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  1. Horns honk... or so I’ve read on the internet. Gotta be true...
  2. Thinning the herd continues... The Cyrus CD t is a ‘transport-only’ version of the Cyrus CD i, sharing many of the top end components put into their CD Xt Signature. Cyrus’ unique Servo Evolution disc reading engine has a multi-regulated power supply. A complex re-clocking circuit with close tolerance crystal VCO is used. The remote control, included, is laden with far more buttons than needed for a CD transport so it can be used across Cyrus’s range of products. Very little use and no issues whatsoever. Still has the protective film on the display. I am not sure where the box is, but it comes with the remote, cables and manual on CD. $500 plus shipping to you. Specs: Output voltage – 500mV pk-pk Output impedance – 75 Ω Clock Jitter – <70pS Outputs SPDIF optical Outputs SPDIF co-axial Weight – 4.5 Kg Dimensions – H78 x W215 x D360mm
  3. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/lisb1j94-klipsch-belle-full-range
  4. Yes; I use AudioQuest Coffee cables for my USB and Nordost for my s/pidf. The cost is small fraction of the overall system.
  5. Is there another link or source of information for those of us who refuse to do Facebook? I’m still waiting for a confirmation email from the “campaign signup.” Thanks.
  6. And you’ll be able to listen for how long or are you headed over to your brother’s house to burn through his tank first? 😎
  7. I have a matched pair and a matched quad of Electro Harmonix EL34s. They came from an amp I not longer have and were used less that 200 hours. $120 for all six plus shipping. Please email any questions. Thanks. Mike
  8. Like Shaky, I use my iPhone and have a NIOSH app to measure at listening position. Most of the time, I generally do not hit 80dB on a continuous basis. That is not to say I don't need to remember why LSIIs are so great and ensure my neighbors know what I am listening to. Interestingly, I have been listening to a pair of Harbeth C7s with a 300b SET integrated. I find myself listening at about 65 dB (or less) with that combo and find it incredibly satisfying. Those lower levels with that low power amp make those speakers sound their best (to me).
  9. If I was a buyer, I'd beat you up on price given the cosmetics. On the other hand, I suspect you can recoup your costs by replacing the grills/fabric. Clean 'em up for top price.
  10. I have seven sealed boxes of NOS Ampex R to R tape. Two are Ampex 551 Professional which is quarter inch by .5mil or 2400 feet and five are Ampex 531 Professional on 7" reels which is quarter inch by 1.5mil or 1200 feet. $75 plus shipping to you. Please email any questions. Thanks.
  11. Whatever; its still a poorly inked stamped signature of PWK. Notice how the "ink" is more intense in the center than the edges. As someone who stamped his signature many times, thats likely because the handle of the stamp is in the middle. Still a great volume at the high side of realistic.
  12. The Quicksilver Horn Mono Amplifier is designed specifically for use with very efficient loudspeakers. It has extremely low noise and distortion as well as having 18db less gain than Quicksilver’s standard amplifiers. This avoids the noise and gain problems that normally appear when using horn speakers The amplifier is designed to sound good at the extremely low levels (milliwatts) that horn loudspeakers require. Many different output tubes may be plugged in directly with no adjustments: matched pairs of EL34, KT90, KT88, KT77, KT66, 6550, or 6l6 output tubes. 25 watts into 4 or 8 ohms. “I was frankly astonished by the measured performance of the Horn Mono…” John Atkinson, Stereophile, May 2002. http://quicksilveraudio.com/products/horn-mono-amp/ I am the third owner; the prior owner stated he purchased them from Mike Sanders, Mr. Quicksilver. They are early pre-production models with barrier strips rather than banana taps for speakers. I use the attached banana adapters (which are included). But, they come with a important plus: more capacitance than the current production model. They are dead quiet on my LaScala IIs and sound lovely. The KT88s give appropriate bottom end while running EL34s the midrange is liquid. These amp have no sonic issues and no cosmetics ones except for zero wife acceptance factor. Comes with KT88s and NOS Mullard 7247s. I will ship in the original factory boxes (two) and a separate box for tubes.
  13. Come on; cut them a little slack. The label shows what he states. As to rare, well how about uncommon on the US? I'd say my 70th Anniversary Heresys are rare, but then again, 70 pair were made...
  14. It will be a bit more expensive as it includes new cabinetry.. 😂😂
  15. My money is on "Happy Thanksgiving."
  16. I suspect it has a shelf life of about 24 hours, give or take...
  17. The original owner was told these were B stock 70th Ann. LSIIs. I'd believe it as they pretty well match my 70th Ann. Heresys and look nothing like a "regular" walnut Klipsch speaker. But since the LSII boxes state "walnut" I erred on the side of caution.
  18. Actually I started this thread on rectifier rolling and as I acknowledged in a subsequent post plug-in SS rectifiers had been considered. After reading the posts, it affirmed my lay conclusion that due to the nearly instantaneous availability of higher voltages. a SS rectifier is best in a circuit designed for SS rectification.
  19. If Shakey can get them for you, I owe him. Mine are in a friend's basement and it would be tomorrow before I could get them. Thanks.
  20. 36 years and still with original boxes no less!
  21. You sound just like Steve at Cary when I asked him this question... 🙂 I see a pair of GZ34s in my future. Thanks.
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