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  1. Bought a new PC from Best Buy yesterday. A Microsoft Surface Pro. The demo in the store had a key pad but this one is touch screen. Yikes! So I Spent a few hours learning how to navigate and learning windows 10. Fun right? So my post will be shorter with more errors!
  2. So sad to hear of the passing of Sancho.....one of our coffee klatch buds😢
  3. Thanks Jimbo. I talked with Ursula at the NT rescue about two weeks ago and am on her waiting list. Norwich Terriers have small litters and a great following making them difficult to find. Jake was a rescue, a former breeding dad, that we got at age 9. A wonderful dog that we lost too soon. I have been corresponding with a lady who may retire one of her male breeder dads. Just this morning I got the news that they think their dog would be happy in our home so I may be making a loooong drive soon. Keep your fingers crossed!
  4. Oh no.....so sorry to read this. I always looked forward to his post and wit. He contributed to the CC&C thread as a regular and we will miss having coffee with him. RIP my friend.
  5. Get better soon Sancho! We're pulling for you.
  6. Thanks again Mike that is most helpful. I emailed three of the ones you provided just now. Hope the one close by in Virginia pans out!
  7. Thank you Mike I will write them now.
  8. Another afternoon in the pool room with LF. Vodka and tonics again.....going through that half gallon of Chopin pretty fast. Did Keto for a month and lost 8 pounds. Transitioned to Atkins so I made some Atkin's friendly cheese cake muffins. Scouring the country and beyond for a Norwich Terrier. You guys hear of one available please let me know. After the Grammy's clips I saw I dropped Tidal, the former drug dealer Jay-Z, and his hook up Beyonce. Went to Amazon HD and liking it. Making some play list with only ultra high def songs. Saving money too.
  9. Had my second shot Sunday grasshopper and felt a bit tired yesterday. Can't say it was the shot since I also started walking some and took two short walks. And then there was the three vodka/tonics as well. Plus a pool shoot out with LF. She's getting pretty good and beat me once.
  10. Welcome to the forum jeffarnie. Enjoy your new speakers. Experiment a little with placement.
  11. Welcome to the forum Armando!
  12. May have been from the movie "Sunshine Boys" with both starring.
  13. Welcome Max and that's a great introduction.
  14. Feel better asap Neil. No chasing nurses while you still have a catheter.
  15. May I have your Marantz 3600? Had a 3300 and unfortunately sold it.
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