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  1. Tarheel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Vondy you have a PM.
  2. Tarheel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    A good review was written by Steve Stone at hometheaterreview.com/spatials.
  3. Tarheel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    No Gents......not a problem hooking them up. It's pretty simple as the tubed Quicksilver Full Function preamp has inputs for two power amps. I am able to plug in both the Quicksilver Horn Monos and the ATI 1502 and switch between tubed and solid state. No need for splitters. I have responded to a couple of private messages inquiring about my thoughts on the Spatial M3 Turbo S and also about the ATI 1502. I have wanted to give them some time and for me to gather my thoughts as in the past I have anointed gear the best thing since sliced bread when in actuality the sound was just different from what I was use to. I recall one occasion when I was going on about how good my vintage HK tubed receiver sounded and made the remark that it "blew the horn monos out of the water" my bud Oldbuckster shot back "Tar are you sure or is the sound just different from what you are use to?". Of course Buckster was right and though he is no longer with us.....I haven't forgotten his lesson. Thanks for that OB. A couple of you young fellas have insinuated that you are considering purchasing a pair of the Spatials and to that I would say to you what forum member Claude said to me. At the Axpona Show the only speakers that bested the Spatials in his opinion was a $40,000 pair of horn speakers. He further stated that if I could purchase them used it would be an even better deal. Now realizing we are on a Klipsch site I should not go on about other speaker purchases that may compete with our beloved horns. What I did.....I googled Spatial M3 Turbo S and read numerous reviews (and I mean numerous) and then I reread them. I was unable to find a negative one. Even those Gents over at AK love them. I do respect Claude's opinion and weighed that in my decision, found two pair used, and bought a pair from an audiophile in NJ. The M3s were 18 months old and in mint condition. Stay tuned for photos later tonight or tomorrow. I can go on about the packing, about my crush on Clayton Shaw for creating these masterpieces, about the sound, about open baffles, but you tell me.....should I do it here?
  4. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    Okay you guys drive a hard bargain. I'll thrown in a RBH sub if you meet my firm price. I've never heard either the speakers or the sub but I'm sure they are nothing like Jubes.
  5. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    Send grand daughter pictures please.
  6. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    Final offer......... speakers plus $2.00 and I'll take out your teenage granddaughter for three months.
  7. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    How about a toaster?
  8. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    Price drop bump......you get these fine speakers for your garage and I pay you $1.
  9. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    Bump.....price drop!
  10. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    That picture is from the net......mine look a little better. Those puppies are heavy though!
  11. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    Sunny and 50 degrees here!
  12. Tarheel

    EPI 202s FREE!

    New speakers are here so I need to make some room. EPI 202s from 1977 free for pick up in SE North Carolina. Price is firm!
  13. Tarheel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Yep I have noticed we have several things in common.....some goes with the age. So from one old codger to another.......Merry Christmas my friend!
  14. Tarheel

    Snow Storm Diego, Watch out North Carolina

    17" in West Jefferson..........
  15. Tarheel

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Since I'm fast approaching 70......the 20 year warranty should be good. After that I'll be living in Carl's man cave twisting knobs on his gear and drinking his slushies. But you're right.....A Man Needs a Maid.