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  1. Taking a second look at the picture, that shiny middle of the tweeter may indicate the Ti diaphragms are already in there... That would be a bonus. You would only be one step away from where I was headed with these:
  2. Those are Cornwall 2’s If the Chorus crossover is still attached to the terminal plate you have a little bit more extension in the woofer and midrange than originally intended by the engineers at Klipsch. CW(1,2) crosses at 600/6000. CH1 crosses at 650/7000. Whether that is good or bad is subjective. The K-34 (K-33 dressed up) woofer can easily go higher, maybe less “harsh” midrange as a result, and you won’t have any overlap in the midrange and tweeter as the K-57 rolls off by 7kHz. Nice for when you put titanium diaphragms in the tweeters! Now you’re going to have to pull the the terminal plate off, carefully, to have a look-see!
  3. Looks like a new tariff has been applied in the trade war...
  4. Is that a 45 gallon drum in the bottom left? ...methylamine?! LOL!
  5. Kg4’s? Forte 1’s have the smaller passive too.
  6. Anybody remember the almost made it to market two-way prototypes “The Fifteens”? Call them a Chorus 3 or a Cornwall 4, either or, but THAT was the shape of things to come. Two way, tractrix, 15” woofer... Here’s a crazy idea, instead of the powered, active option, how about a passive with TWO crossover frequency options in the same cabinet? ROCK (800hz) and SET (500hz). What’s another 700 bucks when you are several grand deep? They were beautiful from the aesthetic standpoint too. Maybe optional glass tops so wifey can put plants on top!
  7. Campbell River! Salmon capitol of the world! We rented a little 16’ fibreglass 25hp tiller there years ago. The marina pointed us where to go, across the straight towards the mainland. There was a crowd of boats boat but nobody was heading directly across. They knew more than we did. The tide comes in and goes around both ends of Vancouver Island. Meets in the middle at Campbell River. We found ourselves full throttle going slower than we could’ve gone if we had got out and walked. And THEN the horizon disappeared as we sank in the sea. Insert deleted expletive here! Harrowing boat ride. Caught our damn salmon and took the long way home... BC is a tough market, the Island probably more-so. My sister is in Nanaimo and I am always trying to figure out how she would get the deals to me, lol. Nonetheless a grand for a working pair of LaScalas in ok shape would be a steal. Those are ‘81’s though and may have the much sought-after, short production run, soldered lug K-55V squawkers as well as the AA crossovers...! Your dad must have rocked the Island pretty good with that gear! GLWS (good luck with sale) and welcome to the forum.
  8. I have often wondered what a larger FH-1 cabinet would produce. It is my understanding that if you make a given design larger to get more low end, the high end suffers. There is a balance. But the high end of an FH-1 bin goes further than the LS to begin with. I believe the low end does too. There is always the (as yet untried by me) fully reversible port mod!
  9. Surround sound LaScala... LOL! The tweeter is leftover from the A/4500, CT-125 mod. Thought that would be the safest place to store it! Any time I put something in a “safe place” I either misplace it or compromise it’s condition.
  10. geoff.

    Cornwall 1's in MA

    Where I live a pair of Cornwalls in good shape for a grand would be gone in 24 hours. The ones with the nicer grilles would be worth the effort to clean up. Heck, they both would be... Both pairs have risers, which is a nice feature. The B-3 crossover is also no slouch.
  11. Oh ya, you’re set. Nothing left to do now but enjoy the music. ...after you post some pictures... What is it they say on here? Pictures or it didn’t happen!
  12. Welcome to the forum @ebrandon The new crossovers will fit sideways on the other side (right side) of the cabinet. You can leave the stock AL crossovers right where they were. In the (unfortunate) event you sell your LS, they can be returned to stock and you can keep or sell the AA’s separately. A couple #6 1 1/2” deck screws and a stubby driver will secure the new AA crossovers, a pilot hole through the boards is good idea so they don’t split (!) Other screws will work as long as they are not ferrous (magnet has no effect). Larger ones will be more difficult to hand tighten... You can leave the velcro fasteners on for this. Don’t go longer than 1 1/2” or they may enter the doghouse. No issue if the screws stay in the holes, but if they are removed the holes need to be filled. Stock Klipsch screws do not enter the doghouse. Do a mock up first with the wires before you screw it down. The woofer lead should just make it. You say they were in a barn? Have you cleared the mice rice out of the bug screens on the K-55M’s and the cobwebs and spider nests out of the doghouse? The gaskets on the K-400’s may be compressed into the throat of the horn and may need trimming back with an exacto knife or razor blade and sometimes the woofer screws are loose, so it wouldn’t hurt to venture in. You may be shocked at what you find in there! I know I was... You can’t go wrong with the AA crossovers, when you buy the CT-120 tweeters (and you will, lol) your LaScalas will take the next leap in performance. In the meantime dust off your doghouse and your old music collection and see what you have been missing all these years! You are going to be front row centre for your favourites!
  13. Sweet deal for whomever struck while the iron was hot!
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