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    Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers Line Magnetic 219ia amp,Line Magnetic 502ca DAC,Lexicon RT-20 as a transport,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner,Yamaha Ypd-8 turntable,schiit mani phonostage,audio Tekne alt8905 power conditioner,PS Audio P-300 power conditioner with Audio Tekne interconnects,Power cords and Pure Silver connection speakerwires with Billy Bags audio rack

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  1. McIntosh MC-240 classic 40 watt per channel tube amp, I am the second owner and the amp is in very good condition the previous owner was so picky about shining the chrome he rubbed most of the letters off.You can hear before buying.I may be interested in partial trades.Comes with tube cage.
  2. bkwa1959

    Cornscala for sale

    I live in Sevierville,Tn would you be interested in taking a partial trade of a pair of Paradigm 11se speakers .
  3. bkwa1959

    Line Magnetic 219-IA

    I love my LM-219ia, the only downside is the heat from the large tubes.I picked up a limited edition LM-126ia and I also love the sound of it with my Klipschorns.
  4. bkwa1959

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    Pick up a copy of Linda Ronstadt For Senitmental Reasons with Nelson Riddle Orchestra
  5. bkwa1959

    WTB- Volti Audio K-Horn upgrade

    Pm sent
  6. Has anyone used the large horn with k55v's with Klipschorns
  7. bkwa1959

    ALK universal crossover

    I may need to have my AA crossovers rebuilt to try and compare,I never wanted to mess with the original crossovers so I could always put the speakers back to original condition.
  8. bkwa1959

    ALK universal crossover

    If you are trying to cut cost you can always trade in your AA crossovers to ALK to his Super AA's which are close to his cornscalla universals.
  9. bkwa1959

    ALK universal crossover

    Yes, to the tweeter question.If you get a chance try Telefunken made in west Germany 12ax7's,you can usually pick up a pair for around 120-130.00 a pair.I have used RCA,GE,Baldwin and Mullards and like the Telefunken's the best.
  10. bkwa1959

    ALK universal crossover

    Better than alk not really,I like you wanted to improve the sound of my Klipschorns and went with the ALK in the beginning because of cost.I bought from Al the fastrac tweeter and the entry level crossovers and could tell a big difference when I swapped out the tweeters and crossovers and a pair of VTK-400 popped up on this site and I bought them made the switch and it took me a couple of days of changing the clips on the crossovers to make a difference.I have since swapped back to the ALK's,my system to me has better bass with ALK's.I have no plans on selling the VTK-400's and if I can ever find a deal on some Volti horns,I would try his crossovers with that setup.What type of tubes are you using with your amp.
  11. bkwa1959

    ALK universal crossover

    I sent you a private message,the ALK cornscalla crossovers work well in my Klipschorns.I also have the VTK-400 by Volti.I use a Line Magnetic 219 amp,so l am somewhat familiar with your amp.
  12. bkwa1959


    Private message sent
  13. bkwa1959

    GONE Beater La Scala Pair

    I will message you before I make my next trip to see what you have.thanks
  14. bkwa1959

    GONE Beater La Scala Pair

    If I had room in my van , I would have bought the forte's,the Cornwall II's and the single lascalla ,I was amazed at all the speakers you had and the sound in your main setup was life like.I can't wait to setup the VOTT's,I am going to rebuild the crossovers and make some kinda bracket for the horns.I don't have your skills and everything I do I have to search the internet first so I won't make a mess.
  15. bkwa1959

    GONE Beater La Scala Pair

    Wow Bart,how many speakers do you have.I have started working on the altec speakers I got from you.I have added new insulation,painted the cabinets and cleaned up the horns.I am looking forward to getting them setup with a McIntosh MC-240 I picked up yesterday.