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  1. Marvel

    She Nailed It!

    I love Heart's version... simply stunning. I know that a lot of Ed Sheeran's music seems to be everywhere, but his video of 'Perfect' with Abdrea Bocelli is superb.
  2. Marvel

    Heresy II Veneer

    HIIs, are built from veneered mdf panels, not baltic/russian birch. They look beautiful in the pics. Mine are black... and I've thought many times of veneering them. Bruce
  3. Marvel

    Super MWM

    Stay away from the Gauss. From what I've read, less efficient and higher distortion. I would stick with k-33/43 or similar. Maybe Claudes fav the 15C. Bruce
  4. Marvel

    Super MWM

    From my DJK archives: Most W bins will make it to 300hz without too much difficulty. It takes really good design to get to 500hz. Bass response may be predicted by taper rate and mouth area. Area doubling every 8 inches is a 100hz taper rate. In 16 inches is 50hz, Etc. Most horns cheat the mouth area so stacking them makes them work much better.
  5. Marvel

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Or you build your own... the major cost is in the labor. Bruce
  6. Marvel

    Super MWM

    The Jubilees are in there ... not official drawings.
  7. Marvel


    The info is slow in coming... but there will be more
  8. Marvel

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    Youngest and new daughter-in-law out with us for sushi and beer on Sunday night...
  9. Marvel

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    My brother and his wife at our wedding in 2010, and the two of us with boxing gloves in the '50s
  10. Marvel

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    So, the wedding was great, although outside and 93 degrees. Within an hour of the wedding my 71 year old brother passed away. Still processing all of it . Sincere thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts and well wishes. Bruce
  11. Marvel

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    The wedding is tomorrow afternoon, outside and it is supposed to be 94 degrees. It will be wonderful, though. Thanks for the prayers for my brother. Bruce
  12. Marvel

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    thanks, everyone... I should have said... his name is Patrick E. Brown, but he goes by Rick. Of course, ALL prayers are always welcome, as are simple well wishes and good thoughts. Really like the prayers... my Father in Heaven is always listening. Bruce
  13. Marvel

    wedding, hospital, birthday...

    It's been a crazy week. I turned 69 on Monday, and leave tonight headed to Michigan City, IN for my youngest sons wedding on Saturday. My 71 yr old brother was supposed to attend but canceled his trip due to having spine surgery about 3-4 weeks ago. Has been up and walking, back home, but having issues, so he went in Tues. for mri. His heart stopped (afterwards). He's currently in ICU on life support. They've lowered his body temp for 24 hrs and will raise it back at 6 pm (RMT). It doesn't look promising. Bruce
  14. Marvel

    Foam board speakers / exciters ???

    Maybe I could get them to do a demo at my church... I mean the church I attend.
  15. Marvel

    Foam board speakers / exciters ???

    I would love to hear a pair of the tectonic panels in a medium sized p.a. setup. I can see awesome possibilities. Bruce