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  1. Well sure a girlyman can easily lift a 165 watts ss amp, but it takes a manly man to lift 200 watts of tube power. Here's Andre the Giant congratulating me after I did such an incredible feat:
  2. You should be fine. I run a pair of Bogen MO100 mono blocs through Heresy I's with no problems at all. Those Bogen's are 100 watts per channel! Those are tube watts not those girly man solid state watts.
  3. Look to be in very good shape. Can't comment on the price. https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/nva/ele/d/charlottesville-klipsch-chorus-ii/7432945312.html
  4. Very familiar with that building. Born in Syracuse, worked for a member of Congress from there, still visit once or twice a year. Syracuse is an old industrial town and has lots of very cool buildings in it, but the Niagara Mohawk building has always been my favorite. Fortunately a few decades ago, they spruced it up and have preserved it ever since. They also upgraded the lighting at some point. Back as late as the 70's and 80's it was cool, but not nearly as fascinating as it is with the preservation work. Well done Art Deco is hard to beat.
  5. Yes. We have a special team (er, teams) trained in esoteric arts, maneuver, and other arcane skills, which we employ from time-to-time in furtherance of The Dialogue, that aspect of the Forum which employs oddballs, characters and borderline geniuses in pursuit of the Ultimate Sound.
  6. A burner? Are you engaged in risky business? Montana? Could you be running an illegal dental floss farm?
  7. This month's Costco mag has a comment from a member called D. Phrogphile. Here it is: "I read the article about Klipsch eagerly. His legacy is well known to those who graduated from New Mexico State University, particularly the engineers. He was a generous donor to the school where he earned his bachelor's degree and NMSU's electrical engineering school bears his name."
  8. My pleasure. It's great to see their legends grow across the land.
  9. Watching "My Lottery Dream Home" the other night. They walk into somebody's living room and a brief glimpse of a c stye Khorn with can grill. Only saw one, and only for a second. Season 8. episode 8.
  10. If it's already a mellow sounding amp, swap out the long plates for some Telefunken's. IMO, the real major sonic differences in tube swapping lie in the driver tubes, not the power tubes.
  11. Pretty cool article. There is also a picture on the "Table of Contents" page that shows PWK another engineer, some tube gear and a RTR. Here's a link to the article: https://www.costcoconnection.com/connection/202112/MobilePagedArticle.action?articleId=1746731&app=false&cmsId=3972821#articleId1746731
  12. Now I've long since come to the conclusion that folks here like to listen to music. I also suspect, that you like to listen to more than just recorded music. For example, your Thebsian raconteur started his live music journey at age 14 listening to Simon and Garfunkel at the Syracuse War Memorial. A few years later he became a lot of what he is today after stopping into a small rural event called Woodstock. Well it's waxed and waned over the years, I still very much enjoy live music. Not as many local bands as I got older, but mid-to-larger up to ginormous bands as opportunity and thickness of my wallet allowed me to. So, I've decided to start a little thread where we can post live music as we. A sort of what live music are we listening to right now, or thereabouts. I'll start the ball rolling with my most recent concerts. Two Saturdays ago I had the pleasure of listening to Dave Bromberg and His Big Band at The Birchmere a legendary small hall in Alexandria Virginia. This was his "Spirit of 76 Tour" celebrating his age. He still has those great lyrics and that magic warble in his voice. Then last Saturday, I had the privilege of hearing that 81 year old Motown legend, Smoky Robinson, at the mid-size concert hall in the MGM Casino and Hotel in Oxon HiIl, MD. He not only still has it, but he's teaching himself spanish and is recording a "cd" (his words not mine) in spanish. He even sang us a song off of it. "Tears of a Clown" still makes me happy/bouncy. So what live music have you been listening to lately?
  13. Here's the schematic. Looks like it solid state not tubes. https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/sherwood/s-7800.shtml
  14. First check to see if it is the tubes that are causing the problem. Start by switching the 7199 tubes. Then switch one each of the EL34's. Also, while you are at it, as a safety measure, remove the fuse and make sure it's the right rating and proper type of fuse. It looks like it's a 3amp slow-blow. Then remove and re-seat the tubes a few times and check for looseness.If some of the sockets are loose they can be re-tightened from underneath using a dental pic. Also check the bottom. If there is no bottom plate, or if there is one and it has holes in it, put the amp on feet for air circulation. While you have it upside down, do a eyeball inspection. Check for broken resistors, loose connectors, rust and leaks around the capacitors. Also clean the surface, tape off the transformers and spray paint with high temp paint. Then get it to a tech for a rebuild. Until you do, do not ever leave the room with it on for more time then it takes to go to the bathroom. Do not ever leave the house with it on. Properly restored, it should sound great.
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