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  1. Welcome to the forum! Same on the RP-280s as JefDC mentioned. Use banana plug ends after removing the tiny dust caps.
  2. Picked up a wee bottle of Elijah Craig Small Batch 1789. So to continue my 30 year plus ritual I'll pour three fingers in a tumbler and enjoy while watching This Old House. Life in the slow lane......
  3. I may have to. Going to try the Amazon HD streaming and the Sugar Cube pop and tic machine as soon as we add on to LF's music room. Met with contractor today.
  4. Not my GT Mike. I did do a ceramic coating maintenance on the Z435is this morning. Wash, apply Modesta Smoke, dry, apply Modesta Blast. Going over the entire car 3 times left me a bit tired.
  5. With the cooler weather comes the dreaded daylight savings time! Dark by 6.
  6. Thinking of adding some square footage to LF's music room. The music room at my house is about right for me but I'm rarely there. LF's room is about 13'x14' and I'm thinking about making it 13'x24'. Thinking no more than $30,000. Would be moving one of the two systems at my place to LF's place when complete. Worth while? Considerations?
  7. Sinatra's system.....love the big screen!
  8. How about a couple of martinis and a taco! There....fixed it for you.
  9. Just a handful of keepers at my 50th reunion. Ever notice how sometimes the lookers back then have faired the worse while some mousy ones blossomed? That seems fair. Ever think you would be checking out 70 year olds😑 Lunch out at a bar-b-q joint. Had fried chicken, taters with gravy, and collards. LF on the road again. Stopped and bought blue cheese stuffed olives for martini night. Still liking the Reyka okay.
  10. A better picture of Big Jake on the day of his rescue.
  11. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    So you have money to buy more gear now? Welcome to the forum!
  12. Big Jake RIP 😢
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