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  1. I just remembered something My recollection is that he was Jewish and he sang about Jesus
  2. OK let’s travel back in time again This is a one hit wonder that was performed by a farmer
  3. It’s been to long since I spun this record and was not disappointed Artist - Renaissance Title - Scheherazade and Other Stories
  4. Even though I liked Punch Brothers the style would be more akin to Bluegrass/ Avantgarde
  5. Still listening with one blocked ear with the system turned to mono and it’s passible Electronic prog by a master keyboardist Artist - Rick Wakeman Title – The Myths And Legends Of King Arthur And The Knights Of The Round Table
  6. Nah - it’s not me One can tell because I wear hats just about everywhere
  7. One of my subcontractors gave me a pink shirt. I will send you a photo on PM 🤘
  8. ‘Ahh Must have read the same post and recollected it
  9. Not sure without checking Was that cover banned for something?
  10. An iconic song that needs no introduction Enjoy 10CC
  11. I can listen in mono 🤘😜🤪 ‘How is that for a comeback 🎶
  12. Wife is at work and I am rocking it up (LOUD) with an album that I is so good and I like every song on it Be dammed the neighbours 🤘 What is your favourite song? However this may be my last spin for a while as I have a stubborn blocked ear without any pain Doctor said it is a Eustachian tube disfunction and it will pass on its own in a few weeks (I don’t believe him) ‘Anyway to explain how it happened - while swallowing water it went the wrong way and I had a massive coughing fit and that in turn blocked the ear canal (Yes I have tried several manual clinical methods to pop the ear to no avail) Artist - Black Sabbath Title - Paranoid
  13. Don’t know if I should smile or cry Lets just call it novel and never see it again
  14. You bet they were awesome live 🤘
  15. Just like this on my La Scala’s Note that the crossovers have been updated since this photo was taken If interested in the massive undertaking to build this crossover go to the thread on the link https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/149952-a-crossover-design-on-single-exposed-board/
  16. A great Australian band that was in there prime when I was a teenager Reformed later and were active till around 2014 when Doc Neeson died And I was privileged to see them a few times before they got big
  17. ‘You did a great job on the drawing I just added the measurement's for others to follow, but I did a few more internal modifications to make them better to my personal preference By the way my LS with the bass reflex mod still rock 🤘
  18. I had a similar modification but with the bass reflex box attached ( noting that I did not read the above information prior to my idea ) Just tinkering with different aerodynamic ideas and I ended up using a cone made of styrofoam and glued it to the magnet of the bass driver This may or may not work on a standard LS and as noted it’s in place in conjunction with the bass reflex box
  19. Are you referring to the bass reflex port? This is the configuration and measurements that I posted of the bass reflex unit on my LS
  20. @Dave1291 I found the answer about Pattie Boyd
  21. I have mentioned it before FR was and still is a Slade fan from a young teenager, and traversed between prog rock
  22. My wife said that she played this song on her accordion From 1969 - but still fresh as the day it was released
  23. I had to look up what is a slooppy? This is the real story and it has a link to my favourite football team Ohio state https://greatoldies.com/hang-on-sloopy/
  24. I have the first version Bluesound Node unit that was released Still works great
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