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  1. The greatest reggae generation gone, gone, gone. My ex was a teacher in Jamaica for awhile. Met all of them when they were so young they were just a beach band. Trenchtown to the world and back again. Sleep well rasta man.
  2. I'm sitting in the "let's make sure you don't drop dead on us" lounge for my 15 minutes . Got the shot "Right This Minute".
  3. thebes

    Food Porn

    Probably kinda like the first time you heard real music. One of the great things in life is discovering a real something, a flavor, a feeling, a whatever. It's one of the fun things that make life worth living. It's always nice, like in the case of maple syrup, that the alternative to the processed stuff is not that much more expensive but imparts magic the mass produced alternative simply can't do.
  4. thebes

    Food Porn

    Well, I'm not so sure: "Praline, noun, a smooth, sweet substance made by boiling nuts in sugar and grinding the mixture, used especially as a filling for chocolates." Now, granted, there is the southern pralines with the pecans but those are almost never made with that Yankee secret sauce, maple syrup. Maybe those ones should have a their own special, something like "Maplelines".
  5. thebes

    Food Porn

    Instead of toffee just coat those pecans with a mixture of cinnamon, brown sugar and real, and I mean, real, maple syrup. Place on baking sheet paper and bake for about 20 minutes or so and wallah!
  6. thebes

    Food Porn

    Wine and lobster tails for breakfast? Some Lone Star chef tried to serve me that I'd have to use one, or two, of those metal-looking things on him.
  7. Er, um (cough, cough) due to a building tsunami of interest in these amps, I'm been forced to require a modest down payment of er, um, $100,000. Since yours will be the first off the line, er, um, my dining room table, it will come with a metal plaque of your choice, certifying your amp as Serial Number 1. Er, um did I mention the modest ($10,000) engraving fee?
  8. Go big bucks or go home: https://www.whathifi.com/us/features/10-worlds-most-expensive-stereo-amplifiers I'm thinking that my next project will be a retail unit for sale at $1 million. I think I'll call it The Thebes-O-Rama Zephyronie. The 1st amp is rated at 120,00 watts. The Ether audio amp uses GM100s the biggest tubes ever made for audio. It's a single ended triode , made by the russkies. Here are the specs: Weight: 2 kg each The tube is the massive GM100! - THIS IS ONE BIG TRIODE! Here are some specs: Umax=5kV Imax=1600mA Pmax=1000W mu=18 gm=6500 Rp=2K8 My next project is going to be the #1 mil
  9. Sorry folks. No more offers at this time.
  10. Still trying to move these out. Let's get going folks.
  11. That is a great deal if those are the Klipsch theater bottoms whose names escapes me at the moment. To far away, but If I had'em, I'd play'em.
  12. Yes it is an auction. Highest bidder wins. Serious bids, but not the bidders info, will be posted here.
  13. Here's a shot of the Khorns and LaScala:
  14. Ok folks there is a new option for you. The first first person to purchase the entire system (rather then simply the Klipsch speakers) will have it delivered to their door and setup by Dave Mallette (Your Four States Reporter) on live TV and get half their money back.
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