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    Main system : Panasonic TC-P60ST60 plasma; Denon AVR-X6200W; Monolith 7X; Klipsch RSW-10 sub; modified Klipsch Chorus II Fronts; modified Klipsch Forte II center; modified Klipsch Chorus II surrounds; modified Klipsch Academy rear heights; JBL L20T3 front heights; Mogami 10ga speaker cables, BJC LC-1 interconnects; custom gaming pc

    Secondary system LG 47" LCD; Onkyo tx-nr818; JBL 240Ti Fronts; JBL L40T3 Center; JBL L100T3 Surrounds; Mogami cables; custom htpc/server.

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  1. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    I have edited the OP to inform anyone that reads this that I have accepted a purchase of a pair of JBL 250TI in perfect condition for cash, and also the OPPO UDP-205 is no longer available. Thanks for looking.
  2. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    I misread, misspoke, misunderstood. Sorry for the rants in this thread people. Please send PM's
  3. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    I am well within the Klipsch Forum Garage Sale rules. I only said cash to offset valuation for anyone who makes a equipment trade offer, which I have had, to make up the differences for the seller, which I have, which have been acceptable terms to all those who I have had real business with. At this time it is all about the equipment not meeting the requirements, not the issues suggested by anyone other than me.
  4. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    I see you were the one who backed out of the Cali deal. I am working on what I want, much closer now anyway.
  5. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    The price is currently 1 pair of JBL 250Ti. Nearly traveled 4000 miles RT for a pair.
  6. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    Still here, several offers including my preferred equipment listed, but have been 700 miles and greater, though travel has not been the issue with those. One local, with nothing on my list. I have researched some pre/pro suggestions, and also some McIntosh suggestions. I am really just looking for those few things that I literally have not seen listed for sale anywhere within 1000 miles in the last year and tried to crack the collector vault open for a peak, which has been successful.
  7. Well... I had no idea we had a Certified Klipsch Heritage Dealer Network Locator . Because of that I found THIS link to the AK6 close enough to me to check it out sometime.
  8. 314carpenter

    First Home Theater Setup

    Welcome the the forum. Thanks for checking in with us. There are far more capable members here than me, but I thought I would just say a few things. First, primary seating should be 2/3 the way back in the room to to avoid as many nulls and peaks as possible over the entire audible frequency spectrum. 12 feet at your ears in your normal listening position would work best in your given room dimensions. Second, without having any full range 3 way or 4 way speakers, meaning fully developed sound across the entire 40hz-20hz +/- 3db, you will definetly want to have at least 2 subs in that space. No 5.25" will give you substantial >80hz no matter what the spec sheet says. This will eat up more of your budget than you have planned, and can be addressed at a later date. Sub locations would most likely be opposing corners, or midway along opposing walls. 4 subs will get you the optimal response in all seating positions. Third, Room treatment will help just as much as speaker selection and placement, but is far more technical and pricey for non-DIY. Start with the flooring. Forth, the center channel will be the most important speaker choice for your content. Fifth, wall mounted anything can cause issues. That is what speaker stands are for. In wall speakers can eliminate many of those issues, but have other limitations and technical challenges themselves. Sixth, budget is always a problem, even for the most high end users. Try hitting the used equipment market to help with the budget issues. I have no comment on your specific speaker model choices, as I have not owned or heard any of those you have listed.
  9. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    I will send you a PM, so as not to clutter up the thread.
  10. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    I would drive for that.
  11. 314carpenter

    Pair of '97 Klipsch La Scala Speakers

    Also impressed in the time frame involved. In Nebraska no less.
  12. 314carpenter

    Removed OPPO UDP-205 no longer available

    Never owned any so I am like? I know you have had many trials. I currently run 2 separate multi channel rooms, switching to 2 channel stereo within the Denon AVR for music (non-vinyl), using Chorus II or JBL 240Ti depending on location. The Chorus II's have 200w/channel external at the moment. I have neighbors so I run 87 octane and stay off the jet fuel, unless I am in test mode, then I may release the beast.
  13. Might as well throw in a pair of K-53-TI midrange diaphragms from the CWIII while you are doing those crossovers.
  14. 314carpenter

    What I Got Today!

    I vote the Post of the day award goes to @dirtmudd
  15. 314carpenter

    Oppo Hanging up Their Hat

    Besides this information here I found.... OPPO UDP-203 is using the AK4458 DAC with the performance of -107dB(THD+N) as a DAC with 115dB S/N characteristic.... Here is the best info I could find that someone else put out there to discern some differences in dac specs of the "replacement" OPPO type players coming to various markets around the world. I had nothing to do with the creation of the following comment... The Oppo UDP-205 is considered best in its class for audiophiles. It's equipped with two ESS Technology ES9038PRO DACs for both stereo and 7.1 channel analog audio. The ES9038PRO is the flagship of the ESS PRO series. It sets a new benchmark for audio excellence with its best-in-class 140 dB of dynamic range, total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) at -122dB in a 32-bit, 8-channel DAC. The Panasonic UB9000 model is using the AK4493 DAC - Dynamic range, S/N: 123dB, THD+N: -113dB The Pioneer UDP-LX500 will be using the AK4490EQ DAC - Dynamic range, S/N 120 db, THD+N -112 db The Sony x1000 model is using some high performance 32 bit DAC (DSD 11.2 MHz, LPCM 192kHz capable) are the only details I find. The Pioneer UDP-LX800 will be using the ES9026PRO DAC - Dynamic range, S/N 124 db, THD+N -110 db