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  1. Makes sense as been mentioned aged capacitors will dull the sound a bit, phenolic diaphragms in the II's instead of the titanium in the III's plus the III's have a "pro" woofer likely with a thinner cone and larger voice-coil giving less low bass and more mid-bass than the II's thick coned woofer that excelled at low bass notes. I have no doubt the III's sound fantastic as do the II's like you say personal preference / room and equipment matching among other things will likely be deciding factors as to which sounds better to whom.
  2. Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a pair priced even close to that number they typically sell for around $500
  3. I would guess the three thousand dollar price difference?
  4. I think a pair of KLF-20's with the Crites A55-g and DaveA's MAHL w/ CT-120 tweeter would a truly fine speaker all off the shelf parts personally I'd go with the dual 12's of the 30's great speakers even stock but some very nice modifications available.
  5. jjptkd


    These are on my list of speakers to try good luck with your sale!
  6. Damn, could this be why the forte III's are now for sale??
  7. jjptkd

    Single KPT-335-B/M

    @CANT Curious how you like these compared to your Cornwalls? Thanks
  8. Damn good deal for a nice set of speakers I'd pick these up if I was closer. I'd wish you luck with the sale but dont think you'll need it!
  9. Not mine another pair of Heresy II BR need mid diaphragms $60 helluva deal: https://portland.craigslist.org/clk/ele/d/vancouver-klipsch-heresy-ii-floor/6903355354.html From the listing: "The price is low because the midrange horns are blown and there are imperfections to the paint. These would need to be restored. This could be done at a local speaker shop or as a fun DIY project."
  10. I believe the 1.5's still used the metal k-700 horn but with a k-52 mid driver more like the original Heresy with removable rear panel than the H-II but I could be wrong.
  11. My old speaker repair guy was great for re-coning anything "paper-coned" but did not have a source for anything graphite, plastic or aluminum cones this was several years ago now maybe parts are out there now? I'd check eBay they do show up every so often.
  12. Hello, hoping someone here has an extra k-510 horn, an extra pair or at least knows where I might find one? Thanks! Jesse
  13. jjptkd


    We just had a big holiday weekend lots of people traveling / camping planning summer activities looking to do things outside I've been selling electronics online for over 10 years its been the same every year for me.
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