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  1. These stands are now gone. Anyone here get them?
  2. I have elevated P-27S as side surrounds in my two Palladium theater systems. They are really great surrounds. I couldn't do P-17B for the sides because of the narrow room width. It would have meant the horns blasting directly into the ear of the people in the side seats. I even tried the P-27S at ear height in my basement Atmos system but even that was dominating the sound in the side seats. I had to put them at the height recommended by Klipsch for them to be balanced in all seats.
  3. Let us know how you like them. Just remember that if you decide you don't like them to let me know. Now that you've brought them closer to me I'd be more likely to drive to get them. I've made a Palladium speaker road trip from PA to TN before. 😁
  4. I was kind of disappointed. I was hoping for that price that they'd have some Linea accents and maybe have a boat tail shape like the speakers.
  5. Thank goodness the 39s sold. Now I can't be tempted for a while.
  6. Thanks. I fixed it. For some reason it grabbed the period at the end of the sentence when it make the hyperlink.
  7. Palladium speaker stands from Klipsch - They do exist! A while back I had run across references (e.g. on the P-27C spec sheet) to stands for the P-17B and P-27C. One article on the web said "The PFS-24 accessory floor stand is priced at $800 per pair, while the PFS-18 center stand is $650 each." At the time I could find no references to these when searching the Klipsch site and hadn't found any pictures of them on the net. Well, today that changed. While doing my periodic HiFi Shark search for Palladiums this eBay listing popped up -https://www.ebay.com/itm/143947496149. Apparently, these stands were a real thing. Posting in case someone with a P-17B setup wants them.
  8. Ah OK. So, the ground level channels are Palladiums. I did something a little more crazy. Mine is actually 7.1.4 where the all ground and height channels and one of the three subs are Palladiums. The picture is the front stage but I've done the same heights in the back too. The overhead localization isn't as good as ceiling speakers but the coherence of the "dome of sound" is much better with the heights timbre matching the ground. Apologies for hijacking the thread to talk about Palladiums but I was curious if there was another setup like mine.
  9. Just curious what you are using for the Atmos speakers. You're the first person I've heard of besides myself with a full Palladium immersive surround system. Are they P-27S as height speakers?
  10. Lucky for me, my family room has doorways that won't allow rear towers or I probably would have snapped those up. 😂
  11. Yes, I know he does. I don't need those either! 🙂
  12. Ha, you sound like me. As you saw from my system lists, I'm already using 37s as rear surrounds and 17s as Atmos speakers in my basement. Doesn't get more ridiculous. 🙂 I certainly don't need those 39s. I don't want to get rid of the 38s and I don't want to get rid of the mahogany KLF-30 that I have in the living room (a room that hardly ever gets used anyway). Also, is it really worth it for 26% more woofer area (yes, I did the calculations). However, the irrational part of my brain is like...
  13. That's the problem with joining forums and FB groups full of enablers. They don't help you resist temptation. Some buy those already and save me! 🤣
  14. You asked... 🙂 The rest of my systems and "in storage" (i.e. no current place for them, some will go to my son when he graduates college and get his own place). Office Computer: 2 x Klipsch Icon WB-14. 1 x Klipsch Icon XW-300d Subwoofer Bedroom: 2 x Klipsch Icon WF-34 1 x Klipsch Icon XW-500d Subwoofer Living Room: 2 x Klipsch Legend KLF-30 Towers 2 x Klipsch kg1 Bookshelf Kitchen: 2 x Klipsch Reference Theater Pack Satellites 1 x PSB SubSeries 100 subwoofer Garage: 2 x Klipsch AW-650 Portable: 1 x Klipsch R6 On Ear Headphones 1 x Klipsch Groove Bluetooth Speaker 1 x Klipsch KMC-1 Bluetooth Speaker 2 x Klipsch AW-650 with speaker stands In Storage: 1 x Klipsch Palladium P-17B Bookshelf 2 x Klipsch Legend KLF-20 Towers 1 x Klipsch Heresy II 1 x Custom Center made from a Klipsch Legend KLF-20 Tower 2 x Klipsch Synergy Premier KSP-6 2 x Klipsch kg .5
  15. Thanks. I'll keep an ear out for that. If you have anything you can share about the repair it would be appreciated for me to store away future reference.
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