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  1. Even at 410 Amps DC this Miller Big Blue only puts out 40 volts. 410 Amps is a lot of juice for welding or pipe thawing. 90 volts- AC or DC can kill you. Most welding is done in the 20-30 volt DC range.
  2. We always use portable welders here to thaw street to house copper water lines. Put your T handle in the street side valve. Attach ground cable from DC welder. Run cable to basement water line coming into house. REMOVE the house ground wire from the waterline, clip on the + side of welder and give it some DC juice. Open a nearby tap a bit and wait. One time we used 2 300 Amp Lincolns and it still took hours but it always worked. I wouldn't recommend AC power.
  3. NADman

    Big Cold

    That's right. No prep here for hurricanes or 'Quakes. We get tornado's once in while.
  4. NADman

    Big Cold

    Fake news. Ha. Ventusky is predicting the polar vortex to head back south again towards the end of the month. Sheesh.
  5. NADman

    Big Cold

    I'm 220 miles north of Fargo ND in a city of almost a million and there hasn't a single hiccup in power or water supplies. We not laughing at anyone at all. I guess we are prepared for this. It's been one hell of a lot colder here for a hell of a lot longer than anywhere south of the 49th. I didn't check the Code but I would say our waterlines are 6-8 ft. deep. Wishing all of you the best.
  6. 300 ft. is a long way to send 110 VAC or 220VAC. What gauge would that wire be?
  7. NADman

    Big Cold

    My Ex up front and 2 of my neighbors clearing a 1/4 mile of road to get to the main road so I could drive her to the airport in Kelowna so that she could fly to Mexico with her a bunch of her girlfriends . Three machines clear about 10 ft wide in one pass.
  8. NADman

    Big Cold

    Apparently I'm not the only one who is cold. Up to date Ventusky pic of NA. You don't want to be 'in the pink'.
  9. I've noticed that my 'stress' today is a lot different than it was 22, or 42 years ago. Hang in there.
  10. Toughen up. This is what we get. Thursday's, Friday's and today's weather. We should be out of this vortex in a week.
  11. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    Had a few. One of my favorites.
  12. NADman

    SCTV or SNL?

    His statue and St. Boniface Cathedral is almost next door to me. Pic's in better weather.
  13. NADman

    SCTV or SNL?

    Nope. Downtown 'Peg' No complaints. It's been the mildest and driest year on record. This 48 hr cold spell is over now. We get a few of these every winter. Maybe 7-14 days in total. About the same for really hot, humid days in summer. Most hours of sunshine, as many freshwater lakes and rivers as people, and the prettiest girls in Canada. Also no states of emergency, ever.
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