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  1. No a Ruger Wrangler, 6 shot single action pistol. Affordable plinker.
  2. Made it home unscathed. Perfect weather, food, and camaraderie. Shot up some ammo but the fun was letting our blind member shoot. First my Ruger .22, then the 9mm, and finally the AR-15. Turned him in the right direction, gave verbal right or left, higher or lower and let him blast away. He was very appreciative. Also saw a flock of wild turkeys as we were arriving......must have 10-12. Fun to watch though I don't hunt. PS......don't where the dots at the beginning of the sentence are originating.
  3. Not really a preference but I have a Canik TP-9V2. Made in Turkey by a company that supplies the UN with firearms. Shoots well, never a misfire, and a double stack mag and one in chamber for 19 rounds. Several reviews on YouTube.
  4. Going to be a fun day. 60 degrees and sunny. Pig Picking, shooting, a few beers by the Cape Fear River with 50 or so high school chums (all guys). Taking a 9mm, AR-15, and a new .22 single six Wrangler. A 45 minute ride into the boonies. Report to come..........
  5. A bit far for an audition. No treatments but pull the drapes on one large window if I'm going to be listening for awhile. I like the 280F's. Gary (Tigerman) in the "right this minute" thread has a lot of experience with them and also did a small modification. May want to chat with him.
  6. Good to see you post. I recall the name from many years ago. Congrats on getting back on your feet and moving forward.....I know how hard it is. Good luck with your sale.
  7. Where are you located Man in the Box? I have a pair of RP-280Fs in a 13'x14' room and you're welcome to stop by. I may even be willing to sell them to you as I bought other speakers.
  8. Says our resident Bourbon connoisseur.
  9. Darn that 3 rib standing rib roast made 6 steaks. Chive mashed potatoes, creamed spinach, salad, shrimp cocktail to start and apple crumb pie for dessert. Stuffed again. Did I mention the upcoming diet?
  10. It's over......so long to prepare so quick to finish.
  11. Thanks Dave. Actually it's my LF's MIL. She is a widow and I a widower. MIL treats my LF like the daughter she never had. She was released from the hospital so plans are back on go. At her age she sent a text this morning that she is ready when we are. So the standing rib roast will go in the oven around 11am to serve at 1pm. One day soon got to get back on a diet.......
  12. Hope my CC&C buds have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine is getting off to a shaky start as LF's MIL (82) had a seizure this afternoon and is now hospitalized. She was going to be our third for a late lunch (standing rib roast). She has had brain tumors and surgery twice before and bounced back nicely. LF just left for the hospital. Hopefully she will be released tonight. So I'm polishing off the last of the Elijah Craig Small Batch and chatting with the Jakester. Cheers!
  13. Had a cell phone in my last several working years.......but no longer. Folks give me some incredulous looks when I admit that. Works for me.
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