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  1. Which Conrad Johnson amp do you like?
  2. I am beginning to wonder myself about the connection between low-powered amps and horns. I had previously powered the Jubilee speakers with a pair of MC252s. Solid state, powerful amps that mate nicely with less efficient speakers. I kept feeling that there was too much energy in the mid and upper registers. Something wasn't quite right. When I swapped in an MHA-150, the sound improved significantly. I swapped between the two multiple times and felt the same effect. Logically, the MC252 produces clean, distortion-free sound and the Jubilee horns were consuming less than a watt of power at 70-80db and yet I felt overwhelmed each time I used them with the Jubilee speakers. I observed the same impact when swapping in a J2 and the MC225. The same MC252 sounds fantastic when paired with my lower-efficiency speakers (Sonus Faber). It's a small dataset ^ but seems like the HF horns *don't* benefit from extra reserve power...I have observed differently for the LF drivers on the Jubilee. The extra power helps and I have clipped the MC252s even when playing near 105db.
  3. It is said that success has many mothers and surely engineering efforts have many contributors, but was Sidney Corderman the engineer at McIntosh who designed the MC225? https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/brand/news/Sidney-Corderman
  4. Cool story Toz. I wonder if the McIntosh guys would build a circuit and then just listen to it with music and then make adjustments to it based on how it felt to them. Or was it pure science and engineering, just THD and responses curves and luck that this amp has magic to it. I’ve read about how Nelson Pass makes his First Watt amps and there seems to be equal parts science and romantic listening/adjustments to the circuit. I’d love to imagine this was true of McIntosh as well.
  5. Hey Darrell, I've heard that the MC240 is the only other amp that has the sweet magic of the MC225, in fact some accounts say the MC240 might be a tad sweeter. It's spot on that the highs seem softer on the MC225 and that is definitely what I was looking for...although I would say that it doesn't seem like the highs are rolled off in an unnatural way. The highs are still clear and I can see into the mix nicely but there is never a shred of sharpness in the sound. You mentioned a Bay Area amp shoutout; I'm in the Bay Area myself (Pacifica) and would be up for another shootout. I'd be happy to host if others are interested. I'd love to hear the Moondogs or any other SET based amp. For now at least, I have the J2 and MC252 amps here as well.
  6. It's a funny thing you mention John; a very knowledgeable member of the forum recommended him as a restorer. I just sent off pics of the inside and outside to John earlier today to assess the condition. If you have ever wanted to ogle the insides of the MC225, here you go: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bkqDNE5iMxEf9CZg7 Where on your 225 can you see the year of manufacture? I agree with you that the relative simplicity of the circuit is part of the magic. I started watching this vid to understand it. Can't really discern from the details what creates the magic yet:
  7. I have fallen in love with my MC225. It's on HF duty with my Heritage Jubilee speakers. It's a little noisy but otherwise the sound is absolutely beautiful. Very musical, detailed enough (although slightly less so than the J2 in my possession), has an amazing soundstage and makes me fall in love with each song I play with it. I'm so impressed and amazed with it. What is it about this amp that makes it sound so good? Are there others that sound this way? And how does something like the SIT3 compare? I feel very fortunate to have read all the posts on this forum for the last 4-6 months. I've learned a lot from all of you and would not have arrived at this audio bliss without the knowledge you have shared here with each other for so many years.
  8. Thanks for all the links guys, been fun reading more about it. One thing I forgot to mention was that when I went to the museum store at the end of the exhibit, they had a pair of his bookshelf speakers for $5K (!). Not sure of the value there.
  9. It was, and I got a nice kick out of seeing the same Bozak mixer that I use as a pre-amp for my system on display! A sure sign of my increasing age I can't tell yet at what depth Devon is operating at. I'm going to go back to the museum next week to listen to the system again.
  10. I'm not sure if this is the proper home for this thread as I am somewhat new to the community so please let me know if it belongs elsewhere. I went to the "Art of Noise" exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and it was lovely. Lot's of old concert posters, old gear from across the decades but most interesting for this team was the Devon Turnball "Hifi Pursuit Listening Room Dream No. 2". It was a large listening room with his custom system and seats where you could relax and listen to DJs playing various songs. I took some pictures, spent about an hour in it. The soundstage was very large, and it sounded very good. Although it seemed a bit sharp at the top end of things. I wondered if some of you are familiar with these systems and if my subjective interpretation was off given your experience with it. Perhaps it was the various recordings chosen but all three of us felt the same (albeit subjective) way. It's really impressive from a pure design perspective. I think all the equipment was custom built. https://www.sfmoma.org/read/art-of-noise-design-amplified/
  11. My MC-225 on HF duty with my Jubilee speakers. Sweet, round, musical sound. A tiny bit noisy and perhaps a bit less detailed in comparison to my First Watt J2 but a really wonderful piece of engineering from the 1960s. Velvety sweetness when used with the horns.
  12. Thanks for the assist guys! I did consider the F8 but I already have the J2 and I think they are closer in sound as opposed to the F3/SIT3. Otherwise would be amazing to try. I am looking for less neutrality/transparency and more musicality, second order harmonic distortion. My understanding is the F3 is highly rated by members of the forum and beyond for coming close to the tube sound in a single-ended, single-stage config (JFETs) while the SIT-3 is single-ended (not single gain) but uses VFETs in a novel way to achieve a more musical sound. Those of you with experience with the aforementioned amps are welcome to correct my understanding from having read about them. The J2 was an immediate and wonderful improvement over the MC-252 that was handling HF duty with my Heritage Jubilee speakers. The J2 sounds lovely but I am very curious how the SIT3 or F3 could improve the sound even more. I am fast approaching diminishing returns at this point but my curiosity is pushing me to discover more. It's been so much fun reading about Nelson Pass, exploring the diyAudio scene and diving into amplifier design.
  13. I am going deep down my First Watt rabbit-hole. Looking for a SIT-3 or F3. Please PM if you are selling. SIT3 SIT-3 F3 F-3
  14. Just a note to close this out - smooth transaction, fair price, and J2 sounds lovely!
  15. PM just sent, thanks kindly!
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