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  1. You cannot do that with the original Klipsch design crossovers without upsetting the crossover frequencies. ALK sells crossovers that can be done that way.
  2. Easy to do with L-pads from parts express. Directions come with L-pad. You will need two, one for each channel. Just remember center pin goes to positive + of the driver. If you reverse the outside pins the L-pad will just work in reverse. https://www.parts-express.com/L-Pad-15W-Mono-3-8-Shaft-8-Ohm-260-248
  3. My understanding is he still does make and sell infrequently on Ebay. Drop him a message on Ebay and if able I am sure he will build one for you.
  4. The EL34 kit uses good parts and iron. Should sound excellent when assembled. Not much choice these days for someone wanting learn and build a tube kit. I lived in the day when there were many choices. I even assembled a television kit in the 60's. Good luck finding a television kit these days. Looks like a good way for someone to get into diy electronics and be rewarded with excellent sound.
  5. Excellent. I love seeing new members posting pictures.
  6. I highly recommend what Mustang said. I do not think moving the crossover point has any bearing on what you are hearing. I would recommend these. https://www.parts-express.com/L-Pad-15W-Mono-3-8-Shaft-8-Ohm-260-248 Easy peasy to install. Center pin goes to horn. If either one of the other pins hooked up wrong the L-pad will just be in reverse. Increase the wattage if you want but 15 watt is plenty good enough. Tweeter never sees a continuous 15 watts, doubtful even a peak 5 watts. The driver for the horn is the culprit. Needs some attenuation to suit your taste.
  7. El-34 tubes are my favorites as well. Right now I am using 6L6 tubes in two of my amplifiers which use the EL-34 family of tubes. The KT-88 is supposed to have better bass and I am using them in an amplifier specifically made for KT-88's but do not find a lot of difference in sound form the EL-34 or 6L6 tubes. No experience with the 150's but as Shu said more power that is really not needed for most with horns.
  8. As you probably know this subject is very subjective but if you do some reading you can get an idea of what sellers have to say here. In there search engine you have to hit enter to do a search. https://www.tubesandmore.com/products/vacuum_tubes
  9. All of the above. Lucky guy to be able to hear the magic of a 300B.
  10. I love looking at all these different tube amplifiers. Just like art to my eyes. Keep them coming.
  11. I can agree with that statement when comparing speakers in an A/B situation unless one is just awful and one sounds a lot better. But let's get real guys, most can remember sounds like they do sight. If not how does one tell the name of a song from just a few notes.Then there are those that can tell a positive wave 2nd harmonic from a negative wave 2nd harmonic. If short sound memory how does one do that? This discussion is going nowhere and I will agree there are some that do not hear or remember much of anything. On that I think we can agree.
  12. One thing is peoples voice changes with age so the voice you remember is not the one you hear now.
  13. Is this something you know or something you have read? If entirely true no one would remember a loved ones voice years later. Just saying not to disagree with anyone. Certainly hard to do comparing different equipment if not done quickly but one does have a sound memory.
  14. Leaky capacitors should be replaced. I am going to guess and say you have the big can capacitors. If so why not replace them with same type which are motor run capacitors readily available that are used in refrigeration. Just be sure and get motor run and not motor start. Then there are many options and brands to choose from at PartsExpress. https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-components/crossover-components/crossover-capacitors/metalized-polypropylene-crossover-capacitors
  15. More post about replacing capacitors then those that say not to. Not my opinion just fact. Perhaps you need to do some research before saying just my opinion.
  16. Just repeating what other technicians that restore audio equipment have said. And this is from technitions that know and understand what they are doing.
  17. There are many phenolic drivers available for those that like to experiment in sound to purchase. Not that expensive to try and such an easy swap. https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-components/pro-woofers-tweeters-horns-horn-drivers/horn-drivers
  18. If you are happy with sound why? You many not like the sound after capacitor change but then you may. Crap shoot. Most on this forum think it necessary which I believe comes from being told so by those that sell crossovers and caps on this forum. Lots of stories of unhappy campers after doing so but many that are happier after change. In my opinion changing caps just creates a different sound just like different new caps can and do sound different form each other. Most restorers of 50 year old electronic equipment that I know just change the electrolytics and many of the restorers do not believe in changing all of them. The thought being you will change the character of the original sound.
  19. It depends on the speaker being used and does vary from one to another. What I meant is you make an amplifier with a damping factor of 100 when the woofer is well controlled with 20 the extra 80 will not be noticed.
  20. Probably necessary with limited heat sinking. Fan cheaper then heatsink.
  21. I would expect the wattage to be over rated being no real specifications listed. But for those on a budget or who have fell on hard times with Klipsch speakers and present amplifier has issues it might be a good one to consider. For many it would be good enough but I would not expect it to be around a few years down the road. A decade ago I was in that situation and bought a $100 receiver to tide me over till better times came around. Here it is 11 years later and I now have more amplifiers then I can count.
  22. I have not been following this thread and have not read the whole thing either and yes 12 grand is a lot of money for some people including myself. It does sound like buyer remorse. I bought my LaScala's new many years ago for retail price and in today's dollar it would be much the same as the price you paid. For years after I bought them they too were selling for a 1/3rd the price I paid. But now on the used market they are selling for as much or more than I paid for them. Klipsch heritage speakers are in investment. Much like a car they do depreciate but as you stated on your first page you did not want to buy on the used market. There is always some hype promoting a new line in anything but I doubt there is a significant difference in the sound from the previous version you could have bought used. All said the first generation LaScala sounds excellent and this is not saying there has been improvements. You could have saved money buying used but you want the newest and best and one has to pay the price for wanting that. Just the way things are.
  23. If designed properly should not matter. Both do the same thing. If either one is not designed properly one might hear a swishing sound from the vent if too small an opening.
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