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  1. Not my ad. They look nice! Klipsch KG4 - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org)
  2. They're currently sitting at $2400 today with 2 days left. How exciting! 🤪
  3. I've won a few bids on the site locally. Auctions are always a crap shoot. We had a pair of pretty decent H1's come up in March. But they went for $835! People go crazy when the adrenaline hits
  4. This is a sales/auction site I follow. On-line only auction (still 21 days left). Pair Belle Klipsch Oiled Walnut Speakers BKWO | Live and Online Auctions on HiBid.com
  5. I'm not on Facebook but peruse the Marketplace on occasion. They have listed these off and on for over a year. Southern Utah area. $200 for the pair seems like a pretty good deal? Speakers - Speakers & Subwoofers - Cedar City, Utah | Facebook Marketplace | Facebook
  6. Local guy (Salt Lake City) has had his H1's listed for a month at $2,000 !! They do look super nice. I messaged him when he first listed them to find out if it was a typo. He said "no", and that they were worth every penny. He's just reduced them to $1700 today. Pair of Klipsch 'Heresy' Floor Standing Studio Qua | ksl.com
  7. KG 3.0 were my first set. I loved those speakers! I had to change a crossover in one of those and found one on eBay as well. I wouldn't add Crites if they are sounding good. Too much $$ for that level of speaker IMO. I've since graduated to Heresy I's (on my 3rd pair) and Cornwall II's. Enjoy your trip down the rabbit hole!
  8. So does that mean my CWII's are worth $5k? I'm ready to sell for that if there are any takers!!
  9. That would be interesting to know! My brother just sold his last week for $900. Had Crites crossovers and tweeters.
  10. Needs pictures. You might post them on KSL.com if you're willing to go as far as Rock Springs or even Evanston. They're a little high priced IMO, but you may find the right buyer. GLWS
  11. I follow this auction site and saw these listed as "New In Box". Auction starts Friday, May 14th. Can't tell for sure what they are but look to be Forte (1,2,??) Photo 296 of 422 | V Patton Estates Homossasa Old Trilby Rd. Harley, Snap on, Thomasville plus! | EstateSales.org V Patton Estates Homossasa Old Trilby.. | Brooksville, FL 34602 | EstateSales.org
  12. Cornwall History thread: Cornwall History - Technical/Modifications - The Klipsch Audio Community
  13. Dave St.Clair used to keep a OneDrive spreadsheet with actual sales from across the country. It doesn't look like it's been kept up though. His average was $854 for Cornwall's in AB condition. Not sure if he's on this site but maybe someone can point you to him? I bought my Cornwall II's last summer for $800 but they were in pretty bad shape cosmetically. Here's the OneDrive; https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=18352CCA4833598F!5250&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!ADZIpbFBDK76pxY
  14. Where are you located? I'm always perusing different sites and places in the Western U.S., and have found multiple sets of Klipsch speakers for friends/forum members.
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