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  1. "What is the best year Cornwall?" 2019
  2. A friend of mine owns the Yamaha, great sounding unit paired with a Sunfire Cinema Grand amplifier.
  3. Digging around on the net these drivers appear to be from Fane International the CD-130 looks closest but specs dont match up at least of their current model. At least it resembles the k-70 / 701g really cant believe there is no info out there on a driver Klipsch has been using for over 10 years .
  4. The k-45 / K-48 look identical on the outside same size magnet and everything difference is the k-48 is 4 ohm and the k-45 is 8 ohm.
  5. No info out there on the k701? I have the k67 in my rf5s curious if they'd be a worthwhile replacement
  6. My custom pro style CornScalas started out as two ki-215 subwoofers which came with dual k-45's. I kept one pair for me and used the other pair in these Chorus speakers since I only had a single k-48 at the time. When assembling my custom speakers I ran the k48 next to the k45 and I honestly could not hear any difference between the two, not in sound or perceivable output level and believe me I wanted the k48 to be louder as the numbers say they should be but I couldn't hear it after pretty extensive testing.
  7. These sold a couple weeks after I finished them as stated above I had just completed or nearly completed my custom pro CornScalas around the same time as I started this project. As much as I love the Chorus 1's the larger CF-4 horn (now being used in the Cornwall IV) mated with the A55-g mid driver and CT-120 tweeters easily won the side by side test.
  8. No info out there on the k-701g or k-70g? I'm curious how they compare spec wise to the k-67v
  9. I've rebuild numerous pairs of Chorus / Chorus II speakers over the years and have done both; sent in stock crossovers to Crites for a rebuild and purchased new drop ins. I notice a slight difference / improvement with the drop in replacements they seem to tighten up the bass a little bit and flush out some of the inner detail when listening critically.
  10. The only time I ever really used an EQ was in an old car stereo system it was just a simple 5 band EQ with separate sub controls. I thought it really improved the sound of my system and having quick easy access to the settings and sub output really helped. The problem I had with it (and why I've never tried to integrate one into my home stereo system) was that while a minor "tweaking" of the EQ really did seem to make things sound better I found I was constantly making those minor adjustments sometimes for every song and I just don't want to have to deal with that in a relaxed home environment.
  11. Add a nice subwoofer to the Chorus II for lower volume listening and you'll get the best of both worlds. You have to turn the Chorus up louder to get the bass in some cases which can throw off the balance of the speaker (lower volumes) but if you have full low end bass from a sub you can get quite a bit better detail out of the Chorus without having to turn it up.
  12. Hello just curious about these drivers in the RF-7's and the odd-ball k-70g. I have the original RF-7's and wonder if the newer K-701g drivers are a better driver? Also I have a pair of K-70g drivers and was wondering if how close they are to the k-701g's? I can find info on the original RF-7 driver the k-67 quite easily but nothing on the other two drivers any input would be appreciated thanks!
  13. Judging by this eBay listing I'd say yes: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-K-2-K-9-KG2-KG3-8-Copy-Woofer-NEW-STOCK-4-ohm-Speaker-MW5082-4/150494160879?hash=item230a26a7ef:g:j1MAAOSwnLdWqBQe
  14. The new Cornwall IV has everything I had hoped for in a new Chorus III (minus cabinet dimensions of course) and with the availability of the pro models the KI-362 II & KI-396 II I really do not see a Chorus III in the future as those models are pretty much newer, improved versions of the Chorus already.
  15. Have you considered wall-mounting the TV?
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