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  1. I think my fuel is all gas (non ethanol). Better be for the price. Anyway I watched a youtube video or two on hard to start blowers. It could be pilot error as I'm not holding the throttle/trigger in while starting as shown. The video said to prime 5 times even if there is gas in the bulb. With that in mind I tried it again and after several pulls it started. I did not dare cut it off and let it dance around on the porch floor for awhile. The grass has been cut but it started raining before I could blow off everything In case you're wondering I am not mechanically inclined
  2. Lets see if you boys are any help. My Stihl blower is often hard to start and when it cranks you can't give it much gas or it will stall. I used the expensive premixed 50:1 fuel. Dirty carb? The bulb doesn't seem to pump gas as I think it should. Any ideas? Additives?
  3. Now for some real muscle.....240hp at 8000rpm
  4. Hunker down. Got vodka?
  5. Raining again....grass will be a foot high before the rainy spell stops. Cooking dinner for a school chum who has been diagnosed with lung cancer. His wife too! He's a year younger than me and a good guy. We played Little League baseball together. Neither he nor his wife are smokers. Bought a 2 pack of chuck roast and a key lime pie from Costco. Cutting up onions, carrots, leaving the new potatoes whole. Flour, salt and pepper and brown it off on all sides. Into the oven for three hours with the vegetables added after two hours. Dinner rolls and that's it. It's enough for several meals and since they are both sick it will come in handy. Feeling sad.....
  6. LF over this afternoon and we were playing a bunch of CDs amazed at the new speakers. If they come out with the RF380s at a reasonable price this fall she will be getting my 280F's and I'll move up a notch. Then I will be done
  7. Hot, humid and the grass needs to be cut
  8. Pics disappeared.....here's more.
  9. Oak Heresy ll in NC for $400.
  10. Nice Carl....is that old pine? Gluing or nailing to the slab.
  11. Matted and framed posters of musicians. Professionally framed by Fiddler Arts at a cost of $600. The artist are John Lee Hooker, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, and one from Phantom of The Opera. All are as new. Pick up only in Wilmington, NC. Ideal for a lounge, music venue, or music room. $300.
  12. The last one tonight......
  13. She's a beauty Mike! Good shot with the new camera.
  14. 9 fish in the boat, three released. LF caught 3 Spanish mackerel, 2 Bonita, and a dog fish. Fried them up at a post tournament party. Some pics from last years tourney.
  15. Welcome to the forum Willjam2.