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  1. Bill Gates. So no that's not biased. That's the problem in our times. Get online and seek out "data" that agrees with your perspective. Truth be damned.
  2. No. It's they who have the answers.
  3. Estimated by who? Nah not buying into crap like that.
  4. Honestly how crazy will it have to be for the change to be noticeable?
  5. geezin'


    I believe you could call that tasty.
  6. geezin'

    Car Thread

    This is Real Racing. Life on the edge. Spectators and participants alike.
  7. If you enjoy Yes try some Emerson Lake and Palmer. Tarkus would be a good choice.
  8. geezin'


    I have white bread daily. However it's homemade and nothing like that soft doughy crap purchased from the store,only 6 ingredients. And it's makes great french toast.
  9. If it's sound upgrade you seek a cartridge upgrade is a logical step with predictable results. If you just want a new deck another Technics won't be a misstep. Were it my SL1800 I'd have it serviced if it hasn't seen one in awhile. Purchase a good MC compatible pre amp for use with a Denon DL-103R. But that's just me. I like to keep things I've enjoyed and try to make them better. The Denon will definitely be an improvement over the already good Ortofon.
  10. May be true. However empirical evidence points to that being a common paradigm. Along with the ever increasing attempts to making everyone happy. Life's royal pain sometimes and rarely fair. Too often ignored facts.
  11. Is it helpful to the OP with his problem to bicker on minutiae? isn't that the purpose here,to help the guy?
  12. Is there a roof overhead? Is it warm? You have enough to eat? If yes all is good. Yes that's tough to accept but there's a vast difference between needs and wants. Reminding myself of this is a constant struggle. And agreed things are way crazy.
  13. Freezing rain and sleet. Busted me arse while walking the dog his morning. One of those slow falls where you know you're going down but have time to finish a curse before impact. Dog started running around in circles. I believe he thought it was funny.
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