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  1. "Burr-Brown PCM DACs with native 192/24 capability." Couldn't find exact model number.
  2. This seems like a once in a blue moon finish that should be preserved for when the ad ends.
  3. https://www.audiogon.com/listings/turntables-brinkmann-genuine-brinkmann-flashlight-true-audiophile-quality-2017-06-17-analog-28401-cape-fear-nc At least they're throwing in free batteries, an extra bulb, and free shipping! "Now you see, some places in the Third World it might be difficult to dance to this because the kerosene record player is not a very efficient device.. . And a lot of times they run out of, they run out of spunk right in the middle of the chorus... Causing the song to sound like this..." - FZ
  4. I'll be traveling, for work, next Monday/Tuesday from KC to N. Little Rock in case anybody had their eyes on something I could probably be of assistance around noon on Tuesday. I'll be renting a mid-sized car, so probably nothing bigger than RF-7s.
  5. This could be the karma gods dishing it out for getting yourself a gift on mother's day
  6. I don't believe so and don't think you have anything to worry about at the moment. The original ad is still showing as listed for me under the conditions you described as one-bid. To me the two auctions look like different subs based on the wood grain. Both auction members have many positive reviews as "a seller". I'd say good luck bidding. Maybe the email notification you received was a the scam part. I'd forward that to ebay if there's such an option.
  7. I'd be leary of meeting a guy in the desert for $150.00 Cornwalls
  8. Wow, $500 LS pair in GA in what looks like decent/fair shape, someone please pick those up! Good find Opus
  9. It's like the cornwall is peeking out from behind saying "hey, I'm still here". What happened to the other one from which you acquired this one?
  10. Not to hijack the thread, but I believe the biggest beef with the 1st AL is the thought that it cuts back the midrange too much, and that is afterall where we live right? Later versions of AL are closer to the A and AA XOs.
  11. These might be worth a checkout. Not affiliated in anyway. Then it turns into whats rarer, a sale of 3 LSs or a single up for grabs? I imagine the 3 at once. Just buy 2 pairs and keep the spare in the bathroom https://newlondon.craigslist.org/ele/6121844658.html
  12. ^^ On a fixed gear to boot! I hope he has a flat entertaining ground.
  13. Of course then you get the types that say "oh, you can't hear the difference between 320 and FLAC? consider yourself one of the lucky ones". I've been a long time fan of the mp3s on my ipod for the sake of conveinence, although I did try to manage most of my files with 320. Due to running out of space on my 128gb Ipod and getting tired of carrying around that and my phone, I recently switched over to using Google play music. A free acount to upload up to 50K songs of your own choosing and as long as they have it in their library, it'll play it back at 320 for you (if it's not in their library, they use whatever bit rate your file is). I really liked Neil Young's Pono device idea (and his music for that matter), but I didn't jump on that train due to cost and not being able to justify the file format to storage capability ratio. With capable internet speeds and memory (either hard drives or cloud based) being so cheap these days, do we need still need to compress or music file size or is it more capatibility issues at this point? Just don't forget to keep all your physical media stored in a cool....dry.... place
  14. Don't suppose anyone is making a trip from Clarksville to Kansas City anytime soon?
  15. Tman, Quickly googling all of your list, it looks like a large amount of the equipment (all Control4 equip, Episode e-1230-a, and the Binary B-210) is ideal for setting up a whole home system (i.e. speakers in individual rooms) from a central location. Is that your plan or are you focused on a theatre room/2-channel room only? If not focused on a whole house set up, my opinion would be to sell off that equipment. Setting up a whole home system would ideally be done during new construction. I'm sure others (that probably understand this equipment better) will chime in. Monster HTS 3600: This is your power conditioner. Plug it into the wall and then have all of the other components plugged into this unit. Supposed to protect against lighting strikes damaging your equipment and filters your power to components. Does this actually provide cleaner power to your components? probably. Is there an audible difference? that's up to your ears. KL-7800THX - run speaker wires into the RX-V3900 RSA-500: Run the "Subwoofer Out" from your RX-V3900 to this and then connect your RW-5802 to the "speaker-in" on the RSA. Congrats on your deal.