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  1. thebes

    To Pre or not to Pre

    I've used a couple of cd players with a built in volume control with a variety of speakers, and amps. Although I used it primarily for testing components, I was not impressed with the sound in most topologies, except for the ones Maynard helped me build. He has an "ear-bleed filter" in several of his designs which also incorporate volume pots. The sound is very, very good. Amazing actually. However, I listen primarily to vinyl. Not only do I need RIAA equalization, but I need a step-up for my Low Output Moving Coils carts. Thus at a minimum, a phono pre is required. I am fortunate to own two stellar tubed pres: The Anthem Pre1 and, best of all, Craig's NBS Pre-amp. The NBS run with a Marantz 8b and Khorns using the AK Five xover is a match made in heaven.
  2. thebes

    how much burn in is needed

    Did you let the amp warm up for an hour or so before setting the bias. It's my understanding the tubes stabilize after a bit and then setting the bias results on a more accurate setting.
  3. thebes

    Quotable Quote

    One of my heroes. Got to shake his hand and had a conversation with a time or two: "All Politics is Local", Tip O'Neil
  4. thebes

    Quotable Quote

    My least favorite quote: "Never Give a Sucker and Even Break" WC Fields
  5. thebes

    My story

    Great story. Did he play them for you?
  6. thebes

    Quotable Quote

    "You can never buy beer, only rent it." WC Fields
  7. thebes

    Quotable Quote

    "If you see a Swiss banker jump out of a window follow him. There's money to be made on the way down." Voltaire
  8. thebes

    Quotable Quote

    Here's the funny thing about that quote. The film must have been actually filmed in 1964 and released towards the end of the year because The Beatles had no hits in 1963 but had 8 top 100 hits in 1964. The number 1 hit was the totally insipid "I want to Hold Your Hand". The following year The Beatles had 3 top 100 hits all ahead of Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger". Quotable quote from the same movie: ***** Galore: “My name is ***** Galore.” Bond: “I must be dreaming.”
  9. thebes

    Name that whatever it is

    Number 1 in picture one is a Technics (?) tuner, and number 4 is a Harmon Kardon receiver, possibly 2472 model. The can of WW 40/40 does not not bold well for the carbon pots in that equipment
  10. thebes

    Quotable Quote

    "Serving Dom Perignon '53 above 38 degrees is as bad as listening to The Beatles without earmuffs." James Bond , Goldfinger, 1964
  11. thebes

    Info on Dumortier Amps

    Ya wanna go halfsies with me?
  12. thebes

    New love for Klipschorns

    So let me get this straight, you sobered up from your dalliance with those solid state slatterns, got clean and went with a curvy, glowing wench. But then you tell us, oh wait a minute, I've done this before. And now you want us to applaud your repeated moral failings? So will this pattern continue to repeat itself? Your seeking affirmation, applause, and respect from the tubular community. I don't think so. Come back in a year, and we'll give you a sobriety pin. 😊
  13. thebes

    Info on Dumortier Amps

    According to the site the designer was the "Saul Marantz of Belgium". Pretty looking amps and preamps. some were solid state but mostly tubes. The guy running the site is local to me and is selling off his whole collection as well as a lot off testing gear. Hardly a firesale, though, his prices are a bit high. For example $4k for a pair of 1964 Khorns in raw birch. Still plenty of pretty pictures and his homebrew stuff looks like it was built by someone who knows what they are doing. www.dumortier-us.com
  14. thebes

    Was Tesla Ripped Off?

    So I'm flipping through the channels yesterday and what comes on but an add for "Honey.com". Even the bees and the bears are getting ripped off.
  15. thebes

    Corinthian Bells wind chimes

    I wonder if there are any that will play "Louie, Louie".