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  1. Back to old time jazz in the Dixieland style This is a tribute album originally released in 1966 However my copy is a UK reissue from 1971 Artist - Dutch Swing College Band Title - Salute To Louis Armstrong
  2. I don’t have much in the country music genre in the collection but I do have a couple of signed copies from a couple of sisters from 1989 Sisters - Joy and Lyn Johnston Lyn passed away about 20 years ago Both these girls loved my wife as they worked for us in our retail business and presented these records to us after they recorded They were both very talented along with their brother as an extra voice
  3. Full Range

    The Other Discs

    Currently playing some Pink Floyd after spinning Jazz records all day A Momentary Lapse Of Reason
  4. Im finishing off the spinning for the day with some cool piano sounds This album is pitch and depth perfect - piano with orchestral backing is beautiful on some of the worlds best known tracks Artist - Roger Williams Title - Spanish Eyes A 1974 USA / Canada pressing https://www.discogs.com/Roger-Williams-Spanish-Eyes/release/2465465
  5. Another great afternoon spent with the company of Jazz music Artist - Dave Dallwitz Jazzmen ‎ Title – Midnight Crawl Part of the Jazz Makers series ID - https://www.discogs.com/Dave-Dallwitz-Jazzmen-Midnight-Crawl/release/7041681
  6. Next up is a Various artist LP with bonus 12” single Released by RCA Australia This is - One of a number of great Jazz compilations put together by former RCA Australia executive, Ron Wills who was a true jazz afficianardo and had one of if not the best private collection of jazz recordings in the southern hemisphere. Artist - Various Title - Immortal Jazz Classics (1979)
  7. More great classic jazz that never ages A collectors Series LP ( in stereo ) Artist - Louis Armstrong and His Allstars Title - European Concert Recordings By Ambassador Satch Louis Armstrong and his All-Stars' concert tour of Western Europe in the autumn of 1955. Taken from three on-stage sessions, one made at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and the others at a theatre in Milan. https://www.discogs.com/Louis-Armstrong-And-His-All-Stars-European-Concert-Recordings-By-Ambassador-Satch/release/12557795
  8. I must agree My system be it highly customised from the original - really makes brass horns, orchestral and voices shine Don’t know how lucky I am 😎
  9. Today it’s a Louis Armstrong compilation This album is a Mono release from 1969 Artist & Title - The Louis Armstrong Orchestra 1935-41 A Chronological Study ID - Mono 707
  10. Something soft and beautiful by Steve Hackett ( His own composition) Enjoy
  11. I’m going to go through and catalogue my older jazz and blues collection over the coming weeks Today is a great LP by some accomplished artists that you may not have heard before on this compilation release One track that jumps out at me is Watermelon Man This is a jazz standard written by the great Herbie Hancock Artist - Harbour City Jazz Band Title - Foo’s Blues
  12. Looks great all set up Happy cleaning and enjoying the results in musical form
  13. Only one thing for that - make time to spin some records and recharge your soul 🙏
  14. I love that video I wonder if the do King Crimson And Genesis 😎
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