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  1. Anyone else having issues updating to 2.0.4? I am on "REV v1.4.3c_dev" version, and now it says "update complete for the 2.0.4" but I am still on the REV v1.4.3c_dev ... I also clicked factory reset, and I am still on REV v1.4.3c_dev after completing reset. What is happening? Please help! EDIT: Strangely it took me 5 try to update... I wondered why update process was complete after "5" minutes so must have been some errors.
  2. I'm quoting myself here... anyone know if they fixed the bass issue? Can we now adjust bass "on the fly" with remote? Normally remotes have +/- for volume, and +/- for bass... why don't klipsch? I really need this feature added to next firmware ... but it seems like I'm the only one that's frustrated about this on the forum, anyone else?
  3. I contacted support department regarding that it is impossible to reduce bass properly on the hub. Here's the response: So they are aware of this problem. The fix they are proposing is at best an emergency solution, not working well. I really hope they take it serious enough to actually implement an option for bass adjustment in the next hub-update so that I am able to play Spotify again. I just can't play any songs anymore because I have two options: 1. play with low sound and high bass, 2.play with high sound and high bass (and broken window glasses and neighboor complaints). This update need to be priotitized before everyone on this forum goes to Axiim instead. Can't really blame any for doing so.
  4. So if I want the speakers to have high volume and no bass at all, I can reduce bass only and keep the volume? Or will volume be lower when I lower bass? I'd love to see a video from you although it's too much to ask for. I just can't believe Klipsch don't have this in their rp-hub1... it's really frustrating considering it's an audiophile company. It's so bad and funny at the same time I want to cry. They provide the best speakers with the best bass, but you know what? You can't adjust the bass, only the volume *facepalm*. Setting speakers to -10db gives you nothing but a volume reduction. It's time someone from Klipsch support visit these forums and take some constructive critism from people that paid like 5000euro for their system. And when is the last software update for the hub? 2 years... give me a break.
  5. Very exciting. Can I adjust bass levels with this as well? I'm having MAJOR issues with my Klipsch Wireless 5.1 where I cant find a solution to reduce bass.
  6. I have to bump this. Is it not possible at all to adjust bass level? I know I can adjust volume levels. All my speakers are at -10db, but that is volume-adjustment, not bass. Every time theres a commerciall on my TV everything goes "boomy". I can't even use any of the "presets/surround modes (neo:6, dolby pliix, direct, stereo)", because all of them also have too high bass.
  7. Yeah, mine's max -10db which is bad because bass is still increadible loud. I'm not sure setting it to -10db only reduce bass because what I noticed, having put it to -10db I will have to increase the volume as well. Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems like setting it to -10db does not only affect bass but sound overall, and if that's the case, I'm at starting point again. With my other speakers I had a soundwoofer +/- button only correcting bass, and I could listen to music without bass at all! I really miss this feature with Klipsch. I'd be willing to buy a new remote control for my Klipsch setup if I had to, just to get bass volume buttons... :/ I guess I can't use a competitors remote control to do this?
  8. Feature request: Option to adjust the subwoofers bass "on the fly" while the music is playing, via the remote control. Can't believe we can only adjust volume and not bass...
  9. Massive news, looking forward to this update, it's really needed! Hoping for Atmos support.
  10. Hello! I just set up my "Klipsch HD Wireless 5.1 Home Theatre" system and the bass is really loud "out of the box" even when volume is set to minimum. You hear the bass more than the actual music, so it's terrible. I know this can be solved, but how conveniently can it be solved? On my other systems remote control I have + and - buttons for the subwoofer to adjust the bass, but the remote control of Klipsch HD Wireless only adjust the volume, not the bass. It's really inconvenient if you have to go into control panel on the TV every time you want to adjust the bass a little up or down. I want to adjust the bass in real time as the music are playing. Please let me know if there is any way I can control the bass, not only the volume, via my remote control, or if I have to buy a new remote control that includes a subwoofer-volume settings. Thank you very music in advance for any help!
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