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  1. It depends in what you are into. I believe my mismatched pair was haunted. When listening to various music at low levels, I would hear phones ringing but when I answered there would be no one on the line. And I would hear someone knocking on my door but no one there. I lived at 4 different places and had the same experience. Shortly after the service my fortes stayed with my sister and her husband for a while. They made similar comments on how they would answer the door and phone only to find no one there. Then years later my wife asked me if those fortes were like really good speakers. I laughed and said "of course they're good speakers why?" She said she keeps answering the door but there ain't nobody there!
  2. Nothing to worry about the impedance is the same for both speakers. The drivers and crossovers are electrically the same.
  3. I had a pair of forte 1s that different input cups too. They sounded different from each other, not in a bad way but different. There are construction differences. I think one has full length firring strips along the corners inside the cabs.
  4. The right to assembly hasn't been suspended. But I suppose the beach goers don't think about those things.
  5. Rabbits aren't rodents. Wiki
  6. I'm one step closer to picking these up. No drivers are included. The recommended drivers are well beyond my budget. How would a k55 work? vit_hf_horn.pdf
  7. My kids like that song "Thunder" ? by FWM
  8. Prince Ruperts drop That reminds me of this video.
  9. I, for one, am glad to see @Arash is able to post again considering the current state of afairs of his home country.
  10. I still owe $1400 on last year taxes
  11. Skelt

    Rip Bill Rieflin

    Drummed for King Crimson, Rem, NIN and others Bill Rieflin.
  12. I don't have them yet. Still on the fence. Im thinking they might be a good midhorn for mwms. Indoors? Not a chance I could have those inside, but in the garage there are possibilities.
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