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  1. I have an HK 730 with my Cornwalls and love the looks and sound.
  2. I use an SVS sb3000 with my Cornwalls, though it hasn’t been on in awhile. Lol. It has all the power you’ll ever need in your room. I would suspect the 2000 or even 1000 might be enough. Honestly there are folks on here who are a lot more experienced and knowledgeable than me on the subject. I can only relate what I have. Back to the speaker vs room size. I c did compare the JBL L100 classics and my KLF20s to my Cornwall IVs in my room. Even though the JBLs and KLFs were plenty of speaker for the room, the Cornwalls still had a bigger wall of sound that could be appreciated. Kind of like a 75 inch tv is plenty for a home theater for most but if you then put a 100inch screen in you’d still appreciate the larger image.
  3. I have Cornwalls in a similar sized room. I’ve tried my RP160s in there as well. The Cornwalls fill the room with ease, probably could fill a room twice the size. The RP160s actually rock out pretty good in there too but they don’t have nearly the dynamic headroom and punch at moderate volumes and higher. Not to mention less midrange detail but that’s not a fair fight. I would imagine the Heresy’s would split the difference and maintain most of the midrange detail. With a sub I bet they’d be great.
  4. Interesting observations. I have at times fought with the horns being too much as well. I find that most of the time I need some bass eq for things to sound right. On a really good recording such as Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams’ or Warren Zevon ‘Werewolves of London’ they sound just right with flat tone controls. I hope you can find what you’re looking for with some more experimentation. If not I may have to get my ears on some Polks. lol. Edit: I just looked your amp. Very nice. 5 band eq will do wonders for the Cornwalls with small tweaks. Maybe try a mild u shape and see what that does for you.
  5. Looking forward to hearing your impressions. Bump.
  6. You may also want to post to the Steve Hoffman forums in the Audio Hardware section. Very active forum with lots of Klipsch people.
  7. Perusing my playlist here are some recordings I consider good and can enjoy with no eq. Flat tone controls. Bob Marley ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ Warren Zevon ‘Werewolves of London’ Metallica’s original Garage Days ep Weezer’s blue album Fleetwood Mac ‘The Chain’ Led Zepplin.s first album Chon ‘Ghost’ Most music from Delta Sleep Usher ‘Burn’ Actually most hip hop and EDM sounds great with no eq whatsoever. Primis ‘Tales from the Punchbowl’ album Boz Skaggs ‘Thanks to You’ excellent sound As for bad: The Melvin’s ‘We are Doomed’ REO Speedwagon ‘Take it on the Run’ recorded in a barrel? Electric Light Ortchestra ‘Showdown’ is thin and lacks body. Sinead O’Connor ‘Drink Before the War’ sounded pretty bad on my KLFs but decent on my Cornwalls. I could go on and on with good to great sounding stuff. Skim through some of these if you like. I’ll be back with some bad ones.
  8. I recently listened to the entire Piece of Mind Album on my Cornwall IVs and found it to be quite good. I use an old Harman Kardon 730 with a WIIM Pro plus. I eq the bass up a little and the mids down a tad. If leaving everything flat it sounds a little thin and mid forward for my taste. I just tried ‘2 Minutes’ and I’d estimate it to be of similar quality. I do encounter some pretty bad recordings but find the Cornwalls are kinder to them than my KLF20s. The Cornwalls are considered to be pretty acurate so if the bass is light in the recording it will be light. If it’s there in the recording the Cornwalls will do it justice. I’m WAY less sophisticated than a lot of folks on here so take this from a layman’s perspective. I found an app called ‘House Curve’ that can measure your set up with your phone mic. I used this and set my Cornwalls up to where I’m plus or minus 3 db from the house curve using my WIIM eq. It didn’t take a lot of eq at all but I had to bump the mid bass up a tad and it has made most of my music sound better than with no eq. The Cornwalls can be hard on some bad recordings but gaining higher transparency will reveal this. I tried some JBL L100 classics and though they were a little easier on bad recordings but the Cornwalls still won easily overall with more instrument separation and more realistic and lively drums and guitars. More transparency will also reveal some warts. If you just keep this in mind and are not afraid to use the eq when needed these speakers are awesome. I listen to everything from classic rock, metal, EDM, rap, 80s pop, grunge, punk…. You get the idea. The Cornwalls play all genres well. The differences are more in the recording quality and all genres have good and bad. Save for maybe jazz where most of them are good to great. lol. I’m just rambling after waking up from a nap but as I listen this week I’ll post a list of what I consider good and bad recordings.
  9. Congrats on the purchase! I love the black with silver grills. I’ve been wondering how the R700 would compare. Waiting for your take on it. No pressure. lol.
  10. May as well go for the new ones with that little difference in net cost. Just the excitement of unboxing new speakers is worth the difference.
  11. I can definitely confirm that the Cornwall IVs are great at low volumes. 60db is all I need most of the time to rock out and get the detail and dynamics. That is a major purchase and expense though so I’d either want to hear them first or buy used so I could recoup the money if they weren’t for me.
  12. I own CWIVs but have noticed that the Polk R700 are well reviewed. Many say they’re the best at around $2000. I can’t say whether you'll prefer the Klipsch but I can say that they do what you’re wanting in regards to guitars. I haven’t compared my Cornwalls directly with any non horn modern towers but I did compare the Forte IVs at a Crutchfield store last year. They had the Fortes, some revel towers ($4000) and the Wharfdale Elyesions ($10000). I played Weezer’s ‘In the Garage’ on all three and there was no comparison for me. The guitars were unrestrained and just ripped compared to the other two. Not harsh or beaming, just ALIVE. The kid who worked there said the Fortes were his favorite as well. I would also be surprised if instrument separation isn’t better on the Cornwalls. That is a strong suit as well as drum realism and dynamics.
  13. Hello and welcome! I’m not much help but I’ll at least bump your thread up. I ve never heard the golden ears or Magnapans. I do have an SVS SB3000 and Cornwall IVs. I know the sub you have will take great care of the bottom end with Heresey’s. You can find used Heresy IVs for around $2000 or even less if you look around. At that price you could buy and try and get your money back if they’re not for you. Personally I love the look of the Heresy IV. I think they’re timeless and I can vouch for the high quality veneer since it’s the same as my Cornwalls. I haven’t heard them though. This is a Klipsch forum but it’s not highly active. For more and quicker responses try posting on the Steve Hoffman forums. You’ll get several responses within an hour or two.
  14. Awesome! Good to hear you’re happy with them.
  15. I have a Marantz nr1200 and have used it with my KLF20s and Cornwall IVs before. Maybe aim one of those tin eared people but I think it sounded good with both. Definitely better than my Onkyo 9050 on the KLFs. I also owned a Marantz 40n for awhile and didn’t think it was worth 5 times the cost. I would however like to try a Yamaha as1200 someday.
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