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  1. Kettering! Small world, a tornado ate half of our row of townhouses there back in the 70’s just weeks after we moved...
  2. One of my first revelations with LaScalas was how engaged I could be in the music at low volumes. I thought Cornwalls were (and still are) impressive at low volume until I heard these. I was used to “pushing” every speaker until they became “alive”. The smaller the speaker, the bigger the push. The converse is the case with LaScalas. That is one of the miracles of highly efficient speakers. And THEN when you juice ‘em...!
  3. Any used LaScala after 1989 is plug and play. And THEN there are the “upgrades”...
  4. You put LaScalas in there and doctors won’t be able to surgically remove the smile from your face...
  5. Excellent suggestion above. A mock-up! My living room is 12 x 20. I have had LaScalas shoe-horned in on the short side and was blown away near-field. Actually preferred the regular LS over my LSI Splits that close - I think the top hat separated the mids and tweeters from the bass bins too much. Took me a moment to figure out why. Oh, another thing, space permitting. Pull the speakers out in to the room enough so there is nothing between them. As much as you can... Imaging and depth jump another level. Coyote suggested that to me years ago.
  6. geoff.

    D-Day Question

    Ok, true story, we moved to Canada from Ohio when I was in grade three. I remember thinking they all talked so fast up here. Within a week of school starting, one of the girls in my class took the time to explain to me “In Canada we don’t say huh, we say eh.” My dad still says huh. But he stopped griping about the taxes after his “free” open heart surgery. Yup, that’s where the money goes...
  7. @guf You are way ahead of the Klipsch curve (rabbit hole) most of us slide into! You have the cash and the foresight to go big sooner than later. There is no replacement for displacement! The amount of time and effort most of us (read “myself”) have expended before making the leap of faith to an ALL HORN speaker cannot be recouped, whereas the cost of a fairly priced used pair of LaScalas or Khorns can always be. LaScalas are a game changer, and at half the price of Khorns. My only regret so far on this journey is not snagging a pair of Khorns for a decent price when I had the chance, twice! Of note... it is my understanding from what I have read on this (insert appropriate praise here) forum, you can make “false corners” for Khorns, eliminating the need for a perfect room. Now, about Jubilees...? I can only dream, but you...
  8. geoff.

    D-Day Question

    A jeep in a glider that crashed? ...I think I saw it in the movie!
  9. geoff.

    D-Day Question

    “I’m givin’ her all she’s got Cap’n!”
  10. Wow. We are witnessing a once in a lifetime opportunity. Way to go, to whomever fate smiles upon!
  11. I just rotated my Chorus II’s back into the main system so I could reiterate a qualified (more or less - lol) opinion. Had to drag my Peavey FH-1 bass bins with Kappa 15C woofers, K-510 horns with Faital Pro HF200 drivers, and one of Bob’s special crossovers to the other side of the room to do it... Conclusion - your fence sittin’ days are over, go get you some Chorus II’s ! I have seen other forum members post this here too “the only regrets I have had are about the ones I didn’t buy.” Heck, Emile will probably buy them from you if you don’t like ‘em, which would be about the same odds of winning the powerball lottery...
  12. @Oicu812 Did you get the Chorus II’s ?!
  13. If you only need the tweeter diaphragm, they are available from a couple of sources. Critesspeakers and Simplyspeakers, as well as Klipsch. If it is the entire assembly you are in need of Klipsch is it unless you luck out on eBay. I would suggest if you are ordering parts from any of these suppliers that you get spare diaphragms, as postage is more than the parts once you start crossing borders, and if you have blown a diaphragm once you will likely fry another.
  14. If you have the chance to get Chorus II’s for a fair price you owe it to yourself, and those you care about (lol), to do it now!
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