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  1. I used my two La Scala for our local Filipino-American Christmast party. We had almost 100 people in a 49x37 room (20+ ceilings), and was great. Didn't have subs and the bass was still good enough for them to be happy. The previous purveyors of music have used self powered boxes on a stand with direct radiators. The LS walk all over those. We were to have double the space, where I would have brought the MWMs for the bottom end, but we didn't have room for them.
  2. There's always the synergy thing that goes on with equipment. Some speakers simply sound bad with certain amps. Bruce
  3. I was going to leave mine with the 3/4 but may just skin with 1/4 inch. For me the 3/4 extra would be a bit much.
  4. I was rocking with my JBLs and a Dynaco ST70 in the early '70s. Didn't hear any Klipsch until maybe '76-'77 in Memphis.
  5. Did you slide those around some or just clamp to get the glue spread out over the entire surface?
  6. You will have to explain that. If they are both 8 inches, whete is the discrepancy?
  7. Mark, I have the 2 inch drivers on a pair of selenium horns I got from Bob. I actually got them to use on the MWM bins I, in a round about way, got from JWC. I have simply swapped them out, resting on top of the LS, but certainly needed to pad them down a bit. So... at present, it's LS mids at tweeters and MWM bottoms. Very nice clean bass. Hopefully, the LS will go to my older son this summer and that will free up just enough space to go full setup with the MWMs.
  8. They are't going away... https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/faxing-is-old-tech-so-why-is-it-also-growing-in-popularity/2019/03/08/d01c638a-2f0b-11e9-86ab-5d02109aeb01_story.html
  9. I get that. When I am at my computer I often have on a gaming headset. It's a little fat in the bass, but they block out room noise so I can concentrate on whatever I am working on. I have some small JBL speakers for the PC, but often leave them off.
  10. The K400 isn't a bad horn, but most of the crossovers have the mids a little too hot and it's easy to overload the throat. If you aren't running at insane levels, they are fine. The K401, has better dimensional specs (my k400s had some casting flaws...), and won't ring. That being said, when I put a K69A on a 2 inch throat horn on my LS, the sound is even more fabulous.
  11. I'm waiting for you to spring for a trial on the Classic L100s,,,,
  12. @glens Why show me an ad? I have a pair, will probably keep them, but won't go buy another pair. If anything, I would build new cabinets and flip one of the front baffles so the would at least be symmetrical. As is, you always have two lefts or two rights. We will never know (nor do I care). The L300s were about $1800 a pair when made. Sales/numbers data apparently got lost in the Northridge earthquake. Paul was a genius, no doubt, but the L100s and similar pro models made the company a lot of money with a decent product. They introduced tons of folks to a higher output home speaker. My 4311s are rated at 91db/w, etc. Way lower than the Klipsch offerings, but much better than Advent and others at the time.
  13. What is your price range when you say affordble?
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