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  1. Kinda CF4 build.

    Have you reached out to Bob Crites? Like I said he already builds crossovers for the KLF-30 and the Faital Pro horn driver combo, maybe he could work something up custom for your needs? If not there are other ways to go, there's a custom 2-way Cornwall project going on right now with the same horn driver being crossed over at the correct (800hz) frequency you would need to pull this off, here's a link to the thread:
  2. Kinda CF4 build.

    It really depends on what you are trying to do, this is your show and you're free to choose the content. To build a 2-way speaker set you need a woofer(s) cabinet combo that works up to a designated frequency where the horn driver takes over. The Ciare 12's fits the bill up to 800hz in the KLF-30 cabinet, this is tried and true already but that does not mean that you couldn't change things a bit to suit your taste, I was just trying to direct you to the simplest path that I know of. If you're building from scratch you could plug the Thiele Small Parameters of the woofers into winisd or some other speaker building software and come up with the optimal cabinet size and porting specific to those woofers and see the response charted out for you, who knows maybe the Ciare woofers would perform better in a larger CF-4 style cabinet, maybe they would actually do better in a smaller cabinet, I don't know.
  3. Jimjimbo made me do it ...

    So there was a notable improvement with the new diaphragms, interesting. Are the new replacements OEM factory ones, the same exact ones that were already in there or aftermarket? I'm just curious if the improvements are from replacing a worn out unit or with a superior one? I've wondered myself if age could be an issue with the old soldered lug k-55v's as from what I understand all of the old used ones found online are around 35 years old. I'm still running soldered lug 55's in my Chorus II's and they sound great but they do sound a little different than my A55-g's which seem smoother to me. Either way I like having complete brand new drivers in my speakers, magnets and diaphragms helps me sleep better at night. I know the magnets are pretty resilient but you have to wonder when they start getting close to half a century old. If there weren't any suitable replacements available than fine but thankfully we have the technology!
  4. Kinda CF4 build.

    The woofers seem to work well in the KLF-30 cabinet, if using the lower half of the KLF-30 crossover I'd try and stick with those dimensions as they are tried and true already no guess work. You might have to tweak the overall dimensions to fit that horn but I'd stay with the same cabinet volume and port size / placement if you want to keep things simple.
  5. Kinda CF4 build.

    Here's a link to the Ciare woofer thread that were used in the KLF-30: Here's a link to the woofers themselves: http://www.usspeaker.com/ciare-hw321-1.htm The KLF-30's are bi-ampable so you could just use the lower half for the woofers and figure something else out for the upper horn. Crites sells a crossover but set at 500hz, not sure if he would or could build one at 800hz? Never hurts to ask. Since he builds and sells the KLF-30 crossovers already might be able to twist his arm enough to build a 2-way crossover for this application; KLF-30 woofers / 800hz for the Faital Pro driver. I don't see why you couldn't align the drivers in any manner you wanted with either the horn in the center of the woofers or on top. All my speakers have been horn on top except when I had vertical RC-7's and honestly I didn't notice any great difference between them and the modded RF-5's I had with all the same parts in a slightly larger cabinet with the horn on top.
  6. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. I try to leave all my settings flat and rarely make adjustments, just take each recording for what it is as it is, adds character. Back in my car audio days I had a mini Kenwood 5 band EQ with separate sub crossover and gain, loved the thing could really dial the sound in perfect within seconds on the fly. Problem is it got to where I was almost changing it (even if ever so slightly) with every song to get it "perfect." Too much hassle and distraction for me now a days.
  7. Yes the Epic CF-2 and matching center speaker the KV-4, not sure about any others.
  8. Kinda CF4 build.

    I've been thinking about this myself, especially since the Ciare 12" woofers are on the radar now and seem to perform exceptionally well in the KLF-30 cabinets. The horn and driver from Crites type "D" Cornscala but with a crossover point at 800hz using a stock lower crossover from a KLF-30 for the woofers would be a fairly simple throw together and should sound pretty good.
  9. My CF-3 speakers

    Where are you located?
  10. I recently updated the caps and resistors (Dayton caps & Mills resistors) in a pair of RF-3's (about $40 in parts) and it really cleaned up the sound, worth doing IMO if you plan on keeping the speakers.
  11. I believe the diaphragms in the RF-3's are 4 ohm, Crites are 8 ohm. The RF-3 already uses titanium so replacements shouldn't be needed unless one is blown or you just want to freshen up. There's a guy selling silk diaphragms for the RF-3 on eBay claiming they are smoother than stock ones but I've never tried them myself but they seem to get good reviews: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RF-3-RF3-RF-3II-RF-5-K-124-K-Tweeter-DRIVER-SILK-Diaphragm-replacement/371651452866?hash=item5688271fc2:g:LagAAMXQBwlRWbVp
  12. K-55G and/or CT120 replacements

    I have that combo in my custom 362's (basically pro style Cornscala's) and had them in my HIP's, both are excellent improvements over stock versions. That tweeter is really something else, adds a lot to the sound without being imposing at all. The A55-g is very smooth, clean and detailed, top shelf stuff.
  13. Anti- Intellectualism

  14. SOLD

    Damn that is sweet!! I love the way my stock Sonica sounds, can't even imagine how good this one is. Good luck with the sale!
  15. WTB K-53-K driver or diaphragm

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Diaphragm-Klipsch-Tweeter-K-76-K-79-Pair-Titanium-/371355697678 Titanium tweeter diaphragms