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  1. I also have trouble finding peach wood. I have gotten some at a local orchard. The last I received was from Fruita Wood online. A little pricy but the moisture content is a 15 percent which is great for smoking. A lot of comp teams use this wood so I’m sure it’s good enough for a guy like me. I do make some mean Q though, I must say.
  2. I love my Weber Smokey Mountain. Bought it thinking I would get something better in the future. After I received it I found that it’s all I really need. makes great Q. You guys that have smokers try some peach wood. Great on pork! I used it on a brisket and it turned out great also. Hickory and pecan are heavy hitters also.
  3. I was on another forum and some one reminded me of this. I loved this radio show back in the day. There are some on youtube. Who else were into this back in the 70s?
  4. I have a pic of it posted on Steve Hoffman’s forum. I had to text it to someone on there to post. I are not smart😎
  5. That’s not what I saw. These lights were much bigger , round and on both ends. Very smooth with nothing sticking out. The pics not very clear but I will attempt to post it on my days off starting tomorrow.
  6. The one I saw in 1980 was really strange. Me and my cousin was in his car after dropping some girls off at a place that had bands on Sunday night.. this thing was cigar shaped and I would guess 150 ft long. Silver with 6 windows along the side. It would hover at times but when it when it went fast! And stop just as fast. It was not that far away and all you could hear was a faint hum. It also had a green marker light on one end and a red one on the other. I was not scared but I just could not believe what I was seeing. It kept going, and then stopping. Then it set for a bit then slowly change direction and take out again. Lasted for it seemed like about 5 minutes but it could have been longer or shorter than that, because I was in awe. It was 40 years ago but I still remember it pretty well. And think of it often still. I’m sure a lot of you doubt what I saw and I understand why. But I also know that if you would have been with me it would have been one of the top there things you ever saw.
  7. It was much bigger than a drone you can buy. I’ve had those fly over. This was much much larger.
  8. Im not saying this was from Uranus lol. It could have been from the good ol USA, Im just saying I never saw anything like it before and it made no sound.
  9. I was at work at 09:10 at night and was on the top floor of the chemical plant I work at. I looked up and saw a dark shape that was shaped like a dog bone with two big orange lights on it one at each end. It flew right over my head maybe 1000 ft up and I lost sight of it in about 5 seconds, so I did not have time to take a pic. I ran thru the building and by the time I reached the other side It was gone. I was freaking and told the guys I work with what I saw. They seemed to believe me but without proof I was mad that I could not prove it. That was until a friend showed me a pic from Facebook. A friend of his mom took a pic of it and ask others what it was. I’m so happy someone else got a pic and I will try and post it in the next day or two. I’m at work now. I saw one in 1980 but had no proof. The guy that showed me the pic freaked when he saw it and showed me knowing It was exactly what I told him on the 4th. I’m pumped right now lol!
  10. Get the CD player of your choosing. Get a schiit loki eq to tame the harshness.
  11. The stereo sounds great! I played around with it today. Best sound I have heard from a factory stereo by a mile. It has 7.2 channel surrounded and 2 channel sound. Based on the recording both sound great and the clari-fi makes a difference for sure. The sub adds a great bottom end and it has 4 horn tweeters at ear level. They call them horns but more like wave guides.1200 watts in the car makes me think I need more power in the house lol!
  12. Has anyone heard of it? It’s on my JBL stereo I just received in a car I bought. It’s made by Harmon kardon for different equipment lines. JBL and Mark Levinson being two of them. It is supposed to take compression out of digital music and make it sound like it did before. I will post a link when I get home from work. Haven’t had a chance to mess with it much yet because I had to go to work shortly after picking the car up. Any One know anything about it?
  13. I have a 2004 Camry with 286,000 miles. Still runs great. I just had my ac go out about 2 weeks ago. I’m going to fix it. I think it’s a valve. The compressor is good. It’s a v6 also.
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