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  1. 'Bout the same here. No electric blanket I open up a -20F sleeping bag and toss it on top of the quilt. Toasty.
  2. Well if ya look I've never said I hadn't heard high end digital stuff. I got friends ya know.
  3. I've never heard sterile sound at a concert. I seek what I grew up hearing and it's far from perfect...........but I like that.
  4. It's interesting to hear the sound expand in breadth and depth as stylus and cartridge run-in. I guess speaker break-in adds to it as well. Tested platter speed new and last night after oh....15 hours I guess. Was 33.7 new and settled to 33.4 so far. Not that I could actually hear a difference yet. Must admit to searching cartridges and styli. Do want some more records though. Damn they're not $7 US any more.
  5. The '86 BMW M12/13/1 put out over 1400HP in qualifying trim (didn't live long there .) Rules allowed for turbocharging with displacement @ 1.5 liters. NA engines were allowed 3 or 3.5 depending on what year.
  6. Everything's starting to sound better. I was using the receiver's built in preamp but noticed some records sounded louder than others. So I switched over to the one in the turntable and all is OK. The journey continues.
  7. geezin'


    They were over $150 when they first came out.
  8. Probably a pan fried pork chop,broccoli and corn for me.
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