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  1. Divide and conquer works wonders too. Distracted by red herrings the real evil goes unchecked.
  2. If you buy into the “new world order” hype, inter-continental alien sightings are the final stage of corralling us all under one global government. Fear is supposed to unite us under one government... The only decision we have to make is which arm we want the chip implanted in. God bless the constitution of the United States and the second amendment.
  3. The fact that aliens have steered clear of Earth is proof of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe...
  4. geoff.


    I worked in a grocery store growing up. Once you’ve seen bad liver you can’t un-see it...
  5. Cornwalls are a forward sounding speaker by design. As such it is not so much that the bass is lacking as that the midrange is more prevalent. The modification game is a slippery slope with extremely diminishing returns. If you have a start to finish plan and intend to keep them, which is rare, you have a solid foundation to build on. Contrary to what purists may hold dear, EQ is your friend. Whether it’s achieved by analog tone controls, in the digital domain or by tube rolling is a matter of semantics. If you will be undertaking other projects in the foreseeable future you could try the Crites woofers, they will find a good home eventually. Another caveat would be to keep any “alteration” reversible should you choose to go that route. Over the years I have tried the Crites cast frame, Eminence Kappa 15C and Klipsch K-48 woofers in my Cornwalls. Honestly, every one of them sounds better to me than the stock K-33, all things being equal. Probably because most of the alternates are slightly more efficient (louder) with the Crites sounding the lowest and the K-48 sounding tightest, once again, all things being equal. Something I have come to realize over the years is I prefer punch in the gut bass over LFR rumble. If you are looking for deeper lows a good subwoofer may be (will be) the simple answer.
  6. geoff.

    Covid19 redux

    I just received an email from HR, effective Monday the company I work for employing over 6000 workers will have a mandatory face covering policy in the workplace. Call it whatever you want, but it sounds like social responsibility to me, as opposed to any other labels one might bandy about. Will productivity suffer? Not nearly as much as an incapacitated worker completely removed from the workplace AND dragging potentially infected co-workers down with them in the interim. If anything MORE people will need to be employed in order to achieve the same levels of productivity prior to Covid. Possibly by creating more shifts. If applied on a national level, this sort of approach has the potential to turn un-employment figures around. IF governments restructure welfare benefits. That’s a big if.
  7. I hope I can retire, anywhere... I’m just waiting for our respective governments to clue into the notion of raising the retirement age to pay for the Covid bailouts.
  8. There were 3 different schematics for Cornwall 1 crossovers, B-1, B-2, and B-3. There was only one schematic for the Cornwall 2. In both the Cornwall 1 and Cornwall 2 the crossover points are 600 and 6000 hz. B-1 was a gentle slope, old school. B-2 was steeper slopes. B-3 was for the transition from the K-55 mid to the K-57, but still using the K-77 tweeter prior to the release of the Cornwall 2 with the K-79 tweeter. The differences would be the amount of attenuation to the respective midrange and tweeter drivers to balance them with the K-33 woofer. K-57 is hotter than a K-55 and K-77 is hotter than a K-79, from what I have read here. I have owned Cornwall 1s with the B-3 and Cornwall 2s and despite the change of tweeters found them far more similar than different.
  9. The crossovers listed here are exactly what came in my ‘87 Cornwall 2s, minus the definite capacitor upgrade. I remember bursting out laughing while reading in here where another member referred to them as looking like they were assembled by Playskool. I think later years of the CW2 lost the breadboard and went with the terminal cup mounting when they went from round to square.
  10. Perfect! ...I was looking for something to replace the fuzzy dice hanging from my rearview mirror
  11. geoff.

    Chorus ii Indiana $650

    I have NEVER gotten a response on letgo from a seller. Offered every time give them full asking price and pick it up immediately. Crickets. Is it for real?
  12. geoff.

    Covid19 redux

    These same people refusing to wear masks are the children of people that refused to wear “protection” on their first date... And there is nothing funny about it. The rest of society pays for poor judgement. And perverted pride fuels the argument to the contrary. We all suffer the collateral damage of an unchecked ego.
  13. I have lived all along the northern shores of Lake Ontario for most of my life. It is common to see the smokestacks of factories or generating stations across the lake in New York on clear day. Nothing is visible most days. In the last couple months I have actually seen the buildings and the land they are on. Never before. I have also seen wind turbines almost 60 miles away to the west on my drive home from the city. Never before. And there is no doubt the stars are more visible at night. Makes a strong case for electric vehicles, recharged by power from coal-fired generating stations... NOT!
  14. When convenience and perverted ignorance supersede civility and compassion... ...what we have here is a failure to communicate
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