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  1. They stink of rat pee plus one cracked, Klipsch used long staples to attach them. My Frankenschorns will have Klipsch speakers and AA crossovers with updated caps and the emblem that will be as close to authentic as I can get. Easy part is done, now to the cutting the pieces at fitting up. Looking at the options for enclosing the sides while I rebuild right now.
  2. All disassembled now. Looks like You build up the front first then add the middle section baffles over the top then upper and lower baffles On the front there are 2 cherry colored wedges anyone know what they could be made of? They are very light weight and dark cherry colored, I will take them to my local Rockler to see if they can identify. if no one chimes in. On the newer speakers they enclosed the sides, Can I just run the side boards all the way back or did they change any internal structure to compensate for the new design. Off to the lumber yard this weekend to pick up 3/4 Birch and 1/2 fir plywood Thanks
  3. Got the other side panel off and looks like these can be built with 3 sub assemblies and a little side board is nailed to join the top and bottom assemblies to the middle. The back board and 2 side complete the assembly. There are some little pockets of glue so Klipsch were not building these in the 70's with laser cut precision. So some of the tolerances do not have to be .0015 like I have seen on some posts. I am going to try and build 2 new one then save the other 2 and replace the bottom portions or try the ozone method. Its a fall/winter project. No one seemed to have a complete cut list so I will continue to document the tear down ,cutting and rebuild.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Yes both cabinets have years or rat urine in them I found one mummified rat stuck in the woofer and a live one ran out when I was removing the bass side opening. I will do the new JEM caps and reuse the rest for now, and either find some used Klipsch K33P or new Crites woofers, I have done some woodworking in the past so the cuts and angles don't look to bad to replicate but we will see. Marvel---I am North of Seattle so a long way from AR I will try to post a couple more time with my disassembly of the cabinets.
  5. Hello I have a set of I think 1974 Klipschorns that I finally got from my uncle after 40 years seeing and hearing them for the first time. Sadly he did not keep them in good shape and they were left in a leaky area and they eventually became a rat house. So far the bass cabinets are scrap along with the woofers. The tops are in decent condition but if I rebuild the bottoms I might as well do tops also. I have already started the tear down of the bottoms and wondering if there is a cut sheet of all parts in US measurements. I have found some online but nothing complete with all the little supports and baffles. Does one exist? The glue is pretty old so once the screws are removed some gentle tapping and the boards seem to pop free. If there is no cut sheets, looks like I will catalog each part and use them as templates. The crossover seem easy to rebuild with new caps should the inductors be replaced also? I did find inside where the tester signed the front panel
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