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  1. Good to hear from you Luther! Don't be a stranger.
  2. Isn't he older than dirt......about my age?
  3. The top link is mine. Used it this morning and like it.
  4. You may have heard the story that Grace Slick wrote White Rabbit after listening to Sketches of Spain for 24 hours straight while on LSD. Do not try this at home Gents. Google it.
  5. So Mr. Coffee finally bit the dust. Ordered a Bunn Ninja 12 cup which was shipped overnight with Prime. Ran just water through last night and again this morning then made a batch of Mayorga. I like the "saturation" feature and the brew set to "rich" made a very flavorful carafe. One amusing caution "do not drink from the carafe".
  6. Welcome Onebean. Tell us about your forum name?
  7. While on the topic of cars......what is your favorite tune about them. Little Deuce Coupe "she get's pushed out of shape and hard to steer when I get rubber in all four gears".
  8. 3 fingers of cheap Scotch to celebrate my cold nearing an end (13) days.
  9. Yes and he is one of the well known and respected tree services. Maybe he liked my LF.
  10. Thanks Zack! Welcome to the forum and CC&C in particular.
  11. Tree service prices may vary🤔 One company wanted $2685 to take down the Sweet Gum that was hit by lightning. Another one this morning wanted $800. What to do?
  12. Barely. Day 10 and weak as............haven't left LF's place in all that time. She had a tree next to the house hit by lightning Sunday. Large screen Sony out. Cable and internet fixed today. Electrician checked all circuits yesterday. Big tree to get cut down. Way tired of this mess. Run down......probably don't look much better than Carl😑
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