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  1. mr clean

    Analysis Interconnects

    I use these so I guess I've lost any little sliver of respect I had. The top ones are the ones I use. The second is knukonceptz's best. http://www.knukonceptz.com/home-theater/rca-cables/krystal-rca-kables/sp/krystal-kable-2-channel-12m-twisted-pair-rca-cable/ http://www.knukonceptz.com/home-theater/rca-cables/krux-rca-cables/sp/krux-kable-1m-interlaced-3d-copper-twisted-pair-rca-cable/
  2. mr clean

    How much toe-in do you use

    Inboards inline with the edges of our couch on both sides.
  3. mr clean

    Quotable Quote

    I like this on because it fits me so well. Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most! One more I like but it does not fit me anymore thank god. Maybe the first one fits because the second one used to. I saw a sigh that said drink canada dry so I went up there.
  4. mr clean

    Equalizer Settings

    This is what I think and it won't get you much. If the recording studio was making the recording in my room they would have setting adjusted to make the recording sound good for my room. Everything they use is different than what I am using. My room sucks compared to theres. Why would you think it will sound like they heard it with these shortcomings? Use a few knobs on a good eq or keep changing equipment until it gets to a point you can stand to listen to it! I am not going to suffer with bad sound just because audiophiles say thats the way to do it. Life's to short to put up with problems that are easy fixes. I know this is a older post but thought it would be a good way to get the freq chart back to the top.
  5. mr clean

    Great local FM stations

    Im not sure. I listen over the air
  6. mr clean

    Great local FM stations

    Mornings on WUEV. Its in Evansville IN. Jazz Flight most mornings Blues on Sat. They stream online. Im listening right now. https://www.evansville.edu/wuev/
  7. mr clean

    What do You Listen to That's not Music?

    messed up delete this post thanksI
  8. mr clean

    Amplifier suited for RF7ii

    I use the a-300 with the emotiva pt-100 pre and it sounds great to me. Ive always been told the pre has more to do with the sound than the power amp. The pt-100 sounds a little bit laid back but detail is there. I like the two together. It has tone controls and I too have a crappy room that would sounds fatiguing after awhile. The tone control would fix the fatigue but seemed to take a lot of the life from the music. Using a 4 band schitt loki eq using the 2000 hz and turning it down a few db can fix the fatigue but keeps the music lively. Right now there is a elvis special on pbs and love that the pt-100 has fm also. The marantz might not play well with the a-300.
  9. Even if you record with tube equipment it will sound more like the the recording using SS. You can pull up a tube system on you tube and if they are using tubes that is what it sounds like even using SS.
  10. mr clean

    What do You Listen to That's not Music?

    Some shortwave also but its been awhile.
  11. mr clean

    What do You Listen to That's not Music?

    I still listen to AM on the way to work and home alot of days. Sometimes when I'm getting ready to go to work I listen to jazz on a local college station. Coast to coast some nights coming home on eves. I talke on AM and SSB on the radio. I talked long path to gearldton aus at over 15000 miles!
  12. I like the sound of tubes but SS sounds the way it was recorded. Thats what I'm after.
  13. mr clean

    Bookshelf vs floorstanding

    I always think bigger is better so I would go with floor standers. You you can use a sub but it it were me I would go as big as you can have as long as they don't get in the way . There are people on here much more in the know then I am so lets see what others say. Nice to see you on here by the way! I have the rp280f speakers and they are deep but not that wide so they are easy to place about a ft from the wall. Hope that helps.
  14. mr clean

    When I get rich

    Heres a pic of their smaller speakers. The large ones are 80000 bucks. Im not sure about the smaller ones. http://livesounddesigns.com/reviews