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    2003 Klipschorns ribbon mahogany with ak-4 crossovers,Line Magnetic LM-126ia Limited Edition amp with Marantz SA-KI 40th Anniversary SACD Player,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner ,Yamaha PF-800 turntable Audio Tekne power conditioner and Schiit Mani phonostage

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  1. I have his Volti horns,bms4592 mids and his vtk-400 crossovers and his work is first class and these mods have made a huge improvement in the sound of my speakers.
  2. Leave it to the government to mandate upgrades and then your reception is not what it was before the upgrade.Reminds me of apple upgrades.My iPad always seems to slow down when I upgrade.Good luck Joe
  3. bkwa1959

    What I Got Today!

    I received my new pie style Klipsch badges for my upgraded Klipschorns and I know with the upgrades they are not technically Klipsch speakers.The woofers are Klipsch,the bass cabinets are Klipsch and I never liked the look of the top hat without badges .Now I love the sound and I also love the way the look.
  4. bkwa1959

    What I Got Today!

    I have the same Primaluna Prologue Premium preamp and power amp and I love the sound with my modded Klipschorns lipschorns
  5. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649487841-pure-audio-project-trio15-horn1/
  6. You might want to figure shipping cost on empty boxes,they go on dim weight for shipping cost.
  7. How do you like the sound of the amp,I have a Primaluna Prologue Premium amp and preamp and I love the sound of them.
  8. Keep all of your boxes,having the boxes will be a big help when reselling or moving your system.What Primaluna amp Did you buy.
  9. Just keep checking out Arizona Hi-fi for trade ins
  10. The line magnetic amp is a single end triode amp and the Primaluna is a push pull amp,so they will sound different. The Line Magnetic amp will have a magical midrange with a more open airy sound,The Primaluna will be dynamic and dead quiet,I have used a Line Magnetic LM -219ia with my Klipschorns and that amp was one of the best sounding amps I have even had in my system.Mine had upgraded Psvane western electric copy 300b’s and 845’s and upgraded Telefunken 12ax7’s.The only reason I sold it was the weight and the heat of the tubes,plus the fear of one day having to replace the tubes.I now listen to 3 different amp,preamp setups and each one has its strong points Dennis Had sep tube amp with matching lp3a preamp great combo that is great with my Klipschorns sweet sounding pair,very detailed with alive like isound that is easy to listen to..I just wished the preamp had a remote control. line Magnetic lm-126ia Limited Edition amp based of western electric design very close to the LM-219 and I have it for sale due to weight and size. I am using a Primaluna Prologue Premium amp and preamp and I am using it now,a little closed in compared to the Inspire pieces or the line magnetic amp,but dead quiet and very dynamic on my Klipschorns .If I was going to buy a amp now Primaluna has just released new models and you should be able to get a deal on the older models.I don’t think you can go wrong on either of the amps you have on your list.
  11. How, I am amused that this tread is still going on like this with no reference to the original post.If a moderator wants to close it that have at it.
  12. I am really enjoying the Primaluna pieces and I hope you are still enjoying the Otari reel to reel.Kim and I was at an estate sale yesterday and they had a Pioneer RT-909 and some tapes.They were in the process of completing a deal and I told Kim I hate I missed that .She said really you just sold a better looking deck than that one and didn’t you tell me reel to reels are too much work.They sold the deck and at least 15 tdk Premium tapes for 750.00
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