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  1. haydukej

    What I Got Today!

    Whatcha putting that (those?) in?
  2. haydukej

    Console Rescued

    Not arguing, just adding my Google-fu to make the pile bigger. In the 1960s, General Electric had some gimmicks to set themselves apart from other record player/radio companies. One thing they had on some models was a "record saver." It was a slot with fur sweep that was intended to wipe the dust off your 45 RPM records . Wonder if you were supposed to turn the records in there to "brush" off dust? Nice job on the restoration.
  3. haydukej

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    This version by Kino Classics has a reconstruction of Hans Erdmann's original 1922 score by Berndt Heller and performed by the Saarbrucken Radio Symphony Orchestra in 5.1
  4. haydukej

    The last Blu-ray you watched.

    If anyone is into the classics, both screen and music wise, I'd highly recommend this copy. The picture was excellent on my budget setup (Epson 2150 and Silver Ticket 120"). The soundtrack was superb and really made the atmosphere, almost like it wasn't there but just a feeling. Not trying to get poetic, that's just my best way of saying what it did for me.
  5. haydukej


    Wonder why only one of the bass bins is rotated? Would that provide the ultimate in coverage for a listening room😀
  6. haydukej

    What I Got Today!

    Got some Parts Express goodies to update/grade the new TTLS. Replacing the DCS255-4 and a Crown XLS 1500.
  7. I took the Dude's TTLS for a road trip yesterday from Omaha to its new home in Kansas City (pics to follow this weekend). Was a pleasure doing business with, so no reservations there if you're interested in the Drifts.
  8. Welcome Scout, very nice score on the Forte 2s, of course some might find it hard to believe without some pictures to support this claim. I think your ideal spending for each of the components (and functionality) is a bit hopeful, although not impossible, and thus you'll have to really be hunting the used markets. Based on what you have and are wanting, I would be tempted into checking out either the D3020 v.2 or the older 7050, both from NAD. Depending on where the majority of your music comes from, and the connection(s) available, would decide which version to go for. The older 7050 has a network connection and a USB A for connecting a computer. The newer 3020 can connect a computer as well, but it'd need to be through an optical link, and you lose the network connection. Both have Bluetooth and I believe put out around 40 (3020) - 50 (7050) watts per channel of Class D power from NAD. With the sensitivity of your F2s listed as 99dB, this should be plenty to give you a nice sound. For what it's worth, I've never heard speakers on these systems, it just seems like it really fits your needs and budget. NAD is also a well respected brand. If you're strictly 2-channel, I think it's safe to say to stay away from AVRs as you'll be paying for a bunch of processing that you just don't need.
  9. haydukej

    Is that what I think it is in the ebay picture?

    If you look even closer, there's a Cornwall just to the left of the bed.
  10. haydukej


    Little late to the party here. I've been brewing for about 4 years now since I moved in to the new house. The two neighbors got me into it, which has been really nice since I haven't needed to buy any of the equipment to get into the hobby. We're mostly all-grain unless there's a good deal on extract kits that are hard to pass up. I've got a 3 year old Columbus plant growing. Harvested one ounce from it last year. It's fun to watch those things grow almost exponentially. Stop by if you're in the KC area for some homebrew and heritage Klipsch. We also do meade and will be taking the dive into beekeeping this spring. Good times ahead.
  11. I believe that option continues with anything within their heritage line.
  12. haydukej

    Noob Here - Set up questions

    Welcome to the forums and getting your toes wet with Klipsch. A bold move to ask an open-ended question like speaker wire recommendations for your first question. On less refined forums that might start an endless onslaught of unshakable opinions. In an effort to take out a lot of the fluff and the "why this" and "not thats", here's the two most common recommendations I've seen on here. Monoprice Choice Series 12AWG Oxygen-Free Pure Bare Copper Speaker Wire Or the PVC jacketed pair might look attractive if you're at all worried about snagging it on something KnuKonceptz either the Kord or Karma Like I said those two brands seem the most popular around here. 25 feet isn't really a long run of wire, so anything bigger than 12AWG is not going to give you any noticeable improvements and you could probably even use 14AWG. The flat wires you'll come across look nice, especially when tracking around the house, but due to its flatness, it is more susceptible to electromagnetic field (EMF) interference. Again, would they be noticeable? I'm tempted to say probably not. As far as connectors, some can argue against them while others argue for them. Those that are for seem to recommend these: Sewell Deadbolts GLS Banana Plugs Others have mentioned to stray away from the Parts Express plugs Hope this helps. I personally use the Monoprice option and Sewell plugs and have been happy.
  13. haydukej

    What I Got Today!

    Good eye, just a cheap old set. Drumming is too much like dancing for me, more of a rhythm guitarist myself. I was up in Minneapolis awhile back to pick up some hereseys and ended up with those oiled oak Fortes2 instead. Their not sequential, but they sound great. Yeah let me know if you're ever travelling through.
  14. NA - Estate sale 2/24 (Saturday) in Waukesha, WI. I emailed the company and said items would be listed at set prices. They estimated these would be listed at $2,000, but didn't know until Friday after assessors were done. Worth a look at if you're close. @Rivernuggets, you're in WI, yes?