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  1. The Neil Armstrong museum in Wapakoneta is outfitted with klipsch their theater.
  2. It's more like Lucas had to come up with a premise for the movies and that's all he could muster? Hardly an original concept.
  3. Read the opening crawl for the Phantom menace
  4. I seem to remember a Lucas interview where he said he wrote the entire star wars as one long manuscript but it was obviously too long for one movie. So he made the first three movies from the middle where the most action was. I was disappointed to find out that the whole struggle was over taxes.
  5. The Tangent 100 & 1000 series only came in black ash. Some love em and others not so much. They have decent components and sounds close to fortes. They are worth at least the value of their components.
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F223445110761 Allow perhaps 12 weeks or more for delivery.
  7. After serving in the army my sister and her husband said that I could store my stereo at their place, a modest 14 x 70 foot mobile home. We never thought much about how far the music would travel. I think it was a holloween party that finally brought the police over. I guess it was pretty late bc the cops had to shine flashlights though the windows of the trailer to get our attention. On that Monday my sis had to pay her lot rent and was told that the park manager received 85 #$@!!! complaints about that #!@#!!! stereo!
  8. Schedule 80 pvc conduit. Then machine what diameters you need.
  9. The first photo has a glossy reflection that looks like a lacquered finish and the label says lacquer, my vote is for lacquer.
  10. Not mine fortunately. https://columbus.craigslist.org/ele/d/westerville-klipsch-chorus-with-bob/6795435629.html Klipsch Chorus with Bob Crites upgrades - $1500 (Westerville) My wife and I have decided to downgrade the speakers in our living room. WE feel that bookshelf speakers will be a better match aesthetically moving forward for OUR living room redesign. I upgraded the tweeters, mids, and crossovers with Bob Crites components. The mids and crossovers are the standard Crites offerings, the tweeters are his Titanium stock. Functionally they are better than new 10/10, the condition of the cabinets can be seen in pictures, probably 7/10. They really look better in person, the camera exaggerated the poor aesthetics of the grills, just like my wife. Anyway, $1500 for the speakers or the wife, whatever.
  11. If you can get an appliance dolly and your good with it and it's a straight shot, then it shouldn't be a problem. It all depends on the person and their tools. I knew an old man in his eighties that built a wooden slide for his basement stairs somehow there was an electrical winch involved and he could move washers and dryers and deep freezers up and down those stairs.
  12. I think the crossovers are original. They appear to have the same caps as a pair of 1975 scalas that were in my recent past.
  13. I bought one over a year ago. The label fell off after the first washing.
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