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  1. Perhaps you are confusing the "tractrix" and the "modified tractrix".
  2. Congratulations! You are showing all the symptoms of a new Jubilee owner. You do realize there is no cure and the silly grin on your face will continue. I always ask ----- what tunes did you demo your system on?
  3. I don't think lining the doghouse is going to boost a "soft and weak bass". The system is a candidate for a subwoofer to help the bass. Most La Scala systems are this way also. Keep up the good work
  4. For an indoor measure without too much smoothing, that looks gosh darn good. Since that HP 640 horn is fairly narrow in its dispersion, you have minimized a number of the room interactions. My guess is that the imaging is fairly convincing and dramatic? What is your subjective impression? Job well done!
  5. That looks fairly good. Could you tell us about how the measures were done (indoors or outside, amount of averaging etc)?
  6. Have you added the crossover and EQ yet. If you have not then the highs are being attenuated a fair amount (the EV HP640 is a CD horn and will need the obligatory high-end boost. Where have you crossed (500 or 600Hz I assume). Also if you are using DSP (and I hope you are), have you done the time alignment yet?. That combo (JBL and EV) should sound quite good.
  7. Don, you don't owe an apology to anyone. List a price here or try an auction on eBay. Good luck with your sale
  8. The top end is fine. Of course there is a shelving filter, but you would need that anyway since it is a CD horn and it will need the boost. If I get fancy someday, I might add the Truextent beryllium diaphragm. This combination (JBL driver and Truextent) could be an affordable alternative to the TAD driver
  9. Crossover is a modified Behringer DCX2496 Horn is K-402 with a JBL 2446 driver Life is good ...
  10. The active crossovers mentioned above will allow the EQ also. You will need EQ since these are constant dispersion horns (they need a high end boost). The HP640 is a favorite of mine, as is the JBL 24xx series of drivers. My suggestion is to cross lower than 700Hz (the JBL can handle it). The La Scala bass bin will struggle to go that high anyway. I have used the JBL in a two way and there was no problem with the high end. Do not try and EQ and set the crossovers "by ear". Get yourself an inexpensive microphone learn how to use HolmImpulse (available free - see the threads at DIYaudio). As far as the woofer, the stock K-33 is fine. The woofer is not the weak link in a La Scala. Good Luck and this should be an interesting project.
  11. No, the tops are home made (notice the grill does not wrap around to the sides). I agree that some veneer (if the edges are crisp) could look great. Actually, adding a toe kick, and re-freshing the moulding, and some cool grill cloth could make a great looking cabinet. Not original, but personalized and affordable.
  12. You have outdone yourself! They look wonderful. If only I could ........
  13. The Klipschorns have tons of efficiency and do not present a very low impedance nor a very reactive impedance. IOW, they are an easy speaker to drive. So we will need to agree to disagree on whether the receiver is the likely culprit. The complaint from the OP is that the bass is "lacking". IMHO, effort should be spent on acoustics and not electronics. In either case, I hope the OP solves his problem, but I will bow out now and let others help.
  14. I need to be blunt on this one. The OP stated the K-Horns sounded great when he listened to them at the seller's place. He then brings them home and the bass is lacking. In attempt to solve this, he gets new mid-drivers, new tweeters, and a tube amp. The problem persists. The problem is clearly room interactions or the geometry of the placement. In spite of this, folks continue to suggest swapping the electronics. I am afraid the collective thinking has become very muddled.
  15. Reading the above, it is fairly clear that this is an issue of room acoustics and geometry. Please stop spending your money to change the electronics or components on the K-Horns. Some of us would be in a better position to advise if we had some specifics about what the problems are. If at all possible do you have a friend with a setup to use REW or some of the other acoustic measurement systems. This is not a quick measure and does require some time and effort, however it provides valuable and specific information that would eliminate the guesswork. Without some measurements, you will probably just get a bunch advice about "beeswax capacitors" and the "need for tube equipment" (not that you won't get that advice anyway). Good luck, -Tom