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  1. Klipsch Belles--West Virginia

    Didn't buy them, but $1,652 final price for the AB networked...not bad, they were only quoting me $165 to ship them to KCMO. AA networked ended for $1,850. Any local members snag a pair?
  2. Making a custom center to match my LSs. Thanks
  3. New home theater

    Those 82s will work well for your surrounds if you want to save some money at the moment. Don't forget about the sub(s)! The second most important speaker for HT, following the center channel.
  4. New home theater

    Those two items I have in my setup and I'm very happy with them. They provide a great experience and fit my beer-budget very nicely for 1080. The 2150 is one of two projectors, the other being the BenqHT2050, as the best projectors under $1k based on the conversations over at avsforums. I went with the epson 2150 as I wanted a longer throw and the cheaper lamp replacements. Silver Ticket does offer 2.35:1 screens in 115" and 125" options, although they cost a little more than my 16:9 120". The whole Silver Ticket series gets great reviews for a budget friendly screen. I haven't had any personal experience with Emotivas, but there's definitely a lot of fans of them.
  5. Belles and 2x MC75

    I'd say it'd be worth it to call in sick tomorrow to check out this auction. The sale process seems a mystery, so I'd give the firm a call if you're at all interested in anything. Sorry for the mixup on the MCs, edited the posted to reflect.
  6. New home theater

    I do not have that combo, as I'm currently running with the Denon avr-x4100 and happy with that. If I was to make the jump to the separates world, that Integra and outlaw amp would probably be the way I'd go as they appeal to the best bang for the buck approach. Good idea there.
  7. High End Audio

    Those unfortunately don't look like they'd be consecutive serial numbers
  8. New home theater

    Welcome back. Just one option put together quickly for your consideration and to put the budget into perspective. New RF-7IIIs = $3,900/pair New RC-64III = $1,500 R-115SW = $1,800/pair $7,200 Integra DHC-80.3 + Outlaw Model 5000 = $1,200 Epson 2150 + 120" Silver Ticket Screen = $900 Oppo 203 = $550 Grand total for an enviable HT = $9,850 (sans taxes) Use your 83s for surrounds and you might have some $$ left over for popcorn . Although, my tendency would be to look at the used markets or IIs for the LCR to save some cash. Best of luck. I'm sure others will chime in as well. Probably be worthwhile to reach out to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters and see what they could do for a package deal.
  9. Need Some Snobs!: Oppo's and Oppo's and Oppo's...

    Don't forget the 203/205 has a HDMI input to hook up your favorite streaming dongles.
  10. Belles and 2x MC75

    NA, Just wanted to get this on the radar for any of our folks in the Seattle area. Sale starts this friday. Seems like good potential for anything electronics wise. https://www.estatesales.net/WA/Seattle/98178/1744320
  11. Forte II vs RP280FA for movies

    ambient gun shots

    "If you were a pepper, would you eat yourself? Hey, I know I would."
  13. Open box Forte 3s

    Found them listed on newegg as "refurbished".
  14. Open box Forte 3s

    I looked at their storefront on ebay. A lot of their open box/return items state that they're an authorized dealer or a warranty is included. The fortes are listed as "pre-owned", so I doubt warranty is included.
  15. Open box Forte 3s

    Appears to be a great deal, lacking details though. Only stock photos, so I won't post them. NA *let us know if you get them https://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-Forte-III-American-Cherry-Pair-Tower-Speakers-Open-Box/172942676153?hash=item28442fd0b9:g:PC8AAOSwDRxZsy2t