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  1. I just finished "Nomadland" Thumbs up!
  2. What About Love https://youtu.be/gvubUdd9dnA
  3. I got my first Pfizer shot today. Whoo Hoo.
  4. NADman


    After a hard and hot day of work about 30 years ago I met my friend and my brother at the golf course. They were gulping down their cold beers and said 'lets go' as soon as I walked in and they decided carts were unnecessary. I ordered a cold one and offered up every piece of golfing equipment I ever owned to the first $100. dollar bill. It was gone in seconds. Had another cold one and went home. I bought another nice fishing rod and have never been to another golf course since then.
  5. LF got her 1st shot (Pfizer) last nite and has a sore arm today. I get mine on Wed. Looking forward to it. May be able to un stress a tiny bit.
  6. Two of my favorites. Yesterday---Cheddar cheese-Chives and Cdn. Bacon.
  7. NADman

    Guitar lovers

    Steel Guitar?
  8. Charlie Wilson's War
  9. NADman

    Food Porn

    Tea bag Porn. I have been drinking 2-3 cups of tea daily all my life. Every once in a while (1 out of a dozen) my tea cup looks like this. Even the dishwasher won't remove the crap. Have to manually scrub with baking soda and water. Been complaining to Unilever (Red Rose) yearly and they always apologize and send a bunch of coupons but never an explanation as to WHY. Any tea experts?
  10. NADman

    Food Porn

    Easter egg?????
  11. NADman

    Food Porn

    I baked a cake for LF's 49th birthday yesterday, but I only had a box of 20 candles. It took her a few moments to figure it out.
  12. I was happy when I got signed up for a Moderna shot in 3-4 weeks. "They" decided, today, that Astrazeneca is OK for old (70's and up) people including me. I'm a little concerned about the experts changing their minds almost daily. I don't know if there are any options and neither do "They".
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