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    Guest bedroom- small pioneer stack,Rotel turntable w/Grace tonearm, JBL 4311B

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  1. I've recently found some good deals on 300B tubes on the auction site, eg; Shuguang 300B-T for $170 and a pair of Electro Harmonix gold pins for $115, both sets are matched pairs. however the Western Electric tubes remain way outta my league.
  2. Hey, I,m working on a set of clones!
  3. 1. Dear Hugot--If this a sale is not yours and the item is not being sold by another Klipsch forum member, it belongs in the Alerts section, not the Garage Sale section. 2. If this item was posted in the Alerts section, a clear-eyed member might point out that the eBay seller has 3 feedback posts as a buyer, but zero feedback as a seller. Hopefully, anyone reading this will connect the dots to understand what that means. 1- I cannot change the section so a mod would have to step in. 2- I have been on ebay for 27 years and clear-eyed member might realize that this seller is new and doesn't know the worth of what they are selling.I posted this so someone within driving range could show up and do the deal in person. If it were me, I'd show up tell them to keep all the other speakers and explain how by selling them in person to me they could avoid the ebay fees and walk away with a pair of Lascala's for between $800-$1000. But you have to have vision and not be shortsighted.
  4. Figured I'd share, no affiliation. https://www.ebay.com/itm/235024153188?hash=item36b887fa64:g:6VwAAOSwUmFkbmY8&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA4E1MgGSR6dBlTXjzfyGQvVl2GM0bPdpSUID4MbrvakV%2BZIzljSh5MoMAktTYOd3nD8nVG5Ak9L3EUVKDxnuBZhPrm3rNjBFn%2F42EXuMF0vkFk6vC%2Fr1VetFIXaMH%2Bd7nGIa5PNrDYg7L3xzs2VEdMatiE6iiw7dF9LxncgPhzVNgiKr4p2ACyzk%2B9WfrDZGk22215%2Bh7pDFKLSxJZTJ7wU0ZgXYOhymjwkG%2FTkih4kMBv6q3HYk3i54%2FFadDMtevJSfzUIKFA%2Bs%2FnyL5fCTuH%2FWoNr6PLThgIzwXu2QjrqQc|tkp%3ABk9SR-jQuaSKYg Figured I'd share, no affiliation.
  5. Can't edit title LaScala search is over! Thanks to all especially JMeader.
  6. Thanks to JMeader and Crites I have sourced all the necessary parts. JMeader is an outstanding person.
  7. downloaded the plans, do a search.
  8. Thanks JohnA, I've gotten an offer for everything I need. If the sale falls through for some strange reason, you'll be the first to know.Much appreciated.I will amend my post once I actually have the items in my hands.
  9. I'm dead silent.MC240 and Conrad Johnson PV2 pre.
  10. yes I remember now, I suppose his son will answer. Apologies...
  11. No luck in my search for a pair of LaScalas so I am considering building a set. Therefore I am reaching out to see what you may have laying around that would help. I have already sent a message to Bob Crites asking if by chance he could put together a package deal for me. However I am "Frugal" and always looking to possibly save a buck. Let me know what you may have laying around that could help. I need the woofers, tweeters, horns, networks. Also looking for a Good set of plans. I have found some but they do not seem to be detailed enough. Thanks.
  12. what a way to sell em. Could sold without those high fees.
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