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  1. Klipsch could very easily put together a 2-way Chorus II (same cabinet with passive) and all the ki-396 parts, doubt there would even be too much work to do on the crossovers plug and play. All parts including the passives are currently in production just need a slightly larger cabinet than the forte III and grill covers easy squeezy..
  2. That is a crazy deal for some of the best surround speakers out there if I were close I'd buy these I'm sure someone will grab these soon!
  3. I've had good luck with the Samson SX line, originally bought one to drive the Ultra 2 Klipsch subs (even the smaller ones had no problem driving them) and quickly realized they sound great for the mains as well.
  4. http://www.zxpc.us/product-p/231993121414.htm http://www.zxpc.us/product-p/331890485556.htm
  5. The RF-7 and KI-396 have the same sensitivity 102db at 1 watt, KI-396 is basically a 2-way Chorus 1 so don't think it would be as hard as you think.
  6. Anyone not willing to celebrate the 4th because our country is "evil" please feel free to leave, find your utopian dream destination and send a postcard
  7. I'd be curious to hear your impressions, I've owned both and did a side by side many years ago, the 7's seemed to need a lot more power to get them to sing but my old room was a horrible place acoustically. Both are great speakers IMO and the Chorus II's will really open up in inner detail with some fresh crossover parts or completely new ones from Crites. The horn on the RF-7 actually has a fairly large throat opening I measure about 1-1/4" and the driver has a 1" exit so it has a pretty large sound compared to other models.
  8. The Chorus Ii and forte Ii use the same mid horn and driver, the forte Ii mid is dialed back -4db in the crossover to match the less efficient woofer making the sound seem "smoother." The increased sensitivity give the Chorus II the edge at lower volumes but can get bright / fatiguing at higher volumes especially in certain rooms and with certain equipment. I found at low volumes toeing the speakers in aimed right at or near the listening position was best but at higher, room filling volumes pointing the speakers straight ahead was best. There is a fix for the Chorus II it's the A55-g mid driver, its -2db over the stock driver, is a 2" voice coil same as used in the Heritage line really balances out the speaker and gives it a slightly larger bigger sound.
  9. I agree the name "Corn-Scala" was intended for the original version using the Cornwall box and woofer mated with the La Scala upper section keeping them basically Klipsch speakers. It would seem once you deviate from the La Scala upper the name is no longer valid except for easy recognition most people here immediately know generally speaking what a Corn-Scala is and that there are at least a few variations. Maybe "Crites Cornwall" style "A" or "B" etc would be a more appropriate name for all of his versions that have deviated from the original work. As a side note I find it interesting that Crites comes up with a design to replace the smaller horn in the Cornwall using the k-400 (which are fairly hard to come by) and then has manufactured the same horns his design was meant to replace but not the original horn needed to replace those horns??
  10. jjptkd

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    Nice! I've collected a pair of the 335 tweeters (horns and drivers) crossovers, k-69's and a single k-510 horn plus a k-48 woofer, thinking about building a simple Chorus 1 style cabinet and just mounting the tweeter on the top. It seems finding a second k-510 is the biggest hold up so I've been looking at alternatives I have plenty of time to sort it out, thanks.
  11. 20's will be the better speakers for music, TV / movies don't think it would make much difference. I personally would keep the 20's the 5.5's are great but lack the detail of the 3-ways IMO.
  12. Yes, I have two pairs of those horns they are almost the same exact size as the K-510, same height just about an inch narrower.
  13. Very nice! I'd like to do the same thing but with a pair of Chorus 1 cabinets, the horn will just fit perfect right over the woofer. Really, I'd like to get a pair of the KI-396's and put all of the parts into a pair of Chorus 1 cabinets..
  14. Hello and welcome, congrats on the new Chorus speakers, I'm sure once the bugs are worked out you'll be very happy with your purchase. An easy test at this point would be to swap mid horns between the two cabinets, that will let you know whether its the horn driver or the crossover. If its the crossover really not a huge deal, they're 30 years old and could probably use a re-cap anyway just pull both terminal cups out leave the crossovers bolted right to them and mail them to Bob Crites for a rebuild, Last I checked it was about $150 and they'll be better than new and good to go for another 30 years.
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