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  1. We are the walking wounded by the looks of it I fell at work last week and bruised the patella on the left knee but I kept on working with a limp All good now - Arnica cream is great for my situation And Arnica cream should work for burns as well George
  2. Mate I woke up to the news and I was almost in tears reading your post For future reference - next time use a heat pack that goes in the microwave for a couple of minutes Get well soon - find a comfortable chair - if you have home care ? then I hope the nurse is blindingly beautiful 😎
  3. Love the all round sound they produce I have 3 Stanton and a Pickering that is Stanton design So Stant series 6, Pick equivalent series 8, Stant 9, Stant 100
  4. My main TT is from 1965 and the spare TTs are from the 70s I know that vintage items are better in build
  5. Probably OK for someone just starting the vinyl journey
  6. Not sure if any members have heard of this band so I will post a sample from the first album Then continue on with more from other albums
  7. That record is as the name suggests Starless And Bible Black Dr Diamond is not actually on that record That track was only played live - then it was released as a bootleg ( I have a bootleg copy ) It was never recorded as a studio song - possibly because the band didn’t fully nail it down so to speak Then it was added to a CD set - I just can’t remember it’s name now @dirtmudd would know Now in this instance and your query- it could be a new CD release with Dr Diamond as a bonus track But it was never on the original Starless album release
  8. We had some visitors and they were impressed with the amount of records I had Now these visitors are 20 years older than me and they gravitated towards some Bing Crosby LPs I was sorting out So they wanted to hear them to reminisce Only to glad to oblige was my answer as a willing host Then out of the blue they wanted me to play Dan Fogelberg – Phoenix And that ended our listening session
  9. I never thought I had more Genesis than you Mike All up including a couple of 12” singles- but not counting the albums I have 2 of Its 21 albums Plus a lot of solo work from the respective members
  10. I still don’t have any Rolling Stones albums Nothing personal mind you
  11. From memory Was she accused of plagiarism at some point
  12. Rainy days are the best conditions for listening to music Well for us here wet days removes static electricity And it also puts one’s mind at rest to enjoy audio Edit That’s if we don’t have imminent flooding conditions 🤪
  13. Picked this cartridge up a while ago it’s a Stanton WOS - CS100
  14. @MicroMara I forgot to mention that some time ago I added a legendary MM cartridge to my collection Its the amazing Walter Stanton WOS CS100 Collectors Series cartridge And has a near new NOS stylus in excellent overall condition Looking for a good one for over 3 years and just a couple of months ago I finally got one
  15. Quadraphonic sound Exciting I recommend to a friend when asked what new speakers should he buy He loves his new Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-8000F II Dual 8-Inch Floorstanding Speakers
  16. I had to look it up https://www.nickiswift.com/771656/the-real-reason-cher-and-gregg-allman-got-divorced/
  17. I see a 1971 Allman Bros LP My memory is a little faded - but was it Greg that got married to Cher and it only lasted a day or so ?
  18. She will have a great time - time of year matters Mild and short winters - compared to Europe Summers will test her stamina though If you need advice just PM me
  19. How can I follow the last spin - with this album found together with Dean Martin And this album is easily 200 grams or over Artist - Frank Sinatra Title - Nice N Easy Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/23071583-Frank-Sinatra-Nice-N-Easy
  20. Nostalgia is creeping in Who is a 60s movie tragic - fess up now I present- from the motion picture soundtrack Artist - Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra Title - High Society Album ID - https://www.discogs.com/release/18186343-Various-High-Society-Motion-Picture-Soundtrack
  21. That’s what we have always called them And I suppose some people may also casually call them a squeezebox
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