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  1. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Another new addition to the collection A master work in any language - prog at its best Artist - Emerson Lake & Palmer Title - Tarkus
  2. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    Glad you love something on my recommendation 👌 I will be saving for the combo of the iphono2 and itube myself - probably mid 2018
  3. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Spinning a new addition to the collection A briliant album and one I was looking forward for its arrival Some of the best material The Moody Blues ever released Artist - The Moody Blues Title - Every Good Boy Deserves Favour ID - US import - THS5 With the - Terre Haute Press, Gatefold
  4. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    Anything new will sound different but the sound signature you like most - will stand out in your listening appraisal Always give your ears time to change to the new environment and always do any critical tests after 30 minutes warm up time
  5. Show us your great photography thread!

    They are pretty large and they can fly short distances A protected species, so we see them often - also they are not to smart They build huge leaf litter nests and the young fend for themselves from day 1
  6. Show us your great photography thread!

    Not more than a few minutes ago the dog had a fit hearing a big noise outside Well we get lots of Australian bush turkeys here I had the camera handy from the orchid photos and took some photos from a short distance First the bird was on the inside branches Then moved up to the top canopy On the last photo you will see the Turkey in relation to how large the tree in size, and you may also see a jumbo jet flying across the sky
  7. Show us your great photography thread!

    These orchid flowers in my garden have just bloomed So I took a couple of photos to share with you I don't know what verital they are as I have several scattered about Camera used is a Canon EOS 70D with a 250mm lens
  8. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    A request from my lovely wife Good to see her getting involved She may be weaving a web to lure me to the upcoming concert in December? We a listening together with a coffee in hand One of her faves For me this album is just brilliant from start to finish Artist - Cat Stevens Title - Tea For The Tillerman
  9. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Mike I have only one album Tony Banks - A curious feeling If I was to get any more it would be / not that I'm actively looking in this direction 1) Bank Statement 2) Still
  10. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    An album that I purchased after 801 Live back in the early 70s This is a briliant album that I have loved since purchased Artist - Phil Manzanera Title - K Scope
  11. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    OK I had a look at it with a magnifying glass They made a type O of the ID numbers - then scratched them out making it look like a signature No other secret message other than the ID numbers Edit Also had a look at my Exposure album and also nothing Probably because it is an Australian pressing ?
  12. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Yes that is correct But it actually has an inscription on the Dead Wax other than the ID number One needs to hold it up to the light to see it
  13. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    That is a reflection of the cover But it does have a dead wax mark Hard to read without a magnifying glass But it's like a scratched up signature with some numbers ?
  14. Vinyl - Record Spinning

    I will finish up this session with a great album With help to record this album from his briliant friends They are Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, David Byrne, Darryl Hall, Brian Eno Song titles from Exposure and other albums I present Artist - Robert Fripp Title - Network
  15. Phono Preamp? Tube or SS

    Is that the unit offered from the gentleman also knows as Tigerman Keep us in the loop with your impressions