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    Belles LA-01 preamp,Aloia ST13.01i inductive power amp,Yamaha RX-A1030 North Star DAC32 Cary MS-1 Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers
  1. I plan on trying some different tubes and see how they sound with some vintage 12ax7's and 12at7's,I have matching amp stand to go with my new stand and I am trying to make those changes next week.
  2. I picked up a pair of Bob Carver VTA-305's black beauty mono tube amps,great sounding amps with smooth detailed midrange,with plenty of bass.I plan on setting up these beautiful amps on German Copulare stands that I had custom finish paint job
  3. It has the rare rack mount front to go with it.
  4. Carver picture
  5. Adding pcs Carver TX-2 tuner Yamaha CDC-470 cd player Sony PS-X50 turntable with dynavector 10x McIntosh cartridge ,stylius in bent but still plays.I have the dust cover but no hinges 600.00 for everything must pick up in East Tenn
  6. I am the second owner of these Yamaha pcs and they are in excellent condition,Manuals for both pieces and I have the large remote for the preamp.I live in East Tennessee .
  7. Yamaha MX-830 classic power amp from the 80's 165 watts per channel in excellent condition and has been used with easy to drive klipsch khorns,selling with matching CX-830 Yamaha remote control preamp with great sounding phono stage .I have added pcs and the price for everything is 600.00 email me for pictures
  8. Klipsch Belles Speakers walnut finish with AA crossovers,very good condition for their age,too big for rear surrounds in my room.I did upgrade wiring to 12 ga and replaced original AB crossovers with AA's I can email better pictures.
  9. Has anyone bought klipsch speakers from Audiogon member morebasspls,he has p-17b speakers for 1450.00 a pair.I am not a agon user and cannot email him.
  10. From the album Klipschorns

  11. From the album Klipschorns

  12. From the album Klipschorns

  13. From the album Klipschorns

    Klipschorns with ALK Unerversal crossovers & fastrac horn tweeters with DE-120-8 tweeters,using Aloia solid state amp with inductive power supply for front power and using Yamaha RX-1030 receiver for rear power,with Cary MS-1 music server,with plans to add a Klipsch RC-64mkii for center.I am using velodyne HGS-12 sub.
  14. What are you interested in
  15. Yamaha MX-830 power amp,original manual. Yamaha CX-830 preamp with phono stage ,remote control and manual