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  1. Lol...sorry, Mike was the last gentleman I replied to above. Thanks Epicklipschfan!
  2. I was able to see into the midrange horn well enough to spot the Amber colored material of the diaphragm. It looks like they are the originals. Oh well, they sound good to me. I just can't believe they actually sound better than the Crites replacements I ordered a few years back but they did sound better and clearer to me.
  3. Mike, I did actually shine a light in there the other day. Tweeters are shiny metal. Mids are black plastic looking. Thanks! Mboxler, that does help. I'll have to dust off my multimeter. Thank you!
  4. I've had an L pad on my midranges for a few years now but I've recently been reading posts about attenuating drivers by a certain value like -3db for example. i had no idea how much i have attenuated mine but I'm curious to actually measure. I have a hand held db meter. Should I just download a test tone app? What frequency should I use for the midrange? Do I just hold the meter in front of the midrange driver or should i disconnect the other drivers as well? I'm obviously not very technical here, so could someone please outline the procedure? I also know I have Ti tweeters but not sure what midranges I have. The tweeters were replaced by the previous owner and for all I know the mids could be Ti too. I do remember ordering Crites midrange drivers a few years back only to realize that they sounded a bit dull compared to what I have in there. I will snap some pics and post them up her so maybe you can help me identify them. Thanks Jon
  5. Thanks Mark, I will. The unit will probably never be reliable anyway after being shipped around and worked on so much.
  6. Was under warranty when I sent it in. Not under warranty anymore. They caused the problem with the treble control when they worked on while still under warranty though. Ask for a trade in allowance? You mean a new replacement?
  7. I sent my Onkyo A9050 amp in for warranty repair because the front auxillary jack stopped working along with two inputs in the rear. After three months I received it back only to find that now the treble control does not work either. It sounds as if the treble control is turned all the way down. When I put it on pure mode it sounds right. I really don't want to wait another three months for this thing to be repaired again. I have limited technical knowledge but is there anything I can check to try to diagnose or fix the treble control myself? Thanks Jon
  8. Thanks SWL, I may eventually get a pair of 30's if any come up for sale nearby. I have just finished putting a lot of time and effort into my 20's so I'll just enjoy them for a while. Its nice to hear a comparison from someone who has had them both together. That was actually my next question. How much difference would the 30's make...lol? I agree about the subs. Even with my 20's and my middle of the road velodyne 12" (not sure the power rating), at higher volumes like at when I have a party the sub would often shut off and go into protect mode and we wouldn't even notice....lol.
  9. I had a 12" velodyne sub hooked up for a while and rarely felt the need for it. I often couldn't tell it was even on compared to the bass button with no sub. The bass impact is good on my KLFs. I'll probably just leave them alone. Thanks for all the input.
  10. Thanks guys, I really don't have any complaints, just constantly tinkering. I am currently running them with an Onkyo 9050 integrated amp with 75 wpc. It has a phace matching bass button which boosts around 80hz by 8db. That really adds punch to the bass. I little more extension would be nice but not essential. My living room is 15x26 with vaulted ceiling peaking in the middle at 10ft and 8 ft at the front and back. to the side is a foyer with higher ceilings. Its a mid entry house. The KLF 20's really do a good job of filling the room and the bass is pretty heavy and punchy at moderate to high volumes with bass button engaged and the dial at 2 oclock. I've often wondered if I would benift from more power. I never have any problems with distortion at party levels with bass heavy music. Is there a meter I can buy to measure the power output?
  11. I've recently done a brace job and refinish of my KLF20's. I've researched some posts on here pertaining to bass extension but most of the ones I found are for Fortes and Chorus models. I believe I found an old post once advising someone to increase the port length on the KLF20's to increase low bass extension. I've experimented with some rolled card board at varying lengths playing bass heavy rap and dubstep (I listen to the good stuff too.. lol). I don't know if the tracks I played weren't low enough in frequency extension but I couldn't tell a difference between stock ports, dual 3" extensions to the ports or one eight inch extended port and one plugged. I can download some test tones and play them through my speakers. All I have is a spl meter. Should I play a low frequency like 30hz and see which port combo is loudest at a set volume on the knob? Also from what I have calculated I've lost about 3% in cabinet volume from the bracing. I don't know if this has affected bass or not, should have done one speaker first and a/b ed them. I had read that poly fill is for sealed enclosures right? Will fiberglass stuffing improve bass response over the stock foam? I have also read to keep damping materials in the top 2/3 of the cabinet for bass reflex speakers. These speakers do a good job as is but I like to play them without a sub and want the best bass extension and impact I can get from them.
  12. I have a 3 year old 609 and my HDMI ports stopped working completely one day. I was able to get them restored with a factory reset and or unplugging of the unit for 30 seconds or more. I can't remember which one actually did the trick though. I would try unplugging and replugging first and then try the factory reset.
  13. Thanks a bunch! These speakers are definatly worth the effort to make them your lifetime speakers. Sometimes I wish I had the 30's though....lol.
  14. Well, I put them back together last night and as far as the sound, well I had no complaints before (other then the rattle) after slightly attenuating the mids. It does seem as if the woofers move slightly more now. I put my hand above and below the woofers front and back while they are hitting and it feels very firm. Maybe more bass definition? Sonic memory is terrible. I should have finished one first so I can compare. I definatly like the looks better though! May try tuning the ports for lower frequencies. I believe I read that 2-3 inches additon is a good starting point.
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