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  1. Belle Review

    If you have never had horn loaded bass cabinets such as Belle, La Scala, KHorn, Jubillee, but only heard the bass from direct radiators, there is a distinct difference. The horn bass will be much smoother sounding, with much less distortion. This could cause you to turn up the gain, to the point of having the mids/tweets be way too loud. Just a thought... the cost to turn it down is free, as is the suggestion. Bruce
  2. Heresy III tweeks

    @Jim G Welcome to the Klispch forums and welcome to Georgia! I''m in the north part of the state, close to Chattanooga, if yo are ever up this way. Quite a few on here from the state. Bruce
  3. Crown D-45 schematic

  4. Belle Review

    I haven't seen it posted at what levels you listen to your music. I am usually in the 75-90 db range, with 90db getting too loud for me. My La Scalas are driven by a pair of 2A3 monoblocks, putting out around 3.5 watts. The sound is killer! I'm glad the Dynaco helped. I have one in pieces at the moment (more than a moment... a few years...), but and changing our the driver board and had no time. Have you measured the levels? Bruce
  5. Gotta Look at Your Phone in 5:00 Traffic?

    City and county LEOs are very guilty of this in Tennessee and Georgia where I live. Bruce
  6. Underground Outdoor Landscape Subs

    When I lived in Waterloo, WI, there was a pickle factory where you could get used brine barrels (approx. 55 gallon). I think they were a good 1/4" thick, if not more. You would see them all over town, used for trash cans, hauling stuff, water... Bruce
  7. Belle Review

    That there is dang funny... pretty expensive beer, too. kink56, do you have any low power amps! As much as I always hate to use the term, there really is a 'synergy' between gear, and some things work and some do not. Bruce
  8. Horn adaptor for K-77 replacement

    I would say "some" Chinese craftsmanship. They can make a good as you are willing to pay. Your's would be better anyway, as they are made specifically for your horn. So... you would have a plate that is threaded and one that isn't? They look awesome! Bruce
  9. Maggy question, xover

    @Deang I think Dean used to do these, too. Bruce
  10. Dhar, those are beautiful horns and I know you will miss them. I feel the same about my 2a3 amps. They've not been hooked up for four years, but I just got thrm fixed and will be listening again soon. Alway wanted a pair of Oris horns. Bruce
  11. Brook 12A Clones

    Ian, those look really, really nice. I am hoping to get off my rear to finish up my LS restore so I can hook up my Moondogs. Just been so busy I haven't finished them. Bruce
  12. Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    Before they do it, ask about shrinkage. My shirt hasn't shrunk with washing and drying but...
  13. Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    ^^^ Probably the simplest way to do it.
  14. Grill Fabric for my Cornwall's

    Linen is really hard to iron... I have a linen dress shirt (from Philippines), and even after having been washed several times I have to use high heat and stean to get it looking proper. That fabric is 100% linen, so it will be a challenge. It is beautiful, though... I love the look. Bruce
  15. La Scala Screen cover

    I know some like this, but to me it just makes them look like a fat Cornwall... The LS bass horn is one of the coolest visual aspects of the speaker. Bruce