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  1. A lot of the older Klipsch speakers still hold their own performance wise when working properly either restored to factory spec or modified making them great options for those who cannot afford to buy new. Some people like to tinker or experiment like replacing easy bolt on items but not completely change the design then there are those that once they get started take it all the way. I'd have to believe most people just want to acquire, position and listen and they are going to buy what they can afford. I think Klipsch has done a great job at almost any price point from $200 bookshelf to $36k Jubilee with a ton of stuff in-between I can't remember ever listening to a Klipsch speaker that I did not like new or old just some sound better than others in certain situations so they offer something for everybody. Tweakers going to tweak, no matter what Klipsch allows here or not conversations will just be had on other platforms most the info you need is easy to find in the search bar or Google. If you find a member here that has experience in what you're trying to accomplish just send them a PM last I heard private conversations are still allowed.
  2. This really bites man I'm sorry to hear this and hope for the best outcome! Seems like everyone goes through this at some point in their life (some times multiple times) either you end up with it in some form or know someone very close who does its tough all around for everyone so prayers for you and your loved ones.
  3. These guys have a great rep, looks like they're backlogged at the moment: https://www.ebcelectronics.com/acurus-a100x3-Repair-Service.html
  4. Spec wise they look very impressive, comparable to the RSW-15 but with slightly lower frequency response:
  5. Klipsch offers an H-II to H-III conversion kit which includes all the parts for a reasonable price if you have serial numbers might want to call Klipsch parts and see if they can hook you up.
  6. Honestly if you're H-II's are stock you might be better off just ordering TI diaphragms and updating your factory tweeters. If you want these I'll sell them to you let me know thanks.
  7. Just a way to reduce output to an individual driver: https://www.simplyspeakers.com/speaker-crossover-l-pad-a-542.html#:~:text=L-Pad controls the volume of each individual driver,and minimum volume is as much as -40db.
  8. I believe these are recommended for @ClaudeJ1 super Heresy project might run a little hot for stock H-II's without an L-pad.
  9. I used these in Chorus II cabinets but the cabinets need to be modified slightly as the horn is much shallower than stock and the front board on the Chorus is an inch thick. I took a dremel tool and rounded the inside of the cabinet to get it to slip into place. As far as I know these should bolt right in to other models with this tweeter type no problem.
  10. ***SOLD*** Original A55-g drivers very low hours and work perfect just no need for them now thanks.
  11. These are almost the same size as the k510 I've used these as mid horns in a few projects mated with k-55 style drivers with great results these horns are used and have light marks in the plastic as seen in the pictures no deep scratches these are very rare and fairly large asking $200 shipped thanks.
  12. ***SOLD*** These are the "cheap" version of Dave's MAHL tweeters same great drivers easy bolt in for a lot of the extended Heritage line
  13. Need to clean house and move some extra stuff laying around these were pulled from my KP-301-II's and updated with titanium diaphragms they work perfect horns has some light rub marks as seen in the pictures I can email hi-res photos if interested $150 price includes fully insured shipping payment via Paypal friends and family thanks.
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