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  1. bumping this again for price drop. Thanks all
  2. Thanks! Those drivers (K-1083-SV) pop up on the used market time to time for and average about $70/driver. All cabinets are in a great shape.
  3. bump and welcome thoughts/input. Thanks
  4. *6/10: dropped take it all price Hi all, Listing these items for my brother. He's the original owner and curiosity lead him to replacing these with the DIY 1099s and two Martys for the sub. All are black cabinets and in good shape and made at the Hope HQ. They've served as a home theater setup in a non-smoking home. RC-7: The woofers do show some signs of battles with the kiddos growing up; however, no impact to sound and with the grill in place, you won't know the difference. $300 RF-7: Good shape, clean woofers and grills. Sequential serials as well $1,000 RSW-15: The grill has suffered from the common pin break, but he's currently repairing them using this method: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/183054-plastic-grill-pin-fix-for-rf-series-speakers/ . It has also been updated/upgraded with the SVS Isolation System $500 Take the whole lot for $1,400! These are located in Edwardsville, IL (62025), basically St. Louis area. Not looking to ship these as weight and risks are too much. Probably willing to drive 30-50 miles if that helps. No original boxes. Thanks for your interest!
  5. Thanks gentlemen. I've done it on a cheaper stereo amp without any observable issues. Just wanted to make sure assumptions/logic would carry forward for the newer unit
  6. Can someone confirm for me that it'll be alright plugging in a phone's headphone/output (3.5mm [0.5V / 2.02 Ohm]) into two channels via RCA of a Power Amp @ 23K Ohm (single-ended) and 1.3V input sensitivity? Assumptions: start with phone volume at 0 and work up slowly. Missing anything?
  7. haydukej

    SCW-3 pair

    Hi all, I have these listed on ebay. PM if anyone is interested and/or if you think pricing is unreasonable. Thanks https://www.ebay.com/itm/254374321528
  8. Can't afford an S, but I've loved my model 3 (dual motor) for a year now. *Note, Elon is not omitted from the marketing hype camp either.
  9. Waiting for my 10g carbon nanotube cables to come in
  10. While the box and the listing says "PRO" the speaker label does not. Magnet is 24oz less and different enough Thiele/small parameters that might affect performance as evaluated by @ClaudeJ1
  11. I think it can be safe to say that "recording" always loses some sound information? Join us next week when @thebes dissects his favorite boy band to answer how the stereo versions are better than the mono
  12. Thanks to my cheap photoshop skills, the sharpness can be realized if you squint
  13. Bump. Also curious for input if I have these honestly priced ok or if there's just no interest at moment. Thanks
  14. Bump price update for the long weekend. Everyone stay safe and have fun.
  15. haydukej

    What I Got Today!

    Not pretending to be an expert at all as I'm trying my second hive this season. Noting you have yours "directly below persimmon trees", I might suggest moving it if at all possible. The hive should be in as much of full sun as possible. My first attempt was lost to small hive beetle infestation. I put my first one under a tree, thinking the more shade they had the less they'd have to work keeping the hive cool; however, the shady spot is more susceptible to the beetles. Also, it runs a risk of a broken limb striking the hive. Good luck
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