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  1. It is a nice guitar, but it is kind of a smallish dreadnaught extra wide at the shoulders and very flat at the tail end. I have a feeling it is modeled on a classic guitar rather than a steel string.
  2. I have an old guitar I picked up several years ago that no one seems to know much about. Perhaps one of you will know something. One story I found while doing internet research is that this was an early demo guitar made by a Japanese manufacturer to show American guitar companies that they were capable of building a good product. The thing is built like a tank and plays and sounds really nice. It's just a little oddly shaped and sized.
  3. @Bubo That is a beautiful building! Thank you for sharing this.
  4. @svberger I had completely forgotten about Allison speakers. I always wanted to hear them live, but didn't know of any dealers where I lived.
  5. I will be interested to hear how you think this compares to the TI 3255 based chip amps. People seem to be blown away by the Topping line.
  6. I will be looking forward to your impressions after a couple of weeks of living with it.
  7. I wondered if you were coming from something modestly powered or something with triple-digit wattage. And, you're running a single ACA in stereo mode?
  8. @Marvel That Godin is very cool. I don't believe I've ever seen that model before. I've become a big fan of P90s.
  9. I pulled the trigger. I'm going to tell my wife it is your fault...LOL
  10. I checked the link you provided and it looked to me like the PS was not included, but I may have read it wrong. When I looked at the DOUK website they had a nice chart showing output with various power supplies and recommend using lower voltage (32 - 36) for lower distortion and longer life. Even with 32V, it will push over 100 wpc which should be more than enough for my needs. Definitely worth consideration. Edit: I just went back to the listing and looked again. Right there in the description it says 32 DCV Power Supply. DOH! That's what I get for going straight to the description and skipping the heading.
  11. @ClaudeJ1 What are you using for a power supply with your 3255 based chip amps?
  12. I checked out some of the early "clones" people have completed. Pretty cool stuff. Since they are all pretty recent, it will be interesting to see what they think after a little time. There are getting to be just too many choices in this world. Low cost Class A or low cost Class D? 😱
  13. That was my first guitar as well. I ended up trading for a Vox Student Prince when a former band mate decided he was done with rock and roll and wanted to be a folk musician. It was 1969 and Simon and Garfunkel were very popular.
  14. What Yamaha integrated were you using? I'm really curious about the ACA.
  15. My path has been something of a circle. Two channel to home theater, and now back to two channel. However, I do run my TV through my two channel set up using HDMI ARC. More for the ability to hear dialog than for theater-like sound, though.
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