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  1. That is good to hear! I had a pair of 7 II's for a month or so awhile back and those bright hot spots were horrible even if somewhat rare-- it would happen at least once every time I would listen to them for awhile.
  2. RC-7, RF-7, RS-7 and sub in Irvine ca.

    This is the same guy that was selling the Deang modified RF-7 set awhile back I believe also listed as "new" for around $4500. I've been watching him on eBay for a few years now he always sells this era of Reference speakers and always lists them as new or open box with low hours. This same guy also offered to drive up to WA fro CA to buy the RF-7 set I was selling a few years ago but he low balled me too much so turned him down. I believe he works with another guy and they make weekly runs up and down the west coast buying stereo equipment for resale. I'm not knocking the guy for his efforts or reselling as I do a lot of that myself but he has been caught lying about "new" condition speakers more than once, just because you find a speaker set in nice condition with all the factory boxes does not make them "new" obviously. From what I can tell he sells nice equipment just know that they are likely used craigslists finds and ignore his "stories." Here's his feedback from eBay on a previous set of "new" speakers: SPEAKERS WERE NOT NEW, DECADE OF DUST, DINGS IN WOOFERS, SCREW HOLES, ETC. l***c ( 210) During past year Klipsch Ultimate System RF-7 RC-7 RS-7 Monster Z2 Bi Wire Must See ! New (#252595773922) US $4,100.00
  3. Nice gear, right in my backyard too... Anything else for sale like a pair of Choruses, (have to ask ) RF-7's or RF-5's? Good luck with your sale!
  4. WTB Klipsch HIE Networks for Heresy HIP's

    I have a set rebuilt by Crites that I'm not using, not sure if I'm ready to let them go though.. I believe the HIE are the same as the AA with the exception of one capacitor.
  5. I would think the F-III and H-III would match up pretty close considering they both use all the same drivers; woofers, tweeters and mid diaphragm, just a different mid horn. They have the same sensitivity as well so they should blend effortlessly. There's a thread going right now with a custom ordered set of Cherry finished F-III's, same finish as on the H-III's, they sure look sweet! Sounds like you're assembling a very nice system, congrats, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!
  6. WTB Klipsch HIE Networks for Heresy HIP's

    The k-57 runs about 3db hotter than the 55v, here's a link to a thread discussing this, one of your old threads actually: "This is the response that I got from Steve Phillips at Klipsch "Well, My suggestion would be no, you could not use the B-3 with the K-55-V. There spl differences between the 55-V and 57-K, 57 is about 2 to 3 dB higher I do not have specs on them, but the network differences are easy to notice. Not sure if you have the B-3, but I will send it along. Caps and tap points are different. You may be able to just change the tap points and the mid level be correct. I would suggest that it may not cause any problems using the network, just may not sound "right."
  7. Heresy coupon code

    It comes up near the bottom at check out..
  8. I like the car analogy here, if you have a Chevy and god forbid you removed the engine and replaced it with a ford motor what would you have? You'd have a CHEVY with some ford parts. If you took a old '60's Camaro and installed a Z06 Corvette motor in it would it still be a Chevy? Of course it would be, it would be a pretty bad a$$ one too.
  9. Some of us just can't leave things well enough alone, I just gutted the tweeters and crossovers out of my RF-5's and replaced them with RC-7 parts, are they still Klipsch speakers? They have all Klipsch parts unmodified just a little switcheroo. I love the change and will never sell them anyways so call them what you want I'll just be enjoying the music!
  10. Updated originals with Crites parts
  11. Cornwall I

    Look into the Crites upgrades for the Cornwall's; the CT-120 tweeters, A55-g mid drivers and a fresh set of caps in your B-2 crossovers, I'm sure they'll easily surpass the Cornwall III.
  12. Found a home with perfect corners!

    Wow, congrats, really nice place!
  13. Should there be an RB75 II ??

    I believe so but considering there's two of them it still puts them above the 75's in bass performance. One is crossed over lower at 550hz so one woofer is 45hz-550hz, the other is 45hz-1950hz. For some reason I really felt as though the RC-7's are much clearer and detailed sounding as well, the 75's seemed smoothed over a bit, at least to me, lacking the crispness.
  14. Forte or Heresy?

    The forte's (I or II and likely III?) are a much better speaker than the Heresy II or III and would easily be my first pick. The original Heresy can be updated / modified to sound as good or even better than the forte but it will never have the same amount of bass output or hit nearly as low, not that the bass from a Heresy cannot be adequate for some situations. For plug and play forte's hands down IMO.
  15. Amp for Klipsch SW 115

    That sub should have its own built in amplifier?