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    Quarter Pie Theater
    All horn 7.2 System with:
    Quarter Pie bass horns, JBL 2360A with EV-DH1A drivers (L+R), EV HP640 with EV-DH1A (center), QSC Waveguides with Dayton D250P drivers (left, right)
    Quarter Pie bass horns with JBL 2386 with EV-DH1A drivers, QSC Waveguides with Dayton D250P driver, surround
    QP straight variation with ALK trachhorns, rear
    2 Cinema F-20 subs
    Integra DHC 80.3 Preamp processor
    Crown XLS2000, PS-200 and D75A amps
    2 Ashly Protea 3.24cl active crossover/processors
    Yamaha YP-B2 Turntable with Clearaudio Arum Beta cart, Yaqin MS-22B tube phono preamp with TJ Full Music tubes

    1976 Klipschorns
    Teac A-H01

    KG Theater
    6.1 System with:
    Pioneer VSX-1122-K
    1990 KG4 walnut, LR 1990 KG4 oak, center and rear 1992 KG3.2, surround
    Tuba Table sub

    Harman Kardon 630
    Acoustic Research AR-11

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  1. tromprof

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    I owned a Sony ES series amp that was god awful bright with Fortes and Klipschorns. Sounded very nice with a pair of AR 11s .
  2. tromprof

    Class D amplifiers are cool

    That ws a really informative thread, I had it bookmarked. Why was it removed? There were many contributors.
  3. tromprof

    Advice for Beginners....

    With a professional player very small alterations to an instrument are easily noticeable. A change of mouthpiece is usually easy to hear. A different instrument, even if the same brand and model is easy to hear. My instruments are made by the S.E. Shires company and are modular, so all the parts like bells, valves, tuning slides, etc can be swapped out. That makes it possible to customize an instrument and to easily alter one depending on repertoire. Even the smallest change profoundly affects both the sound and playability. It can actually be a bit overwhelming at times. As far as violins go the value of an instrument has nothing to do with sound. Stradivarius are valuable because they are old, rare, and collectors value them. Some sound quite fantastic, other only pedestrian. That has no effect on their value. My violinist wife used to play an Italian instrument made in 1773. The instrument gained quite a bit of value over the years and we happily sold it and replaced it with a "modern" (1948) Italian instrument that is vastly better sounding and quite a bit less expensive.
  4. tromprof

    Advice for Beginners....

    Since my name was mentioned I will give my 2 cents on musicians and audio equipment. The people I work with are all professional orchestra musicians. We all know intimately what the instruments sound like. No audio system, regardless of how good, can reproduce what we hear daily. Sit close to a 12 foot Steinway being played by a world class pianist. That cannot be reproduced electronically. Some of us however do chase having an audio system that can come as close as possible. Yes, budget plays a huge factor. Money for living and for your instrument comes first. However thanks to forum members like Claude and Chris I have been able to put together a first class system without going broke.
  5. tromprof

    NAS video streaming to (older) TV

    If you have your files organized in a program like JRiver and a wireless keyboard it is super easy and quick. All of my systems (6?) are setup this way. I think the oldest computer is a gen 1 i5 processor and it does this quickly and easily. All of my files (audio and video, over 30,000 files) are also on a QNAP NAS.
  6. tromprof

    NAS video streaming to (older) TV

    An old computer with HDMI output.
  7. tromprof

    Vintage FP Turntable - Baltimore, MD

    MM or MC cart?
  8. tromprof

    You big horn guys..

    Look more medium size to me.
  9. tromprof

    RIP Aretha Franklin

    I was lucky enough to get hired to play with her in a concert in Dayton OH. 20 plus years ago. Definitely one of my top professional memories.
  10. tromprof

    Elevating KG4's

    I have one with ti diaphragms, one without. I prefer the titanium ones.
  11. tromprof

    Elevating KG4's

    I have my KG4s on 3 foot stands. Doesn’t affect the performance. Wall distance is the important factor with the back passive (6-8 inches in my experience). Same with Fortes which I also used on stands.
  12. tromprof

    So, now I need a TT

    https://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-DJ-PLX-1000-Direct-Turntable/dp/B00O8U3ZI2 I bought one a few months back and am extremely happy. Using a Clearaudio Arum Beta cart. Solid build, heavy table.
  13. tromprof

    Best freq to low pass a sub ?

    The F-20 is much easier to build, I was able to put my pair together easily in a weekend. In my experience the better the bass, the lower I want to crossover to the sub. When I used them with Klipschorns I crossed at 50 HZ, though I think that was as low as I could make it with the system at the time. Currently I cross at 60 HZ with the quarter pie horns using active crossovers. I love how seamlessly the F20 fits in with the QPs at 60 HZ.
  14. tromprof


    Depends on what you need. 4K, Atmos? I didn't need either and bought what was, when new, an insanely expensive Integra pre-pro for a huge discount from Acessories4less because it didn't have those latest gadgets. I would take older quality every time. https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/intdhc803/integra-dhc-80.3-9.2-ch-thx-networking-a/v-preamp/processor/1.html https://www.accessories4less.com/make-a-store/item/marav8801/marantz-av8801-11.2-ch-networking-a/v-preamp/processor/1.html
  15. tromprof

    sold Green Egg, for Pellet Smoker / Grill Opinions

    I have a variety of grills and a Masterbuilt smoker. The smoker is great for adding that flavor to meat, though I like to finish most things on the grill to get that bit of char. Having grown up in North Carolina I really missed the BBQ that is available there, but now that I have the smoker I can make my own.