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  1. Mark Deneen retired. His last business was to wonderful tube preamps/line stages and tube amplifiers. I didn't know he did any of PWKs mini boxes.
  2. Thanks... I know you had mentioned going vertical with this. Was that to keep more height without needing a stand?
  3. Can you post a pic of the cabinet from the front? Or a 45 degree shot? Many thanks! Bruce
  4. Marvel

    Covid19 redux

    We have a quarantine area for employees who havebeen in contact with positive staff or clients. We had five in there a couple months ago and just last week set it up again for some others. The first group never tested positive. My boss is in Orlando (closing on his retirement condo), and drives back tomorrow. He will work from home for two weeks when he gets back.
  5. Wife's family is from Palawan, but we're looking to retire around Dumaguete in Negros Oriental.
  6. PR is a US territory and close. The Philippines is straight south of Japan and a 23 hour trip from here, almost the same as Thailand. It's about two hrs longer. He only gets 6 years. Yes, he is still very popular, but a lot of the killings had nothing to do with Duterte. A debate/conversation for another time.
  7. Your geography is a lttle messed up
  8. Marvel


    Youngsters... I hit 71 in June. Don't feel near my age and the wife keeps me on my toes.
  9. You are supposed to jumper either 3 OR 5 to terminal 4, depending on whether you are using an HP940 OR HP9040 horn. It's on the data sheet.
  10. But that will oxidize fast. You could polish them yourself and them get them anodized black. I think you can actually do that at home fairly easily.
  11. I lived in a one up, one down apartment building in Madison, Wisconsin, built in 1917. The daughter of the builder lived next door in the house where she was born. She was 93. The living/dining and two bedrooms had oak flooring, while the kitchen had wonderful built in cabinets and maple flooring. All the floors were in great shape. We moved from there in the mid 1980s when we bought our own home. I just looked at google maps street view and the apartment building and neighboring house are still there. That was a great place, just a block off Lake Mendota and four blocks from the Tenney Park Lagoons.
  12. Marvel

    What I Got Today!

    Were your greyhounds rescue dogs? There used to be a group in Chattanooga which placed greyhounds to good homes.
  13. I can hear it now... "Is that phone in your pocket or did you come to see me?"
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