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  1. Just reading a story on my news feed about a local lad and his amazing guitar https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-16/australian-wins-global-guitarist-award-with-unique-sound/11603362 Redland Bay is about 20 kms from me 🖖 In short A Queenslander could soon be seen alongside guitar greats like Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, and Slash after taking out a global guitar award with his unique sound. Redland Bay resident Dylan Reavey was recently awarded the 2019 Guitarist of the Year in London. The competition, run by music magazine Music Radar, saw hundreds of guitarists enter their best performances from around the globe.
  2. And you know I love my Fedora hats Especially my hand made in the USA beaver fur high crown Fedora
  3. This is the album - https://www.discogs.com/The-Osmonds-Homemade/release/2179509 I see the first track is called The Honeybee Song
  4. It’s nice and relaxing in the early morning Probably nice as background music if you want to concentrate on other things
  5. iPad type O The Osmonds from Ogden Utah
  6. The M Franks album was part of a bulk purchase of LPs I recently purchased But another album that was included - I will never play but probably donate it to the local charity is The Ormond’s - Homemade 🤯🤯
  7. Something light and relaxing this morning ( my down under time ) This album is from 1975 and I remember the single with a funny name being played on the radio Anyone remember - Popsicle Toes Artist - Michael Franks Title - The Art Of Tea
  8. Now I don’t know if other people like this band And even though they are a pop band - I would say they were a brilliant pop band Just about all songs on this album we’re hits I just know you will get a nostalgic boost from this post and recall a favourite song and spontaneously sing it 😎 Artist - ABBA Title - Arrival
  9. Three very talented ladies The album has been brilliantly produced by Barry White and his wife is one of the singers I read somewhere that Barry Whites music is responsible for more babies being born than any other artist Artist - Love Unlimited Title - Under The Influence Genre - funk / soul, disco
  10. You can hear the emotion in the voice
  11. Holds a lot of records So far I haven’t filled it yet but the last record fair haul was 15 LPs
  12. Brisbane to Melbourne is 853 miles by air ( longer by road ) so it’s a little out of the way Dave In Brisbane I visit our local record fair Its a monthly event And it’s less than a 10min drive from me I even have a specialty made “custom” leather satchel to fit records for my visits Its a first pressing #19
  13. No as it’s a 3 hour flight to the venue Plus I’m working As it’s an annual event, I may get to visit another year
  14. Recently arrived as part of a bulk record purchase This is a 12” single Artist - Boom Crash Opera Featuring songs - 1) Bombshell 2) Fire Inside The Island
  15. Just a quick note to say RIP to a fantastic drummer, but more so He was a complete musician Ginger Baker RIP Cream - Hawkwind and more
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