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  1. Marvel

    What I Got Today!

    My Heresy IIs were a gift...
  2. JT doing a classic... https://youtu.be/nrSdrzNacbQ?si=Y_08E9i_okl3YylG
  3. JB, still still amazes me. And his current band is so good.
  4. Very true! I know we paid over 8% at least once.
  5. Those are a lot different than the hives in the US.
  6. Make sure you write down what each connection is, i.e., tweeter wire, mids, etc., and the polarity. Pictures can be a great help in this regard. Bruce
  7. I thought a 30 yr rate is now over 7.5%
  8. Wrong in what way? Unless someone went to the trouble of putting PD 5VH metal identification on them.
  9. Fender now has a '60s Era Mustang bass, short scale, thT looks just like the bass I had. Friend of mine had a Jazz master guitar.
  10. Since I was a pretty bad bass player, it worked well for me. Traveling with Chuck& Mary, I used a Bassman head, and dual 12 bottom.
  11. I had this Fender bass back in the early '70s. Without reading the headstock, doesn't anyone... Josh, Duke... know which model it was. It was white until I stripped off the paint and stained it. It wasn't a Squier model. Maybe a Mustang? Don't wake the cats!
  12. In 1951 pretty much all D models were Sitka, although some Adirondack spruce has turned up on some. 1953 seems to be the year they started using more Adi for the tops. Given the age, most think there is not much difference in sound. The only modification was switching to Grover Rotomatics in the late '60s. Since I bought it in a pawn shop to play and travel with and not as an investment, it certainly didn't matter to me then. I'm sure my BIL is quite happy with it, too. On that matter, many who buy as investments often don't play their guitars much. Such a shame, as they were built to make music.
  13. John Prine's last recorded song would be fitting. "I remember everything"
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