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  1. I think you are thinking of the Tangent 400. It was a Heresy 2 in taller ported box. There was a Tangent 500 too, using a passive radiator instead of ports. The later series Tangent 4000/5000 are the real sleepers. They had 4 ohm woofers and noticeably better bass as a result.
  2. geoff.


    @Mom, Turntables are a very personal item, not like getting him a tie, lol. You’ll need to get a mole in the organization and ferret out what his heart desires. …someone with an appreciation for all things audio, get them chatting him up and have your agent straight up ask him what he fancies
  3. Recent developments and advancements in the understanding of all things Klipsch have led to the conclusion that the K-77-M should not be used with an AA crossover. It is too hot. WAY too hot. The K-77-M is pictured in this pair of La Scalas. The AA crossover was also designed to be used with the single phase K-55-V. In the speakers pictured here the date code is “W” which would imply the dual phase plug (soldered lug) K-55-V is used. The dual phase plug driver extends higher than the single phase plug driver and is not optimal for the AA crossover as designed. Whether these came stock from Klipsch like this, or they were modified, I don’t know. I do know there were anomalies during driver and crossover changeover years. But as these stand right now, they are not representative of what the Klipsch sound should be, according to recent discussions on here, with all the graphs to prove it. Don’t despair, others in better condition for the same price will be along soon enough. And when they do show up don’t hesitate to ask away on here. Welcome to the forum,
  4. @Jeff Matthews, A Bluesound Node will give you free access to Spotify. There will be commercials periodically, but nothing like You-Tube. The only trade-off is you won't find Neil Young on Spotify, LOL! You will also find every radio station you've ever heard on the Node. But that will get old fast once you start chasing every album you never owned on Spotify. I rarely ever listen to anything else now. I never understood why people were selling off entire CD libraries, until now.
  5. @nickyboy6100, maybe a silly question, but have you enquired at Klipsch parts?
  6. what did you come up with for stands?
  7. @Deang, a little late to the party, work is really starting to get in the way of this forum, but I snapped a picture of the terminal cup/plate. Ya, who knows what someone else did to those La Scalas before I got them? They had an $8 Rat Shack piezo tweeter in one tophat and one K-43 ohmed out at 20 ohms. For eight years now I have been trying to figure out what is wrong with my perception because a pair of pristine AA crossovers, even after recapping with pseudo-authorized (mylar) capacitors, has never sounded like “all that and a bag of chips” in any of the FIVE pairs of La Scalas I’ve owned over the years. Each pair had K-55-Ms… I never found the midrange to be too loud, I always found the treble not as bright as I would have liked, but that is not uncommon for me. Before recapping I had to put my ear up to the K-77s to ensure they were working. Now though, even with colorful puppets to explain what I was hearing, thanks @mboxler, I’m left with questions. Hypothetically, not suggesting anyone modify any Klipsch product, how would a person correct for the overlap using an AA crossover with a dual phase plug driver? I seem to remember a suggestion to add a .35 mH coil to the positive squawker output, a la A/4500. Would another possibility be to add the same elliptical filter used in the AL series of crossovers and change the .245 mH to .125 mH? I really want to hear what the fuss is all about with the AA crossover. For starters, I imagine the un-smudged crossover would result in better imaging. So is what I’ve been hearing more like an “A” with better tweeter protection? Another question now springs to mind… how did the widely accepted crossover points become 400 and 6000 Hz if the graph clearly shows 4500? …my whole life has been a lie, lol
  8. I own a pair of mis-matched LSI Splits, one came with the K-55-M / AL crossover and the other came stock with the soldered lug dual phase K-55-V / AA crossover. There has been discussion over the years, and still is on an “authorized vendor” site, that you cannot use the K-55-M with the AA crossover as it was not designed for it. The reasons originally proffered were the K-55-V rolls off sooner and has a dB less output at certain points in the frequency response curve. Well, the Klipsch FACTORY INSTALLED K-55-V dual phase driver in the La Scala Industrials using the AA crossover runs just as high as the K-55-M, and it turns out the frequency response results were based on test samples of the K-55-M that do not reflect final production units. It appears “the data on the Mig is inaccurate”.
  9. …an object in possession seldom retains the lustre of an object in pursuit @Jvitti1970, did you wind up selling the ALK crossovers you had listed a while back or did you keep them?
  10. I would buy all of those on principle alone
  11. After taxes and shipping, from multiple sources, I don’t know if you could order the parts to build them for less than $500.
  12. …I think you’re safe to start the bidding at $350
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