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  1. Tube CD players???

    I've got an ah Tjoeb 99 cdp, which is the original AH cpd, sitting here. Replaced it with a solid state CAL Audio Lab cdp. Used it for years and did a lot of tube rolling. Liked it so much I even replaced the laser assembly when it went bad. Yes, like most gear you swap in and out of a system, you can tell the difference even if you are using a tube pre and amp like I am. If you want to play with if for awhile I'd be happy to ship it out to you and you pay return shipping after your experiments/listening. I'm thinking of selling it because I have way too many toys, but if you want to have some fun with it before I do, feel free. Oh, and just so I'm clear on this, I vastly prefer vinyl to zeros and ones, but tubed cdp's make digital sound much better then it really does.
  2. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    Maybe, but don't forget the real limitations of Class A. Granted we run efficient speakers but not everyday else does, and some of those SS Class A designs put out more heat than a tube amplifier, can be noisy and are woefully inefficient. If you are going to get into amplifier topologies why not Class D? Quiet, efficient, neutral, and cheap.
  3. Should I get Tubes or SS?

    Now, now lads. Jeff has been cast into no BS land. His mind numbed by political discourse, he was thrown into an existential tizzy by its sudden loss. Reeling from shock he tripped over a large pair of speakers gathering dust in a far lost corner of his mind. Suddenly the idea, no, the frisson, of sonic bliss became enticing again. But how, he asked? He knew that he once knew, but now, he realized he'd forgotten the hard learned lessons drummed into him by the technical gurus he'd once studied under. The takeaway from the great SS versus Tubes debates of '04 through '06 had been taken away. So let's be gentle lads, he needs our guidance. Like a sailor shipwrecked on a far off shore, he'd never learned that the debate had a winner and tubes had emerged the as the only true path to audio nirvosa. So reach out to Craig, my friend, see if he has a restored Scott 299 he'd let go. Then kick back and rediscover yourself as reflected in the ongoing glory of musical expression. Perhaps the only true discourse humankind is capable of.
  4. So Long BS Forum

    I did indeed. Please understand guys that I like this place, and part of what I very much like is that intelligent people love music, and I love intelligent people. Some day I hope to be one. Now if intelligent people are only allowed to talk about technical matters, then their minds will grow dull, their interest flag, then wane, then its off to hang out with those wild free thinkers at the Flashlight Forum. Yes there is one. Look it up. I also like a bit of eccentricity in people, also another thing often found in music lovers and worshipers of Gigantic-Speakers-from-Outer Space. Same problems arise. If they are allowed to fixate on their obsessions, pretty soon their measuring the length of the screws holding the tophat to the doghouse, or some such stuff. So from time-to-time these people need to vent, or think, or talk about subjects that are not safe or fall within the candyland discussions of cars, toasters and food, our corporate sponsors wish we would confine ourselves to. Maybe these corporate cats are in the wrong business. Can they really expect people whose passions are music and the means of injecting it into our souls should dance a happy wonderland tune? I'm sure everybody's civilized and correct on the Bose Forum. So suits you can have a Forum like Bose. Only they call it a community and there are a total of 81,000 posts. Or you can relax a bit leave the '50's and make the great leap forward into the '60's man. Now enough of this. I'm off to start a thread titled "Porn and Tubes". Dang, I forgot. Like most longtime contributors here, we've run over our 100 megabit ceiling on photos, so our reward for helping to build this place is to be short on zeros and ones. Which I could really use cause I have this great picture of Christie Brinkley caressing a vacuum tube that I'd like to post. That is a vacuum tube isn't it?
  5. So Long BS Forum

    Hows this: "Your dead. Move on." I could work on it a bit more if needed.
  6. So Long BS Forum

    I dunno. Let's see:
  7. For Sale Puff the Magic Dragon

    I finally moved out that sluggard dragon, but The Family Jewels are still up for grab and for the right price I'll throw in Fritz The Cat.
  8. So Long BS Forum

    Dave, If it wasn't Friday night, and I hadn't just put on a "BlackByrds" album, I'd have a more reasoned reply to your very honest and welcoming reply but, it's the BlackByrds" man!!!!!!
  9. So Long BS Forum

    See, I can talk in emoticons too!
  10. So Long BS Forum

    I said seldom, not never. Could that be subtle dig, he wondered? Would things have been safer and happier if I'd been co-opted into the BS Forum? But if that had happened you would have never experienced the sheer joy of reading my scintillating thread in the Garage Section when I put The Family Jewels up for sale.
  11. So Long BS Forum

    The suits at Klipsch Corp have stuck a stiletto into the super duper secret BS Forum. A surgically sharp knife to cut out the remnants of the old Forum where dissenting views were sometimes reasoned, but more often sloppy but impassioned screeds to all things audio, and all things in general. After all, a meeting place open to all, is often shocked when the "all" they were expecting not to show, did indeed put in an appearance. I've loved this place for the ambience, the vibe, and the fact that we have a few adults running around educating audio idiots such as myself. Kinda like when I came of age, ya know, the 60's. We are now old doddering fools whom the suits have tolerated long enough. We've drawn the eyeballs, which can now be transitioned to the social media where the collective knowledge goes back about four replies. Hell, PWK's has been turned into a marketing tool, no longer an inspiration to young engineers. Kinda like a Albert Einstein t-shirt on some fat boy at a county fair. Now don't get me wrong. I seldom posted in BS. It was a deliberately planned diversion to suck off the rowdy, the malcontents, the thinkers, and, sure, the malcontents, into an isolated venue where they could rant and rave without fear of polluting the minds of folks who came here seeking simple non-controversial answers to how to hook up their speakers etc. So adios BS. And if you are some young talent out there toiling away in the bowels of Klipsch Corp. a word of caution. Don't ever go into a meeting and if one of your seniors is spouting blither and blather, don't ever even think of flashing him your BS button. You'll be out on your ear. Say anybody seen that Yorick fella?
  12. CD Lens Cleaners

    Skipping cd's are usually a transport issue, and it can be a pita to find a replacement transport. It is possible that there's some gunk in there. You could open it up and try spraying some air around the lens. Don't spray too long cause the air gets cold and leaves moisture. Another thought. If it's a newer model, it could need a firmware update. Check and see if one is available.
  13. Hurricane Harvey 2017

    A shout of support and good will to all my buds down in the Lone Star state. Sad thing to see.
  14. Well I don't want to go too large. There are two of them after all. Yup it worked the last time I used it. I did recap it a few years ago. I've also got a pair of bran new 5Y3's coming.
  15. Gotta love this place. Thanks for the replies, especially Maynard. Sounds like it should turn out well and I'll be following Maynard's approach, including the minor modifications he proposes. Sounds like I'll just get a new pair of chokes, and new project boxes or plates and put the power supply cans underneath. I do have a couple more questions but I have to do a little research before I ask them.