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  1. Thanks John! Guess I should have turned off the TV (room on the left). Merry Christmas to you.
  2. On the Carolina coast Hurricanes love overhead lines. Take em down as fast as possible. Ice storms though rare do the same. If I was to build another house it would have a whole house generator.
  3. Back to cables....does your blanket use a cable🙂 Just heard Jason Aldean released a new album today. Looked it up on Amazon Music and there it was.....in ultra HD at that. Quickly added it to my JA playlist. Very inexpensive.....just the monthly cost of Amazon Music.
  4. Very tasty and will finish it for lunch today. A chuck roast may work well too but haven't tried that yet. The small store where we purchased the Osso Bucco also had Elk. May try that but not in chili.
  5. At 9am seared some Osso Bucco steaks in a cast iron pan. Then on to the crock pot for 9 hours with chili fixins. Something new. Report tomorrow.
  6. Tarheel


    I've been doing low carb for 6 weeks and dropped from 197 to 183. I'm 6'2". Yesterday I had a cheat day as I have been craving a roast beef wedge with lettuce, tomato, and white cheese. $14 but enough for 2 meals. I expected to gain a pound or two but delighted to see I was at 182.8 this morning. Lady friend suggested that I have not been eating enough and that has slowed my weight loss. She may be right. I use to keep something from a magazine on the door of the fridge that states "nothing tastes as good as slim feels". That said I'm making Osso Bucco chili for tonight😊
  7. Now let's hear the dog's side of it!
  8. Tarheel


    I'm a long time advocate of a low carb diet. I had scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast and a Greek salad for lunch. Down 10 pounds in a month.
  9. Tarheel


    Thanks for asking and yes we made it through just fine. A few limbs and lots of pine cones so we really did dodge that bullet. Never lost power!
  10. Okay then....we've covered cables and cocktails now.....just hope some of you gents will have coffee in the morning!
  11. Never spent much on cables but it is part of our bylaws that we mention them every once in awhile!
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