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  1. PrestonTom

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    The half power point is probably not changing, but the overall output might be. Replacing them will probably only increase the output at the higher frequencies. That will not tame "harshness". Besides, slightly changing the half power point on a first order filter (I assume that is what it is) will not make much of a difference. IMHO, there is an over emphasis on choice of capacitors amongst many around here.
  2. PrestonTom

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    If the problem is "harshness", swapping in new capacitors is not going to solve the problem. Yes, you are correct, it is a crapshoot. At this point we are relying on the mantra that "capacitors must be replaced ....." We need to think about that one
  3. PrestonTom

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    If the caps are old and have some ESR built up, then replacing the caps will increase the energy going to mid and tweeter. If the problem is the sound is too bright, then this "solution" of replacing the caps is suspect (if they need it at all).
  4. PrestonTom

    Forte II - trouble taming brightness

    Before you go crazy over the fancy caps, new tweeters, etc try this. Get the bass right by playing with the geometry of where the cabinet is located (more bass as you approach a corner, overall). Once this is done, then play withe the toe-in and adjust the "brightness". . Do it in this sequence, Good luck, Tom
  5. PrestonTom

    What would you do with these 12"ers?

    I would listen to Edgar's advice about the open baffle
  6. PrestonTom

    Ciare's HW321 woofers installed in klf-30

    If you guys have swapped them out and are enjoying the sound, then great. Consider that as a win. I take a different approach. For horn loaded cabinets and also for ported cabinets (like the Jubilee and the KLF 30), the geometry (throat, volume of the cabinet, volume behind the horn loaded driver, size of the port, high frequency extension, etc) are all dictated by woofer's T/S parameters. So whenever someone like me "designs" a cabinet, I look at these carefully and make the first round of adjustments and decisions accordingly. All this (plus measurements) will then go on and drive any changes or design of the crossover. By swapping out woofers, you guys are now making "design decisions" about the system. We simply approach this differently, however, I would be cautious about confusing the word "change" with the word "upgrade". Just my humble opinion. BTW, I have no doubt that your system does in fact sound different. If it is to your satisfaction, then enjoy them.
  7. PrestonTom

    Ciare's HW321 woofers installed in klf-30

    Years ago, Gil posted the JAES article on the Jubilee. Search for that. It lists all the T/S parameters. Those are correct measured specs for the K-31
  8. PrestonTom

    Ciare's HW321 woofers installed in klf-30

    That 12 inch woofer really isn't a replacement for the K-31 (used in the KLF30 or Jubilee bass bin). Compare the specs on efficiency, Fs, Qts and VAS. It may be a fine driver for other applications. Ported and lorn loaded cabinets are finicky and need to be designed with those parameters in mind. Besides, the K-31 woofer works quite nicely for the KLF30 and Jubilee. The woofer is not the weak link in those two systems.
  9. PrestonTom

    Klipschorns Need some info please

    I had a thread with photos on how a built a "half corner". This might spark an alternative approach for you to use or modify. Try searching Good luck
  10. PrestonTom

    Klipschorns Need some info please

    If you have a corners in your room, I would not hesitate to buy them. If you don't there are work arounds and not all of them are ugly. Make sure all the drivers are working (test CD with single tones at low mid and high frequencies - listen for output and no "scratchiness"). If you get them remember that the "top hat" is removable from the bass bin (photograph and mark the wire going to the bass bin). Also be sure to remove the side grills on the bass bin. The grille structure is fragile and can't support much weight. At this point you will simply need a screw driver and a crescent wrench. Plenty of blankets, of course. Each side (assembled) will weigh about 175 lbs. Remember these are speakers that folks keep. At this point, do not spend any time worrying about upgrades. Eventually you might want to re-fresh the caps but that can be done at a reasonable cost. IMHO, I think folks spend way too much time messing with upgrades. They will sound fine in their stock form.
  11. Dean, or whoever else, doesn't it seem strange that a polyswitch would have not reacted quickly enough to protect the tweeter. I thought were capable of kicking in due to transients and turn-on thumps.
  12. These are La Scala 2's (the system can't be very old) The diaphragm was accidentally fried. Yet, a bunch of you want the OP to spend a few hundred to "upgrade" the entire tweeter. This makes no sense. Fix them, enjoy them, and be done with it. BTW, the crossover may require alteration to accommodate a different brand of tweeter. Are you guys now going to suggest the OP "do this by ear"?
  13. I am struck by that front porch. It has a very satisfying feel about it. I know you and your family, friends etc. will enjoy sitting there with a glass of refreshment on a nice evening.
  14. PrestonTom

    Heresy Mid-Range distortion

    From the symptoms, it is not a capacitor. Bad gasket or a problem with the diaphragm.
  15. Emile, you have been given some homework assignments. Stay on track and Chris and I and others will help, but finish your homework first and don't get distracted by this other stuff.