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  1. I have a Yamaha R-N602 Network receiver and a pair of Heresy IVs. Thankfully I have zero hiss.
  2. BTW, what are the two little towers with the flashing lights? Are they watt meters?
  3. My wife is going to the country, hurrah! hurrah!
  4. I can’t comment on the Heresy III but I can say the my IV’s do sound a bit hollow when I knock on them. They sound very solid when tapped on the lower lefthand side of the cabinet which is where I believe the crossover is. The only thing I would add is that I love the way they sound.
  5. https://delaware.craigslist.org/ele/d/dover-klipsch-heresy-br/7515532022.html
  6. Very strange. Open them up and see what it looks like inside.
  7. The custom Heresy stands are way nice. I wanted to get my Heresy IVs off the floor so i used two metal with glass tops patio tables. Far less elegant but they are working for me right now. i put the speakers on lazy susans so i con easily toe them in if necessary. My SVS sub (not pictured) fits nicely underneath the table.
  8. Yes, RIP indeed. Actor Ray Liotta & drummer Alan White also passed over the veil.
  9. Very much so. It's like the perfect compliment.
  10. I miss those Mono switches. They were handy when trying to tune in an FM station with a weak signal.
  11. To respond to: Wuzzer, Idontknow & PeterP --- My room is an irregular shape. it’s roughly 15’ x 15’. i have the the Low Pass Filter set to 60 and the Slope at 24 dB, which SVS recommends for Heresy IVs. I have the volume set at around -6 or -7 for music. The blending is seamless to my ears. I listen to a many different types of music but mainly Jazz, Folk & Rock.
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