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  1. jjptkd

    301 ll in Jersey

    These have been listed on Ebay for over a year I believe priced beyond what a new pair of KI-396's can be had for from what I understand hopefully this guy just really doesn't want to sell them and has them listed to satisfy the wife "l've had these listed for sale honey but noone wants to buy them sorry."
  2. Might as well bump this to the top as I'm listing other items for sale today these drivers are current production and I haven't seen too many on the used market.
  3. Alright finally got to sort through some of my extra parts pile and have rounded up a few things I'd like to move out. First up, as the title states I have 2 pairs of k-61 mid horn and driver sets (Chorus II, forte II & Quartet) along with a single k-601horn with driver (Chorus 1 & Cornwall II) and a single k-701 horn with driver (forte 1 & Heresy II) plus 2 extra driver assemblies (magnet and diaphragm) without horns. I would like to get $100 plus shipping for each pair of k-61's and $40 plus shipping for each single horn and $75 shipped for the pair of extra drivers only. I can combine shipping costs if it makes sense if you want more than one item. Pictures will be up later today thanks. Jesse
  4. Yeah I really enjoyed my Adcom GFA-5800 it runs Class A for the first 10 or 15 watts cant remember off hand it sounded very good with my Chorus II's it sounded so good it replaced my Sunfire 300 for a few months until summer came along then it was just too hot raised the room temp a few degrees at least so it had to go.
  5. He has already twice that I know of I offered him a k-48e he never replied back and then posted in this thread
  6. Yes the Chorus line used threaded inserts for the woofers only as the k-48 is very heavy
  7. The crossover design is the same, same part values with higher quality parts separated on a board the overall sound is the same I think the drop in replacement crossovers are slightly more detailed when listening critically bass is improved a little more tight / detailed is it worth the extra cost? Only you could be the judge of that.
  8. "15 days to flatten the curve," shut things down temporarily to keep the hospitals from being overrun and bodies piling up in the streets... Never happened not even close and still some states have strict shutdown orders 6 months later when are people going to wake up??
  9. Now that I have my KP-301-II's running at a spectacular level I figure its time to finally assemble some of the parts I have laying around into something useful. I want to make a pair of separate top hats that will sit perfectly on my KP-301-II's, my plan is to rewire them and use them as bass bins temporarily just to get a feel for what the set will sound like when finished. If I like what I hear then I plan on building k-48 bass bins the same size as the kp-301's but will have the woofer mounted up higher in the cabinet. More pictures as I proceed
  10. PM sent I have a single k-48-e that needs a new home came out of an original Chorus 1
  11. Just looking at the specs I dont think it would be an improvement over the de-120 but I could be wrong, at minimum there would need to be crossover changes to reduce output from 109db and looking at the response chart on their website it is only flat in that it is a straight line down from about 2k to 18khz I'm assuming they fix that in the crossover?
  12. jjptkd

    Free Speakers (KG)

    If you want the best experience dont cheap out on the amp figure how many watts you think you need then double it, those pro subs will take a lot of power and will sound sluggish if underdriven. Congrats by the way they look nice!
  13. Got the A55-g's installed today and man what a difference! The stock k-61 driver is just so bright and harsh sounding, very forward in comparison even at lower volumes where the A55-g is just so incredibly smooth and detailed, very detailed. I really think I have found a winning combination here with the de-120 tweet, A55-g mid and k-48 woofer. Now the only thing left to do to these is the port extension mod just need to locate some 4" OD tubing..
  14. Yes, 3/4 MDF veneered on both sides for the sides back top and bottom with a full 1 inch plywood front probably because of the heavy k-48 woofer. What I find interesting is on the new pro models they use 3/4 plywood everywhere but the front which is 1 inch MDF.
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