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  1. I'm the finest man I know. When I walk down the street men applaud and women swoon. (Yup that's swoon. The Secret Sisterhood Society agreed in a conclave to bring it back just for me) Lighten up dude. This place is for fun, learning and sharing and the latter two don't happen without the first. Might I suggest you read a few hundred of my trenchant, witty, sublime posts before you render a judgement. I do think that might give you a sense of Thebes. "Sense of Thebes" Hey I like that! Maybe I could build it into a new Eastern religion, or maybe it could be a sense, maybe the 7th sense we've all been seeking. Gotta think about this. Maybe I could get one of these newfangled avatar singers to travel about preaching the word of Thebes.
  2. Why if Thebes thinks it belongs in 2 Channel, then it most surely does, cause he's been posting stuff like this in this section for just about forever. (Just don't mention certain words around him, like fancy cables, the beatles, streaming it just riles him up.)
  3. thebes

    Musk off his Rocker?

    Musk is an ahole pure and simple. Builds his cars with scab labor and now that they might want to unionize he's cut a deal to open up a plant in China. Within months every bit of technological advantage he may enjoy will be given to, and or stolen by the by his new buddies. I can only hope that little pissant chokes on is own bile.
  4. thebes

    Current Events

    "Many of the greatest acts of love I've offered another was telling them a lie." Thebesus Sadus
  5. thebes

    Current Events

    "The biggest hustle in all of humanity is the promise of an afterlife." Thebesus Correctus
  6. Auto tune that awful aid for the awful singers that can't hold a tune is now a thing of the past. On tour and selling out auditoriums throughout the land is an it called "Hatsune Miku". It's a hologram backed by four real musicians. Its voice is software, something called a vocaloid engine created by Yamaha, those guys that brought you those cheesy player piano organs. Since it's a hologram designed by a manga artist costume changes during the show are a breeze. Just don't turn a normal light stick on it, the auditorium needs to be pretty dark or it just disappears. I'm thinking of getting me one of those vocaloid engine doohickeys. Might improve my singing in the shower. I guess the likes of Beyonce, Taylor, Rihanna and Katy have some serious competition for the top spot in treacle and banality.
  7. thebes

    6SN7 Rattle

    When the inside of the glass looks milky white the vacuum is gone. The base actually is attached to the wires coming out of the glass envelope which is where the glass is. The base is like a flower vase, it holds the flowers ,but is not of the flowers.
  8. thebes

    6SN7 Rattle

    Acetone or nail polish remover will reactivate the glue.
  9. thebes

    6SN7 Rattle

    Here's one of dozens of threads around the web about this subject. I'm including it cause it's talking about loose bases in 6SN7 tubes: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/loose-tube-bases.204663/
  10. thebes

    6SN7 Rattle

    Again it's probably dried glue at the base of the Bakelite, unless it's a metal 6SN7?
  11. thebes

    6SN7 Rattle

    Try twisting the base lightly. Sounds like the glue has dried out on the Bakelite. Can be re-glued, forget which glue is best but a search will tell you.
  12. thebes

    How to burn CD collection to FLAC

    I guess the real question is why? I only burn cd's I own to share with others, and that hardly happens anymore cause they pull them off the internet, if they want to to listen. If you actually like the music why don't you try to find them on vinyl. They will sound better. Now if you think life's too short and you can't be bothered to play an artist's rendition all the way through then any kind of digital is for you. I've noticed I'm always skipping about when playing cd's but almost always listen to at least a side when playing vinyl. The latter is more rewarding if you are into music. The former, easier on your brain, and less distracting cause it's basically becomes back ground music. Like the music you get in a grocery store, or on the radio.
  13. thebes

    Troubleshooting 101

    Now having identified the problem with the preamp, I've taken a few more steps. This is an Anthem Pre1 with six tubes in three pairs. I swapped all the tubes left to right and no change, so it's not a tube. From here it gets far more challenging. I'm going to have to take measurements either from the outputs and work my way back or start with the outboard power supply and work my way forward. If I can't locate a simple problem, then its most likely beyond my skill set and will have to be sent off to Craig for repairs. No schematic has ever been released for this preamp, which also has a bunch of solid state stuff inside it, so troubleshooting is going to be a challenge. Please understand that your typical Thebes has a very checkered history when sticking probes into live circuits, having on occasion rendered partially working gear into totally not-working gear.
  14. thebes

    Troubleshooting 101

    Nope. Just a few simple steps to eliminate common problems that occur from time-to-time in many stereo systems.
  15. thebes

    Troubleshooting 101

    Stuff happens. One day you turn on the system that has been running right forever, and, uh oh, somethin ain’t right. This has been going on since they invented stereo systems. Sooner or later it will happen to you. So what do you do? Call Stereo Geeks? Shrug a lot? Cogitate in a meandering fashion while contemplating arcane stereo gizmo terms of which you know not what they mean? Pray intensely? Throw everything away and start all over? Employ logic, voodoo or hoodoo? Or do you ask yourself, “what would a Thebes do?”. Well now you’re getting somewhere. After all, if a Thebes can figure it out, can it truly be beyond the skills of a mentally handicapped Orangutan? So the Thebes in question approaches his secondary system, which he hasn’t used in months and months. Casting caution to the wind, he throws all the switches, jiggles all the dials, does a little dancing jig cause he’s about to hear some righteous music, pops on a truly awesome piece of musical nirvana, and is stunned, yes stunned (I told ya he was stoopid) when he belatedly realizes something is amiss. Yup it’s the dreaded one channel is way louder than the other, a trickier version of the classic “no sound coming from one channel” conundrum which has haunted audiophiles throughout the ages. Believe it or not there is a logic tree that will, if followed haphazardly, will eliminate the most obvious causes of SSP’s (Simple Stereo Problems). So lets look at what I’m trying to diagnose. Two Channel system consisting of: 1 tube preamp 2 tubes monoblocks A pair of Heresy 1’s 1 cd player 1 turntable 2 speaker wires 1 turntable rca cable 1 cd player rca cable 1 rca output cable from the preamp to the monoblocs 5 wall plugs but since everything powers up we can ignore them Testing is done with the Right Channel Sounding Louder Than the Left Channel Step 1 (well actually Step 2 cause this is America and you always have to watch anywhere you step, even in your home, because of random droppings by various pet,s animals and geriatric individuals): Look and tug on all the various wires and rca cables, twist the cables to make sure they are not loose or not making proper contact. Turn on the stereo (what do you mean you didn’t turn the system off before yanking on that stuff you dunderhead!). No change. Turn everything off, and swap the output rca cables between the preamp and monoblocks (same holds true if you have a 2 channel amp). If that’s the problem the loudness will switch from right to left. This simple test rules out any problems with the amplifiers. No joy? Step 2 Swap the rca cables between the right and left channel on the cd player, and or record player. No change means that the cd player, the turntable and their respective rca’s are just fine. Step 3 Swap the speakers wires or swap out the actual speakers from right to left. No change. It’s not the speakers. Step 4. Kinda don’t need step four cause it’s obviously the preamp, and if it’s not the preamp cables (which you’ve already ruled out, then you obviously have a mechanical or electro problem with the preamp. Which means you are starting to swear. A lot, cause while you’ve passed Troubleshooting 101, you’ve still got along ways to go before your stereo is going to sound right. Brought to you by Thebes-O-Rama University, Copyright 2018