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  1. Schiit SYS passive pre

    I was looking simplicity when I purchased this. Though simple for myself, it's not for my wife. So I took the plunge on a tube hybrid from Monoprice, which meets the needs of this system. So this lightly used Schiit SYS passive pre is for sale. Asking $30.00 shipped to the lower 48, payment via PayPal friends and family. I will take $5.00 for local pick up in Omaha Cross posted on another sight. Thanks for looking.
  2. Monoprice hybrid tube amp

    I have read a couple of post on these tube amps from Monoprice. Nothing solid for a review (unless I missed it), so I decided to take the plunge on one of their hybrids. https://www.monoprice.com/product?p_id=16153&gclid=CjwKCAjw7tfVBRB0EiwAiSYGM54jdqFXmu4Q_cvoHynxz7LMU1EGwBc0i1MRs9QcI-b_ya6dKr0dqBoCuZMQAvD_BwE Since this is going in the craft room, I wasn't to concerned on the quality. Mainly I liked the ease of use and the Bluetooth feature, which will allow my wife to get more use out of the Heresies in the that room. When I finally get a new stylus for my Thorens turn table, I will be running that through a phono preamp that built from a Tubes4hifi kit. I just received it last night and only spent a little time with it. Not to bad for $169.00, but nothing I would sell your Scott for. I once had a Scott in this system, kind of wish I had it now. I used to think that one could run a hybrid setup such as this and have some what of the warmth that a solid tube amp could offer. I was clearly wrong. They offer a complete tube integrated with a phono section, which I still would mind trying. I wouldn't mind trying some different tubes to see if it makes much difference, but some research would be needed to find compliant tubes. Bottom line, if you are looking for something for that system that doesn't get used, this would be a good piece for the price. Next I wouldn't mind finding a complete ss piece that is comparable in price if not cheaper.
  3. Wichita - Heresy

    Wonder how much they want for the Heresies and MC 1700?
  4. Free empty LaScala cabs - Minneapolis Craigslist

    Cut the tops off, throw some k43s in the bass bin and k402 on top and call it good.
  5. Belle Review

    Hard for me to give a fair comment. But for me, I felt the Forte was the worse Klipsch speaker I had heard. I had them in two different rooms. Unmodified and modified. I tried both Sonicaps and tweeter diaphragms. I felt modifications made them worse. I thought I may not be a fan of titanium diaphragm. Until I heard Faital and B&C. Now here is why my assessment may not be fair. I run a ttls with my "Belle" Bass bin, I have tried the Eliptrac/B&C combo and K402/B&C combo. All of that as a modified Belle was better than any speaker I have tried. Now that being said, I really enjoy my Heresies and Cornwalls with nothing more than Dayton 1% caps installed.
  6. Did you see what I saw?

    ^^^^^smoking deal, congrats on a great sounding amp.
  7. Brook 12A Clones

    Did they come with a metal chassis?
  8. Brook 12A Clones

    Nice, what shielded cable did you use?
  9. New VTA ST-70

    What size room is this and the Heresies that it is pair with in? I am curious to your thoughts on the sound with the Heresies. I have a pair in a 10x9 room, but was thinking of a different route.
  10. If so, it is not the correct size for disco ball to speaker ratio.
  11. New Belle Owner Advice Please

    You don't need Belles, you need Jubilees. If you do decide to give a sub a try. Look for a TTLS or THLP, cheap and great subs. I run the TTLS with my Belles and its more than enough bass. It is a passive sub, so you would need a an external amp, Crown, QSC, would be great options. Then split the signal from your RCA ipad connection via MINIDSP, channel 1 to the sub and amp and channels 3 and 4 to the amp for the Belles. Adjust by ear on the fly via computer software/connectivity or take it a step further and purchase a UMK1 for detail setup. https://www.minidsp.com/applications/digital-crossovers/subwoofer-integration-with-minidsp
  12. Speaker Wire 12/2 & 14/2

    Where did you purchase that?
  13. 3 minutes to Miller Time

    We are going to see where this corona takes us.
  14. Pizza

    Got to do gluten free for my wife, so I am always trying different crust.
  15. Value of Belle Klipsch other questions.

    Congrats, one suggestion and maybe you already know this. Give them a lesson for about six months before you try and mods. Please feel free to post some pics once you received them and have them set up in your room.