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    2003 Klipschorns ribbon mahogany with ak-4 crossovers,Line Magnetic LM-126ia Limited Edition amp with Marantz SA-KI 40th Anniversary SACD Player,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner ,Yamaha PF-800 turntable Audio Tekne power conditioner and Schiit Mani phonostage

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  1. They are round orange gaskets that go inside the between the midrange and the midrange horn
  2. The cornscalla/universal crossover was a big step up from the original Klipsch crossover and I like most audio nuts is constantly looking for the next level of system improvement.The ALK ES crossovers were better and at their cost they should be.In my opinion the cornscala crossovers are a no brainer at there price point.The only reason I am selling off my Klipsch upgrade parts is that I am selling my Klipschorns and I knew I would never get my investment back selling speakers with other parts.
  3. That would be great,I sent you a private message with my address.
  4. I need 2 for my Klipschorns, I don’t want to buy 10 and I was wondering if anyone had a couple.
  5. ALK Cornscalla universal crossovers, I used themwith Klipschorns and Belles and then moved up the line.I am selling off my extra items and I will sel these like new crossovers for 325.00 including usps 2-3 day service.US sales only picture of one but I am selling a pair.
  6. When matched with the Volti horns the combination of the 2 really smoothed out the midrange not as bright sounding.
  7. Nothing I am selling my Klipschorns and I have changed them back to factory horns, drivers and crossovers.
  8. I thought he was building the 300b amp with Wester Electric tubes
  9. This is the bms-4592 middle 16 ohm neodymium compression driver
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