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  1. Could be made by adults. While not wanting to justify the practice, we need to remember that the cost of living is often much lower in many other countries, i.e., the Philippines for example. My older son was working at a Seattle's Best resto in Manila. Over a 9 hour shift he made about $11.00. Quite unfortunately, that can put food on your table there.
  2. @babadono Stabilant is made in Canada. http://www.stabilant.com/Company.html D. W. Electrochemicals Ltd. 3-97 Newkirk Road (North) Richmond Hill, ON L4C-3G4, CANADA It works similarly to some of the Caig (Deoxit) products. Attached is a comparison sheet. SB-SPEC.pdf
  3. I posted this in 2005 or so... ---- I emailed Eminence and asked for the T/S parameters for the K33-E, and got this repsonse back from them. Maybe they would send out bogus info, but that wouldn't sem to benefit them very much. SPEC 15162 PART # K-33 RE OHMS 3.39 <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> FS HZ 34.46 LE MH 96 MMS GMS 78.59 QM 7.39 CMS mm/N .2714 QE .410 RMS NS/M 2.3037 QT .390 VAS LTRS 301.66 XMAX MM 8.20 SD SCM BL TM 11.88 EBP 84.4 EFF % 2.91 SPL dB 96.6 Wattage 150rms ---- They may have changed a bit since then. That 15162 would be printed on the basket. Bruce
  4. I bought a Crown xl1800 to use on my La Scalas for a large party. It worked admirably for that. Back at home, I started using it with my MWM bass cabinets with my LaScala mids and tweets. It sound very, very good. I have to stick my ear right up against the tweeters to hear any noise. They I was looking at reviews online and most were negative.... no bandwidth, noisy, fans, etc. I am ignoring the reviews. In my room, of course,the amp gain is only up to about 9:00 o'clock, and I still can't turn up the preamp very far (a JMA Merlin tube linestage). I like that it is NOT a class D, the only one now in the xli series that isn't. Somewhere along the line is the issue of that slippery slope term of synergy. Some things just work while others don't and out they go. Bruce
  5. These might help... Build notes from a former member (he passed away a year ago), and plans drawn up by another member. Bruce Build Plans.txtLaScala_correct.pdf
  6. If you get something, if you still have a blank tape, I would try some video before you put one of your tapes in it. I would hate for it to eat a tape. Do you already have hardware/software to handle the import?
  7. Or a player... That should be cheaper. You have way more time than money! I imported a bunch of tapes from a GL1.. the real problem is time. A 60 minute tape will take you longer than 60 minutes, doing the import and then cleaning up the ends and getting them back to DVDs.
  8. @USNRET Mini-DV is certainly different from Hi8. Mike, check with Walmart. They have a service to convert them. How many tapes do you have, or how much running time for the tapes you have? https://www.dvdwalmart.com/services-and-pricing/videotape-transfer The first 30 minutes is $16, and drops to $7+ for more. That is really a pretty good rate. Especially when you consider they are played back in real time. Bruce
  9. Not what I said, it all depends on the equipment.
  10. The woofer on these is not horn loaded, only the midrange and tweeter. The EV350 A/B is only is down 3db at 15kHz, so the ad specs could be questioned. Who really knows what they built.
  11. A lot of circuits with an xlr input or output, can run unbalanced simply by connecting pin 1 (ground), to pin 3 (negative). However, a transformer will help you do that safely so you don't let out the magic smoke. Good transformers aren't cheap. I would start with Jensen, first.
  12. Absolutely! I've done audio recording on the side for years... would have loved to have had a real studio. But what a headache when you have to do it to pay the bills.
  13. Since our IT budget is stupid small where I work, we have used TP-Link wireless routers and access points for years. They have been quite reliable, too. When they do break, it isn't much of a loss to throw them away.
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