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  1. Part 2 of car wash saga. Washed and dried the Volvo but then decided to try the clay bar treatment again. Not having clay bar lube I tried Carl's suggestion and tried soap and water. I had a Dawn bottle nearly empty so filled it with water and shook it up. Working small areas and wetting the car surface and clay bar it went well. One downside is the bar is very slippery and if it hits the ground instructions say to toss it. Now I feel safe enough to use it on the S2000. While I was wet and dirty I gave the Jakemiester another bath and brought him into the AC to dry and chill. And you guys think I don't know how to have fun
  2. Your luck is already changing for the better. Knew it was just a matter of time.
  3. True Bill just when I thought dirtmudd was a good guy
  4. Welcome Dhollin! Stop by the coffee thread and shoot the breeze with us.
  5. RP-280F for around half your budget. Several here have bought them and are very pleased.
  6. I have one of those with a metal case. Excellent cosmetics but the tuner section drifts. Are you going to restore yours?
  7. summs100.....my new best friend. All us AHs have to stick together
  8. "Smoking cigarettes and watching Captain Kangaroo.....now don't tell me I've nothing to do" Steve you could bop over here to the east coast and visit awhile. I could introduce you to grits and collards. What is that physics principle "a body at rest tends to stay at rest.....a body in motion tends to stay in motion. Seriously it sounds like a case of situational depression. Exercise is a good alternative to medication. And no I didn't stay in a Holiday Inn express last night if you're wondering. You have my number.....call if you want. We can chat!
  9. Yes....do practice your slushies.
  10. Good link/video Yewt!
  11. Looks like my first.
  12. So that's oldtimer......oh my he's cute! The pic of the trio looks like Elton John on bass and BigStewMan on drums.
  13. Don't want to cause trouble.....just don't mention Carl's slushies
  14. Did you try from the attic? Able to see daylight around chimney?
  15. Thanks to teaman I discovered the Etsy site. Ordered two hand made belts from a small business.