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  1. I love it! It’s not a speaker if you don’t have to pop a ceiling tile! As for the bass issue in the FH-1... I was blown away by how low the K33 “sounds” in these bins. Actually checked to see if my sub was on. K43’s left me very flat. Kappa 15C’s “sound” as low as the K33’s but MAN do they KICK like none of the others. I don’t know if it is the higher efficiency of the Kappa 15C, but it blows the cobwebs out of everything I try it in AND the midrange punches hard.
  2. geoff.

    Can we talk 2" midrange drivers?

    Interesting... at what distance?
  3. geoff.

    Best Cornwall....?

    The “best” Cornwall hasn’t been built yet... If you are the sort of person that can leave well enough alone, you WILL enjoy the latest iteration available from Klipsch. If however, you are only too aware that tastes evolve and technology does too, grab a pair of used Cornwall 1’s or 2’s and enjoy them as is while you peel the onion in search of a peach of a mod! But once you cut ‘em and stuff ‘em how you please they aren’t “Cornwalls” anymore and any increased expense is a wash as far as resale goes. They will sound better though, and you don’t HAVE to spend a lot. I still think a two-way would make an excellent Cornwall IV...
  4. geoff.

    Need mattress choice help

    ...my wife had the dents on her side...
  5. geoff.

    Honky Tonky Horny Horns

    150 bucks! Too cool. I would have ‘em hooked up by now if it was within a two hour drive! How do you think an EV DH1A would sound on these? LOL! This kind of stuff will be on the antiques roadshow our grandkids will watch, er stream...
  6. geoff.

    Forte III single - $399

    ....psssst... If the speaker still has the label with the serial number on the back Klipsch will sell you anything you need to “fix” it: Another (wicked) mid horn and driver, another tweeter, another crossover... You could turn your Chorus II’s into what might very well be the Chorus III prototype! And it would be overdue at that! You are nonetheless on your way to the centre channel deal of the year. Way to go!
  7. geoff.

    Klipsch KP-362/Pro version Chorus 2 - $499 (TAMPA)

    Reading these deals that are so far away is a form of masochism. ...more pain please...
  8. geoff.

    Cornwall II Birch Raw! Riverside, CA $900

    It’s a prototype, lol. Like pretty much all of the Heritage models to this day... Subject to improvement and availabilty of parts. Gotta like a company that keeps making a good thing better.
  9. Your post here co-incided with the arrival of some EV DH1A’s from the states. I think we are all on convering paths here...horns, folded horns, and bigger horns... Got hung up in rotating postal strikes up here, but I got ONE hooked up today for a direct comparison with the Faital Pro HF200. My git-ar playin’ son thought the EV sounded better. I am partial to the Faital Pro, but I am also biased because I know I paid almost 4X as much for them...! Keep in mind neither of these are EQ’d. Just standard tone controls. On a budget, the EV is a no-brainer, but man is it BIG! So big it sits perfectly flat on the K510.
  10. Don’t do it man! What was it Chris Rock said in one of his routines? Just because you CAN, doesn’ t make it a good _ ing idea! LOL! Run some leads to one of the other crossovers on another pair of speakers. Disconnect the tweeters if it a 3-way. ...I’m too late aren’t I...?
  11. geoff.

    Filter for La Scala, again..

    Ok, so I got an AA crossover into my ‘86 LSI Split tops that originally came stock with the AL crossover. It has been about 5 months since I sold my ‘92 LS with the AL-3 crossover. I remember being thouroughly impressed when I played those for the first time at home. Bought them without even listening to them first! I had also bought the Crites A/4500 and CT125 tweeters on a whim (and the price was right) but never felt the need to change the stock AL-3’s in my first pair of LaScalas, I could not have imagined them sounding any better at the time. Having just heard the AA’s in my LSI Splits, I don’t think I could put my finger on any significant difference at SANE listening levels. If you find a pair of AA’s for a song you could give ‘em a whirl and always get your money back down the road. Like others here have said, different doesn’t always equate to better. Just diffderent... ...those are Peavey FH-1 bins with K-33-E woofers, just like in LaScalas, my LS bins are buried downstairs at the moment...
  12. geoff.

    Laughable La Scalas - Minneapolis craigslist

    I know what DeoxIT is, but the guy selling these “detoxed” units must have really known how to party!
  13. geoff.

    Filter for La Scala, again..

    Another timely post! I HAD LaScalas with the AL-3 crossover. Loved ‘em! Plug and play. Sold ‘em when I got LaScala Industrial Splits. They came with AL crossover... Never even listened to them like that, put Crites A/4500 crossovers and CT125 tweeters in immediately. Was not as impressed as I expected. Very refined sounding LaScalas now and I miss the bite! Recently got some AA crossovers from another forum member to compare! I will try to get the AA’s and a pair of K-33’s swapped in this week and chime back in with the results.
  14. geoff.

    Do I owe you an apology?

    The “low-beams” on many new vehicles are RETARDEDLY bright. Ignorant, stupid, self-absorbed bright. And everybody knows it (lmao!). They are also higher off the ground than previously regulated. I’m not sure about this, but I believe democractic process could effect a change back to post-retarded intensities... Or is someone marketing a windshield that filters out the retina searing wavelengths now? It really is capitalism 101. Create the need and supply the product. More money for brighter lights, and more money for a filtering windshield. Only the working-class poor need suffer. Unless maybe a class-action lawsuit by people who have eye damage from this latest technology puts an end to this particular insanity of one-upmanship. Lawyers and optometrists alike can join in on the boom. Ironically, my old rose-coloured ski sunglasses work wonders for this, too... ... until they roll out the yellow laser high beams. Or I get my own Canyonero!
  15. The reason I say “IF” you can resist “toying” with them is pictured below. I don’t plan on getting rid of these, but “never say never”. They are currently in the master bedroom, but if I could fit LaScalas upstairs they may have to go. ‘84 Cornwall 1’s with original B-3 crossovers and square magnet K-33-E woofers. K-107-ti tweeters and K-61-K squawkers replaced the stock K-77 and K-57 equivalents. I do not think the K-107-ti has quite the 105db efficiency of the K-77, but in this application it shines. I actually (sadly) found the K-107-ti too bright as a straight swap for the K-79 in the Cornwall 2’s, Forte 2’s and Chorus 2’s I have owned.