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  1. Allen solid state model 1000 organ amps

    Found the pics... they were actually in Rogers organs. Bruce
  2. Sansui 9090db and Palladium P37f's

    The place who is working on my 2A3 amps has stacks of older Pioneer and Sony gear, along with things like a Mitsubishi linear tracking turntable, $150K Western Electric amps. I'll see what other receivers he has when I go back for my Moondogs. Bruce
  3. Calling All Musicians

    He has a bunch that are on YT, with different guitarists sitting in with him. Would have been nice if it had actually been a bit better production.
  4. Calling All Musicians

    LP must have been a hoot to work with. Mary Ford was a really good guitar player too. Well time for me to sleep! Bruce
  5. Would be hard to tell, wouldn't it? I would have to measure the one with the Klipsch label and send those measurements to you, but I'm too lazy. One of the sets of plans, drawn by Jim Easley was made from genuine LS made by different folks. Bruce
  6. You can measure real ones with real Klipsch stickers and they won't all be the same. Your point? It's pretty obvious on the present pair I have now the the copy was made from the real one. They are exactly the same size. When I got them, they had NO Klipsch guts. The had wrong t/s parameter woofers, JBL 800 Hz crossovers with EV 8HD horns and EV 1828R drivers. The tweeters were piezos with a single cap on them. Someone was using them for a PA. I'm sure they sounded awful, but they only cost me $100. I now have K33s for them and K400 horns. They are getting closer to my original LS that I sold due to finances. I would love to hear the ones that Full Range built, but even after retiring it will be a 15-16 hour flight to Brisbane.
  7. Calling All Musicians

    Well, yes, the 812 is a sweet guitar. I bought it used, and it is from '91, which mean it's getting up there in age. My only other acoustic now is a '74 Guild Jumbo (F-30R). I'm hoping I keep most of my hearing, I know it must be a drag. I was just listening to a video of Brian May and Les Paul. Pretty cool... You might enjoy.
  8. Who doesn't have a Klipsch LaScala? DJK has had them... I have them... Not totally needed for the upgrade but will help. What's your problem. If I were living on the other side of the planet, I would probably build my own. Actually, I will be on the other side of the planet in about 5 more years, and I won't be shipping all the stuff I have here around the globe. In fact, the current pair I have is only half Klipsch. The other was a copy. They both now have Klipsch guts. Doesn't matter to me that they aren't all Klipsch. They sound like it... What's the problem here?
  9. Calling All Musicians

    Hey Steve - Really want to get a Dread, and was looking at this Taylor 700 series. Even though I truly love my 812c, I'm longing for a larger bodied acoustic. https://www.taylorguitars.com/guitars/acoustic/710e Bruce
  10. Mine were stuck into some LaScala cabinets with some EV 1828R drivers. The drivers will be used with the K-400 horns in the LS as I get them finished up. They sound pretty good. Bruce
  11. I've never seen a fiberglass 8HD. I have two of the metal ones.
  12. The interview

    I work at a center that works with folks with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and one of our doctors, emailed all of us this link to a very cool video. It's about 12 minutes long, but I was amazed at the content. Enjoyable and thought provoking, extremely well done. Bruce
  13. JBL Control 28 T's Arkansas Members (sold)

    I use a pair of Control 25 JBLs for my computer speakers. Pretty efficient, nice bass when cranked up a bit. I'm sure the 28Ts would do well, too. Bruce
  14. Allen solid state model 1000 organ amps

    Were those mounted in La Scalas? They used to sell them together, with the amp in opposite the crossover. I've got a pic of one somewhere. Bruce
  15. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    We had a nice, steady rain here... all day. We needed it, and only had a smattering of wind gusts. I stayed in bed, trying to shake a cold. Wife left Thursday for a trip home to the Philippines for three weeks. Her dad is not doing well but she had planned this in the Spring. I would have gone too, but the new job meant I start over with vacation time.