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  1. A couple of fingers of dark rum on ice.
  2. Been so warm here have moved on to martinis!
  3. Wuzzzer........do folks even try to go to work when it's that cold?
  4. Nice bluesboy..........and to this day those are the best speakers I have heard. Glad you're back spinning wheels with the Pioneer. Too nice a deck to sit idle.
  5. If you're inclined to trust Kevin Deal's YouTube videos he is a Primaluna advocate.
  6. Where is BigStewMan aka Steve?
  7. Tarheel

    NFL 2019

    Hey Carl......I bet a drink would be good while watching second half.
  8. Yeah I'm pretty much a bunn man too.
  9. Hey Pete....bet that was fun to clean up.
  10. Morning Pete......warm here for January. May make it to 70 today. Fixed LF a Feta and black olive omelette and she is on her way to tennis. Watching some Motor Trend TV and finishing second cup. Jake resting! Powerball up to $277 million. Have one ticket and may buy another. You could cobble together a decent system for that.
  11. Welcome to the forum Absurd!
  12. Those boys from Texas are funny!
  13. Welcome Fayfay. Yep there is a ton of information here on modding the LS. Here is the rear of my top hat which can be moved or toed in as required. Mine are three way though.
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