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  1. You can already have more than one sub if that's what you're asking ( I do). If you want 7 channels plus 2 Atmos channels (7.1.2) then by judging by that pic the answer is apparently not. I do wonder if they have a roadmap for that though. Ultimately, I'm hoping more companies will add the ability to use Wisa for the surround and sub channels if needed. How that hasn't happened yet tells me the licensing may be expensive.
  2. Good news! 5.1.2 Confirmed! Soundsend app found on Googleplay screenshotted this: Now to find a way to make Wisa Can Light speakers.
  3. Nice find, but if this is any indication... " transmits up to eight audio channels" It's still most likely only 7.1. edit: Unless it can do 5.1.2 https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200929005285/en/WiSA-Introduces-SoundSend-Home-Cinema-Audio-Transmitter-to-Instantly-Connect-100’s-of-Millions-of-Smart-TVs-to-WiSA-Certified™-Speakers
  4. New WISA capable Harmon Kardon Receiver: https://sg.harmankardon.com/CITATION+ADAPT.html?dwvar_CITATION ADAPT_color=Black-APAC-Current&cgid=wireless-home
  5. New firmware dated 7/31. Appears to be a major release as it required resetting my Office speakers to default. https://www.klipsch.com/firmware?product=28396
  6. There were times I had to reboot it, but that was on beta software and after messing with some settings. Other than that not one dropped speaker otherwise.
  7. Almost a year later and the Axiim receiver is still updating Wisa firmware on the Klipsch speakers. This was after opting for the beta channel...
  8. Saw this and thought of your post: https://slickdeals.net/f/12796465-klipsch-hd-wireless-pair-rp-440wf-floors-rp-hub1-hub-750-free-s-h-more?src=frontpage
  9. Here's the USB dongle: http://www.summitwireless.com/uploads/6/5/9/2/65922691/tx_dongle_pt자료_v2.pdf It doesn't mention "compatible TVs" (like the LG), so this may be what you need for any TV? Also, I thought this was interesting: "Home Theater AVR extension". Sounds like you can use this with your existing receiver? edit: Nevermind, that was a projection or wishful thinking. Seems like they could only get it to work on (compatible) LG TVs, Computers and Xbox. Or anything with an OS that accepts new hardware. Sounded too good to be true.
  10. Great news on the Atmos, but you know it's gonna be poor/lazy man's Atmos with integrated speakers angled on top of the front speakers instead of ceiling mount. Update to the Axiim receiver: Have not had one problem losing speakers since I installed it.
  11. I installed the Axiim last night and after a few hiccups with speaker searching everything is up and running good so far. I made the mistake of thinking that hitting the reset button on the back of the speakers would be enough to prepare them to be searched, but some of them had to be unplugged for 20 seconds then reset, or plugged in while holding reset. And in case of the subwoofers I had to plug the Klipsch receiver back in and remove them from the menu. Setting it back factory defaults will "release" them as well and is recommended to anyone else doing this. Upon discovery, the speakers immediately downloaded updated firmware. In a couple of cases some speakers downloaded firmware in increments or layers and took longer than the others. I used this opportunity to update the 5.1 speakers in my office as well, taking them downstairs one by one as I already had the sub downstairs for troubleshooting and didn't want to interrupt the Axiim. It was kind of satisfying as they all seemed thirsty for WISA updates. The speaker firmware downloaded by the Axiim works with and was discovered by the Klipsch receiver in my office without issue. This is where I discovered the Klipsch receivers have different firmware revisions (hardware?) despite both being updated to the May 2016 firmware. The menu system for the Axiim is all very fluid and professional looking and feeling with very little to configure as out of the box it seems to have favorable defaults like CEC enabled and a much more sensitive default volume gain over the Klipsch. The only bug I've found so far is the inability to switch the preset out of "Music". I'm sure defaulting it will return a choice but hopefully this will be resolved in a future firmware update. Anyway, I'm still tinkering with it, just giving an early first impression.
  12. I've been having a spate of disconnects from the speakers averaging one disconnect after every other viewing lately. Last night two went out at the same time during a program. That was it, I ordered the Axiim. I just reread that review and just saw that it has an app too. Awesome, I downloaded it already. I can't wait!
  13. That's awesome you took the plunge. I contacted them back in Dec. but was hoping to catch it on sale. The speaker firmware update is probably uploading WISA controllers. Btw, it apparently it also supports a 7.4 configuration as well. How long is bootup time compared to the Klipsch box?
  14. In less than a month it will be two years since they released a firmware update. Can the mods get a rep on here to give us an update?
  15. I went through something similar and ended up mounting 1 inch wood blocks to the underside of my TV legs that served a dual purpose of allowing me to use the legs that came with the TV and lifted it just enough to clear the drivers of the center channel but not too high to fit in the cabinet:
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