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  1. Up date on the Jakester. Took him in and the tech shaved his stomach in preparation for the procedure. Then the vet comes in and states that the specialist who was to do the ultra sound husband tested positive for Covid so the procedure was cancelled. Jake is feeling better and getting his meds wrapped in turkey bacon so we will hold off for a bit. Seems fine by Jake!
  2. Cables. Yes I changed the supplied wimpy patch cords on the Node 2i with some beefier ones. Like a veil had been lifted😉 Spent about 4 hours assembling a CD tower that holds 625 CDs. Looks good. My arthritic thumb is worse for wear pushing in the tiny brackets that hold each shelf up. Jake goes to the vet tomorrow for an ultra sound. He has gall stones and has not been eating. Daddy has been worrying. Gave him bacon tonight and he scarfed that up. That's all for now pilgrims.
  3. Hi Tom.....welcome to the forum. I'm betting my gear is different from yours but my SVS PC-2000 Pro is set at 50.
  4. Just love it when we talk product. Moose or gel both work fine as does some of the better hair sprays.
  5. Yikes haven't heard from Steve in days......hope he turned the power off first.
  6. Happy birthday to MicroMara too! Another candle on the cake and a trip around the sun!
  7. Happy birthday grasshopper. Oh to be 66 again knowing what I know now.
  8. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    No but good guess. Man In The Long Black Coat by Bob Dylan.
  9. Welcome to the forum! I have the PL Dialogue Premium HP.
  10. Tarheel

    What I Got Today!

    Eric was the guy Dylan referred to as the man in the long black coat (see last pic). "She never said nothing there was nothing she wrote She gone with the man in the long black coat"
  11. Thanks but I'll eventually remember. I chatted with him once before a while back.
  12. Does anyone know the name of the forum member who lives in San Miguel De Allende Mexico? Thinking of making a move and want to check out the current scene there now.
  13. Stay in the fray Mook......you will be a better man for it. It's how Pete got his start.
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