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  1. Ellis Family Home Theater sale

    You spent all that time building your theater, speakers and pond,.. Now your moving to Mexico, Wow. Good luck with the sell and move.

    Happy Bday 'Ol Chap
  3. Estate Sale (Las Cruces)

    I would take off of work to go to that, be in line the day before.
  4. If your using good plywood, screws may suffice as long as you don't have a need to removed them often. Since I used MDF, I will be using Tnuts once I finish mine.
  5. Belle grills

    I have a similar drawing, but it didn't say if it was 1/2". Thanks for the info, now to pick up some 1/2" plywood.
  6. Belle grills

    Can someone confirm if the Belle bass bin grills are made out of 1/2" or 3/4" material and what the degree of the angle cut Is? Thanks
  7. Belle clone project. One step closer

    I too have been going down the DIY Belle like road for the last year or so. I started with Belle bass bins and an EV horn as an active two way. I recently sent funds to JWC for a good used set of Eliptrac mid and tweeter horns. I will be running a three way active as I all ready have the amps and electronic crossover. But my plans are to try a passive crossover, sometime down the road, hopefully the first of next year.
  8. Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Morning folks, its been a while since I dropped by. Thought I would take the time to say hi. Hopefully all that had to ride out the hurricanes made it out safe and sound. Been busy as a bee for the last couple years. Since we have purchased a camper, we spend most of our weekends at the lake where we lease a spot for the year. A lot of drinking, bbq, music and anything else lake related. Kids are at the age of full time sports, middle school activities, etc... you know the drill. Throw my school work into the mix and I suddenly realized how I wish I would have done collage after high school. Now that summer is winding down, I feel the itch to get back to the man cave for late night listening sessions. I've always been one of those type that ask what if ( only with situations I have total control over). I have always wondered how different horns sound. Even though I have been happy with my current EV horns in the man cave, I recently sent a check to JWC for some Eliptrac mids/tweeters. I should have them in a couple of weeks, where I will be setting them on top of my diy Belle like bass bins. Speaking of BBQ, I picked up a used Big Green Egg this summer. Lets just say it has been my favorite grill/smoker/oven. Cooking all sorts of stuff on it, today will be over the top chili. Coffee hasn't changed, Eight O' clock Italian roast, 2-3 cups a day, maybe 3-4 on the weekends. Life is good, keep on keeping on.
  9. Favorite pop rivet tool?

    Are you looking for air powered or manual?
  10. Now that I'm retired....

    Dhollin, I am not going to try and cloudy the great advise you have already received. So I will just say hi and welcome to the forum. Hi and welcome to the forum! Oh and Heresies and Cornwalls are a couple of my favorites.
  11. Klipsch Pro speakers in St Louis area

    Looks to be a good 16 plus in that photo, I know Tim is on this form, I also follow him on Facebook. Good guy to talk to.
  12. VTA SP12 Tube line stage with remote

    Bringing this back up, as I would like to see if someone is interested in a trade. What I would be looking for is a pair of Faital PRO HF200s, or B&C DCM50, B&C DE750TN, B&C DE85TN. If your interested and feeling generous, I would like to get my hands on a trio of any of those drivers. Thanks
  13. McIntosh MC 7106 amplifier for sale

    As I am interested, pictures and condition of the amp, what has or has not been serviced, etc...
  14. Our forum buddy

    Hope all is well and best wishes for a speedy recovery.