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  1. A meal for one ended up as four meals for me. Yummy. Duck!
  2. I'm a big fan. Got almost all of his albums. I'm also very sympathetic towards musicians trying to earn a living. But equating a mandate to wear a mask with the suppression of liberty is just plain nuts. Sad to see. Hopefully he opened his own very large wallet and is helping those guys out in a more practical way.
  3. thebes

    Parental Phrases

    "Wait till your father get's home!" There was another take on this she used that involved a belt. One of the few things that really, really got through to me, though, was my father saying to me" when you think things are bad for you, take a look around, there's always somebody whose got it much worse". We were in a store at the time, I'd been having some difficulties of some sort, but he caught we looking at a very crippled up poor soul, shrugging off his pain and making his most difficult way through the aisle. It was a combination of my respect for that man's fortitude and courage, and the fact that my father had seen a lot worse that I would ever see, that made it stick. Let's face it we all get down from time-to-time, it's part of life, but if , when that happens, I chance to think of those words, my attitude really turns around. A lasting guidance from a man gone these almost 40 years. Oh and then there was the admonition about finishing the beets on my plate, which I , and my siblings, would try to hide under the mashed potatoes. How did that go...?
  4. Exactly. yet he did it anyways. A long time ago, when I worked on Capitol Hill, I was instrumental in getting Pennsylvania State Insurance regulators to curb some of the most flagrant abuses of that company. It's been sleazy from day one and it hasn't changed since. If Trabek didn't know how scummy they were, then he was too dumb to play on Jeopardy yet alone host it. Sorry his action are immoral given the way that company is, and will always be. The fact of the matter is that he was using the trust he'd built up with the public to peddle a over-priced piss poor policies. Don't tell me he'd didn't know what he was doing. Here's just one of Penn's little schemes: "One day in 1973, 65-year-old Elmer Norman went to his doctor for some hearing tests and a prescription for antibiotics to treat an ear infection. But when Norman submitted the bills to Colonial Penn Franklin, his health insurer, the company denied his $48 claim, arguing, among other things, that the prescription drug he'd received wasn't actually a prescription drug and therefore wasn't covered. Incensed, Norman contacted William Shernoff, the famous California trial attorney who'd won a landmark lawsuit against an insurance company a few years earlier. Blind in one eye and mostly deaf -- he wore a homemade hearing aid made from big stereo headphones and a microphone connected to a box on his belt -- Norman eventually persuaded Shernoff to take his $48 case. During the litigation, Shernoff discovered that Colonial Penn had duped about 100,000 seniors into believing they were getting a "new and improved plan" when, in fact, it actually cut coverage to save more than $4 million annually. Colonial Penn's treatment of the seniors so outraged the jury that it awarded Norman a jaw-dropping $4.5 million, the company's annual savings, in punitive damages. (The case was settled for somewhat less.)" People who support a company that makes it's money with spurious products from the poor and elderly are scumbags . Pure and simple. People who shill for them are the same.
  5. A first class scumbag. A shill for one of the most crooked insurance companies in America. Colonial Penn. A lot of people had a much worse ending than him because they Colonial Penn sucked up too much of the dwindling savings. Yet he's the guy who peddled those policies.
  6. ...when I figured out it was going to be one of those weeks when everything goes wrong. Let’s backtrack. Yesterday: Walk out to my work van (house painter) and it’s not there! Report it stolen and soon find out it was used in a $25k heist of copper at a nearby construction site. Wednesday: I’m on a cedar shingle roof, working a large dormer window, it’s covered with mold, mildew and oily residue from the thousand sof cars that go by every day from a very nearby highway. End up surfing down the roof, my spilled paint bucket following behind me, and am saved by a timely grab onto a window ledge. Late afternoon Tuesday. Need to switch out a HDMI cable cause I’m having trouble with my tv set top box. Reaching for the cable in a cabinet above a two row stack of milk crate vinyl albums in a narrow pathway between an equally imposing stack of vinyl filled milk crates immediately behind me. Open the door and the entire cabinet comes off the wall, hits the shelving holding several hundred albums which promptly come tumbling down, trapping me within a waist high stack of vinyl, fore and aft, and said cabinet sitting on my chest. Yes folks, I was solidly trapped in a vinyl avalanche, something not even the Swiss have experienced. Vinyl to the fore of me, vinyl to the back of me, soon to be a silly footnote in the metro section of the Sunday paper. “Oh no” you say, “what is a poor thebes to do?” Well I’d like to say that sheer grit and determination saved me from my impending doom. But twasn’t so. I was saved, once again I might add, by those babeilicous, never to be under-fantasized about, The Twins. Yes dear readers, it was none other than Tawny and Tickles those hourglass shaped wonders seemingly formed by the unrealized fantasies of per-pubescent boys. They’d just got it from the campaign trail. Sad thing for The Twins, they agreed on everything, but politics. Good thing, though, once off the trail, sartorial splendor aside, they were classic, twins, on their own private wavelength. Case in point, Tawny was wearing a Magna hat, magna mask, magna bra, magna panties, while Tickles was making do by carrying a cuppa Joe. Alerted by my operatic screams they were soon at my side, burrowing, shifting crates, classifying genres by title and author, as they went. Soon I was extracted and in their arms. But even as tugged them close in gratitude, I could not escape what I thought was to be my final view of the world: Bob Marley’s “Exodus”.
  7. I distinctly heard him say "Let's Go". This man is a poseur. Not French. Acoute! Probably hangs out with Canadians. Merde.
  8. Sony made great tt's. Price-wise It's a no brainer if the bearing isn't worn. Use synthetic motor oil to oil the bearing when you get it home.The cart is probably ok. I would change the stylus (needle) or you can simply buy a new cheap replacement cart. A bad needle will harm you records so that's a must. Also it probably needs a fairly high compliance cart.
  9. Anything is possible, mostly, though, it's just not probable.
  10. $40 to $50 k for used, yes that's used, speakers. One can only assume the used condition is bespoked.
  11. from that thread: "SO, do we assume a 40-50k speaker pair will go into a bespoke listening room???" Bespoke? Isn't that a fancy word for bullshit?
  12. Idjuts: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/best-40-to-50k-used-speakers?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid&utm_medium=email
  13. I'll match that $20.
  14. er, um, a Streamer Section may, how do I put this, be a bit of a double entendre. Yeah that's the classy approach, Thebes, good man. Or, (OK I can't resist) as W.C. Fields once said, "You can never buy beer, you can only rent it."
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