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  1. Made me believe I'd be happier with a pair of 'Horns.
  2. He's probably got more to worry about in civil court than criminal. Kid's family will probably sue. If he wins or not it's still going to cost him.
  3. I seem to remember an auction with some of that stuff in it....
  4. I can't see that happening but what do I know?
  5. Still prefer steel. But it's too small for me. GLWS.
  6. In addition to King Biscuit I recall Don Kirshner,Barry Richards (local mid Atlantic?) Rock Show. There's a few more I can't recall right now. I have an album of prism recorded at Detroit's Royal Oak Music Hall that has great sound. It's clear blue too. Got it from Baltimore's 98 Rock Fire Truck when they used to go around giving out cut outs fo' free at local malls and such. Got a photo somewhere......ah here it is.
  7. geezin'

    Car Thread

    I'm old and have been in the business most of my life. A photo of Dad (#71D) back then. I get it honestly. If you can....whose shop is that?
  8. geezin'

    Car Thread

    is that really Steve Baker's TZ tracker?
  9. Yeah when we make bad choices we get bad results. Personal experience learnt me dat. Damn Schu what made you so hard?
  10. From what I can find the guy is alive. I cannot find anything that mentions death.
  11. IMHO he had the right and reason to do what he did. My comments were on how fast and efficient it was. If you didn't find it uncomfortable to watch you haven't a heart. That is not to say they didn't ask for it but damn that was brutal. That was no movie with Jason Statham,ect. that was the real thing.
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