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    New Heresy III's

    Personally I thought the Pure Direct feature sounded unquestionably flat. It over-rides the ability to adjust the tone controls. No contest, even Mandy Harvey could tell the difference and the Heresy sounded absolutely incredible while not using this feature in my opinion. Nice pictures.
  2. In my opinion, this new speaker from Klipsch fits into today's styling of speakers which is to be tall and narrow with small realistate. It's the current fad in today's market compared to the old school vintage traditional style which I think is much nicer because you get traditional larger size woofers instead of these narrow speakers using advanced technology. Personally I've listened to a few very high end B&W speakers and a few others in sound rooms at a recent audio show and modern speakers sound muffled to the brightness of the older school horn type designs. The more expensive modern speakers sound brighter compared to lower cost models but isn't that what the Heritage series speakers are about already? I'm not suggesting that's neccesarily the case for these new speakers from Klipsch but they have to produce modern stuff to keep up with today's current market. It's a business too right?.The Klipsch horn designs have a beautiful clear crudeness to their sound I just absolutely love. They just sound more organic in my opinion. I'd take a klipschorn any day.
  3. Idontknow

    New Heresy III's

    MrBell, I have the Yamaha a-S501. What is it more specifically you're missing by comparison with the other amp you decided on instead? I've worked with the base and treble settings and it makes a notcable difference in sound performance with the Heresy. Also, did you try biwiring and non biwiring to specify any difference? From what I've read most comments suggest there isn't a noticeable difference worth bothering with it. You also mentioned the jumpers and it surprises me that could noticeably alter the base. I suppose I have a lot more to learn. Btw nice looking system you have.
  4. I'm a beginner but I have both the Sixes and the Three and compared them. The Three rests inside a large cubby-hole about 5 ft tall by 2 ft wide on a shelf 4 ft high. The Three is an absolutely amazing little speaker system and the base resonates beautifully through the room which is about 30x20 and wood floors. I shared it with friends who were perplexed at how something this small could sound so pure and produce so much base. When I took the Three out of the cubby-hole, it still sounded amazing and just had a bit less base by comparison. No matter where I place this speaker, it still never sounds like it's lacking anywhere. Then I got the Sixes and the first thing I noticed was that I had to turn them up louder to get the base to sound as good as the Three but even then, they just didn't seem to resonate with base as much as the Three. I'm not as experienced as you guys by any means, but I'm just explaining what it sounded like to me. I think the Three uses a 5" woofer and the Sixes use a 6" woofer times two. If so, I would have expected the base to sound more pronounced in the Sixes, but it was just the opposite. Maybe it's the cubby-hole. That little Three just staggers me and maybe it's the design of the enclosure. It just has a real deep, detailed and solid sound to it. I eventually decided to return the Sixes for the Heresy's. In the end, I LOVE the Three. It's an amazing little speaker I intend to keep. Those who haven't heard one will probably be surprised at how great it really sounds.
  5. Idontknow

    Heresy II vs III

    IKEA stands
  6. Idontknow

    Heresy II vs III

    I recently acquired the Heresy II's in rare mahogany with old-school grill covers in absolutely mint condition and a new Yamaha a-S501 integrated amplifier and AT LP120 turntable and AT120eb needle. When I played with the dials and first heard Tin Pan Alley on vinyl I absolutely dropped my jaw at the crystal clarity of the sound. Then I played Antonio Carlos Yobim and it was absolutely blown away at the 3D clarity and live-like sound. I can't imagine how the III could sound any better but I'm a beginner. I will say this though. I just came off from owning a pair of Klipsch The Sixes and this Heresy II setup absolutely smokes them in every regard. The sound is spine tingling while the Sixes sounded excellent, but more muffled or as if a towel is in front of them by comparison. It just shocks me to hear how beautiful sounding the Heresy II's are. I just attended an audio show and they had a headphone setup with tube amplifier that cost $55,000, yes 55K and I swear the Heresy II rig sounds unquestionably better and more 3 dimensional compared to those headsets. I tried others headsets that were $8,000 but still the clarity isn't like these Heresy II's. Perhaps it's the way my room is set up. I went to Ikea and acquired two laptop stands costing $4 each because my Heresy II's never came with stands. Although they are up at a pretty steep angle, they are very bottom heavy and can hardly be pushed over even when trying. I have soft cloth under them to help absorb any vibrating. The Heresy's have a very live-like soundstage to them but they don't sound harsh at all! Quite the contrary they sound extremely soothing and the base is tight. I'm not a numbers kind of guy, but I just listen and try to share what my ears tell me. I recently visited the Magnolia room to listen to B&W flagship speakers costing $10,000 and another B&W costing $1,800 and the 10k Model sounded much better because it had detail and brighter clarity but once again, these Heresy's at home just sounded better than all of those to me. My room is bizarre. It's about 10x30 and my ceiling tapers in like the inside of a pyramid because it's an A-frame. I'm nowhere near as experienced as you guys are, but the Heresy's are amazing speakers!
  7. Hi, I'm running and NAD integrated amplifier that puts out 50 watts a channel. Not sure if that has any relevance or not. Can I use 16 gauge speaker cable or is there some sort of advantage to using 14 gauge or 12 gauge? Im a rank beginner guys, sorry. Thank you for any advice.
  8. Idontknow

    What gauge speaker cable for Heresy II ?

    I'm only running the speakers about 10 ft apart so 5 ft of cable each side. 16 guage it is and I love the comments about lamp cord. Old school!
  9. Once again thank you and one last question. Is there an Iphone plug to USB-B so I can plug the IPAD or Iphone directly into the DAC? I'm using Apple and I don't mind hardwiring or am I asking the wrong question?
  10. Thank you for taking the time.
  11. Idontknow

    Klipsch Powergate Max

    This looks like a very interesting product to run their speakers. I assume this would work nice with the Heresy III but won't be available till near the end of 2017 from what it sounds like.
  12. Hello everyone this is my first post so please have mercy. I am getting a pair of Heresy III. My room is 10x20 and I'll be 8ft away from these speakers. I wanted to run a Bluetooth integrated amplifier so I could run Pandora or something similar and CD's. Can anyone suggest the best thing to power these speakers for $1000 or less? I have no idea if there's anything good in this price range? I don't even know what I don't know. Most of the integrated amps appear to be 50 watts a channel. Is that enough? Or am I asking the wrong question? I want to listen to music like Dire Straits, Antonio Carlos Jobim and classical like Korngold violin concerto. Thank you for any suggestions.