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  1. thebes

    Never Forget

    I've told the story here before, so I won't repeat it, but I was in New York on that day. The saddest part was returning home to find one of my neighbors had been on the plan that crashed into the Pentagon.
  2. The one thing you can't do on a smartphone is have a real conversation. The sound is awful, then there's the random buzzes, breakups and cutoffs. If I want to have a meaningful conversation with someone I almost always call them on my landline. Quite frankly I don't even know why they call them phones, that's a gigantic lie right there.
  3. So have you touched the tubes yet? " The Crimson 275 uses KT120 output tubes that run thru Bob's unique DC restorer circuit. This allow them to run cool and extend tube life. You can actually touch the tubes during play and they are not hot. "
  4. Always follow a Thebes. There is no "Why" in Thebes.
  5. So you just figured the river rescue folks would take care of everything? Ya know, the guys who play the banjo.
  6. Poetic writing to be applauded for both style and content! Thanks! And thanks to all who responded. I wasn't thinking properly when I started a holiday thread and then headed to the boonies. Didn't even attempt to try reading this thread whilst bouncing down a river. I hope and trust, that whatever you did last weekend, it was mostly what you wanted to do.,
  7. How about you? Holiday weekend, time to put work aside for a bit and get outta town. Tubing. At least once a year I visit some friends living just south of Charlottsville, VA and hit the James River for a leisurely float. There's a great section of river, no more than waist high with a really nice current that wafts you on your way. No more truck tire tubes for us. My friends sprang for fancy inner tubes complete cup holders. At some point in the float I always sing the chorus from John Prine's "Paradise": And daddy won't you take me back to Muhlenberg County Down by the Green River where Paradise lay Well, I'm sorry my son, but you're too late in asking Mister Peabody's coal train has hauled it away… So what are you guys up to this weekend?
  8. That pic was taken in Greece after I had been bouncing around the continent for a couple of months. One of the two people I was traveling with was with me at Woodstock!
  9. I was fairly clean cut that summer. Here's me in the Fall of '69:
  10. In one respect it was a plebeian undertaking. Certainly the masses were there. The biggest misconception about Woodstock is that everyone there was a hippie. It was some kind of hippie convention. The hippies gave it it's gestalt, but it mostly just young kids raised by the WW2 generation starting to find there way in the world .It was high schoolers and college types mostly, Iif a third of the crowd was , or went onto college, I'd be surprised. Except for the decided lack of people of color, it was an economically egalitarian event. Truest phrase was the times are a changin... and they were. For example, and please don't turn this into a political thread, it's a historical thread. I was an ardent pro Vietnam War proponent and fairly articulate about it. This event, and it was not pro-war by any stretch, gave me pause. I said to myself (is that a phrase from a song?) while looking around this massive assembly , maybe the other side has a point that I should be more open too, maybe I'm be too rigid in my own viewpoint. In one sense it was a step towards maturity. Ah, there are other points of view! It started me down a path where ultimately I became more critical and then finally adamantly against the war. I then began to look at other aspects of American life and arriving at other conclusions about our great, but flawed society. There was also this sense of friendliness. The two fingered peace sign was more than a political symbol, it was the tipping of a hat when passing somebody on the street of an earlier generation. It gave me this feeling, that I still hold to today, that people everywhere would rather give you a hug and a smile, then a shaken fist or a shiv in the ribs. I became a hippie of sorts. I wanted that sense of goodwill. To spread, the community. To grow. I held on as long as I could but the rest of my generation soon went onto became the Me Generation, got jobs, got kids, got responsibility and became their parents, only worse. Nothing new about that, pretty cool in most respects, but still sad in some ways. Especially when I see that kids no longer play outside, and neighbors are something you see through your car windows while heading down some dog-turd filled suburban landscape. The mud (not really that much of it), the lack of food etc. where minor travails, compared to the cosmic buzz that was Woodstock. People have been tearing it down since the day it began, and will forever more. Eventually their view will dominate and the music will fade. But hopefully somewhere out there that spark, that warmth, that magic will bide it's time, waiting, and hoping and wishing...
  11. A lot of false myths still abound about Woodstock. It was not that muddy. There was a place off to stage right with a pond and it was muddy over there but everywhere else it was just fine, and If I recall correctly, it only rained, and not that hard, on the 2nd night. Also that the place was trashed. There was a lot of trash but many people assembled it into piles as they left, cause nobody had reckoned on trash cans for 400,000. A bunch of folks stayed behind and spent days helping out with the disposal. Now food was in short supply. They got that right. I knew nothing about Woodstock before I went. Two friends wanted to go so I said why not. We had two six packs and several packs of butts between us and that was it. Figured we'd just get food when we got there. One cool factoid. Got off the highway to get gas and the clerk, learning we were headed to Woodstock, said don't get back on the highway. Go here, take a left there etc. and we drove right into the parking lot!
  12. Very cool. I may be the only audiophile who was at Woodstock who does not own the album!
  13. Hell, a lot of the people that were actually there are gone now. Sadly, I knew a few.
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