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  1. Welcome to the forum Manuel. Very sorry about your illness. I'm glad you are still enjoying good audio. I wish you well.
  2. What horn is that? I like the CD racks too.
  3. Old school and new school..........
  4. A couple of better audio days after my battle with the tone arm last week. In the main system I balanced the tone arm again and moved the tracking force up a notch. Fiddled with the step up settings on the Schiit and things sound much better. Also moved the speakers out as suggested in a review on line (Spatial M3 Turbo S). Then set up the second system with the Horn Monos, a NAD CDP from LF's system, A Schiit SYS for volume control, and my LS/Altec speakers. Good to hear the old speakers again.
  5. The ATI 1502 should be able to keep up with the P6. Maybe the Horn Monos too though they are more "laid back". We shall see.
  6. Going to contact Cory about getting a P6.
  7. Thanks for the review. I was looking at a used P5 but reading a couple of reviews makes me think I should bite the bullet and get the P6. My tubed Quicksilver pre is getting long in the tooth though it still works fine. Are you using a moving coil cartridge?
  8. Thanks for the response John. Yes I have small screw drivers and fairly small needle nosed pliers (maybe not small enough). I am talking about the leads coming out of the tone arm (tiny little fragile wires with female ends). One of those wires broke originally that started this chain of events. Yes the Clear Audio was pricey ($800) and the pins are more sturdy than the Nagaoka ones for sure. Luther rewired the tone arm for me after my misadventure. The head shell was glued on, the glue had to be soften with heat, and the shell was replaced with a Luxman shell. I have installed quite a few cartridges but never ran into different pin sizes before. Just wondered if this was common. At any rate I think between the shaking hands and farsightedness I have a limited future in this particular media. There's always bingo right?
  9. Am I the only one who has replaced a cartridge only to find the pins are either too big or the leads too small? Ordered a Nagaoka cartridge and the leads fell off each time I went to put the others on. Tried a Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood and the leads from the tone arm were too small for the pins. Tried crimping the leads for the Nagaoka and a cartridge pin fell out or broke off. Was able to use a paper clip to reopen the leads after crimping but what a frustrating experience! Luther diagnosed the problem as "Gremlins"😑 Is it time to leave vinyl to you young folks?
  10. Thanks for getting back to us with your findings. Enjoy!
  11. Vinegar based I take it?
  12. Thanks Bill. Now we know why Carl listens to music with his head tilted to the left.
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