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  1. I just finished watching and listening to the Band Maid video Well I’m impressed with how musically tight they were and the track sounded great My head is banging back and forth 🤟🏼
  2. My wife is slowly taking over the music room as she is in Christmas decorating mode It happens every year because she’s in her element Also it’s the granddaughters first Christmas So I need to be politically astute when I want to play a record 😎
  3. A great female voice She changed her artist name from "Warrick" to "Warwick" because her name was misspelled on the labels of her hit record "Don't Make Me Over". They even made another spelling mistake on the cover of this album - can you spot it A nice compilation album that I inherited Artist - Dionne Warwick Title - The Best Of
  4. A little big band music from a German musician / composer and big band leader Over his career he has released countless records / CDs and sold over 80 million Artist - James Last Title - Non Stop Dancing 12 Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/James-Last-Non-Stop-Dancing-12/release/8020195
  5. @MicroMara Re Genesis vid above That was pre - Phil Collins and Steve Hackett
  6. Because it’s the Christmas season A modern song by one of my favourite glam rock bands from England And David Bowie with Bing Crosby - May they Rest In Peace
  7. Now let’s go Latin vibes This album is from 1963 and a Mono album Artist - Eugene McDaniels ‎ Title - Spanish Lace Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Eugene-McDaniels-Spanish-Lace/master/986736
  8. Australiana “Party songs “ You need to be an Aussie to understand the slang but sometimes rare tracks can also be universal Artist - Barry (Bazza) Crocker Title - Bazza McKenzie's Party Songs
  9. Tis the season Some say that this is the best Christmas album of all time And features many stars of the day on some tracks in accompaniment Artist - Bing Crosby Title - Merry Christmas
  10. Garry Glitter is also a pedophile
  11. @AndreG. I have the party album from that movie and will play it soon 🤪 Continuing with Australiana This album is from 1984 Artist - Barry Crocker ‎ Title - Moonlight And Love Songs (Are Never Out Of Date) Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Barry-Crocker-Moonlight-And-Love-Songs-Are-Never-Out-Of-Date/release/4357539
  12. Continuing on with some ballads by Bing Artist - Bing Crosby Title - Crosby Classics Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Bing-Crosby-Crosby-Classics/release/5257597
  13. We are going Australiana This artist is very famous not only for having a great voice and TV personality but also a fabulous Aussie comedian This album is from 1977 but his first album was in 1968 and it’s the first of a handful in the collection I will give members that lived as young adults in the 70s some homework - Search out The adventures of Barry McKenzie for some 70s comedy laughs 🤪🤪🤪 Artist - Barry Crocker Title - Self Titled Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Barry-Crocker-Barry-Crocker/release/4357514
  14. Not sure if still available but the OPPO BD105 is very good and will please not only home theatre 🎭 needs but audiophile needs
  15. Give it a try Some 20 years ago I was introduced to an Apple cider vinegar / honey tonic for health and well-being So I decided to try it with Tea - and it’s just terrific
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