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  1. Always the best advice if that is a viable option. I'm somewhat biased in that I love the Chorus series I and II but the forte is an awesome speaker as well. Both have their strengths and a number of variables could easily lead one to prefer one over the other including room acoustics, type of music, size of room, how loud you listen, source material and on and on, which is why its best to try both if possible. Either option should be a nice step up from what you have. PS: In case my vote wasn't clear I'd say Chorus II if I had to pick one.
  2. That's a 12" passive radiator, believe they are pretty common on eBay, think the KG4 and original forte used the same part.
  3. The 2500's are actually worse than MDF, its OSB board
  4. Thanks man, hope so! I did see a pair in Oak Oil, original owner with paperwork in mint condition about a week ago for $600 locally. It was posted late evening after I went to bed and I seen it about 4am before work and I sent an email expressing extreme interest but received no reply and the listing was gone when I got home around 5pm. Hoping for Walnut anyway but at this point not too picky as I'm creeping up on 2 years searching for any kind of deal..
  5. Beautiful speakers! Some day I'd like to be able to try out the 63 / 83's but just cant accommodate the depth of those right now in my current space. I really do like my RF-5's and think of them as very close equivalents to the forte II's I had recently and actually prefer them over the RF-7 II's in my space. With the 63's having a higher quality compression driver than my RF-5's I bet they sound sweet! Congrats!
  6. Get the Ultra 2's and use the subs as stands for the front HIP's, works out perfect or at least it did for me. Those THX subs have so much output that corner loading isn't really needed.
  7. I would just like to add that for movies the center speaker is what you are listening to most of the time especially with speech and general dialogue. It is important to get the very best, biggest speaker you can fit / afford for this duty. The RC-7 (IMO) is one of Klipsch's greatest creations for this purpose-- even at low volumes or quiet passages in the film the sound is very crisp and detailed where lesser centers will have you on the edge of your seat wondering what is being said. I think I've had 8 or 9 RC-7's over the years? still have 3, I haven't been so lucky with cheap prices but have usually paid $300-$400 a piece, except the last one I picked up with my cherry RF-5's I paid $300 for, the guy threw it in free along with several other items. Keep an eye out for deals as they do come up.
  8. Hello! I personally use the HIE crossovers in my HIP's rebuilt by Bob Crites however I did lower the output of the tweeter and mids one tap as recommended by someone here to help even up the output of the woofer and horns. It seemed to help a little but honestly mine still need subwoofers to fill in the bottom end. I've been searching for a nice pair of original WO Heresy cabinets to swap my parts into and add a rear port to copy the super Heresy project also listed here. I believe the recommended crossover for that project is the Cornwall Type B-2 crossover, not exactly sure what the differences are between those and the HIE's. I would highly recommend reading up on the super Heresy project before starting your build as I believe that's probably the best way to go with these speaker parts. Here's a link to the thread:
  9. Those must be some mighty fine crossovers! From the listing: "Vintage Klispch Forte Speakers Excellent Condition With Custom Crossovers L@@K- $4000" This is a very special pair of speakers and custom crossovers. Their building was followed in Audio Karma by many. They rival the sound of speakers costing far more. No shipping - local pick up only. I will try to add a link so you can read all about them. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Klispch-Forte-Speakers-Excellent-Condition-With-Custom-Crossovers-L-K-/122633426747?hash=item1c8d85973b:g:ceMAAOSwr6RZhnkq
  10. Congrats! Post some pictures when you get them if you'd be so kind, we love pictures here. There were two II's, one was an original Cornwall with vertical horns and the other was produced in the mid '80's and had different mid horns / drivers and tweeters, it is important to know which you have when you order replacement parts / upgrades etc.
  11. I believe the tapered array cuts off one of the woofers at a lower frequency but both play from the very bottom of the rated frequency response, one woofer plays 45-550 and the other 45-1800 or where ever the horn takes over can't remember right now. I had the 75's next to the RC-7's and they just sounded too "smoothed over" to my taste. Nice big sound and step up from the RB-81 II's I had but just not as crisp or detailed as the RC-7's. Yes, I think they are quite a bit better personally and really size wise not a lot bigger. The RC-7's also have tower speaker like bass in my little bedroom (13x14) that is very tight and detailed, significantly better bass than any of the Heresy speakers I have.
  12. I guess to answer the OP's question I believe the RC-3 was the designated center for the RB-5's but the RC-7 would be a nice upgrade and still match up just fine although once your have an RC-7 you might end up with 3 like I did. The RC-7's are in my opinion superior to the RB-75's, greater inner detail and better quality / more bass.
  13. Yes. I was running 3 RC-7's as an L C R in my room until a pair of RF-5's came up for sale close to me. I've had several pairs of the RF-3's and honestly was not impressed with them at all and was curious how the 5's would compare. Surprisingly the 5's sound very close to the RC-7's but with a tad smoother overall sound and better bass. I actually prefer the 5's over the RF-7 II's I had recently. I've commented in other threads and may have even started my own at one point about the RF-3 / RF-5 / RC-7 comparisons I've made. I recently had a pair of RF-3's and as an experiment had the crossovers rebuilt with quality parts to see how much of the difference was in the cheap parts. The RF-3's gained quite a bit of ground with the crossover rebuild but still didn't quite have as big or open as a sound as the 5's and when the volume was pushed at all the bass fell apart on the 3's. The 5's are hands down significantly better than the 3's and on par with the RC-7 / RF-7.
  14. The RF-5"s (IMO) sound almost identical to my RC-7's, think its the horn and higher quality crossover parts that make the difference. I even swapped horns and drivers as a test and could not tell a difference by that alone.
  15. Funny how you dog the mis-match and in the same breath suggest a mis-match of your own? The forte and Quartet do not sound the same as a Chorus although they will work just fine and so will the other center speakers mentioned