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  1. thebes

    The Most Gullible Judge in America

    Shirley and her twin sister Laverne.
  2. thebes

    Whammerdyne amps

    $13k! I know your looking for a technical discussion, but those things are butt ugly. Look like some of the gizmos you see in the hospital hoooked up to patients. Some of the salesmanship is spurious too. " Class AB switching artifacts, Class D high-frequency noise of transitions between output pairs of devices." Huh? There are limitations and imperfections in anything in life, not only circuit topologies. But are they saying a $13k Class A/B or D (not that there is a $13k Class D) cannot match a $13K Set?
  3. In that room I would have gone nearfield and faced the fireplace. Probably would have hung a oriental rug over that acoustic cave behind the gear.
  4. thebes

    The Most Gullible Judge in America

    However the nuances of this play out, you gotta admit that trying to pass off 60 lbs. of pot as presents is a whopper of a lie. If I'd had somebody say that to me I'd off promptly fallen off of whatever I was sitting on, hell even if I'd been standing, and start rolling on the floor with laughter. It's up there with one of the geezers on this Forum claiming they are dating hot young twins.
  5. Read this in the paper this morning and had to share. It seems that a couple was stopped while driving through Nebraska and were arrested for marijuana possession. Their defense was that they did not know it was illegal to drive through Nebraska with pot, which they claimed they were simply taking home to their friends and family for Christmas in Massachusetts. Here's the kicker. They were carrying 60 pounds, yes pounds, of pot. Guess they had a very large family and oodles of friends. Get this, the judge gave them probation.
  6. thebes

    It's Close Enough

    "Via Duck, Vie not a duck". Happy Birthday Amy. Hope all is well.
  7. thebes

    I've Decided to Name My Johnson...

    I appreciate your comments and forbearance on this one guys. It was one of those random thoughts we all get and soon forget, but it brought a smile to my face so I thought I'd share it. Silly, but hopefully amusing.
  8. Johnson. Gettin old, time to keep it simple. My johnson has had numerous names over the years. Tiny Tim, The Destroyer, The Magnificent Seven, Pee Wee Herman, He Who Must Be Obeyed, Lucky, No Show, Gargantuan, Noodle, (Gruss Gott! (good god in German), Wang Dang, My Pal, Arf Arf, Dangle, God's Gift to Women, Disappearing Act, Weeeeeeeeeee!, Friendly, Peek-a-boo, Hey There, Godzilla and numerous others of a more scatological nature.
  9. Near, near field I usually just use my Klipsch computer speaks with built in amp, but why would you even consider that given your skills at the soldering board, so I'm thinking you be well served by a pair of KG 1.5 bookshelves, or something of a similar ilk. The smaller Klipsch offering are not really horn loaded so you'd have to study the specs, but Klipsch has never really made a power hungry speaker. I'd do a local Craigslist search for Klipsch bookshelves. Prices are very good on the bookshelves and you aren't out serious coin if you don't like them. Welcome back Maynard! Glad to see you're ensconced in your new abode.
  10. thebes

    Klipsch Shorthorns - Need an amp...

    I'm generally with Larry on this, but here's a question we always forget to ask anymore. Budget?
  11. thebes

    A complete Plug for Bruce

    Geez, I thought you referring to a certain God from New Jersey. Interesting concept, though.
  12. thebes

    Song of the day....Aug 21, 2018

    Taj is actually playing with Toots, sometime after he gives lessons on how to make fine barbeque. I don't want to miss that particular class.
  13. thebes

    Song of the day....Aug 21, 2018

    I will be seeing the Funkmeister himself, with the whole P-Funk gang on Friday at a music festival. Also on the bill, Toots and the Maytalls and Taj Mahal. Thebes is one happy critter.
  14. thebes

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    She sold the hell out of this album. I have three copies and I wasn't even collecting her at the time: "Whose Zoomin Who" (includes the disco "Riding on the Freeway")
  15. Pretty cool idea. Elviseses (sp) 1968 comeback concert is playing in 500 movie theaters this weekend. Here's a link to what its all about but it was writen earlier in the year and doesn't let yo know that it's this weekend! https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/elvis-presleys-68-comeback-special-to-hit-movie-theaters-this-summer-628234/ Loved the early Elvis, and his brief reiteration before he turned into a lounge singer, so if its playing locally I'm going. If you go, let us know what you thought of it.