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  1. That is why the autoformer is is the circuit. I dropped the mids about 3 db in my LS, making the balance a lot smoother. You could also triamp and use a dsp crossover to you could time align the drivers AND adjust the levels. Bruce
  2. I believe Greg did something like that... Bruce
  3. Negative Reviews

    No offence to the crossover gurus, but having a crossover in front of you will make you realize the specific schematic isn't rocket science. Still a pain to draw out. When one then want to make circuit/crossover point and design changes it isn't up to the designer/manufacturer/builder to tell you how to do it. Just like Craig won't give you his designs, or Mark Deneen. I have no problem with a negative review, as long as one stays with the facts. Like Dean said... took a long time to get it built, answering emails... Those are legit. Don't like the sound... still legit, even if very subjective. Bruce
  4. DIY La Scala Idea

    What I mean is that crossover can only delay the bass, which is opposite what you need with these cabinets. You need to delay the mid/tweeter to match the length of the bass horn. And you are wrong., having the proper delay works, not just in the sweet spot. Where would you get that idea? Bruce
  5. DIY La Scala Idea

    You can't time align the drivers with the behringer cx3400. Bruce
  6. I've had some beater LS cabs sitting here for almost six years now, I think. They are about to the point of just putting in the drivers and wiring back up the crossovers and I can listen, but life just got tooooo busy. Bruce
  7. How many CDs are you talking about? Drive space is cheap ... I only have approx. 150 CDs at this point, and have about ten that I've ripped/extracted to wav. I'll probably never listen through them all again... Right now I'm not getting two hrs a week for listening. Bruce
  8. Good center channel match for La Scalas

    You should show her pics of DTEL's MWM setup... then she will thinks the Jubilees are small... I noticed that after you have LaScalas for awhile that they start looking... not so big. Bruce
  9. purrrusing the new speakers...
  10. Harman Kardon HK630 for sale.

    I would prefer this over my 430, as this has preamp out/main in connections. This can be very useful. I bought one as a gift for a friend of mine a few years ago and he is still very happy with it. Bruce
  11. If my memory is any good at all (doubtful), I thought that peak was from the short, parallel sidewalls. in the horn.
  12. Ok, I found Dennis' notes... Just some notes for both the stock and the (vented) ported LaScala. Porting does not reduce the basic efficiency of the LS, it does however reduce the massive 140hz peak, porting also smooths out the overall response above 100hz, and reduces the dip at 200hz in the stock LS. To get the most out of the ported LS mod you need an EQ similar to the EV Interface A box, it has 6dB of boost at 35hz. You can boost a sealed LS, but that increases the cone motion, EQ at Fb (port tuning frequency) does not increase cone motion. Less cone motion, less distortion. Any equalizer with a subsonic filter can be changed to do this as well, usually it's just a matter of changing two resistors per channel. I buy used Audio Control EQs from eBay when they go for cheap, the 520 is a nice 5-band piece that is designed to complement standard tone controls and be easy to use. Foam Both versions of the LS benefit from a 2' x 2' x 1" piece of foam behind the woofer. It really smooths out things above 100hz. If you are using subs all the time, you can leave the stock LS sealed and reduce the back volume by about 1/3, and use the foam. This totally reduces the bottom octave, but smooths things out above 100hz. Use non-porous fill to reduce the volume. On axis, the above modified LS will measure flat to about 800hz, and very smooth too. You may use a 650hz or so crossover point on a good horn and driver combo for a nice two-way at this point (or retain the stock Klipsch setup). Thanks are due to Carl Huff for his extensive work and measurements.
  13. Why My RF-63's Are Going Nowhere

    I believe that is also where the China made Klipsch are manufactured. For sure you can get any quality you want if you want to pay for it. Funny you mentioning Western Electric, as the guy who bought the rights to all the W.E. tube gear and name, etc. has new offices a couple of miles from where I live here in North Georgia. Bruce
  14. Outdoor Covered Patio

    Just to be clear, the OP says 18' (feet). It's a covered patio.