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  1. Here's a link to the "Science" behind the sphere, no mention anywhere, though, on what kind of speakers they used so I'm guessing something equivalent to smartphone speakers. If they used regular speakers can you imagine the size of the crossover? Hopefully some of our smarter speaker guys will be able to translate the science behind this into something I can grasp. or gasp. ("Ok, Thebes, first there's these tiny wires they wind around...") https://www.thespherevegas.com/science
  2. Sounds a bit like overkill but that's what they claim they have installed in some new attraction in Vegas called the Sphere. For you guys unlike me who can't count past 21 without dropping my pants, the website cites various science stuff which they used in creating the sound. Maybe you can understand it, but it's gibberish to me. They are: The Helmholtz Equation, The Kirchoff-Helmholtz Integral, the Kirchoff Integral Equation and the Wave Equation. I, of course, have no idea if these are actual science thingies used in creating sound. Still, if I'm ever in Vegas I'd probably check it out. Maybe sneak into the control room and turn up the volume.
  3. Good question. I know she studied out there and lives there. She's very talented. I'll find out and post a further reply .
  4. Given our speakers and ears we could become couch astronauts.
  5. Can someone add the link for me. Can't figure out how to do it from my phone.
  6. Time to do your bit for science. Talk about cosmic tunes! Listen.spacescience.org
  7. Dang. Sorry to here this guys. I'm pulling for both of you. Good luck and keep on truckin
  8. This does not include the resale market which is huge next to new vinyl sales.
  9. thebes


    I presume that is shorthand for "deposit", and that can be handled with copious amounts of tp.
  10. I'm using Russian SED Winged C, but note they are out of production and usually fail in a very spectacular fashion.Q I also have original GE EL 34's, which are getting long in the tooth. They are actually Mullards. Go original NOS on the signal tubes if you can, if not, any of the old American tubes will do fine.
  11. Yup. Can't figure out how to post a link via my cphone but do a search for " SuperDuper Ohmygod score"
  12. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I paid $50 bucks for mine.
  13. With that budget Heritage is an excellent choice. If you get the Cornwall freshen up the caps, its a simple xover. Same thing with the 8b, the caps are over 70 years old. Hopefully it will have the original GE EL 34's, which are actually Mullards, and the signal tubes can be replaced, if needed, with NOS American tubes. I've used a number of pre's both solid state and tube including a Marantz 7T, but I prefer tube-based. My favorite is NOSVALVE's NBS pre, but sadly they aren't made anymore. Take your time with any changes and let you ears be your guide.
  14. Welcome. My main system uses my Marantz 8b and I've used it with a variety of different Klipsch speakers. What's your budget and new or used speakers?
  15. Well now that you've eliminated the sound dampening from the dog and his mat they'll probably sound awful.
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