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  1. Nice well worth the price imo I'd be all over this if it were in my neighborhood good luck with your sale!
  2. I believe they are the KD-12 but not 100% sure would have to look it up Edit: It's a KD-13
  3. They haven't been available for a long time if you cannot repair your old ones check eBay they usually pop up quite often as they were used in a number of models kg-4, Quartet and some Tangent models I believe
  4. I've compared the 603 w/ A55-g driver in my custom speakers to the 601 and 702? (Chorus 1 & II) the chorus II with the stock driver and with the dual phase plug k-55v and my take away was the 603 had a larger sound in all cases. Comparing head to head with the Chorus 1's was like comparing Cornwall's to La Scala's
  5. Damn that is a screaming deal if I were local I'd buy all 3 a friend has a mini-Marty 24x24x28? with a SI 18" and it flat out gets with it very nice sounding sub that hits very low I can only imagine what 3 full-sized ones are capable of.
  6. Very tempting... they appear to be newer k-48-kp's from the pro line with the vented magnet and two fold accordion surround did these come from Klipsch parts?
  7. Dang I just bought a set figured I'd do the same comparison as I have the 335 top sections as well plan on building some Chorus 1 bass bins for them soon as work slows down a bit can you elaborate on the differences at all is the 335 clearly better at all listening volumes or lower levels? Thanks and good luck with the sale!
  8. I really don't think it matters where the Chief's motivation came from fact is it looks like we have a couple of very fine speakers now available from Klipsch and I personally cannot wait to get my ears on a set. At the same time I don't think its unreasonable to think that he may have drawn off of this forum at least a little. Look, these speakers were due for an update (the Cornwall III long overdue IMO) why not see what public sentiment is on the subject and see if / how they could align with realistic design goals? People have been crying about the Cornwall III mid horn since long before I joined the forum and with the success of the CornScala and Claude's super Heresy over the last few years I find it hard to believe that those things flew completely below the Chief's radar and didn't have any impact on the designs / direction he chose.
  9. I always like to run a sub cable to the input of the sub and leave the end that should be hooked up to the preamp / receiver output loose and rub my finger across it if the sub amp is working you'll get a reaction from the sub just make sure the volume is turned down first
  10. So we have these boxed up and ready to ship but still no published specs??
  11. I replaced the caps and resistors in a pair of rf3s not too long ago with nothing fancy partsexpress stuff and I thought it made an improvement in clarity worth the effort imo
  12. Yes the rf3 tweeters are 4 ohm not the typical 8 ohm that series get parted out quite often on Ebay I'd keep an eye out there
  13. Yes! I was hoping all morning that someone else would buy these so I could stop thinking about them oh well I guess there's worse things to have sitting around now I need a good active crossover
  14. Replace the stock mids with Crites A55-g's and it balances out the speaker big improvement higher quality / larger driver and about -2db down in output vs stock really improves low level listening.
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