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    2003 Klipschorns ribbon mahogany with ak-4 crossovers,Line Magnetic LM-126ia Limited Edition amp with Marantz SA-KI 40th Anniversary SACD Player,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner ,Yamaha PF-800 turntable Audio Tekne power conditioner and Schiit Mani phonostage

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  1. If you are planning a vacation may I suggest the beautiful smoky mountains of Tennessee and if you come this way I will buy your speakers.
  2. These pictures are from a sold ad from California that someone copied and tried to run a scam.Same thing happened yesterday with a pair of ads l2030’s that sold last week.
  3. He is firm on his price and has had a few people interested, I thought the deal came with a complete set of extra drivers and was told it was just extra woofers.
  4. Go grab them I was looking for a winter project,looks like they need some trim pieces replaced and I wanted to refinish the cabinets.The seller seems like a nice guy
  5. Looks like I am not going to get them a little mixup on my part, just too far to drive 700 mile round trip is just too far
  6. I have added pictures of the center channel,subwoofer and front left and right speakers.The rear speakers are just as nice and I have them wrapped up and in storage in my spare bedroom
  7. Complete SVS ultra home theater setup Ultra towers with Ultra center channel, ultra rear speakers and massive SVS ultra PB-16 subwoofer.All speakers in beautiful gloss black finish and sound amazing .I do not have the remote control for the subwoofer I used my iPad to make adjustments,subwoofer has the upgraded feet.Price for everything is 4000.00 I will not split up , I do not have the boxes and the subwoofer is around 175 pounds.
  8. I I checked this ad first thing this morning before heading out for most of the day, I just got in and posted more pictures.I also put in my last response that I don’t have a PayPal account and was hoping for a local deal. I have had a few transactions with rmlowz,joessportster and discgolfer and I mailed them payment or met them to complete transactions.
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