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  1. Cat Napping -- Casper
  2. WMMR FM, Philadelphia -- fun stuff.
  3. This is a great thread. The carpentry is outstanding. I just love looking at it.
  4. Just to add another voice here, I had a pair of SF-1s that i bought in like 2001. I think they were made in Hope, AR. I enjoyed listening to them for several years. My son now uses them in his HT setup. I think they are decent speakers.
  5. I have actually done some investigation and concluded it 'might' be a good product to use. That is why I am asking here. I’m looking for verification.
  6. Do you follow the instruction on the bottle - 1 galloon water to 1/4 cup of MOS or do you use it straight from the bottle?
  7. I have a pair of Heresy IVs in Natural Cherry which I believe have a satin lacquer finish. I Have read that Murphy’s Oil Soap is safe to use on veneer and can serve as a polish. I am considering using it on my IVs. Does anyone have experience using this product or have any suggestions on how to apply it? Is it safe to use? Any other comments on this subject would be appreciated.
  8. There is also a nice track by Nick Drake called 'Pink Moon' which might be worth a spin.
  9. Here’s what some of us drink in Philadelphia.
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