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  1. I thought you were a hot sauce baron with more money than you could possibly spend. Are you just feeling needy and want to be pampered?
  2. I've got one. No case. Haven't used in in awhile so I'd have to check things over and see if it still runs.
  3. Need I say more? Well the Beatles album went for a couple of bucks under a grand. Given the big bucks some spend on every aspect of this hobby (cables come to mind), it's not an awful amount of dough. Still a bit silly since it"s decidedly some of their most mediocre work.
  4. Put a Hana shibata on it instead. You'll thank me.
  5. Now were talking! (but not at that price) Collectors get a little crazy at times, and one presumes they will hold it to appreciate further rather then play it. Which considering it's the Beatles, that's a decidedly good idea. Why hurt your ears if you don't have to.
  6. Beatles 6 is actually, according to Wiki, their seventh album. This mono sealed pressing is over $775 with two days to go. So do you think it's too late for me to put a bid in? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Beatles-Beatles-VI-LP-Capitol-Mono-SEALED/202880368023?hash=item2f3c9cbd97:g:XQwAAOSwJeVeIiVr
  7. I'm going with: Funky Kingston War, "Galaxy" Concrete Blonde, "Still in Hollywood"
  8. Well I stopped writing about them because too many people were jealous. As well they should be. 😊 Let's see if I can dig up an old story or two and introduce those babealicous scamps to a newer crowd.
  9. What! Now that's just silly. As far as the Marantz. Nice gear, and studio monitors, I seem to recall, often have a fairly strong signal going through them coming off the board.
  10. Now, now Dtel, what would the Neville Brothers say about that attitude? Tellya what. Don't tell Christy, fFnd a tt and I'll send you a few platters to get you started on listening to real music again.
  11. Everyone who has ever played vinyl has had a record get stuck in a groove, caught up on a bit of dirt, grease,weed, spilled wine (oh that's where that came from!), dried booger, a bit of rubber from last night's bacchanal. I could go on and on and get grosser and grosser. It repeats over and over and over and over. I call it it a "loop" and I'm sure most of you do too. However, Van Morrison, being a genius of sorts, has another take on it. He calls it a "Broken Record": I could get stuck in his groove all night long:
  12. thebes

    Hey JimJimbo. Why?

    Oh kay guys, take a deep breath. Actually I thought he was calling me a 2.2kohms (red/red/red!) The patriot thing was soley because you can use the resistor code that way, and not any overt political reference at all. Well I've never been in the military, I have tried to serve my country, first as a protester, then in politics and always as a concerned citizen. These are not mutually exclusive forms of citizenship, as we all know. So relax, it's all good. I started this thread cause I was curious about the resistor choice in Jim's new avatar . It also gave me a chance to point out a little online program that has been very useful over the years. The guy who designed it leaves it up solely because of its utility. Roger, regarding carts I'm a big fan of the Ortofon OM30's and 40's (they changed the names but they are still the same carts) for moving magnet. For low output moving magnets, which is my preference. I like the Denon 103R. For a bit more money I really like the Hana low output ellitical and better yet, the shabata. Jim, needless to say, thank you for your service.
  13. thebes

    Hey JimJimbo. Why?

    Well he could have been a patriot about it and gone with 29Mohms (red/white/blue).
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