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  1. Okay maybe Mallette's ready to part with his. Sorry you lost big bucks
  2. Ready to sell the Ortofon Black at a bargain?
  3. Looks tasty!
  4. Have you deleted attachments?
  5. bluesboy is in Washington. Y'all will be neighbors. By the way he just sent me 5 CDs he and a friend recorded from tape to disc and they sound mighty fine.
  6. The kindling holder looks nice.
  7. Was hoping someone had auditioned the Clearaudio Concept cartridge at $250. Some very good reviews.
  8. I recently took in two decks for repairs......two hours from my house each way. $90/hour labor only. He charged $405 to clean harden grease from pinch rollers/linkage and reassemble. The tech estimated $450-$560 to fix a loose tension arm on the other deck. I declined that repair as the deck is 43 years old and not worth the money. I made inquiry to two other techs who said the grease issue should have been a 1-1.5 hour job. He billed me for 4.5 hours which coincidentally happened to work out to the amount of my deposit Before hiring him I mentioned the lack of testimonials on his web page. He replied that he was a McIntosh approved service shop and that should be enough. On the positive side the deck he repaired works. The other I was able to find the right angle on the tension arm and put a spacer to hold it where it should be. Not a proper repair but it didn't cost $500 either Check references and if you must ship pack carefully and keep your fingers crossed.
  9. I'm looking for a backup cartridge in the $200-$500 range. Using a Clear Audio Virtuoso Wood at around $800 but its getting some miles on it. Have heard some good reviews on the Ortofon Black but it sells for around $750. I am using a Denon DP-1250 turn table with ADC arm. I prefer to stay with moving magnet. Any recommendations?
  10. Hey Mike I'll be your witness if you want to have Carl banned.
  11. If you are maxed out click on your profile name, select "my attachments" and start deleting a few. If you already knew this then please disregard.
  12. I've heard minermark has been seen riding the surf over the dam on his belly board. Can't confirm but it sounds like him.
  13. First....it's Tarheel Mike. Secondly, the heading saying it was a rerun was covered when the pictures loaded. Sorry if this caused you any anxiety