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  1. I just watched the first one. I think im hooked!
  2. Ernie Passed on. Glad his suffering is over. RIP Ernest Patrick Daniel McBride!
  3. I thought about this and I guess this is it at this moment in time the title would be. Im sure about one thing in life and that is unh what was I saying?
  4. I asked this on another forum also. There were a lot of great ones so I thought I would ask here.
  5. I brush about three times a day. Floss and and checkups etc. At work at times or after eating at a restaurant I like to freshen the breath . I even keep a toothbrush in the car lol. I guess im a little ocd.
  6. I used to buy lots of breath mints. I hate bad breath. I am trying to lose some weight and eat healthier and figure this is better than all the things they put in mints. I put a little stevia in it also. Just pour out what you haven't used and make a fresh batch about every week if you don't use all of it. Works great! https://www.doterra.com/US/en/blog/diy-breath-spray
  7. I must be a metal midget! I never got that they were talking about one of the episodes of the show until I was just reading this. But to my defense back in the day,I was usually higher than a Georgia pine!😎
  8. mr clean

    Flav City

    Great website if your trying to eat healthy. He is into Keto so watch the fats but he gives other options also. Im working hard to get off blood pressure meds He doesn't watch salt much but I do. He does teach alot about reading labels and thats what I like. I have some before pics. I will post them if I lose enough lol. Lots of vids on youtube also. https://www.flavcity.com
  9. Top ten band of mine for sure. I saw them twice. Love all their music. Really love getting lost in 2112. RIP!
  10. Im getting it out tomorrow I hope. Its in great shape. All the lights and meters worked last time it was plugged in. May have it redone if it needs it. Will post some pics when I do.
  11. I have one here that a guy at work gave me a few years ago. 75 watts per channel. I just used it for a short time, but everything worked when I tried it. Thinking about getting it out to play with it. The receiver I mean😎. Anyone ever had one of these. From what I was reading, they were pretty nice but a fuzz bass heavy. i worked at a Radio Shack when these were new but only got to play with one a little at work. Anyone have or had one?.
  12. As long as she comes with a recording telling me how great I was!
  13. I would rather have one of her than me.
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