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  1. Marvel

    K402 in the fireplace

    Chris, it's good your wife likes and appreciates good music reproduction. Bruce
  2. Marvel

    What I Got Today!

    Where was the concert held? I used to live in Madison... then moved to just outside of Waterloo. edit: Just found it... in Baraboo...
  3. Marvel

    Two Days = $76,000,000.00

    Water bill, electric bill...
  4. Marvel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I certainly understand that one... My daughter turned 40 yesterday...
  5. Marvel

    The MicroZOTL MZ3 is a one-watt Speaker Amp!

    This reminds me of Taylor Guitars... while the stories behind the building a specific guitar have been told (and told again in the link), Bob Taylor made a good point about building guitars, and it could apply to almost any craft. Even when a lot of power tools and machines are involved. He had his crew make a guitar out of wood from a pallet and some 2x4s.. scrap wood. The guitar sounded good, which was his point. It is the builder, the craftsman who makes it good/great, not necessarily the parts or components. Bruce http://www.guitaradventures.com/taylor-pallet-guitar-story
  6. Marvel

    Weight of the soul

    Most Protestant and Catholic theologians understand is as faith AND reason, there being a dynamic tension between the two. It takes both, the problem or tension being that one seems to invalidate the other, but they both exist. Like, for example, total free will against the total sovereignty of God. I don't have to know how it works, but I believe it does. 😉
  7. Marvel

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Styx did one of their albums there, as well as Dan Fogleberg (he was from the area, too) as well as others. Jerry Milam, the studio builder and owner was well regarded, Chet Atkins even sent some folk his way. It was a nice studio at the time. They moved on up to 2 inch 16-track machines, but the building was destroyed by a local arsonist and some of the tapes stored there got wasted.
  8. Marvel

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    It was done on 1/2 inch 4- track decks. They did the whole thing in two days.
  9. Marvel

    Vinyl - Record Spinning

    Grabbed this off the shelf... there were only 500 L.P.s made by the college band from Notre Dame. Recorded in 1969 at Golden Voice Studio in South Pekin, Ill. Folks from all over the midwest recorded there. What's the big deal with this record? One of the band members was/is Andy Wallace... they still get together and play every year. Andy is definitely still in the music business. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Wallace_(producer)
  10. Marvel

    Full Music tubes any good

    From my phone it switched automagically from http to https and worked. Weirder and weirder...
  11. Marvel

    Weight of the soul

  12. Marvel

    Western Electric plant - Rossville, GA

    Elrog has 11 tube types being made in Germany. They are pricey, though, just like the WE 300B tubes. Too rich for me at this point in my life.
  13. Marvel

    Full Music tubes any good

    That link doesn't work, but this will give more info: https://www.elrog.com/
  14. Marvel

    Full Music tubes any good

    Absolutely agree with this!
  15. Marvel

    Western Electric plant - Rossville, GA

    The owner of the WE name bought the rights AND equipment from the old owners, including getting all of the old supplies and equipment. Higher quality , new equipment was purchased to improve where they could. This guy is definitely into making the tubes higher quality for today's users, i.e., the 300B is designed for a 40,000 hr lifespan. He's hired old guys who used to do the same work, and new guys to pass on the skills. It's nice that they will be cranking them out here in the U.S. instead of China or Europe. You wouldn't like his new stereo 300B amp though. It is built on a PCB with SS rectification. It sounds very good though, but personally not any better than my Welborne Labs 2A3 amps. The best thing about my amps... they are paid for and sound marvelous. Bruce