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    Secondary system Epson 5040ub; 106" Stewart StudioTek screen on a Balon Borderless frame, Marantz AV7013; Monolith 7X amp; Niles 2125 amp; Oppo UDP-203; JBL 250Ti Fronts; JBL 240Ti Center; JBL 250Ti Surrounds; 4 X JBL L20T3 Atmos; Dual Monolith 12 subs; ProCo 10ga speaker cables; Monolith IC's; Nvidia Shield; Harmony Elite Remote. DIY OC703+G.O.M. acoustic panels; triple black velvet covered walls.

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  1. Throw out an insult and wait for the audience to explode into laughter. Nope, just silence. Then back off. Doesn't everyone love how comedians always act like their insults are so funny? Everyone always seems to enjoy a good roasting, right? We should have more, not less, right? All good as long as your the one serving, right? Probably just me, but that's how I read your recent commentary. I don't believe at all in supporting the cancel thing either, but there is a good reason why it exists. I hope you don't go all defensive on me now. I'm just kidding.
  2. But JBL SDA-2200 can't be run in stereo when using one single amplifier in bridged mode. One amp, one channel, no matter what. Stereo requires two of these amplifiers when bridged period . Bridged = Monoblock
  3. Actually that's Mono only when bridging. Per the manual... Bridged mono mode requires the use of a SDA-2200 for each channel. Note: In bridged mode only the L+ and R+ speaker outputs are required. WARNING: Do not make any connections to the L- or R- speaker terminals, doing so will severely damage your amplifier.
  4. Pretty warm actually, and that is at 5' in length. I'm sure the dryer would melt down before the cord though if you left it run long enough. Not sure that's the case here though, how long are the wire runs?
  5. With two matched pair of 8ohm speakers (non of the kind he owns) and not bridging he would stand a good chance with that high quality amp. I'm still wondering how he got 3 pairs of speaker wires into those jacks. 18ga wire carrying 1100W??? How hot did the speaker wire get?
  6. The option is there. See my post directly above. I'm really sorry you missed it. It never should have been this difficult. The "distributor" really screwed this one up. Who do you call to make the adjustment now?
  7. If it is only this, you are not using it correctly. https://www.jblsynthesis.com/products/electronics/amplifiers/SDA-2200-.html You should use something like this in between the amp and those speakers. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=38160&gclid=Cj0KCQiA47GNBhDrARIsAKfZ2rAmkO_c-DyHqY4yNK5Mul2LA6EkVFFqN82w_GiLDorGDNfi0nHylygaAhw0EALw_wcB
  8. It says 5 Channel right in the thread title. That is why I came in here. I was trying to engage with you, hoping that you had some more information and opinions that you would like to share with the rest of us. If you don't want to participate, that's fine and entirely up to you. Obviously viewpoints that swing toward preferring multichannel configurations will be outnumbered when posted in a 2-channel thread chain. I don't see that as a sign reading "stay out". I didn't even know I had "a place". Surely you jest. Also, I didn't trash anything or anyone.
  9. Dolby is releasing a new update to the Dolby Surround Upmixer (DSU) in 2022. Some new products, or possibly firmware updates, will now be able to unlock the true potential of DSU, unleashing the capability for properly managing content on up to 34 separate speakers in a home theater. Specs have not been released yet. Currently on the market DTS:X Pro supports up to 30 speaker positions with 4 different layers of speaker arrangements, as seen below.
  10. Come again? You can't be serious. "as" is a two letter word holding a lot of weight within your little comment.
  11. I respectfully disagree. Why would we not want to save $9 and receive a free button pin all in the same motion? This should be the recommendation. IMHO it never should have been this complicated. If the bundle included the poster and cling, why not also include the button standard. Much simpler for folks. Just price in the "discount" without any user input. Right now, some buyers are known to have been disadvantaged.
  12. What was in your carts during checkout? How much did you pay? What do the email invoices tell you? That email is titled "Your Klipsch.com order confirmation". It should look something like this
  13. 40% are already accounted for. Not bad for less than a full day! Just noticed that the systems only allows one single standard edition book to be added to the cart, but I can add every single remaining limited edition book. That just should have never happened. Please send a note to the code writer for the website sales pages. So because of this, I can tell you there are 46 limited editions remaining ATM, but I still have no answer about how many standard editions are still around. Did we get that answer from the Distribution Center yet?
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