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  1. He didn't know, but I'm glad it worked for you.🙄
  2. Have you listened to the Beatles 50th Anniversary Abbey Road? I find it amazing, but I'm also listening to the complexity they managed with the technology of the day.
  3. Oh Oh, you can go big? Why didn't you say so?
  4. I believe Tom Brennan called the LS midrange a 'chainsaw in my forehead'. To each his own. I like it tuned down a bit. I don't have an equalizer in my main system.
  5. Tom... For over 15 years I've read posts of people saying the didrange on LaScalas through the k400/401 was too painful with the gain up. Dropping the mids down 3db resolves that, to some degree, and turning it up gives you more bass. To me, the balance just seems a lot better. I should geta mic and REW to check.
  6. There are multiple threads on here about how much power a constant impedance network uses. The 'swamping' resistor across the the autoformer will work fine. Where's @Deang when we need him. My DH2 crossovers use this method and you just need to go Bruce
  7. Wish him well ... would be a great loss. Incredible songwriting, and have listened to him from the beginning. Hilarious, touching, insightful lyrics. He's been through a lot already.
  8. As the sciencealert link states, the pangolins can't be blamed for the outbreak. They don't carry the same corona virus (of which there are many). And from peta, of course they would say that. They've found corona viruses in some bats as well, and the virus seems to have been passed to humans without eating them. Again, not the Covid-19 virus.
  9. Listened to/watched a bunch of Jackson Browne videos last week... Running on Empty, Song for Adam, For A Dancer... on and on. Let my emotions run for a time. Cried a lot. I'll be 71 in June, outlived many in the family. I've tried to reconnect with old friends, but some of it is a lost cause and they are nowhere to be found and probably don't give a chit anyway. Playing guitar more... "For A Dancer" Keep a fire burning in your eye Pay attention to the open sky You never know what will be coming down I don't remember losing track of you You were always dancing in and out of view I must have thought you'd always be around Always keeping things real by playing the clown Now you're nowhere to be found I don't know what happens when people die Can't seem to grasp it as hard as I try It's like a song I can hear playing right in my ear That I can't sing I can't help listening And I can't help feeling stupid standing 'round Crying as they ease you down 'Cause I know that you'd rather we were dancing Dancing our sorrow away (Right on dancing) No matter what fate chooses to play (There's nothing you can do about it anyway) Just do the steps that you've been shown By everyone you've ever known Until the dance becomes your very own No matter how close to yours Another's steps have grown In the end there is one dance you'll do alone Keep a fire for the human race Let your prayers go drifting into space You never know what will be coming down Perhaps a better world is drawing near And just as easily it could all disappear Along with whatever meaning you might have found Don't let the uncertainty turn you around (The world keeps turning around and around) Go on and make a joyful sound Into a dancer you have grown From a seed somebody else has thrown Go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own And somewhere between the time you arrive And the time you go May lie a reason you were alive But you'll never know
  10. Great idea! More should listen to that... My wife and I still go to work. She is a caregiver and normally had a site where she supervised 25 individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Now they are staying in their residences orown homes. She is now at one of the company owned residences with only three individuals. I work at the same company in the IT department, and on overload to get a large number of office staff on vpn connections to be able to work from home. It's been a strain on everyone. If any of our population becomes infected, they probably won't survive.
  11. Perhaps, but listening to how loud or deep a real acoustic bass sounds, La Scalas are still wonderful. How many decades have folks enjoyed them without a sub? They've been around over half a century now. Can a sub get you more low end? Sure thing... but still not required. If they are required. Klipsch needs to sell them as a package.
  12. Such a wonderful album. The bass is really nice through the MWMs, but I was happy listening to it with straight LaScalas, too.
  13. I've been responding from my phone too much.
  14. I think that would be whacked to run the heresy cabs in series. Woofers yes, mids yes... each system. Would the amp not handle them in parallel (4ohm load)?
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