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  1. Call me a cynic if you want, but my observation is as follows. When folks discuss or review the latest Cornwall (3-way horn loaded with 15 inch woofer in a ported cabinet), 90% of the discussion is how great the Klipsch sounds. When folks discuss or review the Volti , in this case the Razz (3-way horn loaded with 15 inch woofer in a ported cabinet), 90 % of the discussion is how great the veneer looks on the Volti
  2. I am biased, please keep that in mind. I have owned both Klipschorns and Jubilees. No, I did not have them at the same time, but I did have each set up in the same room and each enjoyed for a number of years. Both sound good. However the Jubilees sound better, and better along a number of different dimensions. If you are worried about setting up a crossover - don't be worried. There are factory measured settings available to load. If you are worried about needing to getting fancier DSP crossovers - don't be worried. There are a number of choices and even the mediocre (affordable) ones will knock your socks off. If you are worried about needing to upgrade the drivers - don't be worried. The stock units will sound fantastic as they are. I hope that I have made your decision an easy one. Good Luck, -Tom
  3. There is a competing thread already posted. Please note, the measures were not done by the regular guy. It was someone else.
  4. Over at Audio Science Review there is a review (mostly measurements) of the Heresy IV Note: This is not done by their regular reviewer and I can not speak regarding the competence of the measures presented (they may or may not be accurate - I have no idea). The review is not favorable. This is just an FYI. If you don't like what you see, don't beat up on me (I have certainly never heard or measured this speaker). https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/klipsch-heresy-iv-speaker-review.17853/
  5. It is a JBL product (or a look-a-like). If it is original, then it might be worth some money. Don't take them to the dump. You can get more info over at the Lansing Heritage website. Good luck, -Tom
  6. Rick, With all due respect, trying second guess someone or question their perspective and motivation does not accomplish anything positive. If the advice has been good, solid and helpful (I believe it has from what I have seen), then the appropriate response is simple. It starts by saying "Thank you". Of course, this is just my opinion, -Tom
  7. I got confused so I deleted my comment
  8. The possibilities are endless. However it has not gone very far. The original base technology was put together in Japan several decades ago and then re-discovered by some MIT students (and others) about 25 years ago. There were some demo packages cobbled together and put forward to a number of groups (I was one of the reviewers for some Navy applications). So 1) yes it is exciting, 2) it is hardly new, and 3) I never understood why it has never taken off (other than small demo programs overseas). -Tom
  9. Folks will modify anything and everything. My friendly advice is to spend some time with what you have. Sure, go ahead and tweak the speaker placement (distances form walls, listener chair, and toe-in). This can be a tedious task since you need to be systematic about it and listen to the same few tracks over and over again. It will easily take several weekends given all the variables and combinations. However you will discover the bass response, imaging etc can dramatically change / improve. Get this adjusted to your liking and then just listen and enjoy, listen and enjoy, listen ...... Save the "upgrades" for another time. Good luck, -Tom
  10. That is pretty much the case. The drivers, with packing, are about 33 lbs each. If you double them up you will exceed the 50lb limit and the besides the package would become a beast. I would hate to imagine what could happen. I would pack the horns together in a third box, since I would hate to what could happen to a 30 lb weight next to, or attached to , a horn. These are pricey, so It would be awful if something happened to them (I am being very cautious). So much easier if folks made the drive. Within reason, I can meet them part way.
  11. I guess it is a matter of personal preference, but I have always found CD horns (controlled dispersion) horns to sound better than others (non-CD). I have also found CD horns of the "modified tractrix" design (i.e., Klipsch K-402 or K-510) to sound the better than the other CD competitors (especially ones with a diffraction slot).
  12. I would also hold out for Jubilees. I own them and I previously owned the K-Horns, Cornwall, La Scalas. I could be happy with any of them, but the Jubilees are special.
  13. Please note that the original post said that I would NOT ship these. Things sometimes change. Addendum: On Nov 7th I decided to relax the constraint about "pick up only". I am willing to pack and ship. However, please note the additional costs from Connecticut (06365) are looking to be about $90-120 to the Midwest and over $130 to the West Coast. Shipping is not inexpensive.
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