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  1. I've have found that capacitors do sound different despite what was said in my previous post. My thoughts are some roll off the highs more then others just as Bob Crites said when he was alive. I have tried many different caps in my AA's and prefer the sound of motor run caps in my horn speakers along with some Russian NOS PIO caps that were plentiful a few years back on Ebay. Horns tend to be too bright for many including myself and the two I use sound best to my ears in my setup. There are other electronic means to tame too bright sounding speakers but are beyond the means of most that frequent this forum. It is doubtful that any film cap in old crossovers have actually went bad or increased enough with ESR to make any difference in the original sound. There are many technicians restoring old electronic gear that do not replace even the old electrolytic caps unless the ESR is extremely high let alone film caps. Lots of misinformation about caps circulating on social media forums but if someone replaces the caps in old crossovers and are happy with the result I am all for them. Then there are many that have replaced the caps and complain about the sound being way too bright for their taste after doing so. Naturally if an old can cap is leaking it needs to be replaced but other then that if one is happy with the sound the old saying of "if it ain't broke why try and fix it.
  2. Capacitors are a taboo subject of late on this forum since Klipsch now has an authorized dealer selling caps. At least that was what I was told a few months back when one of my post on capacitors was deleted. If one wants to put an old AA crossover back to where PWK designed it one should just use what is in it now, a motor run capacitor. Not motor start but motor run. At least that is what many are saying on this post. Keeping the sound original as designed. Personally being a technician I see this kind of talk as misinformation. A word commonly thrown around nowadays. A cap lets AC signals pass and blocks DC and if any cap does that it should sound the same. Technical talk about what dielectric material used to separate the plates that make a capacitor work will probably be deleted again but in reality what difference should it make the material used to keep the plates separated if it does it job? One person praises what he hears using so and so capacitor does not mean you will hear the same thing. The reason Klipsch probably went back to a cheaper capacitor of late is because they can save money knowing there really is no difference from a polyester cap over the more modern more expensive polypropylene one sound wise. At least that is my opinion no matter what so and so expert at Klipsch has to say. One does not design a crossover for a specific capacitor type period no matter what you hear or think. Technicians designing any electronic device depends more on the specification sheet of any component then any other thing and the truth is most capacitors measure much the same or at least plenty good enough for their intended use. What difference does it make what type of capacitor is used as long as it sounds good. In short use any film cap from a reputable manufacture you choose unless you believe as one past member that the color of wire tie sounds better over another and can hear the difference. The majority talk of capacitors is just BS for those that have nothing better to do than post on social media sites.
  3. henry4841


    The M2 has a very tube like sound that many enjoy. It is a favorite of Zen Mod on the diyaudio forum. Totally different sound then the Hypex so it is not surprising you prefer the Hypex over the M2. Many on this forum should prefer the amp over the Hypex. Good luck with sale.
  4. I have the F3 and it is a fine sounding amplifier using a small power J-fet (LU1014). Never heard an F8 but it uses a larger SemiSouth R100 power J-fets which has become the best selling Firstwatt amplifier. The SIT amplifiers use a different type of transistor which Nelson had built of which only he has or rather had. He had one production run done by SemiSouth before they went out of business. SIT's are fast. The reason they were built was for military purposes, radar etc. Generally not available for the general public.
  5. Indeed, great components used. Should sound excellent Joe.
  6. If you make changes to your speakers and they sound better in your room to you who cares what others think. Before internet and social forums one would not have such conversations we now have about not being Klipsch. There really is no such thing as a Klipsch sound. Horns sound like horns no matter the manufacturer. Klipsch speakers are designed as one size fits all rooms which is never the case. Once you buy a speaker it is yours to do with as you please so I just say ignore what is said on social media forums from those that have never heard your system or speakers. This is really a silly discussion for those that have nothing better to do. Enjoy what you have or rather what you have done to make your speaker sound better to your ears and ignore the critics. Enjoy music.
  7. Easy, just remove horns and wash with soap and water. Naturally remove drivers first. Best way and foolproof. Great purchase by the way.
  8. Was die hard class A only one time myself but have since been convinced all classes can sound outstanding when the design works. You should try one of the TPA3255 boards one can buy on ebay and build a linear supply for it. I can almost guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised. I have two of them with linear supplies. One an original Texas Instrument board and one from China bought on Ebay. Both sound extremely good and equal. Best bass of all my amps with great vocals and soundstage.
  9. I've never known Claude J to be anything other then a gentleman that is willing to help anyone that ask. Perhaps you two just took postings wrong. Your postings are very entertaining and helpful as well. Always glad to have another diy'er on the forum. As far as amplifiers, I am not as critical of them as I once was. I can enjoy all the different classes.
  10. I can agree with a lot you have said but then there are companies the price themselves out of business. Klipsch main product is of course the speakers and products that are not the heritage line but I would hate to see the plant in Arkansas close in the future because they priced themselves out of the market. Time will tell.
  11. Sounds like a good plan to me. You are not going to enlarge the speakers that much using 1/4" panels. Go for it.
  12. Personally, owning 86 LaScala's, I would just leave alone. Never heard a problem with bass bin myself. Good choice going with AA X0's.
  13. I say cool it guys. We are supposed to be friends that disagree on many subjects. I took shot. Weight benefits vs risk and decided to leave it to a more higher power whether it was a mistake. Believe the vaccine works. I know a family that husband took vaccine and wife did not. Wife got covid and husband took care of her for a couple of weeks without getting virus. I do think it should remain a personal decision and not become mandatory. Kid down the street tested positive before school. Has slight head cold only. Does not really effect the young that much. Went through grandsons college the first month without affecting students that much. I hate to see it being mandated by Gov. My trust in journalism and Gov is at the lowest point in my 72 years. God help us all.
  14. Lots of discussions and in depth sound perceptions from those that have done some changing around. Played around with many different X-overs years ago and to be honest the differences between the ALK and A or AA is subtle at best. A small change in volume level can change anyone's opinion of which is better. In other words a volume increase comparing two electronic audio components can deceive you. For me doing away with the autotransformer and building a simple 1st order crossover network using resistors for attenuation sound best to me but that is another story. After experimenting with over 30 different X-over combinations I settled on the AA as being good enough even with the autotransformer. And and keeps my LaScala's stock making them easier to sell for my kids when the time comes. The OP says he does not listen loud so I honestly think he will be fine using the A network. If one likes the sound and something happens to the tweeters just replace them with ones that are not delicate like the stock ones. I like simple circuits and the A certainly fits the bill.
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