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    Main system : Panasonic TC-P60ST60 plasma; Denon AVR-X6200W; Outlaw 5000; CARVER AV-806X; Klipsch RSW-10 sub; modified Klipsch Chorus II Fronts; modified Klipsch Forte II center; modified Klipsch Chorus II surrounds; modified Klipsch Academy rear heights; JBL L20T3 front heights; Mogami 10ga speaker cables, Mogami interconnects; custom gaming pc

    Secondary system LG 47" LCD; Onkyo tx-nr818; CARVER TFM-42; JBL L100T3 Fronts; JBL L40T3 Center; JBL L100T3 Surrounds; Mogami cables; custom htpc/server.

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  1. Klipsch Quartet in Phoenix AZ - $350

    @rszoke You should be the one buying this for your center channel, using the better cabinet of the 2. You would not need the risers anyway.
  2. For this listing only, I am encouraging anyone with input to post it here in this thread. Speak you mind for all the community to hear you. I will post a reply in this thread when it is necessary. Until is says sold, it is still available. All original, unmolested, completely working, functioning, great condition, great cosmetically, no smoke, no pets, top shipping packaging included, or I can meet you half way This is one of the amplifiers that is considered to be one of the best Bob Carver amps he ever designed. Much of his fame came from the TFM. "Transfer Function Calibration Allows This Amplifier To Have Sonic Characteristics As Close To The Carver 'Silver Seven' Tube Amplifier As Possible For A Solid State Unit. Bob Carver Doesn't Say It Performs Exactly Like That Fantastic Tube Amplifier, But His Goal Was To Come As Close As Possible". You can buy a parts donor on ebay for this price, or a sketchy repair, that has now mysteriously gone wrong. Or you can just buy this or that for this$ or that$, but don't tell me about it, just go do that instead. Pure factory stock with me here, the rest is up to you. Shipping and insurance is up to you, I do the packing. It will be shipped double boxed,1st box will be non-biodegradable foam peanuts. Second box will be double walled cardboard surrounded on all sides with rigid foam and all voids filled with same foam peanuts. Live video demo available via skype or whatever you choose. $350.00 for the amplifier and packaging needed for shipping.
  3. Klipsch Quartet in Minneapolis

    Told you it would be a quick sale, again I am not affiliated. Go ahead and keep thinking you are going to buy Klipsch Quartet Oiled Oak in 9/10 condition all original for $400 xxxx miles away. Or just keep waiting another 3 years for your chance. I don't understand you guys thinking these things are worth so little when they keep getting snapped up. I did not post a pic? I look at my own Quartet pair of equal or better condition everyday? You want to see? Send a PM, pics of mine will be better than low res CL photos converted to low res forum thread photos of some other guys stuff. If they were shot to hell, they would still be listed, but that is what is so great about Klipsch cabinets, built like a bull no-shit. Now they are gone, move on.
  4. Klipsch Quartet in Minneapolis

    Not affiliated, just a rare bird. $400 is a quick sale. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/dak/ele/d/klipsch-quartets/6467496919.html
  5. Chorus 1 Build / Rebuild

    If you were just starting out, I would have recommended using Dupli-Color 1608 black lacquer semi-gloss. This is within 5# of the original Klipsch black lacquer sheen. Another product link https://duplicolor.com/product/premium-lacquer
  6. Progressive Insurance

    I had a great experience with Progressive. South Dakota 11PM in May 2016 going west on I-90 going 80 mph w/cruise control set. A whitetail was running at a 45 degree angle into my direction, and I obliterated the deer and my car. Grill,lights,fender,front door,rear door,rear quarter panel,rocker panel,front wheel,OEM paint on a 2016 Mazda 3 with less than 10,000 miles at that point. Progressive had a office inside of the auto body shop, spent 40 days rebuilding my car, and called me nearly daily with updates, and if I had concerns, they were able to meet all of my nitpicks. Never raised my premium. Cheaper than any get a quotes I ever tried. With them 10 years now.
  7. Chorus 1 Build / Rebuild

    @jjptkd Allow me to suggest that at this point you add a few more steps here. Clear semi-floss lacquer finish spray. The factory used a #40 sheen lacquer primer, then #40 sheen black lacquer, with a clear #40 sheen to protect. So to make the lacquer spray not wrinkle the existing finish, use this product first as a seal coathttps://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/zinsser/interior-wood-finishes/bulls-eye-shellac/ . Then add this product https://www.rustoleum.com/product-catalog/consumer-brands/watco/lacquer-clear-wood-finish?ls=63181&lc=Semi-Gloss
  8. Near Madison, Wisconsin. I have decided to put up for sale to the Klipsch Community only, for a limited time, an offer to buy any and all of my collection of Klipsch Academy speakers. I have 2 in black lacquer, and 1 in medium oak. I have 1 in the original box (black), including foam and plastic sleeve . Condition varies slightly between each. Grills are perfect. Tops are perfect. Backs are perfect. The finishes are in great shape, and no bare wood is showing anywhere. If there were a scratch it would be on the side or bottom and would be minor. The cabinets corners and edges are perfect. No chips. I am not at this time shipping any of these, so it is for those able to drive the distance, so even though I have an original box, it is not for shipping purposes at this time. Live listening sessions are available. You also can BOYOS (bringyourownspeakers). Please do not comment, "too bad", unless you are a serious buyer and have the intent on making a trip here. Send a PM if you want photos. If significant interest should arise I will add pics later. Prices range $275 - $350
  9. Someone needs to snag these ASAP - Forte 2 for parts NJ

    the passive drones are worth it.
  10. What I Got Today!

    What I sold today I came to an agreement with a member from another site to sell him my Carver TFM-42 and my Carver AV-806x. Will be shipping them this week. Thankfully I was able to keep them off E-bay, while still helping a fellow audiophile keep his hobby going. He will rebuild them, I will have funds for a new project myself. I will get all I have invested in them back out at the end, not loosing anything while I enjoyed them the last few years. I love the way this hobby works.
  11. AV Receiver Recommendation

    Here is a recent video and written review from a very reliable source of an AV receiver that is similar to one that I can definitely vouch for. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3KWgrR1UDA
  12. I don't know if this topic has ever been discussed before, would anyone direct me to a thread doing A/B comparison of A-55-G vs K-52/K-53-Ti. Yes, I am aware changing drivers may require crossover changes. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/klipsch-replacement-speaker-diaphragm-127122.html
  13. I have read about others having success using other Klipsch center speakers, but the ones I have listed are the only, quality, centers I ever used personally. The thing the Academy had going for it was the timbre match with the extended heritage. I know better centers have come along since then, but I have heard they do loose a portion of the timbre vs the Academy. I could easily be wrong here. I currently have the new to me oiled oak chorus II's in various stages of refinishing. I actually removed as much of the original oils as possible using lacquer thinner, sanded 120/220 and applied a non-grain raising "NGR" dye to simulate the old warm patina. Looking like new, except the risers which I will need to re-veneer at a future time. Just not sure where they will ultimately be placed in the room. This pair has completely stock components. Good for another A/B session later. I might even get out the Carver TFM-42 375W x 2 and do some A/B with the Outlaw 5000. Oh were going to have some pissed off neighbors.