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  1. I’m selling it as “parts” even though it will work. This is a stellar performing machine for both CDs and DVDs built like a tank. Cosmetics are probably an 8 with no visual issues, missing numbers, etc. HOWEVER, I had the drive replaced several years ago by Cary and when it works, its great. But there is no warning when it won’t spin which requires opening the case and spinning the disc manually. This usually keeps it working for several weeks. A new drive will likely fix the problem, but I purchased an SACD player to replace it. $100. Includes the DVD- 6, its working remote, manual and original packing. Be aware it is heavy as some power amps (in excess of 25 pound), so shipping could be expensive.
  2. Amazing what is at the back of the closet... Audio by Van Alstine FET Valve DAC in perfect working order. Serial Number 1030956B. Parallel Processing Hybrid Tube D to A Converter. Uses two 12AX7 / ECC83 tubes, AVA DACs use the Wolfson 8742 digital circuits, good for up to 192/24 high resolution playback. This unit has one digital SPDIF (RCA) input and a set of RCA outputs. I used generic Dynamat on the chassis to ensure any vibration is minimized. It’s built in a standard 14 inch wide AVA chassis. I would rate it an 8 out of 10 with no cosmetic or sonic issues. The FET Valve DACs are amazingly musical & enjoyable. No original box or manual. $150 plus shipping to you or pick up south of Nashville.
  3. How about a quad of EL84s via a 300B per channel?
  4. The answer is “no.” To paraphrase Shakey, turn on the A/C.
  5. Thanks, It sound great with nearly any Heritage speaker (I did not care for the sound of Fortes). Authoritative bass and with great sustain and decay. Dead quiet in operation.
  6. Yes, after much kicking, gnashing of teeth and cajoling, I get him to cancel the unfilled sale of tubes and refund my money (not via PayPal as I paid him [actually his wife], but going to Walmart for a money transfer). Of course, after the ordeal, which was occurring at the beginning of issues with Shaky & MEH's amps, I don't trust he actually delivered what he promised. Lesson learned: you get what you pay for. And @Fido; if I just had that 300mm lens...
  7. Not minimizing anyone's comments but playing devil's advocate, I suggest the Forum owners are concerned with the information & impressions newbies, not long term members, may find when they are considering buying Klipsch speakers. Newbies log on and find thread after thread concerned with “improving” the speakers. The implicit message being “ I bought these Klipsch speakers and they don't sound good, so I need to ‘improve' them.” As a newbie, why would I drop a minimum of $3K on a Heritage speaker than needs" improvement?" They may not grasp these are prior generation speakers that are being discussed; they are newbies. Also, some people may have drifted away because they thought this was a Klipsch forum, not a DIY workshop. After all, if you are happy after purchasing your Klipsch speakers, why read about modifications? If there is no discussion or real world impressions of current speakers posted, how is that Klipsch’s fault? Forum members are are responsible for this information, else this is just ad copy. Why are interesting reviews and comments posted on Steve Huff’s site, Hoffman’s and several other sites rather than here? Why do we tolerate snarky and condescending posts from some long term members? My “ignore" list is much longer than my “follow" list. I suggest that may drive more members away than the inability to discuss non Klipsch crossovers.... Personally, I think PWK and Roy have done a fine job creating & updating the Heritage and pro lines. When I win the lottery, I want to find the earliest set of ‘horns available and restore them to original spec so I can hear what started all this. But at the end of the say, is this truly a life altering issue or just one more slightly annoying change in the world?
  8. IMHO, Joe never received the recognition he deserved for his abilities. On my play list regularly.
  9. That's like saying I only mentioned the King of England and King Charles had the audacity to respond. Silly.
  10. If you want to try a single ended amp with no assembly required, the Willsenton R300 Tube Amplifier uses 300B tubes. It received a very good review from Steve Huff on his Heritage speakers. It runs about $1500 on Amazon with free shipping (a big deal). And if your don't like you send it back. That’s pretty much a win-win.
  11. Oh; the image is also on five Facebook marketplaces for $5000. Come ‘on, somebody bite. On the other hand, I have a deed to a bridge connecting several boroughs in New York that generates positive cash flow. Who wants a 1/64 interest for $1000? Seems to me posting these scams is not a good idea. Does anyone on the Forum actually think you can get a set of ‘horns in December 2022 for $900 plus $19 shipping? Quit helping these scammers.
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