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  1. My wife knows what my system is worth and does enjoy listening to it, but she won't want to bother messing with it when I'm gone and will be just as happy listening to the Amazon Echo. I suspect she will be wise enough to give all my good stuff to our grandson, though, because she knows he will appreciate it.
  2. I don't understand why people consider this a "free speech" issue. Can someone please explain?
  3. This, in a nutshell, is why I joined this forum. I want to be able to converse with others who share my interests and learn from veterans and newbies alike. I want to be around people who's eyes don't glaze over when I start to talk about a Class A amp or what tweaks I've been making to my speaker placement. Maybe I jumped in a little too fast and too deep spending hours a day here. I got a bit burned out with controversy and bickering so I've taken a break, but I sincerely hope the forum survives for a long, long time. I've met people here that I really enjoy. I've also encountered some major jerks. Adding some of the most offensive to my Ignore list has helped. All this to say, if there is anything I can do to help the forum survive and thrive, let me know.
  4. What a cool project! Can't wait to see what you come up with for further projects.
  5. Cool guitar! That's a particularly cool looking pickguard.
  6. @henry4841 Beautiful work! What are the details? How does it sound? Compared to the Little Sweeties?
  7. Are others able to see the picture? I don't believe I've ever been able to see any pictures that appear in the text as a link.
  8. Not exactly on topic, but I'm hoping someone can help. Whenever I click an embedded link as in SonicSeeker's post above, I get nothing more than a black box and an icon indicating a broken link. Anyone have any thoughts as to the problem?
  9. Welcome to the forum! I agree with Travis on everything he has said. I personally endorse the Bluesound Node streamer suggestion, but would go for the latest generation available (Gen 3, I believe). If you want to do a little digging, there are several threads where other members have documented their searches for new components. With a budget of up to $5K, you have a ton of options. Fortunately, the Heresy IIIs will sound great with pretty much any quality amp, so I suspect you can find excellent options that will meet all your needs and deliver great sound for half that amount or less.
  10. Instead of speculating about why threads are shut down, could we ask a moderator to explain so we can know what is and is not acceptable?
  11. I think we need a tutorial on the Ignore functionality for new users.
  12. I bought a pre-packaged parts kit and assume the guy who put it together had that knowledge. I certainly don't...lol
  13. Thank you. This is good to know. Part of my reason for asking is because of Henry's comment about the bass being stronger and quicker. This is a change I noted when I upgraded the capacitors in my Marantz 1060. My brother-in-law also has a 1060 that matches mine but is all original so we were able to A/B the two. If you weren't switching between the two, I'm not sure the changes would have been noticeable, but we were both able to clearly hear what I would also describe as stronger and quicker bass, so I wondered if the premium passive components might be contributing factors. The difference, though, is the new caps that went into my 1060 were also of different values than the originals, so that may be more significant than any quality differences.
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