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  1. New crossover fixed the issue. Thanks for everyone's help
  2. Correct - version B. After throughly scrubbing the board and dissemble of it, it had a lot of corrosion, I'm thinking the corrosion had an effect and rotted it. It still isn't producing sound loud enough to speak of. Figuring the board is shot, was able to 2 day one from Klipsch, they were very helpful. Figuring this will fix this.
  3. So I have sound in the midrange now after playing around with it but it is extremely faint. Is this corrosion normal?
  4. Thanks - going to do that in about an hour. Will let you know.
  5. Thanks - gave that a shot, but did not improve the situation, mid range still dead.
  6. Thanks 001, I'm going to tear em apart. While I'm back there I'll do the soldering and voltmeter test. Is there any help I can find on here to guide me on that front?
  7. Thanks is there a thread on here that would help me? This is my first time trying to troubleshoot one of these.
  8. Oh okay, great, yes I'm in the USA. The mid range stopped producing sound. I unhooked ot, took it over to the other channel, plugged it in and it worked, so my conclusion is the crossover failed, not the mid range. Should I try anything else? Set was bought in 2018, but B stock, so think I'm out of the warranty period. Thanks for everyone's help.
  9. I have. Waiting on a response. Concerned the model is discontinued and they might not have it. Do you think they will?
  10. Good afternoon, One of my crossovers blew in my Cornwall III. I've tried Google but to no success. Can anyone help point me in the direction of getting a replacement part? Thank you so much.
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