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  1. Can't give you a like for that post Davis.
  2. Okay lets try this again. UNC Tar Heels tonight. Sorry about the Mountaineers Dave. Watched till the end.
  3. A brother from another mother. Not Carl....another mother!
  4. Got enough for two drinks of Evan Williams Small Batch......so cheers and welcome to the weekend.
  5. Oh my he's just Carl's type.
  6. Carl has a pair of boxers that belonged to her boyfriend.
  7. I've heard that!
  8. UNC Tar Heels tonight
  9. Buttercup Toilet Buns.....got a ring to it!
  10. And I'm sure Aunt Bea said they were too loud.
  11. Got a PM from Chuck yesterday. He is okay. With the new puppy his routine has been disrupted and the time he use to spend here is now with the new guy. In other words he's found better company He promises to stop by.