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  1. Hey Mike! Hot and humid already. Walked Jake, washed the Volvo and the front porch and its not even 9 yet. Hopefully the pollen is done. Chilling now and about to fix that second cup. Going to watch This Old House in a few minutes and see what Tom, Norm, and the gang are working on in Detroit. Have a great Sunday Gents!
  2. You're right Bill.
  3. Tried out the new Honda push mower this morning. As advertised it started on the first pull. Adjusted the cut height and was off. Takes about 45 minutes to cut, another 45 to edge and to use the blower on the porches, walks, and road. I gave away the John Deere I bought in 1999 and used up to this season. It was just getting to hard to crank especially with a healing rotator cuff. This was a good opportunity to judge the better of the two quality push mowers. Granted we are talking about 18 years of technological advances with the Honda. The Honda was easy to push, starts fast, and is quieter. The mulching feature makes it easier to get around trees and fences. The John Deere lasted for 18 years! The aluminum deck was great and no rusting at all. Side discharge made it less nimble in close quarters. To be fair I would need to review both current models and that's not going to happen. All for now.......
  4. Sad Steve. What do you mean "replacement"? Brother's job? Brothers house? Had you met her?
  5. So that's what he calls it
  6. Isn't that speaker missing some parts?
  7. Shindig group is quiet. Either big heads this morning or they're just moping cause I'm not there
  8. Any of you guys who have made it to the shindig check in
  9. Go get'em Carl!
  10. Steve if you run into that situation again just tell them you'll turn tarheel loose on them....that should do it Mike I guess its best I don't have kids.....don't take things like that well. Morning Mike.
  11. AC....look up forum member bluesboy. He is in your neck of the woods and has tubes and Khorns with an Altec twist.
  12. You boys have fun! Carl......try to shake those martinis right. Don't make me have to come over there. For the rest of you....don't pull a Beeker!
  13. Catching up on some yard work.
  14. Just the bathroom. Named it Carlsbad.
  15. Michael, Carl.....all the same....