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  1. 1 part mineral oil, 1 part WD-40, and 1 part Milk of Magnesium. Mystery solved!
  2. Two Ketel One Martinis. That's it mi amigos.
  3. Per the description...."natural lump charcoal made from 100% oak or hickory, and contains no fillers, nitrates, chemicals, limestone, or treated wood". More expensive yes but it's what we use. My concerns are the charcoals you can light with a match and what the chemicals that allow that add to the smoke/flavor of the food being cooked. But again the OP was asking about gas grills.
  4. dirtmudd suggested that I have a Green Egg (which I do).. My photo was to clarify that Green Eggs use charcoal not gas.
  5. Sounds like a good time! Happy birthday! You've caught me till January.
  6. Congratulations on the new Cornwalls! That's exciting. Looking forward to your impressions after listening for a couple of days. What other finish were you considering had you chosen to wait for the next delivery?
  7. You gents are getting real confused. It was Jessica not Joy and Tammy was not amused!
  8. Oh I miss Jim and Tammy Faye.....they were so sweet!
  9. C'mon guys someone tell the gent with the bass problem that when Cornwalls are packaged at the factory they put the bass in a separate box😉
  10. I have one but added a keyboard the very next day!
  11. Stunning news! Had the opportunity to meet Dave at the 2018 Pilgrimage.
  12. Coffee finished, bacon and blueberry pancakes down the hatch. Anyone watching the Memorial Tournament? Interesting conclusion to yesterdays round. Jon Rahm with a 6 stroke lead and looking unstoppable disqualified after testing positive for Covid! He was told as he came off hole 18. Time to walk the Swankster and then watch This Old House (as I have done for 30 years or more). Happy Sunday gents.........
  13. No idea. Wonder sometimes what has happend when folks disappear like jacksonbart, Duke Spinner, or j4knee.
  14. A nice surprise in the mail from minermark. A gift box of See's candies. I sent him some goobers from Bertie county Peanuts in Windsor, NC. Nice to keep in touch..........
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