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    Need help with center speaker.

    I have a RP-440C and think it is an extremely good Center speaker. Buy it with confidence it will match your RP-160's perfectly.
  2. JefDC

    FLAC playback / Media Server?

    A DLNA compatible server is needed, so I asume any free server software would/could do the trick. I just followed the manual: A server or server software compatible with distribution in the corresponding formats is required to play music files via a network. For playing mentioned audio formats via a network a server software, for example Twonky Media Server or jRiver Media Server, needs to be installed on your computer or NAS for full support. There are other server software available too. Please check supported formats.
  3. JefDC

    FLAC playback / Media Server?

    If your Marantz (or Denon) is connected to a network you can send files in different formats (including FLAC and DSD) from a computer over the network to your AVR. I use JRiver Media Center to do this (you can test this software free for a certain test-period). The files can be 'pushed' (Computer to AVR) or 'pulled' (AVR pulls from Computer).
  4. JefDC

    Heresy III versus RP 160M (and RP600M)

    Hello LeftEyeShooter, Mediaelectronics close to Mechelen has quiet a lot of Klipsch speakers including heritage permanent in demo. But indeed the prices here are not comparable to the US.
  5. JefDC

    Klipsch RP-160M cracked bottom

    That base is attached with 4 screws and can be removed easily. I did that with mine before putting them on a pedestal.
  6. I used that setup from 2003 till 2012 - and have to rely on 6-year-old memories. Stereo separation or soundstage width was very good sitting left to right - I remember 'showing' this to several people that came to listen. I do think that the room itself and the positioning/distance of the speakers from the walls play as much a role in this effect as the directivity of the speakers. With my present speakers and room, I cannot get the same results.
  7. I did the extreme toe-in with my RF-3's, it worked very well. Got a centered image on the couch (2,5 m - 8 ft wide) sitting either left, center or right.
  8. JefDC

    FLAC files on Marantz SR6012

    My Denon does the same thing with DSF files when these are pulled from a PC.
  9. JefDC

    R-41-SA Surround Speakers

    These are Dolby Atmos add-on speakers which can also be used as regular surround speakers - like you do. The angular tilt build into these speaker is meant to provide the correct angle to bounce the sound of the ceiling when the speakers are placed flat on top of another speaker.
  10. The RP-150M can handle peaks up to 300W. The Denon AVR-X2200W is just fine, the most important factor is that the amplifier delivers undistorted clean power. You could go even higher in the max rated power of an amplifier for those speakers - up to 300W. The continuous power specification relates to how much heat the speaker can handle (dissipate) when playing (very) loud for long periods of time. It's all rather 'theoretical' as in a normal situation (home use) the average power delivered to the speakers is <1 Watt.
  11. I had a pair of Qb's in 1979 and Qjr's later. The tweeter can be removed from the front, if he is broken look carefully to the foil inside, you will see an etched coil on the foil. If the coil is burned out you can disassemble the tweeter and repair the coil with a soldering iron. I remember doing that once, re-assembling the tweeter was quitte difficult because of the strong magnets. The (foam) surrounds of the woofer of the Qjr were indeed decomposed about 15 years later
  12. The Denon AVC-X8500 is capable of 7.2.6 without external amplifiers.
  13. 'I want it above all to feel the explosions, shots, rain, thunder, demolitions, destruction in the games.' Maybe this ? http://www.earthquakesound.com/index.php/en/home-audio-division/home-products/tactile-transducers/item/mqb1 around 180€
  14. JefDC

    HELP - Marantz + Klipsch Configuration

    Hello, you wrote : <snip> I run the marantz audyssey setup and then went manually to touch the central speaker and raise it up 5db more.  Im quite happy with the movie dialogs they sound crystal clear <snip> Did you alter the setting in the 'Speaker' set-up menu to achieve the +5dB ? If so; I would suggest to use the 'Dialog Level Adjust' in the 'Audio' set up menu. This adjustment is specifically for that purpose and provides a range of -12dB to +12dB without upsetting the reference values of the Audyssey measurement. jef
  15. Kris, compared to the RP-250F I see the following differences: Volume: 4210ci versus 3076ci = 36% more - that is not really 'close' and not taking into account that the 450C has 2 woofers more which take up more internal volume as well. Power: the RP-250F maximum allowed peak power is 400W versus 600W for the 450c = 33% less and the sensitivity is a moderate 1 dB lower. All this combined explains - to me - why the RP-250F is capable of a lower frequency of 35Hz versus the 58Hz of the 450C. 2 Woofers of the 4 have Band-Pass filter of 500Hz-1500Hz (see picture ) the 2 other Woofers have a Low Pass filter up to 500Hz So basically - no the Center speaker does not have a filter that limits it's lowest frequency - that is a result of the tuning of the cabinet. Jef