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  1. They’re using a much larger room now compared to what they had when they reviewed the Forte IV so I’m not sure why his lady partner would expect to be more overwhelmed. Also I think the color is ugly. Lambs wool grills are nice against dark wood, but seen against white maple is just too overwhelmingly light. Theres no contrast in their appearance. Also I think the Forte is a better speaker than many make it out to be compared to the Cornwall regardless.
  2. That’s good to hear. After hearing the ST35 though, I’ve really been enjoying the ST35’s.
  3. Yes, 100% triple checked connections to be sure. These were the ones. Build quality was excellent btw. https://www.amazon.com/Klipsch-Tweeter-Diaphragm-127103-others/dp/B00DX7DSFQ
  4. Okay guys I tested the phenolic tweeters in my Heresy II. The negative and positive connectors were located on the sides which was strange and they were more difficult to install. Overall the top end sounded way strange and reminded me of a cheap sounding speaker with muffled detail. It definitely had nothing to do with break in, so I’m definitely sticking with the original tweeters. Thanks again guys and at least I know they won’t work.
  5. Hi Joe, is there a reason you went this route with the Heresy IV? I can better understand doing so with other Heresy models but that’s a fairly new speaker you have there designed for improved bass. Did you ever just consider doing a Forte instead? They take equally little real-estate and it’s all in one cabinet. Regards, —-daniel
  6. I decided to just take my chance and simply replace the K76 titanium with a phenolic designed for K76 and see how the result is. If it sounds bad, I’m able to return the for a full refund. Should be installed sometime around next week. Thanks again guys for sharing all your thoughts. Happy listening, —-daniel
  7. Glad you’re enjoying it. It’s a great match. I recently sold my Zen after three years. Happy listening. —- daniel
  8. billybob, do you mean replace the Chorus and LaScala? With what?
  9. billybob, is there any particular sound characteristics you can describe with the Forte pulled from the wall vs closer as in the case of the original post OP? Thanks —-daniel
  10. Just curious. Were there any particular sound characteristics that stood out that lead to that conclusion other than power?
  11. Hi Jim, 5 watts with a tube amp will produce a good amount of volume for efficient speakers like yours but not for rocking out though. I don't know what music you play, but I have pretty much used the amps in question. I just recently posted this today if you are interested in amps of that power range including SET's. https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/first-watt-sit3-vs-dynakit-st35#2405837 I was once on the wait list for a Torri but went another direction instead. Decware's main mission is to make all their amps sound as close to the 2.3 watt Zen as possible, but obviously they had to go to a push pull design to bring up the power over single ended. Hope it all works out for you.
  12. 18x34 but 18x32 would be plenty because I had a bit extra. The frames I made myself from poplar wood which kept the weight down significantly.
  13. Yes, thank you, these are from Klipsch Restorations in Texas. These are African padauk. He has a pair of II’s in the same finish on Ebay I think.
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