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  1. I have used the marker below with outstanding results on woofers, passives and dust caps. I also pretty much refinished the veneer on a pair of black Chorus 2s with this marker and some Antique Oil rubbed in. It’s what I had lying around and passed the “test in an inconspicuous area first” with flying colours.
  2. This forum is filled with the accounts of others that share that experience. Put another way, you get what you pay for. For an analogue solution I have noticed the Schiit Loki get favourable reviews.
  3. I got the Pfizer a week ago and shortly after noticed I had the most severe and intense neck aches in recent memory. THEN I remembered I am looking up culling tent caterpillars off my birch tree branches several times a day! LOL!
  4. An object in possession seldom retains the lustre of an object in pursuit.
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    ...in three, two, one
  6. Those appear to have a different lens than the usual MAHL? Not elliptical. More like the K-77 lens.
  7. I literally flip-flopped several times on the final decision to take the shot of my choice. I believe myself to be a very healthy specimen. I also believe I had Covid just before Christmas 2019. I NEVER take a day off work for illness but I recall thinking if I wasn't off for holidays at the end of the week it was going to be a personal first. I was more drained than I had ever felt. Within a matter of days it was gone and the holidays were here. In the end, in my heart of hearts, I do not for a moment believe we have seen the end of diseases like Covid. And their progressively worse variants. I also think the mRNA approach is the answer. A little adjustment to the recipe at each stage of mutation. I have never taken a flu shot, but I may reconsider this in the future too. Having said that, it is curious how "the flu" was all but non-existent last year. Something worked there.
  8. geoff.

    What Is Wrong

    ...what we have here, is a failure to communicate...
  9. You could check “completed” listings on eBay. Hifishark is another go to.
  10. North of the border here, 55 years old, “essential” worker (aren’t we all?) FINALLY got my first shot after a month long wait. We wrote the book on nipping it in the bud up here... not. We are actually still locked down, no kidding. I been Pfizered, second dose not scheduled until September. That’s supposed to change though. I was indifferent at first, kinda like my take on crypto (lol), but we took a vote and my kids’ sway votes were democratically acknowledged. Worked all day without incident, actually had a very productive day? Hmmmm... a side effect? Feels like I bumped my arm on something, which is a normal occurrence on a good day. No scrapes or cuts is a bonus. The real issue that is troubling me is I’m starting to feel privileged.
  11. ...I think they are leftover from a Dr Seuss book turned broadway production
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