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  1. You're so sweet Mookie to remember to ignore the old Tarheel today.
  2. Don't know who she is but I like her attitude!
  3. Why is Carl wearing a two piece?
  4. think you're suppose to take the jacket off THEN put it in the dryer.
  5. You boys were on a roll last night and my morning entertainment.
  6. And you may be happy with the Prologue and a good deal. Either way enjoy!
  7. Morning folks......fixed one of Jake's favorites this morning.......bacon and cheese grits. Added a little cream cheese to smooth out the texture. About the only dish that causes Jake to take a short cut to the kitchen🙂
  8. All this post count talk! I just know I will be devastated if someone fails to recognize my 15 years on October 23rd!
  9. No they are all okay.....just some more okay than others. Wouldn't want to boot anybody if I could unless they voted for the wrong person.
  10. See what I mean grasshopper......they treat me awful. And I'm always so nice to them. Wish they could be nice like Eric and you.
  11. Look how much Carl was impressed.
  12. We will all get together at the same time at some point. Plan something a bit closer to the east coast and I'm in. But then that would be a bit of a ride for Eric and Steve. Do it soon though cause I'm getting old...........
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