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    High in the Rocky Mountains
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    playing guitar, skiing, cycling, trying to exhaust my 4.5 year old blue heeler. sheltering in place listening to music
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    Technics SP-15, Grado Sonata or Gold with 8MZ stylus , Parasound P6 and A23+, 1979 Klipshorns in a 24x15 room with +9' ceilings. Heresy III center. Parasound is the summer system. Fisher 400C pre, Fisher 200 monos and 55a to drive the center in the cooler months. The 3 monos put out more heat than my fireplace.

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  1. I've been curious about Goldring. They come up on forums regularly. you are in good company. If you would, How does it drive the Cornscalas? how it the upper midrange? Is it "warm" (I think I mean is there a smoothness and softness) or is there more space around the instruments and crispness?
  2. Sir Duke, How would you describe the high mid and treble resolution? That's what bit me about the Blackbird. 58 year-old ears may be part of this quest. Also in the back of my mind is the thought of updating some of the Khorn drivers.....it never stops.....
  3. Just read the 6 Moon review. Thank you for bringing this cart to my attention. It may be just what I'm looking for. It is certainly in the running
  4. Here is a review of the Parasound I posted a few years ago. It was definitely written during the honeymoon period. I am now in the stable easy years of a long marriage.
  5. Thank you! I've been here a while but I'm quiet. I'll check in with my local HiFi shop. This is probably the best advice I've seen online. The online reviews are all over the place and I seem to only pay attention to the ones that confirm my bias. Someone's experience with Magnaplaners is of questionable value to me. I appreciate the response. If you want a blackbird, now is probably the time to buy. Its been discontinued for years and its successor, the Starling, costs the same as a round trip flight to Asia. The Evo III which has a similar physical appearance has been discontinued as well. I am curious about the Amethyst and some others that are currently in production. enjoy, Ned
  6. I can only speak to the Parasound and I'll say good things. I have a vintage Fisher 400-c pre that has 7 tubes (some for the phono section only) and it is very sweet but is not as crisp as the Parasound. I would not say it represents modern tube pre amps but it gives me the chance to change things up if I want. It is definitely fun listening to tubes and getting involved with the equipment. I also have the Parasound P6 and I love it. It is in service almost all day every day and requires absolutely no attention. As you know, it has its own D/A converter which allows me to bluetooth in optical (avoiding what ever step-up is in the cheap BT receiver), bring a CD player in optical (its just a fancy transport now) and the phono stage seems very good. I use a laptop for streaming with the USB in. Nifty. It has a summed mono channel out (for a subwoofer, but can be run full frequency) and I have a Heresy playing quietly in the middle and I love it. The outputs to the amps have gain attenuation which is useful with sensitive speakers in allowing the volume knob to have some travel. I am listing features because its sound is certainly good enough that I don't have to question the fidelity. One thing I particularly like about the Parasound is that I don't think about it at all. When I obsess over my sound (and I most certainly do), I look at cartridges and amps. I leave it powered up for long periods of inattention and don't worry about it. I did a review of it when I bought it years ago (I'll post a link if it still exists) and I haven't really thought about it since. If you are chasing sounds and your ears are better than mine, the Parasound would not be as much fun as tubes. If music is almost always playing in your house, it will provide excellent service and it will serve as a clean audio appliance.
  7. Hi everyone I'm a long time Grado guy. I am very happy alternating between a Gold (8mz stylus) and a Sonata 3. But then...a friend lent me a Sumiko Blackbird and it was a really different sound and I liked it. The highs sparkled, there was a sense of airiness and lightness. Bass was present, mids were present although not as saturated as with the Grados. Have any of you been here before me? Is there something in the current Sumiko line-up that will scratch this itch? Should I forget that I ever heard something different and stay true to the Brooklyn sound? My system is a Technics sp-15 currently running through Parasound P6 and 23+ into Khorns (newish Crites type A). In the winter I run tubes - more detail in my profile. I am number 400 waiting on a Decware Zen and that will change things again....eventually. Thanks a bunch Ned
  8. The rosewood rocks. I bet the speakers do too. That floating shelf looks great. I think the speakers would probably be happier coupled to the tile floor. Good old Craigslist. Congratulations on your sonic home improvement
  9. I've asked my utility to change the can on the pole to a dual coil single C-core style with taps for core air-gap for Push-Pull or Single-Ended applications. (apologies to Lundahl)
  10. Is it for the KEF or the Heresys? I bet it sounds great. Of the 350,000 sold, yours is just about perfect.
  11. Not sure I agree. The Victrola vs. Edison Diamond Disk thread has been open since 1913......
  12. Sounds like you might consider keeping the Sansui and changing the entertainment center. People move for the sake of KHorns.
  13. Me too. I use one of the sub channels with the low pass filter defeated to feed a center Heresy III between Khorns. There is a volume control on the front and so it makes it easy to balance the center channel. I like having optical and usb feeding the DA converter. This makes consumer quality bluetooth a $30 plug in (as well as bypassing an vintage DA converter in a Tascam CD player - its just a transport now. I also have the Marantz 7t and it has a center channel out but the volume control is on the back. The Marantz is much nicer to touch and interact with - the big aluminum tone knobs are smartly indexed, the big switches have long throws and make a satisfying stop. The P6, in contrast has tiny knobs and recessed lights that make the whole thing a bit fiddly. It is difficult to see at a glance if someone else in the house has been messing with the balance control. The volume knob on the P6 is as satisfying as the Marantz's but needs to be spun a few times to do what the 7t can do in an eighth of a turn. The phono input seems just fine - someday I'll demo an outboard unit to be sure, but good pressings sound great.
  14. Hello Mr. Caps I have a k-33 out of a klipschorn (1979, square magnet, good condition) that I've listed previously. I have a link to the thread below. You will want to confirm that the "b" model is correct for the Cornwall. thank you Ned
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