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    Adding Atmos to a 5.2 system

    I have reread your posts and see I made a mistake with the 3.0.2 - you wrote you have side surrounds. That will do just fine.
  2. JefDC

    Adding Atmos to a 5.2 system

    I have an Atmos system (5.0.4) and really like it. Out of curiosity I just tried the setup without rears (3.0.2). It works but not very satisfying because you don't get the sound bubble that Atmos provides - at least you need rears - the difference is huge. 2 Atmos speakers are sufficient 4 are not really needed.
  3. For Europe check this: https://www.son-video.com/article/home-cinema-packs-d-enceintes-packs-d-enceintes-grand-spectacle/klipsch/rp-8000f-hcs-5-1-noir I bought from them in the past with no problems - do note there is a delay for delivering at the moment. They have several other interesting packages at the moment as well.
  4. JefDC


    I was going to tilt the loudspeaker backwards so that the reverb sound would reach, so I thought it would be better. There is no harm in experimenting with the tilt - but I did not have much succes with it. However, to follow your indication, I can achieve my effect by setting a greater distance to the ceiling, because I am sitting from loudspeakers (180cm) 10ft. Question on what value was the distance to the ceiling set? I have experimented with values up to 3.3m (the maximum) I understand that the speakers have been in the same place all the time? Yes Has Audyssey calibration been done after each change? Not after each change (changing the height distance setting is very easy and fast to do)
  5. JefDC


    As you can see in the attached drawing there is a minimum and maximum distance where you can hear the Atmos reflected sound. My speakers have almost the same distance to the ceiling as yours (5.3 ft - 160cm) and I hear the optimum effect at a distance of 6ft from the speakers. Tilting the speakers forward does NOT really help projecting the sound further because the amount of direct sound coming from the elevation speakers increases as well. I did play with the 'distance to ceiling' setting in my amplifier and increasing the distance does give the impression that the reflected sound comes forward i.e. better overhead sound impression when sitting at a distance of 10 ft from the speakers.
  6. JefDC


    Use the Dolby Atmos demo disc and verify by ear. When the reflection is correct you can hear the sounds clearly from above. It is also possible to use the noise sources build in many ATMOS receivers.
  7. JefDC

    Center channel rp250c vs 440c

    I think the 440c and the 450c with 4 woofers do have an advantage over the Centers with 2 woofers. In the 440c and 450c two woofers are used up to 500Hz and 2 other woofers are used for 500Hz till 1500Hz, which reduces Frequency Modulation distortion compared to the 250c which uses two woofers that handle lowest frequency up to 1800Hz.
  8. JefDC

    rf 25 tweeters/horns

    Tweeter was Klipsch 160744 K-137 apparantly discontinued and replaced by : klipsch k-138-160748 (use google to find out more).
  9. JefDC

    RP-8000F vs Rp-280F

    I have a R-26-FA and a RP-160M (bookshelf speaker) - The RP is far superior to the R-26. And convinced that the same quality difference exist between the R-28F and the RP-280F.
  10. JefDC

    Can a mismatched new center Klipsch work?

    Differences in 'timbre' between speakers can be heard easily by playing a 'noise' sound - most home theater amplifiers have a noise generator to set /check the speaker levels which can be used for this 'test. I think timbre matching the Center to the L/R is over-rated.
  11. JefDC

    first real world pics of the new ref premier gear

    Regarding the numbering - it seems to me this is consistent with the older numbering: RF82 : Reference Floorstander - 8 inch - 2 woofers RB61 : Reference Bookshelf - 6 inch - 1 woofer RP504c : Reference Premiere - 5 inch - 4 woofers - Center jef
  12. JefDC

    Center channel rp250c vs 440c

    I have a 440c a in room of 12x24x9 and very satisfied with it. jef
  13. JefDC

    Accessing RP-160m Tweeter

    Check : http://support.klipschgroupinc.com/kb/faq.php?id=79 Link to RP-160M at the bottom of the page.
  14. JefDC

    General question on R15M

    You can hear the difference between Cerametalic and IMG clearly. I have modified my R-26FA's from IMG to Cerametallic after hearing the difference with my R-160M's.