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  1. Lots of feet don't smell as good as feta.
  2. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    It's still around. Confused about where it's brewed- Ontario Canada or Texas.
  3. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    Got these today. Haven't unboxed them yet. Has anyone heard or even heard of them?
  4. Good deal I guess. Canadian price.
  5. As of today Lytton is gone. 90% burnt to a crisp.
  6. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    Where does it go after it gets out of the pipe?
  7. Slow Down and smell the Ketchup. https://driving.ca/auto-news/driver-info/stuck-at-the-speed-of-ketchup-you-could-win-a-free-meal
  8. NADman

    Carbon Steel Pan

    How many crows would fit?
  9. NADman

    Old eyes

    How about -- I can clearly see the puck now.
  10. NADman

    Old eyes

  11. All of us 'Pegers' sure hope so. It's The Peg, or Windypeg or Winterpeg depending on the season of which there are only two - Winter and Construction.
  12. NADman

    Old eyes

    Thanks. Done.
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