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  1. Should I? Hmmmmm.......Oh, nevermind. Someone saved my marriage again. Thanks for the offering.
  2. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/mequon-rotel-rx-1052-stereo-receiver/7201534257.html Reference
  3. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/neenah-very-rare-klipsch-vintage/7197280199.html Reference.
  4. Too bad we missed those 1978 HWO's on Craigslist yesterday. They were priced at $100 and were gone to the first contact. Not $100 for the cabinets, but for the whole enchilada. Nice condition too. Location Dane County. I never got a reply @ the +3 hour.
  5. In continuing the discussion on sensitivity ratings, I was just reading some news, and this popped up. Quote from and link to the review. What helps to make the RP-8000F an easier load than many other speakers is its above average sensitivity. I measured its sensitivity as 92.1 dB for 2.83v at 1 meter. That isn’t bad; it’s better than most speakers in this type and price class. However, it is significantly below what Klipsch specifies for it which is 98 dB for 2.83v at 1 meter. That is quadruple the sensitivity that I measured. Klipsch is using an in-room estimation of sensitivity that factors in a quarter-space environment over a greater distance. It is true that the in-room sensitivity would be increased, but I think that should be stated in their specs if that is their reasoning for their sensitivity rating. We've seen this discrepancy in other Klipsch products so it doesn't seem to be a statistical outlier in how the brand rates sensitivity of their products. https://www.audioholics.com/tower-speaker-reviews/klipsch-rp-8000f/conclusion
  6. There is that, and more... again, from the reviews. It's not like Klipsch has the only anechoic chamber on earth.
  7. I have yet to find a single example of an outside third party review where a Klipsch speaker was actually measured and the efficiency rating listed was even close to the rating measured. -6db or more is pretty standard from all the reviews I have read. They are all still very efficient speakers, just do not expect the on paper numbers to show up under real world circumstances. No one seems to know the magic formula that Klipsch uses to get their efficiency ratings though. It is certainly a non-standard method they use. Either way, it will not take very many watts to get clean undistorted sound out of these. I know with my setup I can hit 120db in my home. I evacuated the house and stayed outside during that testing. ☢️
  8. NP ever with a 2004 RSW10. Other than the RSW line I know the R-115SW is a good one. I can not think of any other Klipsch subs were not outclassed for it's time though. I have heard recent rumblings about a new monster Klipsch sub coming, but that whisper died nearly instantly. I love competitive bass. Hope Klipsch gets in the game for real.
  9. OK. We have an update to my previous post above. Same settings. No Audyssey. Level match only. 60HZ crossover. Averaged across left and right channel across multiple seating postitions to allow a simplified understanding of what the result is without overwhelming with all of those measurements. One single SVS SB2000 sub set to 76%. AVR -15db. AVR sub level default 0db. Again, no room correction applied. Just a before and after.
  10. $500 Wow! Thanks for helping with the negotiations. Was not aware of the fact this was an auction site either. I never knew thr empty cabinets could be worth that. I'll be sure to give you a shout when I have something I am looking to let go of too. JK. LOL.😷
  11. I'll take the empty cabinets off your hands when the time comes. So now you have that assurance. Good luck anyway. Hope you get what you are looking for.
  12. A little tiny bundle of boom. It's so cute. I can even hold it on my lap without crushing my femural artery. The design committee won't even notice it. I already hid it under the foliage of a house plant.
  13. Here are the measurements of my room with audyssey turned off, left and right channels averaged at a central listening position, with no subwoofer. 6 measurements taken across 3 seating positions to get the average you see highlighted. +/- 4db is not a bad measurement concidering no correction software was applied. -12db smoothing applied in REW. Volume for the measurment is set at -15db and achieves reference levels at the listening position. I would like to see a smoother response from 80hz down to 25hz. We will find out if one SVS sb2000 can do the job or not.
  14. Revived! Late to the game again. On my way to purchase an open box SVS SB-2000 single today. Putting this in a 4000cu.ft. room. Pairing it with 5 Chorus II's each running 200W of class AB power. Oh, and just so you know, my home theater space has less than half the cu.ft. running 5 4 way JBL's with 14" woofers that are tuned down to 30HZ @ 200W each of class AB. In that space I run two Monolith ported 12 subwoofers that are practically 4 times larger each than the SB2000. The Monoliths dig down to 11HZ @-10db in that room. I do not want that in my living room. Reason for being so backward in placement you ask? Simple. Neighbors. They never complain about the theater, concrete walls and floor, but on the upper level the shared raised floor shakes their floor and has previously caused several complaints. I have been without a sub in the living room for almost 1 year now. I am just trying to get boost at a notch of about 7 HZ in my living room without killing it like I do in my theater. I like how the sealed SB-2000 rolls off just where I need it to without complicated or costly DSP add-ons. Measuring before and after with REW and UMIK-1 will tell the story of the benefits applied. My neighbors will appreciate me not sending them any inaudible but fully tactile infrasonic frequencies. The 5 Chorus II's can definitely fill the previously mentioned notch, but mostly at increased volume levels. Even with 200W/channel. Even with upgraded crossovers. Subs are independent and can be controlled depending on circumstances. They can also be placed in various locations avoiding room modes or nulls. I know I should be buying 2+ subs, but there is only 1 available and sold out everywhere now. Also the "design committee" is not overly excited on this one either. This little sub will be nearly invisible. If I do not like the results, I will not loose a dime and simply notify you all of my failed experiment. I personally do not require any "I told you so's" or "I warned you's". Cost, risk, and reward are far to low for that in my case.
  15. NOPE! Just relisted and price was raised. This will continue for the next 12 months, or how ever long it takes to sell. Craigslist here is cluttered with this guys overpriced stuff. His pricing becomes a problem for me occasionally during a negotiation in some of my dealings, but usually I can just ignore the listings. I am not on a smear campaign here, just here doing you guys the service of knowing you could potentially be taking advantage of the current market and thereby selling your gear for higher prices in your own hometowns. I will not be contacting the seller myself for anything, ever. https://milwaukee.craigslist.org/ele/d/brookfield-klipsch-quartet-speakers/7194529971.html
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