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  1. Australia is a multicultural country But this is what I got on Jeannie and French She started “on a teaching scholarship, majoring in French and modern history Not sure when she picked up Spanish
  2. I present the same song The first from the Australian Bickie movie “Rage “ Its by Doug Parkinson The second Jeannie’s version of Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night A preamble for 1 min then prepare to be mesmerised
  3. That is a live album Jeannie Lewis performed at the Sydney State Theatre on Bastille day 1974
  4. I have presented these albums a couple of years ago This weekend is a Jeannie Lewis spectacular An multilingual Australian artist with an incredible vocal range
  5. That is a quality album mate I listen to some tracks in the car every day
  6. A small percentage of fast food is great and healthy Depends on the choices you make
  7. That game against Denmark 🇩🇰 was fantastic But Argentina won against Australia 2-1
  8. That is great news - let’s hope the committee favours Ohio 😎 I-O mate
  9. Playing 2 albums this morning Artist - Fleetwood Mac Title #1 - Then Play On Title #2 - Rumours
  10. If she visits Australia - she can dust the La Scala horns 🎉
  11. News just at hand Fleetwood Mac singer-songwriter Christine McVie dies, aged 79 https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-12-01/fleetwood-mac-singer-songwriter-christine-mcvie-dies/101719802
  12. Do you really have natural red hair 🧑‍🦰
  13. Yes a memorable 1.5 hour performance His backing band was The Grease Band ( I have one of their albums in the collection) I wonder if he inadvertently invented the air guitar 🤪 He was great friends with the Beatles and Leon Russell- Leon produced and played in the solo and other albums Woodstock 1969
  14. This is Joe Cockers solo debut album as he was a professional artist since 1960/61 Artist - Joe Cocker Title - Joe Cocker Debut Solo Album 1968 but my album is a NZ pressing from 1969 Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/4321123-Joe-Cocker-Joe-Cocker
  15. Who do you think does this son best Written by Lenon/McCartney but I think released by Joe Cocker first They were very good friends From the 1968 Debut album From the Beatles - Abbey Road 1969
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