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  1. 5 reels if anyone wants them.
  2. This one has harman kardon pcbs. and weighs 14 lbs
  3. Can't find much on this one
  4. This one has pioneer numbers.
  5. This one is from an HP something.
  6. I picked these up at an audio related estate sale. I think most if not all are power transformers. I'm thinking $5- 20 each. At least two have cloth insulated wires.
  7. I thought about putting them in my Ks or my cornies but i have too many projects at this time.
  8. Still available, thanks for the bump
  9. Get a flange adapter and use a k55
  10. The flange measures 23 1/2 x 10 x 14 deep to the driver mounting flange
  11. SOLD in good shape no repairs that I can find but would look better with new paint
  12. I have a pb16 ultra. It is One hell of a sub to say the least. It can shake my house like claude's subs shakes his. It'll dim the lights through the house when it hits hard.
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