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  1. Russia isn't on this chart, yet.
  2. NADman


    It's after 5:00.
  3. Richie is now 16, so that was 15 years ago, in Canada. Limits were never mentioned.
  4. I can vouch for them both. We (grandparents) and our 1 yr old grandsons parents did 2-3 week turns at Childrens Hospital in Vancouver for almost a full year. 5 hour drive from where lived but the Shriner bus would pick us up and drop us off at the hospital or the Ronald McDonald house. Had the same room the whole time. AML for his first birthday. Bless them forever.
  5. Not quite true, unless you call beer, liquor, pot?POT!, auto parts stores and many more essential. Sorry, your post is now 18 hrs. old. I'm going with what Ford in Ontario announced today. Seems like everything is essential.
  6. Same for Newfoundland and Nova Scotia today.
  7. About 3200+ deaths in China compared to their total population is almost to small to measure. Cheap.
  8. We 'House Sat' for an older couple in/above Datil NM quite a few years ago. Had a few drinks in Socorro. A local mechanic had to reset the timing on the old ford PU because it wouldn't even get us up the driveway. Did a tour of the dish array. No security in those days. Quite a change of scenery from the prairies of Canuck land.
  9. Can it be spread by farting? Ha. Maybe not funny.
  10. "In the mattress" laws used to work but now no one wants to touch 'dirty' cash. I'm sure there are ways to get at it but you know Da*n well it won't cheap , easy or quick. Kids may need to find my will, etc. Insult to injury, I am still paying for it.
  11. The local branch of my bank locked down today, (nobody home) including ATM,s and more importantly my safety deposit box. Think about what important stuff??? you may want to get at. FWIW.
  12. My Mom raised 7 children before disposable diapers were invented. Sh*ty diapers were just a normal part of life. We all have modern laundry machines. Oh, lets not forget snotty Hankies. All comes out in the wash.
  13. What, no onions or relish?
  14. As usual, Canada gets left out. OK with me.
  15. I really want a head of iceberg lettuce. Wash each leaf with - Purell - soap - vodka, or?? Think I'll just drink the vodka, wash my hands and watch Benny Hill.
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