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  1. Hi all As the OP, I can now happily report that i have not had a single problem with connecting up or dropped speakers for several months, even with the old hub software. My experience indicate speaker software update could be the key to getting stable connections. If you install the 2.0.4 software in your system. please report back if the connectivity issues has finally been fixed. I cant test this myself as my spouse has banned me from changing ANYTING in the system. If connections are generally stable now, I will try to change the subject of this thread to ONLY include Feature requests. Orca99
  2. Please confirm you have adjusted the level for speakers? in: menu/adjust sound/adjust speaker levels my own speaker settings range from -10 db to +1.5 db for other speakers (as i could not set the loudest one to - 11.5 db)
  3. Some known problems are listed in the RP Hub1 reporting thread....... Please add observations and suggestions for improvement in that thread, if you don’t mind.
  4. Hi all I am new to Klipsch, to the RP-Hub1 and the forum. I love the sound quality from the hub, and would like to assist Klipsch to get the software sorted out. I have seen comments on RP-Hub1 software issues in many different threads. Would it be an idea to use this one thread for reporting of bugs and feature requests? Could it be pinned at the top of the Home Theater forum, so it is easy to find in the future, and to avoid new threads on the same subject? If you post in this thread, kindly include the number when you refer to bugs already mentioned (for example; B1 - I have / have not experienced that one). Also kindly add new bug reports & feature requests by continuing to use the number system I have started. This can help avoid multiple reporting of the same issue. If Klipsh need beta software testers, I would volenteer to be one of them. Bugs I have experienced myself are: B1) Speakers going MIA: On startup /power on While on standby During playback This may involve speakers being dropped totally, or remain identified as present in the menu, but being silent. This is so bad that I was shocked when I once was able to just turn on the system and play with all speakers present. B2) The speaker identification tone feature stay silent in my system. B3) My universal remote can switch off the Hub with together with the TV; but when I turn on the TV, the hub does not follow. B4) I have seen in another thread that the 2nd connected subwoofer was reported silent/almost silent; As I am considering to buy a 2nd subwoofer, please also check is this is a general bug. Note that the ability to connect 2 subwoofers is a unique selling point for the Klipsch hub. My Feature requests are: F1) Establish a memory for speaker settings (ID, position, distance & volume etc) , and allow users to lock the setting after setup of the speakers. This should remain if power is cut, and only change if the user unlock it, or factory reset is used. F2) Have the hub recognize when the speaker setup is different from the locked memory settings, and automatically search for speakers which are MIA. F3) To seach manually for MIA speakers requires about 10 button pushes on the remote to get to the right sub-menu. I would like to be able to search using only one or two button pushes. F4) Establish an alarm to tell the user when the hub can't find all speakers listed in the memory file, so the user can check what is wrong. A suitable alarm could be (user selected) either a tone or flashing lights on the hub. F5) Work out an method to identify and deal with connected but "silent" speakers, for example to allow use of a USB microphone to pick-up test tones from all speakers. F6) 2.0A 4K video pass-through on all HDMI inputs (from another thread) F7) Allow use of the service USB port as additional input (as few audiophile music streamers have HDMI output) F8) Improve the manual, to explain which input to the hub can receive what signal 2.0 or 7.1/7.2 channels allowable file formats for both music and video in what maximum resolution I have not managed to get playback above 48kHz using an optical input from a Mac Mini and 96kHz files, and don't know if this is a problem or normal behaviour?
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