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    Secondary system Epson 5040UB projector on 92" Elite Screen; Denon X4400H; Monolith 7X; OPPO UDP-203; JBL 250Ti Fronts; JBL 240Ti Center; JBL 240Ti Surrounds; Mogami cables; DIY 703 acoustic panels

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  1. I will include four 2" wide X 10" long black Velcro strips to firmly secure the crossovers to the bottom of the speaker cabinets. No soldering. Easy install. I will also include an electrical schematic to help with the wiring. Mark sure you mark the + terminal of each speaker before doing anything. Also check the polarity of each speakers wiring before disconnecting anything. The factory crossovers are most likely attached to the terminal cup. Those can easily be removed with a nut driver or ratchet.
  2. Will be making a drill press table with backstop and sacrificial insert for this drill later. No changing of belt pulleys, as it is variable speed with the pull of a lever. The vice is a huge upgrade over the last one.
  3. Very cool. BTW, I hope to have my amp gone tomorrow. I have 2 serious buyers, one local.
  4. Sometimes it is difficult to keep my garage/workshop above 60 degrees for certain wood working and finishing jobs. This should help out on the coldest of days. I have an LP hose long enough to keep the propane tank outside, just have to remember to shut off the gas before spraying anything.
  5. Bought this for one reason only. Tone mapping via HDR optimizer function. Looking forward to better looking 4K spinners on my 106" Stewart StudioTek FilmScreen and less projector settings roulette. Will absolutely be keeping my OPPO-203 for all other purposes though.
  6. The two K-25-K woofers I have are best suited for someone who only wants ORIGINAL parts for a Forte II restoration. I Probably have the only 2 available in the country at the moment. No one in the current market is scraping Forte II's for parts and all of the original replacement K-25-K's have been gone for 15 years.
  7. Yes, different in some parameters and manufacturing technicalities, such as a much smaller magnet, but sonically adequate enough for original crossovers and cabinets and most importantly your ears. The K-28-K is/was recommended as the drop in replacement for K-25-K due to the lack of OEM replacement parts for the K-25-K.
  8. Oh well. Don't mind hanging on to them myself for when a forum member needs them for something more than profit. oops, did I just say that? I meant good luck.
  9. looking forward to your upcoming post
  10. There is no debate to be had there. Everyone should now be aware of the fact that WiFi is better SQ over BT. The Zen Blue series is all about lower cost, higher performance. For those that want higher SQ than BT can provide, while still maintaining an ultra low price point, check out the following link Product Of The Year 2019:‌ Desktop Components- The Wondrous iFi ZEN‌ DAC Headphone Amp/DAC Combo Review! stretching the budget and you could have a better dac with this... https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/audiolab-6000n-play available here... https://hifiheaven.net/shop/Audiolab-6000N-Play-Wireless-Audio-Streaming-Player-Black
  11. quoting from the article above "Most Bluetooth audio products are built not by the company whose employees wear their brand, but by an original design manufacturer you've never heard of. And the Bluetooth receiver used in an audio product probably wasn't made by the ODM, but by yet another manufacturer. The more complex a digital product is, and if there are more engineers working on it, the more likely it is that no one knows everything about what's really going on inside the device. One format could easily be transcoded into another, and you'd never know it because almost no Bluetooth receiving device will tell you what the incoming format is." The last phrase intrigues me enough to go further into detail here. I happen to know that the new IFI Zen Blue wireless streamer is indeed a device that does tell you what the incoming format is. It is also the ONLY bluetooth receiver on the market that supports all codecs including the new LDAC and HWA codecs Per manual: Codec The colour of the ‘iFi’ logo in the centre of the front display represents the file format received: Format LED AAC Yellow aptX Blue aptX HD Magenta LDAC* Cyan HWA* White SBC Green *Available via future firmware update
  12. I own two K-25-K Woofers just sitting here all boxed up waiting for a day like this. LOL.🙄 What do you have in trade? PM sent PS: I also have a pair of Crites crossovers on wood boards for Forte II's if interested
  13. Contemplating a cash offer, as my previous trade offer was not accepted.
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