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  1. And then the old - "In serious condition with non life threatening injuries". Been and am there. Ouch! Thumbs up to the 'food, fun and beer'- getting old, didn't we forget something? Oh, under 'Fun'
  2. My great granddaughter is now over 2 yrs old. I shudder to think that I was (and am) partially responsible for what she and her generation will be facing.
  3. "I don't care about that, my mother's sisters were all dual citizens having been born in North Dakota. If they were still alive and running for office, I would vote for either of them" So would I.
  4. Homemade Hot Mustard At dinner the other night, we had home smoked ham and bratwurst-among lots of other seasonal foods- I was missing home made hot mustard. I used to make my own but it's been a long time. I remember--- Keen's dry mustard Honey and or brown sugar Vinegar I don't remember any other ingredients or ratios. Anybody?
  5. Do you mean the 'Dual citizenship' issue?
  6. Wet snow today and blizzard forecast for tomorrow. Argh.
  7. I've been telling my wife for many years, "A man can never have to many clamps."
  8. Along with the chicken's neck (which my Dad and I fought over) we also chewed and sucked on the feet. That was a very long time ago. Sound's yucky now but food was short and it tasted good. Nine in the family-nothing was wasted.
  9. Seems I always had a problem with: "ability to work as a team member, being precise while following policies and procedures". Sheeple talk.
  10. In today's news https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/tim-hortons-beyond-meat-plant-diet-vegan-vegetarian-1.5288349 Beyond meat = beyond me.
  11. NADman

    Who is this??

    My next wife. Wait for the announcement. Also beer induced.
  12. The Klipsch WA-2 wireless Sub adapter works works great. My sub is about 20+ ft away from receiver. Saves a bit of laying/routing cable.
  13. I have fired a few bosses in my life though. Ya Ya. I've always said "I've punched more bosses than time clocks".
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