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  1. Looks like they used that same woofer in the CA-8T- might try Klipsch parts as those were still being produced fairly recently IIRC. https://2d73e25b29782b6d6766-9c8af5cbfef16739445bc76457060528.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/CA8TManual_635042113581000000.pdf
  2. Wow, looks like you're starting out all over again? What amplifier are you running these with if I may ask? Congrats on the new speakers!
  3. Nothing to do with JC if you followed the ASR thread Bob Carver logged in and said it himself in fact he's very proud of that little amp being able to pull 75 watts out of 15 watt transformers if you hate BC that's fine don't think this thread was meant to dump on the guy have some class. It is what it is.
  4. The 275 amps are / were working exactly as designed by Bob Carver, the biggest mistake was the advertised output power being rated at 20hz to 20khz when the amp should have been rated at 1khz, which is very typical for tube amps. The 275 is actually a very nice sounding, seemingly powerful amplifier that, in Carver fashion, weighs almost nothing and puts out hardly any heat. Tubes are estimated to last 40+ years.
  5. Looks like they're all sold out except for the white ones I believe the 396's are being discontinued? Maybe just PHT is no longer selling "pro" gear? $2k new for a pair is a steal they were already heavily discounted at $3500 a pair just a few weeks back.
  6. Bob Carver is a true legend- sad to see it all come to an end. Here's a link to the Carversite thread where Jim Clark explains the situation: https://thecarversite.com/topic/26870-bob-carver-llc-bc-audio-llc-what-is-the-difference-what-happened-why-closing/ "What happened? 1) Glass audio crashed in 2021 and left Bob Carver Co closed, with backorders and 2000 unanswered emails. 2) I talked to Bob and Peggy about building high quality products and starting yet again another company to build Bob Carver tube amps. 3) In Feb 2022 Bob Carver LLC (Bob and Peggy) and BC Audio (Jim and Lerma) were formed. The Crimson 275 was a planned source of revenue while designing other new world class products. 4) A 'well connected' industry veteran convinced me he had an existing supply chain that could provide manufacturing engineering at competitive prices and production in compressed time frames. The cost and time required were not in the ballpark. The cost were exceeded by 300% and the time required was exceeded by 600% further exhausting our resources. Two months after our start-up, Audio science review came out with a devastating review of the Crimson 275. Photographic evidence of the 275 using clearly labeled 15 watt output transformers in the 75 watt amp, gave ASR a 'kick me' sign the size of a billboard on the companies back, it's very sad. Also ASR showed a picture of the unused earth ground pin and told readers that the 275 could result in a 700 volt shock to the user, although 2 prong power cords are common in audio, using a 3 conductor cord and leaving the earth pin unused was another 'kick me' sign on the companies back. Bob requested that we offer refunds for the 275 and offer to rework the grounding and polarity issue at no charge with free return shipping. Instead of BC Audio having revenue from the Crimson 275 as a start-up company to survive on, while the new world class products were coming, we started out giving refunds and free rework, being accountable for a company before our time, that made serious mistakes and errors in judgment, imho.. BC Audio paid dearly in terms of standing behind the old company and the damage to the brand resulting from ASRs review. Without revenue, we carried on for 2 years. Today, BC Audio is closing. Sales are very slow. Customers still read ASR and contact me weekly with concern that their Carver Crimson 275 will kill them. We still get pictures of the 15 watt transformers in the 75 watt amp and called a fraud, scam, liar and other unpleasant terms. Rating the 275 @ 75w, 20Hz to 20K further depleted credibility in the brand. I can't change the past or go back and slap the people who made those choices.. They will have to live with it. I made course corrections but the heavy damage was done. We built one batch of 285s that are truly world class and excellent, but failed to launch as a company, manly do to baggage from the past attempts at building these products before my time, imho.. BC Audio LLC was founded in Feb 2022 by Jim Clark. Everything we produced met specs and was perfectly safe from Feb 2022 forward. Products produced by prior companies attempts at producing Bob Carver products, like those reviewed in ASR are not the responsibility of BC Audio. BC Audio produced world class products that we stand behind and take great pride in."
  7. This is an interesting topic my 335's and the forte IV's have that open airy sound that the ki-396's do not have both of those are three-way vs the two-way but my ki-362's are three-way and do not have it and my 325's which are two-way do? Don't believe it's really a 2 vs 3 way necessarily?
  8. "Suitable for use in: Klipschorn, LaScala, and Belle - ONLY with my CT120 or CT125 Tweeters"
  9. I would pull the grill cover to make sure nothing bled through to the drivers if its just the foam that's an easy fix either wash it or a little paint if need be. Not sure it would be worth the hassle and expense of returning the whole speaker(s) for just the foam / grills, for me anyway.
  10. Just checked eBay there's a few singles on there right now: https://www.ebay.com/itm/166435378175?itmmeta=01HX1JE0PWKA0M25RMGZS7YGJW&hash=item26c05253ff:g:LTgAAOSwfdFlrsAo&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAAwIfOox6aUWXlrWM5WHNSj5gmHJbvR40FVMJnEVuq%2BpPtEVYT%2BpEb2posJxoVVk28%2Fzz%2BzmuVOHt3waMP0BcXEwxL4nyi%2FuLlOvY%2B7YFaDz%2B4oasYGsPzlB31nPyaQTI95cmQcPywY65eiiKRCdXlNWm9Hb9tNRetzVT5IvDGgfcTfMYOBnn541XXVXAV93n5v1U2CcVV3lo9Tzu7b46SDxJ1GUVOivmjnQ3CauGwFa1aNlu18CIV9odhg%2B3DwqFqoA%3D%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR8aLuLLoYw https://www.ebay.com/itm/276447602252?itmmeta=01HX1JG862YXDVV28MR9T31CBH&hash=item405d8fa64c:g:uVgAAOSwWSpmMryu&itmprp=enc%3AAQAJAAAA4JUaYY3yaBOYSUHrPTXF6LhZr12ZOCi8UeQZRKI4ID%2B9FGxyfvK%2FAj9y92gbqB11Jz5XF4fF9QAmlSN3r%2FluhbuXqtxqc3sZDhNd5Imyi%2FUesR1o5KRbB%2FS2YE7xEcqWheCgtXW%2BE73Vu6sUcUReBYVbaeDZSXbeMQYA6MY7j1yOQ9FOTu7AXTrqwW%2FMFJ2Pi04jI8ecTD3Q8NLDGmVRINg%2BPwNHvUUYEi3ZfvXVkHTHrFAYNTHNcBowTo7EItAvIzi1biiGJAShNAvdFXE2g6%2FXxERxtwu4d1mdkkD5xlKK|tkp%3ABk9SR4yDwbLoYw
  11. Call or email Klipsch customer support if you can send them pictures of your speakers and serial numbers you should be able to order new k-48-st woofers. Otherwise I'd try and pick up a used set of k-48's from eBay just make sure they're 4 ohm as I've seen both 4 & 8 ohm versions.
  12. Congrats man, that was quick! Was it to a forum member?
  13. Still at $40k I think I'd rather have a new pair. I wish him the best of luck!
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