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  1. We had a university classical station here in Chattanooga, but it seems the signal from there is not as good as it use to be... or I am a lot more picky now than 30 years ago. The other uni station is WUTC, our local NPR staion, and their FM is very good, plus they broadcast a couple of digital channels. I grew up in Illinois, and know that WFMT was always considered to be excellent. If I were in the Chicago area, I would try it out to compare notes. Bruce
  2. Acetone evaporates pretty quickly... it removes itself fast. 😆
  3. I was actually surprised at how awesome my LS sounded in the 36000 cu.ft. room. They would have been better elevated, but the main dance area was plenty loud, IIRC, it was very hard to carry on a conversation at the back of the room.
  4. Good points, plus, you won't be using it every day for the next six months. The respirator would be the most important item to use.
  5. While working in the TV news business, I was at our local health dept on a story. There was a maintenance closet door open and I saw a couple 5 gallon cans of acetone sitting there. I have no idea why they had that in their closet, but that would have made a good boom.
  6. I know someone with a soldering gun... he uses heavy gauge wire... 🤐
  7. It would have been easier to pull all the wire off when those were hot, but having the wires cut will make it more difficult. Might be the easiest thing to do at this point.
  8. New ones are rated for 150 watts (at least the info from Eminence say 150) You have a big house? I used my LS in an 1800 sq/ft room with 20 ft ceilings, packed with people. Powered them with a single Crown XLI800 @ 300 wpc. We were not hurting for good sound at all. If your volume is too high, you will get compression/overloading in the throat of the K400 midrange horn. You would really need to switch to a 2 inch throat horn and driver.
  9. You mean we don't? I actually use some JBL Control 25s in my home office, hooked to an Onkyo receiver a co-worker gave to me. They sound pretty good. I got three pair when we got rid of them at work. I use a pair on our TV, as well, even though I have MWMs and La Scalas in the room. The have a 5.25 inch woofer and .75 in. titanium some born tweeter. They were stupid expensive when new but you can find them pretty cheap at various places. My office also looks worse than yours.
  10. Maybe build something youself... put in a 10 inch woofer and a tweeter. looks large enough for that. The depth makes it look like you are seeing the top or bottom of a cabinet.
  11. One of my best sounding LPs isDire Straits 'Brothers in Arms'. It was recorded on a digital format. Now, back to the original post...
  12. I listen to fm broadcast radio almost daily. Our local npr/fm/ college station has a LOT of locally generated playlists with many different genres of music. Tons of backstories on the musicians and music. It ends up being less expensive than paying for syndicated shows. On the technical side, almost all of the Chattanooga stations have their antennae located on Signal Mountain, TN. Named for it's use by the Cherokee Indians and by Union troops to signal movements of friend and foe alike. Pretty much all of the signals from the studios in the valley get routed up the mountain to the transmitters by digital methods. Where once they were highly equalised phone lines, they are currently 48k sample rate digital lines, which the broadcast industry has accepted and standardised on. Livewire+, AES67, Ravenna, Dante... all play a part in this. It's vastly improved the qualiy of the analog broadcasts. The tech can handle much higher bitrates, but broadcasters mostly use 48k.
  13. Marvel

    YouTube Spinning

    Never really tried a mando, but love them, and the octave mandos as well. I saw Jake Shimabakuro here in town at a free outdoor series about 20 years ago.He thrilled the 200-300 plus audience for over an hour, solo on his uke. He's gotten even better.
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