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  1. Do you have an spl meter to check how loud you are actually listening? I have found, personally, that when the playback system is clean, i.e., lower distortion, it's too easy to have the volume up too high. Then it wears on me... Nice looking room, btw. Bruce
  2. Yes... but it had been a while. Keep up the good work, you're following in Dennis' curmudgeonly footsteps. 😉
  3. What model? That would be a start. Welcome!
  4. My older son is still under 40 and likes Klipsch a lot. He has some first generation Heresy speakers and bought me a pair of Heresy IIs. Younger son loves music and went off to study music composition at Valparaiso with an H/K430 and a nice set of older JBLs. I have had younger friends come over and are quite amazed with the LaScalas. They just don't think about spending money on a music system. Bruce
  5. Was living outside a small town... was leaving the bank and going around the block and saw them on the porch. The tenant was moving and said he would sell them. None of the internals were correct... wrong woofer, piezo tweeter, 800hz mid horn, jbl 800hz crossovers. One cab is genuine, the other is a clone. He used them for a band... can't have sounded very good. I've been using my Heresy IIs for the past 5 years, which sound great, but they aren't La Scalas.
  6. I found cabinets for $100 sitting on a guys front porch, had my crossovers and the tweeter. Got the parts over time and finished geting them together fairly recently. I front mounted the horns. Sound pretty good.
  7. I think I paid around $1300 for my '89 LS, which had AL crossovers in them. Someone loaned me a pair of alk universals, while I ordered parts and built some dha2 crossovers. Awesome! Eventually put an Eminence horn tweeter with the same driver as Bob's ct125 on the top. Very happy with them but I had to sell them. Wish I hadn't sold them... Bruce
  8. Possible... are the one on ebay all original or with various parts updated? Mint cabinet and all variations could get a high price. I would cosider $800 as pushing it a bit. Bruce
  9. Nice job, and the new grill clothe looks great. Bruce
  10. Marvel

    Sit/Stand Desk

    I stand as much as possible at my job. At my last job, working in IT at a small private college, the school president at the time, built his own stand-up desk. This was over twenty years ago. Quite a number of the faculty and staff had stand up desks and their backs told them it was much better. Bruce
  11. I think this is often overlooked by folks swapping things around. Dennis had pointed that out a long time ago as well, where a manufacturer (I can't remember who at this point) had what seemed an odd crossover point between the woofer and mid horn, but it was done so the polars matched between the two. Bruce
  12. I think you could call it the Main Listening Position
  13. Marvel

    What I Got Today!

    I was just looking at those today... wowsers!!!
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