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  1. Hi. I just got a 80-watt NAD power amp and streaming preamp combo. There's no volume limiter built into the pre-amp software (coming soon they say). I'd rather not have to buy a passive volume pot. I need a stopgap solution and was thinking an inline fuse would do the trick. Do I just get any old fast fuse and put it on either positive or ground of the speaker wire? What fuse spec do I need? I don't think I'll be able to "hear" a fuse, so I'm not concerned about that. Just trying to protect my speakers and the ears of my family. Thanks! Aaron
  2. Very helpful. FWIW, I calculate my Schroeder Frequency at 102Hz. It's a very large room. So, with that in mind, maybe I could add one or more subs to help manage the bass? I actually have one in an opposite room corner: a Hsu VTF-2 MK4. I've got a MiniDSP 2x4HD and REW, which I'm finding very difficult to use. I'm getting an NAD C 658 preamp with Dirac Live, which I hope will be easier to figure out.
  3. Hi. Something has been bugging me lately. I have Cornwall I's in the corners of my very large listening room (I can't move them and I can't get Klipschorns 😔 ). They're pretty good, but gosh that bass blooms. I have them EQed down in the LFs with a MiniDSP. It helps a lot. I've developed an interest in the La Scala, initially because I just love the way they look. Upon closer inspection, they're reputed to have less bass than the Cornwalls, which sounds ideal. So, why is it that the Cornwall is/was marketed as an acceptable corner speaker and the La Scala is not? Or am I wrong about this? I see that some people are putting La Scalas in corners. However, the last thing I want to do is take my rather good Cornwalls and replace them at great expense with all the logistical acrobatics and regret the swap. My sense is that the La Scalas would actually work a bit better and would be great eye candy. What do you think? Thanks, Aaron Glen Echo, MD
  4. Hi, I'm considering a purchase of an AK-4 K-Horn. I've got room corners, but it's going to be a close fit, I think. Are there some dimensional drawings of the speaker somewhere that I can look at? I'm particularly interest in a top-down view. Thanks! Aaron
  5. Here's the ASR review: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-neurochrome-modulus-286-amp.6443/ On reddit I saw the all-in price for a Modulus-86, which I assume would have measurements similar to the 286 would be only about $380 and a lot more fun than buying a used amp! https://neurochrome.com/collections/power-amplifiers/products/modulus-86 Still the question remains. How will this be on the Cornwall I's? I saw one or two heritage horn owners give it a thumbs up over on ASR. But, the best way to find out is to... BUILD 😁 Aaron
  6. So, I'm minding my own business obsessively researching amplifiers and I stumble across the Neurochrome Modulus kit amps. Wow. Totally microscopic distortion. A power amp that is kind of "not there at all"? Sounds like a great yin to the yang of my 300B based SET. Has anyone tried this amp on a Klipsch horn loaded speaker like my Cornwall I's? Would it be a bad idea? Seems like it could either be really good or really bad. Thanks! Aaron
  7. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll take a look at all of them! TU-8600 is done and doing troubleshooting/burn in now. 9 watts can get pretty darn LOUD. Bass can be wobbly on my budget 300b tube. If I bi-amp, shouldn’t the crown be enough to manage the woofer?
  8. Hi. I'm about to complete a 10w 300b based tube kit amp. The Elekit TU-8600s. Of course I can't keep myself from thinking about getting a second amp to compliment it. I'm thinking that the Elekit will be may main amp for my normal low volume listening. I'm under the impression that for a fun/loud/party scenario with dance, rock, and electronica I should probably get a different amp and maybe make put an A-B switch in to choose an amp according to the mood. I'm guessing that SS might be the way to go. I need to keep it under $500. So, I'll consider anything. Used is fine. DIY would be great. An older AV amp maybe? I find my Yamaha Natural Sound HTR-3067 amp to be rather harsh with the Cornwall horns and I want to avoid that. Source audio is Spotify/Tidal via a Sonos connect. I may do an inexpensive DAC like the Topping E30. Thanks! Aaron
  9. Hi Joessportster. I demoed a Fezz Titania on my Cornwall I's. Besides my TubeCube7 it's the first tube amp I put on my Cornwalls. I'm a total noob, so I'm still developing opinions about things. The soundstage is massive. Effortless, clear, and detailed. No hiss or interference at all. BUT it didn't tame the harshness of the horns enough for me to buy it. The amp itself is a beast with an extremely high quality fit and finish for a not very expensive amp. I've got that one in the back of my mind and I may revisit it as I continue my amp search. It might work well on horns with an EQ.
  10. Another question: the spec sheet says: "the loudspeaker shall be Cornwall II" So, are they Cornwall II's? Aaron
  11. Thanks. I assume raw means just that. The customer has them finished as they wish. Correct?
  12. Thanks! Can you tell me what the CD-BR means? Is that Cornwall Decorator - Birch?
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