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    Technics SP-15, Grado Platinum or Gold with 8MZ stylus , Parasound P6 and A23+, Tascam "Pro" transport, 1979 Klipshorns in a 24x15 room with +9' ceilings. Heresy III center. I used to run solid state and class D (Marantz 7t into Teac) in the summer. Parasound is the new summer system. Fisher 400C pre, Fisher 200 monos The Fisher rig will reappear in the winter - the 50lbs mono blocks put out more heat than my fireplace.

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  1. Fisher used dual rectification with the 50-a platform (including the 55a and 200a) mono blocks. 1956-1959
  2. That's a Victor IV. I have one for acoustic 78s. I live for power outages.
  3. I have a pair of AAs from 1979 Khorns. One was refreshed with a Crites kit (10 years ago), the other is stock (although I have the un-installed 10 YO Crites caps). PM me if interested in the pair and the parts. I went with new Crites model A last month and I am a happy camper. I'll send pictures.
  4. The long wall will fill your entire space with sound. Don't get too hung up on the optimal listening position - that's part of the joy of horns and their wide dispersion. I am always saddened when I see a dedicated listening room with a single chair. My KHorns are 25' apart in a 15' deep room and the sound is lush and clear in much of the space. I recently posted on using a center channel but it was just my OCD talking. Enjoy your Jubes.
  5. There is seating facing the speakers outside the frame of this picture. A dedicated listening room would be cool, but I love having great sound where I spend my time - some of which is spent sitting and talking with friends.
  6. The prints of the records? I have a friend who is a master printer and we inked up some 10" and 7" records and ran them through an etching press.
  7. I added a Heresy III to a pair of Klipshorns. Here is a report after a few days. The Khorns are in good corners on a 25' wall. The room is essentially 15' deep although about half opens another 15 feet into the kitchen. My listening room is living room, dining room and an extension of the kitchen. There was a sweet spot for the horns where music sounds as good as I've ever heard. I've spent many hours sitting there. Unfortunately, most of the time I listen to music while working at the dining table, cooking, washing dishes or sitting on the sofa. Nearly all of my listening was too close to one speaker or the other, or too close to the long wall between them. I added a Heresy III (It will eventually get built into a cabinet and so I don't want the port on the IV). Cory is a gentleman. I am glad I reached out to him. It sounds great! I have it well below the Khorns in volume and so they remain the dominant voice of my system. Off axis listening is much improved in terms of musical content and balance. The sweet spot is now a big oval. On axis (or in the sweet spot) the Heresy is audible and it sounds great. It is super quick. On tracks where the kick drum and bass are in the center the Heresy highlights the percussive quality of the bass and sharpens the impact of the kick. It is not that the Khorns are slow, but the bass is a bit laid back. The Heresy seems a bit more eager. I have it down 5db or so and it doesn't intrude much on the Khorns. Mono recordings also sound great. The Heresy nicely fills a gap in my room and makes music enjoyable nearly anywhere in the space. Sitting too close to one Khorn is now more than tolerable. I feel very fortunate. It also has good WAF (she's surprised at how small it is!) but she also thinks I am in the land of diminishing returns. The technical bits: I run a mono amp from one of the mono sub channels on the preamp - a Parasound P6 (very positively reviewed by me in the SS section) with the low pass filter defeated. There is a volume knob for the "sub" on the face of the preamp and I keep nudging it down. The P6 is connected to a Parasound A23 with balanced interconnects and so the signal is hot. There are input pots on the amp and I've had to seriously attenuate the input to match or slightly exceed in input to the mono driving the Heresy. Judging by the sensitivity of the speakers, I suspect that if I replaced the balanced interconnects with RCA cables (lowering the input level to the amp), the amps would match up better. I made a summing box per Dope from Hope but am not using it here. For critical listening I can take the Heresy out of system with one button if I want. You can see the Heresy in the lower right corner 12' from the left Khorn. Thanks for reading.
  8. I use: Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver, HiGoing Digital Optical TOSLINK/SPDIF, RCA and 3.5mm Audio Adapter, aptX HD, aptX LL, Low Latency, Pair 2 at Once, for TV, car Radio, Mobile etc Sold by: Auteck I see it is longer available, but they have a successor product. I paid $38. I bet the same chip is in everything at this price point. There are quite a few on Amazon and elsewhere. It has optical out and has a USB cable so you can plug it into the wall. Be sure to go with Bluetooth 5.0. I am going optical into my DAC and all seems fine. Seems to work fine while I save for a BlueSound unit.
  9. A pair of Klipschorns. PWK was no fool. Sprung for a brand spanking new pair of Heresy III to use as a center (just one in the center, the other will find a good use). 25" between the corner horns was a bit too far for general listening. Just got it "installed" but the sound has filled the room. Thanks go to Cory for a very friendly transaction.
  10. Santa Baby....been an awful good boy, Looking for a center channel, oiled walnut would be bonus. Anyone have a spare that they would be willing to part with? thank you. Ned
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