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  1. He's asking about tubes amps... I've used 2a3 amps, 3.5 watts per channel. Fine for me with my LaScalas, but I would aim for 20-30 watts or a little more.
  2. Haven't seen them... unfortunately, I haven't had any leisure time in the state for quite some time.
  3. The craft breweries are everywhere and you can find some great beers! Kentucky has some beautiful areas...
  4. Deleted, as the text was scrambled..
  5. @Deang Hi Dean... do you miss the La Scalas?
  6. There's an african proverb that says whenever and old person dies, a library burns to the ground. There are a lot of old folks with a lot of knowledge, knowledge that disappears when they retire or die. Shame on us for letting it happen.
  7. Marvel

    VOXX in the news:

    Yes, they both did, and it's been covered over and over here before. The point being, it wasn't pwk that did it.
  8. Marvel

    VOXX in the news:

    Rodgers Organ did the added power amplifiers
  9. Marvel

    Lets see your pets

    It's hard to dig out the old prints, considering how many times we moved... this was our first cat, Mahle, taken sometime in 1974:
  10. He might like Tin Tin and Snowy, but they will probably be taken off the market as inappropriate. All three of my kids learned to read with most of the Tin Tin comics in the house.
  11. I always set my audio in Netflix to stereo and not 5.1. You have to do it for each movie/stream. At least we do. We always run subtitles as well. My wife's English is fine, but she is from the Philippines and likes them on.
  12. Walnut St. Bridge, Chattanooga - taken by my older son Joshua @Invidiosulus
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