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  1. Right out of college (1972) I went to California with everything I owned in the trunk of my 68' Mustang. Stayed with two buddies from my home town who had relocated to Anaheim and gotten radicalized. One was waiting to go to court on a marijuana bust. Seems the neighbors had complained about trash in their back yard and the cops came by to check it out. They walked right through a nice little plot of weed and didn't say a word. A week or so later a helicopter spotted the "crop" from the air and called it in😐
  2. LF's house is squared away except for one large tree hung up on our side the property line (neighbors tree). Only thing done at my house is the tree was removed from shed and a tarp installed. Clean up subbed out to two other gents and should start tomorrow. Thanks for asking.
  3. About 20 years old. Painted two weeks ago. New roof 3 years ago. Going to tarp the whole shed till I get a price for demo and new construction. What would you say building cost with no interior work should run per square foot? $75-85?
  4. Welcome to the forum and to CC&C.
  5. My mistake fellas. My sub is the PC-2000 Pro. I guess it's the regular PC-2000 on sale/discontinued.
  6. 14" Pine tree cut it in half and turned it over. Just looked at it and left. May go over and see what is salvageable and rent a Pod till a new shed can be built.
  7. No power for 12 hours. Storage shed took a direct hit with power tools, lawn mower, pressure washer, golf clubs, weed eater, blower. Things that can be replaced..... Made coffee for two sets of neighbors using the gas cook top and french press. Thanks for asking Eric.
  8. Bought a SVS PC-2000 Pro a month or so ago. Think I paid a grand....now I have seen them at $749.
  9. Hey Steve.........the guitarist for Pink Floyd in his younger days.
  10. A rain day and the storm, in whatever strength it becomes, is due in around 8pm. Not too worried about this one and after Covid and rioting I'm a bit slap happy. Did wake up yesterday with a fever and said "here we go" but fever gone and feeling better today. Jake and the LF inside and the bubble is in the garage so I'm squared away. Thanks for asking!
  11. Steve asked me to watch the procedure on youtube a few times and he will let me fix it.
  12. The pup seems to like it!
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