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  1. Sorry to hear about your business Allan. That 's a sweet setup. One suggestion. Down the road upgrade to a Hana EL for a cart. I've had three itinerations of the Denon 103 and the Hana slays them.
  2. Pretty cool stuff including a Hammond B3, a 24 track tape deck and very cool mikes. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/msg/d/alexandria-studio-sale/7104727543.html
  3. Hey Justin, is this something you built? Except for the box it looks like a fairly simple build. (Obviously once you figure out the layout, parts etc. and math and stuff) Pretty cool. I've got a factory built conditioner here and I feel it makes a difference.
  4. For some reason I just saw this. Wow, that's just great! What wonderful news! So, the world's foremost musical critic (that would be I) feels you should postpone the critical listening and warm up with this first:
  5. In the late '70's I bought a motorcycle outside of France and cruised through Europe. Going through a small French village one morning I passed a group of schools kids being led down the road by a nun. Wonder what they thought of me, for I was singing "Illegal Smile" at the top of my lungs so I could hear my voice over the roar of the bike. Had the joy of seeing him at the Philadelphia Folk Festival the year after Woodstock. Saw him and Macy Gray singing together on TV once. What an odd, but wonderful pairing. Gonna miss you John.
  6. Your recap is correct. Just to be clear, I've only put this in my two systems to see how bad the hum is. I already knew the rest of my gear worked properly. I also use test speakers when working on an amp. I'd rather blow them up than my Khorns! Yes, I'm making sure a poor tube socket contact is not causing a grounding problem. The dental pics I ordered should be here in a couple of days.
  7. You can see the LaScalas in the background in the first minute of the video. I love this guy but this is not his best work. Goes on to long.
  8. This one really hurts. We all come and lean on you some day. Rest until then.
  9. 23,000 plus views for this thread? Is this place suddenly trending?
  10. So I built the plugs and used them and other than replicating the lowering of hum I noticed when I plugged a cd player in, no startlingly revelations. However, I have noticed that the hum seems to be coming from the right channel. I swapped all the tubes back and for the in pairs and the hum stayed with the right channel, so I've ruled out the tubes themselves as a source. It also decreases when I touch the amp, and while pocking around with a plastic probe the hum increases and makes weird science fiction sounds when it's around an area that includes the on/off light/ the power switch, and volume control and the balance pot. I've already disconnected the on/off light with no change, and I've replaced the volume pot with no change. I'm going to get a dental pick and tighten all the points to eliminate that as a problem. Then I have to troubleshoot the whole right circuit. What do you think, should I start with preamp or power section? Work from the outputs in, or rectifier out?
  11. Interesting t Interesting test results, and his ears tell him there is a positive difference. Obviously I can't weigh in on the scientific aspects of it. I only mentioned the obvious, because , well it was obvious. I have also observed in older solid state amps, double -sided boards, which are a bit 3 dimensional to me, not to mention having seen boards stacked upright in a row inside some SS receivers I've opened up, with no obvious harm to the signal or sound. However, I almost never see upright resistors in any anything tube I can recall, although most of what I've played with has been point-to-point wired, not circuit boards. Given the space restrains inside some of them, you'd think if was OK to mount them upright then they'd a probably done it. Especially since various electrical geniuses designed this stuff in the first place. And that is the basis for my reasoning, not knowledge certain.
  12. "So do these miracle resistors have a name, or are thy a trade secret?", he said disingenuously.
  13. Digging out a pair of cheap rca cables right know, and i have 1k resistors so I'll build a set this morning.
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