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    Secondary system Epson 5040ub; 106" Stewart StudioTek screen on a Balon Borderless frame, Marantz AV7013; Monolith 7X amp; Niles 2125 amp; Oppo UDP-203; JBL 250Ti Fronts; JBL 240Ti Center; JBL 250Ti Surrounds; 4 X JBL L20T3 Atmos; Dual Monolith 12 subs; ProCo 10ga speaker cables; Monolith IC's; Nvidia Shield; Harmony Elite Remote. DIY OC703+G.O.M. acoustic panels; triple black velvet covered walls.

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  1. Not mine. Are these yours? https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/ram/ele/d/saint-paul-klipsch-chorus-ii/7334174574.html From ad: $1400 Klipsch Chorus II. I thought these would be my last speakers (hence the work I put into them), but due to a new little they often play very quietly and that's just not fair to them. They sound amazing, and sound even better as you get the volume up a bit and some power behind them. I have driven them with an HK430, a CXA60, and a 220 wpc B&K 2220 and each brings out a different sound. Good- Sapele veneer w/ new white grill cloth. Functionally perfect. Crites tweeter and full Crites crossover. Cabinets sealed, new gasket on all the drivers. Bad- Passives have a couple small but meticulously patched pinholes. Used proper speaker glue from Midwest speaker. Comes with two recone kits from simply speakers and a spare KD16 basket. Veener has some small wrinkles but you have to be in right light to notice. Original speaker grills included but need to be redone. Black paint on the back needs one last touchup, I had to bring it up before it got cold.
  2. Just reminding others that these have the ability be perfectly synced, within the app, to create a wireless stereo pair.
  3. Who doesn't love free shipping?
  4. Why not drop the price. It's Memorial Day. A day for honoring all those who have fallen.
  5. Add this to your watchlist. It's a silent film, you know, before the talkies. This one is with the long thought lost original soundtrack
  6. What did you pay for them? If you have any issue getting an RMA on those I am sure there is interest here for them.
  7. Correct. I can't even spell Shunyata let alone pay for it. This is mostly just getting the length correct and the XLR 35 and 50 foot runs should be a technical improvement over the RCA counterparts I am replacing. The change is now I have XLR dual sub outs on the Marantz AV7703. The "Onyx" rca cables are locking. I have been using "Onyx" rca cables for my subs.
  8. 314carpenter

    Dead Deal

    It was a one day thing.
  9. Just some changes to how my subs are connected, connecting an amp in another zone, and a bit of rack cleanup.
  10. Great news. I would like to know, is it actually available today? As in currently stocked for an immediate purchase?
  11. Check in Garage then. There is a new FS listing for a OEM KD-16 ⏲️ 💣💥
  12. I prefer that commentary be in PM. PLEASE DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD unless you actually intend to purchase at the listed price. If you want to ask general questions, make suggestions, or provide your opinions, there are other threads here to do so. Please understand this is a sale thread and not intended as discussion thread. I will gladly chat with you on the regular threads. OEM Klipsch KD-16 (only one single, not a pair) in used condition is now up for sale. As of today, this is the only place in the world where you can buy one in this exact condition. The sale will be limited to this forum only, for Klipsch forum members only (minimum post count of 30). I am not interested in selling this on any other site, or to anyone other than Klipsch members. For that reason alone, this sale will be available here indefinitely. If you can read this then yes, it is still for sale. Sorry international friends, but this sale is for CONUS only. I have one spare single Chorus II speaker stored in a secure part of the interior of my home. It is entirely a spare as I am using its mate for my center channel. What is for sale here is only the passive (drone) radiator that is currently still installed in that speaker where it will remain until a sale is imminent. It is in great shape and there are no cosmetic abnormalities. It is perfectly functional and all original. It will be handled and packaged with the most care possible. The shipping service will be up to the buyer, but I prefer USPS here. Who may want to buy this? 1) someone who does not own all of the parts to repair one fully. 2) someone who does not want to DIY with a repair kit 3) someone who does not want to send their stuff out to a repair center 4) someone who wants to have a spare, just in case 5) someone who can not wait over 1 year for Klipsch parts to reply to a request for a replacement, only to finally be told that the current inventory available to ship today is zero. What will I sacrifice by selling this? 1) I will not have a pair of speakers anymore, making it exponentially harder to a Chorus II single later. Likely loosing money overall. 2) I will not have the KD-16 for my own spare, just in case. I use 5 of these daily in my setup, so it is much more likely I could have future use for it. 3) Probably my reputation here on this thread, because every time a Klipsch passive gets the center of attention someone always gets roasted and the thread turn into a $@% show. For that reason alone I will not be responding inside of this thread. So have fun, cause I am only available via email on this. So why all of the jive then? Because this is not the first time I made this offer here, and I learned from that past experience. Sorry if you are a potential buyer, and you were not aware of any past sales. I am a very reputable member of this community, and my reputation will not be diminished because of petty disagreements on garage sales. I will stand behind everything on this. Members who act out by not respecting the terms of the Forum, or the terms set within this post will simply be serving to only disrespect themselves. Price is the all inclusive price of $350 payable by Paypal only, or we can arrange to meet if you are regional. You can pick it up at my address for $300.
  13. I had glass tops before, so I know if any marks were actually left behind they will easily rub out using a piece of a brown paper bag. I have 20 pound marble slabs on top of mine with thin neoprene like pads and have no problems with that leaving marks or sticking either. The protection you gain with a solid surface cover in comparison with an exposed wood surface is hardly worth the argument. The true concern would be subjective to the owners opinion on the aesthetics of added tops.
  14. @dwilawyer Has there been a determination of limiting the limited book to one per person or household? Looking at you signed limited edition. If so, how will this be implemented? Internal vetting? Software programing on the order page? This is a first time thing for Klipsch so I would like to see it done properly and as was originally intended. I would love this to go smoothly and never see the ugly side show up. I have seen bad things happen many times before when the intended consumers could not get limited items. It can go well beyond hoarding and flipping. It is not really a $175 book we are talking about here, once you factor in the grab bag of other included items. If later this venture were to evolve into a series of collectable books, the value of this one could easily triple.
  15. I learned how to drift in this car. I went everywhere sideways and always left a trail behind. Competition level sound system using the latest Sony ES DSP and a Soundstream 8 speaker setup including a fully packed trunk full of subs blasting Daft Punk 24/7. My backup ride at the time was a Ford Bronco II with an award winning paint job that included multiple themes like Scottish Plaid that was actually worth more than the vehicle it was on. Oh, to be that dumb, I mean young again!
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