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  1. haydukej

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Can anyone put me in touch with @colterphoto1? Seems he's been on walkabout since Oct. Having my coffee right now, so I deem this appropriate for this thread. Thanks!
  2. haydukej

    I want to hear more Klipsch set-ups.

    Both nice videos and good sound with the phone inputs (listening with VSonic VSD3S buds since I'm at work). I might suggest, again for fun, that continued videos all play the same song. Would be interesting to hear what differences pop up.
  3. Starting this for my brother. My brother has been running RF-7s and RC-7 as his LCR for decades and is getting the bug to update. Over Thanksgiving he mentioned looking at the DIY route of the Elusive 1099s. Application is 99% home theater. I asked him what he was unhappy about and he couldn't really answer. I think he's looking at the 1099s for one or more of these reasons. Just wanting to update If making 3 center 1099 layouts, he could stack the LR ontop of the martys Worried the 90x60 7 horns aren't giving him enough spread. His theater is untreated, although is dry-walled and carpeted, and I'd estimate 15x20. He's got two full martys for bass, so I don't see him losing anything on that side from the 7s. Just curious what the general consensus would be here and if anyone happened to have experience with both models. Thanks in advance, Justin
  4. haydukej

    Lascalas in Nebraska

    I think he prefers the patina to repainting/recoating them
  5. haydukej

    4 Lascalas for $1500.00 / Phoenix area

    listing has been deleted by author
  6. haydukej

    FS: Fully Restored Klipsch Cornwall II's [TX]

    Nicely done. Looking through the other pictures on imgur, I'd say raise up that credenza and put that boat anchor of Class A amplification under neath and then you can shift everything over. Presto! The whole system fits nicely in that room. GLWS
  7. haydukej

    Epson 5020UB For Sale

    Great projector and price for someone who doesn't need the latest/greatest. GLWS
  8. haydukej

    Rock 'n Roll Never Forgives...

    Can't believe the FBI is withholding information from the public. "They got the guns, but we got the numbers, gonna win yeah we're taking over." - JDM
  9. haydukej

    Which older Klipsch towers are these?

    Those appear to be a nice package, especially for rooms tight on real estate. As with anything built-in, the 150 watt amps for the 12 woofers is a bit concerning. Are you considering purchasing these @avguytx
  10. haydukej

    70th Anniversary Khorns for sale

    Beautiful, I have a pair of the 32-year anniversary editions (non-limited) and a pair of Forte IIs if you'd be interested in trading?🤞
  11. haydukej

    SOLD - 5 Piece Reference sale

    I was trying to be funny for the weekend. Original price of $350 still stands.
  12. haydukej

    SOLD - 5 Piece Reference sale

    I'd like to keep it all together as i think it's a more attractive package that way, and again, prefer not to ship especially without the original boxes. I think due to popular demand I'll raise the price of the lot to an even $400 . I'll keep you posted if no one else decides they need more speakers.
  13. haydukej

    SOLD - 5 Piece Reference sale

    Had KC tagged, but I can see that is not the most visible item. Thanks!
  14. haydukej

    SOLD - 5 Piece Reference sale

    These were part of my old theater set up and work great, but you know how it goes: too many speakers coming into the house and not enough leaving...time for a purge. One pair of RF-25 (cherry) One pair of RB-25 (cherry) One RC-35 (black) These do have some cosmetic issues (peeled veneer and ripped grill), and I've tried to document that in the pictures. I can get more if interested/needed. No boxes available. http://s1342.photobucket.com/user/haydukej/library/Klipsch Reference Asking $350 for the lot, with pickup about 20 min south of Kansas City.