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  1. BAR 48 question

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  3. Cinema 800 Soundbar Thread

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    • I think it's your father in law that has gone off the deep end.   You probably like the Heresies because they're affordable. I'm sure the LaScalas and the Klipschorns just plain fill you with envy!   In my opinion you're over-thinking things. ANY amp will do but it audio-world, we can't help but equate quality sound with the dollars spent, which is how subconsciously you're trying to compete with FIL.   Hook your Heresies up to any modern amp even so-called budget amps like Yamaha or NAD and listen to the music, not the equipment. For perspective, my car audio system is a $100 Sony receiver that accepts a USB/iPod input, four Boston Acoustics 6 1/2" coaxials, and an SAS Bazooka 6.5" subwoofer running from the Sony's line level subwoofer outputs. Those USB files sound awesome.
    • He has 4 heresy’s, and 2 la scalas and 2 khorns in his listening room, heresy’s are stacked on top of the la scalas and khorns All with power conditioners and powered by several onkyo amplifiers currently. We were rebuilding a pair of heresy’s so he could add them to his entertainment stand which is currently 4 cornwalls and now 2 heresy’s. 
    • i finally received it in march because of the problems in the Suez canal .. I must say that it sounds very good with the CW IV. I enjoy my McIntosh amp .. If i had more money, perhaps i would buy a bigger one but, even if it's not very necesserely, just to have a more impressive Mc amp 😜
    • A few months ago, my MA7200 McIntosh amplifier arrived, and some days later it began to sound preatty good. Since this times, i have bought a Audioquest sector filter to clean the 220 volts power, an Eversolo DMP-A8 streamer .. and all this makes good sound. It exists better but for the money i can put in my sound system, it sounds pretty good to my ears (old ears 😏) .   Have a nice sunday. It's already sunday 21th of july 11h32 am in my country
    • Finally, i delayed my trip one year later .. I made my road trip this year, from may, 26th to June, 19th. And i must say, you have a very very beautiful country. I landed at LAX TBIT, then drove to Las Vegas and then began my road trip to Bryce Canyon, Moab thru scenic route 12, crossing Capitole Reef, Gobblin's state park, visiting Arches NP, Canyonlands (island in the sky), Dead horse point SP, Gooseneck NP, Monument Valley, Page and its Lake Powell, Antelope Canyon, Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona, Grand Canyon with a helicopter overflight ...  Seligman, Oatman, a night in Parhump just to drive thru Death Valley early in the morning because of the hotness. Mono Lake, a night in Mammoth Lake to cross Yosemites (tioga road that just reopened the previous monday).  It's all marvellous, amazing country.   You must be happy to live in such a nice country. The end of the trip was, San Francisco, Sacramento, Sonoma ( very bad fire in the Napa Valley ), the i would have like to take the Cabrillo highway to reach Los Angeles for our return flight, but the One coastal road is not fully opened. On my last road trip in west America in 2017, i could'nt take the one because of broken road. It was the same this year near Bigsur. The best part of this highway closed ..   So, return on our little island in the indian ocean, we want to come again in USA next year (may-june 2025), to see what we could not see this year because of not enough time.   But since my road trip in 2017, i have seen that everything is much more expensive yet than before in USA. Hotels, motels, rent cars and food is much more expensive than before.   We have taken our flights for next year and now we ara planning your trip. We want to take more time near Capitol Reef, go back to Moab that we have really loved, perhaps Yellowstone .. Again in the other county of Canyonlands (perhaps needles), perhaps north rim of Grand Canyon. We perhaps will also take more time in Arizona.   I can also say, we have met nice and very lovely people. If only we could have so nice people around us.   If you know nice place to visit, also good and not too expensive motels, hotels, rooms to hire (rent) near Capitol reef, Yellowstone, Moab .. let me know   You really live in an amazing country .. Best regards and sorry for my bad american speaking (writing) .. i have to learn more and better your language ..        
    • sry yall im new here wasnt trying for an auction just was saying "make an offer" as to get a understanding of there worth,, but I well edit the post and add location and price ty
    • Stockfisch Vinyl Collection This is a direct metal master The best I have ever heard Chris Jones - No Sanctuary Here    
    • First live album by Genesis  Released 20 July 1973 (So it is 51 years old)       
    • Excellent LP & pressing, I had that one too!
    • Not a problem, bud. The chewed cover was Draw the Line right? Still like that "War of the World" Light!  
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