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  1. You are getting a number of different opinions here. That is to be expected. Here are mine and they are in agreement with some of the above and at odds with some of the others. In general the electronics are fine and by no means the weak link. Don't bother swapping them out. Regarding the imaging (and to an extent the clarity). Your speakers are probably fine. Take more time with the positioning of both the speakers and listening chair (and any nearby furniture). Beware this is not a quick process. Rather it is a tedious process with much repetition on a few tracks of music and systematically varying the angles, distances of the speakers . listening chair and relative distances to boundaries. Sometimes treatments can help, and you can mimic their potential effects with some pillows, blankets etc. Since the electronics are adequate and you want to keep the speakers, sometimes early reflections can disrupt the clarity. The above "experiments" can help with that also. Please keep in mind that these are not quick "experiments". Take your time and be systematic. Good luck, -Tom
  2. PrestonTom

    Klipsch Belles

    Those are gorgeous cabinets! Good luck -Tom
  3. PrestonTom

    New member

    Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place. Your desire to "move up" and get better, and better sound is shared by many of us. We can sympathize! You will find quite a bit of collective wisdom on the forum. What part of the country do you I've in? There might be some deals on Jubilees (you mentioned the K-402 horns). Michael has some factory versions in Indiana and I have some part-clone versions in Connecticut. In either case, good luck, -Tom
  4. PrestonTom

    Veneer maintenance for my Khorns

    Those are nice looking cabinets. I have always liked the combination of walnut and cane cloth. Did you say that you have applied lacquer over an oil finish before? Did it work out okay? Was there any special prep?
  5. PrestonTom

    Belle Klipsch Pair in MA $999

    Belles are hard to find, so I understand the attraction. What is being advertised. How it is being advertised. There just too many red flags on this one. IMHO
  6. PrestonTom

    WTB 1 pair TAD 4002 drivers

    The big benefit of a TAD is that the driver has a big magnet (great transient response) and Be diaphragm (pushes the break up modes into a higher and less audible spectral region). If the eBay product no longer has the Be diaphragm, then remember the replacement pair will be over $1700. They are expensive! It is quite possible that if you buy them you will have no idea about what shape the diaphragm is in and whether or not is an OEM version. This risk is obviously inherent on all eBay purchases. Let me suggest a more affordable alternative, although I am not necessarily saying it is as good as the TAD you are thinking of. There are plenty of JBL drivers on eBay (the ones I like are the 2445 and 2446. They are about 700-800 new but you can easily find used ones for 125-175 each. They do have a big magnet (similar to a TAD in strength). With an OEM diaphragm (not Be) at about $75 each, you will have a very nice performing driver (I have used them in many applications and they are on my own K-510 and K-402 horns) If you want to go the extra step, there are Be diagrams for this model that cost about $650 each and will give the additional benefits (made by Truextent). You can read about these over at the JBL forum. Think of this as a very affordable back up plan. I am afraid it will be difficult to find used TAD drivers.
  7. PrestonTom

    Has anyone used sound baffles...

    Good luck, brother!
  8. PrestonTom

    Klipsch speakers x Classical Music

    I listen to quite a bit of classical music on my Jubilees. They do an outstanding job!
  9. The cost of used Jubilees would be in the same ballpark as new Cornwalls. There is currently a stock set for sale in Indianapolis (Colterphoto), at a great price. After he sells his factory version, I will sell my DIY version. So Jubilees are within reach. Did I forget to mention, those other two are strong competition, but the Jubilees sound better. Good Luck, -Tom
  10. PrestonTom

    WTB K-402’s

    Are you kidding?
  11. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    Those prices are great deals, and I suspect they are not typical prices. My guess is that the buyers were patient. Either way, good luck, -Tom
  12. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    If the deal included the K-402 horn, stand, and K-69 driver, then I would guess that $1000 for a pair would be a fairly good deal (about 45% of new) and $800 a pair would be a great deal. It is possible that someone might sell closer to $600-700, but I would not hold your breath. Of course location/shipping could make the real cost higher. How patient are you? These are just guesses. What is difficult is that so few of these come up for sale.
  13. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    Roger it sounds like a good deal then. My information was that the price is mid-$7000's with some vendors either 5% higher or lower (shipped to your door). Keep in mind that there was a rumor (from probably a reliable source) that the cost may "soon" increase by as much as 25%. That has not happened yet. In either case, these are fantastic speakers! Even if if the price was $10K plus crossover, they would still easily beat the competition. With the DSP crossover (and factory recommended settings), A Jubilee is pretty much a turn key system. Unfortunately, you can not go to Best Buy for a demo. I think the OP's strategy of a K-402 on a MWM bass bin is a great one (definitely not high on the WAF scale however).
  14. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    It is a tough question since the price is ultimately determined by whatever some will pay (at a given time and in a given location). First, your estimate on the price for a full Jubilee, is low. People will pay more than that (a new price is over $8000). The horns alone (K-402 with drivers) is bit over $2200 a pair. All this is complicated since shipping is an issue and the what someone is willing to spend varies across region and across time (6 months ago or 6 months from now). Part of the problem is that a buyer may or may not understand what is involved in setting up a crossover (really not that difficult of expensive). In my view, if you can get Jubilees for less than $6000, then jump on the deal. If they are less than $5000 then that is a crazy deal and may not get repeated. BTW, I own Jubilees. They are certainly worth the money. They are clearly some of the best speakers you will ever hear (and quite a bit cheaper than the competition).
  15. PrestonTom

    Went Klipsch crazy

    You do remember the old story of the shoe maker who goes to bed. The little magical folk would come in and make all the shoes while he slept. I believe there still may be magic. The reality is that when I wake up I know that if she ventures into the listening room, she will shake her head a mumble something about it must be a guy-thing.