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  1. thebes


    Sounds like life is treating you well Amy. Thanks for checking in! So I'm sitting in this bar and a duck waddles in. Jumps up on the bar and says "bartender I'll have a beer". Now the bartender has never had a duck in his bar before so he goes over to his boss and says" Boss, there's a duck at the bar and he wants a beer. What should I do?" His boss says, "He's a duck, he won't know any better, so give him a beer but charge him $25." So the bartender serves the beer, tells him it's $25 and the duck forks it over. Finally the bartender can't resist. He says "' ya know we don't get to many ducks in here." The duck looks him straight in the eye and says "and at these prices you won't be getting many more."
  2. I'm restoring my 1962 Triumph 350cc motorcycle. Needed a piston barrel because mine would have to be re-sleeved. So I find one with still plenty of life to it on ebay in merry old England. It arrives this week packed in an ancient rusty metal container. The security of the barrel is shored up with sawed up pieces of a wooden bannister and what looks to some ancient wood flooring. Scatter throughout are some very oily pieces of what looks to be paraffin paper. It worked. Everything was fine. I may be wrong, but I'd like to think that that ancient metal box was an ammunition box from the Battle of Britain. it's certainly at least that old.
  3. ..and whatever you do never, and I mean never (!) neglect your maronies.
  4. Sorry I had one of those phlegm balls in my throat, the ones with the little spikes on them, when I typed gergerbles. What I mean to say is that true sonic bliss cannot be achieved until you've aligned your curcopias.
  5. Foolin around with suspect science when you should be concentrating on the sonic benefits of gergerbles.
  6. thebes


    Is that that Russian spy chic who was cozening up to the NRA guys.
  7. Welcome. The Heresy 1's have a very simple crossover. However, after all this time the capacitors are past their prime and should be replaced as part of your refresh. You can use modern capacitor replacements, but with the heresy 1's I own, I used NOS (new old stock) Russian PIO (paper in oil) caps. Paul Klipsch designed these using PIO caps and in my opinion, which has never been proven to be wrong, they will sound the best. Electronically that's about all you should need to do to these speakers.
  8. Software manipulation of the sound. Why not just call them Bosebuds.
  9. No Heritage. Just small stuff. I doubt you'd have to be a dealer to sell these Klipsch products: https://www.costco.com/CatalogSearch?dept=All&keyword=klipsch
  10. Sounds like a rough patch indeed. I hope you both do well.
  11. Stopped in Costco today only to spot Klipsch Model KHO-7 outdoors speakers. They are half the price they are offered for on the Klipsch website. A search of the Costco website reveals that they are carrying seven other Klipsch products. This is a good thing.
  12. True story, which I think I've mentioned on the Forum before. I'm away at college, run out of clean laundry and figure it's time to go visit Mom. So I load up a pillow case with stinky stuff and hitch a ride home. Arrive at dusk. Walk up to my front door. No lights on. Gee they must be out. Put my key in the door. It doesn't turn. Look through the windows and the place is empty! They thought they'd ditch me but I tracked them down. Kind of a weird way to say goodbye to the home you grew up in. I'm sure they told me they were moving but it obviously didn't register. I was in college and my thoughts were focused on things like girls and beer, and I'm pretty sure there were something called classes in there somewhere.
  13. Beta Tau Epsilon. It no longer exists. Back in the later 50's national fraternities were banned from all State University of New York campus's, mostly over their racism towards Jews. So Beta was a local fraternity confined to one campus. This that and the other thing, including the 60's man, lead to its demise from lack of recruitment in the mid 1970's.
  14. The other is from one of my favorite popular historians. Another Brit. This isn't his best work but still a well written synopsis of Napoleon's campaigns from 1805 until the end. If you are into military history please read his books about Verdun, and the Algerian Revolution. You will thank me.
  15. Finished up two books this week. This one was written by one of my fraternity brothers. A British thriller:
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