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  1. My 15 year old son recently told me one of his inspirational bloggers commented that if you were to produce anything nostalgic that has gone out of production it would make money. I bought “Thrills” gum not too long ago, for only the second, and last time in my life. “Gold Nuggets” gum was a hit with the kids though! I wonder if you could take out a drone with a Jet-Stream?!
  2. I have owned three pairs of Forte II’s and two pairs of Chorus II’s over the years, and a pair of Quartets, lol. In my listening rooms they ALL sounded best two feet or better from the back wall. Imaging “pops” without anything between your speakers too. Forte II’s were first across the doorstep and I thought my search had come to an end. Until I heard the first elusive pair of Chorus II’s. Forte II’s are a very well behaved, capable horn speaker. I got up to turn the bass down when I first brought them home only to find the tone control flat. My treble could “go to 11” and it still might not be enough for me though, for any speaker. Chorus II’s take everything you like about the Forte’s and do it better. I actually found them more “mellow” in comparison. Likely the result of the fuller bass coming from a 15” woofer. It all boils down to YOUR listening space. If you have room for Chorus II’s it’s a no-brainer. Here’s the thing. Higher efficiency speakers do not need to be pushed as hard as lower efficiency speakers do to engage you in the music. You just need a quieter room...
  3. geoff.

    Jubs 3 way in Pa

    ...for posterity, the one that got away!
  4. Santana - Evil Ways Congratulations, and welcome to the forum. You may be late for work tomorrow, you’re gonna be spinning all your favourites every chance you get for weeks to come.
  5. Up here, there are two official languages. Whenever you dial a customer service line you are requested to select one of the two. At that point someone who speaks neither answers...
  6. Go big or go to another country, LOL! Buy a pair of LaScalas and when the time comes, turn them on their backs, slap on a 9.9hp merc, drop ‘em in the ocean and drive ‘em to your new home! Happy sailing!
  7. @Triodes4ever, we are going to have to insist that you post some pictures of your experiment. Otherwise it did not happen... LOL! I experienced pretty much the same thing you are describing with an early attempt at a 2-way Cornscala using the K-510 and CS500 crossover. Everything that the good people above have noted are factors preventing what SHOULD be an incredible speaker from sounding like an incredible speaker. One of the issues preventing the sound that those drivers are capable of producing from being received by our ears is the response curve of the (any) HF driver. It is easily 10db more than the woofer and drops off as it goes up. Couple this to the horn lens and the curve becomes more pronounced. As has been suggested either the highs must be boosted, or the mids attenuated. An equalizer would work, BUT the cat’s meow for this would be an active crossover. Failing that a more specific passive could be built. From where I sit, a slightly higher crossover point, some (much) midrange attenuation and a steeper slope would be a game changer. Not as much as an active crossover though, as it would time align the drivers AND allow for very specific PEQ’s to fine tune the end result of the drivers, horns, and cabinet used. Having said all that, I still have not hooked up my Ashly Protea 3.6, sigh... I did however luck into a previously unknown-to-me (and probably most others) passive made by Bob Crites for the Faital HF200 and the larger K-402 horn. It does in fact cut the mids, resulting in the highs we both know were in there reaching our ear-bones. All of this was right about the time LaScalas and folded horn bass bins changed my life so the direct radiator approach to music has very much paled for the foreseeable future. The K-510’s and Faital HF200’s presently reside, manually time aligned, on top of Peavey FH-1 bass bins with Kappa 15C’s and Bob’s “B&K Belle Passive for K402 w/Faital Pro HF200” crossovers. Good luck with your equalization curve, whether it be active or passive. ...those Cornwall IV’s are lookin’ pretty sweet about now, lol
  8. @garyrc thank you once again for another comprehensive post. ...you left out the kitchen sink, LOL!
  9. If I had to guess, based on a little toying with tophats and bass bins... Woofer location is critical, with respect to the location of the OTHER drivers. For the longest time I could not figure out why I preferred my stock ‘91 LaScalas over my modded LSI Splits. The space between the bass and the rest of the sound spectrum was too great at my listening distance. The rubber feet and extra cabinet height of the tophat made that much of a difference.
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    I pour hot water in my coffee mug to preheat it as well. ...I like a lot of cream in my coffee...
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