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  1. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649873492-klipsch-cornwall-iv-walnut-near-perfect-condition-no-blemishes-local-pickup-only/ Not mine or affiliated.
  2. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649873481-klipsch-forte-gen-1-original-matched-pair-12-speakers-woem-boxes/ BTW, not mine or related. I always find if someone was wiling to hang on to [big] boxes for a looooong time, they probably took pretty good care of whatever was in those boxes and these Fortes look it.
  3. Thanks. Wait until you see the bottom of the barrel! 😆
  4. Even more house cleaning... The original Dennis Had design, single ended triode mono bocks offering 15 Watts per channel in Class A. The unit was retubed in 2020 with a compliment of Brimar 6SL7s, Brimar CV-378 rectifiers and Western Electric 300B output tubes. The units have no sonic or cosmetic issues and sound glorious. Minor swirls on the chrome chassis from dusting. This pair includes the original Cary amplifier isolation stands in black. These stands have spike feet and an internal platform isolated with vibration absorbing pads. SPECIFICATIONS - Circuit Type: Single-Ended Class A - Power Output: 15 Watts - Input Sensitivity: 1.5 Volts for full output - Noise and Hum: -80dB below full output - Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz +/- .75dB - Power Transformer: 1 EI Laminate, 200% Duty Cycle - Output Transformer: 1-EI Laminate, Special Bi-Filer Wound, Air-Gapped - Resistors: 1% Metal Film - Capacitors: Oil-Filled Coupling, .22µF@600 VDC - Filter Chokes: 1-1H @ 240mA, 1-10H@50mA - Power Supply Capacitors: 2 ea - 1200µF@450 VDC - Weight: 24 lbs. each - Dimensions: 7" H x 5.5" W x 19" D From the owners’ manual: The Cary CAD 300 SE operates in a Class A single-ended mode utilizing fixed negative grid voltage on the 300B triode output tube. The input stage utilizes a single 6SN7 dual triode tube. The output transformer in the CAD 300 SE is the most important component in the amplifier and has been specifically designed by Cary Audio for use in the 300-SE. The output transformer is an air-gap design with a commercial continuous rating of 200% duty cycle. The CAD 300 SE output transformer is an E/I laminate, silicon impregnated, grain oriented steel design. The windings are wax vacuum impregnated and the entire transformer is potted in high temperature wax. The power supply is a full wave center tap configuration running a CV-378 (heavy duty 5AR4) vacuum tube rectifier. The rectified 430 VDC is fed to a pi-L filter network. The filter capacitors consist of two (2) 1200 MFD and one (1) 100 MFD computer grade electrolytics for a total of over 230 Joules of energy storage. Each electrolytic capacitor is by-passed with a low impedance .22 polystyrene capacitor. The power transformer is also a 200% duty cycle rating on the CAD 300 SE. To avoid AC hum, both the 6SN7 and 300B tubes have DC voltage on the filaments to lessen AC ripple voltage from capacitively being coupled to the elements in the tubes. Shipping will be expensive. These units have the original factory packing and manuals and will be shipped in four boxes: one for each amp, one for the isolation stands, and one for the tubes. The WE 300Bs come with a wooden presentation case. Local pickup is fine. Please email any questions.
  5. More house cleaning. This 2018 vintage preamp was retubed in 2021 with NOS tubes: Telefunken smooth plates for the phono section, RCA & Sylvania 6SN7s and to the best of my recollection, Amperex 12AX7s. The silver face unit has no sonic or mechanical issues and the most minor of swirls and smudges in the black gloss painted chassis. The SLP-98P incorporates pairs of 12AX7 and 12AU7 tubes, for MM phono gain and buffering, respectively. Covers for the phono tubes to help prevent microphonics; RIAA equalization and mu-metal shielding on the chassis. The Cary preamp uses a separate box to house its power supply containing a frame-type transformer, a choke, and two smoothing capacitors. The power supply has separate regulators for the two channels' filament and B+ voltages. This are connected to the preamp through a multi-conductor umbilical cord. The SLP-98P has a volume/balance-control beginning with pair of 100k ohm pots (one for each channel) for adjusting balance, continuing to an remote controlled Alps pot. The selector switch is a five-position rotary and there are separate two-way toggle switches for muting and the tape monitor. The back row has the five pairs of input jacks, plus monitor loop and two pairs of outputs. For more information: https://www.caryaudio.com/products/slp-98/ The unit comes with its original double packing, manual and remote. $2600 plus shipping to you. Local pickup is fine.
