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  1. That is one cool table! I don't see anything that makes me say WOW! like this very often in the audio world. Its almost enough to get me back into records. Ya I said it records!😎
  2. I carry one with me alot also like the one in the pic. I love this model because its plenty bright, uses aaa batteries, and batteries last a good while. I have three or four laying around because another thing im figuring out as I get a older is I can't always find things.😎!
  3. Man im starting to get old I guess. It sure helps when looking thur my CDs.
  4. You listen thur your car stereo now.
  5. Amy is top 10 on my list of female singers in my book for sure. Mixes so many styles and makes it her own. Sad how her life was a mess. RIP!
  6. Im only 56 and we had 6 drive in movies around here. It was not the heyday and now they are all closed but 1 I got out of high school in 81
  7. mr clean


    This is the watch I wear for a daily beater. Im not crazy about the bezel but the action is smooth. I like solars anymore for the accuracy but autos have the cool factor. Im sure the watch you have is accurate but I don't spend that much. This is just a pic offline. These guys make some really good watch bands for a great price if anyone needs one. Bonetto Cinturini http://bonettocinturini.it/en/
  8. The one I go to has 5 screens. The main screen has a small apartment in it. Its old school and pretty cool! http://holidaydrivein.com
  9. Still ever go to a drive in movie? I like to go a few times a year. Not as fun as it was when I was younger with no bong under the seat and a case of beer in the trunk! We have one about 25 miles from here in Rio Indiana. Its called the Holiday drive in. Anyone ever go or am I the only true fossil on here?
  10. mr clean


    I love the watch. That would be my next one if I get a auto. It would be the cheaper one though. Nice!!
  11. I think I know why a lot of people don't like eq. Eq makes it too easy to buy equipment and be satisfied with the way it sounds, That way the spending never stops, and the fun of running new gear is never ending. I am using a pair of Audio-Technica Ath-m40 headphones at the moment and they sound nice to me but they are a fuzz bright on the highs and a fuzz low on the bass. In a few seconds its fixed. If I didn't have the eq I could have the fun of going online and either get some new headphones, or some new tube headphone amplification after looking at reviews for a few weeks. And then I get the fun of telling people online what I got and how much better it is over what I had. Im sure the people that make gear hate eq also thinking without it people spend more. This is just my take. I usually buy gear and listen to it for years until I think gear has improved enough to upgrade some things. The non eq group has more fun but I just like music. If buying new gear is your hobby I get that. Also with eq if I just want some background music and get an old school almost cone tweeter sound thats alittle dull in the highs I can. Its about like having multi speakers inline that I never have to change. Im done now and some of you are most likely happy about it lol!
  12. It should be obvious! If I was using TP, I would have to flush the Schiit, with the TP, down the toilet when I was done.
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