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  1. That would be great Also include a YouTube link of your albums of best tracks so we can have a listen 😎
  2. @MicroMara Consider my answers as noted below Starting with the speakers - New Crossovers Left equipment stand 1) Sony TC 765 R2R is now sold ( but have a Revox B77 in need of a refurbish ) 2) Custom made Tube amp and Tube Preamp still in same spot 3) That is a JVC 7.1 Home Theatre amp it’s a beast ( still own it but in storage) Right equipment stand 1) That is a Limited number of approx 700 units made Audio GD CD7 ( sold a few years ago ) 2) A Blue Circle 🔵 BMPH integrated amp with twin L/R volume controls ( Still In use and in same spot ) 3) That is the famous Marantz CD94 MK2 ( now sold because I was offered a price I could not refuse ) 4) Next is the Nakamichi CA5 II preamp ( still in use and now on top position ) 5) That is a DVD player ( no longer used and in storage) New equipment not in photo Another set of Super tweeters To swap over if I want to swap Refurbished Garrard 401 TT DIY First Watt M2 amp Parks Audio puffin phono stage Cyrus CD8 CD player with seperate power supply
  3. I am not sure as I can’t see those images If you link or copy and paste the photo here OR by PM - then I can answer your question
  4. Some Italian Prog that most people haven’t heard before PER UN AMICO Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM) Hope you enjoy
  5. A quick photo of Alan Holdsworth albums This weekend is sorted and will spin these 3
  6. Love my 3 Alan Holdsworth LPs Metal Fatigue , Atavachron , Road Games 🤘 That Gong ‎– Gazeuse LP on the video above was known and released as Gong ‎– Expresso in the USA
  7. I like the Punta Patri video
  8. @dirtmudd Ladies Of The Road is a little bawdy Thats why I rarely link it 😎😇
  9. @MicroMara King Crimson was the first band that I fell in love with Probably when I was a fresh faced 12 to 14 years of age
  10. I know as he is my brother from another mother Wow that phrase must have come to the surface but I’m not sure when it was was first used - probably in the 60s ?
  11. I have an videocall appointment in 20 minutes But just finished spinning the 801 LP just in time One of the best live records from ex Roxy Music members that formed an interim band to pass away the time that lasted a handful of concerts But the material left behind is just incredible Artist - 801 Title - 801 Live
  12. Re - Brian Eno Don’t forget Phil Manzanera and Francis Monkman on keyboards with Simon Phillips on drums and the amazing Lloyd Watson on guitar May I suggest you listen to the album 801 Live Its one if not my favourite live albums
  13. it’s all over the cityscape so search on YouTube for more over the years It’s also a music collaboration with many artists
  14. We have an annual laser art exhibition called Vivid
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