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  1. What was I thinkin' . I forgot to mention that all screws and bolts are included. Think about it folks. Acoustic treatments and a subwoofer cabinet for $00.00 Such a bargain .....
  2. So, no one liked the casino idea. This will serve as a bump or a reminder. I can't lower the price because they are free!
  3. A location and price would be critical. More photos, especially if there are any rough spots, would be helpful.
  4. Hey Guys, The weekend is coming up. Why not take a trip to the nearby casino. You can see a show, lose some money and pick up a free assortment of goodies. -Tom
  5. Gee, you folks need to look at the cost of acoustic treatments and sub-woofers. This is quite a deal !!!!!
  6. SWL, have you had an opportunity to make measures (frequency response and impedance) on the modified KLF 30s? Did the substitution of woofers require any modifications to the crossover? Did the port geometry require modification? I am trying to get a sense of how easy or simple this process might be?
  7. Rubber pads will work fine. There is a great deal of talk about "coupling" cabinets to the floor .... take it with a grain of salt. Good luck and enjoy the Cornwalls. They are a nice sounding speaker!
  8. You can get woofers that are a close match of the K-31s from Bob Crites. Get his opinion on whether all four should be replaced. Since you have actual cabinets, you can also get replacements form Klipsch. Personally, I would not bother with the suggested improvements.
  9. This is an example of the Panel Absorber. It is 22 inches wide and about 7 inches deep (stuffed with Rouxal insulation). These would be used to absorb side reflections (first reflections). There are three of these panels
  10. This is the 15 inch -woofer and is sold by Parts Express. It is NOT included in the deal, but you can get it to your door for about $189 The model is RSS 390HF-4 make sure you get the HF version and not the HO version
  11. The top photo shows the bottom after the Ring with the feet and the woofer have been removed. Inside you can see a pair of ribs that were used to strengthen the structure and also support the port. The port is 7.5 inches diameter and is large enough so there is no "chuffing" or port noise. The bottom photo shows the top, looking into the port. The wood is unfinished on top, since none of my friends can notice, they are not 7 feet tall.
  12. Again the subwoofer is upside down .... This is the back and is hidden by the wall or corner, you can see the structure of the concrete forming tube (sonotube).
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