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  1. Did you send it to Tennessee, by chance?
  2. Why would you say think that? Can you explain your understanding of TA? Bruce
  3. Could you post a pic of one of the working ones, with the same orientation? Bruce
  4. My wife and I suffered through the 2016 Nicholas Cage film about the Indianapolis. It certainly didn't do justice to the story or men involved. Bruce
  5. This is very cool, indeed!
  6. My Galaxy S6 active is coming up on three years. It has a larger battery that the reglar S6, and I'm tempted to get a replacment this Fall. I have to deal with the cell phone for specific employees where I work. We have a state contract with Verizon, so we get flip phone for free, with a per minute charge, which is cheap for us. Our transportation dept. uses those, while admins, etc., get smart phones. We can get iPhones for free and it's about $23 a month for unlimited use. All the android phones cost us $29 - $199 with the same monthly usage rate. We hate the Apple products due to management issues. A couple of the Samsung phones have easily replaceable batteries. Bruce
  7. I actually had the Barry Sadler album...
  8. You mean by Barry McGuire, don't you? I think I'm starting to have a flashback reading over your list...
  9. My 50th is next month, but I won't be able to make it. I was really looking forward to it, but our schedule just won't allow it. Bruce
  10. Enjoy the time... You have, without really communicating with me, have me convinced to use Duratex on my LS. I have pondered quite a few designs/finishes, but I think it will work out nicely. Yours have all been great! Bruce
  11. Thebes, are you trying to stream over dial-up? We have gigabit to our homes here and rarely do things go awry. Perhaps no more often than a cat hair drifting onto a spinning platter of Abbey Road. A dust bunny that one of the twins might have missed. Bruce
  12. Here's a better shot of the tweeter. N9t really elegant, but they work fine.
  13. Actually, the tweeters work better if they are (drivers) aligned, which would mean moving them back. I have a pair of Eminence APT150s in baffles on top of my cabs, but moved rearward. Bruce
  14. I mounted my k-400s on the fronts, but not flush. First I had to make a template to make the opening slightly larger. I am contemplating a pretty face, a panel cut out that will fit around the horn, effectively making them flush. Bruce
  15. Those look sooo nice. Mine are a little higher than ear level. I'm reworking them, so I'll try getting some readings when I have them done.