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    Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers Line Magnetic 219ia amp,Line Magnetic 502ca DAC,Lexicon RT-20 as a transport,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner,Yamaha Ypd-8 turntable,schiit mani phonostage,audio Tekne alt8905 power conditioner,PS Audio P-300 power conditioner with Audio Tekne interconnects,Power cords and Pure Silver connection speakerwires with Billy Bags audio rack

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  1. I have 1 k-55m for 100.00 plus shipping
  2. Wvu80, you were 100% right I am not sorry I received the crossovers today,they were well packed and in like new condition.They sound great in the Klipschorns I put them in,I had planned on selling those Klipschorns,but I may keep them now.A big thanks to Eugene for a great packing job and fast shipping.
  3. I messaged him too and did get a reply back with pictures, I asked for shipping totals and I have not heard back.Maybe he realizes that 800.00 was cheap for the au-9900/tu-9900
  4. Bump 125.00 including shipping to USA 48 states
  5. I tried to sell them as a pair without any interest,so I plan on using the midranges for a pair of Klipschorns and sell pieces I Don’t need.
  6. The crossovers are type E, I posted in my ad as type 3.I am sorry for the mixup.
  7. More pictures of woofers,crossovers and cabinets.
  8. K-22r woofers 100.00 midrange horns 75.00 Grills with badges 125.00 Type -E crossovers 75.00 cabinets birch plywood with slant risers 150.00 all plus shipping from Sevierville, Tennessee
  9. Sold .Selling a great sounding pair of JBL Professional model HF 2” Midrange compression driver, these massive 31.5 pound driver has been used with Klipschorns and quality ALK crossovers.400.00 for both plus shipping and these will be expensive to ship.Shipping from 37862
  10. Klipsch K-77M square magnet tweeters with round PWK plug ,sound great and was in a pair of Klipschorns and I changed to DE-120 tweeter,the previous owner clipped some of the positive and negative terminals this does not effect the sound.125.00 for the pair plus shipping from 37862 I can’t load pictures,but I will be glad to email pictures to anyone interested.
  11. I bought that pair when I picked up the Klipschorns,I was going to sell them,but I have decided to part them out.
  12. Looking forward to trying these in a pair of my modded pair of Klipschorns,with crites CT-125 tweeters,k-55v solder terminal midranges and tractrix horns with closed backs and extended wings.
  13. Here is a picture of the insides of one of the speakers
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