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  1. A pair of Walnut Chorus 1's just sold here in the Seattle area for $500-- I was second in line emailed the guy about 30 minutes after the listing was posted and they were gone immediately. About a week later the same pair of speakers were back up for sale for $850-- I did not contact the guy but the listing was updating with "pending" within a day and the listing was gone soon after that.
  2. They sell all kinds of cable splitters both balanced and unbalanced for very reasonable prices.
  3. I think in the case of dual driver bass bins if you're going to run a pair of amps (one for each bin) it would probably be better to use both channels in stereo one for each woofer; less strain on the amp and double the damping factor.
  4. You could do that or just pick up a more powerful amp that is 4 ohm stable that can handle the load of 4 large drivers. I had a pair of Carver a400x's running bridged mode on a pair of Klipsch pro subs and they sounded ok, swapped them both out for a single Samson pro amp at 1100x2 @ 4 ohms and they sounded significantly better.
  5. If you pull the grill covers off take a picture and post it here that would tell us a lot, there should be a very obvious difference in mid horns; the 301-II horn is almost twice as tall as the 301's.
  6. You sound like you've never given a friend a real deal, like lost money on the transaction. When you do this it's kind of a slap in the face if that "friend" wants to raise the price on you to buy it back even more so when you dont want said item and it's just work for you to move it not to mention tying up the cash.
  7. Those look like identical speakers to me my guess is you have a pair of original 301's with possibly a replaced terminal cup? I'd pull the grill covers and confirm whether or not they are the same speaker or not next step would be to inspect the crossovers make sure they are the same.
  8. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Diaphragm-For-Klipsch-Tweeter-K-76-K-79-Pair-Titanium/373426519060?hash=item56f1f47c14:g:zM4AAOSw~bFWGtG3
  9. If that isnt political speech right there I dont know what is and I'm deeply offended! Someone needs to put a target on this man's back stat!!
  10. Wow, things get rough around here sometimes and even though I've been personally persecuted for going against certain viewpoints that have often seemed (to me) to be accepted by the majority and often left unchecked until spoken out against I'd have to say that's an extreme end of the spectrum and not the norm around here. As with all other forms of social media and internet sites what we choose to engage in is entirely up to us-- I think it's sad that one would dismiss the entire forum due to a few bad actors or threads but such is life I wish you the best of luck.
  11. Can you post pictures of what you have?
  12. So I've been in contact with Speaker Exchange, apparently there is a K-70-g II coming out in the next week or two, not sure what they will look like: Hello Jesse, Original driver 128033 is unavailable but we will have a pair of 1068435 available in about a week or so. That is the K70G gen 2 driver. Those are $89.00 each.
  13. That was meant to be sarcastic
  14. I wasn't aware that climate change was political???
  15. Congrats on the find! I was thinking about this situation and I think the closest way to get them to match without altering the cabinets is to swap out the mid driver in the 301-II's for a standard k-61 as found in the Chorus II, it uses the same driver (magnet and diaphragm) as in the Chorus 1 and original 301 respectively. Then you'd have to change the crossovers so that they match-- I'd probably go with a pair of Chorus II crossovers myself or you could simply change the 301-II crossover to match the one in your original 301. Hope this helps good luck!
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