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  1. Do I understand that this is the low excursion version of the EV 15" speaker? As I see at the top of this thread, this driver is different than the one used in the first generation of Cornwalls. Back to the question of this thread, was this speaker used as a direct radiator or only in a reflex cabinet? I suspect it was spec'd correctly for the reflex cabinet that it lived in for 50 years. BTW, it is performing very well in a Klipshorn. I am thrilled the way we all are when adding a new piece of gear. If offered a mate, I would be very interested. of note: years ago, I refreshed the crossovers with a Crites kit and replaced a tweeter diaphragm. These speakers with a Grado Platinum cartridge satisfied my hifi quest. I run tubes in the winter (Dynakit ST-70 or Fisher 200 monoblocks) and this improves my tinnitus. I run basic solid state or digital amplification during the summer but it gets a bit nasty/etched at high volume. This is a great hobby. Thank you all for the information. Ned
  2. The Dude abides? For what it is worth, the resistance reading of the voice coil was identical to the original K-33 (3.2 ohm if memory serves) Thanks for the reply. N
  3. anecdotally, I have meters on my amp (AudioSource - tubes are too warm in the summer) and it appears as though the channel with the EV is drawing a bit more wattage. The draw at a good listening volume is still in the .3 range. Is this anything?
  4. with attachment.....
  5. Thanks Don, I pulled the speaker out of a vented reflex cabinet and so someone, long ago, thought it was a good idea. I was without a bass driver for a while (probably a loose wire at the terminal block on the dog house) and so I didn't do an A/B. The sound now is making me very happy. There may a bit more bass, or defined bass, from the EV but If so, it is really non directional and so the both channels benefit. Brookmeyer? very clean and articulate. Mulligan? Like he is in the room. I'll run them mismatched for a while and hear where I notice a difference. Paul Chambers and Charles Mingus won't mind. I have monoblocks with adjustable dampening factor and so I can do some sort of comparison when I put them back in service. Increased dampening might start to account for a vented cabinet. This is all good fun. Thank you for picking up this 8 year old topic. Here is a shot of the crossover as built by a Los Alamos scientist c. 1959. For scale, the round beams are on 24" centers. I can take a better picture if anyone is curious. some of the oilcans stand 5 1/2" tall. It is something else. The mass of resistors (?) (right center) are on a rotary selector.....reminds me a little of the filter circuits on an older Marantz...but rustic. Very rustic. I have not tried to pass signal through it.
  6. I am not the only person who thinks this is beautiful.... see something beautiful, say something beautiful
  7. Here is what a small coffee table looks like
  8. Hi everyone, It's only been a dog year since I posted this question. I received good advice which I followed. In summary, I put the 1959 EV-15WK into one of my 1979 Klipshorns. I am delighted, my neighbors less so. There is a story about not noticing that the terminal block at the dog house door was loose......but the swap is more interesting. Here is a picture of the stock 1979 k-33 Here is a picture of the more robust ElectroVoice 15kw back in service after decades of quiescence. The ElectroVoice weighs 45 pounds. Once I thought of it as the equivalent of a case of wine, it was much easier to manouver. The fastening to the motor board is done with machine screws into some sort of threaded insert. This is one of the many signs of quality. These were built to be maintained. Thank you Paul. The amperage of the k-33 and the EV 15 were the same. My casual internet search showed that the A crossover was correct for the EV and the AA is correct for the K-33. I think that the A and the AA are equivalent in the important ways and so I considered the EV as a drop in replacement. It may be louder than the other channel with the stock speaker. Who knows? I am the only one who might suspect a difference. I will credit psychoacoustics with all noted improvements, but music in my house sounds great right now. I hope you all have it cranked up too. (Coltrane Lush Life is my jam)
  9. ned

    WTB: Cornwall I II III

    PM sent for a 1979 pair in Santa Fe NM
  10. ned

    WTB Cornwalls or chorus 2's

    Do you consider Santa Fe NM to be driving distance? I have a pair of 1979 Cornwalls in walnut fair-for-age condition (a singel small grill snag, light scratching, appropriate wear - I'll send detailed pictures and answer question over the phone) acoustically original and perfect. $650.
  11. Roger, Would you have a mate to my speaker available for purchase? thanks Ned
  12. thanks roger. If you send me your email, I can send you a shot with the number printed on the cone - 7270 I trust your knowledge on the topic, but I am pretty confident that I was the first to open the enclosure. It was assembled with upwards of 40 flat head screws, and not one showed a burr. I felt like Howard Carter. I agree that it is a fine piece. The mid and tweeter are university. the tweeter is a ganged two driver and the mid is a folded horn with two openings. I will get the deal worked out with photobucket and post the whole shmabang. the crossover is a work of elecrical engineering run amok. A fellow can learn more here in a day...... Interestingly, at this site http://archives.telex.com/archives/EV/Drivers/EDS/15W,%2015BW,%2015WK,%2015BWK%20EDS.pdf the voicecoil is listed at 3.2 ohm, and my grocery store VOM also rests at 3.1. it is all a mystery to me.
  13. It's dinner time so I took the easy way and posted pictures to craigslist. no price, no contact info. not a sale at all, just easy picture posting. I would be grateful for your seasoned opinions. http://santafe.craigslist.org/ele/1816352075.html
  14. Thank you all for the responses. I need to read through a bit more carefully -right now I am having a bit of trouble with photo bucket. Based upon the comments above, I think I have a first generation with the 2 screws and no pinch welds. the serial number is 137. I will continue struggling to get pictures up. You will agree that it is in very good condition, there is a tiny bit of scuffing on the magnet from being handled, and you can see that it has been mounted, but no real scratches anywhere. I'll be back......
  15. Great post. I based my question on a search that turned up this link http://www.klipsch.com/na-en/support/faqs/do-you-have-heritage-reference-data-available-details/ Here is listed the 15wk from Octover of 1959 to "late" 1959. Maybe the WK wasn't up to the task. N