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  1. Very nice, congrats!
  2. Price is going to vary of course but a set recently sold here on the forum for $900 I believe but they had rebuilt crossovers.
  3. I don't owe you anything, in fact this is the last time I'll acknowledge any of your posts. Goodbye!
  4. Seriously, thank you for the informative responses Claude and HDBRBuilder! Ok, so a couple of simple questions here, was the vertical horn model designed to be laid on its side? Does it matter which way the horns are positioned, horizontally or vertically?
  5. I can tell you that it has been brought up before and I have come to realize it myself that there is a "clique" here that are quick to light up the torches and grab the pitchforks if you dare say something out of line. There doesn't seem to be much rationale in their anger and they seem to care less about what is actually said and more about who said it and to whom. Disappointing really that a small handful of people can turn an otherwise pleasant place to be into a battlefield.
  6. Feel better? First off, I hope that this is not the impression I give people here, I certainly don't think I'm better than anyone else, that is just ridiculous. Seriously, what is the point of this forum? I'm not allowed to ask questions? I can't share my opinions or experiences? I've never claimed to know everything and certainly will not speak out about things I know nothing about or don't have first hand experience with.
  7. If someone tries to tell me an apple is the same as an orange I will disagree no matter who says it. What happened in this thread was a clear misunderstanding and it should be obvious just by reading it. I learned a lot about the Cornwall speakers from this thread because I was genuinely curious about the history, did some research and asked questions. When something isn't clear to me or someone says something that doesn't make sense I question it to gain further understanding.
  8. Well that makes sense although, in this case, we seemed to get through to the seller as he updated the listing.
  9. I actually like the Cornwall's offered in this listing even if the price is beyond the upper end of typical. I don't know that its fair to compare the original Cornwall to the III as they seem to me to be different designs. Really about the only thing they have in common is cabinet size / port and woofer but even the cabinet material and woofer placement is different.
  10. I have to disagree with this. The original Cornwall II used the same drivers but the horns were mounted vertically so to get the same dispersion you'd have to lay them on their side. That is a huge difference. The second Cornwall II used completely different midhorns / drivers and tweeters, they also went with a sealed rear panel and an MDF cabinet so it would be very hard for me to believe that there isn't some sonic differences between the two. So, from what I've learned in this thread is that there are at least 5 very distinct Cornwall's out there, 6 if you count the 1.5 model. 1) The original with k-1000 mid horn 2) the newer original with the k-600 mid horn 3) The first "II" model with vertically mounted horns 4) The second "II" model with plastic horns 5) The all new "III" model with the k-701 Heresy mid horn
  11. Congrats, I'm sure you'll be very happy with them!
  12. If both speakers were packed together in the same box they probably banged around inside the box from not being packed tight enough, this happens all the time.
  13. Sorry to hear about this, I know how frustrating it can be. I'd just make sure you communicate with the seller through eBay and make it clear you're willing to help with the claim but you expect a full refund. It is up to the seller to do most of the work but they will want pictures before they send a driver out to pick up the speakers. UPS will give you a call tag with a tracking number when they pick up the package, you'll need that number when you cancel the order through eBay.
  14. From what I've gathered there will never be any replacements available for these, sorry. The M-40's have been showing up used on eBay for fairly cheap so that might be a way to hang on to them if you're so inclined otherwise it might be best just to move on to a current model.
  15. He actually changed his listing to "Cornwall" instead of Cornwall II and put a link to the history of the Cornwall in his listing but agree its kind of a moot point at his current asking price.