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  1. That will work ok. A 1 inch paint brush is what I often use. The bristles are pretty soft. Those cones are pretty durable.
  2. How are those Smith horns working out? What I got from you is still in storage. At least you finish your projects.
  3. How do you connect to the R-51PM speakers? With a usb connection? Which specific model of antenna are you trying?
  4. I was looking up a couple of patents by PWK (from an old Electrovoice kit documentation). In my search, I found this Canadian website with a couple of articles about PWK. If this was plagiarised from the book about him, this can certainly be removed. https://pmamagazine.org/klipsch-klipsch-boom-the-explosive-brilliance-of-paul-w-klipsch/ https://pmamagazine.org/the-patents-of-paul-w-klipsch/
  5. Your power amp with most likely consume the most power. A small digital/chip amp will serve you better. I don't have one/any, but many on here can provide more than enough info to push you along. Our power where I live hardly ever goes out. We have nuclear and hydro both providing our area. Unless a tree comes down over some lines or a vehicle accident takes out a pole, we're usually good.
  6. From the movie, but they did a great job following all the moves the musicians did while on stage. The complete Queen set at live aid (movie - they should have been sweating, as In the original footage).
  7. I just listened to the whole Live Aid section on YT and it was excellent. It may partly his source, streamed from a not so good online site.
  8. We drove over to Madison Alabama on Saturday, to visit some friends we hadn't seen for six years. The Filipina wife's sister also came over from Chelsea, south of Birmingham. They've known each other from highschool/college age in the Philippines. While thadies were talking in the other room, the husband and I watched Bohemian Rhapsody. He has some Klipsch towers, sub and surrounds. It sounded awful 😖. I didn't want to get into seeing if we could straighten it out some. I thought the movie was great though and want to watch it again at home.
  9. I bought mine from someone on here, around 2004 and was the 4th owner. I doubt I'll come up with the money to buy mine back, even if the the possibility floated around. I've thought of building a pair of 2a3 amps from another designer, but life is short (shorter than longer, that's for sure).
  10. I had a pair of Moondogs that I used on my La Scalas. Simply magical, and I never should have sold them.
  11. If the drivers are all OK, these would be a steal. The Tangent T400 uses the exact same parts as a Heresy II.... larger cabinets and ports on the front. Better bass than the HII and taller, getting the mid and tweeter closer to ear level. The T500 is the same but using a passive radiator on the fronts and no ports. Good luck with the sale. These should already be gone.
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