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  1. I can't imagine 15 inch woofer being good up to above 2kHz. That is asking quite a bit from a woofer. If it does make sound, it may not be very good sound (harmonic distortion but IMD would be the big worry). IIRC, the Jamboree is a folded horn design. Those typically cut off the highs due to the folding geometry (whether or not the woofer puts out much energy). So swapping woofers will probably not help and besides the back volume and throat were designed for a specific woofer specification. More optimistically, if you were able to extend the bandwidth from the bass bin to get an extra octave (or two octaves is better re: 500 Hz), then the Klipsch K-510 (as mentioned above) would then become a great option for a two-way design. The horn would (or should) be small enough to fit inside the cabinet (you would need to check this). The K-510 measures 9x15. Good luck, -Tom I just remembered that the Jamboree is a bi-furcated mouth. That design, similar to the Jubilee, can cause some problems when you cross too high. The problem is the polar dispersion (output as a function of angle) can drop off as you go to the side (as normal) but they can pop backup again ("petals" if you looked at the polar map). I have no idea whether anyone has measured the Jamboree. I know for the Jubilee, this can be a headache if you were to cross at higher than 700-800 Hz. I can't comment specifically on the Jamboree.
  2. Front mounting (with the edge recessed) is preferred. There are data showing the difference in terms of the spectral effect. Whether the differences are grossly audible is up to the user. Good luck, -Tom
  3. I believe that Coytee is correct on the price. A pair of new K-510 Horns with K69x drivers will cost about $1500 (roughly). The K-510 horn is a good horn. GLWS, -Tom
  4. I am not sure if you are a serious buyer or just kicking the tires. I have a pair of Jubilee (style) bass bins but I would have to sell them with the K-402 Horns (including JBL drivers). They are in New England so the distance will be a problem. If you are interested, then please PM me. Good Luck, -Tom
  5. As said above, the first order of business is to get them on the floor and near one wall at least (toward a corner is even better).
  6. Congratulations on your new Cornwalls. There is probably not a simple answer since rooms differ in many ways. However, some tedious experimentation (listen, adjust, listen, adjust .... ) is your best bet. Overall sound stage will be most impacted by the listening angle (two speaker and chair define the triangle), spaciousness is most impacted by the toe-in, and overall bass is most impacted by the distances from the adjacent walls. Reflections from the side walls will impact other audio qualities as well. There are, of course, some other interactions but I am being brief. This experiment will not go quickly since it is time intensive and you should shoot for a systematic method for varying the above factors (angle, wall-distance(s), and toe-in). Try and use the same music samples (well-recorded ones) over and over again and take notes. It is a worthwhile endeavor and will have a much bigger impact than many of the other things you will be reading about on any audio forum. Good luck. -Tom
  7. Depending on the look you are going for ..... Do a search on Tolex (in all its varieties of texture and color)
  8. Another question. Will any "end grain" (from plywood or MDF) be visible?
  9. Interesting project. What degree of gloss are you aiming for ? How finicky are you (80% or perfection)?
  10. Regarding free standing horns: As a general rule, horns do best when they are mounted on a baffle (not set back but rather flush or a bit proud of the baffle). There are a few reasons for this and it may or may not be true in this particular instance.
  11. Interesting find. I believe these drivers are no longer manufactured and were always difficult to find anyway. The red flag however is that the diaphragms are not made by TAD. Replacements (OEM) would be quite expensive.
  12. Those are the real deal. They can be used in a KLF 30 or they can be used in a Jubilee (just use a thicker mounting gasket). GLWS -Tom
  13. While you are searching the threads, do a search on "pipe foam" and "false corners" if that is necessary in your case. Many of us love to see pictures
  14. If you are going to spend that kind of money, there are a number of other things that will have a much more substantial impact, much more. Spend some time searching the threads. Good luck, -Tom
  15. I think the conclusion starts with your intro: "the speakers sound perfect to me". I would not bother changing woofers, unless they are damaged. As far as the crossover, you are probably using a type A balancing network. So there are only a couple of capacitors. re-fresh them. (if it is a type AA, there are is another). It is a simple DIY task and you don't need to get anything boutique. If you want, you can bypass them (a small cap in parallel) if you want to get fancy. Search the threads for "bypass". If the total cost is more than $35-50 (for a type A), then you have gone overboard. Please note, that not everyone will agree with me. Good luck, -Tom
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