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  1. I guess some of you are not familiar with the concept of the hundred-dollar hamburger. This was mentioned on the TV show The Aviators, which discusses the hobby of flying. For many pilots, a fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon is to fly to another airport within an hour or two of home base, have a burger (or pizza), and return home. Thus the reason it costs $100 (or $200).
  2. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    Hmm, $1... That suggests that the bike might have been written off and later rebuilt. A stolen bike is another possibility, but whether you should investigate that or not, I can’t comment. I would suggest that you look very closely at the bike and see if you can spot anything odd. Flaking paint on the frame around the steering head could indicate that it was crashed hard and the frame may be bent, for just one example. You should also check that the wheels are straight and in proper alignment. Check for parts that are cleaner or otherwise different-looking than the rest of the bike. However, if it was put together properly and is safe and reliable, it may turn out to be the bargain it first appeared to be. The radiator may be repairable, or it should be possible to find a good used one from a bike wrecker. Due to their typical low mileage, bike radiators rarely fail, other than because of a crash. Hope this is helpful.
  3. “This seller is open to offers.” Sounds like a motivated seller. If somebody wants them, those speakers might come home with him for even less money than the amount posted in the listing. Act fast!
  4. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    The dark (opaque?) windscreen looks cool, but you may find yourself looking for a windscreen that’s easier to look through, particularly on rainy or otherwise gloomy days. Or at night. Also, it is great to have a centre stand. It makes simple things like lubing the chain so much more simple. In any case, ride safe and ride long!
  5. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    The silver colour makes it much easier to read the switches, but with the popularity of home theatre setups, it seems like most North Americans go for the black look on their electronics. In Europe, however, the silver faces apparently sell better, and Yamaha Europe has whole model lines that look great, but are rarely seen over here.
  6. Those speakers look really familiar, and so does the setup. More than five years ago, a Forum member took his La Scala splits and his girlfriend out to the desert. He positioned the speakers well apart and hooked them up, lit a fire, and he and his gf had a lovely evening. The pictures he posted showed a very similar pair of speakers, well separated, with a motorcycle battery to power the electronics. He mentioned that the sound of the Scalas in the open air of the desert was really good. dwilawyer, do you remember those pictures, and could these be the same speakers? I’m sure some other members will recall those earlier pictures.
  7. Cool. Soon after I bought them, I replaced the original caps in my then 32-year-old La Scalas (with AA crossovers), based on what I’d read on the Forum, and I was immediately glad I did. This is a great place for sharing Klipsch info. Also, welcome to the Forum!
  8. Totally appropriate, and you’re right to be a proud papa. A month or two ago, my oldest nephew went to his winter formal dance, and seeing the picture of him and his girlfriend, along with his best friend and best friend’s girlfriend, all dressed up for the evening, really took me back to my long-ago teens. Best of luck in your new shop.
  9. Time the Conqueror — Jackson Browne RIP Mister Conrad
  10. If I could speak for the helpful members who answered your question, I would say, "No worries. Everyone had to start somewhere." On the other hand, I thought I knew a lot when I joined the Forum, but I soon found that I had lots to learn. Most of what I know about audio now is from questions I've asked here, and from seeing the answers to questions other members have asked. We all learn together.
  11. Islander


    Very nice, but what’s the hour hand covering? Is it a Sky-King, a Sea-King, or a Par-King? Curious minds would like to know. Just pulling your leg, of course. That’s a fine looking timepiece.
  12. Islander


    That was fun to see. Thanks for sharing it. Years ago, while my father was in his seventies, he bought a Rolex watch while on vacation in Puerto Rico. He bought it on the street for around $100, so he well knew that it was a knock-off. He didn’t care, because he couldn’t afford the genuine item, and this one looked nice, so that was good enough for him. However, my dad couldn’t figure out how to set the date on his “Rolex”, so he walked into a Rolex dealer’s to ask about it. He laughed when he recalled the look on the face of the salesman, who knew immediately that it was a fake. He was not pleased to see it. Luckily, he was still cool enough to show my dad how to set the date.
  13. Break-in of speakers is a real thing. It’s a mechanical issue. The suspensions of the various drivers are initially quite stiff, like new jeans, and need some playing time to become as flexible as they should be. The various drivers will break in at different rates, but within a month everything should be operating operating within normal parameters, as Commander Data used to say. This principle applies to most transducers. In the case of a phono cartridge, the suspension of the stylus is pretty stiff right out of the box. When I put a new stylus on my Shure M97xE cartridge, bass notes can sound like someone slapping a thin sheet of plywood, which is pretty far from being either accurate or pleasant. After playing about ten LP sides, the sound improves, but it can take 20-25 LP sides before the suspension of the stylus attains its proper flexibility and allows the cartridge to sound the way it should. That’s only four or five hours of playing time, so it’s not a big deal. Same thing with speakers. After ten or so hours of playing, you should notice definite improvements in the sound, but that’s just a general statement. Every type of speaker is different, so yours may take more or less time to become fully broken in. Enjoy the process. Happy listening!
  14. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    I meant that it’s a very rare thing in Canada.
  15. Islander

    What I Got Today!

    You have a point there, but so far, incidents of cops killing people are thankfully very rare. In the case of Sammy Yatim, a disturbed young man who brandished a dinner knife (not a steak knife) on a streetcar, the cop who shot him eight times, including a second volley after the young man lay dying on the floor of the empty streetcar, was charged with murder, and served several years in prison. The other passengers and the operator quickly left the car as soon as it stopped, so the young man was alone in the streetcar, and there were a number of cops surrounding the streetcar. The killer was standing over twenty feet away, and took it upon himself to shoot, without any immediate threat to him or the other officers. Very few people thought the killing was justified. Anyway, this is not what this thread is about, so I’ll stop here.
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