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  1. I believe you are correct, maybe they were ‘85’s or even ‘86’s... they had K-76 tweeters and K-53 mids with a round banana plug terminal cup. My second pair of H2’s has the square terminal cup, they’re ‘87’s. I remember hearing things in Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon I had never heard before. Only sold the first pair once I got Forte 2’s, only sold the Forte 2’s after Cornwalls crossed my doorstep...lol
  2. I too have had both Heresy 1's and Heresy 2's. Both all stock. The 1's were 79's and the 2's were first year 84's (?). I did not miss the 1's when I sold them. I missed the 2's so much that I did not hesitate to snag another pair that came up for the right price. I do not anticipate letting this pair go, maybe an H3 conversion, but they are impressive as is. Like mentioned above, more bass, smoother, and better highs was my perception.
  3. Same story that goes for the speakers we love... How many of us chucked the dough for a pair of LaScalas FIRST? I think 500 bucks gets one tube in the amps I have heard that made my jaw drop, the 300b clones. Great post @Alexander
  4. geoff.

    LaScala woes

    Hello @tfee and welcome to the forum! There will be more informed individuals along shortly, I hope...lol I currently have a pair of LaScalas with the same drivers and crossovers as yours, I think mine are 88’s. Despite the AL crossovers (which are considered the least desireable) I am quite pleased with their sound. I have owned the AL-3 and AA models as well. It would be best to set some time aside to dismantle them and physically check each component. If you have not matter-of-factly tightened each screw on the crossovers, it should be done. I have vacuumed mice and spider nests out of all but one pair of LaScalas to cross my doorstep. Lets just say the wire mesh “bug screen” in the squakers and tweeters have sereved thier purpose nicely.A little windex on a q-tip eradicated the remnants of something else mice leave behind... This is the fourth pair of LaScalas to bless my living room. Without exception, the woofer screws have needed tightening in every pair. Some could be loosened by hand! Start there for the bass. While in there shine a flashlight through all the joints. If you can see light, some PL construction adhesive is in order as caulking along the seams. I HAD to do it in one pair, and chose to in another. Without an AIR-TIGHT doghouse bass is lost. To date I have never had to replace the rubber “weather-stripping” that seals the bass bin, but you might. The squakers should be ANYTHING but weak, something is up with that. Under-performing mids would make the tweeters sound hot. If you have an ohm-meter, some simple checks can be done while you are doing your hands-on assessment. Ask away!
  5. The output of the B&C75 is 108db, more between 500 and 5000hz. The best we can expect from ANY bass bin, dual (15”) woofers or folded horn, is maybe 104 db. It’s probably almost 100db in the CF-3... The output of the HF section is going to be at least twice that of the bass, with a really pronounced midrange and less than sparkling highs, all other things being equal. Without equal bass output, a passive crossover with filters designed for the specific HF driver, or an active with the correct eq will be essential to the sound we both know is out there. A band-aid solution in the meantime might be a 15 or 31 band eq with “the big smile” other members have suggested. An L-pad has crossed my mind too. Unmolested CF-3’s are probably going to sound better than anything we could jerry-rig without REW AND an active crossover, and bigger bass bins, lol. But I can’t for the life of me see why I wouldn’t try the K510 on a top of a the CF-3’s myself just to find out! Did you get ‘em?
  6. Get the CF-3’s. They pound. Dual woofers are about as close to the punch folded horns provide. If you don’t like them I would be very surprised! I only sold mine when I got my first pair of LaScalas. Too many speakers... still
  7. geoff.

    Home theater spk vs 2 channel spk

    KLF 50’s! Dual 15” woofers and a K-510 on top. Oh yeah.
  8. geoff.

    Indusrial Split La Scalas... hmmm

    ...that ain’t baltic birch in the doghouse!
  9. geoff.

    Music through more than 2 channels

    ^^^^ what he said, lol My cheap Onkyo calls it ALL CHANNEL STEREO
  10. geoff.

    WTB k-500 belle horns

    Thanks for your reply Chris, your contributions here are always informative and comprehensive. If those were in fact Steve’s, I think they are the pair I recently got from him in the garage sale section. And they sound great with the K510. Bob Crites makes so many un-publicized crossovers. He really should make a note of them on his site. Do we really need a centre channel with LaScalas? Lol
  11. geoff.

    Super Bowl Pats /Rams

    That was cool, I voted for the right team, lol. But everything I know about football I learned playing Buzztime’s QB1 interactive game at the bar... Pass deep game-breaker!
  12. geoff.

    Peavey FH-1 Cabinets

    So, just for the sake of it, I tried a pair of 2-way KP-320 crossovers, TYPE KP-3.2A (intended for another project), on the 16 ohm Faital Pro HF200/K510 combo. These are spec’d to cross at 800hz with the “16 ohm” HF stock driver (the tractrix midrange from a Chorus II) in the KP-320. Whatever filters are used in this crossover have produced the best high end I have heard yet with a passive on this combination. Ironically the project I had initially intended them for was a complete failure, by comparison, lol. You can’t go back to direct radiator speakers after hearing (and feeling) folded horn bass. The smaller throat HF driver didn’t help the other end of the sound either... Until now, I had no idea just how much the Faital Pro HF200 could sparkle.
  13. I feel your disappointment. I recently got talked down well below asking price on a pair of speakers, only to have the guy, after weeks of emails, call me on the scheduled pickup day and cancel because the engine in his van overheated and was being towed... There is a certain psychology behind this, and I don’t like how I feel about those it applies to... but I get it. I have found the longer I give someone to put their money where their mouth is, the more my chain gets yanked, lol. Any ad I post now states “Item will be removed when sold. First come, first served. No holds.” That, amongst other conditons, to try and establish the capacity to conduct a transaction I care to be a part of, as a human being. GLWS
  14. geoff.

    WTB k-500 belle horns

    @Coytee Are those your Belle/510’s pictured? I am very interested in the passives and drivers used there! Thanks, as always, for your help.