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  1. I’m with Peter, if the Cornwalls are a decent price go for it, you could always sell them for what they cost if you don’t like them and the rental was free! I am still using my old faithful Onkyo HT-R530 with my (modded) Cornwalls and it has plenty of power. The OR-EQ function really nails the the equivalent of a “loudness” button. Once you hear the 15” woofers you will have a hard time trying to become that engaged with your Heresys. Heresys and a sub are nice, but you owe it to yourself to give the Corns a try. You would have a nice start of an all Heritage surround too!
  2. I wasn’t price bashing, nor was I necessarily inferring we made a mistake. Some of us just pass on what we have for a modest stipend on our journey. Others, are sharks... Cheers!
  3. I screwed up like that too, apples to apples, up here, lol
  4. geoff.


    ...I can turn the cell phone "off"...LOL!
  5. geoff.


    We have a "distracted driving" law here in Ontario (no cell phones, etc.) while driving. I've always thought some of the ladies walking along the boulevard should be subject to the fine. It's not my fault they catch my eye... That's like blaming a compass for pointing north!
  6. The AL-3, all of the ALs, also have 3db more attenuation on the squawker than the AA/A crossovers. This changes the balance a bit. You might argue a lot. The woofer and tweeter will shine a little more at a given volume, not a bad thing in my books... I have been fortunate enough to have owned a few LS, the first pair having the AL-3 crossover. Here’s the thing... I knew I was going to eventually own a pair and had actually bought a pair of A/4500s and CT125 tweeters PRIOR to even finding my first pair. The AL-3 pair of LS I lucked into first sounded so good to me I never even tried the A/4500s out in the year or so I owned them. Yup, they sounded that good. The second pair I owned had the plain old AL crossovers, and despite all the negative reviews, I didn’t think they were in need of any immediate assistance. But I tried the A/4500s and CT125s in them and was impressed in a different way. The were so “refined”. Almost out of character, but ever so well behaved, and at high volume too, which I found surprising for a first order crossover. The pair I have kept are LSI Splits and have the K-43 woofer which rocks with anything that’s put on top of it. I have tried the AL, A/4500, and AA crossovers in them, ALWAYS with the CT125s or CT120s, and could be happy with any of them here. Now here’s the kicker... I bought a pair of AB-2s recently (AL-3 minus the tweeter protection) but moved just days after receiving them in the mail and haven’t taken possession of the new pad yet. I have all of the requisite parts for a head to head shootout (AA, A/4500/AL-3) but I don’t have the venue, yet. From my experience so far though, I think any “experimental” money would be extremely well spent first on DE-120s on whatever lens you can find that will fit into the LS. Preferably the elliptrac or SMAHL. And I thought the K-77 sounded fine until I heard CT-120s in the same application.
  7. geoff.

    Parental Phrases

    I just asked my youngest (13) what phrase he would most associate with me... ”Don’t give 5h!t a place to happen!” ...my dad would always tell ME that whenever my I went out.
  8. Hey, JUST a thought, does anyone think moving the woofer from behind the motorboard to front mounted would help here? I thought it “de-mellowed” the bass whenever I went that route.
  9. I think those are a fine first foray into DIY horns. Certainly worth the effort and experience. Very inspiring. Something just occurred to me looking at the pictures a couple posts back... If the excess side walls were left untrimmed in a set of DIY horns they might serve as stands?
  10. ...so $1500 for a pair of speakers that originally cost $3500?
  11. I know, I know, no comments about pricing... but that is a PRETTY SWEET DEAL!
  12. Why yes, it does! Now it really hurts,
  13. It’s all just a another form of masochism for me anyway... LOL!
  14. Huh, it says “this listing isn’t available anymore” when I click the link (?) Facebook and I aren’t real tight though. Well then, it’s still a sweet deal for someone local.
  15. Welcome to the forum! Soooo... what would be considered a “reasonable price” these days? I don’t “need” another pair but if I saw a working pair for a grand or less I would drive non-stop for half a day to give them a good home.
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