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    Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers Line Magnetic 219ia amp,Line Magnetic 502ca DAC,Lexicon RT-20 as a transport,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner,Yamaha Ypd-8 turntable,schiit mani phonostage,audio Tekne alt8905 power conditioner,PS Audio P-300 power conditioner with Audio Tekne interconnects,Power cords and Pure Silver connection speakerwires with Billy Bags audio rack

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  1. bkwa1959

    FS:3 Way Jubilee crossovers 500.00

    no they will not work with Klipschorns
  2. A pair of3 way passive crossovers for Jubilee speakers,quality parts and build quality that I bought from a forum member that only does things first rate.I bought these crossovers with the hope of finding a pair of Jubilee clones or original jubilee speakers,I have too many speakers and other pieces of audio gear and I need to thin out something.I am asking 500.00 plus shipping,these are large and heavy and will be expensive to ship.Pictured is 1 crossover ,but I am selling 2
  3. bkwa1959

    McIntosh MC-240 tube amp for sale SOLD

    The amp has been sold
  4. bkwa1959

    McIntosh MC-240 tube amp for sale SOLD

    Thanks for waking me up, I added the location and price in my first post . 2400.00 and I live in Sevierville,Tn
  5. McIntosh MC-240 40 watt per channel tube amp, all original and in good to very good condition,nice shiny chrome and nice paint on transformers,the only down side is most letters missing .I just put new old stock small tubes in the amp and I played it with my Klipschorns and amp sounds great.Price is 2400.00 and I am in Sevierville,Tn
  6. I bought the same center channel from Fry's for 161.00 and we are happy with the way it sounds with our Lascala II's,we are using a Pioneer Elite SC-61 with d3 power with great results.I would think you will like it once you get it setup in your system.
  7. bkwa1959

    15% off everything on Ebay today

    Thanks for this alert,it saved me 20.00 on a quad set of Golden Lion KT-66 tubes
  8. bkwa1959

    Value Turntable Options

    Keith, I have a couple of nice options,you can call me after 6 any night
  9. bkwa1959

    F/S Sunfire SOLD

    Does this model have hdmi inputs
  10. I am looking for 1 k-55m midrange
  11. bkwa1959

    6sn7 GTB

    I have a intergrated amp that uses 2 6sn7 tubes and I want to try different tubes,does anyone have any suggestions.Thanks
  12. Nasty cold day so I thought I would swap out my Crites CT-125's for the Beyma CP-25's,I was not expecting much of a difference,but the CP-25's and I really like the sound of these tweeters.to my ears they have a more open sound and are smoother sounding with more detail..I also have a pair of B&C DE-120-8 fastrac tweeters I may try later,one of the things I like about Klipschorns is being able to swap out drivers and crossovers and make adjustments to sound.I have 2 pair of Klipschorns,1 pair 1980 vintage with no mods and 1 pair that have been modded with crite woofers,Volti VTK-400 crossovers,JBL 2446h midranges,Beyma CP-25 tweeters and tractrix 2"midrange horns.When I have friends over and I play my 1980 vintage pair they comment on how nice they sound and think I am crazy for having 2 pairs of Klipschorns,then I take them to the next room and they hear my modded pair and then they are blown away with the deep bass and how more opened and detailed the sound is.I now have made tweeter swap out today and everything is even better.
  13. bkwa1959

    What I Got Today!

    I picked up. Klipsch RC-62 Series 2 center channel today and I was surprised at how well it works with my Lascala II's
  14. bkwa1959

    Show us your great photography thread!

    USS Yorktown, Charleston,SC
  15. bkwa1959

    Fry's RC-62 ii, RB-61 ii and RF-82 ii deals today!

    My mistake, I saw it on another post.