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  1. Hi all, I have a Cayin tube amp with one set of stereo output marked 4-8 ohms. This is currently running into my Heresy IVs. I'd like to run an extra set of speakers from the same outputs through a splitter, but have the A/B speakers both always on (with the other set of speakers in another room). I don't know much about the ohm requirements, will I be ok? Thanks
  2. Thanks for this, do you run a SET preamp?
  3. Appreciate the clarification, good to know.
  4. Guilty haha Nope, I have a phono amp built into my turntable that is decent enough. Not in playback, in the mastering stage. I'm referring to compression in the music since in the mixing/mastering stage, not the compressions or transcoding of the audio file.
  5. So I just got my first tube amp, CAYIN MT-12N EL84EH, (through Heresy IVs) and I have some thoughts on it. This is my first tub amp, so I wasn't familiar with the sound. It's a push-pull type amp with third-order harmonic distortion. I would love to try an amp with second-order harmonic distortion as it is most pleasing to the ear (so I'm told). Digital music – I'm not really loving the sound for digital music. I believe this is because the tunes have already been squashed with a digital limiter, so when you had tube harmonics and distortion and TUBE COMPRESSION at the end of the signal chain, it doesn't really work. Limiter should be the final stage, adding compression after a limiter is a no no. It sounds almost boxy, it DEF has a sound stage (but not in a good way imo) you can REALLY hear the limiter in the music. Vinyl – This is where it really shines. Because vinyl does not have the digital limiter stage and the dynamics are preserved (at least with older music, some newer pressings use Direct Metal Mastering which does allow for a limiter in the mastering chain before pressing and is more prevalent nowadays because its cheaper and you can continue the loudness war to vinyl. UGH.) , this is where it really shines. It remains very open and it's almost a last touch of tube compression in the analog mastering chain. Chef's kiss. In an ideal world, I think I would have two amps. Tube for vinyl, and SS for digital. Do people run this setup? Just my initial thoughts!
  6. Definitely am. No offense taken. New one on the way, I think that may be part of the problem.
  7. Yep those are connected correctly, and speakers are functioning correctly. Maybe my room has something to do with it.
  8. It's not great but my semi-day job is an audio engineer and my mixing monitors have much more high-end.
  9. Absolutely love it so far. It was such a breeze to set up and you don't need to do anything extra for Spotify or AirPlay, it just works.
  10. I've read that the Heresy IVs frequency range is 70Hz to 17kHz, but it sounds to me like it rolls off at about 10k. I'm wondering if this is normal or is it because of my (not so great) amp?
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