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  1. I found this place for street signs Custom signs I hate the way this place lures me into spending money
  2. Skelt


    I put an elk in my freezer last year.
  3. Here is another sign I have a $100 bounty on. This one is in my home town.
  4. Yes it takes 2 yards cut 36 x 144 to do khorns. A 36 x 72 did cornies and a forte. I'll just hang on to it. I thought you wanted a swath to check out.
  5. It's not big enough for heresys, a lascala grill is about it. Its what was left ovet after a pair of cornwalls and a single forte.
  6. I have a left over 14 x 36 piece of new dura crest from Bob C. If you want it $20 shipped. send me a pm.
  7. I'd pay $100 + shipping if you're interested
  8. Check the input voltage before changing cords. 220v is an option for overseas.
  9. I need sign like that for my garage
  10. If anyone wants to go halves on them Belles send me a pm
  11. That's right. Keep them inside and keep the volume control in the same room as the speakers and you'll be able to tell if the speakers are in distress.
  12. Robby Krieger Eric Johnson Angus Young Malcolm Young Robert Fripp Alex Lifeson David Gilmour Jerry Garcia Kirk Hammet Richie Blackmore Joe Perry
  13. To call them clones is an overstatement. Inspired might be a better adjective. Edit: I just read @jimjimbo post
  14. Both fedex and ups offer freight service. As does roadway, us freight and many others. Have it all on a pallet and strapped down, give them a call to schedule a pick up and work out loading details. You may have to load them yourself. Best to have them at dock height. Roadway delivered a pallet to my residence a few months ago. I had to schedule the delivery and they wanted details on what my driveway was like. They brought a box truck and unloaded it.
  15. Smoking was permitted everywhere when I was young. I can remember ash trays being in the waiting room of the family doctor. The local store would sell tobacco/beer to kids thinking it was for their pa. I was sent to buy cigarettes when I was 10 years old. It was no big deal. Everybody new each other but later when the kids became teenagers the store owner new their pa didn't smoke 3 packs a day or drink 2 cases on the weekend.
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