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  1. He said he may have COVID. I said I wanted the first time he said they were for sale. What else would you suggest ol wise one? We were not best friends. I guess more like a guy I know well.
  2. Thanks! If this was the worst thing that ever happened to me, I would be blessed. I will keep looking.
  3. I talked to him today. Sold them to his neighbor. Said he didn’t think I really wanted them. I don’t know where he got that! I will have to keep looking🥺.
  4. He is waiting on a COVID test so it will be a few days. I have only saw them in pictures, so I hope they are as nice as the pics looked. He has some older electronics also. Carver and Phase linear gear, and some other stuff. It was his Fathers gear.
  5. I’m giving him a call as we speak. I will let you know, the outcome.
  6. They look perfect. From the 90s. Very fair price. Are they worth getting and can I find replacement crossovers if needed? 600 for the pair to me. How good are they?
  7. mr clean

    Old eyes

    She is not using the post surgery drops. I will tell her about drops you recommended. I use a drop of castor oil in my eyes before going to bed. She won’t try it but it helps me.
  8. I’m glad I. listened to him and not you! I’m the one smiling now😎
  9. mr clean

    Old eyes

    Haven’t had any problems with that. I got frames with pretty large lens, to go with my freakishly large head, and fairly flat also😎!
  10. mr clean

    Old eyes

    The wife had cataract surgery. They really talk it up but the wife now has dry eye, and still wears glasses. I’m sure every case is different but she told me she would not have had it done. Not yet anyway.
  11. mr clean

    Old eyes

    I have wore glasses for about 30 years. I always use glasses that get dark in the sun but when driving they won’t darken due to the windshield. I just received my first pair of prescription Ray Bans and I am in so happy with them. I used my insurance for the year and they only cost me 170.00 dollars. One of the best purchases I have made in awhile! That way you can wear glasses and still look like a rock star lol.
  12. I also have trouble finding peach wood. I have gotten some at a local orchard. The last I received was from Fruita Wood online. A little pricy but the moisture content is a 15 percent which is great for smoking. A lot of comp teams use this wood so I’m sure it’s good enough for a guy like me. I do make some mean Q though, I must say.
  13. I love my Weber Smokey Mountain. Bought it thinking I would get something better in the future. After I received it I found that it’s all I really need. makes great Q. You guys that have smokers try some peach wood. Great on pork! I used it on a brisket and it turned out great also. Hickory and pecan are heavy hitters also.
  14. I was on another forum and some one reminded me of this. I loved this radio show back in the day. There are some on youtube. Who else were into this back in the 70s?
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