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  1. Wow great price if only they were closer I'd probably buy all of them.
  2. No, the A55-g rolls off around 6300hz iirc I'm using this combo in a 3-way Cornscala type speaker
  3. https://f072605def1c9a5ef179-a0bc3fbf1884fc0965506ae2b946e1cd.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/product-specsheets/KPT-902-M-Data-Sheet-v04.pdf I wonder if the top end can be ordered as a kit like the 904's? @MetropolisLakeOutfitters
  4. The new line should be pretty significantly better IMO without hearing them first hand major improvements are the new mid driver which so far has had no mention in this thread which is head and shoulders better than the old one the III's have not to mention improved horn technology and phase plug in the tweeter and improved steep slope crossover design and slightly larger cabinet that is now ported I'd say yeah, lots of good stuff happening with the IV. Is all of that worth the price difference? I think that is going to be a very subjective answer only each individual can figure out for themselves based on their own ability to pay for one.
  5. Have you considered adding a subwoofer or two? I'm not sure you'll get a lot more or "better" bass response from the CP-1's but I could be wrong. By the way these speakers (CP-1's) are some what rare and typically seller's seem to want double or more the asking price for these the few times I've ever seen them for sale FWIW good luck!
  6. Yes it is the same horn that has been around since the early 2000's in the pro models 201 II's 250 II's are a couple I know of off hand as pictured above the only thing with using them on the older Heresy / forte / or Tangent models is that horn has a thread insert for mid driver mounting so if you're planning on staying with the stock k53 driver you'd need an adapter.
  7. Honestly haven't been on any of the Carver forums for quite some time, hardly get a chance to browse through here any more. Bill Flannery of "Flannery's Vintage Audio" specializes in Sunfire equipment only, I've asked him a few times over the years if he'd ever consider other brands for repair but he has told me he stays plenty busy doing his thing and doesn't anticipate things will change any time soon. Rolland at Hi-Tech in OR is the "authorized" Carver repair center from what I understand but have seen several people on eBay lately either offering repair service or selling refurbished amplifiers, some for seemingly very reasonable prices. If I were in the position of wanting refurbished Carver gear of a common model i'd likely pick up one that has been gone through already and either keep my old amp as a stand by or sell it to make up some of the cost of the new one. Here are a couple serviced 1.5t's for around $500 each on eBay right now, think it would be hard to have one serviced at that price if you include round trip shipping cost plus having the ability to sell the one you have to possibly make up half the cost if not more seems like a no-brainer to me. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carver-M1-5t-Amplifier-Refreshed/293400060187?hash=item445001a11b:g:vKcAAOSw-mtd3Lv0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carver-M1-5T-Amplifier-Beautiful-Professionally-Upgraded-with-Warranty/153778599806?hash=item23cdeb377e:g:49YAAOSwdz9eB9St
  8. jjptkd

    FS: Cherry RF-5s

    Mighty fine speakers you have there if I were closer I'd take them off your hands love the cherry veneer good luck with your sale!
  9. Shipped out of Idaho I received mine in 2 days appear to be as advertised very light weight both together weigh less than a single k-48 thanks again for the heads up!
  10. Not sure I needed them but ordered a pair just in case price is just too good to pass up thanks!
  11. jjptkd


    Damn, I don't think I could ever let mine go they are just great all around speakers with a surprising amount of low end especially for their size. With the rc7 horn driver and crossover parts installed in mine I actually prefer them over forte's. Anyway, good luck with your sale!
  12. FYI The 301 II uses a different mid driver than the original 301 which is the same mid driver as in the Chorus II
  13. Short answer no, significantly lesser quality cabinet with the Tangent line.
  14. As others have stated the k-48 is plenty and perfectly matched for the box / port design. I have found that replacing the crappy stock mid driver with either a Crites A55-g or Soldered-lug k-55v balances out the speaker giving them a fuller / bigger sound especially at lower volumes as the larger much higher quality mid driver has a reduced output of 2-3db.
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