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  1. Claude's quarter pie horn. You could build one that stands vertically (woofer firing down), and shorten the horn flare to 2 feet. My surround QPs stand vertically and work great. I would imaging that being that short would mean that the horn would bottom out 90-100 HZ instead of 50-60 HZ, but an F20 can handle that.
  2. I spent several hours today playing test tones and measuring with REW. After getting the LR channels sounding superb with the Xilica I decided to tackle the other channels in my HT. I am using a pair of Ashly 3.24cl units which are not nearly as user friendly or capable but having learned A LOT over the last day the results are impressive. Speakers have location-ally vanished. Everything is super clean, music and film sound awesome! Many, many thanks to Chris A for sharing his knowledge. I owe you a beer or 3 for sure.
  3. I also wonder if the odd readings on the bass bin could be from the Integra pre/pro I use. It switches output on, with an audible mechanical click from the unit, when it detects a signal. There is a slight delay, maybe affecting the beginning of the sweep?
  4. The bass horn is a quarter pie with an Eminence 15c driver (60-600 HZ), JBL 2360 with EV DH1A drivers (600-6000 HZ), QSC horns with Dayton drivers (6000-20000 HZ). I hope this is the image.
  5. With the above corrections. Better, though not sure how to interpret the bottom zig zag.
  6. I assume I should be looking hard at the crossover points (in my case 600 HZ and 6000 HZ)? Using the spectrogram values that you show above I don't see anything resembling your time mismatch. I am I still not getting something, or do I already have it very close?
  7. The Xilica sounds quite good, already a noticeable improvement over the Ashly units. The computer interface is intimidating at first but seems well laid out and I was able to easily input REW numbers for EQ. Next is to more accurately get time delay figures. I am using my old numbers from the Ashly units which were derived from measuring with a tape measure and guessing a bit. Any tips on getting that accurate would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all the info you put out here! I just got it hooked up and actually working! I will be attempting to use REW shortly. I have such a huge tangle of cords with my setup (16 channels) that getting it hooked up right is taking time.
  9. Well, my XP-3060 arrived yesterday, and as luck would have it I have some time today to try to figure this thing out. There is an overwhelming number of things you can do with this thing compared to my Ashly units. I know I am going to need help when I can figure out what questions to ask. Setting up crossover points will be task one. This unit is going to run my LR 3 way front speakers.
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