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  1. JUB Clones on Ebay

    If that is the builder, then I recall there was a concern about whether his "copies" were accurate or not and whether he was using the proper drivers. However, most folks were in love with the looks and did not seem concerned.
  2. I am selling off a number of items at a huge discount. At these prices, the buyer is responsible for shipping or pick up. I will absorb the PayPal fees. The savings are substantial. Once the item has sold I will update this first post. Please note these will be sent by USPS, but the shipping is not inexpensive, because of this, I have lowered the prices. Please have a look. 1. one pair of K-31 woofers. These are lightly used 12inch woofers and are stock parts for the Jubilee and KLF30. These are authentic and hard to find. Price for the pair is $125 ......New Price: pair for $100 2. Single JBL 2445J compression driver. This is a 2-inch throated driver rated at 16 Ohm. The diaphragm is the original JBL. The unit weigh about 35 lbs. It can be used from 500 - 20,000Hz. The street price for a new one is around $600. It has little use. Shipping can be pricey Price is $75 ......New Price: $60 3. Single JBL 2446H compression driver. This is a 2-inch throated driver rated at 8 Ohm. The diaphragm is the original JBL. The unit weighs about 35 lbs. It can be used from 500 to 20,00 Hz. The street price for a new one is over $600. It has little use. Shipping can be pricey Price is $75 ......New Price: $60 4. Single Klipsch K-510 Horn. This is the Tweeter horn used in the "smaller, home version" of the Jubilee. It measures 9in tall, 15 wide and 5 deep. It has a two-inch throat and can be used down to about 500Hz. It is a constant dispersion (CD) horn that controls the horizontal dispersion at 90deg down to about 500Hz and the vertical (60 deg) down to about 1600Hz. This is the older version that has the "bumps" but not the filled in corners ("mumps"). A new one (which includes a driver) would cost over $800. This would be perfect for a center channel and can be used to make a Klipschorn, La Scala, or Belle work as a two-way system. Price is $125 New Price: $100 ELECTRONICS 5. Carver TX-2 digital tuner Price is $25 ......New Price: $20 6. NAD 4130 digital tuner Price is $25 ......New Price: $20 7. NAD 4155 digital tuner Price is $35 ......New Price: $20 8. Marantz PMD 320 CD player. This was there studio version and is in great shape Price is $50......New Price: $30 9. Behringer DCX2496 Ultra-Drive Pro Loud Speaker mangement system. This is a 2 or 3 input (analog and digital) and 6 output digital crossover. I samples at 24 bit & 96 kHz and has a variety of crossover, PEQ and shelving filters, and time delay functions. The unit is new in box and was only removed to verify operation (a project that has been put on hold). Price is $150 .........SOLD Thanks for looking
  3. Crossover schematic: K-510 horn in a two-way

    JC, You are the man!
  4. Forte II oak clear

    I am lost. Did the OP ever get his question answered? I also saw these on CL. My guess is that the grill cloth is either not original or they were left out in the sun. Since the finish looked faded and dry, I am guessing they were in the sun
  5. Crossover schematic: K-510 horn in a two-way

    Chris, Thanks. I am comfortable setting up a DSP crossover. However, I would be a fish out of water setting up an analog version. I know enough to know that it can get complicated. I was hoping someone had already done this. I thought I remembered seeing something in the past....
  6. Crossover schematic: K-510 horn in a two-way

    My question is a simple one. Is there a schematic for a passive crossover for a two-way using the K-510. Although I appreciate the benefits of a DSP solution, that is not an option in this particular application. Regarding the notion that the horn needs "correction" is silly. It is very simple: the network needs three things 1) adjusting the gain for differences in efficiency between the tweeter and woofer, 2) attenuation at the crossover point and 3) a high frequency boost because it is a CD horn (constant dispersion). I know that you are smart enough to understand this. I assume your misleading comment about it being a POS unit simply indicates some agenda that you might have (and that I am not interested in). Please let's stay on topic.
  7. Guys: Was there ever a design or a schematic for two-way system using a K-510 horn (for instance a Jubilee crossed around 500Hz). I thought I saw one sometime ago. Thanks, -Tom
  8. Looking to trade for Heresy(s) etc

    I have an oddball experiment/project in mind. I am going to supplement my Jubilees with a "center" or "effects" speaker(s). Space is at a premium so another Jubilee is not an option. This could be a Heresy, KLF 30, Chorus, Forte, maybe a pair of the KG series. I already have too many toys in the basement so I am looking to trade. Here is what I can offer. K-31 woofers (used in Jubilee and KLF 30) JBL 2445 or 2446 (2 inch horn driver) Behringer DCX 2496 DSP crossover(s) NIB Marantz CD player model PMD 320 Carver TX-2 digital tuner I am located in Connecticut, about two hours from NYC or Boston or one hour form New Haven, Hartford, or Providence Thanks -Tom
  9. Chris, What is new or different about his recommendations regarding room treatment, early reflections etc.
  10. Belle Klipsch..new to me

    The Parts Express option is a good one. You might want to search "Bypassing" and take it up an extra notch for a few dollars more (eg. Dayton film with a Solen polyprop). If truth be told, you will get a far bigger impact by experimenting with speaker and chair placement/orientation. It is a tedious process, but it can produce some very real improvements. Good luck with your project -Tom
  11. JBL 2360 ?

    The JBL 2360 sounds better the higher the crossover point is. The drivers I have used include the JBL 2445 and 2446. These are readily available on eBay if you want to try a used one. Again, you need to specify whether this is a two-way or three-way system and whether the crossover is passive or active. You may have mentioned this but I got lost.
  12. JBL 2360 ?

    I have used them before. I would rank them well below a Klipsch K-402. If cost is a concern, then try a JBL 238x (?) (there are clones of these also). If you search around eBay you might find a ElectroVoice HP 640. These have a 2 inch throat and sound quite good. Prices on either of these are quite affordable BTW, you need to be specific about whether this is a two-way or three-way system and whether your crossover is active or not.
  13. Perhaps you are confusing the "tractrix" and the "modified tractrix".
  14. Congratulations! You are showing all the symptoms of a new Jubilee owner. You do realize there is no cure and the silly grin on your face will continue. I always ask ----- what tunes did you demo your system on?