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  1. Skelt

    NFL - 2018

    Even though I don't follow football any more, when I hear of the steelers loosing it brings a small smile to my face.
  2. Skelt

    86 Klipschorns. Northern Ohio

    You are super close. I'm in homerville. It's too bad I just got khorns a few weeks ago. Didn't you just get those back in the summer?
  3. Skelt

    ‘89 LaScalas: SOLD PENDING

    Prayers for your mother in law and family. Pm for you.
  4. Skelt

    Forte III for $1k if you can fix the chip!

    Well it is distressed oak. If only there was a pair....
  5. Easy enough to change into one. I did that mod a few years ago. The T400 would benefit with a change to a 4 ohm woofer like a K23 or k25. The H2 to H3 upgrade kit would be dynamite.
  6. Skelt

    1950s khorns

    Thanks Jim, that is soooo cool. It appears that I'm the 2nd owner. Here is a receipt for the Belle
  7. Skelt

    domes of silence

    I was just looking for some "Domes of Silence" , mine are missing on a set of khorns. It seems they are made in the UK. Does anyone have a state side retailer for these?
  8. These have been on craigs for a while https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-heresy-iii-heritage/6746394059.html
  9. Skelt

    1975 Belles BKWO

    Thank you everyone for all of the kind comments. These are now sold.
  10. Skelt

    1975 Belles BKWO

    The tops
  11. Skelt

    1975 Belles BKWO

    @wvu80 Thanks, I'm just really excited with my new winter project. I have the original owners packet that came with the Belles.
  12. Skelt

    1975 Belles BKWO

    Bump and price drop. 2k for 3 Belles
  13. Skelt

    1975 Belles BKWO

    Motivated seller here gentlemen. Come see them and make me an offer. you never know what you might leave with. Last year I sold a pair of Heresys and the buyer left with lascalas too. More photos on request.
  14. Skelt

    Khorns Barn find Ohio

    There is a pair just not matching. One collared and this one without. For now they are keepers and I have a pair of nice Belles + a rough single belle in the garage sale. The older one will take much more effort. It was lacquered and is peeling. Most of the old lacquer scraped off with a putty knife but some areas will need a thinner. The top is missing a piece of veneer. I might reveneer the top on that one.
  15. Skelt

    1950s khorns

    @JRH. is there any arcive info on khorn sn 1030?