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  1. @babadono I'm getting 3.4, with a couple of connectors along the way.
  2. That sounds pretty low to me. Could be shorted windings. I have my k33s disconnected at the moment, I'll go check them.
  3. Not likely, and since they are new you probably don't want to open them up, but unfortunately, one of the woofers could be wired reversed. Not likely in two different pair, but it IS possible.
  4. Check this link. Looks like fuseholders I have had to repair or replace in the past. https://www.newark.com/littelfuse/03420012h/fuse-holder-6-3-x-32mm-panel-mount/dp/67K1754
  5. Kinda funny... this is the tricycle my wife's sister drives in the Philippines... powered with a Kawasaki...
  6. U're out of luck, John. Only in black... Gee, will handle 2 ohm loads... maybe I could use that. Rewiring my 2A3s will be a job.
  7. Truckin' got my chips cashed in. Keep truckin', like the do-dah man Together, more or less in line, just keep truckin' on....
  8. Here's the old pdf of the MCM1900 system. Note on page two, each cabinet has two K-43 drivers at a nominal 8 ohms each. Now they are 4 ohm drivers. That is what I was getting at earlier. Those at 8 ohms each in parallel wouldn't be a problem for me. Somewhere along the line they must have changed them. MCM1900good.pdf
  9. I remeasured one of the K43s this a.m. and got close... between 3.2 to 3.4. That is what has me a bit worried. They are wired for 8 ohms and I would have to open them up to rewire the outputs for 4 and I'm not wanting to do that. I'm getting a Crown XLI800 to use for some pa work, so I will wait to try it with that. Right now it sounds really clean with the 2A3 amps using only one per side (like an MWM-S). Will they rise that much in the MWM? The throat is much larger, so there isn't as much compression going on.
  10. Thank you, Dave. I just had to quote this, it made me laugh out loud. Personally, I think aesthetically a Chorus would be an easier sell than the Cornwall, but I would guess we will get a new Cornwall with a larger tractrix mid and tweeter. Roy has said in interviews that it is Klipsch's goal to move all lines to that type of horn. I the bass is tightened up a bit, then that would also be a plus. Bruce
  11. They are joined where the notches are cut on the corners. I did try them in series. At the moment I'm using the passives from my LS and at 8 ohm the balance is a little off. I'm currently using
  12. @glens I will repeat... The literature says the K43 is 8 ohms, but in fact, they are 4 ohms. At least the DCR is about 3.9 each. Everyone has commented before that they are 4 ohms each. Default wiring is parallel, so the label should say 2 ohms. I could replace all 4 with 8 ohm drivers (don't want to spring for that). The chamber for each does open from one to the other. Although I have connected one driver to each amp channel and it is pretty nice sounding. I would like the gain from the second woofer, of course.
  13. I have the SNs...they are right above the terminal strips. What gets me is the cut sheet for these says the K43 woofers are 8 ohm, which would make the inicated impedance 4 ohms correct
  14. Eldon get's the first prize. Wired for one 15 from each side. Sounds pretty nice that way. At least that's safe for my Moondogs. I'll leave it that way for awhile. I'll be picking hp a Crown xli800 before december. I know that will work.
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