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  1. I hooked up my new RSB-14 yesterday (optic cable) and BT only. I must say for the hype and the price I am disappointed. The sub will never do. Also don't like the fact you never know where the sub is set. No + - display. The remote is kinda 'hinky' too. I was only looking for 2.1 and will never spend more $$ on it. (I may even return it) It's not what I expected from this brand.
  2. Authorized Klipsch dealer. Brand new in boxes for $700.00 pr ($700.Canadian= about $500. US Ha) Store says $1598.00 regular. Only 1 pr left. Thanks for the input.
  3. Local store has (last pr.) of Klipsch RF82Bii's on for a very good price. My question is-what's the B mean? Seconds-different components etc? Very good price and I do want them. Will the 'B' affect quality-value down the road? I'm sure I only have tonight to decide.
  4. NADman

    Vintage Cast Iron?

    +1 Heat to 129 Deg and sear it with butter on HOT cast iron. Perfect med rare every time and no need to let it sit.
  5. There are now 31 NHL teams. Bah Humbug. 2 of the 'Original 6' will be playing tomorrow night in game 7 of a 7 game series. Classic! FWIW I'd watch The Godfather. Like John Sandford would say "Fu*k a bunch of Moses"
  6. NADman


    Almost 50 years of welding under my belt. Construction fires are ALWAYS the welders fault. "Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be welders". Very sad for Paris and the world. #1 Cutting torch #2 Stick and Mig welding #3 grinders Way down -TIG (very little sparks produced plus very little TIG used in structural unless they were using aluminum)
  7. NADman

    Any HPLV Painters?

    High Volume Low Pressure. The specs on that gun sound off. Should be closer to 12 CFM and 4.5 PSI. The outlet of a decent vacume cleaner is about the right pressure.
  8. On line . My Yamaha 2.1 amp has no HDMI input and my Samsung has no HDMI output-that I know of.
  9. I was watching a 'Prime' movie on my new smart TV. Toslink is the only audio out it has so I hooked that up (with an inline Toslink to RCA adapter) to my Yammy amp. All works fine exept my new TV has no audio settings for compression. "Enemy At The Gates" goes from whisper to all out war battles and I had to keep turning my volume up and down. Maybe someone here has had this issue and found a cure.
  10. Yeah yeah, Space Force, that's the ticket.
  11. I agree about the sub (tubby). Wish it wasn't on the floor under my desk. Cleaning-dusting around it sucks. Plus I keep stubbing my toes. Bit of a mess but they are here somewhere.
  12. I did the Bob Crites recap kit on the xover and new diaphragms for both horns. Fantastic. Please the polarity of squawker.One of mine was wrong from previous owner or factory. Let's see them.
  13. Had a pr and loved them. Downsized and they had to go. All Heresy drivers inside if I'm not wrong. So-Heresy's with bass. $200 is good. I think most of them were bought by US service people.
  14. https://www.klipsch.ca/products/klipsch-promedia-2-1-computer-speakers I've had these for a couple of yrs now and am very satisfied with the quality and sound-for the price.
  15. Those little sliders are great but make sure they and the floor are absolutely clean.
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