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  1. Not sure how many Slipknot fans there are around here. I was fortunate to have seen Joey perform live with Slipknot 4 times, came in at the tail end of their debut at Ozzfest 99'. RIP #1. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/joey-jordison-slipknot-dead-1203167/
  2. Was fortunate to see ZZ Top live. RIP Dusty Hill.
  3. For $300 you could easily pick up another set of drivers. That being said, it could be a bargaining chip. The horn looks similar, if you can verify this, you are in good shape. Good luck.
  4. 3 coronas down, sitting on the deck enjoying some Dead. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  5. I run a Belden rg6 cable over 20' no problem it's more flexible than other industriallike rg6. If I felt the need to do better and since I have the ability to go xlr, I would go with Mogami mic cable. I believe any of those 2 you will be fine. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  6. Lately its been Corona Premier, i really dont think it matters as I drink several of them. Got about 3-3.5 hours to go, well first I need to run a couple of errands, then I hunker down for the night.
  7. I was thinking of trying my hand at Habanero Mustard. Have you ever made anything like that?
  8. I have not seen an adapter to go from a 2" driver to a 1" horn and unless something has changed, its the horn more so than the driver. Not saying its terrible, but the Atlas driver is very good (assuming yours has the Atlas driver). Anyways, move to a 2 inch horn and there are endless possibilities for 2" drivers.
  9. Well it has been an interesting first half of the year, though I didn't win the lottery, I did get a decent bonus that allowed the following New Marantz AVR for the living to go with the new Cornwall IVs. I did replace the amps in the basement with 1 more to go. Not sure if that will happen yet this year as I really want to finish the sound panels and fine tune the system. We still have 5 months to go, so who knows what happens next...come on lotto numbers, daddy needs more speakers.
  10. I have to admit that this is true. I would never think of purchasing Bush nor ever consider drinking it, just thinking of it gives me a headache. But get me down at the lake on a hot as hell day and hand me an ice cold bush light it will be drank.
  11. Since you are already considering "improving" the sound, save your money and either build a set of Cornscalas or purchase Cornwall IVs. Once a series one Cornwall owner and now a Cornwall IV owner, I enjoy both and if I never had the money purchase the IVs, I would have been happy with my unmodified ones for the rest of my life.
  12. Not sure what the top plate is like on your wall framing, but say its just a 2x4 and then into the joist that are accessible. One could cut the hole to run a flexible drill bit designed for this sort of thing, then fish a magnet up into the ceiling, catch it on the other side of the ceiling drywall and drag it down to the opening on the other side.
  13. Or it could be terms that the record label wouldn't allow it. There are Fear Factory and Type O Negative albums that aren't on there because of this. Most of the stuff I hear on Spotify has messages from both sides and is allowed, especially RAP.
  14. I know there are "radio versions" but none of the stuff I listen to is censored. I second Spotify for streaming services if your looking for one of those.
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