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  1. jjptkd

    Klipsch tangent 500 rebuild

    Nice work! The T-500 is close to a forte you could build a cabinet with the passives on the rear and upgrade the mid horns to the larger Tractrix k-61's they're easy to find on eBay.
  2. I would if I were you and had the room, lots of potential in the Cornwalls for upgrades and bigger cabinet means additional / lower bass response. The '82's should have soldered lug k-55v's in them if they're still stock, significantly better driver than the k-53 in the H-II IMO.
  3. jjptkd

    Klipsch KG 5.2s Without receiver

    What source will you be running; tuner? record player? online streaming service or Bluetooth?
  4. Both of these sets have now sold on eBay, I do have another pair of soldered lug k-55v's I'll be listing soon along with some 4 ohm k-42's, thinking about assembling a kit for a possible Super Heresy II project as I have a pair of Chorus II crossovers and k-79 tweeters to go with the 42's.
  5. jjptkd

    Recommendations For Affordable DAC

    Benchmark, PS Audio and Oppo all make great DAC's I'm using the Oppo Sonica right now and love it-- good deals can be found on mid line / top models if you keep watch and have patience.
  6. jjptkd

    Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 nominees

    Stevie Nicks is overdue hope she gets it
  7. jjptkd

    Passive Subwoofers

    Klipsch KW-120 THX Ultra 2 subs are pretty awesome: https://www.klipsch.com/products/kw-120-thx-subwoofer List price is $1500 each but can usually be found new at discount for under $1k
  8. jjptkd

    Strong Rhetoric on China

    China has not played fair for 30 plus years we have been trading with them they are and should be the main concern for the US and have been for quite awhile. They have been trying to undermine us any which way they can by either stealing trade / military / tech secrets, building massive military compounds in south China sea or trying to replace the petro dollar lots have been going on under our noses and for some reason it never or rarely gets reported.
  9. jjptkd

    YEA!!! Another Bose store closes!!!

    I didn't look at the price but I'm sure it was up there, it was one of their main demo rooms. I'm far from a Bose fan, use to make fun of and actually converted a couple of friends years back. I wouldn't have mentioned it but this experience just happened less than a week ago and I seen this thread figured I should give credit where its due, until the other day never thought Bose could produce sound like that regardless of room or cost.
  10. jjptkd

    YEA!!! Another Bose store closes!!!

    Yes, room looked perfect was actually considering that as I looked around listening
  11. jjptkd

    Bob Crites "Prime "

    I've dealt with Crites numerous times over the years always excellent quality products and top notch service.
  12. jjptkd

    Center Channel Recommendations

    When it comes to center speakers I'm a firm believer in getting the biggest / best that you can fit / afford. The RC-7 and RC-64 II are my personal favorites if looking for one smaller I'd go with the RC-3. The RC-35 was the newer replacement but they really cheaped out on the cabinet build quality and the tweeter motor is tiny compared to the RC-3, not sure it makes a huge difference in sound but just looking at the two side by side is bothersome to me.
  13. jjptkd

    Cornwall motor board woofer relocation

    If you're going to go through the trouble of making / changing the motorboard it may be worth while to look into some CornScala options at the same time, larger mid horn would likely be a bigger improvement over changing the woofer location IMO just a thought.
  14. jjptkd

    Mixing & Matching Klipsch Series

    Speakers look very clean, welcome back to the world of Klipsch! I've never had a problem mixing and matching Klipsch speakers but honestly when listening to music I stick with 2 channel, I don't think timbre matching is as critical for surround sound with movies. I would recommend finding a used RC-7 that was the flagship center speaker at the time the RF-3's were produced and it uses the same woofers as the RF-3's so it would be a very good match. If you want to buy new I would look for a good deal on the RC-64 II they can be had at discount right now because they are being cleared out for the new RC-64 III.
  15. jjptkd

    YEA!!! Another Bose store closes!!!

    Actually walked past a demo room at Fry's the other day movie playing pretty loud and the sound was very large and powerful at first glance I didn't see any speakers at all and walked right past expecting the sound to be coming from a different room but nope, it was a tiny Bose soundbar sitting right below the big screen with a smallish 8" or so subwoofer tucked in the corner I was completely blown away at how good it actually sounded and how big the sound was. Of course I didn't sit down and listen to any music or anything just watched a minute or so of an action scene in a movie not too bad for movies IMHO.