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  1. That's some of your tax dollars at work. I don't mind that, and USPS pretty much has routes figured out. Waiting for you to give a review...
  2. We had a golden retriever who didn't want to sleep inside when he was little, so he ended up being mostly an outdoor dog. He was on a pretty long cable run and had one of those igloo style dog house. One evening after it was dark I went out to love on him and put more water out. Right as I turned back to the house a Barred Owl was gliding right over me . He had a good 4.5 ft wingspan, and nary a sound as he went past. To say the least, it startled me. We rarely saw them, but heard them often in the summer.
  3. Oh, the Schiit Audio product. I was thinking of Josh Ricci's horn design.
  4. Welcome! You can find out all the info about them here: : If the crossovers haven't been tinkered with, the capacitor most likely need replacing. You can get approved caps from JEM Performance Audio: https://jemperformanceaudio.com/ I believe Dean is still repaing them if you want to send them off. @Deang
  5. We had copperheads in the yard at our old house...
  6. Nice pics, Mark. Which camera did you use for these?
  7. IIRC, Mike, who works/worked for Shure had at least heard or built one. Can't remember his user name.
  8. I had early morning blindness. Thanks for pointing it out...
  9. Schu, are you looking new or used? If you are ok with used, I would checkout KEH Cameras in Smyrna, GA.
  10. What's the top one? The scales are interesting.
  11. Those are a professional version of the Cornwall. The k-43 woofers can be found. https://www.itishifi.com/archives//2018/11/klipsch-cp-1-aka-industrial-cornwall.html
  12. Molly T and Golden Highway...
  13. It should never have mattered, Michael, but it did for too many people. Unfortunately it still matters to some. I'll stop before I get in trouble.
  14. I have to check some other info. I think this is my paternal grandmother (the youngest in the front), with twin sisters on the right side, with her and older sister on the left. She was born in 1898. [corrected]
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