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  1. It is a creative approach to house building. However, it's obvious the architect never heard a corner horn
  2. Stay away from the Craigslist Cornwall's with the cane grills. They have been for sale for months and months. Overpriced for sure but perhaps an ongoing scam
  3. Well maybe "great" is a bit overblown. Interesting though, but: No corners https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/5939-Fieldstone-Rd_North-Chesterfield_VA_23234_M62130-09032
  4. I'm about a hour away. If she needs help when she relist's I'll try to lend a hand.
  5. So Klipsch has stopped using "Monster Cable" in their speakers? Gee, I'm sure they only used Monster Cable because it was the bestest there ever was, and not a marketing juggernaut. Does anybody in the cable world even realize that RCA cables are a specification? That speaker cable is a connector? I've said it before and I'll say it again, anything outside of the specification is simply turning a connector into some form of attenuator. Sure you can hear a difference, because they are deliberately messing with the signal. Yes I'll pay a few bucks more for a cable made with better copper, but anything beyond that is goofyville.
  6. Lost the auction, but back in the day, just the thought of her (quite frankly never knew she also sang) would send me into erotic bliss (hee, hee).
  7. You're going to enjoy them. Listened to a pair purchased a few months ago, about two weeks ago, so broken in, and in my ftiends home. I loved them. However, the sound shades more towards the old LaScalas than the old Cornwalls, so not as much of the old "phat' sound, far more accurate and altogether enjoyable. Oh yeah, owned a pair of '74 Cornwalls until 3/4 years ago when, thanks to this Forum, I ended up with a $500 pair of Khorns. (which I drive mostly with my $50 Marantz8b, same as with the Cornwalls).
  8. So at 5am I gotta figure the fish are so startled they just jump in the pan.
  9. I'm still in the lead!
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/203459374155?hash=item2f5f1fac4b:g:4lAAAOSwKcRgpXFI
  11. Al Dimeola, "Mediterranean Sundace" Al on one channel, Paco de Lucia on the other.
  12. Well slap my head! Of course. I'll contact his son.
  13. Thanks guys. Can't send him a message via the forum, that's why I posted here. A former member bought some ALK 5800's and Es-400's in the garage section. We've both heard them and they aren't quite right. I figured Dean could work his magic on them. Al's backed up for months. I thought he'd moved his trade over to Facebook or something, but maybe he's through. I haven't spoken to him in years so I can't call him. Probably not a simple cap swap. Gonna need some measurements. My buddy is Klipsch fanatic. He even read books with math in them and stuff, in order to properly treat his room, which has big wall cylinders, ceiling treatments and other nifty stuff.
  14. For some reason I can't contact you by message. Are you still in the xover biz? Got a small project for you.
  15. Recent report about China's bitcoin mining. Projected to peak in 2024 at about 297 terawatt hours, generating about 130 million metric tons of carbon emissions. The Fed can produce about $1 trillion in dollars for about $5 in computer time. A trillion in actual physical currency, for a few million dollars. Paper money you can at least wipe your butt with it, if inflation goes crazy like in the Wiemar Republic. Silver and gold, have other, probably better uses than using them as currency, and digital currency has no intrinsic value but can certainly help wreck the planet. Once again capitalism, run-amok, greed and the gullibility of the masses triumphs over all.
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