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  1. Yes, I also got a deal on mine. They simply don't come up on the used market all that often
  2. Well you need to start with your requirements. Are you willing to use a pro amplifier that has DSP internally on the front end? Do you require a digital input for DSP? Are you putting the (analog) attenuation after the DAC from the DSP box (this means the not only the signal but any residual hiss / noise is also being attenuated)? How sensitive are you to a low price? Do you have any desire to use FIR filters and not just IIR filters? This is just a start.
  3. Just on a cautionary note. Do you think the 2050's that Klipsch buys (and perhaps modifies) are same quality as the ones that Parts Express buys? Do you think that Klipsch might require certain modifications on the 2050's when they buy them? Something to consider.
  4. Actually, there are many choices.
  5. Roy, I would hide. They may come and want to grind up your bones.
  6. I would give zero weight to the number posts that someone has. There is one guy on the forum that probably racks up 2000 posts in two weeks. Do the arithmetic, do you think those are thoughtful comments he is making?
  7. Well that is their decision on how they want to advertise these. Please keep in mind that the first batch of the "new" Jubilees may be a special anniversary edition (special wrapping etc on a limited run). What the "regular price" may be (after the "special edition") is still unknown to the public. Keep in mind that I am a cheap son of a gun and price does matter!
  8. In the past, some of the manufacturers(for the pro sound or commercial divisions) like JBL or Klipsch would specify whether the measure was made free-field or half space and also what the -6dB or -10 dB response was so the installer or end user could get a idea about was their freq response was and what might be gained by placement in a corner or near a wall. I do not see that here. Please remember that these kinds of details lean toward advertising rather than technical specifications. All the manufactures do this.
  9. I found this over at one of the other audio forums. Please note that it is stamped "preliminary". As far as I understand things, availability and pricing are not yet set in stone. The rumor is that the price is high, possibly a bit more than 4x the cost of the current production Jubilee, however this includes the cosmetics and the DSP crossover. What is of note: 1) it is expensive, 2) the footprint is larger (no longer comparable to the current Jubilee or Klipschorn), 3) low frequency extends to a lower frequency (although no qualifiers are mentioned i.e., required placement or +/- values), 4) bass bin is a single woofer & is vented & horn loaded 5) Crossover point is lower, 5) new tweeter driver, 6) cosmetics are fairly industrial looking so it is compatible with some decors, but probably not the majority of living rooms. My personal view, it is probably best to withhold judgement until the product is finalized and actually shipping. Interesting times, -Tom
  10. I am sorry to hear this, Dave was one of the good guys! He will be missed. All my condolences to his family and friends. -Tom
  11. If one is interested, then I think you are better off reading what has been posted on the forum. Although I am glad the vendor did take the time to gather up some of the information
  12. Well, congratulations on the upcoming Jubilees. I am sure that they will sound great. If they sound better than the current version, then that will be quite an achievement. Just a couple of clarifications however regarding the current Jubilees (you referred to as the "pro" version). As of the 3rd week of April you could still buy them. The basic version (no veneer and no DSP) was available and selling in the mid $8K region (including shipping but sales tax depended on other things). The price mentioned above of being near $20K was a bit of salesmanship IMHO. That package, offered by just one of the dealers, included a DSP worth about $1200 and a limited amount of veneer (hardly a full cosmetic upgrade). I'll let you do the arithmetic. Finally, this rumor of them not being available (first posted back at the beginning of Feb) was fiction. We are now in June and perhaps it is now true, but it certainly was not in Feb, March, and April (a few of us checked with other dealers as recently as the 3rd week of April and we compared our notes). When the Jubilees first came out (about 15 years ago, or so) they were in the $7K-ish region. Many of us purchased them and I think all of us have been very happy with them. In all those years the price has only gone up about 15%. BTW, I doubt that Klipsch Inc was losing money on these over all those years. Predictably, many of us have upgraded drivers on the tweeter since this is our nature. However I doubt that many of us had major objections to their sound. Jubilee owners tend to be pretty content. Even in stock form, they sound quite good. That is a real testament to their designer. I find the bass to be more than adequate for music (perhaps not for home theater) and I hear nothing wrong with the top end (but maybe my ears are getting old) I am done with my rant. -Tom
  13. This kind of thinking is what I don't understand. Let's use an analogy. If you are interested in buying a new car, do you only go to a single dealership, or do you shop at several dealerships? If one dealer tells you this a "special price and just for you ....", do you really believe them? I would take all these claims floating around about price and availability with a huge grain of salt. C'mon we have all been around the block before .... haven't we?
  14. I understand the desire to get the tweeter at ear level. However, please keep in mind that there is a penalty of diminished low frequency response (especially when it more than just a few inches off the floor). Have you tried a mock up first and listened to them? Was the bass still acceptable? If you are able to measure them outside (with and without a mock riser), the results will be fairly obvious (the measurement is difficult to do indoors). Good luck, -Tom
  15. Bob Crites discussed this very issue along with some others. He was able to make the necessary measurements and make an appropriate choice for the replacements. If someone was interested they could search the threads (I am not that someone) and get the details. Just stepping back for a moment ... c'mon guys, these are simple capacitors in straight forward circuits. This is not rocket science.
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