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  1. This is a garage sale, it is not an auction. What are you asking for them and where are you located? If the price is not reasonable, then no one will contact you. That is a pretty good way of gauging interest.
  2. I am glad things worked out well for you. Some of us would be interested in your thoughts on the other changes you made and the nature of the differences . Good Luck, -Tom
  3. My understanding is that in addition to the wires, you did other modifications also (drivers and horns). In all fairness did you systematically determine what the subjective changes each modification may have contributed?
  4. You will need to provide some more information. Do you need something built or does it need to be designed also? Is it a Klipsch product? Two names immediately come to mind. "DeanG" and "BEC". Good Luck, -Tom
  5. Okay, I will take the bait. I remember seeing that Parts Connexion had some version of a 10uF Copper Foil Duelund for a discounted price of $1,300. There was some controversy about whether it needed 200 vs 400 hours of break in. Sounds "fancy" to me! Once again, this silliness leads some folks away from sensible strategies for getting better sound. That is unfortunate! Good Luck, -Tom
  6. I think some you guys are being a bit rough on Jeffrey. I disagree with his approach and conclusions, but he is entitled to his opinion. In many ways I think he is rather sincere in his perspective and probably not all that different than some of the folks around here who are enamored with fancy and uber expensive capacitors etc. I don't think these folks are trolls. They seem to really believe in this stuff. I think the Forum has enough room for all of them (footnote 1). Footnote 1: That said, I still think this approach leads some people away from making real improvements that are based on science and engineering. However, that is their choice (and loss). Good luck, -Tom
  7. I read this stuff and I shake my head and smile. Unfortunately, some (but not most) people will see these testimonials and double-talk (IMO) and think maybe they should spend serious money and effort on cables and warming up RCA plugs for a day etc. The reason it is unfortunate is because there are a number of effective things (grounded in engineering, science, common sense, and critical thinking) that they could easily perform to make real improvements in their systems. This silliness is only side-tracking real improvements. Good luck, -Tom
  8. Replacing the old caps would have the opposite effect, IMO. The most noticeable effect of re-freshing capacitors is that there will be more energy in the highs. I would think that would make any harshness more apparent. BTW, you should not have to attenuate the driver by 3dB from factory settings. What was designed and delivered IS the Klipsch sound. The user may not like this sound and perhaps Klipsch Heritage is not their cup of tea. There are plenty of other speakers out there that they might like better.
  9. Jeffrey, It probably seems like we are being unfair or perhaps even mean. We are not a bad lot. It's just some of us take a more traditional, objective, common sense approach. As such we are inherently suspect of what seem to be some of these wild claims (IOW, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence). However, you will still find a number around here that might be sympathetic to your "approach". The only reason I get involved is that I want to see more people enjoy good sound, and do this in an effective, efficient and inexpensive way. As such, I feel compelled to poke at some of the wild claims made around here (especially when they have no support in science or engineering). Don't get me started on uber expensive capacitors soaked in beeswax ..... Good luck, -Tom
  10. I agree about applying Watco, however the OP should probably wait until after they have been shipped. I recently applied Watco to an oak table (a few coats over about a week). They were rubbed down carefully. However a week later there was still some aroma indicating the finish was dry but not completely "cured". I would be concerned that some of the material used for packing might "stick" or mar the finish unless it is completely cured. I am just being cautious.
  11. Someone got a great deal. I know they will enjoy them. Your basement is going to look a bit emptier now.
  12. I am not Jeffrey, but maybe we can do a multiple choice on what the difference might be: A. It "removed the veil" B. My wife (who hates stereos) came out of the kitchen and said "wow, what did you do to the stereo"? C. The difference was "night and day" D. Your favorite can go here Jeffrey, I am just having fun. -Tom
  13. Well Jeffrey, that is quite a recipe for your speaker cables. I am not even sure where to start ...... I have to ask .... you have some sort of evidence that this "makes a difference" compared to more run-of-mill cabling? -Tom
  14. Well, I had a look at the specs on the Morel drivers. Not much of a replacement for a K-31. The Qts is wildly off and the required volume is about 3 times larger than what the Jubilee will provide. However, I do understand that for some of the folks around here will dismiss the engineering and throw up their hands and say "but it sounds good ...". So maybe this is a great idea of mixing drivers. After all, a guy on the internet said "but it sounds good". Wait: Am I supposed to insert a smiley face or something ?
  15. Guys, there is a caveat on those speakers. The guy has swapped one of the two drivers on each side. For me, this would be a huge red flag. Besides for home use a two-way sounds quite good and you could buy a new set of two-ways (with delivery) for less money. If you are willing to go with used equipment, then the used two-ways are an incredible bargain.
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