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  1. John, I am glad you found an amp that you are satisfied with. You did make one comment that I find curious. Did you really mean to equate the Nelson Pass products (Pass Labs, First Watt) as being for the "Kool Aid types"?
  2. Congratulations! I know you will enjoy them and I know you will give them a loving home.
  3. Guys let's keep the perspective in mind. The Pass labs amplifiers are not special purpose, rather they can be used with a variety of speakers. The First Watt amps are designed for situations where 25 watts or less is adequate (perfect for horns). The BAF amps are meant as instructional devices. Although they may have some nice qualities, I don't imagine they are meant as final substitutes for Pass Labs or First Watt products
  4. I am sorry the Jubilees are not working out for you. Before you do anything drastic, you might consider re-orienting them in the room to a different pair of corners. After that I would suggest trying an active crossover (even if it is modestly priced one for experimental purposes). I have had my Jubilee bass bins in a few different rooms, and the room interactions can make a difference; however, in every case the bass always sounded excellent and certainly much cleaner than what you can get from direct radiators. Good luck, -Tom
  5. There are some issues of geometry and driver choice that really need to be considered before construction. The woofer (either the K-33 for the Klipsch horn or the K-31 for the Jubilee) have certain electro-mechanical parameters that must be obeyed during the design. Most important are the Fc, Qts, and Vas. These in turn will dictate the throat size and rear volume required. Not all drivers are candidates for horn loading and not all drivers will work properly in a cabinet designed for a different driver. Your enthusiasm and wood working skills seem to be top notch, but I would slow down and first think these design issues through. In terms of the tweeter horn, that choice should be dictated by your tentative crossover point. That in turn is dictated by the horn/driver frequency & phase response, coverage pattern, distortion and efficiency. Without first knowing those, I would be cautious about some of the advice already posted. Finally, although the Klipschorn is one of the great sounding speakers, the Jubilee is a further step up. I have owned both. One of the advantages is that the Jubilee uses a "modified tractrix, constant coverage horn". My friendly advice is to research these terms and please do not confuse this with a "simple tractrix" horn. They are different. This difference is usually ignored or not understood when folks give recommendations. Anyhow, I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but these design issues are critical. Good luck, -Tom
  6. Yes, it was sold weeks ago.
  7. I also recommend this. In my case, I used about 3 inches of foam on the front baffle. Although I did not specifically look for an effect on early reflections, I did notice some other improvements. The peak-to-trough differences at about 100Hz, 180Hz and 300Hz were attenuated (but not entirely eliminated). Additionally, the quirkiness in the polars (due to the bifurcated mouth) was also attenuated.
  8. The veneer does have a nice look. Unfortunately the edges on the top and sides are rounded over. That will make it very difficult to veneer those surfaces also. Additionally, the wire connects are not hidden and fabricating grills for them will have its own share of headaches.
  9. My experience with ACE a couple of years ago was quite different. It was positive and they were very helpful. One difference was that my transaction was done via Roy Delgado. He contacted them first and gave them the necessary stock numbers etc and flagged them to expect an e-mail from me. Going through Roy was the prescribed way to do this, at the time. I don't know if things have changed since then.
  10. One thing would lead to another and you would ultimately end up needing to do a serious re-design of the system. That is not for the faint of heart. I assume you are disappointed with the low end response of the La Scala. If that is the case, I would simply invest in a couple of modestly priced sub-woofers and take your time in integrating them into your system
  11. I guess I am late to the party. Happy Birthday Roy.
  12. You are correct. Please leave your avatar alone
  13. I also owned a Triumph GT 6+. It was a love-hate relationship. Something as simple as driving to the supermarket was fun. I loved starting it up, I loved the sound, I loved shifting the gears, I loved the feel when I opened it up. That was the "love" part ......
  14. This is off topic .... Coyote, your avatar is humorous, but it also makes me feel uncomfortable.
  15. I suggest not rushing to replace the driver. Listen to it for a few months and then judge. My guess is that it will be difficult (or very expensive) to find a better driver.