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  1. How much dough have you got, how much room, and how much of a hurry are you in? If you have 1500 bucks and a month, the world is your oyster! Something with a 15” woofer, or two 12s will put a smile on your face that will need to be surgically removed. ...Chorus 2s would be a great start...
  2. Never owned Belles, but have had LaScalas with the AA, AL-3, A/4500 and the AL. The AL crossover in the LaScala is essentially the same as the AB in a Belle, with values changed to bring the woofer to squawker point from 400(ish) to 500hz. To he honest, I could live with any of them if that was the only option I had. The AL was the LAST one I heard in the progression and I was surprised to find it NOT offensive as others have noted. The A/4500 is the most “refined” sounding of the lot. Surprisingly civil at louder volumes despite being a simple crossover. I don’t think the CT-120 tweeter hurts in that equation either. It is what I am currently running. One thing I noted on this forum was that the AL crossover has the -6db midrange attenuation others modify their AA’s (-3db) to have... Having been there, and done that it becomes a bit of a shell game without an end goal in mind. You COULD leave well enough alone, but IF you want to throw some cash at them, I don’t think you can go wrong with just the CT-120 tweeters, for starters, lol.
  3. An application for US citizenship can be denied for lacking GMC, good moral character? Ohhhh, man... By the same standards, I sure as hell hope they can REVOKE any American citizenship and ship them off to an appropriate God-forsaken country on the same grounds. Probably free up some space in the courts and prisons too. Then taxpayers’ money could go to better things, like healthcare and education. Healthy educated people make healthy educated choices. Capitalism would survive, for the better. That would truly make America great again. Hypocrisy knows no bounds, even (especially) in a democracy. Now for conspiracy, Neil’s citizenship is all part of his 50 year plan to be governor of California! CSN knew it... that’s the real reason they split. Couldn’t agree more with joessportster. I cannot even listen to certain “artists” anymore because of their self-entitled pretentiousness. U2 comes to mind. An endless string of actors... And once again Trey Parker and Matt Stone come to mind for their relentless roasts of all that is skewed logic and hypocrisy. “Team America” is required viewing. God bless the First Amendment! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go back to painting everybody with the same brush...
  4. Oh man... more homework, can’t someone just tell us the answers, lol! And the learning curve grows! Thanks Tom. Still can’t get a straight answer on the acoustic foam though. A- Reduces internal reflections? B- Reduces resonance? C- Lowers frequency response? D- Provides the Chinese with a market for recycled plastic that would otherwise wind up as an island? E- All of the above?
  5. I am in the same boat. Putting a new pair of Kappa 15Cs back in my FH1s after giving K-33s a second chance. Would love to hear some comments about the effect of the foam. But one thing is certain, if Klipsch is paying for it, it has to have some merit sonically. I would guess more than a dimes worth of difference.
  6. It’s at about 2:55 in the youtube video “building the klipsch lascala al5”
  7. @rmlowz, please share these with us when you get them. maybe even dedicate a separate post to it (for sure) I think an L-pad would be just the ticket for the K510 some recordings are perfect, others too hot
  8. @Delicious2, if you blink you will miss it, lol I had to watch the video a second time to see it. And I was looking for it! I will check into it when I get done work and give you a timestamp.
  9. It’s not called a Cornscala anymore... Well, only in our fond memories. Seriously, check Bob’s site. There is an Italian company and another couple American companies still producing dressed up versions with even more colourful names for five times the price of the original though? Other monikers are bandied about on similar forums too, lol.
  10. @Triodes4ever any news on your progress here? ...or did the FULLY horn loaded speaker bug bite?
  11. Ok, let’s bring this one back to life The stock Peavey drivers are without a doubt unbearable once you put in almost anything else. I have tried FH1s with K-33s, K-43s and my favourite - Kappa 15Cs. I wouldn’t even call the Black Widows low fidelity, more like NO fidelity. Would really like to hear them with Faital Pro 15PR400s... I tried to put Crites cast frame woofers in but the gasket is so thick on them the doghouse bolts weren’t long enough to attach the nuts. @noviygera what effect did the (felt) damping have on the doghouse? I have seen the Klipsch video of them adding damping to the new LaScala, but I have not gotten any quantitative responses to my other queries about it. How much and where for optimum effect?
  12. Gentlemen, as always, my hat is off to you!
  13. Is there a schematic for the AA mod in the post from JohnA quoted above?
  14. How about the “Crites Upgraded” crossovers here, lol An electrolytic? Caveat emptor!
  15. geoff.


    ...maybe the crossovers in the speakers they used need new caps...!
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