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  1. Marvel

    Water Damaged HII- Worth it?

    I would buy them ... and I'll send you the dimensions for the Tangent 400 cabinets. The gut of the Tangent are all Heresy II parts, even the crossover board. You will get better bass and the mid and tweeter will be closer to ear level. A good friend of mine has a pair of these. https://www.klipsch.com/products/tangent-400#product-specs Bruce
  2. Marvel

    Tweeter stopped working on RF-5

    It looks like there isn't anything holding those caps in place. Once they are glued or tied down, the connections underneath could be connected back together. Bruce
  3. Marvel

    Heresy III

    Klipsch started using more mdf on the Khorns in the '80s. Respectfully, I stand by what I posted. You can get horn loaded boxes from the pro area, Klipsch or others, that will be more portable and likely hold up better over time. 😉
  4. Marvel

    Belle: an unrequited love...

    Welcome to the forums... The crossovers, are 35+ years old, so if they are original, the caps need replacing. I have found , as many others also have, that the mids are about 3db too hot (the mid driver is way efficient). I cut the mids back on my la scalas (same drivers), and cut the mids back. It helped the tonal balance tremendously. Bruce
  5. Marvel

    Heresy III

    The khorns would be too fragile and cumbersome to haul around. As mentioned, look for some used klipsch pro gear. It's all made with plywood. HIIs and newer are all veneered mdf. They can last a lifetime in a living room... hauled around not so much. Where are you located? Bruce
  6. Marvel

    Building a " Belle " ?

    You should use a 4 ohm woofer. The horn loading will bring it up to an effective 8 ohms. Bruce
  7. Marvel

    Memphis TN Impressions

    For the same reason I did...but I was there for five years. I used to live in midtown, off North Parkway, about two blocks from Rhodes College. Left in 1980 and haven't been back. It's bigger now. At the time, midtown was a reasonable, relaxed area and I worked at WHBQ TV, across from UofM. Germantown would probably be a better area.
  8. Marvel

    something different...

    Cruising Clist... https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/d/cerwin-vega-klipsch-klf-30/6689096547.html
  9. Marvel

    WE 300B production to be up in Sept. 2018

    There are some delays. I'll get some info to you. Bruce http://westernelectric.com/news/index.html
  10. Dave, I think he is meaning mounting your horn in the mouth of the Khorn's early mid horn (K-5-J), so that the back side of the tweeter would be more aerodynamic. See the attached image of the K-5-J with the vertical K77. Bruce
  11. Marvel

    Forte III and Decware Torri MK IV Amp

    @Ski Bum when and where? I grew up there, but moved South in the mid '70s. Worked as a news photog at channel 19. Bruce
  12. Marvel

    Bob Carver's New Tube Amp 75x2

    I would love one!
  13. Marvel

    Room Treatment: Diffusion

    Schu, those curtains look great, and the pricing isn't bad at all. Our music room/former 2 car garage has two glass patio doors on them. Those curtains would do wonders for the light and the temp control. We have double curtains on them now, and the room is not bad acoustically, but these would probably be a step up. Bruce
  14. Marvel

    Klipschorns $5000?

    It's not a matching pair... the mid horns and drivers are different models. They would cost a lot to get all matched up.