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  1. I am happy to be corrected But Klipsch are known for Horn speakers They don’t look to be either Klipsch or horn speakers
  2. All on board with a Linda Ronstadt ‎selection This will go into the weekend
  3. Something for lockdown listening
  4. I have used Walking on Air on one of my holiday videos - a cruise down to Tasmania Its a beautiful song
  5. Had a listen to this brilliant album A new vinyl arrival to the collection Lets listen to Po-Jama people again ( why not ) Artist - Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention Title - One Size Fits All A US release on Pallas label - 2015 Audiophile pressing in Germany on 180gr
  6. I have reached my upload limit and can’t do it directly So now I use Post Image - https://postimages.org to upload and the link to the forum
  7. The photo angle is also my artistic view The tonearm looks like a gun pointing at the record cover
  8. You will remember Terrance Hill & Bud Spencer - they made about 18 movies together I loved all the spaghetti westerns
  9. A quick entry on the spinning thread - to acknowledge the impact of this artist RIP Ennio Artist - Ennio Morricone Title - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack ID - A United Artist release SUAL - 932862 Via Festival Records Australia
  10. I wonder what this is ? Just arrived This is an album that was on backorder for over a month Will give it a spin tomorrow This Re Issue is a US release but pressed in Germany on 180 gr from 2015 Frank Zappa One Size Fits All
  11. My collection is not that large - many I have seen are much larger But what I do have based on my personal preference in music is the best of the best ( well I like to think so 😱 )
  12. I can’t let you have all the fun @MicroMara 😎 An afternoon and early evening of UK Artist - UK Title - UK , Live , Danger Money
  13. Just love this George Harrison song Covered by the greats
  14. Doors - I have LA Woman Morrison Hotel Soft Parade Best Of Jim Morrison - An American Prayer A special thanks to Mike @dirtmudd for sourcing a few of those for me
  15. I love this album The girl that sang on the track exposure is part of a 3 sister band called the Roches Robert Fripp produced the Roches album ( I have it in the collection as well ) No don’t have that album I love me a little Zappa Magic
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