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  1. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Thanks again to all that have provided their positive opinions here for me (or just the general question). Varying answers depending upon how my thread title and post was interpreted, so I should have been a bit more clear on that I suppose. I ultimately was looking at my specific, current scenario of utilizing the Denon avr with PC audio via HDMI. Based on all the comments, I would conclude that with my current set up, a standalone DAC is not necessary nor would likely add any discernible benefits. Hopefully this thread will be helpful to others. I am plagued with champagne tastes with a craft beer budget, so I'm not chasing the "ultimate" experience as ETC could likely provide. Currently just listening to 2.1 (La Scalas) on the Denon but ultimately looking to get towards a decent 5.1 setup that I could enjoy. I might gravitate towards @ClaudeJ1 's recommendation down the road as I like the jack of all trades option that's fairly budget friendly.
  2. Standalone DAC necessary?

    Multiple quick, insightful, and respectful responses. Thank you all again. Based on your responses, it looks like I'm a bit away on the required funds and WAF to go further down this path of the rabbit hole. Justin
  3. Just checking to see if the general consensus agrees: I'm running audio from my computer via HDMI into a Denon AVR-X4100W, which bypasses? any DAC in the computer and only uses the Denon. There's likely no sonic benefits that I'd be missing from adding a standalone DAC, correct? Thanks for the replies
  4. $650 Cornwalls - Texarkana

    Sounds like cabs might be a bit rough. https://texarkana.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-cornwalls-speakers/6338990571.html
  5. Additional thoughts: Without A/B'ing the IIs and IIIs, I'm hesitant to say this, but I wouldn't think you'll be missing anything "groundbreakingly" different between the two. Assuming you got your IIs from Klipsch.com, you probably paid around $2,500 for the pair. The III's are suggested to be released this quarter at $3,800 a pair. Will there be a $1,300 difference in sound quality? dunno The updated/upgraded "hybrid" tweeter is the biggest change, while it sounds like they're using the same drivers with "refinements" made as was stated in the CES video. I'm tempted to say that at the same price point for the 7-IIIs, a fair amount of us would probably lean towards picking up a pair of the Forte IIIs.
  6. Anthem MCA 20 Arkansas Members

    Face palm...I literally just had an all expenses paid 16-hour round trip to Pine Bluff this Mon/Tues for work. Oh the timing of this world.
  7. Calling All Musicians

    I purchased my first and only Lester from Sweetwater and had zero issues with them. As previously noted, a follow up phone call was made to me asking if everything arrived ok, if I was happy, and if anything else could be done. Guitar arrived double boxed and not with a huge "GIBSON" on the front. I also like ordering from them as you can see the exact guitar you're actually ordering (on the pricier items) and there's a better chance of you being the first consumer to lay hands on it, not just folks pulling it off the wall in the big box store. Also, if you're buying 2 guitars from them don't be afraid to haggle with them for lower price, especially if it's your first purchase with them.
  8. "Fast" La Scalas

    Racing stripes anyone? Gold would have seemed more appropriate. no affiliation https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch-la-scala-with-amps/6306337290.html
  9. Klipsch la scala ??$

    Hi Zach, this thread should pretty much address your situation. https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/171590-1990-la-scala-pair-estimate-please/#comment-2173663 Differences being: 1) location 2) black vs. stained 3) who will buy them WVU80 might be along to give you the most up-to-date numbers, but I believe his tracking generally shows that: For LS in condition A or B the Avg selling price is $1407, high $1500 low 1150. That is a LS in plug and play condition. Good luck with your sale should you decide to go that route.
  10. Possibly the best deal ever on eBay?

    I think it's safe to say that these are priced so the seller doesn't have to part with them, but can show their partner that (he/she) is actively trying to sell them. Well played Greenvillecycle!
  11. FS: '88 La Scala components

    Is this your grandmother? GLWS
  12. New Playmates for Jubes

    Back in Black! Congrats Richie
  13. Klpsch Large Corner Speakers - $2500

    Ok, it's now expired for me as well. Maybe some odd central standard time thing or the approaching total solar eclipse of doom!
  14. Klpsch Large Corner Speakers - $2500

    Does say it was posted 2 months ago, but link still works for me.
  15. Single Lascala

    I'm in the market for a single LS and this would match nicely with the pair of 78' I have running now. So, I'm stuck on the 2nd "problem" identified, being Bob's in SCL and I'm in KC.