hit wonder that was performed by a farmer
  8. It’s been to long since I spun this record and was not disappointed Artist - Renaissance Title - Scheherazade and Other Stories
  9. Even though I liked Punch Brothers the style would be more akin to Bluegrass/ Avantgarde
  10. Still listening with one blocked ear with the system turned to mono and it’s passible Electronic prog by a master keyboardist Artist - Rick Wakeman Title – The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table
  11. Nah - it’s not me One can tell because I wear hats just about everywhere
  12. One of my subcontractors gave me a pink shirt. I will send you a photo on PM 🤘
  13. ‘Ahh Must have read the same post and recollected it
  14. Not sure without checking Was that cover banned for something?
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