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  1. I would suggest getting a 5.1 setup with higher end speakers instead.
  2. A Heresy, in either vertical or horizontal orientation, will sound fine. No need to modify it to lay it on its side. Try to get a 1986 or later Heresy II with the square input pocket, so you can upgrade it to a Heresy III, or just get an H3 in the first place. They do sound much better. However, if you don't mind having your TV sitting a little higher and want great sound, a Belle Klipsch is highly recommended. It also makes a great TV stand.
  3. Yes, the MWM bins are the obvious exception, which is why I said "most". However, as Marvel says, they can also be taken through most home doors if you tip them on their sides. In my case, once speakers get through the main entrance door, which is either 34 or 36 inches wide, it's a short trip to the living room. Bringing in the La Scala IIs in their original boxes was no problem at all and unpacking them made me feel like a new owner, even if I was actually the second owner.
  4. Good one! Didn't you know that most Klipsch Pro Theater speakers are just 24" deep, in order to fit behind movie screens? So nearly any Klipsch speaker will fit through a regular 30-32" door.
  5. Try setting the sub cut-off much higher, like 100-120 Hz. The LS and LS2 bass starts to roll off at 100 Hz, and by 50 Hz, there's not much left. In the same way, the sub's high frequency roll-off is not sharp, either, so to get a smooth response with no dip, it helps to have a bit of overlap. Experiment with the sub hi-cut, and see what sounds best to your ears.
  6. Well, on this forum, the general feeling is that if the speakers will fit through the door, they're not too big. Actually, small rooms need bigger horns, due to the greater amount of reflections with the walls closer together. The bigger the horn, the better it can control the air in the room, keeping the sound clearer.
  7. My 1974 La Scalas arrived from the vintage hi-fi shop in a small pickup with a camper top, wrapped in moving blankets. That was the beginning of this madness. My vehicle was a Dodge Grand Caravan, a 1998 model that I drove for many years. Now I have a 2012 model, but haven't picked up any speakers with it yet. Anyway, a pair of Heresy IIs sat easily on the 3rd seat of the '98 model. A pair of Belles fit easily in the mid section, with the 2nd seat removed. Finally, a pair or La Scala IIs in their original 4 boxes just barely fit inside the Grand Caravan. It was really full, and that was with the 2nd seat removed. The newer van has Stow-N-Go seats, which would make it much easier to stow the 2nd and 3rd row seats in the floor and load in from the back.
  8. You're very welcome. Since everyone's situation is different, what works for me may not be what works for you. The main thing is to have a system that makes you happy, both to listen to and to live with. The thinking among some members, especially the Jubilee and MWM havers, is that as long as the speaker will fit through the door, it's not too big. I kind of feel that way myself, but people can have other priorities, some completely unrelated to audio and music. As for me, I have four Heresy IIs, one of which I upgraded with a Heresy III kit from Klipsch, so I know that the H3 is a fine speaker, and a clearly noticeable improvement over the H2. It's great to hear that you're very happy with your new combo. You're still a Klipschter, so don't be a stranger. Happy listening!
  9. Nice sub, Mike! The wood is beautiful, but I’d bet you often have to remind people not to put anything on its top or its “shelves”.
  10. There are all kinds of folks on here, each with their own experiences, values, and priorities. For people that have Jubilees and love them, they seem like the obvious answer to nearly any question. “My fridge is broken. What kind should I replace it with?” ”Jubilees!” Do check out the AL5s. If they give you what you’re looking for, that’s great. Go for it! However, I’m as much of an enabler as quite a few folks on here. Accordingly, I suggest that rather than trading in or selling your LS2s (if that’s what you had in mind), maybe keep them for surround speakers and consider getting a third AL5 as a centre speaker. That way (if it fits your budget), you’d have an all-Scala 5-channel surround system, plus your 2 subs would make it a 5.2 system that would sound mighty fine, with consistent timbre all around, which would really help the surround effect. Since many musicians are releasing Blu-rays of their concerts, with high-quality sound, you can now get more of a “you are there” experience than you get when listening in just 2 channels. Just one more opinion to confuse you...
  11. Did you notice how the cat’s hip is against the speaker and his tail is wrapped around the corner of it? As well, his ears are halfway back and he’s got the big suspicious eyes. His body language clearly says “These are my speakers! You better not think about taking them away!”
  12. Really? I thought everyone knew that Belles and Scalas made great TV stands, as well as great centre channel speakers. Or did you mean that IKEA now sells really fine-sounding TV stands or other furniture? We don’t have an IKEA on the Island, so I haven’t been to one of those stores since 1990 or so. For all I know, they could be selling solar-powered reclining sofas these days.
  13. I’ve got a Belle for a TV stand. It sounds better than anything from IKEA.
  14. Well, nobody seemed to know about oxygen free copper, much less Ohno process copper, so copper is not just copper. Has rubber changed that much? Sure, but the point I was making was that the small tires and wires used in the Sixties may have been good enough back then, but the bigger sizes available today work better. That’s all.
  15. Before doing any of those things, I’d suggest just bumping up the volume of the Centre channel speaker by 1-2 dB. Unless you’re alone in the house, there’s often all kinds of background sounds in the living room, from kids or pets playing, to adults talking, in the same room or a nearby room, to traffic or other noise from outside. Plus, of course, the sound effects or music from some or all of the speakers apart from the Centre speaker. Naturally, this can make it hard to follow the plot, especially if it’s a wordy movie, or maybe the news, or a comedy, where missing a couple of words ruins the joke. In some cases, you may need to go up 3 or even 4 dB. Try 1-2 dB at first, and leave it that way for a couple of days. If you’re lucky, it may be all you need.
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