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  1. Anyone in the area can bring to Detroit area ? I will buy them right now. I will wait wait as long as it takes to make a swing through. Thanks
  2. I live a hour -half from these should I check them out?
  3. Ok boys I am in for the listen and the beer. Off a a couple of weeks over the holidays if either of you are around. 😎
  4. Looking for Chorus 2 what does the group think about the entire package? Not familiar with this Marantz receiver? Thanks
  5. Another question? What kind of rug should I put in the front of them?
  6. Wow West coastdrums that is quite a compliment on the Heresy s I have one one more question? How can I put banana clips into the Heresy 3's The caps do not screw off? If you have a pic I would appreciate it.
  7. Thank to all for your suggestions. Cant believe how clear clean and loud these speakers are. They do sound much better closer to my back walls. Going to try the rugs tomorrow. My initial reaction is the bass is just fine. The only issue is it took me so long to purchase them.
  8. Ok just hooked my new Heresy 3's and I am blown away. Would like a few suggestions Currently in a room that is 15x25. I have the speakers 11ft apart and about 2 1/2 from the back wall. Is this a good spacing? Listen about 12 ft back. They are playing through a Mac MA 252 Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Thank you sorry kinda of excited. LOL BTW wvu80 just for the record I paid $800 for the Heresy iii including all the paper work and boxes,😃
  10. One more question on this tread. Can I use banana spades on the Heresy iii? Getting my wires ready.
  11. Going with Heresy iii could not turn down the price $800 should have them by the end of the week. Thank you for thoughts and ideas.
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