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  1. where have all the good guys gone ?

    He can be when he wants to be. Been known to express six or seven syllables in the same word. Why he can even count to 21 without dropping his pants. To the subject at hand. Been here at least a dozen years, which is equivalent in time to living through all of grammar school and high school. Think of all the people coming-and-going in your life within that the span of what happened through that 20 years (Mind Your Math! Young Master Marty. Math! Now stay awake you little pissant!) In other words, it's normal that many would come and go. It's a hobby after all.
  2. Trimming speaker wire

    Sounds like a big city subway station at rush hour. Gee I wonder if I'm the first one to think of that analogy? Not a believer in fancy wires for speakers or connecting components. Certainly at normal lengths in a typical home set-up, 14, 16 or 18 gauge are perfectly fine. There are probably are couple of hundred feet, at least, of other wire in a the entire signal chain of a typical stereo system. So logically, fiddling with a few feet "ain't goin to change nuthin", he said in his most bombastically accented rural dialect. Now some people on this Forum, who are people I indeed admire, swear by this stuff, and , hey it's their money. However, particularly in the case of cables, they are simply attenuating the signal which is not the design purpose of a connect, but certainly is of speakers, preamp, amp, dacs, turntables, cartridges, digital players, tuners etc.
  3. Russian 6N30P-DR SUPER TUBE

  4. Russian 6N30P-DR SUPER TUBE

    And? Opinions? I ask because my hobby budget is tight cause somebody took all my money last year on a certain black box.
  5. Having A Senior Moment Caps in Series

    Thanks Maynard. I'll see if it lights up when I'm done with the soldering cap/resistor replacement job.
  6. Having A Senior Moment Caps in Series

    Now see, I knew there was a reason for asking that question, cause it's contrary to what you do with resistors, which is simply string them together. Glad I asked.
  7. I've just started re-doing a Sencore MU150 tube tester. Couldn't find a cap in 150uf/250v value so I ordered up two 80 uf/250v's when combined gets me close enough. However, since this is my first soldering in awhile it seems I've forgotten some of the basics. So to get what I need I go negative to positive to negative to positive? That's go to be it. Right? Also while I'm at it, the circuit board has two resistors with what looks to be a small light bulb of some sort wired in series underneath the circuit board. Does this act as some sort of fuse for the unit. It is certainly not being used to provide background, or any other kind of lighting, for that matter. Also can I use a aa battery to test it?
  8. Wonderful post Gary. Always amazes me the depth of knowledge in this place.
  9. Geo Bachelor on a Thursday Night

    Wake UP!!!!!!!! It's time to turn over the record
  10. Russian 6N30P-DR SUPER TUBE

    Did you try this in the NBS?
  11. Max Volume!

    No way anyone can play this without reaching for the volume control:
  12. Max Volume!

    Good thread. I'm thinking as badly as it's been overexposed, if you own a good stereo could you really play "Stairway to Heaven" at normal volume?
  13. Your Daily Ear Worm

    I have no idea how Murray Head got stuck inside my head but here it is:
  14. Your Daily Ear Worm

    It's really not fair some of the truly awful stuff that ends up stuck in your ear. Case in point:
  15. Hey Rich, great job on the dustcover, grasshopper. If you go the way you are thinking I would just mount the female rca's on the table itself. I have that setup (factory stock) on a couple of my tables so there are probably stock mountable female rca's out there of the right width. This would give protection for the actual tonearm wire, and then you could use any decent generic male rca's for the connection to the preamp. I'm not at all a believer in fancy cables and on a short run I'm even less then enraptured about wasting the bucks. Now what I would strongly suggest, given your narrow space between the VRD's and the Blackberry is getting one of those wall mountable isolation tables like the Target Audio tables from England. I would also suggest taking a good look at the rca terminations at the Blackberry. There have been lots of troubles with these, and since Mark went out of business, Craig has repaired many of them. I say this because there should be no, as in none, buzzing issues with the placement of any standard rca cable between a preamp and a table. Now as far as Gary, I haven't heard from him lately. Called a few times over the last couple of months but no response.