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  1. thebes

    70th Anniversery Cornwalls in DC

    Price drop!!!!!!! $5k.Guess they are not going up in value.
  2. thebes

    Malette's Off to England Next Year

    Do you think I should re-work that part of the sentence?
  3. Better make your reservation Dave, the York Minster's 2 million pound organ restoration will be finished by then. https://yorkminster.org/discover/conservation/organ-refurbishment/ Check out these pipes:
  4. thebes

    Some Tuesday night spinning...

    Scroll the Forum a bit and you will find something called "Right This Minute". Great place for tunes and an occasional drink or two so come on down!
  5. thebes

    EV Horns

    According to the ad these were used in some Klipsch speakers: https://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mld/msg/d/silver-spring-horns-drivers-pair/6833582011.html
  6. thebes

    K Horns

    I dunno. Guess you gotta ask yourself if 1975 was a good year for Zappa:
  7. thebes

    Heresy III are here!!

    Now that's exciting! Look forward to your report.
  8. thebes

    2019 LaScala AL-5 ME Edition (They are here)

    Whoa! Those Khorns have gotten bigger over the years.😊 Beautiful and thanks to Karen for putting her effort into our communal passion.
  9. thebes

    Does Anyone Here Collect Winchester Rifles ?

    I have people for that.
  10. thebes

    Why vinyl is kind of a miracle

    Your probably cleaning the vinyl wrong.😊
  11. thebes

    Does Anyone Here Collect Winchester Rifles ?

    I collect buckshot. Comes from leaping over the fence when the husband comes home too early.
  12. thebes

    Can You Identify This

    Could be the key you use to unscrew the locking nuts that go between two window sashes. They usually have a flat edge on one side.
  13. thebes

    Vinyl Heads, spend my money

    If you simply change the stylus there are no further adjustments needed. On the Ortofon it's a small plastic thingy that simply slides off and the new one slides on. Will take only a few seconds to do a change. Just be careful not to bend the needle. Again read my offer above.
  14. thebes

    The "Little One-Der" flea power mono SEP

    Well I just ordered 50 feett in five different colors, for $15 with shipping.
  15. thebes

    The "Little One-Der" flea power mono SEP

    All of the above makes perfect sense to me. I'll have to get some of that teflon coated stuff. I asked the question about the stranded wire because on most old equipment I have they used single solid wire except for the transformers and chokes which came from the factory with stranded wire.