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  1. Perhaps a 1/4 inch gasket, could be wood (?) and longer screws would be a cost effective solution? And I would like to hear how to prep and paint these, if the need should arise.
  2. geoff.

    La scalas

    Pre-Covid pricing! Ahhhh, that brings back memories...
  3. OR.... You could give Gentec a call and see about the H3 upgrade kit. In for a penny, in for a pound. Oh yah, we don’t have pennies anymore. But if you are going to chuck a couple of Bordens on new woofers anyway? And if you are anywhere near Markham you can pick them up and save shipping. (Exceptions may apply depending on what dart toss of a “colour zone” we wind up in when your package arrives, lol)
  4. The XPA can accommodate up to five channels in one chassis. Due to wall current limitations the maximum power output of each channel decreases slightly as you add more, there’s only so much juice to squeeze.
  5. I have had Chorus 2s for several years now. Most of those years tethered to a NAD C372 (150Wx2) with a NAD C162 preamp, which I thought sounded pretty good. Not lacking to be sure. Recently an Emotiva XPA2-GEN3 (300Wx2) with a NAD C165 preamp fell into my livingroom. I had NO idea what I was missing until now. Punchier, tighter, lower, WELL-defined bass! Even my 13 year old son came downstairs the first week and asked where all the bass came from. An unexpected, yet familiar, by-product of all of this is that the volume level at which I become engaged in the music has actually gotten LOWER. Very much like when I finally took the plunge on LaScalas. Nobody needs a Hemi to drive around the block, but there is no replacement for displacement.
  6. There is one on Ebay right now, cheap too
  7. I believe the KP-301 has an even gnarlier version of the K-48 (K-48-K vs. K-48-E) in it than that found in the Chorus 1 and 2. If you can get the mixed bag for a decent price it would probably be worth it for the woofers alone. I have KP-301s and Chorus 2s and will eventually get around to swapping the woofers out to check the sonic differences. But my money is on the K-48-K. Here’s the woofer in the 301s
  8. Not to derail this thread (that never happens on here) but, Which woofers in how big a box?
  9. ...I think you will find no shortage of assess on this forum... LMAO!
  10. I did a side by side with these and my Forte 2s with a 200 watt Citation 22. I was hard pressed to pick a winner. I sold the Forte 2s because they were worth almost three times as much. Still have the T-5000s...
  11. Very interesting stuff. Big boy building blocks. Love it!
  12. From the specs it looks like there is only a half a hertz difference in the Fs of the K-33 and K-43. The aural illusion of the K-33 playing lower in a La Scala may be due to the more articulate and efficient upper bass of the K-43?
  13. Oh ya, you’ll want to give them a run and see how they ride.
  14. @bsac335, Do you already have a pair of K-33s to try in your Cornwall cabinet? If not, there may be better woofers to try in there. All of this is subjective of course. I was under the impression the K-43 was designed for use in a folded horn enclosure. Not that it wouldn’t work in direct radiator. From what info I could find that hasn’t been removed from the forum the xmax isn’t too shallow. I think the K-43 has a little more output than the K-33 too, which is always a plus for a bass driver. Oddly and regrettably, it is the one woofer I never tried for shirts and giggles in a Cornwall cabinet, even though I still have both. Tried the Kappa 15C, which is similar to the K-43, and thought it tightened up the bass and went higher too. I really think it’s the shelved port in the Cornwall cabinet that doesn’t do it any favours. I have switched out K-33 and K-43 in my LSI Splits and preferred the K-43s that came stock. If you are buying new for this experiment I do not think you will regret the Crites cast frame woofers. They will no doubt find a good home somewhere else if not. I would not be too quick to get rid of those K-43s though. When you start dabbling with La Scalas, and god-willing you will, those K-43s will rock. The K-43, like the K-48, respond favourably to low end EQ and stay tight and strong. Keep us posted on your journey.
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