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  1. NADman

    How to edit my avatar

    Got it. Thanks.
  2. NADman

    Quotable Quote

    He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire. -Winston S. Churchill.
  3. NADman

    How to edit my avatar

    Just can't find how.
  4. NADman

    Oldtimer's hot sauces

    I do so!
  5. NADman

    Quotable Quote

    As my friend Irving Layton put it: ‘I am not afraid of death, it’s the preliminaries.’ Leonard Cohen
  6. NADman

    Oldtimer's hot sauces

    I've always loved hot sauces of all kinds with almost everything I ate (not cornflakes), but after an accident (in which I had half my colon was removed) I find the old saying "in hot-out hot" is rearing (ha) it's ugly head. Or is it just old age? Dreaming about Tabasco slathered fried eggs et al.
  7. NADman

    Huawei's CFO arrested in Canada. Thoughts?

    Maybe this will help. Agreed then and now.
  8. NADman

    KG4 replacement?

    You can't go wrong with the RB 66 ll's. Drive them with clean music and power. (75W Yammy for me is lots) Only $300 @ Amazon right now. I am using these with an R-10SW sub in an apartment and will probably part with the Sub cause I don't do movies and I like my neighbors.
  9. https://www.canuckaudiomart.com/details/649463026-klipsch-khorns/ These came up today. 12 hr. drive for me. Pricey, but they look great. I wish.
  10. NADman

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

    That was great. Thanks.
  11. NADman

    RF-28's or RF-62ii

    I currently have RB-61ii's (on stands) and a SW-110 sub in an small apartment. I'd like a little more floor room. There are pairs of RF-28's and RF-62ii's available NOW in my area. The Sub has go go. Prices are comparable. HELP
  12. NADman

    The Sixes have arrived.

    Thinking of downsizing again. How would the Sixes sound compared to my current RB-61ii's. I would be keeping my SW-110 sub but getting rid of the Yammy receiver. More room, less stuff. Can't do Loud in my apartment and at my age prolly never will again I also have the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1's hooked up to my old desk top and and love them.
  13. NADman

    R-15 M vs. RB-61 II

    Thanks mattSER Why, I don't know but there always seems to be a difference in the US, Military and Canada specs and names. Been there with Heresys, Tangents and now the RB ? series. Haven"t had problems with my Sub yet, TG.
  14. NADman

    R-15 M vs. RB-61 II

    I have a pr of RB-600's and have been trying to find the difference between them and the RB-61ll's. According to Klipsch website they are identical but for the Xover, one @1500 and the other @2000. Was the RB-600 just a brand name of ????? some retailer?
  15. I am running a pr of RB-600 bookshelf speakers and a SW-110 Sub from a Luxman R-115 reciever (it has separate Pre out) All working great. But now I would like to change to an older Yamaha Int. Amp that does not have a Sub out. It does have Pre out and Main in but with the little solid jumpers. I'd like to keep my Sub wireless if possible. Any suggestions. Thanks