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    Covid19 redux

    If I understand this correctly and extrapolate then: The Europeans can hold the USA accountable for the Spanish Flu that came from America, The native Indians and the South Americans can hold Europe accountable for the spread of deadly diseases. Where does it end ?
  2. JefDC

    Covid19 redux

    Added Insert - see below
  3. Smokers will love this šŸ˜ƒ : https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/apr/22/french-study-suggests-smokers-at-lower-risk-of-getting-coronavirus?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1ati7XHi3df8Z7JM9qk35ax5yJZ9ff2u4uf4AHjI1VHpzNpS6HM2LJ5OA#Echobox=1587565514
  4. You could check these out: https://www.xtzsound.eu/product/edge-a2-300 ICEpower modules inside - excellent value - I use one to power my RP-8060FA's.
  5. Hi Ramesh, I use one amp which powers both speakers. Yes, the sound improved with music and movies, you explained them well: ' transparent, impressive soundstage with tight and punchy bass'. From the specifications the Denon should be equally capable but it's not, the XTZ amp is much better.
  6. Hello Ramesh, The fact that the amplifier is stable down to 2.7 Ī© (2 x 460 W) accounts for the 'bigger' sound compared to the Onkyo and the Denon - lots of current available. The amplifier uses Class D modules from ICEpower, which are known here on the forum and are generally well regarded as quality amps. I just noticed that the XTZ wesite reduced the price to 395ā‚¬ - that is a very very good price for this amp.
  7. Hello, I was not happy with the performance of my Denon AVR4300H and bought the XTZ A2-300 as external power amp. The XTZ is connected permanently to the pre-out of the Denon powering the main speakers (Klipsch RP-8060FA). The sound improved remarkedly especially with the reproduction of the lower frequencies. Note that I don't use a subwoofer, so the amplifier has to provide all the grunt. I recommend this amplifier unreservedly ā€“ excellent performance especially when taking the price into account.
  8. JefDC


    Corona was conceived by women. There's no other way: 1. No sport on TV 2. All pubs closed 3. 3 weeks mandatory at home to have to do chores 4. Symptoms are similar to flu and they know we are particularly vulnerable to it 5. They named it after beer
  9. I still have that, 40 years old, record somewhere - impressive groove, deviates more than 1 mm during that cannon shot If I remember correctly šŸ™‚
  10. I don't think the number of confirmed cases is a reliable parameter, too much depends on the amount of testing itself -> no tests = no cases. OTOH this curve is worrisome.
  11. IMO - the RP's are the better speaker over the R-26F no doubt. I even found the bookshelf RP-160M better than my R-26F
  12. It seems the base is missing on your RP-160M, but the picture is too dark to be sure.
  13. You should measure the base, the base is wider than the top.
  14. (with a Windows PC) Right click the picture then 'Save Picture' on you computer and look at the data with Explorer.
  15. There is a thread on the internet where someone linked 'Nights in White Satin' with his brother singing out loud to his girlfriends. Now I can't hear that song without thinking about that story ... OMG
  16. Confused. When you remove the small black and red dust caps a banana plug can be inserted. Example from my RP-8060FA's:
  17. Kris, my speakers are mounted flush against the wall (both speakers). So I do have a certain boundary gain but not a corner boundary gain. I read now that your speakers are positioned a certain distance from the wall, which might be the reason of the higher cross-over and in line with the info in the first reply from garyrc
  18. Audyssee measures my RP-240's at 80Hz - sometimes 90Hz - the speakers are mounted in the middle of a long wall so no boundary gains to be expected. I would suggest to put your amplifier in all-channels mode (or connect the RP-240's temporarily as main speakers) and play music loud for a while to loosen the woofers as I remember that my speakers measured higher than 80Hz in the beginning as well. It is not a good idea to lower the cross-over frequency manually because Audyssee does not provide correction below the auto-measured value (setting the cross-over frequency manually higher is not problematic).
  19. I have no idea if the paint can be removed but if not you could paint the other one as well - first in white for the same undercoating and then in any color you fancy.
  20. That would work. Allthough I would first use the 730 and 600 before adding that 3 ch amp.
  21. Yes, you can use up to 5 channels externally if you wish to do so. I don't understand your question but it is not possible to just combine the outputs of 2 (solid state) amplifiers i.e. 200W & 80W does not become 280W but will result in smoke coming out of the amplifiers. Adding the seperate 3 ch amplifier will give you 8 channels (3x 200W and 5x 80W) but no decoder (Atmos or otherwise) to make use of those extra channels.
  22. If you are using the 500sa as upfiring speakers then the switch must be in the Atmos position.
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