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  1. For tube and solid state guys.
  2. Ironic, considering your title is tube fanatic. 🤪
  3. I don't either. That's why you're supposed to wear earbuds or headsets.
  4. For those who may be curios on how they sound.
  5. Ocean Way had the best room in SoCal "The Show" this year.
  6. In my next video here if you skip to 4:00 with a pair of earbuds or headsets, I have my Forte's against the wall about 10" and the bass is more audible in a good way in my opinion. Yes, it's a different room with different acoustics, but Upscale has their own dedicated listening room and others can judge for themselves. Their setup sounds nice, but I would have preferred a bit more bottom end.
  7. In my video here you will notice that Upscale Audio has the Forte IV several feet from the wall and to add further insult to injury, they've added a sub. Why pull this speaker from the walls, only to lose more bass, then add a subwoofer to get bass back, it makes no sense. It defeats the purpose and any way you can avoid a sub, then avoid it.
  8. Skip to 7:50 of this video. This is recommended by a Klipsch representative.
  9. I'd just refurbish the cabinets and save your money. The only think the IV offers more of is the bottom end and even then in order to make it more audible, they would have to be turned up more. New Heritage series are overpriced. The midrange and top end is nicer in the earlier models in my opinion. In my friends room which isn't acrostically treated, so I prefer the IV because the top end is slightly softer sounding.
  10. Yea, it'll work great in that size room and no, the rear radiator won't be an issue in fact it's recommend to be 10-13" from the wall.
  11. Definitely no subs needed at all with these.
  12. KLF20's have lots of bottom end in fact more than I actually prefer but if bass is what you want, they'll deliver. They do have a noticeable amount of box resonance but my friend used something inside the corners like Liquid Nails to bring that resonance down. This video is before that modification was made.
  13. In your guys opinion, what has more impact on differences in sound in most cases. I'm not necessarily saying for the better or for worse. If you had to choose what alters it the most. Of course there's other components, but let's just stick to these. I'm curious what the average one turns out to be. DAC? Room? Preamp? Amplifier? Speakers? Recording quality? Thanks, ---daniel
  14. Me too! That's a great place to be.
  15. Nice to hear that the Decware is working out. I used to have one but Decware really just opened up because of the YouTube channels. There's other great amps to choose from now.
  16. I've never jumped on the newer is better band wagon. I enjoy my Heresy II's and Forte I's just fine. I think the Forte III and IV were more of a let down. Also, Klipsch tried to soften the top end of the newer speakers and the way the were originally is why they were what they were. They didn't need to be anything else other than to help keep the business flowing. All the newer Heritage are way overpriced now.
  17. I'm sure you'll get many responses. I use both but generally prefer tube amps and tube preamps. If you are torn between both, you can always link a tube preamp to a solid state amp. I don't recommend doing it the other way around unless you intend to spend higher amounts of money. I use SS for my Magnepan's and all tubes for my Heritage series.
  18. I'm so sick of all the Bu#@&%*! about measurements and those clowns on Audio Science Review. They don't even listen to anything.
  19. Shakey, I'm willing to bet the gear you have listed is close to as good as most would ever need in order to enjoy the sound of their music. Having listened to many setups and high end gear, there's just a point of diminishing return on investment and in some cases, little to no improvement. Most of the really expensive gear sells for about half what it retails for because most of it is purchased by those with deep pockets who are often less informed. To them, it's just like going out and buying a fancy watch. It's like someone who has money to buy fifty thousand dollar cables. We all know they perform no better but there are people willing to spend it. Here's a prime example of a hustle.
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