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    Klipschornns 1981 vintage with ALK crossovers and fastrac horn tweeter with DE-120 tweeters,Klipsch Belles with AA crossovers Line Magnetic 219ia amp,Line Magnetic 502ca DAC,Lexicon RT-20 as a transport,McIntosh MR-78 Tuner,Yamaha Ypd-8 turntable,schiit mani phonostage,audio Tekne alt8905 power conditioner,PS Audio P-300 power conditioner with Audio Tekne interconnects,Power cords and Pure Silver connection speakerwires with Billy Bags audio rack

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  1. bkwa1959

    FS:2 Klipsch KPT-684 subwoofers 1200.00

    Sold to mark
  2. bkwa1959

    horns, drivers, tweeters for sale

    How much for the midranges
  3. bkwa1959

    KT-88 vs 6550

    I guess I need to have my ears checked,I installed a quad set of gold lion kt-66 tubes in my Inspire SEP amp and not only was the bass better,but they smoothed out the top end too.I think it the end each person has to make the changes and decide for himself though I had a friend over yesterday and he could not believe the difference in the sound.
  4. bkwa1959

    Inspire Mono Blocks - Sale Pending thanks Paul

    Paul,let us know what you think when you get the mono amps.I have one an Inspire SEP amp that I bought second hand and it was shipped with winged c Svetlana 6550 tubes.My amp has 4 power tubes and the sound was a little thin sounding,I tried 6l6’s ,I then changed the 6sn7 tube and then I pulled the Gold Lion KT-66 tubes from my line magnetic lm-126ia and WOW did that make a difference,smoother on the top end ,better bass and better imaging.I am using his LP-3a preamp and the combo is amazing.I would love a remote for volume control.
  5. bkwa1959

    FS:Klipschorns with mods 2500.00

    I will sell the speakers without the crossovers and midranges for 2000.00 ,then you could add midranges and crossovers of your liking.
  6. I thought the k-55m midranges were black and silver
  7. bkwa1959

    FS:Klipschorns with mods 2500.00

  8. bkwa1959

    KT-88 vs 6550

    I have Klipschorns with Volti horns,bms-4592nd mids ,Volti vtk-400 crossovers and Beyma cp25 tweeters ,I installed a RCA NOS 6sn7 gtb red letter base tube and it really helped.
  9. bkwa1959

    KT-88 vs 6550

    I have a Dennis Had SEP amp that has Russian winged C 6550 tubes and I am looking for a little deeper bass ,has anyone used Gold lion KT-88's and if so could you give me your thoughts on the sound
  10. bkwa1959

    Any EBay discount codes

    I am wanting to try some new tubes and was hoping to find an eBay discount code.
  11. bkwa1959

    FS:2 Klipsch KPT-684 subwoofers 1200.00

    Model number of the subwoofer is KPT-684-SW
  12. Price drop to 450.00