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  1. mr clean

    RIP Ric Ocasek

    I love The Cars! I thought they were ahead of their time. If Paulina Porizkova would have left me it would have killed me also. I thought she was it back in the day. Heck she is still hot! Thats her in 2019. Ric your in my prayers. And Paulina your in my dreams. RIP!!
  2. I know enough to be dangerous, and read a lot when I don't know something. I wish I knew more about electronics!
  3. This chart shows how gain affects how wide in degrees a directional antennas pattern is . The higher the gain the more narrow the pattern.
  4. I would not feel safe having that large of antenna mounted like that. I would at least use chain link fence rail. I used 20 ft of oil field pipe, painted with chrome aluminum mastic paint. Im up high elevation wise, so I really didn't need to be that high. Channels I want are less than 40 miles from me. Sometimes a lower gain antenna is better than a high gain if the stations are spread out a bit, and not to far away, and you are not wanting to use a rotor. If I remember right edgar, I think you know a lot about antennas. Directivity and gain go hand in hand for those who don't know. There is no perfect antenna for every location.
  5. Wade makes some great stuff! I have one of their freestanding towers. They make a nice 5 element yagi for FM. Channel Master makes a 4228 HD antenna that is suppose to be very good. I will get one if anything happens to my antenna craft.
  6. If you need a better antenna this should Wade Antenna should work 😎. Each dish is 8 ft. Channel master made one alot like this back in the 70s that worked great. It was a 4251. 7 ft round. I bet some of you remember seeing them. The Channel Master is the bottom one. http://wadeantenna.com/product/dual-8-foot-parabolic-uhf-broadband/
  7. Saw him a few times. Really liked his music. RIP!
  8. They made a big deal out of the cheap little plastic crap antennas being digital, but it was the same frequencies and the old style work great. Almost all channels for TV are now UHF. I use a about 6 ft long antenna craft with the yagi and bowtie together. Use the UHF for TV and the VHF for FM. It works well. I also use Philo, Hulu, and Netflix and its more than enough. Philo comes over the internet and I like it better than satellite because it does not lose signal when it gets cloudy outside during storms. You know when you most want to watch tv.
  9. I have the RP280F and really love them. I needed a little eq to make them happy in my crappy room. Were just fuzz hot.
  10. Check out Line Magnetic gear. Made in China but reviews are very positive. Very vintage looking!
  11. We are over that way a lot. Only larger city in the area. At least its on the far side of Evansville but not far enough.
  12. There you go. In about 3 years we will see. The Khorns and La Scallas sounded great! I didn't think the La Scalla gave up alot to its bigger brother but it was a short demo. Fortes size wise would be a better fit but man there is a jump in sound between the Lascalla and Forte. Its not fair being able to hear them all at one time. You would think that they want you to spend more money and buy the more expensive ones. Surely they are not that diabolical LOL!
  13. They really didn't say they knew or not. I would hope they did! They gave me a hand out about the line and a lot of the pics had tube amps. I was only there maybe 15 min tops. Had to meet up with the wife. The room looked ok but there was still a lot of work to do . Im sure it will be nice when its finished. I said something to them about maybe checking out Mcintosh but im not sure they care what Brian down the road said. They might not know what a big shot I am in the stereo world 😋!
  14. Will do. I told them It would be nice if they also had some tube gear. They just sell Denon and Marantz. I also told them some people prefer tube gear with Klipsch. Nice place to hear them if nothing else. It would be handy for me being 20 miles or so away.
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