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  1. PrestonTom

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Well, it sounds like like you are insisting on a "re-design". I urge caution! I also question your assumption that a 2 inch driver will "cure" the harshness you are hearing. I would not limit yourself to the two horns you have mentioned above. My personal feeling is that folks spend too much money and energy worrying about the driver rather than worrying about the horn. Again, I would caution against a re-design of a engineered system. It can quickly become very tricky.
  2. PrestonTom

    400k on khorn upgrade

    Hello Alberto and welcome to the forum. Congratulations on the Klipschorns. I know you will enjoy them. You are now venturing from upgrades to the realm of re-design. You probably need to step carefully. What specific problem is it that you are trying to correct? -Tom
  3. PrestonTom

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    I know for a fact you are not the first person to do that. Don't ask me how I know.
  4. PrestonTom

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    No, the ad is still there. (Friday AM)
  5. PrestonTom

    WTB HP640 Horn

    Out of curiosity I just had a look on eBay. There are three ads for EV HP640's. I had forgotten how expensive shipping can be.
  6. PrestonTom

    WTB HP640 Horn

    In the past I have readily found them on eBay. Frequently the seller does not know the model number so you need to check the dimensions and photo.
  7. PrestonTom

    Cornwall I or II

    I owned CW2s for a number of years and have heard CW1s on many occasions. They both sound great. If there is any weakness, Cornwalls in general have a slight "nasal" quality. That deficit was partially solved in the CW2's. The difference is not "night and day" and I could certainly be very happy with either model.
  8. PrestonTom

    Klipschorn listening distance

    You are probably correct about the minimum distance for a Klipschorn and its bi-furcated mouth. Most of my "experiments" are done with a Jubilee which has a bifurcated mouth with a much smaller splay angle (detailed in the JAES article on the Jubilee). There are other benefits of sitting closer, however, relatively less reflected energy compared to the direct sound and side wall (and ceiling) reflections are aimed behind (and not at) the listener. Experimentation is certainly in order.
  9. PrestonTom

    Klipschorn listening distance

    No, it is the distance back from the plane of the speakers if you want a 60 degree spread. Think of this as a "maximum angle" before other problems arise (generally speaking). If you sit further back, then the angle decreases. I would not suggest going much below 45 degrees, or else you start losing out on the "stereophonic fun" I would certainly not advocate pulling the Klipschorns out of the corner (or false corner) Before you get too worried, with my jubilees I have a 60-70 degree spread and I am only sitting about 8 feet back from the plane of the speakers. I think folks sometimes get overly concerned about sitting too close.
  10. PrestonTom

    Klipschorn listening distance

    You are correct, it probably is room reflections, but there may be some other contributions also. Folks always discuss this in terms of distance, either between the speakers or to the listener. A better way to get a handle on this is to think in terms of angle not distance. A good ballpark is to keep the angle between the speakers relative to the listener between 40 to 60 degrees. Once it starts getting close to 75 degrees than various problems creep in and may require a center channel. If the angle is less than 40 degrees, or so, much of the stereophonic effect is lost. BTW, a great way to decrease the relative energy of the reflections re: direct sound is room treatments and toe-in of the cabinets. Unfortunately, Klipschorns are not really meant to be adjusted for toe-in (unless you use false corners or "half -corners") My experience is based on actually using Klipschorns. I was able to place them between about 45 to 75 degrees. With the larger angle I found a very nice effect using either a heresy or a cornwall in the center (a simple summed center with no "Home theater" stuff and dialed down several dB relative to the main speakers). Good luck, -Tom
  11. PrestonTom

    Klipsch K-510 Horn: $175: Lower Price

    It certainly would be a tight fit. If necessary you could always trim off a bit of the flange. Mine measured at an even 15 inches wide. In answer to your first question - No. I sold that one quite a while ago. It looks like an admirable project and good luck with it. Now, a series of "ifs". If you are in Southern New England this Summer. If you also have a truck on hand. If you are interested in going the final step. Then I will have some Klipsch Jubilees for sale. The bass bins are "jubilee style" in stacked, half cabinets, built to factory specs and with factory K-31 woofers. They are paired with K-402 horns (the big brother to the K-510 you inquired about) and fitted with JBL 2445 drivers. If desired, there is a cosmetic package that comes with them. Something to think about ... Good Luck, -Tom
  12. PrestonTom

    1979 KB-WO What's a Fair Price?

    You have gotten some good advice. Please remember that the market is local (these are expensive to ship) and varies over time. Someone may have wanted some 6 months ago ( or 6 months from now) but no one currently. As noted above, you may need to be patient. The other issue is condition and finish. This can easily change things by 10 or 20%. What is a small blemish in your eyes may be a huge problem for someone else. I would encourage you to consider advertising them here on the forum. Although some of our members have recently been a bit rude and dis-respectful to sellers. Overall, it is not a bad place. Be sure to include plenty of pictures from all angles, including stickers on the rear and any chips or scratches. I am sorry about the circumstances which make these Klipschorns available. I am sure your father had great enjoyment from them. Good luck, -Tom
  13. PrestonTom

    Klipsch Forte II

    On craigslist in Rhode Island, there are also a pair of Fortes in walnut (IIRC) at a comparable price.
  14. PrestonTom

    Klipschorns in the house

    I would listen to them for a month before doing anything. At that point, you might want to refresh the caps - something that many folks do. Personally, I would not try and re-design the crossover or spend a great deal on fancy caps. There are other solutions. Please wait a month and get used to them. Meanwhile, enjoy them -Tom
  15. PrestonTom

    Klipschorns in the house

    Congratulations! I know they will be well-loved. As they should be.