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    I hear you on using the timer. Like you said on the pizza, cooking, grilling, timing things at work, etc I like the momentum watches and just looked at their site. Good prices! 44 mm is about as big as I go and really like 40 mm better. Huge watches are not for me. The torpedo in yellow looks very nice! May check into one. My solar seiko gains about 10 sec a month which is pretty good. I like solars due to less battery changes which can lead to leaking. https://www.momentumwatch.com/products/torpedo-countdown-44mm?variant=14215660797987
  2. Its 12.99 this year not 9.99 for 2 bags but the bags went from 8.8 to 10 pounds each. I got me six bags to get me to the forth of july and do it again. Then labor day I stock up to get me to the next spring. I use about 25 to 30 bags a year.
  3. I like to do that also but sometimes I like it hot hot. I does let the juices redistribute waiting I agree .
  4. Here is a tip for making a great steak. Put your 12 inch or bigger skillet based on steak size in the oven at 425 or so. Warm it up for 20 to 25 mins at 425 degrees then put broiler on high and let broiler get hot with skillet still in oven.. Now open oven throw steak in skillet and cook both side at the same time. It won't take but a few mins and you will have to figure out the time based on how well done you like it. After pulling you can put a slice of butter on top if you like and let rest of bit if you like or if you like it super hot heck just go for it ., I just use course salt and course pepper and let steak warm up 20 to 30 mins on counter before sticking in oven. It will get little smokey so turn off fire alarms or use fans 😎!
  5. Good to see you on here! Glad you like your speakers. All of their wire is good. I use the kord wire 12 gauge. For rca cables I use the bottom site. Welcome. http://www.knukonceptz.com http://www.knukonceptz.com/sp/krystal-kable-2-channel-6m-twisted-pair-rca-cable/
  6. Im sure there are much better but I'm happy and to my 55 yr old ears sounds great. The pt-100 works great with it also. This preamp has a nice dac built in. You will love that a-300.
  7. I have the rp 280f speakers with the a-300 amp and the pt-100 preamp and it sounds great! the speakers are about the same. The pre has bass and treble and taking the treble to -1 in my average room made the speakers sound good but a bit flat and lifeless. Any higher I got fatigue. With the tone controls set flat with the schiit loki eq I think it sounds heavenly, People say klipsch sound great with tubes but I like solid state and with eq it works great with klipsch also. With the pt-100 in front of the a-300 I think is a great match for the money. With the loki you can get rid of the sizzle and keep the magic! Im listening to miss amy winehouse right now and a few mins ago offered her a cup of coffee before I figured out she was not here and that she had passed on. Im sure I sound like a broken record talking about the loki again I try and stop but this little eq is near perfect for me as I want some control but not 32 slides to mess with. I really don't mess with it hardly at all after setting it. Going from the eq being bypassed and active is truly night and day!! This is my last time I will say anything about the loki.
  8. Schitt loki is perfect for an easy fix. Setpoints on eq perfect for fixing harshness just like tubes tame the high end a fuzz. You can even use SS and it sounds great. Just turn down 2hz and 8hz down to where the sizzle is gone but the magic is still there. set 20hz and 400hz flat or a fuzz to the plus side. Your problems will be solved. To my 55 year old ears it sounds so much better with the loki on.
  9. I will ! Im so sorry. You read things online and think thats not good but you don't grasp the pain involved till it happens to your family!! Im praying and I'm sure others are also. I know its hard to lose them but when her suffering is over she will not be hurting any longer but yours will continue. It will get better for you but it does take time. Peace to you.
  10. mr clean


    Cool watch you ordered Schu. Very nice! I worked with a guy who had the last name Schu.
  11. mr clean


    I love watches and love to read about the nice ones but I would never spend more than about 1000 dollars on one. I Love seiko divers and have a few autos but for everyday I like the seiko solars. Im looking at one of the padi divers for my next one. I like watches that when they get scratched you don't get that upset. If I spent 10 grand on a watch i would be sick every time it was scratched. And they will get scratched. I kind of like a everyday watch to have some scratches. It gives it some character. If any of you are wanting a auto diver and just getting your feet wet check out a 007. They keep decent time and look very cool for the money. Read about gray market watches if you want somthing from japan and want to save some money. There are pros and cons but I never had any problems buying this way. Heres a pic of a 007. https://monochrome-watches.com/seiko-skx007-family-seiko-beater-divers/
  12. I used 2 bags of garden soil and 1 bag of cotton burr compost x 3 to get my small garden in shape this year. Cotton burr compost is the best in my opinion because it Does not just make your soil loose but also has alot of minerals and nutrients to help your plants grow better. Back to nature is the best brand ive found. That would work well in that raised bed. Also people hate clay soil but some is good for holding moisture.
  13. Nice looking plants. Are you sure you were growing tomatos in Colorado 🤡
  14. We have really good weather for tomatos here in indiana but its been a very wet spring. This will be the first week of really good weather for growing. I just have 4 plants out. Two mortgage lifters for some big ones im planting two big beefs based on what ive been reading. Good luck with your crop and in four more years I can put out a bigger garden. I bought a little mantis 4 cycle tiller and for working ground thats been worked in years past it is sweet. Saves from getting a bigger one out and great for weeding.
  15. mr clean

    What I Got Today!

    A brisket im smoking out at the state park. We are camping and im just getting the fire going and checking the meat. Coffee and the birds chirping I think is a gift also!
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