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  1. I would have to look, but I think I pay about $140 a month. My wife has the same (same employer). If I were on hers, it would be about $340 a month. They want everyone to be on their own plan.
  2. All the subscription models will make me switch to all open source software. Affinity is pretty nice. I've forced myself to learn GIMP, but after using PS and some other, it's still a bit user surly.
  3. No, so they are closer to the same output. As Dave said, his 402s are about 2.5db hotter than the bass bins.
  4. That would be close for me but I don't have any 402 horns. 😫
  5. I always recommend this to folks who think they want PS. Only works in Windows. It was developed by interns at Microsoft as a replacement form MS Paint, but they decided not to use it and released it to the interns. It woks really well. Bruce
  6. PageMaker was killed off by Adobe a long time ago when they rolled out InDesign. It is an awesome program and certainly won't get replced by MS Word. MS Word is still pretty unstable and can't reliably handle any of the complex needs of publishing. This will open up so you can see the work of a friend of mine. He does all the production in InDesign. (alert... this is a magazine of a Presbyterian college) You can make it full screen to view it. https://issuu.com/covenant-college/docs/view_spring2018
  7. While Claude is correct, I would attenuate the mid on LaScalas anyway, While you aren't getting more bass out of the LS by doing so, you are changing the tonal balance and, to my ears tey sound way better. I had the CT125s on my LS for a long time, and with the mids dropped back, they sounded grea. Bruce
  8. Steve, Dennis had been a member since Sept. of 2000, and was last on here at the end of January of 2018. His poor health finally caught up with him. I miss his snarkyness just about every day. I'm sure he was probably wrong about some things, but he was also a wealth of information. He passed away on January 29, three days after he was on here. Bruce
  9. The Cobraflex horn was what was shipped with the University Classics. With a better driver they aren't an awfull horn. I believe they were in the Classics that Nico picked up in the Netherlands. The horn is good down to 250Hz... Partly the reason they were used as paging horns.
  10. Dennis was an interesting guy... Had been a Klipsch dealer... was smart enough in electronics that, without finishing college, was hired as an E.E. at Collins Radio, where he worked until he passed away. He used to run sound for bands in Cedar Rapids. He would stack a pair of the LS clone bine on each side of the stage with horns on top. The extra bin was never connected, but people were impressed anyway. Bruce
  11. Living in Memphis in the mid '70s, and one of my co-workers had a pair of what I remember as khorn, but like utility models. Sitting about three feet from the corners. Still sounded awesome. Could have been SKHorns. The largest speakers I had heard until then were my JBL 4311s. Jump to the early '80s and I was in Wisconsin, and one of the guys I was in a church with was helping me do the audio. We headed over to Iowa to do a weekend conference and we borrowed some speakers from his brother. Turned out to be some home made LS bass bins with some horns on top. The brother was Dennis Kleitsch, known here and in many audio circles as DJK. Always super helpful and taught me a lot. Bruce
  12. I think Bob (superb service and insight) has given excellent advice. First thing would be to clean the cabinet, open the bass section and check the woofer. The A or AA crossovers from Bob are fine and not too costly.if you were interested in going beyond those I would lean toward Dean Wescott's @Deangcrossovers, more expensive but well worth the money. Bruce
  13. Had the Forester out for a spin... having a lunch at Chili's, thanks to a gift card the wife got on her birthday. Car is running nicely...
  14. Must not get around much.. Edcor makes some nice, affordable transformers. Nice, massive Hammonds for the PS. Considering the new WE stereo 300b amp will be around $5k, this could be a nice entry point.
  15. Seriously, audition the new models of Cornwall IV and Heresy IV.
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