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  1. He’s too busy being blown away by his speakers to respond right now...
  2. White holes in the centre of the horns suggest the drivers are pulled... You get the driver specific crossovers, but not the specific drivers, lol
  3. My only regrets involve the things I DON’T embrace when fate shines it’s light on me. These would be right up there on that list if I were less than tank of gas or so away. Worst case scenario, you sell them for what you paid after you take them for a test drive. Anybody making these anymore...?
  4. ...double barrel purple micro dot? I thought it was all a dream...!
  5. Lucite horns? ...trippy...
  6. The CT-120 is the way to go. I have them and the CT-125’s. The 125’s are sweet, but the 120’s are sweeter. I am also using Kappa 15C’s in one pair of bass bins. I think any “perceived” loss of bass by switching out the K-33 is a direct result of the “definite” increase in mid-bass the Kappa 15C brings to any application. It is immediately noticeable. The only issue with the Kappa 15C’s is the gasket. It is similar to the foam a pool-noodle is made of and compresses more each time you tighten the screws. So much so that eventually the woofer will slap on the motorboard when cranked tight. Some have suggested an aftermarket gasket. In my FH-1’s it was not required due to the design. In my LaScala bins one of them produced a buzz at spirited levels. I whole-heartedly preferred the Kappa 15C over the (venerable) K-33 and K-43 in any application yet. I have yet to try the Crites woofers...
  7. ...I thought April fool’s ended at noon...
  8. Where do I send my money? lol ...seriously...
  9. I would have an immediate use for a pair of 2” throat tractrix horns with a 500 hz cutoff! ...unless we’re talking eliptrac 400 pricing...
  10. This may deserve a separate thread! It is practically a no-brainer... Someone is set to make a killing here.
  11. This is a brilliant piece of engineering. GLWS, if it isn’t already gone!
  12. I don’t know why Faital Pro doesn’t offer a 2” throat tractrix, a larger version of the LTH142... I would think they would clean up with that.
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