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  1. You're not the first person to put your hands behind your ears to hear something better, doing so increases the highs and attenuates the lows. Why? It's because your hands aren't big enough to reflect a 34 Hz sound wave
  2. $75 ain't that much coin, id pick it up and still look for another forte or a heresy, I used a rc3 for a center between fortes untill I found a more appropriate speaker.
  3. an absurd statement ApplyPly is a manufacture of plywood Baltic Birch is a type of plywood supplied by several lumberyards
  4. Skelt


    Um, no thank you. You can have my jabs
  5. Skelt


    Looks like covid wasn't as efficient as was predicted
  6. During final testing at the klipsch factory sometimes it is found that a particular speaker performs especially well with a certain style of music. The tester may put a code on the lable indicating their findings. In the past I have seen on labels RB..rhythm & blues HR..hard rock BG..bluegrass Could RV be "rap voiced"? @coyote is always looking for DM which we all know stands for Donny & Marie
  7. I got this on a trade..... Brought it home and told the wife she's living in Mt Hope now
  8. Easiest repair? Drill & tap for set screws
  9. Really? Show us some pictures of your welds on a k400
  10. Don't try to weld over the stripped threads. That much heat could destroy that end of the horn. I would bore that end out to 1.500 to 1.501, make a sleeve with 1.500 od x 1-3/8-18 id and press it in using sleeve adhesive.
  11. The older one was made using a sand casting process. The later was die cast.
  12. Saw a mink run across the back yard a few years ago. For the next few days something was killing my rabbits and only eating the throats
  13. My 1955 khorn has the clear version attached to the collar.
  14. Does the bathroom have 220v baseboard heaters?
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