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  1. This was brought up when they were released some time ago the Chief chimed in and brought up measuring techniques it appears to me that the woofer could also play a role as they use an accordion style surround with what appears to be a much smaller Xmax.
  2. jjptkd

    Covid19 redux

    I just reread my post dont think it violated the set conditions above but thanks for your support! If it does I apologize and it was nice knowing some of you
  3. jjptkd

    Covid19 redux

    Wow trying to get me banned for life? I just read the above post and going over my post now making sure I didn't violate any rules
  4. jjptkd

    Covid19 redux

    Not hypocritical at all masks are only required out in public when maintaining a safe distance is not possible I consciously make an effort to maintain at least the minimum distance at all times not because I'm afraid for myself but out of respect for others that might be at risk or living with someone or in contact with someone who is high risk. I also avoid areas with lots of people and do my business at times when there are the least amount of people out when possible. I'm not saying this is a hoax or that it shouldn't be taken seriously but not everyone is in the same boat risk wise and last I checked this is still a free country and yes unfortunately this issue has been politicized by both parties and it is a shame doctors and hospitals have been incentivized to cheat the numbers for that good old government check as well. The virus is out there I'm afraid it's going to run its course for better or worse dont think government can save us from this one and even if they try what will it cost? Trillions more dollars borrowed from China? Losing our liberties?
  5. I've had bookshelf speakers with better low end response for the size of the cabinets I feel they should do much better they're not a bad speaker I just feel for their size and typical sale price there are better options like the KG 5.5 / 5.2 the KLF-10, RF-5's and as mentioned before either of the older forte models to name a few, just my personal opinion.
  6. Minty Walnut finish would be worth it IMO-- agree though I'd much rather have a set of forte I or II any day of the week and twice on Sunday, significantly better and not a lot bigger.
  7. Quartets are decent speakers I've had several sets and a friend of mine had a pair for quite awhile they were actually his first Klipsch speakers. I remember stopping by his place after he had them for a few days and he was in complete dis-belief; he told me he had listened to a Tom Petty track (one of his favorites he had heard 1000 times before) but now it was different, he could hear a finger snap in the background clear as day and he had never noticed it before. That started the "bug" for him, good luck with your new adventure!
  8. Did you try aiming it at the wall instead of into the room? I had a MK-125 sub front firing sealed and could not get good sound out of it I was about to give up when I decided to spin it around and aim the woofer at the back wall and wow did it make a huge difference. Congrats on the sub by the way and good luck getting her dialed in!
  9. I think I has more to do with overall cabinet volume than shape the 362's use basically the same woofer as the Chorus II but the Chorus II cabinet is roughly 4.5 cu ft and is fairly flat down to 39hz without an EQ. You could try and find a pair of Chorus II's or add a sub doesn't have to be huge but it can make all the difference.
  10. My custom Pro-Cornscala's use the same cabinet as the 362's and they have plenty of bass just not low bass. I thought they were fine with the music I listen to but hearing them next to my Chorus II's there is definitely some bass missing by comparison.
  11. Yes those tweeters are the ones you want. As far as bass goes sky is the limit really if you're looking for something new and reasonably priced the Klipsch r-115sw gets good reviews and go on sale often for nearly half price.
  12. I believe those cabinets are actually tuned at 40hz designed to use an EQ to draw out additional bass as long as you don't get too carried away with the volume knob I think that would be just fine and would start from there keep in mind I would not try and boost the signal below the tuning point of the cabinet 40hz.
  13. Simplest way to deal with it would be to find a used one on eBay, they do pop up fairly often. If you go the re-cone route I personally would have them both done at the same time so you have equally matching woofer parts age materials break in time etc. I would do as others have suggested first though which is do a little further investigating to make sure it is the woofer that is in fact bad. I would start by lightly pushing the cone in by hand careful not to damage it just to see / hear if it will move freely on its own, it could be completely frozen and not move at all or it could move but have a scratchy sound that comes from the voice-coil. If it moves freely without noise I'd disconnect it from the crossover inputs and test the voice-coil with a multi-meter to see if it reads open or not. If you do not have a multi-meter on hand you can take your speaker cable from your amplifier and connect it directly to the woofer after it has been disconnected from the crossover at low volume to see if any sound comes out of the woofer or not of course being careful with the speaker leads not to touch them together or ground them on anything. If you get nothing either way I would then remove the woofer from the cabinet and closely inspect the wire leads and the spider to make sure they are still intact. After doing all of these things and still no go then I'd figure what to do from that point on probably try and find one on eBay.
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