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  1. RC-7's have better crossover design and larger / nicer horn drivers but RF-5's dig just a bit deeper and are a little fuller sounding in the bottom end which is why RC-7 parts in RF-5 cabinets is the way to go.
  2. Or you could modify the C7 horn to take the DE-120 driver or DE-10 whichever you end up with.
  3. It really varies I've picked up quite a few over the years in the $200-$300 range in nice shape but those were good deals typically I see them for around $450-$550 each.
  4. I have to agree with the above dual RC-7's or RF-5's best is RF-5's with RC-7 parts very close to the much larger RF-7 performance.
  5. Hum or buzz through the speakers can be a sign of bad or aging caps hum from the transformer is not too uncommon I'm not familiar with the Mac amps but sometimes on amps I have owned its the thin metal top cover that is actually amplifying the hum and in that situation a small piece of dynomat installed on the underside will take care of it.
  6. Yeah it was hard to tell on my phone there was two separate listings for the "76's" with different picture sets for each listing so I thought they were separate pairs looked like one set was in nicer shape than the other had one pair been "mint" at that price I probably would have snagged them much beyond that and you're getting really close to dual RC-7 money.
  7. Those are the second pair first pair had a scratch on the side and a couple bruised corners this pair has a pretty scratched up top on one of them.
  8. I seen these earlier today when I was taking lunch break at work he actually had two pairs same price I almost bought a pair but after shipping and tax would have been about 500 total-- decent deal for the condition they were in but I'm in the process of thinning the herd alrrady and I really dont have a place for them right now.
  9. Damn!!! I'm out of town until the 30th I sure hope he still has them when I get back I never knew I needed these until now obviously a must have for any real audiophile cant wait..
  10. Damn man great price if these were close to me I'd be all over them good luck with your sale!
  11. They are very nice speakers same tweeter as the klf-c7
  12. 301 crossovers and single k-48e have been sold now I do believe I have an extra pair of k-48-KP woofers I may be talked out of I need to double check my stock thanks.
  13. Weekend up bump would really like to get these out to someone who can put them to good use let me know I'm some what flexible on the price thanks. Jesse
  14. Night? I'm up at 3:30 every day, might sleep in until 530 on Sunday..
  15. You can use the 2"- 1-3/8's treaded adapter on the 510 and still keep the A55-g's, same adapter that people use on the elliptical horns. The eBay clones are relatively cheap might be worth it to give it a try and see what you think yourself, I probably wouldn't do any cabinet modifying though until you've had a chance to listen for awhile.
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