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  1. A museum of speaker history? James, I'm thinking of building the mini-punch instead of the University Classic. I'll have to copy these measurement out before they go away. Bruce
  2. Awesome about the weight loss! Ah... trying to reply from my phone last night and time got away... Awesome about the weight loss and exercise! I have been fortunate to We are doing ok here in north North Georgia, other than the Covid-19 issues everywhere. Our company does regular testing of staff and clients, and have had to quarantine folks. One of our staff passed away from it and her husband a little over a week later. Wife and I try to do a walk/jog for a couple miles two or three times a week, and I have stayed the same weight for the past 15 years, hovering between 145-150. I'm pretty sure it's the genes. We eat pretty healthy food, almost zero sodas, etc. Bruce
  3. If one needed to work on an amplifier, the one in the lower photo would be a bit easier to troubleshoot. 😬
  4. This is how early electronic organs worked. There was an LC circuit used, tuned for a specific frequency. The coil (inductor) had a screw to fine tune it and then there were dividing circuits to get all the other notes. Different oscillators were made for different tones. Early analog synths worked the same way.
  5. There are some things you gain with digital recording, if you can do the bandwidth. Just the lower noise floor and and zero wow and flutter. The maintenance on a large format RTR gets to be expensive enough. That being said, Bruce Swieden used to record drums on tape and bound to digital for editing. Big fat drums... A lot of the MJ recordings are superb.
  6. Thanks, Randy. That is actually the horn I show on top of my old LS in the pic above. That horn works great. I like it better than the small horn used on the old K77, but you have to be willing to mount i on the top. I wonder if it is the ferrofluid that helps with the smoothness on the early ones made by Tonsil. Obviously, Eminence didn't choose to use it on the newly manufactured APT50. Bruce
  7. Ray changed his mind somewhat as digital recording improved... I know I won't be able to find the interview but I'll try...
  8. There is no indication from Tonsil OR Eminence that they have ferro fluid in them. My guess would be that they don't, or they would advertise as such.
  9. My 2A3 amps still have the same tubes in them that I purchased with the amps, and they were used then.. almost 15 years ago. Now... I would like to get some new tubes. I need one for the line stage, and not many for the others, so it's not too bad. 🙄 Dave... how things going up your way?
  10. Or an error. I believe it is the same apt50 driver. Would have to contact them.
  11. That's a proverbial can of worms question. My metal horns and plastic horns have the fronts mounted to baffles and I personally don't detect any ringing from them. If the are in free air and only connected to the drivers, that is a different matter. Many like the wood horns for the aesthetic...
  12. This looks to be the same as what I pictured above (from Tonsil): http://www.tonsilproducent.pl/en/assembly-speakers/tweeters/horn-speaker-driver-t-apt-150-8-ohm-1-45-w I don't know why the rating is higher (45watt)
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