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  1. Mike, you are da man! I understand now. The first confusion was my misreading the tweeter wires. Believe it or not about 4AM this morning the logic of the hookup finally fell into place in my mind. Navy Mike, your pictures were also a great help. I think I'll go the four binding post route to preserve my options for the future.
  2. I forgot about the horizontal seals. I can get that at the local Home Depot. Also my new doghouse doors were made by the seller and do not have the seal. As far as the sound goes, I can always pull the extra resistor as an experiment once I have heard them stock for awhile. I'll probably only do one speaker first just for comparison's sake.
  3. Oh, tell me more? I also miss tree climbing. It was a popular pastime in my neighborhood. Sometimes there'd be half a dozen of us or more scrambling up a nearby collection of great climbing trees. When I moved into my current neighborhood years ago, the local kids would come to ask if they could climb my tree, a Japanese Maple just perfect for the wee ones. Of course I said yes.
  4. ...not being a kid. Skipping. To this day, on those rare occasions I see a kid skipping down the street, I'm transported. Don't ask me why but that movement, the energy, the sheer joy of skipping still ranks as one of the most wonderful thrills of my life. So Thebes, go ahead and skip you say. I can't! I know how it's supposed to go, there is nothing physically to prevent me from skipping, but try as I might I just can't do it. I certainly wouldn't be embarrassed by such a public display. Hell, I"m pretty sure if started skipping down the street, a dozen Boomers would toddle out of their house to join me. I guess it fled, or my body somehow unlearned it, about the time all my teeth came in. Or was it puberty? Doesn't matter. It was a joy experienced. Memories to be held close. So What do you miss about being a kid?
  5. RIP R Lee Ermey

    Nonsense. Over 100 roles. How many actors would kill for a resume like his. Of course, being a conservative will surely get you blackballed like Reagan, The Duke, The Terminator, The Man Without A Name...
  6. Synthesis Audio

    Not familiar with that amp, but I like 6BQ5's, very detailed,excellent soundstage but need a little taming. As an integrated amp it's only good for line stage and would present problems if you listen to vinyl. You've already got excellent gear. Is this for the Hersey's or the Khorns? You are already their sonic-wise, on speakers and signal so consider refining the source, for the source reveals all.
  7. Then I'd have to find somebody to scroll cut the new hole for the whole thing. The last time I used a scroll saw, I not only ruined the project, I forgot to wear hearing protection and damaged my ears.
  8. More than likely. Did not realize that was a T. On mine the wires obscure the "T" Thought it was just the crosshatch for where the wires should be installed. So now I'm even more confused.
  9. A schematic created by DeanG of an AK4 network, which is virtually the same is on this page:
  10. This appears to be an AK5 network all hooked up: The wires at the bottom attaches to the woofer and the wires at the top is the one labelled simply "+ and -"
  11. I recently bought from the Garage Section an complete AK5 network and could use a little help. Currently my network is an AK2, which is a split network that has two fuses and two binding posts. It's a split network with the high and mid circuits up in the tophat and the woofer only inside the doghouse. Woof woof! While I have the instructions for the kit, I think they assume by Khorns would have either 3 or or 4 sets of binding posts on the dog house door, hence my confusion. So here's a rundown on what I think I already know and what I don't know: The wires from the mid horn and tweeter go to what should be labelled on my new binding posts as "HF Out" and "Mid Out" The lead on one side of the xover board just has a plus and minus sign for the wires and I assume this should be attached to a binding post that will connect to the wires coming from the amplifier and labelled "Audio Input". On the other side there are four sets of wires: "W + and -" which connects to the woofer "M + and -" which I presume connects to a separate biding posts for the mid horn + and - HFIN which I take to mean High Frequency In and would go to binding posts for the tweeter + and - LFIN which I take to mean Low Frequency IN and I have no idea if I should need a fourth binding post for that. So do I need four sets of binding posts and how do I hook this all up. Also since I won't be bi-wiring these, do I have to run jumper wires between three sets of binding post (in other words everything but the posts for the audio in) I have new doors so I can simply drill holes for the new posts. Which leads to another question where do I get some one-sided foam or thick tape to use as a seal for the doghouse door. Woof woof! Confused-As-Usual Thebes There are five leads coming from the xover
  12. See if you can track down a pair of KG 1.5's or 2's. Wonderful speakers for their size.
  13. I'm innocent I tell ya! Knobs have to be the most primal mechanical devices. Just look at a baby's fist, and recall how many times the little darlings have gripped your finger and held on. We were designed to grasp knobs. I guess mother nature anticipated the age of electronics.
  14. Who Ate My Bon-Bon

    I let this thread drop, cause I was willing to let this thread drop. Knowing full well my forum buddies would never, ever, ever, did I say ever, scarf up one my delicious, chocolaty bon-bons. So a little while ago, I decanted another bon-bon, brought it my listening position, and prepared for a bon-bonie good time. Turn around and it's gone. If you have an air raid siren in your community, sound it now cause Righteous Thebes will be smiting you very soon!
  15. ..knobs, specifically, shiny knobs. Silver-faced, copper-faced, brass-faced, black surrounds accenting a silver button, the brass, then brown, and then brass back knobs on the old Fishers, love them all. A knob, unlike a switch, is a tactile experience. Not a particular fan of stepped knobs, cause I love to envision myself to be in total control of the sound, my tactile grip and highly honed musculature combining to dial in the sound to the precise aspect of audio nirvossa. But on the other hand, a knob is a knob, a wonder to behold. Staring right now at the wondrous knob display of a Setton RR 220 silver-faced receiver. Probably the best knobs I own. Simply magic. So my brothers and sisters, who sometimes feel that good ole Thebes, is simply garrulous old Thebes, with no happy talk to contribute, have I struck a sympathetic cord in the Forum consciousness? Righteous Thebes