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  1. On behalf of the CCC&C Procrastinator's Club.....Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. If you're still looking for a B&O TT lady friend has one and other B&O gear. Let me know.
  3. Let's see how this works out. Yesterday I pulled the speakers out into the room further so they rested on the area rug instead of hardwood. A bit closer together too. Warmed up the tubes and put a well recorded Norah Jones CD. Sounded darn good! So putting my giant size brain to work I deduced that I needed a larger rug. Got on line and ordered a 10'x13' for my smallish music room (14.2'X13.1'). So now I'll have to hire some strong backs to lift the stereo cabinet and slide the rug under it. The rug and drapes are my only concession to room treatments.
  4. 901s.....dirtmud's favorite speakers.
  5. We seem to be running out of steam here. Think I'll have a cup of coffee and think about it😐
  6. LF is traveling to a family reunion so I have an early seating at the bar at Henry's Restaurant. Since I will be alone I asked to sit in the bar area.....same menu just less formal. Cold and windy this morning. LF is backing out of her tennis match so we will have breakfast at The Toastery near the beach. Crab cakes benedict with potatoes for me. She will have the same replacing the yummy potatoes with fruit. So there you have it....one of you guys alert the press!
  7. Going to try the clay bar trick. Will wet the windshield with distilled water and Dawn, circular motion with clay bar, then wipe with the new waffle weave cloth, I just ordered from Amazon. Arriving tomorrow.
  8. I really haven't had an extended listening session but hope to soon.
  9. Yes Dawn and distilled water was the better of the three attempts. Ordered 8 waffle weave microfiber cloths from Amazon today.
  10. Warm here....should take the Bubble for a top down spin. Experimenting on car window cleaning recently. First alcohol and water. Next vinegar and distilled water. Third 2 drops of Dawn and distilled water. Microfiber cloth with each. Happiest with #3 but now I read they make a waffle microfiber cloth that's better. Saw a guy on youtube use a clay bar on the windows so I may try that as I already have a few😑 Want to play with my new preamp but it resides at my house and I don't. The house share person stays up till two and sleeps till 11am😙 Well at least I can look at a photo of it........
  11. Randy did you call Marvel Honey? Just asking.
  12. You must have me confused with A1UC😊
  13. Glad to have you here Dave and happy the music at su casa is sounding fine! It's great when it all comes together isn't it? I was probably spinning some tunes yesterday about the same time and too was happy with some modest tweaking I had done (speaker placement and gain preamp tubes). About that slippery slope.....just saw a Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid pre for $400....condition "9" and had to hide my bill fold🙃
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