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  1. Any update on what direction you ended up going? As someone who went from RF-82 II (predecessor to your 280s) to Forte III then to Cornwall IV, I say bite the bullet and go for the Cornwall. You won’t regret it, even if they take up a bit more room than the Forte IV.
  2. Looks like new “ Heritage” powered models on the way. Shown at an audio show in Hong Kong (Sevens shown with Fives on the left and Nines in the back - photo not mine). Nothing on the main site with any details yet.
  3. I don’t think I saw the KT120s mentioned, so thought I’d throw in for consideration. I haven’t heard the 300s or the 150s, but have tried various EL34s, KT88s and now KT120s in my PrimaLuna. The 120s are more dynamic but smoother than the 88s with a bit of that EL34 mid range magic. They punch lower and cleaner too. I very rarely use my sub with my Cornwall IV when listening to music.
  4. They look stunning; what an incredible job! The coffee staining is genius, where did you get the idea?
  5. I would definitely give that Yamaha 801 some serious consideration, if you haven’t already made a call and you’re not wedded to the two in your original post. You might not have any use for Bluetooth etc, but those S series integrated Yammy’s are very nice amps with good current and a neutral sound. I would grab one over a Schiit without question.
  6. Do you know what the design changes were between the original woofers and the newer more rugged options? I’ve never heard the I or II, but am interested to understand what they’ve changed as they’ve evolved the model.
  7. I should have read to the end of the thread before replying to an earlier comment Stoked to see you bit the bullet and got the Cornwall. They really are a magical speaker. If you’re an Apple Music user, let me know and I’ll PM you a link to my every growing playlist of stuff that sounds great on the CW if you’re interested.
  8. Late to the party, but agree on the CW bass. I have a Rythmik F12G sub that I usually only use for TV/movies, and don’t often bother to swap over to the tube amp when I’m having a music session. I often find myself thinking the sub is connected when it’s not, though it does dig deeper when it is on (I have the sub tuned for very tight integration with the CW). But it’s a testament to the CW how deep they dig. I haven’t heard the Forte IV, but upgraded to the CW IV from Forte III. Assuming the bass performance is similar between the III and IV, the Cornwall dig deeper but are much cleaner/tighter than the Forte. My initial impressions were that the Forte dig deeper, but after listening more and letting the CW settle in, I felt there was some illusion with the Forte bass digging deeper due to being less tight/thicker than the CW. Both speakers had plenty of breathing space, so the rear passive on the Forte wasn’t too loaded - pushing it closer to the rear wall does deliver a different experience, and is one of the benefits of the Forte. But even if that does allow it to dig deeper, from my experience with the III, it was at the expense of tightness so led to a bit more flub. For OP, haven’t heard KLFs - only the CW IV, Forte III and RF-82 II in home, and RF-7 III and RP-6000F in demo/at friends. I can’t imagine that the Cornwall IV wouldn’t be a significant upgrade on your KLF. They truly are incredible and will be coming with me to Vietnam should I end up relocating their from NZ later this year!
  9. Echoes has to take number one for me, followed by Mother, Comfortably Numb, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (all parts), then Fearless. On a separate note, the catalogue has been upgraded to 24/96 or 24/192 on Apple Music and Qobuz over the last week.
  10. When not spinning the black discs, I’ve mainly shifted to Apple Music now the catalogue is all lossless. I’ve been using Apple Music since it came out, and prior to that managed my library via iTunes, so it’s all synced up. I still have all my “physical” digital files, but I’ve moved them off the Mac and onto a portable SSD I keep plugged into my Cambridge CXN streamer. What I really like about Apple Music is its library centric approach, versus Spotify’s playlist centric experience. I can listen on the go, listen in full high resolution/lossless via USB to the CXN and my PrimaLuna amp, via AirPlay to my Bluesound PowerNode, via the Apple TV, or on my Mac.
  11. In little old New Zealand, the Forte IV have just released at $12k retail, up from $9k for the III. Cornwall IV have gone up from $14k to $15k. I bought the Forte III when it was released here in late 2017 for $7k, and recently upgraded to the Cornwall IV at the previous $14k price. That's a 50% increase in retail price for the Forte in 3 1/2 years over this side of the world. Still worth every penny compared to the rest!
  12. I think the RB-81 was discontinued around 2015 when Klipsch introduced the new Reference and Reference Premiere model lines; with the Reference Premiere RP-600M being the current spiritual successor to the RB-81?
  13. Just chipping in having read this thread, and the thread referenced. This dude had both the RF7 III and Cornwall IV for a decent amount of time and ultimately decided to go with the Cornwall? Now he is expressing dissatisfaction with that decision and saying he made the choice due to comments/advice on here? If I’ve understood this correctly, what’s the problem? I could understand if it was someone making a blind buying decision between the two, but if you’ve got them both in front of you the decision is yours and yours alone. I think as a general rule, speak about your own experiences and provide advice on things to listen for based on what an OP has offered up, which is exactly what I see in this forum. Lovely people with great knowledge and experience wanting to help, to share, and encourage. Kia kaha
  14. Forgot to add, I’ve gone the complete opposite on placement. I have the Cornwall a decent way out from the rear and side walls and toe in so they’re crossing a foot or so in front of my head.
  15. I don’t think you’ll regret switching out the AVR. I run a “dual” setup as such, with a PrimaLuna integrated for music listening and a Yamaha Aventage A810 for general TV/film/background music. The PrimaLuna absolutely kills the Yamaha for music - airy, holographic, gorgeous mids and staging. The AVR ain’t bad, but it’s apples and oranges and worth the hassle of running the two amps and the cable swaps when I want to settle down for a listen with a drop of Aussie red.
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