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  1. This music is just a hoot...
  2. I already told you... that's why I didn't finish the bass mod. However, the LS are going to my older son in a couple of weeks. He will probably finish it. He actually has a woodshop and tools.
  3. And TV isn't really our thing, so it's only a 55 inch. The woofers in the La Scalas are disconnected and the MWMs hooked up. Bass is crazy tight and clean.
  4. These are from a permanent installation (theater, club, etc.), from the pro line of Klipsch. These are supposed to be laying flat and not turned up like I have them. Each cabinet has two 15 inch woofers (K-43 in my case, although some swap in K-33). I only use a 35wpc Crown amp to power the whole setup. Bruce
  5. I'm not against using/having subs. Just don't want to myself. Currently have MWMs with La Scala mids. Tweeter is from a Kp-3002 (Klipsch horn, uses an Eminence psd:2002 driver klipsch labeled). The La Scalas will be gone in another week or so. Going to my older son in N.C. Until I get other stuff hooked up I'll put my Herey IIs in front. I don't even use the Klipsch for the tv. I have little jbl Monitor 25s serving duty there. BTW, if you ever get to hear some MWMs you won't be the same.
  6. Indeed, better yet, get subs. Done. That's great... if you want subs. Suprise! A lot of people, like me, don't want subs. So get over it.
  7. These would work great for an active system. My budget's shot for awhile or I would already have these.
  8. Dennis said the boost should be around the 31-31hz mark.
  9. I was going to run networking out to an outbuilding at our last house. I've got a couple boxes that convert cat 5/6 to fiber. We had a bunch of fiber we pulled out from work. That way I wouldn't have to worry about lightning hitting the ground and frying gear.
  10. Congrats! Never had any bourbon... went through a lot of Scotch, though. Glad you are still around here.🥃
  11. I want to hear what the results are from the ported boxes. He already has those done, other than staining/finishing.
  12. Thanks, wasn't paying attention. I think I have a bunch of the 5532s here somewhere.
  13. Always did the LS on the short wall, and they worked great. Nine foot ceilings a plus. Almost exactly the size room in our former house. I always sat about 10-12 feet back.
  14. Do you have the schematic for that circuit?
  15. Those came out really nice. How is the horizontal coverage with them rotated like that?
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