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  1. I sit 9 ft away from my Heritage Jubilee fronts in that same room without issue. You can definitely sit closer to La Scala than Jubilee. I think @JMeader will be be fine with La Scala in his small room with proper placement and some room treatment. To quote @Chief bonehead, who I consulted with about my setup before purchasing the Jubes, smaller rooms need bigger horns.
  2. Pretty sure that only applies to the Klipschorn. I'm pretty sure it was Jim Hunter who I heard say that you need to be around 12 ft or more away from the Klipschorn due to the fact that the output of the two widely splayed mouths of the bass bin don't sum correctly until that distance. That doesn't apply to the La Scala. I've never had a issue with my La Scala surrounds being about 6 ft away. They even create a really good rear phantom center image. For example, the Rhino reissues of the quad mixes of four of the Doobie Brothers early albums have instruments periodically placed in the center back. My surrounds reproduce this very well.
  3. I have La Scala AL5 as my surround speakers in a 13' x 17' room (about 5.5' from the center listening position) and they sound great.
  4. There may be a bit less comb filtering (interference) of correlated sound (the "center image" sound, i.e., the same sound coming from both speakers in stereo material) if you place the tweeter horns "outboard".
  5. Just keep in mind that when you put a speaker with different horizontal and vertical horn coverage patterns (in the case of the Heresy it's 90° horizontal and 60° vertical) on its side, then the coverage patterns are going to flip. It will now have wide coverage vertically and narrow coverage horizontally. This can potentially cause issue. First, when placed up high as you plan to, ceiling reflections will be worse. If they are not towed in, the desired listening position could be outside the horizontal coverage of one or both speakers depending on the geometry of the situation. If you could place them vertically with the tweeters on the bottom, like they do in the Chipotle restaurant installations (https://www.klipsch.com/blog/klipsch-install-stories-chipotle-adds-heresy-iii), it might be better. Try both orientations and compare how they sound. And welcome to the forum.
  6. kg2 were my first Klipsch speakers as well, except I bought mine back in 1984. 🙂 There was a finish option on other models at the time called something like "black lacquer". This finish was black on top of real veneer. The cabinet under that may be either be MDF or lumber core panels. I don't think they ever used birch plywood on the kg series. It should be easy to verify by removing a driver and looking. I'm not sure what species of wood the veneer was for that finish. Perhaps Klipsch added this as a finish option for the kg2 as well after the brochure was made. Does your finish look like that or more like textured black vinyl wrap? If it's vinyl wrap, then it was added later as that was not a finish option at time. If it's black over veneer and the veneer is in decent shape, you could try just stripping the black lacquer off and refinishing it as you like. Just be careful with the sanding as it's not a thick layer of veneer. If the veneer is too damaged, then most people who re-veneer just put the new veneer over the old. As far as the grill cloth, I doubt you would be able to find an exact match since that speaker was made so long ago. Either use what you have or find something else that you like.
  7. There's no reason that he can't both answer here now and do the same Q&A for the livestream audience. 🙂
  8. I was present at the drawing for a pair of Klipschorn AK6 that the Museum did a while back similar to this, which I had entered. The drawing was held at the PWK Birthday Bash, two years ago if I'm remembering correctly. There were no ticket numbers assigned beforehand for that contest either. However, I saw how they generated the slips of paper (one per entry purchased per person) that went into the large bowl for selecting the winner. Everything I saw was on the up and up. I believe @Schu won that pair.
  9. They should have some of us who have heard the new La Scala on the livestream to give our opinion. Roy knows that I'd give a glowing review. 😁
  10. As I mentioned in my coverage of the last Chief Bonehead class, Roy said that one of the reasons that the redesign of the was done in a way that didn't require changes to the cabinets was to allow an upgrade. Klipsch has a tradition of providing Heritage upgrade kits where possible. The Heresy II to III kit and the Forte III to IV kit are examples. I assume there will be a delay between ramping up the new speaker production and the introduction of the upgrade kit. I am curious to know what that delay will be.
  11. I'd like to know the estimated timetable for the release of the upgrade kits for La Scala AL5 and Klipschorn AK6 owners.
  12. At the Chief Bonehead class on the new La Scala back in March, I believe Roy said that the DSP crossover units for the La Scala AL6/Klipschorn AK7 will have both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs and outputs just like the DSP for the Jubilee. Of course, confirming this with Roy would be a good idea.
  13. There should be an upgrade kit coming for La Scala AL5 and Klipschorn AK6 owners. I'll be first in line for it.
  14. I got an email. Perhaps they are giving museum members first access. @Travis In Austin or @Chief bonehead, are we allowed to share the details here yet?
  15. I'm using six KI-102-SMA-II as Atmos speakers for my Jubilee, modified Belle, La Scala 5.0 ground layer. They work really well and have the advantage of being really easy to mount and point toward the listening position when mounted using the optional SB-102 U-bracket.
  16. Do you mean oak lacquer finish? The original poster was asking about what people used on oiled finishes so I assumed you were talking about the same.
  17. As @billybob mentioned, if you can wait, there are Heritage Horn-loaded Vented System subwoofers coming.
  18. Klipsch specifically mentioned not using products that contain wax on oiled wood finishes in the manuals from that era. As I mention in the document, you can use those products with pleasing results, but you will no longer have an oiled wood finish appearance. It's not what one should use if maintaining the original oiled wood appearance is the goal.
  19. Danish Oil contains varnish. It polymerizes and essentially creates a sealed finish. So, it will alter the appearance and type of finish. It's a valid choice if that is what is desired. However, it's not what one should use if maintaining the original oiled wood appearance is the goal.
  20. Yes, it was disappointing and contemplating sending them back was no fun. Thankfully, the Trade Secret furniture polish saved the day.
  21. If these are still unfinished plywood as they came from the factory, then it depends on what you intend to do. If you want to keep them in "raw" (unfinished) condition, then just dust them. Putting anything on them will cause it to soak into the wood. However, applying a finish of some kind will protect the wood, especially from getting stains. You can apply almost any finish with or without staining them first - lacquer, polyurethane, varnish, etc. I presume you could even apply furniture oil to the plywood to create an oiled finish, although I don't know how even the absorption of the oil would be on the edges since there is glue between the layers of the plywood. However, most people who purchased speakers with raw plywood usually applied a sealed finish like poly, lacquer, etc.
  22. I'm a big fan of Trade Secret products. Their Scratch Remover did an amazing job restoring the finish of my lacquered modified Belle Klipsch center speaker. The furniture polish also saved me from returning my Heritage Jubilee. There were a few spots on the veneer where when the light hit at a certain angle you could see light marks where the plastic bag of the packaging had touched the veneer. I suspect the lacquer wasn't quite finished curing before they were packaged. Applying the Trade Secret furniture polish made those disappear. However, I don't think this, or most other furniture polishes, would be appropriate for oiled wood finishes. Even the product description implies that it is for sealed finishes ("From French finish antiques to modern lacquered and synthetic coated furniture..."). You are only supposed to use furniture oil products on oiled wood if you want to retain the original appearance.
  23. Those are purchased unfinished. Once a finish is applied, then a care recommendation can be made based on the chosen finish. I may update the document to point this out.
  24. I put together a small document on this topic as it comes up pretty often. Care of Klipsch Speaker Finishes v3.pdf
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