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  1. That's a very nifty cover that guy built. Problem is it will capture the heat from the tubes and get fairly hot so not so good for your purpose unless you make it fairly tall. The acrylic method is safer but it takes more time. Years after I did the above posting I put together a complete tutorial which I published here: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/make-your-own-acrylic-cover.149130/ Oh and thanks for remembering my post after all these years Muel. I'm flattered.
  2. There's a couple of these things out their but this one seems to be devoted to re-issues. Not cheap, $25 bills for one record, but interesting stuff. http://www.vinylmeplease.com/ Yet another attempt to keep vinyl alive (and make a buck, of course) but I applaud their approach.
  3. Cool. I like the cloth and the logo.
  4. Estate sale near me. Can't really tell but I'm thinking that's the Klipsch pie logo and the pic appears to show a rounded shadow at the bottom. Your thoughts?
  5. That's correct. Their advertising on that piece is very deceptive. That SUT and case is a several hundred dollar difference.
  6. Note that the listed NBS does not, not, have a SUT despite the info link offered in the listing that says it has a step-up.
  7. Well the name itself suggests something. Now excuse me I have to go fluff what's left of my hair, and then pirouette in front of my mirror.
  8. Are they $3500 and for sale pretty? Free shipping, of course!
  9. I didn't. Can't afford them but that I believe $3500 is a good price. What I really want is 60th Anniversary Khorns for $3500. Anybody got any? Love that lacewood on the 60th.
  10. Parts Express has a knock off of the original on sale right now for $5 and if you don't want to spend $25 it's a good brush. However, after using both I'm giving the edge to the newest version. The one with the gold handles.
  11. We are all familiar with the carbon brush you run over the records prior to playing, to gather up the dust devils and maybe knock the static back a bit. Well the folks at Audioquest, who designed the first one of these, have re-visited their invention. A couple of years ago in fact, but I just caught up to that fact recently. Now the usual reason for a re-design of something that works quite well is to gin up some new sales, and understanding that, I bought one anyways. So far, it's money well spent. Does a better job on the dust bunnies, and if you hold it by the little golden knobby thingies, it's supposed to knock off the static. That part I'm not so sure abut yet, cause we started warming up around here a couple of weeks ago, so not as much static. One thing I immediately noticed is that the carbon fibers are stiffer and do scoop up more dust, but the package says that this gizmo is better collecting the dust than picking it up so your wiping off the record routine should be followed closely. I'm a fan.
  12. Do a Craigslist search in your area. I just searched "Cincinnati" and came up with a wide variety of smokers and price points.
  13. Cool stuff and I wasn't out to hijack the informative intent of the article. It seems that many like a PP amp of that nature (thanks for the great pic Mike and others!) and then there is the very present school of SET aficionados, which, I'm sorry to say, often sound more like proselytizers than who have already found the sound they like, and will brook no argument, rather then seekers after the holy grail of magic amplification. Thanks to Maynard, I've built several SET's of various flavors, and I have a solid collection of 35 to 50 watt Push Pulls, my slightly modified Marantz8b being to me is where true magic resides. In other words, I feel it is my reference amp to paraphrase a line of Klipsch speakers. Being my busy and tired all the time of the year, I've only been able to do a cursory internet search of schematics for amps that fall into this range and most seem to be cobbled together DIY which is not what I'd be seeking. Now, the Brook schematic is intriguing, yet Ian (Seti) found it lacking somehow. I guess I'm seeking some solid suggestion vis-a-vis commercially built and proven designs with schematics and maybe a picture or two of the undersides. Your suggestions would be welcome for a Fall build. It's been almost 16 months since my last build and it's time for another!
  14. Tube rolling in this unit is fun. Funny the stock Russkies it came with., almost won the race. Depending on taste, Mullard (softer) or Telfunken's (everything you ever asked for ) are good choices.
  15. Wish I did. Hell, $1200 for Cornscalas, $1200 for LaScalas, $3500 for 70th Cornwalls, $350 for Heresy I, and I do believe there are some Chorus I's floating around. It's bargain city around here, but I can't own them all. (sigh)
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