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  1. My grandparents had only 1. If you lived at a high enough elevation you might be able to pick up another station or two but nobody had good picture quality, Needless to say TV wasn't a big deal deal down in those hills there never was much interesting on.
  2. Skelt

    Corona has vanished!

    Age 85 and over the percentage of the population with obesity is much smaller than the other age groups.
  3. Another 5 year old thread resurrected, no doubt covid is to blame.
  4. I look for the free ones a month after easter
  5. We make a rabbit pizza at my house with rabbit sausage.
  6. Can't beat this one Free CL colo springs > general for sale - by owner ... ◀ prev ▲ next ▶ reply ⚐ Free Klipsch, Polk speakers - $0 (7684 safari circle. 80920) image 1 of 4 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap Free! 2 Klipsch rear surround speakers, Free 1 large Polk center speaker, beautifucome get them l! do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers post id: 7168580286 posted: about a month ago updated: about 5 hours ago email to friend ♥ best of [?] safety tips prohibited items product recalls avoiding scams © 2020 craigslist help safety privacynew feedback terms about mobile
  7. You could swap crossovers to be sure that is the problem then send it to Bob. What caps are in them now?
  8. My ears can't tell the difference.
  9. I have one but buying a diaphragm from Bob C. would be cheaper.
  10. Skelt

    Beer Drinkers

    Depends on the beer. Hefeweißbier must be in a glass barley beers I can drink from the bottle. under no circumstances will I drink from a green bottle or the beer init.
  11. Skelt

    VW Deluxe buses

    Willing to trade for new khorns + cash
  12. Skelt

    VW Deluxe buses

    And you have to accept the fact that one of them has a tree for a door hinge.
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