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  1. I disagree. They are, what, 40 years old now? This means the caps could be going bad. If they start sounding dull, then the crossover cans should be changed out. IMO the 5.2's are the sweetest sounding of the Kg line.
  2. Not sure if they are still available, because most of them came from Ukraine but NOS military grade Russian PIO caps are very nice sounding and affordable.
  3. This is a very famous traffic light on Tipperary Hill on the formerly very Irish West Side of Syracuse. On one corner is a very famous Irish Bar "Coleman's" and on the opposite corner was a Irish Funeral House, Callahan, Hanley and Mooney (I worked for Hanley when he was a Congressman). A long time ago the drunks would regularly pour out of Coleman's and throw stones at the newly installed traffic light equating the Red on top as being Orange, or Protestant. Some very smart individual simply switched the green light so it was on top and not only did the breakage stop but the light became a cultural icon.
  4. Been thinking about Larry a lot this week. Whenever I called him, he answer with "Hello There", his voice full of humor and happiness. Gonna miss that. Then there was the time Larry, Gary and I hooked up for a classical concert. Gary was bringing him, so I was wandering around the concert hall and finally found them. For some reason they were in a room full of tween-age ballerinas. One time I stopped by for a visit and Larry and a close female friend from back West were sitting in his living room, pursuing the Sunday Washington Post. Sections were scattered around the floor and there was total palpable silence as they parceled out the day's stories like they were examining an ancient architectural site. I envision him sitting up there with Paul Klipsch, in cloud-like chairs, discussing the merits of their favorite classical pieces. Surely a conversation that could last for eternity.
  5. Sad news indeed. Larry was one of those special people you are happy to have in your life. His intellect always left me in awe. Holder of a PhD and an MD, a government career in the Public Health Service, he was a passionate and knowledgeable fan of classical music, yet also liked folk music. A good example of his love for and proselytizing of the classics was when he went into Bethesda Naval Hospital for some surgery and the next concert we attended his surgeon joined us for the concert! His presence graced the finest of concert halls, but he'd also don chaps and cowboy gear for his annual journey to Custer/Battle of Big Horn reenactments. He was an ardent lover of history, and never was without a history book at his side. A truly knowledgeable lover of high end stereo equipment, I always learned something when we'd go to the Capitol Audiofest together. Indeed he was always happy to share his knowledge and had a gentle sense of fun and humor. Granted, he was a bit quirky. Sometimes it was like we had an alien in our presence because somethings he just didn't get, but he knew that (well not all the time) and allowed for it. He had a full life, an interesting life, and an intellectual life, and what more could one ask for. Sleep well Larry.
  6. Well to be honest, a little. Puff was great whenever we got pulled over by a cop. I'd lower the rear window, Puff would stick it's head out, look the cop straight in the eye and let out a little wisp of steam from his nostrils. The cops always got the message. As far as the family jewels go, they never moved out. Quite frankly, they don't perform as well as they used to and the left one has a couple of bald spots. I am, however, contemplating a pinkie sale. Just been too lazy to sharpen my knives for the required severance.
  7. I've heard about this guy before but here's an extensive article in the Washington Post about a guy who spent about $1 million and most of his life building a stereo setup in his tract split level house in Richmond, Virginia. A good read and at one point the author references Klipsch: "By the 1950s, the first bulky hi-fis were marketed for home use, blowing open the closed feel of the old phonographs — and offering a newly affluent nation a sophisticated new field of connoisseurship to conquer. The Mantovani Orchestra or Rosemary Clooney, pouring out of the Klipschorns with the after-dinner martinis." https://www.washingtonpost.com/style/interactive/2024/ken-fritz-greatest-stereo-auction-cost/?itid=hp_only-from-the-post_p003_f001
  8. Well, then you should probably rush out and get this book published in late 2022 that claims to turn your two speaker system into a magical 3d sound experience. Oh yeah, there's also a SACD you have to buy with it to create the miracle. Can't figure out how to attach the pic from my phone but its called The Audiophile's Guide: The Loudspeaker by Paul McGowen
  9. Forget the prices. The pricing on big worldwide tours of major acts having long since passed me by. Did get to see them once at RFK Stadium, can't remember the album but they had these big blow up dolls of hookers. Great show and Mick was awesome. Glad for all of those magic musical musicians, not just The Stones, still taking to the road. I do believe it's not only the money and ego, but a true love of making music that keeps them going.
  10. Try it and then you'll come around. For some reason mixing all that water into melds the flavors. And, after all, has your friendly neighborhood Thebes ever been wrong?
  11. Got leftover stuffing? Heat up on your stove top with plenty of water. Stir frequently and keep adding water until in turns into a coarser version of oatmeal. I call it "mush" to my mind it definitely tastes better than regular stuffing. A yummy leftover.
  12. Bumping this one up because the shopping season is coming and the various ideas for storage are worth noting.
  13. I love these super milk crates, because I hate getting a crick in my neck trying to read the edges of the covers when they are on a shelf. Rugged, stackable and best of all you can flip through the albums, grab what you want to play and also run across something you haven't played in awhile and pick that one out too. https://www.milkcratesdirect.com/super-crates/s-crate-1?gclid=CjwKCAjw-KipBhBtEiwAWjgwrPvCDb1mFDwiGeBZEwRT5CQmxvsZZnky0mmeJIdnpU1fD03Uh6TaVhoConkQAvD_BwE
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