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  1. It looks like someone already has your idea. This seems to be only sold on ebay. Weighs 28 kilograms, whatever they are, comes with an arm and only costs $2 grand. https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-FFYX-2019-TB25MKIII-Maglev-Base-Maglev-Bearing-Turntable-/173751332156?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 The maglev does not suspend the platter, but the turntable feet between the plinth and a lower base. This would probably not help with wow and flutter but would probably considerable enhance isolation from footfalls etc. Come to think of it there is somebody else out there that makes a pricey isolation platform that floats. I think I've seen it on Audiogon.
  2. I'm having a similar problem and after a little research I ran across this post on the AVS Forum that identifies they same resistor, which has been upgraded by Klipsch from a 680 ohm 1 watt resistor to a 680ohm, 10 watt resistor. https://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/3060542-fault-identified-klipsh-sw-112-plate-amp-failures.html So I un-soldered the old resistor, which had had its outer layer burnt away and read 804 ohm, and replaced it with a 750ohm 5 watt ceramic I happened to have on hand and it works. No more noise. This will do temporarily until I get the more robust and correct value resistor back in place, although at 10% + or -, it is within operating parameters. Now I suspect this will not solve all of the problems associated with the amp for this sub, but it's definitely the first step you should take. The resistor is brown colored and is located in the middle of the board to the left of prongs for the wires that go to the speaker.
  3. Gotta love the bling factor on this one: https://www.maglevaudio.com/
  4. I'm with Glens.Lose the needle. 99percent of people who owned turntables back int he day did not know the needle wore out.
  5. Now, now, now lads. Consider this. In Keith Richard's autobiography he tells us that The Stones had a special local radio station. When they were recording they could all climb into a car, drive around a bit, and hear how their latest cut sounded on a car radio. Why, because back then that was the market for music. Most of it you heard on radio while cruising around. That's where the sales came from. Now crafting a song to be radio friendly is just another form of compression. So if The Stones could do it, and their music sounds great, why should any of us ever complain about compression? Written by Thebes. Mothers little helper.
  6. thebes

    scott lk 72

    I listen while nekkid, but I'm not opposed to slipping a little somethnig over my tube.
  7. Welcome! You will like it here. That Copland costs at least twice what your speakers cost. My own suggestion is unless you can demo it with your speakers in your own home, you might want to pass and take a more incremental approach. After all , you have to also consider the cost of your sources: tape, turntable, cd/ dvd, stream etc. Then there are tube topologies, SET, Push/Pull etc. and wether separates would work better for you or you want to buy an integrated just to get it done. You've cautioned us about your English which suggests you are from another country, which may have some great amp builders right down the road from you, so give us a bit more information to work with.
  8. One important caveat. If this is older tube equipment that hasn't been restored, the less you turn it on and off the better. Indeed, never leave the house with old tube gear on. Heck, I still don't understand why people leave their house with dryers, washing machines, dish washers etc. on, but that's a different rant altogether.
  9. Hi I'm interested. Do you know if it tests tubes likes el34, 12ax7 etc.? Also how much for the Hickok? Thanks, Marty
  10. Is that a threat? From a lawyer no less. I eat lawyers for lunch.😊
  11. Ok I will admit both formats have their limitations. Vinyl playback has things like the aforementioned surface noise, and things like wow and flutter and rumble, which is why I seldom play records in my car anymore. Then there is digital. Let's see, there's the aforementioned dithering, then there's the whole sampling question, compression, aliasing, jitter, quantisation, and computer clicks, pops and glitches. About the latter, if you ever watched a dvd many such artifacts will be easily visible to the human eye, so don't kid yourself they aren't showing up in your music. Now Arto we both know that the heyday of vinyl began with the 33lp and lasted roughly 30 years. Then digital came along , the early recordings were awful, and for about 20 years recording quality was great and then the loudness wars came along rendering digital into numerical crap. So digital's heyday was only about 20 years, less then vinyl's. While zeros and ones may dominate today, so do ear buds and do you really consider using them to actually be listening to music? I have two fine dvd players in the house, a tubed output cd playe, a California Audio Labs cd player and a former several thousands dollar Yamaha CDX 1100u player. No matter which one I use the cd's sound louder at the same sound level. I usually play at 80 db using my Radio Shack sound meter to set the sound level. I do it because I live in a townhouse and have neighbors on both walls. With any of these five devices set at 80by by the meter the cd playback is "louder" and more in your face. And don't call me old. Dagnamit! (Gosh darn youngins, mutter, mutter...)
  12. Let's face it no matter how hard you try if you transition from your record player to your cd, or your favorite internet streaming thingy it's almost impossible to have the same sound level. The cd is always louder than a properly recorded record. And gee, what do we all do when we want to impress others with the glory of our sound system? Yes, that 's right, we turn up the volume! We fool ourselves and call it "concert levels". What is really is we are cheating in one sense, because secretly in our heart of hearts we know that a record recording is like a an honest gent driving down the road at the proper speed and observing the road signs, whilst digital is a brash young fool speeding along in a convertible heading straight towards dead man's curve. Oh Thebes you say, "You're just talking about the " loudness wars" and we've already taken that into account in belief that zeros and one rule. I'm sorry, but while there may be one or two cd's out there recorded at the same levels as vinyl, compression aside, the typical cd is always still louder than wax. Now, realize this, turning up the volume is all good and well, until you go a bit too far, and then once the excitement dies down, it's fatiguing and the sound is soon turned back down to normal listening levels. And that's why, my friends, I think that every cd I've ever heard comes with built-in distortion. It's "clarity" is basically an assault. It's something you can feel in your gut. And that's why vinyl rules. You can make it equally annoying but you have to work at it.
  13. 12 hours seems a little long. You only need an internal temp of 180 to 190 degrees. But you have to anoint it with a beer once an hour so that may explain why you are going so long.
  14. thebes

    This is Awful

    This was obviously hidden because of fears of law suits from the content holders, an awful word for those who inherited the rights to the music, since much of this stuff involves dead musicians, and songwriters. Doesn't' matter. This is the equivalent to that little fire we saw a earlier this year involving some backwater cathedral someplace in Europe I think it's the country where they eat snails.
  15. thebes

    This is Awful

    Link lifted from AK but needs to be shared here. Devastating hardly describes it. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/11/us/master-recordings-universal-fire.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=US
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