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  1. Palladiums P39F in Expresso. REDUCED. 7K

    I understand. Downsizing is a terrible thing. Good Luck, -Tom
  2. Palladiums P39F in Expresso. REDUCED. 7K

    In a moment of weakness and my need to downsize, would you consider trading them for a pair Klipsch Jubilees. Beware, I am in Connecticut and the shipping would probably kill the deal for both of us. Contact me offline if this is worth pursuing. Thanks and good luck, -Tom
  3. Which corners for Khorns in a 16x23 room??

    It is best not to think in terms of distances. Rather, think in terms of angles. A 60 deg angle is good and I would not go larger than 75 deg. Having distance behind the chair is also good since it delays the rare echo. Try and delay it by at least 10 msec (which translates to about an extra 10 ft).
  4. Thinking of selling a set of KHorns. Near Cincinnati.

    You are not the OP who initiated this advertisement. Why not start your own thread rather than cluttering up this thread.
  5. You do not even need and SPL meter, just a cheap volt meter will do (measure at the amp's output). The level of the signal is arbitrary (just keep it consistent). All this test will tell you is the difference in voltage gain between the two amplifiers.
  6. My Mc275 quit working!

    Since the amp is not that old, call either Mac dealer and explain the situation. They can lead you through the preliminary trouble shooting. if there were any sort of warranties, I would not dismantle anything or even touch the screws heads.
  7. Many ways to do this. The most straight forward is to bypass any DSP on the crown and let the 4080 do all the crossover settings for both the bass bins and tweeters (similar to what you had done before). One caveat, the input sensitivities on the two amps will probably differ. What we need to figure out now, requires you to put a one volt sine wave into the crown and measure the voltage out and then do the exact same thing with the Mac amp. Let us know the answer.
  8. Forte I - disappointed

    If you are worried about the crossover's age, then you can replace the capacitors yourself (or a friend with a a soldering iron). I suggest searching the threads for a schematic (and visually verify that it matches your model). Write down the cap values and get replacements from Madison or Parts Express (Bennic or Solen are fine). Do not worry about the other parts (inductors, autoformers, etc) and please do not "adjust" the values or taps to something "better". Beware, there is much talk about the improvements with fresh capacitors. In my experience the result was that there was a bit more energy in the highs. Was it noticeable - YES. Did it "remove the veil", "tighten up the bass", make a "remarkable difference", etc - NO. However, for $20-30 in parts, and about an hour of time, it was worth it. Good Luck, -Tom
  9. Belle Klipsch Speakers for sale

    Guys: this is in the Garage Sale section. If you don't want to buy them , then don't. As far as the comments some of you are making --- you are way out of line!
  10. Price Reduced: Horn, Drivers, Woofers, tuners, DSP etc

    PM was just sent
  11. Sold - Jubilee Clones -

    Hey Guys, This post is in the Garage Sale section. If you don't want to buy them then just move on. Rather than cluttering up the thread, let's show the OP some respect.
  12. Price Reduced: Horn, Drivers, Woofers, tuners, DSP etc

    In a moment of weakness, I will admit that I am also open to a trade. I am looking for a pair of heritage speakers to use as side or "effects" speakers. Space is limited, so I might be interested in a pair of Fortes, Chorus, or Heresys, etc. Of course the trade might need to be adjusted with some cash also. If it involves shipping speakers, then that would be a deal breaker. If the cabinets have some wear, that would not be a huge problem. -Tom UPDATE: a trade is no longer an option. I picked up speakers this week
  13. JUB Clones on Ebay

    If that is the builder, then I recall there was a concern about whether his "copies" were accurate or not and whether he was using the proper drivers. However, most folks were in love with the looks and did not seem concerned.
  14. I am selling off a number of items at a huge discount. At these prices, the buyer is responsible for shipping or pick up. I will absorb the PayPal fees. The savings are substantial. Once the item has sold I will update this first post. Please note these will be sent by USPS, but the shipping is not inexpensive, because of this, I have lowered the prices. Please have a look. 1. one pair of K-31 woofers. These are lightly used 12inch woofers and are stock parts for the Jubilee and KLF30. These are authentic and hard to find. Price for the pair is $125 ......New Price: pair for $100 ........ SOLD 2. Single JBL 2445J compression driver. This is a 2-inch throated driver rated at 16 Ohm. The diaphragm is the original JBL. The unit weigh about 35 lbs. It can be used from 500 - 20,000Hz. The street price for a new one is around $600. It has little use. Shipping can be pricey Price is $75 ......New Price: $60 3. Single JBL 2446H compression driver. This is a 2-inch throated driver rated at 8 Ohm. The diaphragm is the original JBL. The unit weighs about 35 lbs. It can be used from 500 to 20,00 Hz. The street price for a new one is over $600. It has little use. Shipping can be pricey Price is $75 ......New Price: $60 ........ SOLD 4. Single Klipsch K-510 Horn. This is the Tweeter horn used in the "smaller, home version" of the Jubilee. It measures 9in tall, 15 wide and 5 deep. It has a two-inch throat and can be used down to about 500Hz. It is a constant dispersion (CD) horn that controls the horizontal dispersion at 90deg down to about 500Hz and the vertical (60 deg) down to about 1600Hz. This is the older version that has the "bumps" but not the filled in corners ("mumps"). A new one (which includes a driver) would cost over $800. This would be perfect for a center channel and can be used to make a Klipschorn, La Scala, or Belle work as a two-way system. Price is $125 New Price: $100 ......... SOLD ELECTRONICS 5. Carver TX-2 digital tuner Price is $25 ...... GONE 6. NAD 4130 digital tuner Price is $25 ......New Price: $20 7. NAD 4155 digital tuner Price is $35 ......Gone 8. Marantz PMD 320 CD player. This was their studio version and is in great shape Price is $50......Gone 9. Behringer DCX2496 Ultra-Drive Pro Loud Speaker mangement system. This is a 2 or 3 input (analog and digital) and 6 output digital crossover. I samples at 24 bit & 96 kHz and has a variety of crossover, PEQ and shelving filters, and time delay functions. The unit is new in box and was only removed to verify operation (a project that has been put on hold). Price is $150 .........SOLD Thanks for looking