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  1. Does the bathroom have 220v baseboard heaters?
  2. Jeff stated 5 grams Does it matter? Until the job is done. Until then no one is safe. If you have to ask........
  3. Skelt

    Straight Razor?

    If you are looking for a razor that can be sharpened daily and still be a "safety razor" check out a Rolls Razor.
  4. Anyone living in Appalachia knows that ramps are the smelliest food especially in the spring.
  5. 63/37 has the lowest melting point and is eutectic in other words it has no "plastic state"
  6. All have been tested good on a Lafayette KT-209 16 single getter 5u4GBs various labels. $5 each 3 RCAs 3 GEs 3 Westinghouse 1 Philco 1 silver tone 1 CBS 3 unbranded 1 Fender $10 on this one 6 Dual getter 5U4GB $10 each 2 Sylvania 1 tung sol 1 Raytheon 1 philco 1 channel master 44 Sylvania branded 12AT7s $5 each or $15 for a quad
  7. @wuzzzergot it right. Its part of the quality assurance process at the klipsch factory. RB is the initials of the cabinet builder.
  8. Do you know someone with a small lathe? Polish the valve seat if pitted and not too deep.
  9. This speaker was specially voiced for Rhythm and Blues
  10. I expect the way klipsch packed them would be good. Put the speakers in a plastic bag then boxes and keep them off the floor. I have kp301s and MWMs in an unheated garage where winter temps can drop below 0 F. They are clamped to the ceiling and I normally don't fire them up if its really cold.
  11. First published in 1833 it has some of the most horrific and grisly stories I've ever read.
  12. You'd better share for goodness sake
  13. Cover with smoked glass and don't worry about it.
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