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  1. NADman

    What I Got Today!

    I normally gain a few lbs in the winter and then loose them during the summer. When my Levi's are getting a bit to tight I use a couple of short (6-8in) 1by 2's and use the reverse clamp when they come out of the washer, wet. Close the button and fly and apply pressure and bingo you will gain an inch or 2 of waist room after they dry. You'd be surprised how much pressure they will take.
  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you're brother is celebrating with you. Felicidades!
  3. NADman


    Hope they have absolutely beautiful pizza cause I haven't seen much beauty so far.
  4. NADman

    Corona has vanished!

    The "Burton Cummings Theatre" is but a 10 min. walk from my house. Grand, well over 110 year old bldg. Also pleasantly surprised to read this. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/burton-cummings-moose-jaw-1.4948061 I first knew them as 'Chad Allen and the Reflections', playing in bars where we were all underage. Him, Randy Bachman et al will probably never have to pay for a drink or a meal in this city for life. This doesn't mean that they would be in my top 5 - 40 top favorite bands.
  5. The Gangs of New York by Herbert Asbury.
  6. Tuba Skinny always cheers me up. Not sure if this will? On CBC tonight.
  7. https://www.tbnewswatch.com/local-news/muskie-attack-severely-injures-manitoba-woman-at-minaki-area-resort-3-photos-2596867
  8. OK, no cell phone. Nowadays all library's interact with EBooks. And it's free. Even if you don't have WiFi, just take EBook to any Hot spot - McDonalds etc.
  9. NADman

    RIP Peter Green

    I had 2 cassette's called "Live in Chicago" that I loved but they are gone and I can't find it on CD. RIP Peter Green.
  10. The Ghost Army - Gerry Souter Both British and American WW2 forces used a huge amount of Audio equipment to 'fool' the German's. A few pics, specs and descriptions. Who built 15 in woofers and HF horns back in '43-'44?
  11. Come on over for a Molson's and I'll show you around. Might take a few months though.
  12. NADman

    Is it now OK?

    I agree. I've been mixing Drambuie this way for decades. 50/50 with Canadian Rye - CC, Wiser's, Crown Royal etc. Not what you call "Rye" in the US. The best after a steak dinner or just a goodnight sip.
  13. That's to short of a guide to - 3.8 Million square miles Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, second only to Russia in territorial size. It has a total area of 9.9 million square kilometers (3.8 million square miles). This includes 755,170 square kilometers (291,571 square miles) of water.
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