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  1. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I enjoyed the Nippon Guitars 🎸
  2. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Decided to put on one of my favourite records Ahh that feels better after 2 spins 😎 Artist - Genesis Title - Nursery Cryme
  3. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Sorry I have been a little tardy lately with record spinning Its because I am trying to rearrange and catalogue the collection with extra storage shelves It’s still a work in progress Today I am taking a break and decided to spin a double album In the vein of a musical journey consisting of 24 tracks similar to, but not exactly the same as “War Of The Worlds “ style / genre Artist - A440 - Ted Neely & Yvonne Iversen Title - Ulysses The Greek Suite
  4. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    As a disclosure I only own 2 Led Zeppelin albums LZ 4 since released LZ Houses Of The Holy - since Jan 2018
  5. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I will listen to all musical styles May or may not like some - however others probably won’t like what I like So listen to music that excites you to your very core and leave what you don’t like to others 😎
  6. A Crossover Design on Single Exposed Board

    The PCB was purchased second hand or at least unused from member @sootshe The PCB attenuator for the tweeter was built by ALK engineering and available from them ALK thinks my crossover is ugly - But I can bet that with the components used it sounds 1000% better The easiest way to attenuate a tweeter, is to add resistors of varying values until you have the sound you like And you can find other offerings as well if you look around
  7. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    @vigiano A search has provided this info The Sanyo TP-X2 fully automatic turntable is especially designed to provide accurate speed and minimize wow and flutter for musical entertainment and ease of operation. Sounds like it’s up to the job
  8. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Oooooo a master copy
  9. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Just shooting the breeze after I saw your cassette tape song list
  10. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    The YES album ( And a debut album ) Another fantastic release 👍🏼 Enjoying it on youtube now
  11. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    @dirtmudd That dude on the videos has a fine looking McIntosh system ✅ @JohnJ The material that 60s / 70s prog bands ( Infact all genre bands ) released was outstanding Lots of musicianship, lots of factual subjects in the songs But sadly most bands broke up due to being mishandled by management and mishandled money matters
  12. Vinyl - Record Spinning

  13. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    One of my favourite songs is Tomorrow Never Knows Originaly by The Beatles on the Revolver album And played to perfection to another level by 801 Phil Collins also had a great version
  14. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Yes Fragile - You beauty Thats a ripper album equal with Close To The Edge
  15. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Everithing in this post ticks all the boxes Great Music Close Venue thais is familiar Parking And most probably a great price Above all I have read that some Genesis members have commented favourably about the band and material played So all that’s left to say is Have a bloody great time mate 👍🏼🦊