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  1. Steve if you were out this way we could fatten you up! Jake got the Porterhouse bone and thought he was in heaven.
  2. Well it's time to make the second Scotch/rocks and head out to the Green Egg. Steak, sweet potatoes and corn on the cob later. Getting to be like Carl....drinking every happy hour.
  3. Looks like the Connect is now a legacy product. The Port is suppose to be an upgrade but $450. The reviews are all over the place.
  4. I just want to be able to stream Tidal or Amazon HD through my 2 CH system with as few boxes as possible and great sound.
  5. Love the presentation. Is that creamed spinach?
  6. Turns out the lady friend has two Sonos One's. I hadn't paid much attention to them before but streaming Positively 4th Street (Bobby Dylan).
  7. Don't concern yourself about a hijack.....I see it as a chance to learn more about streaming.
  8. It has a Burr-Brown dac of unspecified type.
  9. We have wifi for a whole house sonos system but I thought I read somewhere that sound quality is better if hard wired but I really am a newbie to all this. I want the streaming just for my 2 ch system.
  10. Anyone use one for streaming? Starting to wade into that end of the pool. Hard wired not wireless and I don't have a smart phone. $549 for the Node and the monthly Amazon HD at Prime rates or Tidal for the MQA. Thoughts?
  11. I had three on the deck with LF and the Jakester. A beautiful day here.
  12. Slushie boy hasn't acquired the taste.
  13. Another half gallon of Scotch and Vodka.........
  14. Listening to a little Keb Mo and drinking some Cabernet. Talked to my bud bluesboy on the other coast and caught up on the music/equipment news. A beautiful day here pruning some azaleas and box woods and soon to have some fresh Tuna with fried green tomatoes. Stay safe Gents..........
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