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  1. You could contact Dana Moore at Soniphase... he has some horn cabinets and plans that are nice. Greg Roberts used to speak highly of one of his models. A little more space friendly. Bruce
  2. The metal probably vents as well as the acrylic and the acrylic is more of an insulator. Looks cool, though.
  3. Marvel

    Super MWM

    I see lots of dust in there, Eldon... To me, a satin finish would not show as much, but you still have to dust. I always liked the idea of having the stain get darker the deeper into the horn you go. Like a sunburst on a guitar, but it would be a ain to do on the cabs like that.
  4. So... if I have a wooden leg.... I'm Heritage. Or just call me a pirate.
  5. Hopefully, I'll be picking up my pair of MWM bins within a week. They are doubles, hard to get hold of and heavey! My wife said ok, but we will see once they are here. I think we will just have a Filipino karaoke night and all will be good. I had forgotten the part where you built your MWMs.
  6. I think Chris could answer this better, but I would say yes. Not as headphones though. @Chris A
  7. Marvel

    Super MWM

    I believe Claude modeled it every step of the way and found no issues, but he would have to elaborate.
  8. Marvel

    Super MWM

    At least his are a couple inches taller than yours... so there is a ltle bit more room.
  9. Speaking of tape... still is being made... Interesting comments here: https://www.atrtape.com/sound-of-tape As has been mentioned, original tapes can sound wonderful. Definitely more to maintain to make it work.
  10. Easy to add the two at the top and bottom, but nearly impossible to add on the side. What thread size are used on the t-nuts? At DJK's suggestion I used 10-32 machine screws with a hex head so I could use a socket (less chance of slipping and poking a hole through the surround). The 10-32 threads give a smoother tightening and are less likely to vibrate loose.
  11. Andrea Bocelli is an incredible performer. While I have listened to him for years, my wife found the video on YT of A.B. and Ed Sheeran singing Sheeran's song "Perfect". Such a great duet. Bruce
  12. Continued prayers for Tom... and Amanda.
  13. Thanks John... I've swapped in a K69 on a different horn (until I get the MWM bins here, hopefully next week). My son is going to be getting the LS and I will probably pass on the MWMs after a while. Older son and I would still like to build a set of University Classics. He is making sure he can cut the angles correctly for the throats on them first. Bruce
  14. John, what change would need to be made on the DHA2 to switch to an 8 ohm mid? Bruce
  15. That looks pretty bad. Still, even Gotham Audio is hedging and not attacking the possible quality of the new products. What would you expect from someone who made their fortune in real estate?
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