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  1. 50-60Hz hum in my system

    I have downloaded the manual but what are the two test Adapters ?
  2. 50-60Hz hum in my system

    It is making me go crazy ! I can’t get it ! The will not go what the hell
  3. How to add pictures to ones Gallery

    Is that to me ? Do I have something shut off?
  4. As said How to add pictures to ones Gallery ?
  5. Need info

    I am a bit old what is pm ? Lol
  6. Subwoofer/Speaker Delay.....

  7. Need info

    So what would you want for it ?
  8. Need info

    Ya that’s it !
  9. Need info

    Thanks your a good person!
  10. Need info

    Ok thanks
  11. Need info

    Sure what wouldn’t you want for it ?
  12. Need info

    I looked up Blue Jean cables and also Jensen They both look good . I know the Jensen is more in cost but I just might go for the Jensen I was going to order but will still shop around a bit more .
  13. Need info

    Thanks yes understand that but everything can help . I also ordered some ground loop insulators one for the cable two for my subs .
  14. Need info

    Noise ? I trying to get rid of noise from the Sub . i believe I have a ground loop or the cable that Comes with the Sub is not that great even with the cost of the Sub. so I want to try another power cord . I found a good deal.I believe! I would like to buy but once I buy it it’s no return !