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    Sansui 5000x, Decware UFO2, Rega P3, Schitt Mani 2, Topping DAC with CCA, Heresy IV's

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  1. Estes


    No words. To each their own.....
  2. I don't have La Scala's (yet 😬), but I have Heresy IV's with a Decware UFO2.1 with One 5U4GB-WC, Two 6P15P-WC, and one ECC88-WC These are the Wathen Cryotone tubes. Magical together. The clarity and placement is simply stellar.
  3. I grabbed mine used. Had Steve and the team recertify the lifetime warranty in my name, and quality check with a brand new set of tubes. The original owner also threw in a complete set of Cryotone tubes and a Decware power cord. It was a great deal. I have a UFO25 and a CSP325 on order. I'm on the 12th page of the list so I've got a while to wait. This UFO2.1 is really nice. They don't come up that often, but you have to pounce when they do.
  4. One of these days I hope to have the space to have a pair of these in my room. Been saying that for a while now, but a man can hope. Beautiful speakers, and GLWS, whatever price you settle on
  5. I have a UFO2.1 with level 2 anniversary mods and Heresy IV's. Obviously not as sensitive as La Scala's, but dead quiet for me. Small amount of transformer hum if I listen carefully right next to the amp, but nothing from the speaker. Even with my ear right up next to the speaker, I've got nothing.
  6. My Decware UFO2 with Anniversary mods
  7. As much as I appreciate the measurements, waves and graphs and science behind good engineering, I am much more subjective in my approach. Does this (placement/separation/transparency/sound stage) sound good to me? What's important for me to hear and feel may be very different from an engineer or reviewer or someone else on this forum. Fine by me! I just love talking and reading and learning about this, and hearing what others have to say.
  8. This conversation is inspiring me to do some critical Heresy IV listening between my Decware and Sansui 5000x. Great discussion!
  9. Really wish I had space for them. They look fantastic. GLWS
  10. Damnit... I wish I knew someone somewhat local to these...
  11. Uhhhhh...I'm in Westchester. Thanks for the tip! And I absolutely love my Heresy IV's....
  12. I'm like a kid in a candy store. Don't know what to listen to next. Rock, jazz, classical on vinyl, streaming... 😂🤯
  13. Just connected a set of Heresy IV's up to the Sansui. Amazing sound. Just wow... Had no idea what I was missing
  14. Estes

    Heresy II

    I checked with the seller and they are all original. No upgrades. I think I'll pass given and keep my eyes open. Thanks for the feedback all
  15. Estes

    Heresy II

    Yeah I read a few threads about mods, questions about "padding" material, and other upgrade options. If the base speaker has issues, not sure that's what I'm looking for. I'm not really handy either so that's a bit daunting as well if it's involved
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