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  1. A very nice Prog album with only 3 tracks Side one - The Gates Of Delirium (21.55 ) is a brilliant composition Artist - YES Title - Relayer ID - Atlantic K50096 UK pressing 1974
  2. I personally think that Wish You Here is Pink Floyd’s best album
  3. I knew that you had the album Was just pulling your leg or teasing the funny bone 🤟
  4. This next album I am spinning is so bloody good I should play it more often A debut album from an amalgam of artists for a short stint as a band They are Wetton , Bruford, Jobson , Holdsworth Artist - UK Title - UK
  5. That is a shame Mike I recommend that you give it at least one listen 👂 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤐
  6. Testing the new DSP phono stage with a familiar LP Current setting is set to Tube I am impressed with this little phono stage in these early stages Lots of fine adjustments to tweak for both cartridge and speaker But I’m still fiddling around with the settings This album is known to all and I have probably listened to it many hundreds of times Artist - Pink Floyd Title - Dark Side Of The Moon
  7. Will do Need a few days to play around with it and play familiar records However first impressions on the test record was WOW - I give it a thumbs up
  8. About an hour ago I received a little surprise in the mail - in the form of a new phono stage from an audiophile in Sydney It a DSP design by Parkes Audio - The Puffin Playing around with the settings as I post I have never used my Test Records and it was a good time to unwrap one of them By - Opus 3 Title - Test Record 1 - Depth Of Image
  9. It’s time for a side shift today I know this album has lots of fans and I am one of them Brilliant in its own way Artist - Gentle Giant Title - Octopus
  10. In this century the norm now is soft candy edibles 🤟🤪🤪
  11. This one is almost new Jan 2019 from an audiophile found in Sydney This unit will make my life easier - with saved preset profiles to suit my array of cartridges 👌🤟
  12. Will a photo be OK Tracking says definitely delivered tomorrow Aust Monday
  13. Fingers crossed and - I am counting on the postal service to be on time I have a new phono amp coming on Monday - woooo hooooo
  14. I don’t have Tormato in the collection - But Happy with the YES titles I have In the LP collection - at a guess it would be just under 1000 LPs mostly Prog , Rock & Jazz
  15. Answer - Album to the right of Yes Going For The one - is by Gentle Giant - Octopus https://www.discogs.com/user/Full_Range/collection?search=Octopus%20&sort_by=artists_sort&sort_order=asc And you are correct the other is Rush - Exit Stage Left https://www.discogs.com/Rush-ExitStage-Left/release/8412328 Both Discogs links are of my actual albums
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