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  1. Mono price tube amp with phono for $329.

    I wouldn't mind giving one a try.
  2. Watching John ...

    I follow him on Facebook, he always seems to be up to something.

    Is that the only thing being reused? I ask as I do not have a pair and would like to know where one could obtain a pair, ( of tweeter coils of course). How would this AA network fair with aftermarket horns and tweeters? I only consider the Universal from ALK as it is just that, universal. If I know something else will work with aftermarket horns and drivers, then I would try it.
  4. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    I do, never had any complaints, I do have a pair of the new tweeter offerings from Fastlane or ALK, I have not tried them, just waiting for time and another amp.
  5. La Scala

    I would leave work and go get them.
  6. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    I have used some Selenium, I prefer EV, Faital, and B&C over Selenium (Faital and B&C have been my favorites out of those). If I was going to purchase JBL's I would go used, maybe even blown if they can be had cheap and throw some Truexten beryllium diaphragms in them.
  7. Heresy III in cherry, Massachusetts

    The Audi TT was the first turbo charged car I drove. I had gain more respect for cars like that afterwards.
  8. The "Little Bruiser" mono flea-power SEPs

    Nice build
  9. WTB Mc 2105

    There is one here in Omaha. https://omaha.craigslist.org/ele/d/high-end-vintage-audio-system/6374807603.html
  10. Single walnut belle -- edmonton area

    If you were a little closer to Omaha, NE, I would consider.
  11. Crown xti 1002 questions

    Look at offerings from Niles, I have used them with great results. The two that I use, have two switches outlets with 12 volt trigger inputs switching the outputs with the 12 volt signal from your Emotiva
  12. Anyone get these Khorns for $1000?

    Awesome, even more awesome that a member purchased them. Enjoy!
  13. Does Tidal have a family plan? That is one thing I love about Spotify, unlimited usage with my wife and two kids.
  14. Klipsch Heresy loaded Credenza?

    I was wondering the same thing. I have thought of this idea for my Heresy center channel.