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  1. Even if the plastic bottles say “BPA Free!” there are still 39 other petro-cancer chemicals in it... Now THAT’S marketing!
  2. @absolve2525, I have owned three different pairs of La Scalas over the past few years. The first two were “home” versions with the K-33. Having read the impressions of others on this forum upon trying Kappa 15C woofers in their LS, I gave it a shot. They were everything they said they were, and a bag of chips. I was finally lucky enough to find my last pair of La Scalas, LSI Splits, and they came with cast frame K-43s. Here me out on this. Initial impressions were dismal, so I decided to swap them out with K-33s. While I was in there I noticed the woofer mounting screws were loose, to the point of rattling. I went ahead with the K-33 swap anyway. The Kappa 15Cs were in boxes if needed... After a month or so I swapped the K-43s back in, and this time the bolts were tight. What a difference in sound. In all of the best ways. Everything the Kappa 15Cs had brought to my previous La Scalas was back. The woofers had been leaking previously and that’s why they originally sounded so anemic to me. K-43s bring the mid-bass up substantially, lose little - if anything at all down below, but most importantly they tighten up the bass. The bass hump is far less noticeable in the La Scala using a K-43 or Kappa 15C (cheaper). You are not missing anything by leaving the K-43s in the doghouse, lol.
  3. It seems all of the newer Klipsch speakers are handing off to the tweeter at lower frequencies. The La Scala II and Hersey IV are 4.5kHz, 5k on the Cornwall IV, and 5.2kHz on the Forte IV. Hadn’t consciously recognized that yet. The Cornwall IV and Heresy IV let the woofer run a bit higher too now at 700 and 850Hz vs the earlier 600 and 700Hz respectively. That is certainly one effective way to tame a horn.
  4. Titanium tweeter diaphragms will give you a nice and inexpensive boost, as well as higher highs. LMAHL lenses on the driver of your choice will produce even better results. Here is a really useful schematic comparison, but I am not knowledgeable enough to know what you could change.
  5. Dave, you wouldn’t happen to have the schematic for these would you?
  6. ...there are no bad Klipsch, just better options, lol The Fortes will sound great, until you hear the Chorus(es)
  7. Hi Bob! Welcome to the forum. There is a lot of valuable information and experience on here. If you like the way your speakers sound right now the best advice I can give you is to leave this forum now, LOL! You “could” recap the crossovers but the most prominent result will be the midrange is more present. (the tweeter is the weakest link) ooops, did I say that?
  8. That has been a heated topic of discussion on here. I prefer baltic birch too. But if I were in the market for a pair of Khorns and those AK6s came up for the price your are privy too I would be in my van right now.
  9. When you first hear a Klipsch speaker with a 15” woofer you will wonder what the heck you were listening to all your life. Seriously. If those have the titanium tweeter diaphragms and new crossovers they are a sweet deal.
  10. ...probably right beside the tequila on the counter in Mexico
  11. That is a very capable complement of components. I also have an A/4500, but can’t bring myself to embrace the notion of messing with something that does what it’s supposed too so well. If La Scalas are in your future you may want to hang on to them. Is your DE85 8 or 16ohm? Some crossovers are specific about this. Looks like 500hz is good. You can cross any where you want to the tweeter, likely somewhere between 5000 and 6000 would be good. I’m thinking an ALK Cornscala-wall or Universal, whatever it’s called now, may be the way to go. For a couple of reasons. I will have to revisit that. And maybe just sell the spare crossovers...?
  12. Located in La Canada! That’s false advertising right there! A thousand Canadian Klipsch fans just gasped and let out a sigh. I have seen a grand total of ONE pair of CF-4s for sale up here in the five or so years I have been looking.
  13. So we meet again, lol. What is it you currently have? And what frequencies would you prefer it to cross at? I also have some Cornwall B-3 crossovers I was hoping to repurpose. The boards with the terminal strip and autoformers are a good start.
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