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  1. the old tree behind my house a couple years ago. It’s surrounded by houses now.
  2. That's what I was thinking, using motorboards and backs with new BB. The difficulty in rehab is the HFB looks to be MDF with the Fir veneer. The HBR of course is no veneer. Pulling the veneer off won't be a good look. Plus, there are holes in the tops and sides where they hung them. Must have been used in a dance hall or something. Probably why the tweeters were blown.
  3. Looking for advice. I rescued a pair of H1's ($200) that had thick black industrial paint on them (1984). I wasn't paying close attention and didn't realize they were HBR and HFB until I was stripping the cabs. Both built within 2 weeks of each other with matched parts (E-2 XO, K-22-K "R", K-77 "R", K-52). I've only started stripping and already did replace tweeter diaphragms. Would you: Part out? Build new Birch Cabs? (I have some skillz) Rehab the mismatch cabs? (Done this a couple times with matched HBR) I would likely keep them if I built new cabs, and maybe sell my '77 HWO. What would you do?
  4. It's a multitude of scenarios. Hi-Bid doesn't own anything. It's an Auction/Advertising site that Estate companies, Bankruptcy liquidation companies, overstock liquidation companies, etc can all join to advertise local or on-line auctions. Most of what I share from them is Estate Sales/Auctions. So these are often speakers that Grandpa had and the kids just let the Estate Sale company handle. The Estate liquidation company takes that premium. I have seen consignments at times over the years, but that's usually a small percentage of what's seen. There's a bunch of Amazon overstock & returns sellers in Utah that use the site.
  5. Sheesh. $2900 final, plus taxes and 16% buyer premium! Someone really wanted those!
  6. In my area (intermountain west) you’d be looking at $1800 - $2200. Maybe a bit more because you have boxes and being Walnut. Are you planning on flipping them?
  7. Congratulations on a wonderful pair of speakers! Walnut is very desirable. I have a pair of “P” Walnut myself that are my daily listeners. These speakers do very well with Solid State from the same era but really love tubes. I’m currently driving mine with a little HK330B. Enjoy!
  8. My HK separates are driving the CWII's. The HK 330B (partial recap) is driving a set of H1's. Kenwood KA 3500 driving Altec Lansing's in my wife's workspace and the KR 3090 is driving KG 2.5's in the small living room.
  9. I'd say go for it! And do post pics of the process as Randy suggests. I've had 3 sets of HBR's. One I left raw and just hit them with Watco's Rejuvenating oil, stripped and repainted the other as they had THICK grey paint on them and the cabinets were in sad shape. And am working on a mismatched set I recently rescued (not sure they will survive). Good luck and looking forward to seeing the project!
  10. These are about 30 minutes south of me and I would be happy to assist in any way if someone is interested $650 KLIPSCH LEGEND SERIES KLF-20 Towers | Electronics | ksl.com
  11. They're on Mercari and have been for some time. I messaged the seller and he told me they're in Baltimore. Recent price drop. KLIPSCH SOUND SYSTEM | Mercari
  12. Auction closes 1/8. They look to be in very good shape! 1985 Klipsch La Scala K-55-m Floor Speakers | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
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