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  1. geoff.

    Who Thunk This Up?

    I think this may fall under the category of, ahem, “paraphernalia”... along with glass pipes, aluminum foil, or a spoon. But if you already had enough pocket knives and LED flashlights to stock a hardware store, this would be right up there on the list of must-haves! Full disclosure, I have something very similar that you slot a refillable lighter into and you can rough solder in anything less than a tornado.
  2. Up here they call them “Citiots”
  3. I was wondering if anyone had pulled a woofer out of the CW4 yet to see how it was braced! Also curious if the “shelf” port has been completely replaced by the tractrix ports...
  4. I have not driven a Tesla, but have seen them go in the snow up here like they had monster truck tires and four wheel drive They pretty much take off like a snowmobile Whatever traction control system they are using beats anything I’ve had in any of the Big 3 vehicles I have driven
  5. I had my finger on the button too... Kinda like Hector Salamanca, but I couldn’t ring the bell. The price was right, but someone cured their mumps and all my crossovers are designed for 16 ohm drivers. Anybody else relieved when somebody else buys an item you can’t afford so you can stop trying to rationalize it’s purchase?
  6. What the H. E. double hockey sticks is going on in that state?! Emile, you should warehouse this stuff for the rest of us!
  7. geoff.

    Uneasy Feeling

    I would be inclined to close my PayPal account over something like this. With a note to whoever pretends to care at that “bank”. If you still need PayPal, open a new one with a different email. And as mentioned, change your password on the email used for this transaction. My philosophy for online buying and selling is: ”Any red flags on the play result in instant disqualification!” Glad to hear you didn’t get taken!
  8. Another thing about these auction sites is their “internet premium”. I have followed a few local auctions for recreational vehicles and the final bids are always higher than what a typical Craigslist type listing would go for. If one could not attend the auction in person an additional 17.5 % (in this case) would be a crushing expense. This factor alone and the relative obscurity of these items may wind up providing a real bargain though for someone local with the time on their hands.
  9. I think what many here may have missed is that this bloke, like a few of us others, doesn’t share the luxury of the US domestic market... sigh The sensibly priced options available in the CONUS become cost prohibitive crossing borders and currencies. That being said, mate, if you are patient and diligent there is a pretty fair chance you will snag a bargain on here or eBay in the not so distant future. Were they my LaScalas I would have my sights set on a pair of AA or Crites A/4500 crossovers AND a pair of DE-120 tweeters. ...if I didn’t already have them...! And welcome to THE definitive forum for all things Klipsch.
  10. Do you wanna rock? ...I can’t hear you... I said. Do you wanna rock?! If you answered yes to any of the above questions you want Cornwalls.
  11. geoff.


    Ok, true story... In grade 6 my schoolbus driver gave all the guys a Kiss poster for Christmas. I can’t remember what she gave the girls... A kid from another stop got on and said his bus driver only gave them boxes of Turtles chocolates and asked if anyone wanted to trade. I eagerly took the trade! Only to look up into the big bus driver mirror and see the bus driver giving me my first “look that could kill.”
  12. Dan, my listening room is 12 x 20, my speakers have always sat along the short wall two to three feet out and form an equilateral triangle with the (prime) listening position. I had gone up the food chain starting with Heresys, Forte 2s, and Cornwalls (the usual suspects) but when I finally got up the guts to chuck a weeks pay for a pair of ‘92 LaScalas my listening experience changed forever. The thing that surprised me the most about such a potentially lethal speaker was how QUIETLY I could listen to the music and still become engaged. In a dead quiet room the result is even more impactful. If you find a good price on a pair of LaScalas you owe it to yourself, and all those you care about, lol, to give them a try. Especially with your gear. Worst case scenario, you sell them for what you paid. And half a year later after trying to convince yourself you don’t miss them you snag another pair...
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