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  1. Agreed. I have the 600s paired with a Klipsch 12” sub and they are really good. I had a hard time believing speakers could sound a lot better, which is why I asked the question and started this thread. The Fortes are better, larger soundstage, better midrange and no need for a sub. But those 600s are great speakers. I kept them and I am using them in another setup.
  2. Update - New Forte IVs hooked up today and they are amazing! Thank you all for the feedback. Much appreciated!
  3. Currently I have my music room set up with a pair of RP-600m and Klipsch sub. Paired with a Yamaha R-N803, 100 wpc receiver. I am kicking around upgrading the speakers and I really like the looks of the Forte and the thought of ditching the sub. So, my question to the group is, will I hear a noticeable improvement switching from the RP-600m and sub to the Forte IV? As I said, my current setup sounds really good to me, but curious if the speakers would make a noticeable improvement.
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