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    Technics SP-15, Grado Platinum or Gold with 8MZ stylus , Parasound P6 and A23+, Tascam "Pro" transport, 1979 Klipshorns in a 24x15 room with +9' ceilings. I used to run solid state and class D (Marantz 7t into Teac) in the summer. Parasound is the new summer system. Fisher 400C pre, Fisher 200 monos The Fisher rig will reappear in the winter - the 50lbs mono blocks put out more heat than my fireplace.

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  1. I use: Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter Receiver, HiGoing Digital Optical TOSLINK/SPDIF, RCA and 3.5mm Audio Adapter, aptX HD, aptX LL, Low Latency, Pair 2 at Once, for TV, car Radio, Mobile etc Sold by: Auteck I see it is longer available, but they have a successor product. I paid $38. I bet the same chip is in everything at this price point. There are quite a few on Amazon and elsewhere. It has optical out and has a USB cable so you can plug it into the wall. Be sure to go with Bluetooth 5.0. I am going optical into my DAC and all seems fine. Seems to work fine while I save for a BlueSound unit.
  2. A pair of Klipschorns. PWK was no fool. Sprung for a brand spanking new pair of Heresy III to use as a center (just one in the center, the other will find a good use). 25" between the corner horns was a bit too far for general listening. Just got it "installed" but the sound has filled the room. Thanks go to Cory for a very friendly transaction.
  3. Santa Baby....been an awful good boy, Looking for a center channel, oiled walnut would be bonus. Anyone have a spare that they would be willing to part with? thank you. Ned
  4. looks like a board out of ENIAC....I bet it rocks
  5. Yes, wishing you a complete and speedy recovery. One more preamp that you might consider unless you want tubes is the Parasound p6. Lots of inputs, built in DAC with USB and two opticals and MC/MM phono. Remote. Tape out. I have the matching amp and so can't speak to the quick silver (which look great by the way) match up soundwise. Impedance will be fine. I think the P6 sounds great. Just one more possibility. I wrote a mini review over in the SS section. Ned
  6. According to the Parasound site, the Hint is also 160 watts. Seems like plenty of overhead to me. I would guess that the separates and the integrated are essentially equivalent in terms of sound. I bought the P6 first to run through a small collection of amps that I have - I wanted the phono stage, the DAC and the optical inputs. The P6 made such a substantial difference on its own that I decided to pop for the matching amp. I am happy with how it all worked out. Listening to the Blues Breakers LP right now. Life is good.
  7. People speak very well of the A21+. It looks like a monster. And like the A21+, the A23+ can be bridged into mono - then you can run two!
  8. I can't hear any identifiable change as the volume goes up. There is certainly a sweet spot around 70dbs where everything sounds great. Notably, the Parasounds and Khorms sound clear and precise at low volumes too. I made one attempt at hearing just how loud i go without distortion and did not find the point of maximum volume. I abandoned the test because it became uncomfortable. Louder than concert level. I don't think the signal was breaking up, but who knows. Undoubtedly I try again some night when my judgement is impaired.
  9. Same price for the integrated or separates. I think having different power supplies for the low current and the high current parts is neat. Also, there is more capacitor capacity in the separates. More flexibility of application as well. And they look good. Have not heard the integrated.
  10. Steaming and CDs both require digital audio conversion. You might put some thought into getting a good DAC and using the CD player just as a transport. Something to consider.
  11. Thanks Outfitter - the combo is definitely not fatiguing. I am happy listening at a pretty good volume indefinitely. I am not sure about warmth, just seems very clean and true to the source. Sounds complete at low volumes too which is great when people insist on chatting or eating meals. Last night I listened through many of the RVG Kenny Burrell offerings on iTunes and small combo jazz was really vivid. Where he plays with Jimmy Smith - guitar and organ - was great. There was great distinction in the register that those two voices share. Super fun.
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