  6. Of course he does; we live in Tennessee where this is standard fare.
  7. Factory, but I cannot recall if for auto or home. If my memory serves me, in good old days, mid 80s to mind 90s, Vampire was one of several million cable manufacturers whose claim to fame was increasing margins at audio stores.
  8. Front, but just slightly to the right of center 🙂
  9. If I had done that, the answer would have been yes, and produce the same sound. The amp has an absolutely flat, mechanical slide stereo/mono switch which is internally mounted with a "window" in the chassis to operate. It was switched to stereo. Lacking any other good ideas, I decided to open the amp and deox'd everything that moved or made contact. When I put it back together, Miles was where he was supposed to be. The logical culprit was a stuck s/m switch since the only other moving parts are the on/off switch & dual gain controls. Subsequent fiddling with the switch confirmed it. All is well. Thanks!
  10. https://www.highperformancestereo.com/speakers/full-range-loudspeakers/cast-cable-1-meter-pair-for-use-with-krell-electronics.html Ad states delivery possible along I-95 corridor.
  11. No, reality. I assure you I know & can hear the differences between my 300B, KT88 and SS amps. It ain't rocket science; it's listening.
  12. OMG! and its "low stock" to boot. Must have been a run on them!
  13. I'm waiting for the less expensive LB100... 😂
  14. That was my first thought so I double checked all the connections & they are "properly" connected: R to R and L to L. That's why I asked about others listening to "So What." Perhaps the "new to me" SS amp has its internals reversed. I have not had a SS amp in my system in heaven knows how long. Or perhaps just the amp shifting the soundstage based on its design; it's subtle but very noticeable to me.
  15. Dumb question and I think I know the answer, but would someone please listen to "So What" on Kind of Blue and tell me which toward side Miles tends to be standing? He's been toward the right on my tubed pre/amp set up, but I plugged in a SS amp and he moved to the left. I have an integrated placing him toward the right, so which on side does anyone else have him? Thanks in advance.
  16. "Sweet" is a good way to describe its sound. It has enough power to deliver the bass yet the mid & upper registers are open & delicate. When it's gone, I'll miss it; but like Shakey, I just have too may irons in the fire at the moment.
  17. https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649837539-klipsch-rebel-corner-horn-unloaded-cabinet/ Any one need a real project?
  18. Who'd thunk? https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/audiophile-circuit-breakers and "cryo'ed breakers. Cryo'ed seemed to make a more relaxed presentation of the music. " Why hasn't the Forum pointed all this out to me?
  19. This is a reason Shindo sounds good (to some); open it and it looks pretty mundane. But it is the right part for the right application; synergy.
  20. I was with you until this. The electrons mess with the directionality of the cable? And no, his friend is being an idiot. He was fooled with the ground rod; where do you think your house ground ultimately terminates? A ground rod outside your house as well as at the power station.
  21. Can you tell I'm moving away from headphones? A very nice sounding tubed headphone amp. -Transformer coupled or transformerless (OTL) output -Two inputs: one miniplug and one RCA. -Two front headphone jacks -Polarity switch on the power supply (IMHO, no sonic difference) -Separate power supply with selectable polarity inversion -Tubes: 2 EL84 type, 1 12AX7 type (currently Sovtek & JJ Tesla) There is a selectable feedback switch on the rear of the unit which is always on, but momentarily selectable to off. Again, I have never heard any sonic difference. The difference between the OTL and transformer-coupled is obvious: with the transformer setting, bass loses fullness and the treble becomes slightly harsher; the music becomes more “aggressive.” Switch it to OTL and the sound becomes warmer and more natural, with slightly less gain. The are no sonic issues and it is a delight to use with its adjustable settings. There is a bump to the upper left faceplate. It is deceivingly heavy due to its transformers; the power supply weighs three pounds and the head unit about seven. $250 including shipping to you in the lower 48. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  22. I triple dog dare you to post this statement on an Audiogon forum! Sorry for the breech of dog dare etiquette.
  23. and they look nice! https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisai4f7-klipsch-belle-full-range
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