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  1. I am currently running a RC-7 with a pair of RF-3 II's myself right now and they match up just fine. The RC-3 center is OK but seriously lacking compared to the 7.
  2. I guess it would depend on what you're plans are for the speakers as to what advice to give here. Are you going to be keeping them long term? Are you just trying to get them working so you can sell them? If you plan on keeping them and have the money I'd say follow Moray's advice. If you're not confidant in your soldering skills you can pull your crossovers out and send them to Bob Crites for a re-cap ($135) and they'll be better than new. http://www.critesspeakers.com/
  3. Hello, I'd suggest trying to find a RC-7 center speaker, one of the best ever made by Klipsch and a good match for what you have.
  4. The connectors are spring loaded, you should be able to push down on it to insert the wire without removing the metal cup, I've done it myself several times over the last few days. The metal cup on my driver seems to wobble like it wants to come off and I've pulled on it quite a bit but it won't let go. From what I can see they are just siliconed in place but I don't think they were meant to be removed. Again, you should not have to remove it to plug the wires back in though.
  5. I ran a RC-7 L C R for quite awhile and it sounded great. If you're near this deal I'd grab it quick before its gone..
  6. Not mine but looks like a great deal Local only: Manor, TX, 78653 https://www.audiogon.com/listings/monitors-klipsch-rc-7-and-rs-7-surround-and-center-2017-03-20-speakers-78653-manor-tx
  7. It seems anything Walnut in the KG line is fairly rare and the 5.5's are top of the heap so I don't think $500 is too far out of the ballpark as far as pricing. Have you written up a comparison between these two speakers? Maybe in a separate thread after the sale if you haven't? I'd be curious to hear about the differences between these two fine speakers. Anyway, good luck with your sale!
  8. Have to be CF-4's, those woofers look larger than the 10's in the 5.5's.
  9. I really don't think swapping Belles in place of the Chorus II's is going to help with your bass issue at all, in fact it would likely be a step in the wrong direction. Either they are not set up / powered properly or you could be battling the room itself, possibly a combination of both?
  10. He has his TV room in a spare bedroom, I want to say 12x13?
  11. A friend of mine uses the 2.2v for his center and 2.2's for rear surrounds with his 5.2's and in his smallish sized room it's a great combination. They're kind of a "mini" Academy and fairly decent. Do I think the other centers you mentioned are better? Yes. Are they an exact match for the 5.2's? No. Does it matter? I'll have to leave that for you to decide.
  12. All I can add is that in all my years buying on eBay whenever I see a seller with a negative feedback for a deal gone wrong on a $10 item I think to myself why in the hell would anyone fight over and let things escalate to the point of receiving bad feedback for $10? Or $20? Too me a seller's reputation is everything and the next guy to click on one of your listings is not going to know the backstory or who was at fault or any details about the situation. What they will know is that you could not work things out on a $10 deal and what if things go bad with the purchase they're about to make?
  13. Unfortunately if you care about your feedback rating "firing" the customer isn't an option. However, if you do send them a full refund and cancel the order through eBay it will stop his ability to leave you feedback. Stuff gets "lost" in the mail, that's why I always insist on signature requirements for everything I ship that way there is no question as to whether it was delivered or not. I sold a $60 remote to a guy about a year ago, it was being delivered to a mailbox store that accepts packages for people so I didn't add the signature requirement thinking they were professionals and I could trust them. Tracking number showed it was delivered, the business said they never received it. Luckily I had a few of the remotes so I just apologized to the customer and shipped out a new remote at my expense this time with a signature required, lesson learned.
  14. I'd say $1500 if he throws in the sub
  15. Congrats on the new Cornwalls! Sounds like they need a simple refresh and possible upgrade to get the best out of them. There are several threads already about updating old Cornwalls but I'd start with re-capping / upgrading or replacing the old crossovers with B-2's and replacing the mid driver / horn gaskets at the very minimum. As far as wiring the two sets of speakers together there are several reasons not to do it including the possibility of damaging your equipment so I'd be very cautious.