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    2003 Klipschorns ribbon mahogany with ak-4 crossovers,Line Magnetic LM-126ia Limited Edition amp with Marantz SA-KI 40th Anniversary SACD Player,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner ,Yamaha PF-800 turntable Audio Tekne power conditioner and Schiit Mani phonostage

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  1. I had a dealer send me a power cord priority mail 1 day service,I told him why pay for 1 day service that the power cord was shipping from East Tennessee to East Tennessee 84 miles from my home.USPS took 6 days to deliver.
  2. bkwa1959

    Tube Rolling?

    Fido if you change tubes and get it right the first time let me know,I can’t leave well enough alone. I have he same amp as you and I have tried gold lion kt-66’s,factory el-34’s and gold lion kt-88’s and they all sound great in the amp. KT-66 tubes have a tad more bass with a smooth top end The bass on the factory tubes is not as deep as the kt-66 I settled on kt-88’s as to me they do everything right and when I listen with these tubes on my Klipschorns it like the artist is right in front of me. I swapped out the 12au7’s with different types of British tubes, ge 5 star and my dealer sent me 6 sylvania 6189 made in 1967 and after a couple of weeks of break in they are my favorites.15.00 a piece and they are giant killers.
  3. I am selling off some of my Emerald Physics speakers I bought during last year’s close out .I have made a deal on a large system and I am trying to clear out some room.All of mine are A stock none of the b/c stock .All of my speakers have the crossovers that allows you to be able to use them with one amp.I may be interested in trades but I would not want any speakers.I can email pictures if interested.Local pick up or meet if within driving distance.I am lucky enough to have room for 2 systems and I plan on always having a system with open baffle speakers. EP-2.4’s 4 speaker 3 way system 2 15” carbon woofers 12” mids and tweeter 2000.00 EP-4.4 gloss black 3 way 3 speaker system with 1 15” carbon woofer 12” mids and tweeter 1500.00 EP-3.4 2 way with mid/woofer with tweeter 800.00 satin black finish that sounds best with subwoofer.
  4. The amp was delivered today and one channel on source 1 was dead and the other sources had a bad hum that got louder as turn up the volume. I bought it off eBay and I am returning it,I was willing to send it to Raven for repairs but the seller wanted me to return it.
  5. I am waiting on delivery of a like new Raven Osprey mk3 Int amp,I have been reading great reviews and I am looking forward to hearing it on my Klipschorns and Emerald Physics open baffle speakers.
  6. What I have are a pair of Klipschorns that I have painstaking modded with no expense spared below is a list up upgrades Volti 2” horns ALK-5800/ES400 crossovers with ES400 audience caps upgrades built by well know Mark from the forum BMS-4592nd midranges DE-120-8 tweeters with fastrac horns I ordered current model Klipsch badges ( Lascala II type) Western Electric approved 14ga wires I have owned many pairs of Klipschorns and these are by far the best sounding Klipschorns I have ever owned. I bought these from the estate of the original owner that listed them here .and they are a solid 8.5 condition with only very lite marks on the top that you have to look at with a light to see. I will post a picture of the fronts and if anyone wants more pictures I can email them. The sound of these speakers are crystal clear and solid deep bass.Sound great with single end triode,push pull tube amps and dynamic and lifelike with solid state.Must pick up in Sevierville,Tennessee
  7. below is a picture of my Inspire Hot Rod amp and LP-3.1 preamp I have added tung sol black glass 6sn7gt tubes to the preamp and black glass 6sn7gt ken rad with coke bottle 5u4gt tubes to my power amp.
  8. Here is a picture of my line magnetic lm-126ia 15 watts of tube magic based on western electric design
  9. Akd I have sent you a private message
  10. My amp has been sold
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