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  1. That is a very talented young man Tell him from me - Now he needs to find or forge his own path by building on what he has learned And I will buy his first record
  2. For - @dirtmudd Have a listen and tell me what you think
  3. That is one of my first records I purchased and still in my top 3 list It's superb
  4. Next on the playing roster is one of my top 3 favourite bands A brilliant album and a new addition to the collection Most of the King Crimson collection can be found on page 1 & 2 of this thread Artist - King Crimson Title - Lizard
  5. Next on the list is the replacement copy of Invisible Touch ( You may recall that the last one I purchased was scratch damaged on side 2 ) This copy is an English first pressing issue Artist - Genesis Title - Invisible Touch 1986 ID GEN LP2
  6. I am very excited to be playing this next record It contains some of my favourite tracks but I love the whole bloody album Just arrived today from the UK Sound Quality is superb and I just melded in with the music - what a feeling And I just had to play it 3 times to have my fill Artist - Genesis Title - Nursery Cryme ID CAS 1052 First pressing- Large Mad Hatter label A1U/B2U in the matrix
  7. Fingers crossed that you did not come away with a disease
  8. Polydor Red Label - A Re Issue This one - https://www.discogs.com/King-Crimson-Lizard/release/2001037
  9. A package just arrived from the UK And I know what it is Some Genesis and King Crimson Been after a first pressing of Nursery Cryme / Large Mad Hatter label A1U / B2U Also a replacement Genesis - Invisible Touch ( replacing a damaged LP ) And last but not least - King Crimson - Lizard
  10. Give me a minute mate But I have - Genesis - Nursery Cryme & Invisible Touch ( both 1st Pressings ) King Crimson - Lizard Edit The Genesis - Where The Sour Turns Sweet --- is good and is a repackaged Genesis To Revelation Have it on downloaded media And on the Rock Roots vinyl Versions
  11. No dont have that one Update A package has arrived from the UK What else more Genesis
  12. That dude has a cool looking prog/ hippyish vibe to him All power to him for recognising Genesis as a musical force and we welcome him to the club
  13. I almost missed this one - and I'm sure a few prog followers would know this band & the cover is nothing short of raunchy Genre Prog, Art Rock , some may say pop rock I am biased and say it's a combination of Prog & Art Rock The only Album in my collection from this band Artist - Be-Bop Deluxe Title - Sunburst Finish 1976 ID - FA3004 A briliant album that could still be considered fresh today Enjoy
  14. At that time I was felt that it was more important to pay the house off No house no audio room ect ect In any case the Garrard 401 is pretty good
  15. @dirtmudd Got a spare 30k for that Nakamichi TT self centring unit Have a member from the QLD Audio that has one of those Now this is a sad story - I could have purchased one of those about 10 years ago for less than $2,000