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  1. I love the Chorus I's, still searching for a pair in the Seattle area.. Good luck with your sale!
  2. Those pictured are Heresy I's in what look like stained Birch cabinets. The H-II's don't have a removable back panel and all drivers are flushed mounted and removable from the front. The original Heresy and Heresy II (H-II) use different mid drivers, horns, tweeters and crossovers- the original Heresy uses the Heritage mid driver and tweeter, same as the Klipschorn, where the H-II uses the extended Heritage mid and tweeter, same as the forte.
  3. I liked the article and agree with most of it except that in my mind there isn't just "A" (audiophile) and "B" (music lover) but a continuum where I'd say the majority of people are somewhere in the middle or leaning towards one side.
  4. Never had the 115's but had the 480's for awhile, thought they were great but they really need a high powered pro amp to drive them. I ended up with a Samson SX2400 at 550x2 and boy did those subs come to life. I tried a couple different lower powered home amps and they did not sound good, muddy is exactly how I described them before powering them properly. The 250's on top of the 480's powered properly is a nice sounding set up, the 250's really need the extra woofage to fill in the lower end mids and really give them a big sound. Congrats on a nice setup!
  5. Nice collection! If you were closer to me I'd hit you up for the 301's, good luck with your sales!
  6. Cool project! I really like the Nelson Pass designs that I've heard, guy is one of the greats in my book. As to pricing well, there has to be a market at each level I suppose. I'm sure there are many people with lots of money who just would not feel right making a $300 amplifier purchase no matter how good it sounds, tack on an extra zero or two on the same product and?? It is really surprising and generous that he shares his designs with the DIY crowd, seems he wants to appease more than just the guys with deep pockets.
  7. There are a lot of variables to consider like what are you running as a source? Do you need phone inputs, built in DAC? How large is your room? Are you using a sub with the Chorus?
  8. Great choice in speakers! I personally prefer the RF-5's over either of the RF-7's myself and the RC-7 is arguably one of the very best center speaker ever made by Klipsch. Also the RF-5 / RC-7 combo were built for each other and make a seamless front stage, I think you'll be very happy with that set up.
  9. If you're running two identical amps vertical bi-amping is the way to go. The woofers take all the power while the tweeter uses very little so vertical bi-amping will divide the load more evenly between the two amps and will be significantly less stress than using a single "woofer" amp. I believe there are a few threads here and lots of info on the web about the benefits of bi-amping / vertical bi-amping. As far as repair shops the only one I'm aware of that deals specifically with Carver products is Hi-Tech Audio out of Oregon but I believe he has quite the back log and work load, last I heard he was 2-3 months out. http://carveraudiorepair.com/
  10. Wow, beautiful work! I really like that Walnut veneer. I bet they sound better than the RF-7 II's too, I recently had a pair of the RF-7 II's and they sounded ok but lacked the clarity of the 3-way Klipsch's. Congrats on a job well done!
  11. Good luck in your search, those are wonderful amplifiers! I ran an M-85 with my Chorus II's for a couple of years and really enjoyed it.
  12. Sold already.. I wonder where one would come up with suitable woofers for these cabinets?
  13. I think you'd be better off vertically bi-amping the 7's with those amps, much easier on the amps and will still give you plenty of additional power.
  14. Very nice! Wish you were closer I'd love to pick up those Chorus from you. Good luck with your sale.
  15. I bought a pair brand new awhile back and thought they were ok. I ended up replacing them with RB-75's and they blew the doors off the 81's, no comparison. I moved up from the 75's to a pair of RC-7 centers as my mains and feel they easily outperformed the 75's. The RC-7 center speakers have been sowing up for sale for fairly cheap lately, I'd try and find yourself a pair of those if you want to go with a bookshelf sized speaker.