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  1. @Travis In Austin - Do you know why my comment thanking @314carpenter for the heads up was deleted? Was it because of the search link I provided to all three listings of the book? They all seem to be working listings.
  2. LOL. I won't have to worry about messing with the gain as I'm going to use identical amps for LF and HF.
  3. Roy said at JubFest to do exactly that with identical amps. He said that if you are using identical amps to just to set both knobs at max since the gain is identical. If you were using different amps for HF and LF then you need to use them. Ideally you would measure the response with something like REW and adjust accordingly.
  4. The knobs on the crossover are really only for handling gain mismatches when using different amps for HF and LF. They are not meant to be tone controls.
  5. I only asked them for a measurement of the back panel width (17.5") as the other dimensions I needed to make a top view outline can be found on the preliminary spec sheet (found on this page: https://virtualvoxx.com/premium). Note that some of that information may change. One change we know for sure is that there are two 12" woofers while this spec sheet says there is only one.
  6. AVT in New Hampshire called me back with the measurement. So, I'm good.
  7. Yes, but he has the CAD models. He shouldn't need to physically measure. However, I did call AVT in New Hampshire to ask them to take the measurement but they haven't called me back with the answer.
  8. I'm hoping @Chief bonehead is listening as I have a dimension question for the new Jubilee that I forgot to measure while at the event. I need to know the width of the back panel of the new Jubilee. I'm trying to layout my room (speakers, treatments, etc.) in CAD software and I'm trying to figure out if any corner bass traps will fit in the corners behind the speakers if the speakers are a few inches out from walls. I need that back panel width to get the top view outline of the cabinet correct. Thanks.
  9. I don't have any particular problem with it but making it a new topic with a proper related title will mean more interested people will be able to find it. You could then drop the link to it here so people seeing this topic will find it as well.
  10. I know. I already purchased the unsigned book. That's my "look at" copy. I want the signed one to be a pristine "don't touch" copy. 🙂
  11. Those were the first Klipsch speakers I ever purchased back in 1984. I later traded them in for kg4, then Forte. And so the Klipsch obsession began. I recently got very nostalgic for them and wanted to hear them again. So, even though I definitely didn't need them, I found and purchased a pair in very good condition off eBay for a good price. They are in the same oiled oak finish as my original pair. I even still had the solid oak stands that the deal sold to me with the speakers (built by a local craftsman the dealer worked with). They had been gathering dust in the garage.
  12. As far as I know Paducah Home Theater used to get the Underground Jubilee shipped to their warehouse and then they shipped them to the customer. Don't see why the handling of the new Jubilee would be any different from that or any other Heritage product.
  13. While a digital input would have been a nice addition, the current custom DSP is certainly not getting in the way of the sound to my ears. Roy didn't give all the details that you are asking during the event but I know that Roy would not have had a custom DSP box made that wasn't a good match for the new Jubilee. It sounded completely transparent to me. I certainly did not cancel my preorder after hearing them with the custom DSP. This is still a 2-way speaker like the Underground Jubilee.
  14. https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn-75th-anniversary-edition
  15. Yup. Will be the same cosmetics as these: https://www.klipsch.com/products/klipschorn-75th-anniversary-edition.
  16. That pair is not a 75th Anniversary pair. The 75th Anniversary edition cosmetics are teak veneer and lambswool grills. This is a pair of the standard production walnut finish. The odd thing is that while Roy said they would be building the 75 pair of Anniversary Edition first, @Paducah Home Theater said that he can only place preorders with Klipsch for the standard walnut and black finishes. I wonder if they changed their minds on what would be produced first.
  17. My comment was a lament that if Roy is still saying "the only pair in existence" almost a month after JubFest then that means that additional production has not yet started and I'll be waiting for my pair even longer. 😪
  18. Yes, I came to the same conclusion and said the same thing four comments back. 😁
  19. I'm guessing that since Roy said "the only pair in existence" just days ago that Klipsch has not started real production yet. Sad face.
  20. From the grain pattern on the walnut I'm fairly certain that it's the first production pair that we heard at the event in Hope last month and that made an appearance at the Klipsch sales meeting last month too. So, it's likely a temporary setup. @Chief bonehead - Are there any other dealers you are planning on visiting with these? I'd love to drop by if there are any stops in the NY Metro area, Philly Metro area, or within driving distance of the Allentown PA area.
  21. The problem is that the $132.00 book does not appear on 75th Anniversary gear page. Most people will not think to use the Search box to find it like @314carpenter did. Can this be corrected?
  22. Is there any particular reason that the signed edition of the book has been removed from the 75th Anniversary gear page (https://www.klipsch.com/75th-anniversary-gear-shop)? It used to be listed but always "Out of stock". Now it's just gone.
  23. I wasn't at the Klipsch sales meeting but my experience at Roy's class would lead me to suspect that the corner requirement is less important with the Heritage Jubilee and here's why. When Roy set up the mono A/B comparison the first day he had both the Heritage and Underground Jubilee next to each other at the center of the room so they would be close to each other. So, they were both essentially in 1/4-space instead of the usually corner 1/8-space. The next day when the Heritage Jubilee were back in the corners for stereo listening I could not discern any change in sound character. The bass sounded the same to me. I think this may have been some of the reason why mono A/B comparison showed such a dramatic difference. I think the Underground Jubilee 's sound may have been more negatively affected by it not being in the corner. This is obviously not the same as the setup we in Cory's pictures from the sale meeting so I can't say for sure if the results would be the same for that. Maybe @Paducah Home Theater can comment on the sound from the sales meeting setup.
  24. Yes, the Celestion Axi2050 is the exact one used on the Jubilee and is not modified internally. Roy created an external phase plug that mates up with the Axi2050 internal phase plug to get the coverage pattern consistent up past 19 kHz.
  25. Klipsch specified the requirements but it was designed and is being built for Klipsch by an OEM vender. We were not told what company that is.
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