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    playing guitar, skiing, cycling, GED and citizenship tutoring, trying to exhaust my 3 year old blue heeler
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    Technics SP-15, Grado Gold with 8MZ stylus, Fisher 400C pre, Fisher 200 monos, 1979 Klipshorns in a 24x15 room with +9' ceilings. I run solid state and class D (Marantz 7t into Teac) in the summer. The Fisher amps put out more heat than my fireplace.

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  1. I also run a ss 7t into tubes. I am happy to see you do as well on your "forever" system. I have had problems with the on/off switch which is a bit of a pain but otherwise, I think it serves very well as a phono stage.
  2. I know of a pair of ~1978 Conwalls in Santa Fe New Mexico that are gathering dust. I used to own this pair and sold them to a friend who no longer has space for them. I am not the seller but can happily put you in contact if the location is convenient. Not museum pieces but solid.
  3. Chigago: 32 degrees Saturday, 25 degrees Sunday. New woofers. I'm predicting you don't leave the house until Monday. Hope your neighbors are up for some clean, articulate bass.
  4. ned

    Single k33b

    Joe, How is your sound? I love that new gear moment. Thanks for your inquiry. If you ever want to go OEM or if you get a buyer for your single that wants a pair, drop me a note. Mine is safely stored and I don't seem to be in any hurry to move it. best to you, Ned
  5. ned

    Single k33b

    great. I bet you will enjoy your speakers. I love mine. keep in mind that the purchase price of mine, a good match to yours, is low by ebay standards. What are you going to play first? I find the early mono Liberty recordings of Julie London are very revealing...as is the cover art.
  6. ned

    Single k33b

    Set 'em up Joe, Santa Fe NM 87505. I would suggest mounting the speaker on a piece of plywood and making some sort of bracing within the box. I like good packing. Please add a few pounds for materials. Better still, If you prefer to ship me one of the empty boxes that you get from Crites I bet that would work best. He is very good at this stuff. Thanks, Ned
  7. Here is a shot of the speaker prior to removal. Direct mount to motor board in 1979.
  8. Thanks Budman. JRS94 contacted me. I appreciate you pointing him my way. Ned
  9. ned

    Single k33b

    Hello Joe, I still have it. I am happy to ship to Chicago. Please tell me your choice of shippers and I will charge actual shipping. Thank you for your interest. Ned
  10. ned

    Single k33b

    it is the square magnet.
  11. ned

    Single k33b

    Hello. I have a single k33 from a 1979 Klipschorn that I don’t need. Measures 3.1 ohms on my home depot meter. Please see photos. Original leads still attached. $60 plus actual postage. Personal check is fine from long term forum members. Please see photos and please ask all questions you have prior to shipping. I replaced it with an electro voice. Functions fine to my ears. Will post another image in next post
  12. Do I understand that this is the low excursion version of the EV 15" speaker? As I see at the top of this thread, this driver is different than the one used in the first generation of Cornwalls. Back to the question of this thread, was this speaker used as a direct radiator or only in a reflex cabinet? I suspect it was spec'd correctly for the reflex cabinet that it lived in for 50 years. BTW, it is performing very well in a Klipshorn. I am thrilled the way we all are when adding a new piece of gear. If offered a mate, I would be very interested. of note: years ago, I refreshed the crossovers with a Crites kit and replaced a tweeter diaphragm. These speakers with a Grado Platinum cartridge satisfied my hifi quest. I run tubes in the winter (Dynakit ST-70 or Fisher 200 monoblocks) and this improves my tinnitus. I run basic solid state or digital amplification during the summer but it gets a bit nasty/etched at high volume. This is a great hobby. Thank you all for the information. Ned
  13. The Dude abides? For what it is worth, the resistance reading of the voice coil was identical to the original K-33 (3.2 ohm if memory serves) Thanks for the reply. N
  14. anecdotally, I have meters on my amp (AudioSource - tubes are too warm in the summer) and it appears as though the channel with the EV is drawing a bit more wattage. The draw at a good listening volume is still in the .3 range. Is this anything?
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