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    motorcycles,fly fishing,backpacking,photography and music of course
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    '66 Fisher (modified) receiver/Fluance RT80 TT/Klipsch R610f.............for now more to come....Topping PA3s/Polk Audio Monitor 5b...

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  1. Arrived today. A bargain at twice the price.
  2. Oh jeezus keerist you guys love the f u k ing dogpile. I'm done. Nothing here I cannot find elsewhere.
  3. This my FM2n. I have a Weston Master II that I use with it on occasion. Was a gift from someone online that saw I am a Nikon user. Left by his Dad in a closet for years unused. I sent it off to Gus Lazzari of TLC Camera Repair. Great work but took almost 2 years. A solid piece I carry as a backup behind my F5. Sometimes the F5 stays in the bag while I use the FM2n.
  4. If it works as designed it's definitely a good price. Mine's prettier though.
  5. Is that $50K preamp worth it when the $1400 one measures better? Don't believe that to be the case. And if we cannot discuss this why does this forum and others exist? Perhaps you missed the qualifier "tangible" in my post. I do believe I expressed the "context" clearly in my response.
  6. If you subscribe to that method of measurement it becomes a very broad swipe. Some things no matter how good they may perform are overpriced. That is they offer little to nothing tangible in improvement over another to warrant the premium.
  7. I picked my '79 H1 offa the auction site for a decent price. I as surprised how small they look in my room too.
  8. Thanks I'll be trying that real soon. Sounds wonderful.
  9. As long as I bill the hours I get left alone. And I bill the hours.
  10. Starting from scratch I'd look at Schiit Audio's stuff. I currently drive my Heresy 1 with a vintage Fisher 440T and they sound wonderful.
  11. I like 'em. As said above how do they sound?
  12. Rarely is it the fastest who wins Indy.
  13. Spoiler dood. Not everyone can watch live.
  14. geezin'

    Car Thread

    Mid corner acceleration is what's stunning about the car to me.
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