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  1. https://delaware.craigslist.org/ele/d/dover-klipsch-heresy-br/7515532022.html
  2. Very strange. Open them up and see what it looks like inside.
  3. The custom Heresy stands are way nice. I wanted to get my Heresy IVs off the floor so i used two metal with glass tops patio tables. Far less elegant but they are working for me right now. i put the speakers on lazy susans so i con easily toe them in if necessary. My SVS sub (not pictured) fits nicely underneath the table.
  4. Yes, RIP indeed. Actor Ray Liotta & drummer Alan White also passed over the veil.
  5. Very much so. It's like the perfect compliment.
  6. I miss those Mono switches. They were handy when trying to tune in an FM station with a weak signal.
  7. To respond to: Wuzzer, Idontknow & PeterP --- My room is an irregular shape. it’s roughly 15’ x 15’. i have the the Low Pass Filter set to 60 and the Slope at 24 dB, which SVS recommends for Heresy IVs. I have the volume set at around -6 or -7 for music. The blending is seamless to my ears. I listen to a many different types of music but mainly Jazz, Folk & Rock.
  8. Sounds like a high-octane setup. Where do you generally set the volumes on your SVS subs?
  9. I've recently added an SVS SB1000 Pro to my Heresy IVs, stereo, two channel only system. I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with the setting — volume, low pass filter, slope etc. i’m curious if anyone has experience with this particular pairing. If so, I’d love to know how others have set up their SVS sub with the Heresy IVs.
  10. Any thoughts on open baffle speakers? I read a review of the Zen Master Series which is very interesting.
  11. Love looking at the photos, thank you.
  12. They are also nice to look at.
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