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    Belles LA-01 preamp,Aloia ST13.01i inductive power amp,Yamaha RX-A1030 North Star DAC32 Cary MS-1 Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers
  1. Show off your 2ch system

    Here is a picture of my system and here is a list of components. Line Magnetic LM-219ia Line Magnetic LM-515 cd player Line Magnetic LM-502ca McIntosh MR-78 tuner Schiit Mani phonostage Micro-Seiki DDX-1000 turntable Audio Tekne ALT-8905 line conditioner Audio Tekne interconnects and Power cords Pure Silver Connection Custom speakerwires In the picture but not being used now is Bob Carver VTA-305 mono amps
  2. FS Bob Carver black beauty 305 mono amps 4500.00

    I am selling a pair of VTA-305 mono amps,thanks
  3. FS Bob Carver black beauty 305 mono amps 4500.00

    I added the price after the kindly reminder,I picked up a line magnetic LM-219ia amp and I really love the single ended triode magic with my khorns.
  4. Bob Carver VTA-305 black beauty mono power amps, 305 watts per channel and they are great sounding amps that have been babied and have received rave reviews and compared to Marantz Model 9 classic tube amps.I have all original packing ,boxes and manual.Pick up in Tennessee .I can email more pictures if interested.4500.00
  5. Line Magnetic Audio?

    Thank you, I am really enjoy listening to the Line Magnetic amp.SET amps and Klipschorns have a magical sound. d
  6. Line Magnetic Audio?

    I am using a Line Magnetic LM-219ia Int amp with upgraded Rike capacitors and upgraded Psvane WE-300b,WE-845 ,telefunken 12ax7 and original WE -310 tubes on my pair Of Klipschorns .
  7. Delete

    If anyone is looking at the items Tim has for sale,I have had 2 transactions with him and both times everything was packed well and shipped in a timely manner.
  8. IMG_0412.JPG

    A hard days work of swapping out Billy Bags stand and adding Copulare stands and new interconnects and power conditioner.
  9. Klipschorns with new Copulare Stand

    Spent the day switching out my massive Billy Bag stand and moving Klipsch Belles upstairs to great room.My wife helped and really doesn't care for the size of the speakers,but after we listened to music and some television she is coming around.
  10. K-55V midrange

    I live in Sevierville,Tn 45 mins from Knoxville,I have been a big fan of klipsch speakers since the mid 80's.My audiophile friends still give me grief about using klipschorns,then once they listen they change their minds.I have always thought klipschorns would sound great with a transiter radio and only get better as you use better equipment with them.I have a pair of Belles and I made put them upstairs with our living room setup.
  11. K-55V midrange

    I had AA crossovers and replaced them with ALK universal crossovers and DE-120 tweeters,I still have everything and can change them back.I was lucky enough to find my pair within a couple hours drive from me and bought them from the original owner who rarely played them the last 10 years he owned them.He had original invoice and all papperwork inside klipsch envelope.I keep all that inside top hat of both khorns.I love the sound I am getting and I am always trying to make them better.
  12. K-55V midrange

    Thanks ,my midrange speakers had the solder terminals.I was thinking of upgrading them to the K-55g ,I think I will keep what I have.
  13. K-55V midrange

    I have a pair of Klipschorns with the K-55V midrange,can someone tell me what to look for to see if I have the dual plug version.My midrange has the non spring loaded terminals.Serial number on 1 midrange is136899,speakers are from august 1980
  14. Where was your Rig manufactured

    Klipschorns ,Klipsch Belles,Hope,Ark USA Bob Carver Amps Kentucky USA Aloia PST-11.01i Preamp Italy North Star DAC-32 Italy Billy Bags Pro A/V rack Ca,USA
  15. The waiting Game, what would you choose ?

    What happened to your Carver amps