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  1. That’s about where my one sub is set just from listening and adjusting to taste!
  2. I really like the SVS SB3000. The app is handy and easy to use to make adjustments on the fly. It really seems to blend well and doesn’t produce any bloated bass. It can be dormant on an old 60s track with no bass to speak of and then shake the floors on the next track when playing an eclectic mix. I have very little basis for comparison and maybe I just described most subs but I’m certainly happy! At age 47 my only previous sub is my old Velodyne CHT 12 which was decent but this one bests it by quite a bit.
  3. 37hz. Man that’s low. I like mine at 50-60 so far but sometimes 60 does seem to over emphasize that freq range. When I use the low pass on the SVS app The overall volume of the bass seems to dip a bit vs using it on the amp.
  4. So I recently posted asking what sub to get and ended up with an SVS SB 3000. Now I’m trying to decide what adjustments make to blend it in. I don’t have much experience with subs but so far this one really seems nice. It already blends pretty well with low pass set at 60hz on my receiver. I have turned of the parametric eq because Im guessing I would need a mic and room measuring software to really use that feature. So what advice do you all have for tweaking the sub? Also do you ever use the bass knob on your amp while also using a sub or should I just adjust the level of the sub and just stay on pure audio or tone defeat?
  5. Dave. I just received a new SVS SB 3000 a couple of days ago. I’m still playing with the app and messing with the settings. Seems to be a nice sub. I haven’t heard many but it blends pretty well. I will look into the DSP. Thanks.
  6. CHT 12. Budget wise, I mean I need to do justice to the Cornwalls. I can buy one sub at a time so I’m thinking somewhere around the SVS 2000 for $899. Give or take. Maybe a pair of the SVS 1000s would suffice?
  7. Not sure why it goes into protection mode. I mean it honestly works fine for 90 percent of my listening. I don’t want to destroy my hearing and it adds a lot of enjoyment to the music at or below 80 db. I haven’t heard any newer or better subs but this one does the trick for me. I just want to find an even better long term solution. I am a bit of a minimalist or at least I try to be..lol. Therefore I prefer the idea of just the Cornwalls in a 2.0 and told myself I don’t need a sub. But honestly just the subtly blended bottom end it adds to the music is a game changer for me. I just hooked it up a couple of days ago and was up listening until 1am last night. It’s so much more addicting!
  8. So I’m in the market for a sub or a pair of them if need be. Yesterday I dusted off my old Velodyne 12” sub and tried it out with my Cornwalls. It really does help fill out the bottom end and it seems to help the entire soundstage. I don’t have much experience with subs but this one seems to do a pretty good job. The only problem is it goes into protection mode pretty easily, especially with anything bass heavy. So what sub or subs do you recommend for music? I do watch movies in 2.1 with it but music is top priority. If I use two subs can they be smaller? Like dual 10” instead of one 15 or 18”? Btw this set up is in my living room which is open to the dining room and kitchen so it’s a largish space. Like 4500 cubic feet. Thanks Jon
  9. Listening right now at 65 db or so. These new Heritage speakers are lifetime keepers!
  10. I mostly listen between 65-75db avg on my phone meter. If 85 for 8 hrs is actually safe that’s plenty loud to enjoy music. 75 is decently stimulating.
  11. Same with my Cornwall IVs. Very good at lower volumes as well as loud.
  12. KLF 20s are awesome too. Best bang for the buck
  13. I’ll just throw them away in that case. I do have a Marantz PM7000n Plus a Yamaha receiver that I use for whole house audio. And another Marantz AVR downstairs. I just like the retro look of the Denon but I believe you all are confirming what I was thinking. Not worth repairing. Not as desirable as older Marantz or Pioneer stuff from the 70s.
  14. No the static is not related to any knobs. It is a prominent static sound with barely audible music in the background.
  15. I have a Denon DRA 300 and a 400 circa 1981. They are the silver faced ones and are very clean and scratch free. Over the past few years I managed to damage a channel in each one to where it’s staticky sounding. I believe it’s from running cat 5 cable as speaker wire for whole house audio. Dumb I know. I live in WV and there are no repair shops nearby. I need to either toss them or get them fixed. I know shipping to a repair shop isn’t cost effective. I’m leaning towards trashing them but I really like them and hate to do it. Any advice?
  16. I only paid $250 for my RP160Ms. They are ridiculously good for that price. And I say this as an Cornwall IV owner.
  17. I watched it. Nice looking Cornwalls indeed. I am a bit surprised he didn’t notice much difference over the Fortes. I could tell a difference on the Paducah home theater comparison in the mids presence. Not saying it is enough that I’d miss it though.
  18. Ive got a fever and the only prescription is more speakers. I currently own and love my Cornwall IVs however even after two months I sometimes look at them and think they are just absurdly huge in my living room. No I don’t have a significant other pressuring me on this, it’s just me. Sometimes I entertain the idea of a sub but mostly I’m happy without one. With the Cornwalls there no chance of fitting a sub in my room, fortes I could work with. I listen to all kinds of music from classic rock to electronic to metal, grunge, some jazz,acoustic live recordings and rap. I mostly listen between 65-75db because I value my hearing but I’ll sometimes have a few drinks and crank it to 85-90db for a bit. Plus the once in a blue moon party where I may even flirt with 100db for a short time. My home is a mid entry with a living room/ dining room combo (23x13.5ft) with a kitchen and foyer mostly open and adjacent to the living dining area. Ceilings are vaulted peaking at 10ft in the middle. Total cubic footage for all is over 3000. I’m intrigued by the passive radiator and wonder how the bass compares. I’ve read both that the forte’s bass is punchier and that the Cornwall is more visceral. Kind of opposing opinions. I may have to go to a dealer and take a listen but there is nothing within a few hours of me. How much midrange scale and openness would I lose? What are your experiences for those of you who have heard both? How much better is the Cornwall at low levels like 60-70db?
  19. I’m wondering the same thing. I currently have mine paired with a pm7000n and it’s great.
  20. Wow! Those are awesome. How has no one commented on them yet? Lol
  21. In short yes they are worth the drive if it’s a decent deal and they are in good shape. I drive a similar distance for mine. As far as knowing if you really like them I think it’s worth getting them home and trying them out in your room. If you don’t love them and didn’t overpay you and get your money back by selling them quickly.
  22. My Marantz PM7000n is really nice with my Cornwall IVs. $1199 new but look for open box or check Accessories 4less for a refurbished model.
  23. My RP160s are incredible for the $250 I paid for them! Basically same as the 600s he reviewed.
  24. Good to hear you have them sorted out! I have my CWIVs on hardwood floors. I’ll have to try some anti vibration pads. Are you talking about putting small ones under each corner of the speaker or a large one under the whole thing?
  25. No idea on the Forte but I’ve been on a hard rock and metal kick for a couple of days with my Cornwall IVs and they are great. Megadeath Peace Sells and Anthrax have never sounded better. The big midrange provides texture and detail that I haven’t previously noticed on these tracks.
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