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  1. PrestonTom

    khorn woofer help please

    That is good advice to replace as a pair.
  2. PrestonTom

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    I think you are talking about the 1133 for 3 way. The 1132 (both Klipsch made) is designed for a 2-way. Same diaphragm and structure, just different phase plug. AFAIK. I think Claude may be correct about confusing 1133 & 1132 Thank goodness his memory is better than mine
  3. PrestonTom

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    I stand by my original comments. However I might be wrong. At this point if someone is about to make the purchase, you should probably get Roy's opinion.
  4. PrestonTom

    2-way Jubilee CD?

    In a two-way system, the driver on the K-402 (or on the K-510) is a K-691 (the older version was a K-69). The 1132 would be used as the mid driver (on a K-402) in a three-way system. The 1132 does not go high enough in frequency to be used in a two-way system.
  5. PrestonTom

    WTB: Jubilee, bass bins only

    Edgar, I almost agree with you .... It is the rate of expansion on the cross-sectional areas that I was worried about and some other details. In pouring over what was available I came to better understand some of the things that the engineer was trying to accomplish. However, you are right: how close is close enough?
  6. PrestonTom

    WTB: Jubilee, bass bins only

    Actually, it is harder than you may think (at least it was for me). Most of the plans floating around are not be fully accurate. Some are close, but then you get into the issue of "how close is close enough"?
  7. PrestonTom

    klipsch model H Heresy's

    Perhaps some of you are unaware that this is an advertisement in the "Garage Sale". If you don't like the deal then move on and find another. At this point some of these comments are simply rude and disrespectful. It is really not how community members should treat one another. Just my opinion, -Tom
  8. PrestonTom

    Pass Labs Aleph 2

    Yes, they are two different product line (First Watt vs Pass Labs). FW products may lack some horse power for some (generally 25 Watts or less). The PL line has tons more wattage (if that is important) and will typically better handle difficult loads (inefficient speakers or electrostatics etc). However keep in mind that PL amplifiers are considerably more expensive (generally).
  9. PrestonTom

    Khorns on casters

    A simple experiment might be to get some thick closed-cell foam rubber (perhaps pipe insulation or even a pool noodle) fill in the gap front and sides. If that does the trick, then figure out a way to cover it in cloth or something to hide the casters and make it look clean and professional. It would be relatively removable
  10. PrestonTom


    At $85 that is only about 50% off the new price. I would check the Bob Crites website, I believe he has a series that is close in spec to the K-31 (no, I don't know "how close is close enough"?)
  11. PrestonTom

    Home theater spk vs 2 channel spk

    I have already mentioned my guess about speaker dispersion may have different requirements between the two. Here are some more thoughts. 2 channel does not imply that a center channel will be used - HT makes that implication. 2-channel does not imply that a subwoofer will be used - HT makes that implication. A lot of the above stuff about fidelity of transients and timbre are off-track. All systems need to be able to do that.
  12. PrestonTom

    Jubilee advice needed.

    It will be a killer system!
  13. There is a guy in Orlando FL that regularly sells klipsch stuff on CraigsList and eBay. His name is Jerry Bryant. If this is the seller, then steer clear. A number of us on this Forum have learned the hard way.
  14. PrestonTom

    Home theater spk vs 2 channel spk

    I was under the impression you guys (engineers) might target a different dispersion for home theater. Maybe I am wrong on this, but are HT speakers typically in the ballpark of 90 deg horizontal and 60 deg vertical (like a "typical" 2 channel speaker)
  15. PrestonTom

    Two way KPT-402/K-69-A active settings

    I have crossed the K69 at 500Hz and there was no problem. One advantage you have is that the crossover is 24 dB/octave. If you are worried you can always use a L-R crossover filter at 48 dB/octave.