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    Quarter Pie Theater
    All horn 7.2 System with:
    Quarter Pie bass horns, JBL 2360A with EV-DH1A drivers (L+R), EV HP640 with EV-DH1A (center), QSC Waveguides with Dayton D250P drivers (left, right)
    Quarter Pie bass horns with JBL 2386 with EV-DH1A drivers, QSC Waveguides with Dayton D250P driver, surround
    QP straight variation with ALK trachhorns, rear
    2 Cinema F-20 subs
    Integra DHC 80.3 Preamp processor
    Crown XLS2000, PS-200 and D75A amps
    2 Ashly Protea 3.24cl active crossover/processors
    Yamaha YP-B2 Turntable with Clearaudio Arum Beta cart, Yaqin MS-22B tube phono preamp with TJ Full Music tubes

    1976 Klipschorns
    Teac A-H01

    KG Theater
    6.1 System with:
    Pioneer VSX-1122-K
    1990 KG4 walnut, LR 1990 KG4 oak, center and rear 1992 KG3.2, surround
    Tuba Table sub

    Harman Kardon 630
    Acoustic Research AR-11

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  1. tromprof

    Vintage FP Turntable - Baltimore, MD

    MM or MC cart?
  2. tromprof

    You big horn guys..

    Look more medium size to me.
  3. tromprof

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    I was lucky enough to get hired to play with her in a concert in Dayton OH. 20 plus years ago. Definitely one of my top professional memories.
  4. tromprof

    Elevating KG4's

    I have one with ti diaphragms, one without. I prefer the titanium ones.
  5. tromprof

    Elevating KG4's

    I have my KG4s on 3 foot stands. Doesn’t affect the performance. Wall distance is the important factor with the back passive (6-8 inches in my experience). Same with Fortes which I also used on stands.
  6. tromprof

    So, now I need a TT

    https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-DJ-PLX-1000-Direct-Turntable/dp/B00O8U3ZI2 I bought one a few months back and am extremely happy. Using a Clearaudio Arum Beta cart. Solid build, heavy table.
  7. tromprof

    Best freq to low pass a sub ?

    The F-20 is much easier to build, I was able to put my pair together easily in a weekend. In my experience the better the bass, the lower I want to crossover to the sub. When I used them with Klipschorns I crossed at 50 HZ, though I think that was as low as I could make it with the system at the time. Currently I cross at 60 HZ with the quarter pie horns using active crossovers. I love how seamlessly the F20 fits in with the QPs at 60 HZ.
  8. tromprof


    Depends on what you need. 4K, Atmos? I didn't need either and bought what was, when new, an insanely expensive Integra pre-pro for a huge discount from Acessories4less because it didn't have those latest gadgets. I would take older quality every time. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/intdhc803/integra-dhc-80.3-9.2-ch-thx-networking-a/v-preamp/processor/1.html https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marav8801/marantz-av8801-11.2-ch-networking-a/v-preamp/processor/1.html
  9. tromprof

    sold Green Egg, for Pellet Smoker / Grill Opinions

    I have a variety of grills and a Masterbuilt smoker. The smoker is great for adding that flavor to meat, though I like to finish most things on the grill to get that bit of char. Having grown up in North Carolina I really missed the BBQ that is available there, but now that I have the smoker I can make my own.
  10. tromprof

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

  11. tromprof

    WTB HP640 Horn

    Some of those shipping charges are ridiculous. Its a big horn but $100 for shipping is nuts. Thanks to another forum member (absolve2525) I may have found one with a DH1A driver for a reasonable price and with reasonable shipping too.
  12. tromprof

    WTB HP640 Horn

    I have looked on EBay but did not factor in seller ignorance of the model number. Thanks for the tip, I will search a bit more.
  13. tromprof

    WTB HP640 Horn

    Only need one but will buy a pair if the price is right
  14. tromprof

    WTB HP640 Horn

    As the tittle says I am looking to purchase a single HP640 horn if anyone has one lying around they want to part with. I want to give it a try for my basement center channel.
  15. tromprof

    Jubilees in DFW/Sherman area

    YMMV I like that horn coupled with the EV DH1A driver.