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  1. Fully agree, but I would still worry about the stairs as age comes upon you.
  2. I had one of those in he '70s, got it new. It was a real sleeper, that worked above what it cost. I liked the touch sensitive switches. It died shortly after moving to Chattanooga in the Summer of '88. Like a dweeb, I threw it out instead of having it fixed. I got an inexpensive Technics that I still have, but it needs repair. I have a fully functioning SL1200MkII with an Ortofon Red on it that I use, but not very often.
  3. Ah...no, that is not what class AB means. Only on special , and the manufacturer will surely let you know, do amps run class A the first few watts and then change to AB or B. Even the old Dynaco ST-70 was class A to over 10 watts... maybe up to 15, before it went AB. I don't know that they advertised it.
  4. Yes, it is. I may be selling these... been waffling for quite some time about it.
  5. Henry, Here are my Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 amps, fired up under the table. Not a very good pic under there... Bruce
  6. Yup, I know that, and John's 3rd version surely is smoother. The single 16 ohm will let you get a good taste and may be all you need. That's what my son Josh did, and felt it was enough, and easy to install across the terminal strip.
  7. I would think the floor. Is this your house now? Beautiful, btw. We currently have a one story house, other than three steps down to ground level, which was the former garage and is now our 21x23 music/tv room. How is your health? I'm 71 and able to do stairs just fine, but we want our final home (while alive) to be a single floor. Then we're pretty much set for what may come. Bruce
  8. You can put a 16 ohm 10 watt across the mid and just change taps. http://www.soniccraft.com/product_info.php/16-ohm-mills-mra-10-p-4552 About $7.50 each. It's the second schematic John posted in this thread. If you read it all he explains it
  9. How deep is the mid horn? Front mounting could get the time alignment closer between the woofer and compression driver on the front or back. I asked Roy about that in a thread once where talking about the shallower depth of a tractrix mid horn compared to an older exponential horn types.
  10. Yes, but they could have simply put a cap on the plate and saved the expense of the extra tube and circuit.
  11. I used to live outside of Waterloo, WI, home of Trek bikes. You would often see employees out riding on the roads around town. I loved it out there, except for the winters. 😀
  12. With the hiphop and R&B, I would go with the Triode25. I can listen to a lot of different music on my system with 3.5 watt 2a3 amps, but the bass can get a little loose. Going to the 25 watt SS amp cleans up the bottom end a lot. A higher powered tube amp would/should do the same.
  13. I need to clean the contact on my 2a3 sockets... they seem really loose as well, but I hate pulling them out to work on them. I also have an old knight integrated, never been able to find a schematic, but I can't do anything with the sockets (retension) and the pins on the newer el84 tubes seem smaller than the original tubes. I guess I could replace the sockets, but that would be a pain to do.
  14. Thanks, can't wait... (he says as he has tons of his own projects not finished...). I would have loved to have made my barn/storage building a studio, so I could hide out to do recording.
  15. How large (or small) is the building? I had a 12 x 24 foot barn behind my last house, that if not filled with 'stuff', would have made a nice music room. I like the colors. Would you share a wider view of the room?
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