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  1. It looks like they have a Cinch type connector on the back of them.
  2. They were made for audio consoles/mixers... They also made fader and other modules. Bruce
  3. Mike... Is this the one that broke her ankle last year? Maybe she hid your magazines to protect the boys who might come calling. Bruce
  4. I won't try to convince you to use the Minidsp, but I'm curious about your signal path when you were using it. Bruce
  5. The cows? Michael, I think it's great that you are producing more of your own food. Your 'friends' should travel to some other countries and eat some of their food. It takes a lot of work and commitment to do what you are doing. Eating health food is not necessarily the same as eating healthy food. Bruce
  6. The dsp should be used to delay the compression driver (mid/tweet), not the bass. Bruce
  7. Steve, I like the archtop... I've looked at a few over the years and would love to have one. Not enough time or money for one anymore. I'll have to send you my address in case you ever get to this side of the country. Bruce
  8. I've downloaded a copy to try... I'll let you know how it works out. B.
  9. btw, this what businesses and corporations should tell Redmond is needed. There are studios running W10 with little problem doing huge scale multitrack work. It's definitely possible for it to be a stable/usable OS.
  10. Dave, Here's a link with the different releases: W10 LTSB (Long Term Servicing Branch) is available under a MS licensing agreement, or perhaps subscription. Similar to a long term Linux release, and comes with NOTHING on the start menu and more geared for business. Not sure how us small time individuals can get i yet, but I want it for my DAW as it should be leaner and not need updates as often. This explains more of it: Wish we could do a group buy... Bruce
  11. I run CS4 of Adobe's Creative Suite, including Adobe Premier. Even some old audio production tools with no problem, but I feel your pain. I'm still learning how to tweak Win 10 as a DAW. I want to get Windows 10 LTSB (Long Term Service Branch) without doing it as a subscription. Look it up online. I think it would be ideal for studios. It installs with nothing on the start menu and none of the vr app/xbox/game links that you can't turn off or uninstall. Bruce
  12. Newer versions of Firefox, Chrome, etc., will not install or run the Flash plugins, considering the architecture used to be a security risk. This goes back to the architecture being developed when Netscape was still in use. I don't know what you mean by OLD, as I have Windows 10 running on computers that are approx. 8 years old. It installed easier and runs faster than Win 7 on the same equipment. Clean installs help, but that has always been the case. Bruce
  13. My brother has a few Lionel standard gauge cars, engine and track. They didn't start making HO scale until the mid '50s. I always hated the tbree rail tracks. Our paternal grandfather worked on the Illinois Central RR, and both the pieces for my brother. Engine weighed a ton! Bruce
  14. When it went downhill, it went quickly... Didn't have a chance to get a deeper look into the amps today. It was my birthday, slept in from a huge Filipino party last night (with all the appropriate food...), went to Mass and had a great lunch with aFilipino couple we're close to. Got home late, all tuckered out. Bruce