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  1. LED Projectors

    My first projector was a LED 720p LG. It was a pretty good projector and trouble free in the 2 years or so I owned it. When I went to 1080p LG did not offer anything competitive, but if they did I would have given them a hard look. I liked the fact that there was no lamp to burn out, and the colors were quite good.
  2. Crossovers for new DIY speakers

    Thanks. I will check it out.
  3. I am toying with the idea of building a new trio of speakers for my living room HT system. Not enough room for bass horns so direct radiator bass. I would build a three way design using 12 inch woofers in their own boxes (bass), with my trio of Volti horns with EV DH1A drivers for the mids. Not sure about tweeters yet. I am not sure what to do about crossovers. I could go electronic, but that would mean creating a more complex system and risk annoying She Who must Be Obeyed. Passives would allow me to use the Pioneer AVR that is currently in place, but I know zero about designing and building passives . I am wondering if I could use an existing passive design with either slight or no modification? Electronic crossovers are easy for me to figure out how to make fit, having already done it with my basement system. I am in no hurry, this is just in the planning stage. The living room system sounds ok, better than I would have thought using KG4s as fronts. But those excellent Volti horns are just sitting there in my basement, unused, and begging for a new purpose. Thoughts appreciated
  4. Silver Faced Receiver

    Always have loved the looks of the 70s Yamahas, and have owned several. The HK 630 I currently have sounds better than any of them, though the Yamahas had so many cool looking switches.
  5. marantz sacd on a budget

    Here is a new option for a nice price. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X6AGWRQ/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 My Integra can decode so I am using as a transport but it is doing a fine job. Blu Ray is good too.
  6. Klipschorn

    Better is subjective. I would vote for the all horn K-horn. If you can get them for the price of shipping (pallet shipping is surprising cheap)its a no brainer.
  7. Bob will sell you crossovers that sound like new but original crossovers. He also has the A4500 (?) which lowers the crossover to the tweeter and helps out the K400 mid horn. That requires new tweeters but is worth it IMO. Others such as Dean sell improvements on the old designs. Lots of ways to go about this. Bob is the easiest, and does a nice job.
  8. Muddy Spoken Words In Movies

    Unfortunately I have found it tends to be a mix of all the above (channel levels, the speakers themselves, how the AVR EQs things, and sometimes the film itself). I found that I always needed to boost the center channel with my Pioneer AVR, but the Integra pre-pro gets it right. I recently switched to all JBL mid horns in my basement system, with a JBL 2386 mid horn for the center. The improvement in the clarity of the dialog was surprisingly large. I would start by boosting the center level, then by switching off any correction by the AVR and go from there. It can be made to work. Good luck
  9. I built an open bottom box that was the exact length/width dimension of the La Scala. As I recall the box was 6 inches high (could have been 8, don't remember exactly and I don't own them anymore) and was made of 3/4 Baltic birch. I have a picture somewhere and will post if I can find it. It really had no negative effects on bass and positive effects on imaging. If I wind up with another pair in the future I would do that simple improvement again.
  10. Home theater seating...

    I use a couple of leather sofas. My neighbor put them out by the curb so the price was right. Built pedestals to raise them 6 inches. Perfect I bet this is no help.
  11. JBL 2360 ?

    I can't comment on what what I don't or haven't had. That said, with the EV DH1A driver the 2360 is good to at least 450 HZ. I have not needed or tried to go lower. I am also using them in a 3 way setup, so I have not gone higher than 7000 HZ. Within that sweet spot I am very happy. It may be possible to expand that with a good result. YMMV
  12. What would do...

    The Klipschorn is a big improvement over the La Scala even though the parts are basically the same. I was amazed how much better they sounded when I tried both in the same corners in the same room. Even a horn sub didn't make up the difference. That said, I would get the Jubes.
  13. F.S. Volti FC260 Horns

    Been busy so I have not bumped these in a while but... Still available!
  14. Anyone here still using AudiogoN?

    I either sell stuff here or Audiogon. I have also bought there as well. I usually get a higher price selling there, but there is bit more hassle so I usually start here. I have had zero issues at Audiogon.
  15. JRiver. I rip all CDs (into FLAC files) and back them up on a NAS. That way I can stream them using any computer in the house.