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  1. Bought from Paducah Home Theater 3 months ago. Have all original packaging so you will receive it as if ordered new. I bought two of these from Accessories 4less and had to return both due to mechanical issues. They are $1599 there but it won’t come in the original packaging and may have issues or blemishes.
  2. He reported on the Steve Hoffman forums yesterday that he received them, really likes them so far.
  3. While we’re waiting. I bought a HK430 for my CWIVs last week and a WiiM Pro plus and I’m loving it. The guitars on ‘Achilles Last Stand’ have the best tone to them I’ve ever heard.
  4. This is new and not a refurbished model. Bought it from Paducah home theater in May I believe. I’ll include the original receipt. All original packaging. Yes you can get one from accessories 4less refurbished for $1599. I tried that TWICE with this model. First time Source direct did not work. second time volume knob was bent crooked and couldn’t bend it straight, plus play in knob. Knob had fallen off in box on the way here. Plus it arrives in a generic box with mediocre packing. Third time was the charm. Factory sealed with all accessories and quality packaging which is how you will receive it. Much better experience. Especially with a quality piece like this. I live charleston WV and can meet you with in an hour drive or will ship Fedx.
  5. You weren’t messing around. Exciting times!!
  6. It’s crazy that I can say the only thing I prefer about my $2500 Marantz 40n is the remote.
  7. I have been enjoying my CWIVs for the past year but have always wanted a little more bass. I’ve tried a Marantz PM 7000n - beautiful mids and highs but a little light on the bass. Marantz 40n- better bass, not sure if anything else was better. Old Yamaha rx450 with bass extension button. I like it. In my room the acorns need a little nudge to bring out the bass. I use the Yamaha for whole house audio in the same rack. Great reciever for cheap. HK 430-great bass. Flat on this is like 2-3 o’clock on my other amps. Nice warm sound. Great match! I swear I think the bass goes lower too. I only lament that I won’t have a remote now. sorry, just had to post about it since none of my friends care about audio. Lol. 😂
  8. ezsdad, I have some older RF3s that I enjoyed for number of years. To imagine the difference in sound picture this. The CWIVs sound how they look like they would comparatively. The thinner towers sound great but…thinner. The Cornwalls sound big and beefed up with more midrange and body.
  9. I think they were a flop as they are now selling them off at a big discount. I thought about buying a pair of Forte IVs if I could refinish them. I agree they are hideous and racing whether you like it or not is irrelevant to home audio.
  10. Haha. Sounds good to me. Pardon the pun. The Cornwalls are really good so they take care of most of the enjoyment factor anyway.
  11. I’m really not trying to create a stir here but I’ve tried several amps with my Cornwall IVs. First was a Marantz PM7000n, then my Marantz nr1200. I did notice a slight improvement with the 7000n so I decided to upgrade to Marantz 40n. I did notice better bass control with the 40n. Today I tried my old Yamaha rx 450 from the 80s or 90s I was able to A/B them using an amp switch box. Honestly the difference is negligible between them if any. Maybe I just don’t have a good ear for it but I’m thinking about selling the 40 n now. I bought the Yamaha for like $100 bucks off eBay a few years back and the 40n was $2200 new. I feel like I have gone down a pointless rabbit hole and wasted money with amps. Honestly the one time I did notice enough of a difference between amps is when I bought the NR1200 to replace the Onkyo 9050 on my KLF20s. The Marantz was a sweeter and rounder sound that made me want to listen longer. The Cornwalls are an improvement over the already very good KLFs but I’m just not sure now if the amplification matters as much. Maybe I’m just not really an audiophile and I’ve found my threshold of where the diminishing returns are just not worth it to me. What has been your experience in this regard? Could this be due to the high efficiency of the Cornwalls not stressing the amps? I only listen at 60-70 db most of the time.
  12. I did a year ago. Then I second guessed myself and ordered som JBL L100 classics to compare. While they were no slouch, the Cornwalls ultimately stayed due to their superior instrument separation, decay and bigger, more open natural sound. Plus I preferred the looks of the Cornwalls in my living room.
  13. My RF3s are really good but my KLF20s are a step up. I’d recommend those if you can find them. But then again if you really like your RF3s, buying a newer version of those isn’t a bad way to go.
  14. I picked up a pair of SP200s for $25 last year. I use them in a small bedroom that I call the lounge. Two chairs and a TV with the sound running through the Sansuis. Dialog is very clear and music is really nice too. Warm sounding and good bass. Detail is fine, good enough to enjoy. I really like them. Far exceeded my expectations.
  15. I have the RP160s in a bedroom that is maybe 11x11 or so. I would vote for them (600s basically the same thing). They sound great! They produce nice punchy bass with just a touch of eq. I also own Cornwall IVs, but they are in my living/dining room open floor plan area. It’s about 20x24 ft with mildly vaulted ceilings up to about 10ft. I sit 12ft away and honestly feel like my space is on the smallish side for them…lol.
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