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  1. Re - Grand Funk Railroad Nice muscle tone on those bodies Photoshop of old 😎
  2. This is a replacement copy of my over played US 1967 pressing The new record is also a US import Its a 200 gram Hendrix Family release from 2014 And thank god that they used a quality archival sleeve Very nice pressing and to my ears pretty faithful to the original if you are looking for a replacement copy Artist - Jimi Hendrix Experience Title - Are You Experienced Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/6170798-The-Jimi-Hendrix-Experience-Are-You-Experienced-
  3. I have a handful Van Der Graaf Generator on CD And 3 on vinyl - They are Pawn Hearts 1988, Godbluff 1975, Still Life 1976
  4. That is one of many of his solo works - I have almost all his output on CD He is also a founding member of the band - Van Der Graaf Generator
  5. It’s been many years But I put on a CD just to see if the CD player still works 🤪 Peter Hamimil - Future Now https://www.discogs.com/master/34088-Peter-Hammill-The-Future-Now
  6. Regulars of this thread I present to you a piece of music that was released about 1969 And sounds fresh today - encompassing many genres as it progresses it’s almost 20 minutes So grab a drink, turn down the lights and enjoy a truly beautiful piece of music Enjoy - Colosseum- Valentyne Suite
  7. We have had many great drum covers on this thread But this drummer is a master in his own right - he can hear or read the music once and play it faithfully Enjoy sampling Larnell Lewis Search him out for more
  8. I have had only one listen and enjoyed it For more critical reviews I would recommend you visit and read them on this link http://www.progarchives.com/album.asp?id=73949
  9. Good to see some new current music to compliment the old Another new arrival is new music from an established band Warning - it’s great music 😎🤪 Artist - Marillion Title - An Hour Before It's Dark Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/22351390-Marillion-An-Hour-Before-Its-Dark
  10. Earlier I posted an album on the spinning thread that has recently been added to the collection Have a listen as it’s a 2021 Debut album Its a one man band 🤘
  11. All good now mate As promised New arrival Some new music now - After a quick listen on YouTube a little while back and I just had to order this album You to will be impressed What a great debut album - and I picked up a limited edition The Van Halen family are very musical- must be in the blood Artist - Wolfgang Van Halen as Mammoth WVH Title - Mammoth WVH Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/19077970-Mammoth-WVH-Mammoth-WVH
  12. No sleep for me My day yesterday - 11.30 am drive to first client work - 13 or hours later 12.45 am ( after midnight) leave to go home Wife minding 2 year old granddaughter that refused to go to sleep so I had to relieve her for a bit About 3 am baby is sleeping and I’m half awake half asleep But I must have dosed off because the neighbourhood dogs woke me up when they started to bark in unison about 8.30am So I need a record spinning fix a little later I have some surprise artists and titles - so be waiting for it
  13. What’s a zero between friends but I’m also glad your audiophile side is pedantic 🤪
  14. Some classic Bowie An album that was borrowed and not returned many many years ago finally added to the collection again Artist - David Bowie Title - The Man That Sold The World Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/8162132-David-Bowie-The-Man-Who-Sold-The-World
  15. Me to Several times over now that we can stream
  16. I know that the hotel starts many floors up Underneath is a cinema complex and shopping Ahh found a link to some info https://www.travelforsenses.com/hotel-gracery-the-godzilla-hotel-from-tokyo/
  17. That is a visually stunning piece of art P.S. - I have the record My daughter has visited Japan on a few occasions and the last time stayed at the Godzilla hotel Every day a giant Godzilla activates and hangs over the building
  18. Well it’s Mother’s Day today in Australia So I’m going out to a nice and a favourite restaurant with the family Going to Hellenika and possibly taking the new car https://hellenika.com.au/
  19. That will actually work if done correctly
  20. Why does every man and his dog want my services just when I want to go for a drive in our new car The car has been sitting in the driveway since it’s been delivered with 90km on the clock Working till lunchtime on Sunday so may get a chance to drive the new wheels 😎 Anyway I’m home after dark on a Saturday evening and I am going to relax with a spin The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Artist - Gil Scott-Heron Title - Pieces Of A Man Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/5489000-Gil-Scott-Heron-Pieces-Of-A-Man
  21. Actually I was called to a job, so could not make it - and I was fortunate to have it delivered to my home She loves the sunroof Happy wife - happy life 😎
  22. That Artist line up did some great work
  23. A song as mainly spoken word - so a little different to the norm Enjoy Roxy Music
  24. Just posting some new arrivals Wont have time to spin them until the weekend because I’m going out to collect a new car that I bought for the wife
  25. I will wait for a King Crimson or Genesis release
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