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  1. Kenny Rogers, You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille. Four hundred children, and a crop in the field.
  2. geoff.


    Wait for an effective response to anything, by any government?
  3. geoff.


    THIS ! ^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is why ALL cars that can exceed the posted limit on the highway in less time than it takes to check your blindspots three times should come with NO safety features! No seatbelts No airbags No safety glass The learning curve is a fast and effective lesson in natural selection.
  4. FINALLY, I can wear my girlfriend’s bras around my face in public!
  5. Well, there is at least one up side to all this. The restaurants are closed so Walmart is getting the AAA beef now, lots of it, and priced only twice as much as lean ground!
  6. I can’t belt out the songs that “got me through my changes” now without tearing up or my voice cracking... Still can’t listen to Phil Collins or Bruce Springsteen though, so I guess it’s not all bad!
  7. Crayfish (crawdads) and frogs too! Squirrels are just wired out rabbits. Possums are another story...
  8. Ever drop a Corelle “no chip, no crack” plate just right? NASA is still tracking the infinite shards as they hurtle through space...
  9. When your zipper’s stuck and you want to.... There’s a bathroom on the right!
  10. Maybe they can meet us half way on this... Defer the mortgage, BUT give me a NEW lower interest mortgage at the same payment currently held for the same amortization period.
  11. Oh great, after I retire and DON’T HAVE A JOB... Would you like to bend over now, or in the golden years?
  12. I am still missing the warm and fuzzy feeling of having a deferred mortgage that I won’t be able to pay in six months because I HAVE NOT BEEN WORKING! Okay, so a year form now I can pay it back... With what? Here lies the crux of the COVID crises: who the hell is going to voluntarily stop working so they can forfeit their house?! Mortgages must be PAID by the government while State of Emergency exists. Pay my mortgage, I will weave flags in my basement while I stay safe at home! Everybody gets paid, everybody stays home, everything gets backs to “normal” sooner. Or we drag it on with half a$$ measures that place a bandage on a haemorrhage.
  13. When the Premier of Ontario was asked by the press why drugs and alcohol sales were not closed his response was unsettling: “Ontario mental health experts strongly advised against it!” The next item on the news channel was how northern France is considering a complete ban on alcohol sales because domestic violence went through the roof! I think the reality, at least in Canada, is the RIDICULOUS amount of tax collected on these items (well, everything really) would be sorely missed to cover the “bailouts”...
  14. Is this an anecdotal reference to the COVID?
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