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    Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers Line Magnetic 219ia amp,Line Magnetic 502ca DAC,Lexicon RT-20 as a transport,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner,Yamaha Ypd-8 turntable,schiit mani phonostage,audio Tekne alt8905 power conditioner,PS Audio P-300 power conditioner with Audio Tekne interconnects,Power cords and Pure Silver connection speakerwires with Billy Bags audio rack

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  1. bkwa1959

    I can’t do Khorns in this room, right?

    You need to measure the distance between your bookcase and you outside wall,you need 31" between the two
  2. My experience has been the same,JC and Bob are both great to deal with.
  3. bkwa1959

    Rough running van

    I am guessing they are original,I will look at a couple of things in the morning.thanks
  4. bkwa1959

    Rough running van

    In Jan I changed the egr valve and alternator last week it started to misfire and since then I have completed a major tune up with plugs,wires,coil pack and removed and cleaned the mpair mass unit,sensor and throttle body,I have checked for bad hoses and I plan on today looking for bad grounds and again look at all the hoses.Thanks everyone for their input.I was lucky that the van acted up 1 mile from home.I was going to use the van to make a trip to Georgia to pickup a pair of KPT-684's.I had to use my Sienna van to make the trip and when I finished loading the speakers the van was full.
  5. bkwa1959

    Rough running van

    I will try that tomorrow ,thanks
  6. bkwa1959

    Rough running van

    My van is running so bad that it does not want to idle and I have to really push the gas peddle to keep it running,I just returned from auto zone and they are telling me fuel pressure check and I plan on trying that tomorrow.They said it could be injectors,fuel pump or loose wires or vacuum leak.I have checked for vacuum leaks and I don't see any.
  7. bkwa1959

    Rough running van

    The fuel filter is in the gas tank and when my van started acting up,I got a code p0300 and with that code I could be a number of things,wires,replaced plugs,replaced,coil again replaced,then an auto zone person told me to try and clean the mass air unit and I cleaned it and still rough idle and now the code reads done.aThe van is running too rough to try and take it to auto zone,I am going to again check for vacuum leaks and if that is it I guess it could be fuel filter or bad injectors .The van has 165k miles on it.
  8. bkwa1959

    Rough running van

    I know this is not Klipsch speaker related,but I have 2005 town and country van that is running rough,I have changed the plugs,plug wires,coil pack and did a clean of the air mass unit ,the sensor and other small sensor.The van is still running rough,I can smell gas,so I am pretty sure the fuel pump is working,does anyone the forum have any idea what it could be.I use the van to pickup Klipsch speakers,so it could be considered a Klipsch forum topic.
  9. bkwa1959

    Klipsch K-402

    Has anyone ever painted a pair of Klipsch K-402 horns,I want to try and put together a Jubilee setup ,but I would want to dress up the large horn.
  10. bkwa1959

    Finished with Cigarbum's Klipschorns

    IB Slammin I want to thank you for your emails for me to keep the jbl 2446h midranges,I have been using them with Volti VTK-400 crossovers and I was ready to sell them and try something else,today I kept making adjustments with crossover and I found the right combination today.The speakers now are noting short of state of the art,they image,have sweet dynamic top end with great solid bass.The music seems to continue after the last note,I also have been trying out different amps and I remember you and a couple of other members talking that Bob's Klipschorns were some of the best you have ever heard,I think the McIntosh C-34v preamp may have help you guys come to that conclusion.The tone controls and the adjustable loudness control really blend well with the speakers,thanks again for urging me to keep them.
  11. bkwa1959

    Finished with Cigarbum's Klipschorns

    Maxell 35-180 10.5 tape with head switch at 2 channel.
  12. bkwa1959

    Finished with Cigarbum's Klipschorns

    They definitely sound better than they look,I have a pair of Klipschorns and wanted t try the 2" horns with upgraded midranges,tweeters and crossovers,but my pair of Klipschorns are1981 vintage and are like new and I did not want to change them(other than wiring)when these popped up I thought I would try and buy them.It has been a challenge,but it has been worth it,I need to thank IB slammin for pushing me to keep the jbl2446h midranges,I wanted to change them due to the weight,I just put pieces of wood under them to help support the midranges and they sound wonderful.
  13. bkwa1959

    Finished with Cigarbum's Klipschorns

    Mark, I have been playing the reel to reel and some tapes sound better than others,some tapes seem to try and play both sides at once.Looks like the tapes in the blue boxes have never been used.I knew when I was buying these pieces that they were going to need a little TLC,the turntable needed adjustments to the arm for the que to work plus a new belt,the preamp had a little static in a couple of the controls,the tape deck needed the heads cleaned and a couple of adjustments and the speakers needed the horns repaired and trying to square up the tops and bottom of the top hats.Everything has been interesting to say the least.The turntable sounds great,the speakers are also sounding great and the preamp is classic and has the classic McIntosh sound(I wish it had a remote)I am heading down to JC's in couple of weeks to pick up a couple of subs ,I hope to be able to listen to his system.My next goal is to try and get a pair of jubilee's.I heard a pair at Rich's home when I picked up the 3 Lascala II's he was selling on the forum a couple of months ago.My wife and I really enjoyed meeting Bob and his girlfriend when we picked up the speakers,I hate we had to meet like that with him selling his system.The reason I have been posting updates on the speakers was my hopes that he would visit the site and see that the speakers he thought so much of was being brought back to life and being enjoyed instead of sitting idle.
  14. bkwa1959

    Finished with Cigarbum's Klipschorns

    I was able to use them and I just used some shims to support the weight of the midranges, I will really get in to tweaking the speakers tonight.I plan on listening to the reel to reel tonight
  15. I finally finished the Klipschorns tonight ,in my spare time I repaired and tried the best of my limited skills level of the top hats and horns.I think the weight of the massive JBL midranges put a lot of stress on the horns.I then had to try and get the horns to sit flush on the bass cabinets.I then sanded and painted the cabinets satin black with PPG diamond paint,I had to make braces for the top hats .I am using them with Volti VTK-400 crossovers and they sound great.