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  1. geoff.


    Who knew?! Spock was the first one to record The Logical Song.
  2. Quiet torque is a rush too. The first time I peddled an Ebike I literally turned around to see who snuck up behind me and gave me a push.
  3. A nice bike, like the Klipsch ladder, is a slippery slope that is even more fun to ride. This summer I sold my 2013 Trek 3700 for a little more than it cost me five years ago due the Covid shortage on new bikes. I had picked up a 2018 Norco Storm 1 last fall for $550 (about half the cost of new, and a pretty fair price) and initially thought I would keep both bikes but the improvements in technology made the decision to part easy. 29 inch wheels(clearance and smooth rolling), hydraulic brakes(sure and accurate stops), lockout shocks(for road use) and at least a 9-speed cassette(always a better, faster, or easier gear) are minimum requirements now. A dropper post is sweet too for changing elevations. It all makes sense once you get back on the seat. Which will probably be a pain in the butt until you find the right one. Too soft and you lose power, too hard and you lose the will to go on, lol. Would love to find a carbon fibre full suspension on the used market some day. I would expect to pay a couple grand for one. But man would you ever fly on a lighter bike. I might even consider trading my LSI Splits for the right bike. Have to cross that bridge when I come to it. Either way the wind will always be in my face.
  4. geoff.

    Corona has vanished!

    Or... maybe that IS the agenda?! Expose the (alleged) rabble to the danger and keep the (indoctrinated) moral cream of the crop out of harms way. Natural selection gets half the selection to run it’s immediate course on.
  5. Correct! First you open a box to see if everything looks okay, then you put an un-opened box in your cart and leave the opened one behind.
  6. You may put whatever you want on your pizza, but if you fold your slice to eat it you have to wear a man bun...
  7. geoff.

    CD's at Amazon

    Physical media is a threat to the establishment, it is the equivalent of non-GMO agriculture. This was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but after seeing it in print...
  8. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus...
  9. KPT-904 KLF-10s and RF-82s are bookshelf speakers, LOL!
  10. Love the B-3 Cornwalls! ...here’s my take... the K-77 should be the first thing you spend money on (replacing) there a two options I would not hesitate to do (again) and both can be used in LaScalas when you get that itch, God willing... The DE120 tweeter on any horn that fits in your Cornwalls is a game changer. Since you are in there anyway, the caps are an eventuality you may as well do sooner than later. After that you are pushing the law of diminishing returns. I stand guilty of breaking that law, worst part is I’d probably do it again. And congratulations,
  11. geoff.

    Beer Drinkers

    ...they don’t want to get sand in their Schlitz!
  12. geoff.

    Beer Drinkers

    Why don’t women drink beer at the beach?
  13. geoff.


    Similar thing happened to me at Bugger King years ago... Hit the drive-thru before a two hour road trip to visit my mom. Ordered two cheeseburgers and the voice asks “is that it?” My reply was “that’s everything.” Get on the highway, put the Cordoba in cruise, open up the bag and take a bite, not a single topping. Strange, I thought, maybe they remembered toppings on the second burger, nothing. Jettisoned the crow food out the window at 85mph.
  14. ...I wonder how many gamblers that used to bet on the track and sports have turned their attention to the market due to Covid?
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