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    TV room, where we spend a lot of our time
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    Nvidia Shield for streaming Plex, Netflix, Sling, etc. No more cable.

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  1. https://www.facebook.com/share/e51aE3pw2foBnGfN/?mibextid=A7sQZp
  2. I had Cornwall Is and when I was upgrading, I was torn between the Cornwall IVs and Forte IVs. After researching and watching demo/comparison videos it came down to, if you have the space, go with the Cornwall IV. Since I had already owned Cornwalls, I knew I had the space, so Cornwall IVs it was.
  3. I am so excited I can hardly breath. Which wood grain would I request? Probably cherry if I can get lambs wool grills.
  4. You are correct, I must have been wishful thinking. Title will be edited.
  5. I assume it's all 4 for $1800.00, but you'd have to message the seller to find out. https://www.facebook.com/share/WJ68XXBz7CviMCNn/?mibextid=kL3p88
  6. Curious if you've compared this to McIntosh MC2100 or MC250? I know McIntosh uses output auto formers, but I am always interested in other class A/AB products.
  7. My Dual 1019 is being shipped back from service. But I've got a fresh copy of Taylor Swift's new album ready for the first spin.
  8. I was watching the one they did outside in my car, another audio friend of mine was getting in when there was some heavy bass. When I told him it was a video of a speaker demo, he was just as impressed as I was. Just my 2 cents, if a speaker can reproduce well enough that when a video demo is played back and the sound is that good, I'd say mission accomplished.
  9. This may just be me, and though I have never heard the new Jubilees in person to compare to, I have to say that every video recorded demo I have watched, they sound fantastic. Probably one of the best sounds I have heard and I don't pay too much attention to these demos, but those, they're different.
  10. I thought the same thing, though I did think that mid bass in the LS sounded more defined.
  11. Those things look brand new. Nice work as always.
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