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  1. I think there are two albums aside from the first thing she's looking at which is an EP sleeve. Music is probably soft pop from before she was born. I think the guy whose looking at the album in their house has the record sleeve upside down. Hard to tell, but he strikes me as someone who can barely read. Can't agree with your take on the commercial, though. This is the parents introducing their child to the way they listened when they are kids and very badly done since they obviously have never played an lop in their life.
  2. coming out of the closet

    coming out of the closet Phew. For a minute there I thought you were going to admit to cross dressing up in clothes sewn by Bose. Passion waxes and wanes. In life, in sex and in music. Find some good music which makes you feel, alive, dead, excited, relaxed, happy or sad and you'll be back into before you realize what you've been missing.
  3. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    I love this sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Big fan of pecan wood for smoking but if I want to bump up the smoke flavor I'll go with cherry or apple. Can't seem to do anything decent tasting with mesquite so I mostly skip that. Same for hickory which should be reserved for bacon. There was actually for many years around here a company that sold their pulled pork in the major grocery stores, and it was pretty darn good. Way above anything you'd find in a chain store today. Mostly meat, with just a bit of sauce but a we bit sweet. Of course, I can't recall the name.
  4. Then they get home, and go into the storage room and she pulls out the portable record player from her puberty years. Since the player is circa "Beatles I Want to Hold Your Hand" era, she is revealing her real age which is 70. Amazing what they can do with cosmetic surgery these days.
  5. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Its rare and far between, but some of the best barbecue I've ever had was on the side of the road in New Jersey and in a rib joint in my home town of Syracuse, New York started by a bunch of bikers.
  6. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Now there is a man with his head on straight. Even though I'm strictly a dry rub man myself, the vinegar-based sauces in North Carolina, when done right, are absolutely wonderful. I've never understood why brown sugar, or mustard, come to think of it, are allowed within 100 miles of any decent barbecue. No wonder there's so many missing teeth in the South.
  7. Anonymity vs Privacy vs Security

    Mozilla uses it as the default search engine on all it's browsers, because it does not track you. I'm still a big fan of Mozilla and use their SeaMonkey browser. Now granted that can cause some extra work on your part cause it doesn't remember just how much searching I do involving various bands, groups and musicians, not to mention other stereo stuff.
  8. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Well now that fine fried chicken that thar Colonel makes comes in a box. Are you tryin to a fool me inta thinkin that ain't Southern Cookin at its finest.
  9. Southern Barbeque? Fooled Again

    Had a $3 off coupon and was being lazy about making dinner. Plus it said right there on the label that this is "pulled pork made the traditional way". Yup Jack Daniels's "Original Old No7 Brand Quality Seasoned and Fully Cooked Pulled Pork". Now I've always been a bit chary about anything coming from that company. They reside in one of a handful of "dry" counties left in the USA, yet the whole county earns its living distilling booze. It's kinda like Columbia outlawing cocaine. First clue I was in for a gustatory barforium was when, having brought it home, I glanced at the ingredients list. The first item on the list: boneless pork. Then there were things high up the list like sodium phosphate, which I think is another name for salt peter, which is used in making gunpowder and in sperm control for overeager men. Supposedly the meat had been smoked in small batches using traditional methods with a rub. Its possible but since there was more sauce then pork drowning in sweetness from the corn syrup (alas no corn liquor), it was impossible to discern any smoke flavor in the so called meat. Now this may not be the last time I'm taken in by Southern crackers , but be aware I'll be paying more attention from now on. Here's the ingredient list: Ingredients BONELESS PORK, INJECTED WITH WATER, SALT, PHOSPHATE, RUBBED WITH (BLACK PEPPER, SALT, BROWN SUGAR, GARLIC, ONION), BBQ SAUCE (DARK BROWN SUGAR, SUGAR, WATER, ONION, APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, SOY SAUCE (WATER, WHEAT, SOYBEANS, SALT), TOMATO PASTE, VINEGAR, MOLASSES (MOLASSES, WHEAT STARCH, SOY FLOUR, CALCIUM STEARATE, SOY LECHITINE), CORN SYRUP, CORN STARCH, VEGETABLE OIL, GARLIC, SALT, SEASONINGS, TENNESSEE WHISKEY, LEMON JUICE, CARAMEL COLOR, CAYENNE PEPPER, BLACK PEPPER, WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE [MALTODEXTRIN, WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE [VINEGAR, MOLASSES, CORN SYRUP, SALT, CARAMEL COLOR, GARLIC POWDER, SUGAR, SPICES, TAMARIND, NATURAL FLAVORS AND SULFITING AGENT], AND SILICON DIOXIDE). CONTAINS: SOY AND WHEAT PRODUCTS
  10. Looks like it's a 78 needle which probably explains why the they dropped the needle on the run out groove. Also, did you notice her picking out an album and gushing over it a bit, like it's a long lost treasure from her youth. Do you also notice that its an EP, and I've never seen anybody wax nostalgic over an EP.
  11. Another RIP

    I absolutely loved their trenchant and heartfelt album on the dissolution, slaughter and war in the former Yugoslavia.
  12. Ok A Hint: Problem one is when they are putting the record on the first player, it's one the run-out groove, which would mean no music. Problem 2: ?
  13. I think its the smacking that explains my tinnitus.
  14. Has anybody noticed just how often turntables and records show up in commercials since the vinyl revival. If you haven't there have quite a few. The silliest and most egregious misuse of records as props has to be this drug commercial: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/wjRh/xeljanz-xr-vinyl-collection Anybody want to take a run at just how many things are wrong vinyl and playback-wise with this commercial? I count at least five. Have fun!
  15. You can smack me but I'm sure it would sound distorted, not at all like a real smack. Trust me I know the sound of getting smacked around by teachers, parents, girls and then women, quite well.