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  1. I've said many times I'd like to see Klipsch put together a Chorus III but with a larger mid horn and driver like the CF-3/4 horn and k-55v combo and improved tweeter either the CT-120 or the tweeter in the new Klipschorn, try to model the horn drivers to the Heritage line, maybe it could even be offered as a smaller alternative center speaker to get additional sales?
  2. I personally would take a Quartet over a Heresy II but they each have their own advantages, really don't think one is significantly better than the other honestly.
  3. I have found over the years that "good condition" can vary quite dramatically depending on who you ask so if you want an accurate estimate of value you will need to post several pictures of both speakers from all sides and the front with and without the grill covers on. If you just want a ballpark estimate based on the model I'd say $250-$300 in rough shape upwards to $500-$600 in very nice, near mint condition. If your pair falls somewhere in the middle condition wise I'd guess the price would too, good luck!
  4. I think it's pretty obvious what he's getting at, there is no denying that these are a twist on the CornScala design at what appears to be 3 to 4 times the price. "The Hudson began life as a design project which attempted to marry the virtues of direct radiating bass with the largest horns possible." I'm sure its not a coincidence that the "Hudson" is the same exact dimensions as a Cornwall with almost identical spec's, nowhere in the listing are the words Klipsch, Cornwall or CornScala though. From what I can gather from the listing is that the cabinet is over-built (145lbs) w/ a beautiful veneer job along with the custom 22lb crossover more than likely put this speaker head and shoulders above the typical CornScala, whether or not they are worth the asking price would be up to each individual potential buyer. I have no doubt these are fantastic sounding speakers with first class build quality but lets face it, they are fancy CornScala's.
  5. Nice speakers, good luck with your sale! I'm sure if there's a little wiggle room in the price these will sell quick.
  6. Congrats on the great deal and ability to find parts, I hope you can get it all worked out! My brother has a pair of 30's and I'm honestly amazed every time I visit they are great sounding speakers with plenty of low end thump.
  7. The new replacement k-31 from Klipsch that I have seen use a standard paper cone and accordion surround like the Heresy woofers, not the same as the original graphite cones with rubber rolled surround. Crites woofers look the same as the factory replacements except with black paper cones IIRC, I would imagine going either route would work just fine but I personally would replace all 4 at once so they match. Once you figure the cost of replacing all 4 woofers that puts the Ciare woofer upgrade just a few bucks more for what appears to be a superior woofer, which is probably the route I would take if I were to buy 4 new woofers.
  8. I would argue equipment matching plays a big role in this with certain tube gear the image can be quite big with lots of depth and realism. In my experience getting the best sound from Klipsch speakers can take some work but once you get them dialed in they perform exceptionally well within their price point typically with only a few watts needed, which is a big selling point for me. I've owned plenty of other brands and while some sounded as good as Klipsch it seemed as though there were draw backs, things often taken for granted with Klipsch speakers like availability of replacement parts for restoration or repair, not needing a subwoofer to compliment the mains or huge power amps just to get them to moderate listening levels etc.
  9. They are in beautiful shape assuming he only paid $700 I'd offer him $1000-$1200 maybe he'd take a quick small gain versus waiting a long time for top dollar.
  10. jjptkd

    Replacing KSW-15

    Why not just buy a new replacement amplifier for the KSW? Partsexpress sells BASH amps for reasonable prices
  11. I sold my near mint WO Chorus II's with Crites drop in crossovers and titanium tweeters a few years for $900, they sold almost immediately within a couple days IIRC.
  12. The chief said the new k-48st is a suitable replacement in the Chorus although they are slightly different, I'd order 2 if I went that route. I do not believe there is a direct replacement for the original k-23/25 woofer that came in the forte I / II although Crites has an aftermarket woofer. The new forte III woofer appears to be closer to a pro woofer like the k-42 from what I've seen in pictures possibly why the low end response was reduced from 32hz in the older models to 38hz in the new model. I can't say that I blame them for the change it seems the old style woofer was the weak point in the speaker and would easily blow if over-driven.
  13. I've compared the new A55-g's to both styles and it was an improvement over both slightly less dramatic over the soldered lug but still an improvement to my ears.
  14. I really like the HCA's as well I've had the 1000, 2200 II, 2205 and monster 3500 all sounded very good with my Chorus II's. The little HCA 1000 is really a great bargain amp usually can pick one up for $250-$300 great deal at that price.
  15. I don't know if you need those specific ones or not but there's a few to choose from on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/sch/619/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=1+3%2F8+to+2+adapter
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