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  1. I've got the whole set of pics he posted. Very cool pics!
  2. Marvel

    Computer guys....

    Sometimes... have totally moved a Windows 10 pc drive to another system (different vendor no less), and it worked fine.
  3. Marvel

    Computer guys....

    Not steep at all if you get the right flavor. I could tell you which one, I've tried a lot of distros.
  4. So the nut slot doesn't have a flat bottom, but is curved like the fretboard radius?
  5. They're going neck and neck......
  6. Glad to know the RA-100 still works. That has a little transformer hum, doesn't it?
  7. And as you said, great products. And an awesome story! I think there are other actors and actresses who can seem like normal folk. Tom Hanks is probably in that group.
  8. Still pretty sure it's one of the Beatles, and probably Paul... https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/dog-barks-in-the-beatles-i-feel-fine.732128/
  9. Paul McCartney has tons of music on Soundcloud. There are Beatles tracks on there as well, although zillions of Beatles covers to wade through.
  10. IIRC, IndyKlipschFan had his tops up on milk crates in his LSI home theater. Man, that was a long tme ago.
  11. BIL had the robotic done 17 years ago. His recovery was reasonably quick and had zero issues. Anyway... back to amps.
  12. I still have it... sold my Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 amps (had said I would never sell them). The Duke works well and I intend to keep it. It works well powering my Heresy IIs, and also was fine with my La Scalas amd MWM bass cabinets, which are now gone. Intent is to buildeither new LS or Peavey FH-1 cabs and use a 2 inch throat driver and digital crossover. I have the crossover (dbx venue 360) and 2 amps (the Duke and XLi800). Things keep getting in the way. Am having prostate surgery in a couple weeks, so all projects are on hold for now.
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