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    Quarter Pie bass horns with Volti Fc260 with EV-DH1A drivers, QSC Waveguides with Dayton D250P driver, surround
    QP straight variation with ALK trachhorns, rear
    2 Cinema F-20 subs
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    Crown XLS2000, PS-200 and D75A amps
    2 Ashly Protea 3.24cl active crossover/processors
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    1976 Klipschorns
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    Pioneer VSX-1122-K
    1990 KG4 walnut, LR 1990 KG4 oak, center and rear 1992 KG3.2, surround
    Tuba Table sub

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  1. Klipsch KG4 listing

    I have two pairs of KG4s and think they are a nice speaker for the price, but I would pass on those unless they were a real bargain. The asking price of the ones you are looking at is more in line with a mint pair with a nice finish like walnut, not a DIY Duratex paint job and sloppily glued drivers. Good news is the KG line was popular and Klipsch sold a lot of them. They pop up frequently for sale and often a good prices as well. Keep looking.
  2. My risers were a box, open on the bottom, made of 3/4 in birch plywood, the same dimension as the bottom of the La Scala. The speakers were tucked into nice corners, room was carpeted. Bass was unaffected, though with the characteristic La Scala sharp cutoff around 50 HZ. They are gone now (but not the Klipschorns ) so I can't measure, but I did compare at the time with one on and one off the riser.
  3. I have had both K-horns and La Scalas at the same time and swapped them out in the same corners in my teaching studio. The Klipschorn imaged better until I raised the La Scalas on a home built platform 6 inches or so. Then they seemed quite similar imaging wise. At least in my room raising them was a big improvement and had no effect on the bass performance.
  4. Class D

    Really enjoying this topic, thanks! With the sheer number of amps I need for my basement system going the class D, DIY route is probably in my future.
  5. Klipschorns in Parkersbug WV

  6. Sign in required?

    Still having the same issue. Windows 10, Android, and Apple.
  7. Yes, more detail but also a much more immersive soundstage, esp. on 2 channel stuff. The soundstage is HUGE.
  8. I now have the JBL 2360A (EV DH1A drivers) running the mids on the left and right channels. I will try to post REW measurements later this week. By ear they seem to integrate very nicely with the QP horns, I am crossing over at 400 HZ. Front end of the HT. I often practice down there as well so ignore the trombone mess. Also, the power center for it all.
  9. Sign in required?

    Now having to sign in every visit regardless of platform. Window 7, 10, Safari, Android. Really a PITA
  10. JBL 2360 ?

    The 2360s have arrived. Many thanks to Tim at Rescue Audio in St. Louis for shipping them to me (freight on a pallet). I have not had time to run REW and take measurements but I will and I will post the in the Quarter Pie thread Soundstage is HUGE. More listening to come.
  11. FS Crites A4500 crossovers

  12. FS Crites A4500 crossovers

    Sale pending
  13. FS Crites A4500 crossovers

    I have for sale one pair of Bob Crites A4500 crossovers. I really like this crossover and currently have a pair in my Klipschorns. This pair comes from my basement system which is now using active crossovers. The taps were moved from 4 (stock for the Klipschorn, Belle, and La Scala) to 5 to accommodate a different driver and horn. This is super simple to reverse if you have even rudimentary soldering skills. Pictures available, I will post some later as well. Price is $125 for the pair including shipping to the lower 48.
  14. Lots of amps running, power issues?

    Sounds like getting a good electrician in is in order. After looking around it seems I have two different circuits downstairs so I have moved most of the amps to one, with the sub amps the other. But as noted above, there are plenty other things plugged in too like a treadmill and various lights.
  15. With my system in the basement I have a 7.2 all horn system, with 5 of the channels being time aligned. This means that I currently have 9 separate amplifiers running. They are: Crown PS-200 Crown XLS-2000 3 Crown D-75A Crown D-45 Crown D-60 2 Bash 300S plate amps (for subs). Do I need an electrician to install a separate circuit for this gear. How many amps can be plugged into an outlet through a single Furman/Monster Pro power distributer/conditioner? I know horns don't need a lot of power but this is a lot of amps all running at once. The lights don't dim when I turn things on but I don't want to choke things or overload anything either.