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  1. Not yet. I'm waiting for the Axi2050 to come in before doing any major conversion. Since Parts Express pushed the estimated date back on it, I thought of just trying this quick and dirty change.
  2. I'm not looking to replace anything but the tweeter for now.
  3. Do I need to EQ the CT-120? According to Michael Crites, it's a drop-in replacement for the K-77. I was just looking at quick changes I could make for the short term. I wasn't looking to do a bunch of work just to redo it when the Axi2050 finally comes. 🙂
  4. I do have a Xilica XP-2040 that I will be using for the later modification. Unfortunately, I only have two amplifier channels available. So, I can't do an active tri-amp. I'll just try it with the OEM crossover. If I don't like what I hear, maybe I'll buy new one.
  5. Where does one obtain one of these? How do they compare pricewise?
  6. Hi All, While I'm waiting for the Celestion Axi2050 to come back in stock so I can make my single Belle Klipsch two-way, I was contemplating replacing the K-77-M with a Crites CT-120 to see if that makes it useable until the modification. My major objection to the stock sound is the roll off of the K-77. However, since the Belle has a brace attached to the top board not too far back from the motorboard, I'm not sure if it will fit. I'd rather not do any modifications that I'll have to undo when I convert it to a two-way. So, if it doesn't fit, I probably won't bother. The point is that I need the overall length for the CT-120 horn/driver assembly. If someone who has one could please take a quick measurement, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  7. Yes, I would use with the light wood formula with the American Walnut finish. Even that did somewhat darken the finish of my Belle. That said, I took a good look at your pictures, and I would suggest you try something else before the Trade Secret if you don't want to darken the finish at all. Since just about all the blemishes on your La Scala are small scratches, I would try using Tibet Almond Stick first (http://tibetalmondstick.net/). It's available on Amazon. It's easy to apply only where needed and has no stain in it. If that doesn't work, then move on to the Trade Secret.
  8. I'm making the Belle two-way like the Jubilee. So, the 18x10 horn with the Axi2050 will be in the new motorboard.
  9. I did use a socket to do the final tightening. The initial problem was that the machine screw and nut would just spin when trying to tighten it since the to head is not accessible the way they put this together.
  10. I'm not doing a 402 for the HF for the Belle. I may put a TV on top of it, so I want to keep it as close to the original height as possible. So, I'm trying the ZXPC 18"x10" horn that a bunch of people on the Forum have used. I have someone lined up to make a taller motorboard/side panels for the top-hat to accommodate that horn.
  11. I found a solution to tightening the machine screws with the inaccessible heads in some forum on the internet. It was quite simple, and I didn't have to modify the speaker at all. I replaced the machine screws with ones that were a half inch longer. Then I just added a flat washer and lock washer under the nut. After screwing the nut down onto the lock washer and everything started spinning, I pulled up on the side panel enough to put pressure on the lock washer, hand tightened enough to start engaging the lock washer, and then just used the socket to finish tightening. The tension from the lock washer was enough to keep the screw from spinning. It also works well for removal. (I know this because I was almost finished reassembling the top-hat when I realized I forgot to fish the woofer cable through the hole on the bottom of the top-hat. Grrrr.) Now that the speaker is reassembled, it almost looks like new. Thanks again for all the help.
  12. All recent generations of Heritage are lacquer finish. I believe oiled finishes were only offered on these vintage models up to the "II" versions (except the La Scala) or around the same time for those that didn't have a II designation (late ‘90s) - Heresy, Cornwall, Belle Klipsch, La Scala, Klipschorn, Forte, Chorus, Quartet, kg1, kg2, kg3 and kg4. The La Scala was the exception where oiled finishes were dropped with the II version. (Someone correct me if I missed some.)
  13. I've been made a believer in Trade Secret scratch remover thanks to @OO1. Scroll down near the bottom on page 1 of this thread to see the before and after on the top panel from a 1981 Belle Klipsch.
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