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  1. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    Those prices are great deals, and I suspect they are not typical prices. My guess is that the buyers were patient. Either way, good luck, -Tom
  2. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    If the deal included the K-402 horn, stand, and K-69 driver, then I would guess that $1000 for a pair would be a fairly good deal (about 45% of new) and $800 a pair would be a great deal. It is possible that someone might sell closer to $600-700, but I would not hold your breath. Of course location/shipping could make the real cost higher. How patient are you? These are just guesses. What is difficult is that so few of these come up for sale.
  3. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    Roger it sounds like a good deal then. My information was that the price is mid-$7000's with some vendors either 5% higher or lower (shipped to your door). Keep in mind that there was a rumor (from probably a reliable source) that the cost may "soon" increase by as much as 25%. That has not happened yet. In either case, these are fantastic speakers! Even if if the price was $10K plus crossover, they would still easily beat the competition. With the DSP crossover (and factory recommended settings), A Jubilee is pretty much a turn key system. Unfortunately, you can not go to Best Buy for a demo. I think the OP's strategy of a K-402 on a MWM bass bin is a great one (definitely not high on the WAF scale however).
  4. PrestonTom

    Used 402/510 w/ drivers value?

    It is a tough question since the price is ultimately determined by whatever some will pay (at a given time and in a given location). First, your estimate on the price for a full Jubilee, is low. People will pay more than that (a new price is over $8000). The horns alone (K-402 with drivers) is bit over $2200 a pair. All this is complicated since shipping is an issue and the what someone is willing to spend varies across region and across time (6 months ago or 6 months from now). Part of the problem is that a buyer may or may not understand what is involved in setting up a crossover (really not that difficult of expensive). In my view, if you can get Jubilees for less than $6000, then jump on the deal. If they are less than $5000 then that is a crazy deal and may not get repeated. BTW, I own Jubilees. They are certainly worth the money. They are clearly some of the best speakers you will ever hear (and quite a bit cheaper than the competition).
  5. PrestonTom

    Went Klipsch crazy

    You do remember the old story of the shoe maker who goes to bed. The little magical folk would come in and make all the shoes while he slept. I believe there still may be magic. The reality is that when I wake up I know that if she ventures into the listening room, she will shake her head a mumble something about it must be a guy-thing.
  6. PrestonTom

    Went Klipsch crazy

    Mark, congratulations on your new speakers - enjoy them Coyote, You paint a very stark picture which is also disturbingly accurate. Every night when I fall asleep I pray that there might be help.
  7. PrestonTom

    KP600, KHJ/KPT402, KWO for sale.

    I am shocked and amazed that the Klipsch Jubilees appear to be still available. I was playing a similar system to some friends the other night. They had a jaw-dropping experience! At this price, my goodness, why would anyone hesitate. It is pretty much a turnkey system. Just my thoughts and amazement, -Tom
  8. PrestonTom

    Jubilee 4,380 day update...

    Chris, When you run the new filters, are the crossover points and slopes kept constant? Also, you are you keeping the filters somewhat steep (say 48 db oct) or shallower?
  9. PrestonTom

    Adcom 555se

    I am surprised you would say that. I have had Adcom GFA 555 amplifiers and they are a good sounding unit that can supply ample amounts of power. Getting one in the $300 range is a very good value (performance / price). Perhaps you are confusing it with a different Adcom series.
  10. PrestonTom

    Holy Crap, Why use a pre-amp at all ?

    It gets confusing since the marketing verbiage is not a substitute for technical specs. The issue of floating point (as opposed to integer) representation is restricted to any filtering, interpolation, sampling or decimation etc that the processor is doing. During the D - A conversion it is a different story, in spite of the marketing verbiage. The conversion is performed on integer values, not floating point. The higher bit values, say 16 bit or 24 bit, will lead to higher resolution (potentially). In turn this will decrease the quantization noise (potentially). Two things to remember. If the integers are scaled down ("digital attenuation"), the quantization noise is impacted. If the original signal was recorded at 16 bit, playing them at 24bit will not improve (lower) the quantization noise. Likewise throwing away a bit (halving the voltage or decreasing the output by 6 dB) will similarly impact the quantization noise. My feeling is that the best attenuation (volume control) is done on the analog signal and not on the digital "bits".
  11. PrestonTom

    Holy Crap, Why use a pre-amp at all ?

    With all due respect, you need to understand what pzannucci is saying. He is correct in his caution and you seem to have dismissed his comments out of hand. My friendly advice is to take his comments seriously and read up on this problem.
  12. PrestonTom

    Pair of La Scalas

    An alternative would be to just simply let the seller post their ad. Don't worry about the number of posts they have etc. It does require that the community show some respect and courtesy. If they never post again - that's okay. If they sell their stuff - that's okay. If they have a price that seems high - that's okay. It's not our problem, so why should we bait and annoy them. What harm did they ever do to us? Look at how people are treated around here. It does not speak well of our community. Just my opinion,
  13. PrestonTom

    Pair of La Scalas

    None of us have any idea what happened. However, looking at some of the behavior displayed in the Garage Sale section, I understand why sellers might not feel welcome or not want to put up with the silliness.
  14. PrestonTom

    Pair of La Scalas

    How does any of this help the OP who is trying to sell some speakers in the Garage Sale section?
  15. PrestonTom

    ALK ES500T extreme-slope network design ready

    We are on the same track. The problem frequently goes un-noticed since some of these DSP units are designed for pro use (about anywhere from 5 to 10 times the nominal voltage compared to home audio). So the user can be losing 3 or 4 bits without knowing it, and that is just the beginning.