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  1. I like those and the way they attach to the speaker wire.
  2. How tight do those banana plugs hold? Mine seem to be lose and I would like to replace them with something that holds better.
  3. I had a Scott 222 C hotrodded by NOS valves. It was one of the best sounding integrated amps I heard with my Heresys. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  4. Correct, 001 has mentioned a good entry level DSP, 2-nice 2 channel amps will work as well. Two way crossover (minidsp.com) Not sure if you have read some of these or not, but there some good info. Just be careful not to go down a rabbit hole, keep it simple and try to stick with settings that are known to work.
  5. I'm using the Crown XLS2505 for my TH Spuds. Actually just finished the following video which I highly recommend if setting up multiple subs. Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
  6. I would check Monoprice as they have some nice whole home offerings.
  7. I assume play back is only as good as the phone is capable. I was under the impression TIdal/MQA on the phone had better play back with the right DAC as it can unfold which allows an android phone to have better play back than hi res from any other source.
  8. They seem to be more straight forward, download what we have available and use how/where you like. I like buying from Hdtracks as I can store on my NUC and hard drive then access via ROON. But I am looking for something more portable. ROON offers ARC, but I would like to have better play back via Android Phone, that's what took me to MQA as it seems there are programs that bi pass Androids lack of capabilities. Does Qobuz have this ability?
  9. @RealMarkDeneen the link below is more geared towards disproving the quality of MQA, from what I gathered from the first paragraph (which also explains some of the last statement I posted) MQA appears to be Tidals way to "unfold" the encoding. MQA may be worth the extra sound quality, but im not a fan of proprietary software, hardware or methods for that matter. I see some benefit to Tidal, but if I can get the same quality from Qobuz without the need of device or software to "unfold" the last part of the signal, then I may consider Qobuz over Tidal. https://hackaday.com/2021/04/21/mythbusting-tidals-mqa-format-how-does-it-measure-up/
  10. I am going to skim back through this thread for an answer, but could someone explain this this statement? I thought Hi-res was Hi-res. From how this read, it makes it sound as there are different types of hi-res audio. Qobuz allows its users to directly stream hi-res music without using MQA, while Tidal supports MQA in their High-Res audio quality option.
  11. Have you built or heard any of the passive/driver combos? Wouldn't mind seeing some for the different drivers Klipsch used.
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