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  1. Robert Fripp is a great story teller
  2. A blend of rock jazz and classical can be a great combination if put together right This album does that very well Ex Deep Purple members with the London Symphony Orchestra perform Artist - Jon Lord Title - The Gemini Suite Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Jon-Lord-The-London-Symphony-Orchestra-Gemini-Suite/release/4545293
  3. I have that album But with a sexier cover Will add it to the playlist and post when spun
  4. This next album is a pretty good solo effort from 1983 Artist Robert Plant ‎ Title - The Principle Of Moments Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Robert-Plant-The-Principle-Of-Moments/release/5545955
  5. Yes he does do a great job For me It’s more the linguistic intonations - probably because I’m used and grew up with the English accent
  6. Not a criticism as it’s just different but it’s hard to listen to Peter Gabriel and shortly after the singer ( his name escapes me ) in the Steve Hackett band I like Peters voice and word intonations better
  7. Just moving on to an English Prog band that was founded in 1966 This LP is a compilation released in 1980 of the early work What a fantastic album - one listen is not enough Artist - Barclay James Harvest ‎ Title - Mocking Bird - The Early Years
  8. @dirtmudd Im listening to them in order now - You know how to pull my musical strings 😎
  9. Captain Fingers is a fantastic album I have that one in the LP collection
  10. This next album is classified as Jazz / Rock But it’s got hints of disco in some tracks like - I feel Like Dancing 💃 Its a happy bright album - but when you get past that and listen carefully you can admire the technical and brilliant musicianship on it Artist - Lee Ritenour Title - Feel The Night
  11. Finally got my hands on a nice condition LP of Slade Alive 😱 A great album and listening to it now as I post brings back good memories Artist - Slade Title - Slade Alive ID 1972 Aust pressing 2383 101 If you are wondering what the other albums are under the Slade LP then just wait they will be presented soon 😎
  12. Confessing that I am a late convert to the band Marillion but when I got started I was enthralled Here are a couple of songs from different albums
  13. Im going back in my memory now - but with the internet you can probably search to confirm if it’s true The original UK pressing was fantastic however when it was distributed far and wide under the licence system there was an error in one of the channels - and was corrected much later I had the original in the early seventies but had lost it or lent it out and never came back Now have the Aust 1978 re issue in the collection
  14. Looks like my brother wins on the distance And he loves King Crimson
  15. But the original LP from the UK had a different pink record label - it has a large white exclamation mark on it
  16. Sell the 1969 to me But at mates rates 😎
  17. No problem Mike @ 110 now and playing Starless
  18. The road to Red has presented itself Been a long time lover of this album but never had the LP until now Thoroughly enjoying this album as I post - This reissue is approved by Robert Fripp from the original 1974 masters on 200gr vinyl Yes it’s very very good and I’m having fun listening Artist - King Crimson Title - Red
  19. This is a quote from Robert Fripp A Quiet Moment is how we experience a moment: the moment which is here, now and available. Quiet moments are when we put time aside to be quiet; and also where we find them. Sometimes quiet moments find us. Some places have an indwelling spirit, where quiet is a feature of the space: perhaps natural features in the landscape; perhaps intentionally created, as in a garden; perhaps where a spirit of place has come into being over time, as in an English country churchyard. Quiet may be experienced with sound, and also through sound.
  20. How bout Jethro Tull - Stormwatch
  21. Yes I like that - smooth guitar with a little twang that digs into ones solar plexus
  22. Having a listen to an album I have loved for a long time but never got the LP Finally I got lucky with some price reductions due to Covid 19 and it’s due to be delivered today So this is a refresher listen B/4 it arrives
  23. He has an excellent speaking voice with perfect timing in word spacing Very good on Alice Coopers - Welcome To My Nightmare
  24. This next album is part of an earlier purchase that I’m just getting around to listening to It’s a live 3 LP album that will take a few days to play it all Artist - Deep Purple ‎ Title – Long Beach 1976 Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/Deep-Purple-Long-Beach-1976/release/8454861
  25. I just love this mans country voice The song I heard when I was young and have used that phrase often when growing up
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